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File 136070362192.png - (296.89KB , 477x470 , Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 5_07_16 PM.png )
204902 No. 204902
Previous thread: >>194356

So what did everyone think of last night's episode, Do or Diaper?
Love it? Hate it? Swearing to never watch the show ever again until next week?
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>> No. 204904
Missed it, but I thought the diaper premise was too much of a stretch.
>> No. 204907
It was okay. The characters having the genre savviness about Mordecai's relationship with Margaret never advancing was the highlight but it also made the bad parts worse. It's a good fakeout but having everything be the same at the end feels... sluggish?
>> No. 204915
I'm getting really tired of them pushing this love subplot to the forefront and still having it go nowhere.

It's also getting really old having to put up with shrill, bitching fangirls acting like its the end of the world every time an episode predictably ends with Mordecai not growing a pair.

>> No. 204916
File 136070862067.jpg - (24.39KB , 480x323 , women-laughing2.jpg )
watching the shipper tantrums afterward was easily the best part of this episode
>> No. 204922
If they're trying to portray Margaret as a misguided nice girl whom Mordecai merely angered in an attempt to make Margaret likable....then they've failed. All this ep did was show that Margaret isn't likable and that Mordecai would be better off without her.

Given the ending of the episode, it is fair to say that whatever misery befalls Mordecai in regards to Margaret he completely deserves it for being a masochist. Not trying to say that Margaret is excused, but its hard to like old Mordo when he's too much of a loser wimp.

When even Rigby whom doesn't care about girlfriends can have some action without trying much you know something is amiss.
>> No. 204923
Man, I don't even care. All the episode did was point out that its not a plot heavy show and unless there's a special or movie, you shouldn't expect anything to go anywhere without reverting to status quo. Like a regular episodic show.
>> No. 204927
File 136071771783.jpg - (7.56KB , 279x449 , plank.jpg )
I honestly can't bring myself to care where it goes anyway because its been a foregone conclusion since the first episode she appeared in. She's red, he's blue, they're practically rule 63s of eachother design wise, they even have similar names. It's like wondering if Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are gonna get together in some Disney made for TV flick.
>> No. 204928
Their awareness of the situation was the only thing I didn't like because they didn't do anything other than their usual, unhelpful idiocy. Muscle Man was able to get the ball rolling (since he's the only character left that can) but he could have been less of a Q about it, considering how many times Mordecai has helped him with Starla. Then after setting him up for and ensuring his failure, they complain that he didn't do it as if they really believed that he'd grow up if they put him in a diaper.
I guess I just would have preferred it if they had tried helping him instead. The inevitable failure from their meddling would have reinforced the whole idea that it'll happen when it happens and nothing is going to change that, plus Starla could have done something productive for once.
>> No. 204941
You I'm finding it really hard to give a shit about this dumb love story, I'm sorry but Mordecai is too much of a wimp when it comes to talking to Margaret and I could forgive this but the show is in it's fourth season for crying out loud you're telling me that after all this time he still can't grow a pair and tell her that he likes her more than a friend? What is he 12?

Also Margaret is still such a bland character I'm sorry but I hate characters who's soul purpose is to be the bland love interest she's like a bland Disney prince, she has no personality other than "I'm a girl who's also a talking bird". Also why doesn't she just come out and make the first move? She's know him for a long time and it's clear she know he likes her so why doesn't she just come out and make a move on him?

Yeah Regular Show works best when it's just random plots that have nothing to do with each other and weird shit always happening at the end.
>> No. 204944
I feel like I've read this already.
>> No. 204945
I think people are just bugged about it because Mordecai has actually sort of made progress. It isn't like Timmy Turner's crush on unattainable Trixie Tang or Charlie Brown and the Little Redhaired Girl who might not even exist. So people actually get interested and are then constantly let down by the illusion of progress
>> No. 204948
Change is a funny thing. People cry out for it but when it comes everyone starts complaining because it's not happening at the speed or in the ways they wanted.
>> No. 204956
Margaret does have a personality. She's a slutty bitch. People make the Minnie Mouse mistake with her. She is not a female version of Mordecai nor is she bland. We know for a fact that she's manipulative (tried to get Mordecai to pay her date's meal) and in this recent episode doesn't cut Mordecai any slack after every single positive thing the loser has done for her and chose to out of pettiness humiliate him. The real kick was that Margaret demanded Mordecai be honest with her and when he did she used the knowledge just to hurt him. If anything she sounds like an antagonistic character.

There's also the issue of her being a slut who gives herself to many guys but to Mordecai? He has to treat her "special" (what does she think she is? A virgin?) and that he has to put in effort to deserve her company. This layer of herself makes her come off as a deluded tramp. Kind of reminds me of Leela from Futurama who constantly slept around with jackasses and had a history of guys who used her for sex (prior to the show starting and then others like Zapp), but with Fry who was a Nice Guy she made him jump through many hoops and gave him a lot of Shit Tests and constantly pulled his chain.

Anyways Margaret is not a bland love interest. She's a narcissistic deluded dishonest skank who thinks way too highly of herself and Mordecai is would be better off without the harlot.

It would be hilarious if Mordecai learns his lesson about not putting women like Margaret on a pedestal after he gets together with her and in a short amount of time she breaks up with him cause that's how all Margaret's relationships go. It would destroy Mordecai's whole "it has to be special" immature dreams and make him realize that he's just another notch on Margaret's belt.

>> No. 204958
Regular Show was better when it was a comedy.
>> No. 204959
Slutty bitch is a bit much, but I agree that Mordecai places her on a huge pedestal and really doesn't know much about her. He always seems to be completely surprised by her interests and tastes

I also don't think her letting him fail the bet he made was out of line since I would've let him lie in the bed he made too. The way she got two random guys for that dinner date bet was sort of petty and assholish, but everyone in this show is petty and assholish because nice people aren't that funny
>> No. 204961
Good point although it is hard to find a character who isn't a selfish jerk on this show, still I do miss the days when Margret was just the love interest now she's getting episodes based around her left and right. Also why is Mordecai bending over backwards for her when she treats him like shit?
>> No. 204962
Good point although it is hard to find a character who isn't a selfish jerk on this show, still I do miss the days when Margret was just the love interest now she's getting episodes based around her left and right. Also why is Mordecai bending over backwards for her when she treats him like shit?
>> No. 204981
y'nkow you back up your claims of this character being a a slutty bitch, but at the same time I think you are taking it way too seriously. I don't think Margaret has been dating as many people as she did since this season and is actually trying to to go steady with mordo.

but romance is really dragging the series down.
>> No. 204982
Margaret's history doesn't help her case. You can't suddenly pretend that she hasn't been with all those guys. Plus in this season (or maybe it was Season 3) her history of having multiple guys came up again where she said to Mordecai:

Margaret - I'm not dating anyone right now. Guys are jerks.

Mordecai in a lame attempt to try to win her over says like a limp dick "Yeah, us guys are the worst, right?". In the end we got us a lame 24 year old virgin loser who behaves like a child in regards to the opposite sex (Mordecai) undeservedly putting a woman whose sexual value has hit rock bottom on a pedestal.

Even the Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold had Arnold get over Ruth (whom was an object of obsession for him) early on. And it didn't take showing Ruth as a potential slut to do the job, all it took was to see what a disappointment her personality and flaky nature was for Arnold to drop her like a bad dream.....and Arnold was a nine year old boy. Oh sure he later repeated a similar mistake with Lila whom cock teased him so much it was annoying (but at least Arnold had a semi understandable reason as to why he developed an attachment to her), however its still a step above Mordecai who's much too old for one to have patience with when he behaves like this.
>> No. 204986
hmm, yeah, I'm not seeing that. I guess I just "enjoy" the series loosely and don't read too closely into it.

Also dating a bunch of people does not make one a slut, being super promiscuous or having multiple affairs does. And I really doubt the writers had that idea going into the character.
>> No. 204988
Considering how his dude friends treat him I'd say Margaret is pretty fair. This and the bit in Cruisin' are the only real times when she's acted against him and both times are in response to him saying or doing something incredibly stupid.

In season 1 he's a guy who hangs out at the coffee shop and crosses paths with her at public events. Seriously, his whole plan boils down to "Go to a thing she's also going to, ???, Profit."
In season 2 he moves up to an acquaintance who's willing to help/hang out on the odd occasion. He's starts putting in enough effort that his failures can be considered cockblocking and not just failure to launch.
In season 3 he becomes a good friend who sends out mixed signals. After half a dozen significant encounters over 40 episodes Mordecai finally steps up his game... to just slightly over half a dozen encounters over 40 episodes. The majority of which involve casual group hang-outs, and the only times he tries to make a move he is interrupted by circumstance (animal attack, angry heartbroken girl, his own dumb-ass self from the future).
>> No. 205007
Tsk tsk. Why am I not surprised that telling the truth is the most vile offensive thing you can do? Yo fuckhead mods and faggots who reported me. I hope you realize that you will NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER be rid of me. I'll always come back just to make your stay here unpleasant.

And the kicker? I'm only doing this for your own good. And if you don't agree, then get fucked in divorce court cause I'm not interested in saving your wallets when you get divorced or waste money defending yourselves from false allegations by a cunt. By then you'll deserve your fate.

Check this website out and take a dose of reality you worthless Mordecai-esque mangina white knight pussies:


And remember, I will never leave you guys...

>> No. 205008
lmao what the fuck is this bullshit website?
>> No. 205024
File 136084006376.png - (549.75KB , 840x474 , Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 6_57_30 AM.png )
A few months ago I realized this song would be perfect for Regular Show, and as a result I've had it stuck in my head for that long. It's a crazy feeling when they use the song you really want and not just one you happen know and like.
Plus it was a fun montage. It left me wondering if this girl goes shopping every day in order to find a guy.
>> No. 205031
look, if you're bored I can get you a coloring book or something.
>> No. 205050
Holy shit dude get a life...
>> No. 205051
Has the show ever shown at hints of Mordecai/Eileen, or is that just a crackship the fandom came up with?
>> No. 205063
Eileen and Margaret have pretty much never spoken with anyone at length except for eachother, and their designated man.
>> No. 205071
Hilariously enough, the same can be said for High-five Ghost.
>> No. 205172
So they kissed in a previous episode so dose that mean this one is out of cannon since the bet would have been invalid technically?

I don't get the logic of saying something wont happen when it already has.
>> No. 205176
They did but Mordecai went back in time to prevent it from ever happening. So even if he could prove it it would still require that he openly admit to doing the single dumbest thing he's ever done, and when Margaret found out she'd be far less forgiving than she was in this.
>> No. 205196
Good point although that means Rigby should have said something when MM proposed the bet to begin with or at least never used the line Hell never kiss her since he very well knows ol mordi has and can.
>> No. 205224
I forget and time travel has a habit of fucking with everything, but isn't the Rigby who knows that Mordecai technically off in an alternate timeline or something now?

I remember that Rigby time traveled away from the douchebaggy Mordecai who was being a little bitch about the possibility that he could fuck up the kiss in the same way Mordecai Prime did, and that Rigby destroyed one of the time machines to help him out and

fuck it fuck time travel fuck everything
>> No. 205240
It's best not to think about it. That way if it does come up in a later episode you'll be more surprised.
>> No. 205416
Quips really needs to work on his material. He's really not yeti for comedy.
>> No. 205421
I like episodes like this one. They usually lack that big 'Oh shit!" moment but have enough little thing scattered throughout to make it fun from start to end.
>> No. 205459
What happened to this show? It used to be bat shit crazy in a good way and now I feel like they are trying way too hard to be weird for the sake of being weird.

The talking tv episode sucked and I'm getting sick of Margret episodes, I wanna see more stuff like Cool Bikes, Summer Time and Eggscellent episodes that where bat shit crazy but a lot of fun.
>> No. 205460
Looks like the writers hit a rut.
long as I don't get anymore gratuitous muscleman episodes, I'll be just groovy.
>> No. 205468
Margaret and Muscle man eps are seriously wrecking the show just like how Adventure Time has become shit with its Flame Princess and "lore" episodes involving Ice King and Marceline. And now they struggle to even do proper adventure episodes just like how Regular Show can't do weird stuff right.

The only good bit about the TV ep was the executive going all meta about the rating and demographics.
>> No. 205477
>hating on the television episode.
underage b& detected. Not everything needs to be about summoning cthulhu or lolsorandumXD with spacetime. Sometimes something as mundane as an Alf-esque sitcom star of yesteryear that survives on canned 80s air, in a Johnny 5-esque escape, is all that is required.
>> No. 205610
I'm sorry the recent episodes bore me?
>> No. 205636
So I can't help but feel some people's frustrations with Mordecai and Margaret's relationship is due to it reminding them of their own inadequacies. I'm not going to point fingers or anything but I think we can all agree that I'm referring to this guy:


Right here.

In other news I thought "That's My TV" was a pretty solid episode, though I am a little disappointed that they disposed of the focus-group created badass so unceremoniously. I'm also curious to see what the upcoming "A Bunch of Full Grown Geese" will be about
>> No. 205660
I don't know anymore I mean I used to love this show so much hell I even got the "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH" T-Shirt but now I feel like the ride's over you know?

Yes I know not every episode is gonna be amazing but so far the newer episodes have been bad to meh, the only episode I really loved from Season 4 was Exit 9B but I felt that should have been the season three finale instead of Bad Kiss which was a pretty boring episode.

I dunno man it does feel like the writers don't know what to do anymore and it is such a shame because Regular Show and Adventure Time where the only two shows on CN that didn't get axed and I was happy for that at first but now that I've seen more of the newer episodes I feel like both shows have become shells of their former selves.
>> No. 205664
File 13634381237.jpg - (64.57KB , 500x680 , RegularShow_S1+S2_BLU.jpg )
The time has come:

>> No. 205665
File 136343812390.png - (122.33KB , 1210x570 , regular show romance.png )
>I don't like a pairing because it makes me uncomfortable in my pants
You are asking for a fight, but I'm not gonna play. I'm just going to offer MY explanation as to why Margaret and Mordecai's relationship is such a quagmire, from after the end of the OP episode.
>> No. 205686
One could argue that all that has happened is the show has moved on and changed from your expectations. Perhaps you and the show's creators were on two different wavelengths in those episodes you remember, and the parts you emphasize over the others were, to them, just part of the whole package.

The same elements are there in the new episodes. Others are just muted or dialed back for the effect of different stories. The alternative to this is they flanderize all the things you've come to know and love to the point of absurdity for absurdity. Because your expectations for the show have created a bit of a resistance to surprise, and it takes new, less orthodox laughs and formula to get through that sensory dulled comfort zone.

As for being invested in their romance, don't bother. You're looking through a window at the character's lives for entertainment. Why oh why do people always try and revert to some strange obsessive, invested mentality whenever two characters make goo-goo eyes? 'Romance Theme Mode' sucks, man. I don't see it being used to make you invested in Mordecai or Rigby, so much as stimulate events and things for the overall episode. It's not a romantic comedy, it's a comedy with an inkling of character development and progress in the character's life. That's two entirely different ways to use romance in something.

It's still delightfully absurd.
>> No. 205688
The reason they haven't been given the axe is because they are comedy shows. If they were action, they would have been canned at Season 1.
>> No. 205696
Well I honestly don't care if the blue bird ends up with the red bird because a forced romance is still a forced romance.

I don't mind the show going in a different path but the newer episodes just aren't very good, hell I almost fell asleep with the firework and pie episodes and bald spot just pissed me off because it was so unfunny and poorly written.

Maybe the writers have moved on and good for them but I just feel like the new direction there going in isn't for me.
>> No. 205720
That'll be one less thread you need to pay attention to, then.
>> No. 206195
why won't potent pootables update with more cartoons
>> No. 206562
I'm not sure if I can properly describe how I feel about A Bunch of Full Grown Geese, so I'll let David Kaye do it for me.

Beast Wars: Megatron 'Yes' Compilation.youtube thumb
>> No. 206580
The Geese started off kind of mild, then holy shit what's all this then.
>> No. 207512
Here's hoping the 100th episode doesn't end up feeling lackluster due to CN's hype campaign. But even if it does no one will remember after next weeks Margaret episode.
>> No. 207513
Here's hoping the 100th episode doesn't end up feeling lackluster due to CN's hype campaign. But even if it does no one will remember after next weeks Margaret episode.
>> No. 207539
File 136545235366.png - (30.87KB , 1024x305 , Screenshot_2013-04-08-15-16-23-1.png )
>> No. 207614
Limousine Lunchtime wasn't really exceptional but it was a good one as far as the usual episodes go. It takes a lot of effort to make an episode with a demolition derby suck.
I always like it when Maellard makes an appearance, even if he's not much more than Benson's Benson, but he gets the ball rolling and David Ogden Stiers knows a thing or two about getting the best comedic impact out of dry characters.
>> No. 207615
I loved this episode. It was incredibly silly.
>> No. 207702
Regular Show - Picking Up Marg…youtube thumb

Referencing something that happened only seven episodes ago? That has to be some sort of Regular Show record. Consider my hopes higher than an ant with a rubber tree plant.
>> No. 207728
Could we give the Slutgarete episodes a rest? We all know this won't end well for Mordecai. He'll be an obnoxious beta loser and even if he doesn't blow it we'll be left with a positive "there's still a chance for them to get together" type ending that really won't mean shit like the diary and Butt Dial episode.

They really need to do a mandate where the ONLY Margaret episode a writer is allowed to make is officially Mordecai getting her and and take backs, or status quo, or teasing automatically means the writer is fired and black listed. And if it means they're saving it for the finale, then so be it.
>> No. 207739
File 136565085793.jpg - (278.24KB , 1280x720 , original.jpg )
>> No. 207762
We just had one for two months. Maybe if you didn't spend all that time in hypersleep waiting for a Margaret episode to be announced so you could complain about it this wouldn't be such a huge problem for you.
>> No. 207821
One a year would still be too many. She just eats up time they could use on not shitty characters like Eileen or High Five Ghost with boring non-resolutions and recycled scenes from Michael Cera movies
>> No. 207827
The more this thread complains about Margaret, the more I like her.
>> No. 207834
File 13658118621.jpg - (22.81KB , 468x351 , woody.jpg )
>having to like a character out of a bitchy need to be contrary because there's nothing to like about her genuinely
>> No. 207838
This. Lola Bunny was garbage and rightfully hated on just like Margaret til they fixed her in The Looney Tunes Show at which point Lola was a fun lively and FUNNY character with reason to be loved. Margaret on the other hand is Lola Bunny from Space Jam tier.
>> No. 207855
but Lola was hot
>> No. 207857
Margret seems to just be a fairly nice but flawed girl. Not much else to her, so not much to hate/love.
>> No. 207860
I know what you mean. I only barely pay attention to Regular Show, so I don't spend much time looking at these threads, but every time I happen to see one and not realize what it's about, I can immediately tell because it has the most hateful bile being spewed by what appears to be the same person (or people who are almost identical to one another) about a character who is fairly unremarkable and more or less like any other character. Makes me glad I don't care enough about the show to spend any more time in these threads than I do, because whoever keeps bitching about her just comes off as an unbearable prick.
>> No. 207868
she's just Nice Guy fantasy fulfillment who even cares about her

she isn't really worthy of being defended or bitched to the point that she's the only fucking subject in the thread since her entire role boils down to trophy
>> No. 207885
And you're coming off as dick less white knight losers.

And Margaret isn't nice to Mordecai at all. She's a loose slut who has a lot of previous boyfriends who she gives herself to with ease but with Mordecai she specifically said that with him he has to treat her nice and special. Anyone remember her first boyfriend? He was a thug brute tattoo guy. I doubt he was very nice given his comment about Mordo needing to buff up since he looked like a shrimp, yet she goes out with him. So why the hell should Mordecai put Margaret on a pedestal when she's no saint and her tastes speak for her?
>> No. 207886
>She's just Nice Guy fantasy fulfillment who even cares about her

A poor fantasy since she's a slut. Probably STD filled. And who cares about her? Try those faggot writers and creators of the show who think that a used up slut is any guy's fantasy. No self respecting guy wants a town bicycle. Only simps with no standards or dignity desperate for pussy would take women like Margaret.

>She isn't really worthy of being defended or bitched to the point that she's the only fucking subject in the thread since her entire role boils down to trophy

Again she's a shitty trophy to have who's being defended and justified by the writing team and creators of the show. And the show keeps shoving her down the viewer's throats as if she's something special when in reality she's a low quality woman. All Regular Show is doing is going "Hey kids, used up sluts are ideal women." Terrible undertones.

>> No. 207888
this is exactly what i'm talking about too, someone probably would've taken this blatant b8 just because margaret's a girl

the people who fall for this shit and leap to defend the honor of a fucking bird and drag the argument on are just as annoying
>> No. 207910
File 136588787590.png - (225.71KB , 400x400 , tumblr_mkx3xh6tr11r0hofqo1_400.png )
>User was banned for this post.
>> No. 207911
I'm not White Knighting her, I just think she literally just exists for me. She does nothing bad and nothing good, she just sits there and exists. She hasn't done anything worthy of hate.

Pretty much this as well. I honestly think one person hates her and is posting repeatedly to make his or her opinion look more valid. Spending your life hating anything is a waste of time.
>> No. 207927
I just strolled into this general after seeing a response to a ban (don't see a lot of those on plus/co/, so I'd thought I'd see what's up. So is this guy being banned for his opinion of Margaret, or for his being annoying and ban dodging? I'm assuming that's what's happening here, because I don't know. Like I said, I just jumped in.

Also the limo episode, while funny, was pretty run-of-the-mill. They could have used it to give us more background on Pops's dad. What was his name, again?
>> No. 207929

Look at this ban here. I think criticizing women and feminism is a no go on Plus4chan.
>> No. 207933
Constant ban dodging, he does this all the time.
>> No. 207943
he'd get bored with it if you idiots quit feeding right into what he wants
>> No. 207949
Ban evasion and shitposting. I don't really care if you have negative opinions of female characters (or any character, for that matter,) but continuously posting the same whiny bullshit hate against the female lead of a show in multiple threads is annoying, and ban evading to do so just keeps getting you banned?

Getting to ban someone who thinks people who've been in multiple relationships are obviously sluts is just an extra bonus. :3
>> No. 207953
Not really. That post was pretty much being a jerk and a wise-ass.
There was no criticism on that post you linked, just a crappy sarcastic remark.
>> No. 207963

>Imageboard Rules
>(For people that need more detailed rules:)

But no, you keep thinking it's some feminism conspiracy aimed at keeping you down, man.
>> No. 207965
Trust me, he doesn't. He's been doing this for a loooong time. The dedication is really baffling.
>> No. 207972
i've been around these threads too. there's almost always some chucklefuck who tries to argue back with him in spite of his blatant almost cartoonishly overblown hating on a character nearly as insignificant as Thomas
>> No. 207974
It hasn't been just me. But if it annoys you, I'll stop.
>> No. 208039
File 136607381876.png?spoiler - (99.05KB , 397x264 , tumblr_inline_mlbo5l0Uwn1qz4rgp-1.png?spoiler )
Queen - We Are The Championsyoutube thumb
>> No. 208040
File 136607454663.jpg - (16.12KB , 300x300 , theres mayo in here.jpg )
But seriously.

Egg salads are real dude. Deviled eggs too. All use mayo.
>> No. 208041
File 13660764991.gif - (315.88KB , 500x281 , 1347684881733.gif )
This episode will not convince, convert or satisfy anyone who wasn't already, but I couldn't care less.
Pic says it all. 10/10, would watch again, would recommend, would leave generous tip, would place in the Iron Throne, would invite to join my Bible Black club.
>> No. 208049
But who uses mayo on sunny side up eggs?

>> No. 208050
does this mean we can at least finally stop having shitty will-they-or-wont-they episodes and actually have comedy again?
>> No. 208053
No, now they'll just ramp up the willthey/won'tthey with Rigby and Eileen
>> No. 208054
Nope! Regular Show is a show about making the hard transition from adolescence to adulthood. So Margaret will get accepted to her dream school, leaving Mordecai to grapple with saying goodbye to that chapter of his life while Rigby does a bunch of idiot things to cheer him up and then gives surprisingly insightful counsel.
>> No. 208056
She might've just fucked off for a while though, leaving on a plane and all. I doubt she's completely written out of the show but I'm guessing this is the start of Margaret's role being reduced by quite a bit.

I remember one of the writers specifically saying once before that relationships always get wrapped up at the end of the show because stable, happy couples are boring as fuck to write/watch, so either they're going to have a really tumultuous shitty relationship or she's out of the game for the most part.
>> No. 208057
Mordecai is 24. He's no teenager. He's already an adult. An immature one, but an adult none the less.

I also get the feeling Margaret will pick up a new boyfriend over at the university she's visiting. Let's face the facts so she kissed him in this episode.....so what? They haven't been an item and never got on together to start a relationship. Margaret has no obligation to Mordecai and kisses on the lip between adults are too common to mean anything. So I just don't see any reason for why Margaret couldn't find another boyfriend.
>> No. 208058
Margaret's role was always small and with what you just said its even smaller as she's put on a bus....or plane.

And happy couples are boring? No no. SHITTY writers are the problem. Elise and Chris from Dan Vs were a young married couple (that surprised since usually its Will They Won't They or at best girlfriend/boyfriend tier crap) and they both worked in the show without getting on each other's nerves. Successful happy couple example right there.
>> No. 208061
Do you understand what I'm talking about, though? He could be 18 or 30 and it wouldn't make a jot of difference to the theme of his character arc, which is "You have to grow up sometime".
>> No. 208062
I do get what you mean and I hope they do go for that letting go of Margaret so he can finally grow up. Between the two, Mordecai is ahead of Rigby in terms of growing up into an adult. However I don't trust the writers. I really don't.
>> No. 208063
Shoot the messenger why don't you

I was repeating the perspective of one of the show staff, I think it was Cal or Sean who said that there's a reason most shows don't resolve the romantic subplot until at or near the end
>> No. 208065
I don't think Mordecai and Margaret really have the kind of dynamic that worked for Chris and Elise. We still don't even really know what either sees in the other except maybe that Mordecai likes her bangin' titties

There's no real substance to their relationship since up to this point it was based entirely around the chase.
>> No. 208067
>anti-Margaret guy is still trying to push this stuff.
>But der relationship is SUCH AN IMPORTANT PART! They need to FIX IT and MAKE IT WORK!
Holy christ it's just a plot device. It's a whimsical show. Do you take this level of control and expectation type attitude with your friends and family's relationships? No two peoples relationships are the same. Just enjoy the chase and observe.
Doris Day - Que Sera Serayoutube thumb
>> No. 208070
Margaret episodes only make up a fifth of the total episode count and have not, nor will they ever, affect the quality of the episodes that come before or after. These episodes are an occasional detour for this show and the only they affect are the internet discussions.
>> No. 208072
Do you throw tantrums when people criticize other things you like too
>> No. 208075
Not particularly, no.
>> No. 208371
That was fun. Makes me want to watch Terminator 2 again. It almost makes me feel like listening to the radio DJs when I drive to work tomorrow, but really nothing is good enough to make me want to do that.
>> No. 208377
Today's episode of Regular Show made me think. Technology in time will be able to replace humans. Think about it. Look at how graphics in videogames continue to evolve. In time we will have 100% realistic graphic that show human beings that you cannot tell aren't real.

Now what's going to happen? Could you imagine said digital humans literally replacing actors in live action films?
>> No. 208381
They've done it a couple of times already with dead actors (most recently in a chocolate commercial with Audrey Hepburn). It's honestly really unnerving to a degree because you know no matter how good the CGI is, that it's not real.
>> No. 208384
But what's going to happen when they stop telling you "BTW the person you are looking at on the screen does not really exist." Are people going to whine endlessly like brats going "Nuuuuuhhh! Its not real its not going to count!" Or will they accept that technology has surpassed them?
>> No. 208387
What's the difference between that and CG animated films.
>> No. 208406
The difference is one is purposefully designed to be unrealistic looking while the other is indistinguishable from the real thing.
>> No. 208445
>In time we will have 100% realistic graphic that show human beings that you cannot tell aren't real.
diminishing returns
>> No. 208446
>In time we will have 100% realistic graphic that show human beings that you cannot tell aren't real.
diminishing returns
>> No. 208450
Diminishing returns what?
>> No. 208453
The closer we get, the shorter our leaps.
>> No. 208455
Plus, realistic cartoons are more appealing than realistic holograms. It's part of why realism is seen as more useful for learning how to do better stuff by moden artists, rather than being seen as a still-relevant style in its own right.
>> No. 208494
Huey Lewis - The Power Of Loveyoutube thumb

I'm surprised this song hasn't shown up in an episode yet. What other songs do people want to hear on the show?
>> No. 209181
Watching two bros freaking out at the idea of meeting their 80's-style buddy-cop TV heroes is just magical. The reaction from Carter and Briggs when the fanboy trashtalk started was perfect.
It really breathes a lot of life into an episode when we get to see the other characters, whether it's a whole scene like with Skips and Benson or just a passing line like Pops.
>> No. 209183
>> No. 209491
Skips episode are usually loads of fun and this was no exception. Some good laughs, a sweet fight and a feel-good end to top it all off.
>> No. 209514
The Regular Show game is developed by WayForward:

>Making its first foray into the video game world, Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby In 8-Bit Land brings the characters and humor from the Emmy® Award-winning animated comedy to Nintendo 3DS this fall. Regular Show is the Cartoon Network series starring best friends Mordecai and Rigby and their adventures as groundskeepers of the local park. When Mordecai and Rigby get transported into some of their favorite video games they’ll have to use their best skills and unique abilities to traverse the various challenges to escape and get back home in this ‘eggscellent’ journey. Developed by WayForward, in close collaboration with show creator JG Quintel, Mordecai and Rigby prove that a day in the life of Regular Show is anything but.
>> No. 209799
Pops and Thomas should do stuff more often, they make a good duo.
As for the episode it was pretty good. It was fast, almost rushed, but when you've only got 10 minutes and you're using a plot that has been done a thousand times you gotta keep up the energy otherwise it'll get boring. It was neat to see another lollipop man and giant beverage with translator. Before they were unique but now they seem a little less cartoonish and a little more real: they're Regular.
>> No. 210146
Solid episode. Good team effort from the cast and probably the best movie homage they've done to date.
I've been seriously itching for another song, Queen was great but it was right at the end of the episode and only lasted a couple of seconds. Here's hoping we get one in June.
>> No. 210147
Isn't today the season finale of regular show? Any word on the next season?
>> No. 210148
Episodes where something improbable happens without the necessity of meeting Azathoth make me happy. This episode was no exception.

I think most of us know at least one person who lives like Muscleman.
>> No. 210149
What surprised me is that Muscle Man planned to have that guy end up murdered and got away with it. Even Rigby said "Remind me to never touch any of MM's stuff" because he feared Muscle Man killing him like how he did that other guy.

Originally I thought that MM was going to pull a prank on the fake inspector, but when I saw him drive the truck off the edge of the canyon I thought "It will be just like Wile E. Coyote in RR shorts" but when I saw that the guy did not come out of the explosion I was like.....

This is a Muscle Man prank going to the extreme. And I loved the show for doing it.
>> No. 210152
Best not to overthink it. Benson DID detonate a racecar full of unicorns
>> No. 210197
I don't think he meant to trash his brother's truck from the start, he may be a jerk but he's tight with his family.
But if it wasn't then it really wasn't that great of a plan. If they got it to the border it would be out of the guy's jurisdiction (except the guy wasn't a real health inspector, which he didn't know, and they'd have to deal with bringing it back) and if they were caught the trailer would still be back at the park (with nothing keeping them from turning right around and going to get it).
>> No. 210918
Retards in the stream actually said Rigby was being a jerk. Rigby represents the viewers TIRED of Mordecai being a fucking annoying twat beta loser. For every scene with Rigby tormenting Mordecai I smiled because after a certain point Mordecai DESERVES to have his balls busted for being a pansy.

In the end, shit episode. The only good bits were Rigby calling it like it is about what a loser Mordecai is. And franklly that doesn't save the episode because even if Mordecai finally kissed Margaret and went steady with her......its just yet another episode wasted on Mordecai having no balls and being a wuss for the god knows how many times.

This better be the end of this shitty plot element. No more of these episodes you hear me writers! We got closure!!! We better not get FryXLeela (Futurama) backpedaling On Again Off Again bullshit.
>> No. 210922
I can't say I like how Rigby suddenly flip-flopped from wanting Mordecai all to himself to being the whiny mouthpiece for people who don't know when to just stop watching. At least he's still as dumb as he used to be and can't see that if he just once stopped thinking selfishly, held back on his putdowns and showed his best friend some support then this whole mess might have been resolved sooner.
At least Mordecai had the Guardian of the Friend Zone in his corner, that dude kept the episode from being too lame.
>> No. 210923
Rigby has been bastardized. For no reason he went from guy who did not want Mordecai to hook up with anyone to now angrily wanting him to hook up....he's also naturally helpful instead of his former legitimate jerk self. I think CN forced the staff's hand.
>> No. 210927
>they think the shitty subplot is over

upcoming episode synopsis: Mordecai tries to impress murgit's father, enjoy eternal forced shipping bullshit and eternal noepisodes for Eileen
>> No. 210934
But he's not helpful anymore. For a time he would pitch in with whatever scheme was going on but only because he'd get something out of it too.
In this episode he destroys the confidence Mordecai gained from Picking Up Margaret and continues to tease him about it, refuses to give them any time alone until threatened and bribed with snacks, and then just as it's coming he decides it's taking too long and heckles them. The attitude change was the only thing keeping this from being a return to season 2 Rigby.
I suppose it does make some kind of sense if his plan is now to get them together just so they'll break up, and since he knows so little about friendship and less about relationships this is the best he can do.
>> No. 211199
I wasn't sure what to expect as far as Margaret's family but they seriously nailed it when it came to her dad. Jennifer Hale was pretty cool as her mom.
This and Picking Up Margaret really make me want to see episodes where one of the other guys from the park goes and does their own thing, especially Pops. I can only imagine what kind of neat stuff he does in a day.
>> No. 211221
File 137152876818.jpg - (42.41KB , 500x386 , quality.jpg )
>he wants an episode that isn't about Muscle Man or Margaret

>> No. 211560
Not much to say about The Last Laserdisc Player, other than it was spectacular.
>> No. 213774
File 137497617412.jpg - (6.02KB , 259x195 , don.jpg )
>Season 4 Finale Synopsis
>Steak Me Amadeus: Mordecai wants to ask Margaret to be his girlfriend
>> No. 213775
I thought they were ALREADY going steady hence the Friendzone episode and Margaret's dad's episode. The writers really suck. They go purposely out of their way to make Mordecai come off as Betacai.
>> No. 213776
80's style relationships.
>> No. 213785
I'm just annoyed because they've already fucking kissed twice and met the folks and I just can't fathom how they could possibly drag this shit out any further. And worst of all one of the episodes they "hyped" at comic con is about Rigby asking Eileen on a date so you know the whole retarded cycle is gonna repeat itself

Season 5 Opener: Mordecai wants to hold Margaret's hand but he's just so nervous and relatable :(
>> No. 214606

just saw Steak Me Amadeus

you won't have to worry about that
>> No. 215153
>Season 5 Opener: Mordecai and Rigby go on a road trip to return Margaret's sweater

You were saying?
I knew from the start the writers were trash and wouldn't actually get rid of this tumor of a subplot.
>> No. 215155
If this is true, fuck the writers. Regular Show got real stale this season. No one except this staff filled with hacks cares about Mordecai being this exaggerated loser of a beta for Margaret.

I don't think even the writers on Futurama exaggerated as much with Fry's relationship to Leela.
>> No. 215157
There is no way you're using the term "beta" unironically. Like....people that stupid don't actually exist, do they?
>> No. 215158
Its the easiest way to describe Mordecai's entire personality in regards to his subplot with Margaret. Not to mention it stings more to call a guy a beta than "spaghetti."
>> No. 215159
But it also makes you sound like a sexually frustrated retard. So there's a tradeoff.
>> No. 215163
File 137713827016.png - (242.52KB , 400x399 , bilbo baggins discovers a plothole.png )
what was even the point of a season finale sendoff episode complete with forlon moping on the roof if she's right fucking back in the next episode? it was bad enough when I realized they'd been shoving this love story down our throats for months because they were trying to make it "sad" when she left, but it completely takes the damn sting off if you just bring her right back
>> No. 215165
Even if they didn't bring her back, Margaret is a shitty character. She's not funny or anything. She's up there like Wendy from Gravity Falls for being shit. Wendy however confuses me since she's worthless and yet they put her in the show's opening as if she amounts to much.

Anyways, you want a GOOD female whose absence would negatively a show's quality because she does add something? Look at The Looney Tunes Show Lola. Now she contributes to the comedy of the show. Female characters like Margaret or Wendy are just fail.
>> No. 215167
Wendy is actually pretty funny, it's Dipper who actually drains the fun out of anything to do with her but in such a way it feels organic for being 12 and too smart for your own good.

You are completely right about Margret though, she's a non-entity, she exists completely as a plot devise.

Remember on Hey Arnold when he spent two seasons trying to get a date with Ruth and when he finally succeeded it turned out she was an awful bitch he can't stand and he realizes the romanticized version of her he loved was imaginary? That to me is still the pinnacle of this same kind of tread except it had the balls to end it and the character grow from it.

So that kind of ruined me on these kind of relationships because it mattered, I like Regular Show but nothing from it will ever matter, it unfortunately has the worst points of being story driven and episodic.
>> No. 215168
Add in Kitty Katswell as also being very humorous. And yeah Hey Arnold was surprising with how it shattered some cliches.

I wish Regular Show would have done the same. RS isn't a bad show, but how it failed to stay fresh with originality only made its stagnant formula even more apparent and the end result of that is.....its flaws stand out much more to the point of being unbearable.

Its obvious the writers know dick shit about they're doing since they do nothing with Thomas or Eileen. Hell we haven't even seen the boss of the coffee shop/diner either.
>> No. 215169
We didn't even see Eileen, Margaret's supposed "best friend" in her sendoff episode (and I seriously doubt we'll see her in the premier) so why would you think we'd see her boss?
Even Eileen and Margaret being friends is just a tool to easily justify both girls being together for the shitty Double Date episodes, it isn't like they've ever been shown to have fun with eachother or have any common interests.
Mordecai is the only character that matters in relation to Margaret because she's the trophy girl for JG's self insert to win.
>> No. 215173
Wendy doesn't get to do enough in the most episodes, save for "The Inconveniencing", but at least Gravity Falls takes the time to demonstrate that she does have a life, friends, a family, interests, and daily activities outside of Dipper.

And while it was a brief moment, "Boyz Crazy" touched on the fact that Dipper's pursuit of Wendy was basically a selfish cause given that he's only thinking of his naive emotional satisfaction, rather than genuinely being concerned for her well-being. There's a difference between liking someone as an ideal and liking someone to the extent you want to spend long periods of time with them on equal footing as fellow-sentient creatures. Like your "Hey Arnold" example, Gravity Falls takes the time to remind the audience that crushes are real, flawed human beings that don't exist to pin all your hopes and dreams on. They have their own shit to deal with.

But the Regular Show can't seem to break out of the Courtly Love box. Margaret is just their to be Mordecai's dream-girl, with only lip-service character details propping her up and no plot potential out of her except to be pursued by Mordecai. Honestly, when has Margaret ever showed up in an episode and her purpose in that scene wasn't to do in some way to Mordecai's crush/feelings?
>> No. 215185
The show is basically an 80s love letter. Don't expect particularly deep relationship examples. It's all about the romantic side of portraying human relation, not the reality.
>> No. 215186
If it's not going to be deep or well written it could at least have the decency to be funny.
>> No. 215187
Or have the decency to end since its standard formula really felt stagnant and a major point against the show this season. Regular Show is a show that's being held on CN life support because CN knows its popular along with AT.

The only thing that will kill it at this point is notably lower ratings.
>> No. 215188
It must be doing something right if it's worth bitching this much about.
>> No. 215189
Bitching at a show is not a good thing. Look at Thundercats 2011, Korra Season 1, MLP Season 3 (particularly the finale).

I don't know about you but unless I hear outstanding things about the next RS season's individual episodes I'm not watching it. Or to put it another way, come next season I'm only going to watch episodes with notable good receptions.
>> No. 215192
Okay, but here's the thing: you're not dedicating whole threads to bitching about Two and a Half Men or Big Bang Theory, which are at least twice as terrible as this. So there must be something about this show that you still really like, otherwise you wouldn't be talking about it.
>> No. 215206
>>The show is basically an 80s love letter. Don't expect particularly deep relationship examples.

A show can homage a articular era while cutting out the deadweight or modernizing certain storytelling/character aspects. Also, 80's romance movies/TV shows weren't universally shallow when it came to writing romance or central female love interests. John Hughes, the quintessential voice of popular 80's teen movies, knew how to write layered/funny/dynamic female characters with equally interesting relationship drama
>> No. 215207
Sorry, meant to quote
>> No. 215208
Because the Regular Show was once very good. And it could be good again, hell, it could be great again if it was willing to spice things up, trying new things, add new dimensions to characters, etc. But, like so many in this thread have already said, it has stagnated. The only real dynamic element at this point is Mordecai's relationship status with Margaret. But, again, Margaret isn't interesting/well written enough for me to care about her. And, quite frankly, neither is their relationship.
>> No. 215209
Lol at John Hughes movies being examples of layered, nuanced character relationships.
>> No. 215210
The show has honestly not changed that much.
We're just used to it.
>> No. 215215
This is a cartoon board retard of course there's not a BBT thread.
>> No. 215379
one of the other poster brought up a good point

wtf is Thomas's purpose in this show?
>> No. 215382
If it was up to me, I would have made Thomas' personality be a shifty liar and coward who when push comes to shove he'll come through. Think like Usopp from One Piece.

But alas the writers of RS aren't exactly resourceful.
>> No. 215384
I think he's just some in-joke.
>> No. 215389
Why present an in joke to people not in on it?
>> No. 215402
Lately his purpose seems to be jokes about how he's completely irrelevant.

Personally I think he's just another victim of this season underutilizing its cast and spamming the shit out of Muscle Man and Mordecai/Margaret. When was the last time Pops or Skips was the focus of an ep?
>> No. 215405
Pops I can't remember, think the Milk episode but that one was from S3 I think. And when you put it in context is shows how the writing team don't bother to get creative with Pops since the Milk episode was about how "different" "alienated" and unable to connect with the younger coworkers Pops felt and him keeping track of all the things he doesn't do with them. It felt like the episode was trying to further downplay Pop's involvement as part of the main cast since it ended with him finally doing something with the other characters and him seemingly just satisfied to leave it at that.

As for Skips and this recent season however? Skips' only episode I remember is the one about his stress.
>> No. 215406
Then it would stop being an in-joke, now wouldn't it?
>> No. 215453
>cross country travel to return a sweater instead of mailing it

nope that isn't stalkery at all
was there ever a reason given why they couldn't keep in touch by email or the phone like normal ass people?
>> No. 215454
>> No. 215923
My question is: Why didn't Mordecai just think to move out of state with Margaret? He doesn't really have much going for him where he is now and it probably wouldn't be that hard for him to find another McJob out of state.

And don't say he'd be abandoning Rigby because Rigby has even less going for him and would thus have no reason not to just move out with Mordecai.
>> No. 215933
Because you would have to be completely retarded to quit a fairly cushy job and move to a new state where you have no friends and no connections for a girl you stalked for a few years and dated for a week.

The point of the premier was Mordecai finally realizing that he was way too obsessed over some stupid girl he barely knows to a really unhealthy extreme.
>> No. 215940
the sweater ep wasn't too bad it was just making it the breakup official
>> No. 215941
And yet even though Mordecai did something unexpected (threw the sweater in the garbage), I still get this irritating feeling that the writers will still make Mordecai backpedal and go crawling back to Margaret the instant they feel like doing it like a bunch of hacks even though objectionably speaking, Mordecai moving on is the mature decision with his character.
>> No. 215942
I love that the other guys helped Mordecai through that shit. That and the Silver guy episode was pretty much something fun you'd see in the early seasons.
>> No. 215947
You know what I liked? Is that the coworkers at the park do indeed care about one another. They're like a family. They helped Mordecai get over being dumped. Even Benson was reaching out to his employee. Love those little details. Speaking of which in Silver Dude Benson behaved like a surrogate father to Mordecai and Rigby when they were asking for bonus pay for additional work. Instead of asking the normal questions, Benson outright asked "What game is it?" showing just how in tune he is with Mordecai and Rigby.

When you get down to it, I really love the cast of Regular Show. Very few characters are fumbled up.
>> No. 215953
Anyone else think that Regular Show would be better if it was marketed as being CN's prime time adult comedy cartoon like how The Simpsons is for FOX? They could go much further with the themes and ideas from axed storyboards, etc.

And they would not have to succumb to those bitches who were calling CN and forcing them to censor the show's season 1/2 episodes and all around watering down the following seasons.
>> No. 215960
We could stand to have less muscleman episodes though.
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