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File 137351969498.jpg - (138.41KB , 500x333 , Mindtaking underway.jpg )
381337 No. 381337
I refuse to take things here seriously.
I'm going to have fun and be silly while visiting this website.
I'm gonna be silly SO FUNKING HARD!
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>> No. 381339
Take things seriously or don't. Either way you'll be silly.
>> No. 381341
Conventions are clubbing for nerds.
>> No. 381342
All sorts of White People problems today, mainly from bad food. And now I'm not even tired but should be in bed.

>> No. 381346
>White People problems

I have a theme song (and a "show") for you.

Mad TV: Pretty White Kids with…youtube thumb
>> No. 381347
I'm not famous. I'm not internet-famous. I wouldn't even be coming upfront with any of this if I wasn't anonymous. I'm not in any way an attention-whore.

Besides, as I said, all of this happened 5+ years ago. It's a moot point now. It still bothers me, but the only thing I'm going to do about it is learn to move on.
>> No. 381349
Just ignore that guy, he was being an ass. I'm sorry you had to go through what you did and I wish you better luck for the future.
>> No. 381354
You don't have to be internet-famous to attention whore. You just have to be drawing attention to yourself. Though that's largely irrelevant for this issue.

I actually asked because I thought you might be transgender or something similar that might cause irrational hatred on the part of a whole school. Usually when someone's being bullied, that person already has significant social ostracization problems within the rest of the class or school. Bullies don't bully the most popular kid in class because that would turn everyone against them, usually they pick on the fringe kids who aren't really at the center of the social going-ons. Sometimes those fringe kids have very deep-seated issues that make them easy to dislike, even in general, usually because they turn every situation they're a part of into a fustercluck.

Sometimes the kids just shy and quiet and nobody really knows them and the abuse is undeserved. In my experience, ignoring the problem does not make it go away. Why find a new target if your old target is only ignoring you in the hopes that you'll get bored? They're a kid, and it is really not hard to keep pushing buttons until they snap. And they were already ignoring the bully before they started.

Bullying is often based on a kind of irrational hatred. They dislike in you what they dislike in themselves, or in their lives. But ignoring them just means that they will continue to use you as an outlet for their aggression. It is an expression of the powerlessness they feel, the helplessness to change things that truly hurt them. But they can hurt you in turn and it gives them a feeling of control over their pain.

There is a reasonable point, when threatened and being bullied, where one can attack and say that it was pre-emptive and that they feared for their lives and be completely justified. Candlejack's analogy would be correct if this was actually a Grizzly Bear and not just some scared kid. But it's a scared kid, and usually, blackening their eye a few times and ending up in the principal's office is enough to tell them to just back off in general. You are not the doormat representation of their problems that they thought, you are actually willing to fight and stand up for yourself and show them that you will NOT accept their bullshit.

Football douches are a special breed of pain-in-the-ass though. That was likely the missing aspect of your story; wundarboys thinking they owned the place and a principal too starstruck to actually be good at their jobs. The Principal thing is weird though, cause normally bullying doesn't go beyond schoolyard-level shit.
>> No. 381355
Well, my boyfriend at the time went to another school, and I'm not particularly well-endowed. So they said they hated me because they assumed I was a lesbian, or because I was too tomboyish, not pretty enough or too flat-chested to be considered "a woman" to them. They thought I was either intersex or MTF transgender, neither of which was true. I was also the first new kid apparently at the school in a long time, and I continued to be only known as "the new kid" 3 years later.
>> No. 381357
I was bullied in grade school. A kid in my class much larger and stronger than me. He was a well-known bully and everyone was afraid of him. I was scared of going to school. He'd berate me for my slight chubbiness and out-right mug me, if I had things he wanted. But one day I couldn't take it anymore. I just broke. I don't even know anymore what it was that pushed me over the edge. Something completely minor. I pushed him over, and jumped ontop of him. There was no resistance because he simply didn't expect me to completely snap. With my entire body weight pushing him down he was almost completely helpless. Some ineffectual swipes here and there that I didn't feel in the rush of adrenaline. I just kept punching him in the face over and over again. So much so that my hands hurt when the rage finally subsided. He was a bloody mess. I broke his nose. I still can't get that image out of my head. A little ball of tears and blood, curled together crying and screaming and shaking. Everything after that is a blur. I'm pretty sure my parents and the school had their hands full with the aftermath. I lived in constant fear of him trying to get his revenge, but I was never bullied again after that day. Yet I felt fucking terrible about what I did. Still do. The kid became completely timid and a recluse. Nobody would talk to him anymore. I don't want to know what happened to him. I'm sure it would only make me feel worse.
>> No. 381358
File 137358354511.jpg - (13.22KB , 215x184 , 132149880554.jpg )
welp if only being screwed over for my dream job was the worst thing to happen in the last 48 hours

my girlfriends been a bit moody and feeling ill a lot recently and she was blaming it on her new contracreption

but now she has reason to beleive its because said contraception /hasn't worked at all/

>> No. 381359
Jesus, I haven't felt this shitty about myself in a long while... the fact that my weekly visit to my RPG club consisted of three hours of "Here's a NPC who'll dick you over. And no, you can't get your own back, because I said so".
>> No. 381360
Cancel this thread what the fuck.
>> No. 381364
File 137358698929.jpg - (21.63KB , 283x284 , 1365395833035.jpg )
>> No. 381366
Yeah this is sounding like a perfect storm of the Jock Asshole scenario. Some kid's king of the hill because he's captain of the football team or whatever and no one really stands up to him and says "don't fuck with me or people like me" in not so many words.

IRL, yeah, there are definitely people with whom you should not fuck, though this is mostly because they will kill your ass rather than come at you hand to hand. And even in hand to hand, >>381357
's experiencing largely holds true. People just do not expect to get hit. They don't expect someone to physically lash out at them, even after abusing a person, and a lot of times when they do strike back, that physical pain and anguish is more Pavlovian than 100 repetitions of "Stop".

Don't get me wrong, trying to fight everyone is stupid. But it is very reasonable to defend yourself, especially against someone who has repeatedly shown that they will not back down when plied verbally. IRL, altercations are best solved verbally, but that's a very fine line between being able to acquiesce to a person and letting them know that you will not stand for their bullshit.
>> No. 381369
i leave for ONE DAY and this happens.

let's open up our own imageboard with buddhists and hookers.
>> No. 381370
File 137360968794.jpg - (643.05KB , 960x1620 , 1313632970714.jpg )

Congrats on being a father!
>> No. 381372
File 137361220514.png - (209.47KB , 478x358 , 1345500845428.png )
>Was on academic probation.
>Made an appeal at the end of the semester.
>Get told that the appeal failed and that I was expelled.
>Locked out of class registration.
>Fucked around with oddjobs for a year.
>Finally transfer my credit to a community college.
>Application accepted.
>Check transcript.
>Updated transcript says I was readmitted for Fall last year.
>Nobody told me this.
>Everyone I spoke to said I was out.
>Now I have to go all the way to South Brooklyn for classes.
>For a year.

brb suicide, life couldn't possibly get any worse.

Okay, I take that back.

I didn't get back to you yet.
>> No. 381378
HA HA...
if this is your first pregnancy scare you need to get on my level.
and hope your gurl isn't looking to have no family yet.
>> No. 381379
File 137363210150.gif - (3.74KB , 126x198 , party bird.gif )
>thesis proposal got accepted
>had a wonderful date with an attractive young woman
>will probably have another one with her
>going to a craft beer-fest tomorrow

Life is pretty good.
>> No. 381381
Fuck you and your happy life!
>> No. 381382
File 137363743384.gif?spoiler - (1.44MB , 434x254 , traygeorg.gif?spoiler )
IDK if this goes here but I got my hands on the 3D simulation that was going to be presented at the Martin-Zimmerman trial.

Enjoy guys, you deserve to see it before anyone else.
>> No. 381385
Would not surprise me if they actually used that.
>> No. 381386
please let me get this job please please please please theyre supposed to get back to me today and i can barely breathe waiting for it
>> No. 381387

Good luck to you Nurse. Hope you get it.
>> No. 381388
hey i started my webcomic
ok bye
>> No. 381389
My mind doesn't speak, it screams
>> No. 381390
so apparently she forgot about getting back to me today and already left the office so i wont know anything until monday. so you know two whole days of nervous breakdown in front of me. great.
>> No. 381391
Fucking finally. Here's hoping it lasts long enough that you're not sure how to kill it and are stuck maintaining it for 3 years until declaring hiatus and never returning.
>> No. 381392
Here's to having 40 dollars in spending cash! I already bought some stuff from the good will and a lunch, so 20s left.
>> No. 381393

i am one step closer to punching ryan sohmer in the face
>> No. 381394
why are you not already punching him
>> No. 381395

thats a good question
>> No. 381396
>> No. 381397
I wish I had a short ghost hunting sidekick.
>> No. 381398

>Trebuchet MS

you are p gud
>> No. 381399
Comic sans would be better for that format, and for her drawing style imo. It's softer.
>> No. 381402
that is my favorite font
>> No. 381404
that's borderline offensive
>> No. 381405
>Jim Carrey has a YouTube channel
>it's full of reaction-worthy videos

Ace Ventura When Nature Calls:…youtube thumb
>> No. 381406
Why? I use it for everything, it's funny.
>> No. 381407

>I use [Comic Sans MS] for everything

Ace Ventura When Nature Calls:…youtube thumb
>> No. 381408
i can practically hear mentok in my head. thanks T&H.
>> No. 381409
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or if you're just unfamiliar with the way the anti-Comic Sans movement. In case you're being serious, I'll fill you in, FONT NERD style:

Comic Sans is probably the most widely misused font in the world. It is a Display Font, (and many would argue, not even one of the better Display Fonts) that gets used for prose, which is just an assault on the eyes in general. Despite being designed in homage to the handwriting of cartoonists, it's not actually all that well suited to comic lettering, lacking the crossbar "I" (as the "rules" such as they are for comics, have it that when you use I as in the first-person pronoun, it should be the Crossbar-I rather than the plain ol' Sans-Serif I) and has poor kerning by default. It also lacks a lot of special characters that professional comic-lettering fonts would have, like breath marks and slightly varied upper case / lower case fonts to avoid repetition of identical characters, but Trebuchet MS doesn't have those either, so it's not relevant to the issue in this case.

It's also just used a lot, and any font that you see too often should probably be avoided if there are equally good alternatives available. As much of a boner as Font Nerds have for Helvetica, for example, if you want your lettering to stand out, Helvetica should be avoided simply because you'll look like everything else if you use it (though that's in reference to long prose works, obviously, not comics--Helvetica does not look good at all in comics in my experience). The overuse element is part of the reason Blambot's AnimeAce is derided among cartoonists as well.

Because of all of this, a year or two ago a movement got really big that jokingly suggested Comic Sans should be illegal. Much of the internet has jumped on that bandwagon. Arguments can be made about whether or not Comic Sans is really as bad as the movement makes it out to be (for example, is Papyrus really that much better in terms of being abused?)

Honestly, hand-lettering is the way to go if you want REALLY impressive textwork in your comic, but it's very time consuming and, while less challenging than artists often assume(when lettering, you're drawing the letters, not using your own handwriting, even though most assume that if their own handwriting is bad lettering is out of the question), it's a work-intensive artform where a lot of your drawing knowledge doesn't carry over. And most artists working in webcomics don't have the spare dosh to throw at pro letterers or even just assistants they can put on lettering duty.

Anyway, Comic Sans is probably NOT AS BAD as it is treated, but its controversy alone is enough of a reason to steer clear of it in anything you're going to show to people whose respect you're interested in. You'll look unprofessional and lazy even if you chose it for perfectly well reasoned and legitimate reasons.

...unless you're writing Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. In which case, Fuck Yeah, Comic Sans!
>> No. 381414
File 137369865257.jpg - (233.59KB , 650x1011 , cucumber quest.jpg )
Honestly, unless you can write more evenly than a typewriter like the lady who does Cucumber Quest, hand-letting is not really the way to go. It tends to look pretty unprofessional too (but not as much as Comic Sans or some shitty half-legible font).

A personal handwriting font is a good thing to have though.
>> No. 381415
Dude, hand-lettering is always very much viable and appealing.
It makes every instance of the comic much more personal and authentic looking, plus adjusting it for the current artstyle at hand is a very good way to go.

It only really works if you hand-draw the word balloons as well.

You might find some examples of such in franco belgian comics and several webcomics (a notable example being one of the latest Rock Cocks pages. Fanboys Online manages to pull it off at a certain degree too.)

Its not a strict thing. Lettering is part of the artstyle. There's a crapton of tools at your disposal, even your own hand.
There are wrong ways to do hand-lettering, sure. But I dunno.
Personally I prefer it most times.
>> No. 381416
File 137369947480.gif - (41.01KB , 700x484 , achewood comic sans.gif )
I don't have any strong opinions on comic sans, but I think this still deserves to be posted.
>> No. 381417
Much like with drawing, you put down guidelines before you ever start lettering. It's really not difficult at all to have all your letters be about the same size--like I said above, you're drawing the letters, not writing them.

And having them vary a little in size and placement is actually hand-lettering's biggest selling point. It keeps the eye from getting bored.
>> No. 381421
File 137370536287.jpg - (159.60KB , 457x629 , 1372230221747.jpg )
i have officially been up a full 24 hours

i am shivering, my stomach and head feel like they're about to explode

but 10 more minutes and i can vote on the steam sale community choice thingy

just 10 more minutes
>> No. 381422
Your first time?
>> No. 381423
I once worked a 40 hour week on 10 hours of sleep.
Total, not per night.
I learned that week that I can fall asleep standing up.
>> No. 381424

is good font


how could you hurt me like this

re: handlettering vs digital- my handwriting is night unreadable to anyone who isnt me and even then sometimes i cant read what i wrote. i dont think i can willingly subject people to that+the time it would take to make it readable would be a huge timesink.
i love and envy the shit out of people who can hand letter really good tho.
but thanks yall.
>> No. 381425
Im in goddamn China

Im like Miley Cyrus except not at all really outside of this one thing about spending time abroad.
>> No. 381426
File 137372087191.jpg - (92.51KB , 650x600 , bea and askal.jpg )
I was totally joking, still read your post though.

<3 U Bea, just messing around.

lol steam first timer. Anyone remember their first steam sale? My bank account balance was -148.55 at the end of it.
>> No. 381429
gonna make blackened chicken and quinoa and sugar peas for dinner
it's 8 am
i am really excited i usually just make whatever's easiest but tonight i am making an actual meal
now i just
>> No. 381430
>an argument about Comic Sans

I can finally post this!

>> No. 381431
File 137372409864.png - (175.28KB , 500x333 , common cold.png )
Hey bea since you're writing ghost stories could you write one about the Common Cold??
>> No. 381432
File 137372615121.jpg - (105.09KB , 436x263 , 129239698914.jpg )
>> No. 381435
Times will always be the best font.
>> No. 381436
damn you spoiled the plot of my slipshine exclusive comic
>> No. 381437
File 137374027665.jpg - (50.16KB , 456x628 , 1304621622422.jpg )
ugh i am so bad at writing interactions and conversations because i'm so bad at having them irl
idk it all feels so awkward and jarring but i don't actually know how or what

>why can't i hold all these short sentences that sound dumb when i try to run them on
>why can't i hold all this terrible pacing
>why can't i hold all this emotional flip-flopping

i just want to write good fanfiction.
>> No. 381439
Goddamn. Diarrhea is so fucking annoying. I get fucking nothing done.
>> No. 381440
update: it was really really delicious i'm crying a little
>> No. 381441
It's easy just imagine you're two (or more) entirely different people that want different things, then have an argument with yourself. My personal technique is to sit down in my basement, drink rye and yell at a mirror until 4 in the morning.
>> No. 381443
I already do that but not for the sake of good writing. Catharsis, baby. Daddy needs his satisfaction.
>> No. 381445
File 137375045814.png - (131.58KB , 198x268 , 1362758128064.png )
NSFW stuff here
>that feel when the inside crotch of a dark pair of panties has been permanently bleached by vagina juices
>> No. 381447
I took some to just steal people's real life conversations. Overhearing people talking and then seeing what it looks like on paper really bridges the 'oh, right' gap. then just replace all the mundane words with smut

sh shh shhhhHUT UP, I'M TALKING NOW

that feel when nice cute panties get period stained

fund it
>> No. 381448

>the very few times I wrote dialogue-heavy pieces
>everyone talks like me
>short, emotionless, straightforward language

and then ninja became a scientist
>> No. 381449
File 137375787256.gif - (1.99MB , 245x230 , WHAT IS THIS.gif )
i just had the weirdest driving experience ever wtf

>mum comes to pick me up from my aunt's house in the country
>it's late and dark with no lights, we take the wrong turn and get lost
>up and down country lanes, can't find our way back to my aunt's house, can't even see the lights of the village
>suddenly a MASSIVE hare (not even kidding, my mum thought it was a fawn at first) runs out into the middle of the road
>stops, looks at us, then starts running directly in the middle of the road in front of us for nearly a mile
>doesn't slow down, doesn't jump into the bushes or into the woods, just runs in front of the car
>lose it going round a corner
>turn the corner, there's a car crashed into the barrier, no lights on and apparently no-one inside
>the lights of our town is just up ahead
>go home and call the police

I'm 800% percent certain it was just a scared big ass hare being chased by a car but man that was some shit.
>> No. 381450
You were supposed to follow it down the rabbit hole, duh.

Interesting story. This intrigued the /x/phile in me, even if it's just a bunch of really weird coincidences.
>> No. 381451
That big bastard wouldn't fit down any rabbit hole I've ever seen. It would barely fit down a manhole.
>> No. 381452
Shame you didn't have a camera.
>> No. 381453
somebody just saw their spirit animal
>> No. 381454
I had my phone with me but it was too dark to get a good photo.

If it was anyone's spirit animal, it would be my mum's. They're really uncommon around here but she said that was the second hare she's seen tonight (although the first one was a normal size and ran into a bush when she drove past).
>> No. 381457
>I had my phone with me but it was too dark to get a good photo.

Oh, well that sucks.

But weird behavior and other stuff aside, I have to wonder if some animals are just getting bigger as time goes on. My friend hit a raccoon a few years back, for example, and said it was about the size of a small dog (small, not tiny) and it fucked up her car pretty bad. Can't remember for sure, but I think it might have even lived after that. I've also noticed that huge (domestic) cats are becoming more common, at least from what I've seen.
>> No. 381458
It's either your spirit animal warning you of a dangerous curve, or the spirit animal of someone in the crashed car leading you to them to help.

My spirit animal is a duck, when I was 11 a duck saved me from a rabid rat.
>> No. 381459
File 137376641911.gif - (3.62KB , 400x400 , wha.gif )
>when I was 11 a duck saved me from a rabid rat

Now this I have to hear.
>> No. 381460
Bugs Bunny Cuts Florida Looseyoutube thumb

>> No. 381461
burn the south the salt the earth
>> No. 381462
File 137376963583.jpg - (62.30KB , 401x488 , general-william-tecumseh-sherman.jpg )

We tried that once...
>> No. 381463
Nothing special.

When I was a kid exploring my grandpapas farm I found a rat sleeping in a barn full of straw. And like an idiot kid I wanted to pet it and capture it. Turns out it had rabies and did not take kindly to idiot kids trying to capture it. It jumped up, hissed and took charge, trying to bite me as I skipped faster than a louisiana gal squaredancing. I ran out with haste but the rat was faster, it was gaining, like some black blur of death right at my heels. I ran left, it cut me off. I ran right, it cut me off. All hope was lost.
A wild domestic duck appears screaming its death cry and beating the shit out of the rat, slapping it with wings and clawing it all over. The rat tried to bite it but the duck took flight and slammed into it over and over. Feathers flew, spittle was everywhere. Finally the duck was triumphant.

Distracted it long enough for me to climb the fence and get in the house. Probably just protecting its little ducklings but it was forever my bro after that.
>> No. 381464
Why so mad?
>> No. 381465
what the fucking fuck are you fucking serious right now
>> No. 381466

George Zimmerman being found Not Guilty was the latest thing to happen.
>> No. 381467
Ha! Serious? How do you get mad at that? Legitimate self defense.
>> No. 381468
I hope this doesn't mean I'm right in thinking animals are evolving to survive cars not by getting better at avoiding them, but by just growing large and tough enough to survive a hit.

And while I remember it, I should note that I had my gal bladder taken out last November due to galstones apparently being the cause of some recurring gut pains I had. Since around the time I've first heard of it possibly being my gal bladder I've suddenly noticed a few other people having theirs removed, and wonder if it's an actual trend rather than just preferentially noticing things related to my own life in some way. Apparently galstone formation is fairly mysterious? Also, in my case the operation was a simple outpatient procedure that overall was less painful and arduous than doubling over in pain every so often.
>> No. 381469
Of course zimmerman was going to be not guilty
They didn't have a trial at the start because the evidence was clearly backing zimmerman and they had to drag all this out to prove it
Half of the prosecution's witnesses were caught lying
>> No. 381470

>self defense
>after provoking a confrontation after the cops told you to stop

top kek
>> No. 381471
politics thread fagets
>> No. 381472
he didn't even get manslaughter

there was enough evidence to know that zimmerman did, in fact, chase after a boy and shoot him in the head after the police told him not to exit his vehicle, but he did not even get manslaughter

if you accidentally hit someone with a car you can get fucking manslaughter
>> No. 381473
I haven't been following the trial--what happened? Did they fail to prove that he actually did it, or did the defense successfully argue that he was allowed to do what he did? I was right on board with everyone else when the story first happened, but it sounded like there was some legitimate misinformation in those initial reports that may have colored the entire proceedings, and the whole reason the justice system exists is to prevent mob justice from treating someone as guilty without having all the facts in place to prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt. If they actually proved with certainty that he chased the kid down and killed him in the scuffle he started and just used some bullshit technicalities to get off, then I'm right along with you guys that this is a travesty of justice. If the evidence just didn't exist to prove the assumptions that we made when we first started hearing the story, then I've got to grant that the jury was right not to convict him.
>> No. 381474

Your question can be answered as such: They treated what should have been a manslaughter trial as a murder trial.
>> No. 381475
But that's not what happened, did you watch the trial or are you just recalling details from when media first started smearing Zimmerman?

Timeline more or less
>trayvon leaves shop and starts walking home
>zimmerman sees suspicious person
>exits car and follows for awhile just to make sure he doesnt live nearby
>calls 911
>dispatch asks him to describe person, dispatch asks zimmerman what race the person is
>this is when zimmerman says he's black, as a description, not because he's racist
Part of this call was edited by media to make it seem like Zimmerman just blurted out "HES BLACK" with no prompting. Might be a defamation suit there.
>dispatch tells him to back off
>zimmerman stops following and walks back (this is key)
This is where the prosecutions witnesses and cellphone records bit them in the ass.
>trayvon keeps walking home
>when trayvon is 1 block away from his own house (in the clear) he texts friend about the incident
>friend more or less goads him into going back to fight zimmerman
>trayvon backtracks from his home (again, this is key)
>there is a confrontation
We have a lot of physical evidence here that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman from behind, and got on top of him, punching Zimmerman from the top.
>there is a struggle
>we hear zimmerman yelling for help on another 911 call
>zimmerman is armed and manages to shoot trayvon
>cops come tardy to the party
The media coverage for this case was shit and the trial brought all that out into the open.

>there was enough evidence to know that zimmerman did, in fact, chase after a boy and shoot him in the head after the police told him not to exit his vehicle
Please don't say shitty things like that and confuse people.

1. Zimmerman did not chase after Trayvon.
2. NOT the head. Trayvon was shot in the torso at about holster level, physical evidence showing Trayvon was pressed up against Zimmerman at the time (contact shot).
3. Zimmerman was already out of the vehicle when the call was made. After he was told to break off pursuit, he walked back to his car.
>> No. 381476

Can I have some citations for that? I'd like to do some reading.
>> No. 381477
OK, citation 1 - all

Seriously watch it, it's not a very long trial and the witnesses are all entertaining. Don't base your opinion on twitter or mass media which has been caught lying about specific facts of the case, Zimmerman will probably sue NBC for editing 911 calls and CNN for pasting his personal info everywhere so he can be lynched.

If you ask me about specific facts that interest you, I could probably try and scan through the trial to find you the witness/evidence presented.
>> No. 381478
File 137377583620.png - (282.51KB , 728x868 , Capture.png )
lol someone hacked MSNBC and theyre showing hardcore gay porn on their live stream of the trial.
>> No. 381480
>The media coverage for this case was shit
Which is the moral of the story for the whole damn thing; the media twisted, convoluted, and may have even outright lied about the situation in the name of ratings, getting the public fired up over a tragedy which, given the stuff you state (which I've read elsewhere), may be a case of stupidity and somewhat-proper self defense.

This is why American media is absolute shit, and the reason I don't watch the news or read mainstream papers (if any).

In any case, I give Zimmerman about a month before someone shoots him.
>> No. 381481
File 137377732568.png - (415.72KB , 680x664 , 13737762435.png )
>In any case, I give Zimmerman about a month before someone shoots him.
Take that bet.
>> No. 381482
He is likely going to go into seclusion for some time, so he'll be harder to find, but I think he'll underestimate the rage of people and will come out before their anger subsides... which I still think is about a month.
>> No. 381487
File 13737805526.jpg - (75.38KB , 1024x768 , 137377981593.jpg )
Remember CNN released his entire identity down to social security number, it wont be hard to find him.
>> No. 381496
Wow, even his SSN? I knew CNN had gone to shit in the last few months, but that still surprises me. What fucking idiots.
>> No. 381498
The way it seems to be, Zimmerman was probably a jerk for pinging down Trayvon and provoking him to violence in the first place, but if it was Trayvon who actually initiated the fight that led to the shooting, then what Zimmerman did was legitimate self-defense. Innocent or not Zimmerman still comes off as an asshole.
>> No. 381499

I think he's being hyperbolic.
>> No. 381503
I don't know why anyone is suprised this happened after the casey anthony trial (that bitch was guilty as fuck)
>> No. 381506
Mom calling me out on being impatient and rude. Saying I should be patient.
Pot. Kettle. Coming from her... It means almost nothing.

But when I'm rude, I'm goal oriented and focused. I sharpen my edge and get surgical, waiting until I know where to strike. Then I'm relentless. Rude. I don't want to waste time on things I don't like. I get it from her.

I hate seeing where I get my faults. I hate it. Because I can't tell how much can be changed.

I get my egocentrism, emotional polarity, and default to being a useless piece of shit when I'm not inspired from my father and my anxiety from both. If it weren't for my sense of humor, baseline happiness, great teachers, and ability to adapt, I'd probably have jumped off a bridge or been stabbed. I've had enough opportunities to get stabbed. Why is it always people and knives with me? I hate knives.

>> No. 381509
File 137378929241.jpg - (44.63KB , 640x480 , bergrengrun has had enough.jpg )
Being black is like getting a letter in the mail every month reminding you that your life is worth less than anyone else's.
>> No. 381510

>Mark O'Mara: If George Zimmerman Were Black 'He Never Would've Been Charged With A Crime'

brb, murdering white people
>> No. 381511

you're racist! hope this helps
>> No. 381512
File 137379124660.png - (7.81KB , 373x124 , tumblr_medw09lrJQ1qk3ggq.png )
Had a fun day with my BFF sister and niece at the beach today. We left later than expected and then didn't get home until midnight because of reasons. But it was great!!! It's been exactly one year since my dad died so being happy was needed.

I was gone all day and when I came home my mom ruined my good mood with a new record of three words within 5 minutes: "Thanks for today" FUCK YOU YOU SELFISH BITCH. You had all your little ass lickers here to take care of you. I'm allowed to go somewhere and be happy. So instead of the good mood I wanted to coast on all week I've just locked myself in my room for almost five hours stewing in anger and guilt. ty mom. ty
>> No. 381515
File 137379392891.jpg - (376.39KB , 850x1000 , 127915567752.jpg )
Bea, don't feed the trolls. Eat them.

Came home from having a spontaneous, nice night out with a friend, then find out about this remorseless asshole was able to stalk and kill an innocent kid and get away with it. Sorry, but I AM rooting for vigilante justice at this point. This shit needs to stop happening.

>So instead of the good mood I wanted to coast on all week I've just locked myself in my room for almost five hours stewing in anger and guilt. ty mom. ty

I'm sure you know this, but when you let it affect you like that, she wins. Hopefully next time you can ignore her passive-aggressive guilt tripping and focus on the good things in your life.
>> No. 381519
>Day ruined in 3 words.

Look, I know she's a bitch but that's so miniscule to actually get under your skin.

Next time you should be like "you are fucking welcome. Also fyi I did not ask for you to have unprotected sex and push me out of your vagina but HERE WE ARE all hunky dory years later and you still don't actually know how to have fun or deal with your problems. Let me know the next time you want to try the fucking guilt trip because I will turn it into the neverending car-ride from Hell with the greatest hits of how you're a terrible fucking person".

Your mileage may vary
>> No. 381520
>that's so miniscule to actually get under your skin

You must not understand how it is. It's not so much the words as when and how they're said, and by whom. And I live with someone who's so passive-aggressive they don't even have to say a single word to fill me with rage. The people closet to you, especially family, know how to push all your buttons.
>> No. 381521
True, I may not get how it is with family like that because I've never really had family like that.

But there's a balance to be achieved in standing up for yourself. It's like the bully thing; they are looking to push your buttons, to control you because they think it's easy. When you start dragging their shit out every single time they do it, they start doing it less.

I can't hear something like "thanks for today" and not think "you are goddamn welcome". No matter how cushy my life is, my own mind is a constant torment of all the little things I've done, all my little insecurities, and the fact that nobody can really help me be happy because nobody really knows me, nobody is really inclined to help, and even if they were most of the time it ends up well-intentioned but misguided.

Your happiness is your own journey and your own ability. I may share my joy with others but it is not their job to make me happy, it's mine and if I can help it, I try to make others happy too, because I've made a lot of people unhappy for various reasons in my life.

So they say "Thanks for today", implying that their afternoon was hugely ruined by the lack of Tekno's presence, and it's like "are you unhappy? My fucking bad, let me just massage the Happiness Nipple and secrete some liquid happy into a cup for you". You only have to apologize when your presence causes unhappiness. If someone is made unhappy by your absence and they're blaming you for it, I can't help but feel it's ridiculous for a thousand reasons, too ridiculous to take seriously or really let it get under my skin. It's not my job to ensure your happiness, it's your job. And if you want me to take a wild stab about why I don't really care about the happiness of someone who constantly tries to guilt trip me and make me feel terrible, I don't think I have to humor you by even finishing that sentence.

At least this is how I feel about Tekno's predicament. God my reasons for hating my family seem so obtuse and boring compared to some peoples'.
>> No. 381523
I completely understand you and agree with most of what you're saying, to a point, I'm simply pointing out that it can be tough to keep your emotions in check when it's someone who's had years of experience in being able to emotionally manipulate you. I like to think I can remain calm and rational better than I used to when I was younger, and then I'll slip up again. It's easier said than done.
>> No. 381526
File 137380639580.png - (29.80KB , 633x178 , 918A96714AA34FFC81AC632C81B33F83.png )
>I think he's being hyperbolic.
Nope, they actually released his SSN, I have it. Not sure if posting here would be banworthy because it's illegal, except CNN already did it.

>you're racist
A latino american person kills an african american person in self defense and you're calling me racist for following the evidence. Material for a shakespearean comedy right there.
>> No. 381527
File 137380723539.jpg - (32.08KB , 400x513 , CoolStoryBro.jpg )
>self defense

Yes, because if you get into a scuffle with an innocent teenager minding his own business that you stalked and harassed, even though 911 dispatchers told you not to, it's CLEARLY okay to shoot him to death.

2/10, made me reply.
>> No. 381528
Watch the trial, dont just parrot what you heard on twitter.
>> No. 381530
So when do the film rights get sold?
>> No. 381531
File 137381214070.png - (739.43KB , 590x790 , zimmerman5.png )
People please stop calling him a kid, the photo used by NBC is not recent, it's several years old. Zimmerman was 5'7" while Trayvon was 5'11" with a difference of 10 pounds between them... it wasn't exactly a giant adult beating the crap of a 12 year old kid.

Also stop trying to make it about race, NBC messed with the color tones on Zimmermans photo to make his skin look more white. He is not white, he is Hispanic. He would not be welcome at a Klan rally regardless of how German his name sounds.

Zimmerman did not stalk, provoke or harass Trayvon either, cellphone logs clearly show Trayvon was completely in the clear a block from his house before he turned back. Witness testimony has Trayvon attacking Zimmerman without provocation.

You can argue with stand your ground laws if you want but Zimmerman didn't do anything illegal.
>> No. 381532
File 137381216130.jpg - (54.21KB , 640x360 , zimmermanr.jpg )
>> No. 381533
File 137381225970.jpg - (35.44KB , 640x360 , zimmerman_head_dm_120419_wmain.jpg )
>> No. 381534
File 137381253772.png - (314.10KB , 1064x1448 , zimmerman3.png )
>> No. 381536
File 137381596373.png - (8.02KB , 296x239 , 296px-Hyperbolic_functions-2_svg[1].png )
While I haven't watched the trial myself, all the second-hand reports I've read about it say that Zimmerman got out of his car, approached Trayvon, but went back to his car and Treyvon went home, then a friend convinced Treyvon to go after him or something, they had a scuffle, Treyvon pinned Zimmerman, Zimmerman shot point-blank into the gut in self-defense.

How much of that is true? Dunno, as I said I haven't read the facts presented at trial personally. I does seem a far sight more reasonable than what the media/twitter/socialjusticetumblr has been spreading, up to and including editing the 911 call to make Zimmerman look in a far worse light and using pictures of Treyvon from when he was 13 or so.

The media fucked this case, and the public's opinion over it, six ways to Sunday. Goddamn bastards, I hope all of their stations burn down. I don't watch/read the news because, as far as I'm concerned, journalism is dead. Ratings and sales are all that matters to these windbags now.

>I think he's being hyperbolic.
>> No. 381546
>Internet nerds playing detectives

p4c - officially shit
>> No. 381547
seriously what happened when did this community become a bastion for every single tumblr social justice circlejerk ever

you were supposed to be about fun

>> No. 381550
A friend of mine just said if the jury had even one guy the women wouldn't have screwed up. Fuck. This. He's getting shunned.
>> No. 381553
thank god we have anons here to tell us when it is ok to kill children (its when theyre black)
>> No. 381554
Zimmerman was hispanic/latino native (Peruvian). His grandmother is half black. This was not a case of racism.
>> No. 381555
Man there's a lot of gray area in the case(imo), but if you seriously think this would have happened at all if Trayvon were a white kid, I seriously think you're either dumb or hella sheltered.
>> No. 381556

I'm not going to comment on the actual discussion here, but you have a piss poor understanding of the concept of racism.
>> No. 381557
It's funny because you'd expect that women, as the less-privileged sex, would be more quick to side with Trayvon. At least that's what Tumblr would want you to think.
>> No. 381558

Why do you get pissy every time someone decides to talk about shit going in the real world? This is getting stupid.
>> No. 381559

racists come in every shape and color man
everythings bad forever
dont go outside, everything out there is bad
>> No. 381560
You know, I don't blame you. The media has told you this case is racist. The internet has told you this case is racist. Hell, event he President has told you this case is racist.
So it's not exactly your fault you've been misinformed so badly.

But I beg you, for your own inner well being, look into the facts.

Look into the facts and try hard to find any shred of evidence that Zimmerman acted with prejudice.
>> No. 381561

I like how you responded to me in spite of the fact I told you I was not making a comment on the case itself, just your shit understanding of racism.
>> No. 381562

go home zimmerman
>> No. 381563
Oh sorry. Well in any case, Zimmermans personal history came out before the trial, and no one who knew him suggested any racism. The man was more tolerant than anyone else in that courtroom.

He didn't even register Trayvons race until the 911 operator specifically asked him to look for it.
>> No. 381564
This is A Bad Post.
>> No. 381565
File 13738304678.jpg - (23.56KB , 363x316 , bear logic.jpg )

im sleeping
>> No. 381566
Honestly, what made you think Zimmerman is racist?
>> No. 381568
This is why I don't give a shit about what happens on the news. You get into arguments with people and do nothing but make enemies.
>> No. 381574
I don't give a shit about what happens in the news, either. We should be friends.
>> No. 381579
Because who the fuck actually keeps a lookout for "suspicious characters" whilst packing a pistol? Like, unless there's somebody hanging around a school?

This whole thing sounds like something scared white people would do in the name of the Neighborhood Watch. There's a section of this missing from the overall result. Why was Zimmerman so adamant in his "defense" of the neighborhood? Nobody I've ever met gives a fuck about "the neighborhood" that way, no matter their skin color. Why would Zimmerman specifically call the cops? He's not white, he's Latino and last time I checked, nothing has really happened to engender that kind of trust between Latinos and Police.

The thing is that if Zimmerman was white, then this whole thing reads like a hate crime. Young man gets profiled, he confronts the person he feels is following him or has been following him for a while, they have an altercation, his stalker takes an opportunity and shoots him. He's not White, so the perception is "it's not really racist" when the reality is that Racism is any unwarranted hatred of a persons' perceived attributes based solely on skin color.

An anon said something rather profound about the thing in a HSG of all places; "He wasn't on trial for whether he killed Trayvon. He killed Travyon. Everybody knows it. He's on trial for whether he is Criminally Liable under our Legal System". Crime is often the fulfillment of a desire by means not accepted by the Legal System. Did George desire to kill Travyon? As that's the outcome, it would seem reasonable to assume, but good luck proving that in a court of law. But what desire brought them to the point of that altercation? What motive did George really have for following Travyon, for calling the police? What motive did Trayvon really have for confronting him, aside from his basic need for human dignity?
>> No. 381581
Might not want to jump the gun on that action. After all, Casey Anthony is still walking around, and the national furor over her case was just as intense.
>> No. 381582
This shit should have been posted in the /pol/ thread. Or Facebook/reddit/tumblr

I have lots of opinions that I need not voice here.

Also, someone find Pablo a gateway to Buddhism for me. I doubt he'll like the resources I use because they are neither leather bound or written by monks.
>> No. 381586
disregard everything: do this
>> No. 381591
>Because who the fuck actually keeps a lookout for "suspicious characters" whilst packing a pistol?
The neighborhood watchman in a gated community with frequent issues with trespassers. Is this a serious question or do you just not know the specifics of the case.

>Why would Zimmerman specifically call the cops?
Because the Twin Lakes Community was on edge and Trayvon was jumping over fences and walking across lawns. Zimmerman had to report it because exactly that kind of suspicious behavior was brought up in the neighborhood watch meeting. If Zimmerman wasn't there one of the residents probably would have shot Trayvon, and get away with it too because of the castle law.
Trayvon didn't get profiled, it's not racist because race never entered into the equation. Just because two people of different races confront one another doesn't mean it's a race issue, thinking that way is racist in itself.

>last time I checked, nothing has really happened to engender that kind of trust between Latinos and Police.
Wow, and you call Zimmerman racist?
>> No. 381593
>Because the Twin Lakes Community was on edge and Trayvon was jumping over fences and walking across lawns.

>> No. 381594
File 137384487715.jpg - (145.10KB , 612x612 , 7164255298_40c0c81c6a_z.jpg )
>> No. 381595


>> No. 381596

>> No. 381597
There's a bro-riot going on outside my house.
>> No. 381599
>using jokes to cover up ignorance of event
cool story
He asked a question, it got answered.

Also not a very funny joke, where do you live that trespassing on someones property is ok? Because it's 100% fine to kill someone for that in America. Read Florida statute 776.013, it would have been both legally and morally correct for any one of a dozen people to shoot Trayvon dead that day. Zimmerman didn't do anything wrong, self defense isn't wrong.

In the immortal words of Malcolm X:
Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.

I think someone bashing your head into a curb qualifies for "puts his hand on you".
>> No. 381600
It's not ok to kill someone for tresspassing where I live, and I don't think it should be. That law is completely barbaric. It may be legal in Florida but moral correctness and legality aren't always the same thing, don't confuse them :)
>> No. 381601
Sure but castle laws wouldn't exist in the first place if the majority thought they were immoral. And besides our opinions on morality don't really matter at this juncture, the fact is Zimmerman didn't break the law.

Where do you live?
>> No. 381602
>using jokes to cover up ignorance of event

Except that's not what's going on here. But thanks for playing.
>> No. 381604
Oh my god, you are so naive.
>> No. 381605
6 impartial people who had access to all of the information disagree with that statement.
>> No. 381609
Did you actually have a trial with a jury to determine how naive you were?
>> No. 381611
History really does rhyme, doesn't it?
>> No. 381620
File 137387471722.png - (51.83KB , 320x240 , hysteria.png )
So I wasn't on +4 today and holy shit what happened to this thread

Anyway. I signed up for classes today because I was sick of waiting for my academic adviser to e-mail me for a meeting. So excited for school again omg it'll be great. On Wednesdays I'll be out of the house for 12 hours I love it already
>> No. 381626
I love how well TeethandHunger's opening post contrasts so well with this entire thread
>> No. 381627
This is your first SYM, isn't it?
>> No. 381631
shit happens
>> No. 381659
I love how well it proves my response, though. A really sad sense of pride, this is.
>> No. 381668
hey ninja. if you ever read this and want to reach me through some secure and otherwise unattributable-to-you email address of yours...

email line.
>> No. 381693
File 137392900778.png - (191.76KB , 300x377 , 1337710731839.png )
>Watching Podcast Beyond
>Watching old Trek
>Playing Animal Crossing

>"Man, I wish I had friends like these."
>"Man, I wish I had friends."
>> No. 381713

Moar pixel art~
>> No. 381727

p4c is seriously shit now I hate all of you and wish you nothing but repeated failure and endless dissatisfaction with your mediocre lives

e-mail me sometime friends!
>> No. 381728
>it is not as I imagined
>a bloo bloo
>> No. 381730
Opinions on opinions about opinions with opinions.
>> No. 381734
>> No. 381736
so i kno this bitch (well she my friend, but damn this bitch) who been messing w/my man's brofor the past six o seven months, and she a dumb. he treat her like a cheap hooker only, tell he her don't want her round all the time and she an easy lay, and ho keep crying about it, saying he make her feel so bad, hoppin on and off his dick, flaunting round other dudes in front of him then playin big crocodile tears say she want him to take her back, stay with her, they was meant to be, damn this ladee be crazy. this little trickass ho is projectin her own idea of what the man be over what he actually be, and he just tryna live and yes kind of a dick but he say girl, i just want a quickie alla time and i jus don give a damn, but i gotta say

how the lady be so stupid??? she claim to be independent smart feminist lady, HA!
>> No. 381738
wow, the traayvon..... i don kno, i dont know,. becuase i never read about incident. is sound sad the black boy

i dont want come off m hard, she a nice girl but........... dumb as dog
>> No. 381753

I wouldn't mind chatting more if you didn't always join-then-instantly-quit #plus4chan
>> No. 381760
#plus4chan is still around? Is misto still alive? ilu forever, tubemaster
>> No. 381764
He's still around, but he's more active in #/co/.
>> No. 381765
fuck ulcers
>> No. 381768
Of course he is!
Have you checked his tumblr?
And #plus4chan is still around.
>> No. 381769
>tfw when normalfags you know are discussing your sexual fetish based on a shitty news article and you want to tell them all how stupid they are being but you can't reveal what a pervert you are.
>> No. 381770

Furries in the news again?

Seriously though, what was it?
>> No. 381771
>Not being the sexual deviant of your group
Every group needs one, why not volunteer?
>> No. 381772
Weight gain fetish.

>Oh, this woman has reverse anorexia!
>Oh, she just wants attention! This is the media's fault!
>This is some weird feminist rejection of supermodel thing!

No. She has a FETISH you idiots.
>> No. 381776
File 137401149946.jpg - (139.08KB , 1024x768 , spider-pizza.jpg )
A cheeky little spider snuck into my oven. Imagine my suprise when I discovered a bit of unexpected extra topping on my pizza. After a short bit of hemming and hawing, curiousity took the best of me and I took a hearty bite. That was a mistake. Turns out this type of spider wasn't meant for human consumption. My stomach hasn't been this upset since the time I ate some rancid yoghurt. And it totally wasn't worth it. Can't say it tasted horrible. But more like it didn't taste like much at all. Any taste it had was overpowered by the pizza.
And after I'm done typing this, it's back to some more dry heaving. Great. I'm an idiot.
>> No. 381777
>10 legs

That's not a spider, brah.
>> No. 381779
i can't believe you did this to yourself. what did you think was going to happen?

but i want to identify this thing (oh, moe is right, that's not a spider at all. i just didn't want to look very much at it because seeing the pic made me dry heave at the thought of you eating it. could be a scorpion). where do you live?
>> No. 381780
That's not a photo I took. I just googled "spider pizza".
I live in Germany. We don't have any venomous/poisonous spiders as far as I'm aware. Which is why decided to just go with it and try a bite.
>> No. 381782
File 137401387198.jpg - (117.20KB , 1109x879 , wind scorpion.jpg )
the mystery arachnid in the photo was pretty easy to find, actually, it's a sun spider/wind scorpion (which is neither a scorpion or a spider, it's in a family of its own, but it is closely related to both).

the thing with "there are no poisonous spiders in germany" is that when people say that, they mean spiders that have venom powerful enough to cause problems for humans when they bite. all spiders have venom and you... you don't eat them. some aren't toxic enough when biting but they make you feel like shit when you bite them, as a deterrent for predators. i doubt you'll suffer any lasting effects but, well, you've been taught a lesson usually only birds have to be taught.
>> No. 381783
Beats the time I ate a beetle in my birthday cake.
>> No. 381784
My brother once put a slug in my mountain dew. I accidentally swallowed it and nearly threw up.
>> No. 381785
Wait, I take it back. Didn't notice the part about vomiting until now.
>> No. 381786
>>neither a scorpion or a spider, it's in a family of its own, but it is closely related to both

Nature truly is the greatest mad scientist of them all.
>> No. 381791
>it's a sun spider/wind scorpion
We see those in Iraq all the time. They're called camel spiders.

Wee terrorists.
>> No. 381794
ive been taking laxatives every night so i dont feel so guilty about eating during the day but they give me the most god awful cramps until i finally do poop it all out. i think its cause theyre cheapo dollar general brand kind.
>> No. 381796
Dude. No. That's practically the same sort of behavior as bulimia.

Either eat a healthy amount and have will power, or come to terms with your eating habits. Do not try to use poison to force your body not to process what you put into it.
>> No. 381797
i'm pretty sure they know that based on how it's worded

but if the alternative is puking then laxatives might be a less harmful choice (depending on what they are) but might still have you end up in the hospital. if they are giving you cramps they might be a stimulant, which is bad. either way it's disordered behaviour and you should seek help for it. sugars and fats are absorbed in the small intestine, so laxatives do not prevent weight loss. you are just losing water and waste material faster if you use laxatives. throwing it up however is worse because it burns your oesophagus and your body will adapt to losing nutrients by running it through faster, causing a lot of digestive problems and weight gain.
>> No. 381799
>but if the alternative is puking then laxatives might be a less harmful choice
They're both potentially fatal:

>Laxative abuse can lead to potentially fatal fluid and electrolyte imbalances (especially dehydration, hypokalaemia and a metabolic alkalosis) as well as intestinal paralysis,[citation needed] irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),[18] pancreatitis,[19] renal failure,[20][21] factitious diarrhea[22] and other problems.

>Although patients with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa frequently abuse laxatives in an attempt to lose weight, laxatives act to speed up the transit of faeces through the large intestine, which occurs subsequent to the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. Thus studies of laxative abuse have found that effects on body weight primarily reflect temporary losses of body water rather than energy (calorie) loss [23]


Also, Laxatives only result in weight loss in terms of the actual loss of the weight of what you're pooping. The nutrients (and junk) have already been absorbed from whatever you ate by the time it's influenced by laxatives.
>> No. 381800
thanks for repeating the exact same thing i said
>> No. 381801
File 137406199051.jpg - (26.83KB , 521x507 , 1342181667423.jpg )
Good job, guys. I was thinking about having a snack a little while ago, and now you've made me reconsider.
>> No. 381804
That's like pissing more so you don't feel guilty about getting drunk every night. Horrible logic.
If you want fast weight loss, get an intestinal parasite.

1. Weight loss: Consumes calories and high energy foods while letting a lot of trace minerals and vitamins through to be absorbed by you.
2. Higher insulin sensitivity: Lowers blood sugar level, which lowers insulin and allows insulin receptors to reset. Takes about a year.
3. Stabilized immune system: Can cure some allergies and immune diseases, being away from parasites is why people develop them. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2715056/
4. Joining the interstellar collective
>> No. 381805
Don't have a snack then. Here's a an idea that may shock you. How about regular exercise and a balanced diet?
>> No. 381806
File 137406565581.jpg - (66.03KB , 666x495 , 1279806154709.jpg )
>Horrible logic
>get an intestinal parasite
>> No. 381807
Yes, that will make walking in on a conversation about puking and shitting turn one's stomach much less.
>> No. 381808
Just go eat the piece (or 3) of cake already, fatty.

We ain't judgin' yah, tubbo.
>> No. 381809
hey if you do it right theres no permanent downside

look it up
>> No. 381811
Here's a an idea that may shock you. Snacks can be healthy, but even if they aren't, not everybody who eats one is a Fatty McFatterson who has a shitty diet.

This too.

So is it just me or are we seeing an increase in trolling and hostility in general around here? Not like that's never happened before, but it sure is annoying when this place is half-dead again.
>> No. 381815
Eh, there are highs and there are lows
>> No. 381816
Some days you don't eat. Some days you clean up other people's poop. Some days you get the stuffing kicked out of you. I really should be doing my homework.
>> No. 381817
i've figured it out.

every other imageboard or popular meme propagating site i've ever been on has had the same trend in its slow but certain demise:

1. slow content and quality posts
2. rise in humorous posts
3. decline in ratio of content and quality in favor of humor
4. rise of confessional and low quality posts that try to appear as humor or content
5. net decline in quality posts
6. cancer sets in

but not plus4chan. we're not interested so much in memes and being impressive. no. people here are like retired internet users. and no one wants to visit a retirement home until it's their time.

we're just a bunch of complaining old internet geezers who wish kids would get off our lawn.

and that's why you'll never be cool.
>> No. 381818
am i shameless and sad enough to drink jack daniels on my lunch break because im upset that i didnt get my dream job? oh yeah.
>> No. 381819
Sorry to hear, Nurse. :c
>> No. 381820
Totally gay. :c
>> No. 381821

>and that's why you'll never be cool.

whatever, nerd


Don't do that. First of all because it's a bad idea, and second of all because I don't like Jack Daniels
>> No. 381824
File 137410395920.jpg - (2.06MB , 2816x1880 , godzilla-encounter-comic-con-image-57.jpg )
2014 Godzilla is THE CUTEST LIL FATTY


>> No. 381825
Goddamn kids these days with their youtubes and their image macros.

Back in my day all we had were flash videos that we would play on repeat until they were funny

here's a llama there's a llama and another little llama fuzzy llama funny llama llama llama duck
>> No. 381826
Holy shit. That's adorable.
I bet Winslow's all over this.
>> No. 381829
File 137411445464.gif - (0.97MB , 320x240 , i wear my sunglasses at night to browse the intern.gif )
>revealing my full power level to another person
>> No. 381838
>going for my GED (which I skipped out on when I finished schooling for some reason? I really don't know what I was thinking)
>take a class for a couple weeks to refresh my memory and oil up any rusty brain-hinges
>take practice test
>100% it, 120/120 questions
>teacher says it's the only perfect score she's ever seen and she's been teaching for nine years
>she's clearly really excited about it, praises me a lot, tells me the college is actually paying for me to get my GED because of this
>feel great about myself
>excitedly tell friend
>"You live in the south, Slowpoke, it's probably some dumbed-down version of the test."
>instantly deflate even though I know how bullshit that is

Shit like this is why I can't be proud of myself even when I accomplish something. What an incredibly shitty thing to say, holy fuck, I am so mad. I don't even have any pictures of angry Slowpokes to use as a reaction image.
>> No. 381841
File 137412709469.png - (64.65KB , 500x500 , not pleased.png )
>"You live in the south, Slowpoke, it's probably some dumbed-down version of the test."
Allow me to be irked with you.
>> No. 381843
File 137412924582.jpg - (182.94KB , 850x866 , bossbro.jpg )
You still got perfect marks out of how many. That's pretty cool.

Also while I'm here, I dunno what you're planning on doing with your education, but look for shortcuts. Uh, legit shortcuts. You don't wanna be me and end up slogging through boring classes only to realise you could've taken a test and skipped right to the meaty stuff.
>> No. 381845
i'm writing SDCC Pacific Rim erotic fan fiction.
you're welcome.
>> No. 381846
That's all we could ask of you.
>> No. 381852
File 13741380648.gif - (473.43KB , 305x350 , 130353385958.gif )
>"You live in the south, Slowpoke, it's probably some dumbed-down version of the test."

said the mad, jelly hater. Cheer up and don't give half a fuck to people like that.
>> No. 381855
Can't sleep. Can't go outside. Sillyness will be my savior, eating my liver like a fucking eagle.
>> No. 381862
>Want to rage at people on Facebook
>already unpopular with just about everyone
>do not want to be known as that killjoy who calls out peoples moms and families on dumb shit

I hate how we have to treat that place as a hugbox. Can't really talk about shit because you don't want to lose friends over how much inane bullshit you know about various topics. Can't really be old internet swimming in a sea of new internet users. That might offend "real feelings" and other such bullshit that my soul has grown calloused to.
>> No. 381865
I hear ya, Anon. I often hold back certain thoughts and positions out of fear of offending friends/relatives (especially as many of my relatives are religious and I am not.)

However, recently I have started to post more of my "unpopular" thoughts/ideals; not in an "in your face" way, but making my case. If anyone has unfriended me for them, I haven't noticed; and, if I haven't noticed, they were never really my "friend" in the first place. :)
>> No. 381866
Its all about tact and confidence.
>> No. 381872
Facebook isn't for opinions or personal blogging. People who post their ~~~controversial opinions~~~ on there are usually obnoxious motherfuckers.
>> No. 381873
Facebook isn't good for anything at all, actually.
>> No. 381874
It's good at letting me log into new services without having to create an account. That's about the only thing I keep mine around for, actually.

...though I'm aware that even that's enough for Facebook to track my movements and sell my personality data to advertisers and things.
>> No. 381879
That's why I made a fake Twitter account and have it blocked with NoScript unless I explicitly allow it for a site.
>> No. 381880
>I hate how we have to treat that place as a hugbox.
Are you aware you're posting on +4chan?
>> No. 381881
shut your gook hole, anon.

>> No. 381885
don't be such a hug-socialist, mod. you'll never take away my right to distribute cuddles and positive reinforcement to the 1% of p4c users who actually deserve it.

you want to keep the rest of these fools in a bubble of artificial emotional safety? you want this to be a game of musical chairs with a surplus of chairs? one big circle jerk?

i say nay! i will not be held captive by the oligarchy! or a democracy!


... okay i'm done.

is this the part where i get invited to become a mod or what?
>> No. 381886
i just realized that this guy updated in this thread.
>> No. 381888
Hey Moe Fag Kingtrip

China bans youtube, is Ill Mind of Hopsin6 out yet? And is it any good?
>> No. 381896
There's a subtle difference though. I don't want to try and define it too much as it can make people get full of themselves, but it basically comes down to anonymity+openness of topics. Basically, if we want to discuss something sensitive or private openly, we can just go Anon or stay Anon and talk about it. So long as you are not actively trying to provoke somebody, and are (hopefully) arguing from a position of sincerity or a sincere desire to see the discussion play out. (This goes out the window with larger user populations. If /pol/ invaded the site would just collapse). I know this wasn't really the original intent of the site, and it might signify some kind of downward spiral, but I personally like having a place where ideas can really kind of compete against each other without too much of the stigma of Identity. When you see something thought-provoking by a person you dislike, if you don't know it's them then you actually do have to kind of wrestle with the idea and actually consider it. It happens sometimes on the *chan proper, but it's much harder to have effective or even civil arguments without getting an earful of every little shit that thinks they're being clever. And to be honest, there's a lot of poison on 4chan. It's hard to take newfag-haters seriously when the subtext of "this place was never good anymore" is "it was better when the racists and the pedophiles and the truly disturbed had the run of the place". Perhaps more entertaining, but there's also the potential for real psychological damage. It's hard not to look at some professed Lolicon lovers and think "now, were you really born with a genetic disposition that causes you to be attracted to children or have you just spent most of your life alone in the dark with a computer monitor, letting all the bullshit this place spews slowly fill your head with what you think you like?". It's hard to draw the line at love of the *chans vs. Stockholm Syndrome sometimes. People all too commonly think of boards as having a single mind, but if you analyzed the boards as a single mind based on the content, the theoretical "person" would be so schizophrenic that one might wonder how they breath without trying to strangle themselves.

The majority of Facebook (and Twitter, to a degree) actually represent a different "generation" of Internet users. Most people who use Facebook have this idea that they can put their Names, Faces, Family, Thoughts, and just about anything else they want online and that they should not have to defend those views or explain themselves as a person. A lot of them don't even really grasp how public all of that is, even if you go through and enable the privacy settings. People have been arrested for posting pictures of Crime Scenes to Facebook (there was one kid who literally posted a photo of a drive-by he participated in). After Obama was re-elected, there were a number of Teenagers on Twitter who posted Racial Slurs about the President. They were subsequently reprimanded by their schools under the school decency guidelines. I mentioned this to a deeply Conservative friend and I asked him what he thought about that. His words were something to the effect of "If they were posting their private opinion off school property and off school grounds, then there is no way they should have gotten in trouble". Except that's not how the Internet works. Treat Twitter as your diary, post a piece of "yourself" to the world, and you are inviting the world in to tear that piece to ribbons. In certain ways, this is an incredibly good thing, but it takes the effort and pain of having to learn by experience rather than example. And a lot of Facebook users especially do not grasp that subtle distinction. Furthermore, the pain of experience would be fostered on people we actually know and have to deal with, not people we can just leave online. Not only do we already like these people, but they can actually punch us in the face if they decide to.

It makes for a strange hugbox where nobody really re-enforces each others self-esteem but rather most hold off on directly confronting others because what happens on the Internet does affect real life (it always did, it's just that now they can really see the feedback loop).
>> No. 381898

And this is why I still don't have a Facebook. Every time I get tempted, I just remind myself of these things.
>> No. 381902
It's a lot more personal than the other ones. It's a song about a close friend of his that became a meth addict. Good song overall, but it doesn't feel like "Ill Mind" if that makes sense.

Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 6youtube thumb
>> No. 381903
>still not a mod
who do i have to be in TF2 around here to become one?
>> No. 381904
>wanting to be a mod
>Anonex makes the mods
>Anonex doesn't exist
Poor you.
>> No. 381905
>begging to be a mod
>thinking thats how it works
>> No. 381907
it's called "a joke"
no one actually wants to be a mod.
except maybe moose and bard
i just want the power to joke ban
sp, b
c u t th cmccn
>> No. 381910
File 137426417983.gif - (1.00MB , 245x184 , tumblr_m9y3okwL871r4jopqo2_250.gif )
Taking FF 100% super serious
>> No. 381911
File 137426520072.jpg - (22.03KB , 482x364 , Owl of dissaproval.jpg )
>listening to two people complaining about the same exact shit they've been bitching about for several years now, without making any effort to actually do something about it

Look, I know everyone needs to vent sometimes, but I've heard this same shit over and over. I'm sick of listening to you endlessly complain about a problem you seem unwilling to try and change, so either actually do something about it, or find a new sympathetic ear, because you've exhausted all the fucks I can possibly give about your complaints on the matter.
>> No. 381918

>> No. 381922
i'd hit it.
>> No. 381923
i'd hit it.
>> No. 381925
Sometimes I just want to whine and cry about how pathetic I am. How much of waste of ressources. A horrid excuse for a human being. How I don't even have the courtesy to remove myself from this society and unburden the two people in world still willing to support me, just because it's ingrained in their fucking genes and they've become helpless victims of a fucking parasite. But I know that all I will get in return are platitudes. Shit I've already known in these past 7 years where everything just went to shit. Nothing's gonna change. Because the change will have to start with me. And it won't. It never has.
Feel free to ignore. I just wanted to somehow get it out somewhere.
>> No. 381926
>Long day at work.
>Forgot lunch, no money on me.
>Get called out for grabbing a second free doughnut.
>Friend cancels plans with me for evening.
>Kitchen dirty even though my brother was supposed to clean today.
>Finally find out New York's literally saying "Fuck you" to my state.
I am so not in the mood for this shit. I don't care what the reason is, I don't want to see hate spewing, that's not going to solve shit.
>> No. 381927
Is your state New Jersey? Because if so....c'mon. Jersey.
>> No. 381929
Do you dance?
>> No. 381930
What's wrong with having another doughnut? I mean, if it's there anyone's eating it & no one's name is on it...
>> No. 381944
File 137439172485.png - (90.25KB , 311x156 , Capture.png )
>> No. 381954
Some of the old women at the retirement home I work at keep making unwelcome advances on me. I try to discourage it but they don't remember due to their short-term memory problems.
Having been told throughout my life that I will never be attractive to anyone, I'm torn between feeling flattered and extremely uncomfortable.
>> No. 381955
It's a good idea to inform your bosses about the situation if you haven't already. Things could go very badly if someone misinterprets something one of those geezers might say about you.
>> No. 381957
File 137442340369.jpg - (51.69KB , 640x480 , 1282328431746.jpg )
>/fit/ and /sp/ dox Scooby.
>find out his address, phone number, where he works, and that his home is co-owned by a man.
>Some assholes call him and his job at all hours of the day to say he's a faggot and leave threatening messages.

>He ends up quitting the internet.

Scoobys Last Videoyoutube thumb

Fucking assholes, I swear...
>> No. 381958

I thought Scooby was a /fit/ elder god. Why would they do that?
>> No. 381959
He was /fit/'s patron saint of Health.
Too bad no one on /fit/ cares about the Health part of the board.
>> No. 381964
God fucking damn it.
>> No. 381965
OK so ever since I was a little kid, whenever I dream I'm one of two people who isn't me. Nothing else is weird, just that, it's like a mirror life. Usually it's this blond girl in Melbourne, but sometimes I'm an old policeman in Buffalo NY. It alternated between these two as far as I can remember.

When I was a kid in the dreams I would go to school as a girl, have friends as a girl and everything else, later on I go to work in a supermarket as a girl, deal with periods and so on. Same with the old policeman, I go to sleep as me, get up as him, shave and go hand out parking tickets. My boss also hates me and is younger.

It's starting to be too bizarre because it seems so real. Came to the point where events in my dream are interfering with what goes on in real life. Like in the dream something would happen and I'd expect it in real life. Forget to buy milk, or lock my door in real life because in the dream I did. Things like that.

Should I seek help?
>> No. 381966
Heh! Cool story! I'd totally check it out.
Write it up, dude! I'm sold.
>> No. 381967
Brain tumor.

>seriously that is freaky
>> No. 381968
Like a biography?
>> No. 381971
I recommend using a device to tell lives apart. Like strings on your finger or a dream journal or something.
>> No. 381973
Nah, as a comic or something!
Its a cool plot!
>> No. 381975
>lets go screw us some chicks!
>no thanks, I'm gay.
>Alright, lets go screw us some guys!

I actually heard that conversation happen.
>> No. 381976
Good going, land that birthed the land of the free.
tl;dr is that all porn will be filtered in the UK unless you opt out
>> No. 381977
Meaning 4chan is most likely blocked as well. Wow.
>> No. 381978
Nice easy way to compile a list of people who decide to opt out as well, for future/further looking into.
>> No. 381979
Someone kill me now. You can have my lego if you do
>> No. 381980
So, she's pregnant?

Can I have your Transformers & Drossel?
>> No. 381981
File 137449514269.jpg - (209.92KB , 610x447 , britain logic.jpg )
It's been going the way of police stats since the 90s.
>> No. 381983
This is interesting and I wish to hear more.

If only more people had that kind of attitude, it would be easier to get laid. Kudos to them.
>> No. 381986
I think the biggest lesson I've learned studying abroad is this:
American women are shit-tier girlfriends and regular friends in general, and the grass is greener on the other side.

I am leaving this wasteland of white whales and leatherfaced radfems for the land of milk and Kimchi as soon as I'm rich enough, which should be easy since I'm not buying you cunts dinner anymore.
>> No. 381987
File 137449704546.jpg - (134.06KB , 1280x720 , laughing_anime_girls.jpg )
And this is how not to get laid.
>> No. 381988
Of course not, giving them fried chicken and showing them flashy movies is how you get laid in America.
>> No. 381989
I am pretty sure drossel is broken but why the fuck not. You can even have the city commander set i got for your nemises prime
>> No. 381991

But you've never even had a girlfriend, anon-kun.
>> No. 381992
File 137450766847.jpg - (10.19KB , 205x252 , bitches ears.jpg )

>> No. 381993
File 137450841292.jpg - (0.96MB , 850x1276 , britainbeingawesome.jpg )

>> No. 381994
File 137450847099.png - (396.66KB , 639x360 , royal baby.png )
Here is the current gambling spread.

Note Camilla is 100/1, I put 50 quid on that so if it wins I'll be getting a nice fat 5000.
>> No. 381995

C'mon, son, this isn't /v/. Troll as well as Moe or don't troll at all.
>> No. 381996
File 137451064623.jpg - (45.54KB , 620x400 , royal babby.jpg )
Place your bets before it's over!
>> No. 381997
Nobody is suggesting the name of the babys grandfather James Hewitt.
>> No. 381999
I'm going to filter the buttmad out of this and say that not-American people in general are 9/10 better people or at least more attractive.
>> No. 382001
File 137451476817.png - (636.01KB , 1276x718 , Squirrel-Girl.png )
Pardon me a moment.


We now return to your regularly scheduled Speak Your Mind.
>> No. 382003

Ahaha. No.
>> No. 382022
File 13745259664.png - (359.86KB , 474x1856 , socialstudiesdoctorate.png )
Well it's a boy. But the birthing was completely ruined by party ruiners.
>> No. 382023
why would we care
>> No. 382024
Because the monarch controls the entire world. You will be influenced by them.
>> No. 382028
No we aren't.
>> No. 382033
>blaming the mom for the baby's sex
Someone obviously never made it past basic biology.
>> No. 382034

>Because the monarch controls the entire world.

Good lord.

How did The Monarch manage to take over the world?
>> No. 382035

Uh, that's not what's going on here. They're discussing gender identity and whatnot. Not sex. They're not blaming her for the baby being born with a penis, they're blaming people for calling it male/female before it had the chance to discover his/her gender identity.

Before anyone says anything, I'm not taking a side, merely explaining the situation.
>> No. 382039
File 137453437054.gif - (2.36MB , 340x192 , 1373157864681.gif )
My posture has affected my height so badly that I've shrunk two inches and I'm now pig disgusting 6' manlet tier.
>> No. 382044
Actually the last one is blaming her for the babys penis. The others are blaming for gender.

>> No. 382049
You'd think after taking uni-level classes on it people could distinguish between sex and gender...
>> No. 382053

I dunno if everyone encounters it in college. The two places I encountered such discussions were in a sexual psychology course and English courses heavy in theory.
>> No. 382061
File 137454721920.jpg - (105.75KB , 524x490 , ohdick.jpg )
i asked a boy to be my bf and he said yes haha (▰˘◡˘▰)
>> No. 382063
File 137454874976.gif?nsfw - (480.32KB , 450x373 , loveisa.gif?nsfw )
It's kind of sad.

Congratulations on this momentous accomplishment, may you live long and prosper, may the force be with your heart as it embarks on this journey, its better to have loved and loved than never to have loved at all.
>> No. 382067
Now all that's left is to prepare the sacrificial altar.
>> No. 382068

College is just weird. Gen eds can't teach us everything. I'm likely ignorant about a bunch of things that I've never taken classes in. You can probably find some well-educated and intelligent college grads that say stupid things (I'm probably one of them--I don't want to hold myself up above anyone, not that I'm attempting to call my self intelligent) simply because they don't have chops in a given subject.

I still think I kinda liked my gen eds more than most people did. They weren't all good, and I certainly didn't pass every one with flying colors, but I learned a lot about stuff.
>> No. 382069
now I can finally announce our courtship to the world

happy 4 u bro
>> No. 382071
>> No. 382073
Trying to be supportive in a chat with someone through facebook that revealed that their daughter was molested.
But they're drunk.
I never interact with anyone at any level of inebriation so I have no idea of half the things they're talking about. :( Not that I'm the best person at emotional support to begin with...
>> No. 382074

I got nothing for you, really. Just do your best. It'll be over soon enough. I haven't had a difficult conversation with anyone in a long time. It's rough, but probably good for the other person.
>> No. 382075
Gen-Eds aren't even actually designed to teach you "everything". Mostly they're designed to bring you up to snuff on basic educational concepts that High School might've failed to impart upon you. Stuff like sandwich essays, basic math, functional english. There's a significant degree of more advanced concepts involved with Gender, Sex, Feminism, etc, most importantly Biology and Philosophy (single most worthless degree that is great when combined with more concrete sciences). And while entry-level courses in those subjects are available, they are pretty optional and only kind of cover this stuff, and can kind of get lost in the shuffle when you focus on your main course of study.

I may be a bit biased though. College was less than stellar for me.
>> No. 382076
File 137455333878.gif - (1.47MB , 300x222 , 1361059763505.gif )
Rough man. The key to dealing with drunk people is to stop them from doing things they will regret in the morning, things like breaking the law, killing the law, or texting their ex.

They're not *reaally* going to listen to you if you try to give them complex advice, because they'll have trouble processing it and they really won't remember in the morning. The content of conversations when boozed up is often lost and rarely understood. You can try to tell them something about the situation but there's really not a lot you can say, especially if you're not experienced with that kind of situation. Alcohol really lets emotions out of the cage and if not around positive influences, it can turn very dark very fast. You're trying to keep them on the right path, but they'll kind of hate you for that, because they want nothing more than to fly off the handle and let the force of their actions resolve things. This is universally a bad idea, intoxicated or not.
>> No. 382077
just survived a lovely two hours panic attack. time to celebrate with 10% ABV beer.

Nightwing is done. It's TONY TIME.


>> No. 382079
I chose the perfect time to post about getting back into drinking, didn't I?
>> No. 382080
I have no advice for this situation to give, but I was trying to show I was listening and understood her pain, but was failing, in part because I couldn't understand what she was saying. D: And now she hasn't replied in a while, but that might be because she finished her story and I'm not aware of it.

Or she just up and passed out; she was doing this through her phone, so I've no idea. I don't believe she'd hurt herself.

Nah, you're fine. The drinking part was just me having no experience on how to interact with the seriously inebriated, nor how to properly read their messages.
>> No. 382084
Which beer?
>> No. 382087
File 13745700407.jpg - (107.41KB , 504x504 , alcohol.jpg )
>> No. 382091
File 137457928218.jpg - (30.78KB , 289x475 , give her the.jpg )
>> No. 382092
I have been awake since two this morning thinking about the ocean, plants, and why I am not in school so I could actually have a chance at livin the dream and doing something good, and then I meditated on the sunrise and drank a lot of maca. I don't know why I am here, or how to read spoilertext on this phone. So.... Good morning.
>> No. 382093
good morning bro. shoot me an email, it's been a while[/spoiler]
>> No. 382094
It's still summer. Fuck this shit. Sweat and headaches all over the place. Truly the worst thing in life.
>> No. 382095
File 137458578728.jpg - (30.37KB , 620x368 , york.jpg )

Bea, you finally asked out Agent York? I'm so happy for you.
>> No. 382099
File 137458749681.png?spoiler - (559.74KB , 772x442 , 128189371320.png?spoiler )
I'm happy for you. Just make sure you get married first before you mug eat him.
>> No. 382100
Oh, miss Bea...
I'm so glad!
>> No. 382102
I somehow became even stupider reading & trying to understand those tweets (especially Cooke's & Ina Fried's).

>> No. 382103
File 13745906754.jpg - (196.45KB , 704x1180 , 1373304838453.jpg )
I give it 6 months before your immense personal issues cause the relationship to fall apart.
>> No. 382104
I'm kind of sad, now she can't be our girlfriend. +4 will be so lonely.
>> No. 382106
Welp, now to tell my parents that I flunked out of uni after 3 years, because I procrastinated on the final exam. I'm sure this will go over swell.
>> No. 382109
as if to say...
are you spreeses?
>> No. 382110
Nope. I'm one of the OG anons.
>> No. 382111
It's already lonely here.
>> No. 382113
If you're in shape and don't have a criminal history, you could quickly join the military and tell them that you had an overwhelming sense of patriotic duty and so "dropped out" of the university to serve your country.

And if you do, for the love of FSM, don't be a cook (92G).
>> No. 382114
oh good. except for the flunking thing.

it's an epidemic. lots of fucking work to get past/through procrastination. i'm always struggling, too.

if i ever teach or raise kids, i'm going to make sure the first things they learn when they're old enough to decide for themselves is how to maintain a sense of agency and hold the belief that their actions can only help them in the long run.

this place is where happiness goes to retire. leave now.
>> No. 382117
Do they give you a yearly bonus for new recruits?
>> No. 382119
You can get a bonus depending on the MOS (job) you take and the amount of years you initially enlist for. The more they need a job filled, the larger the bonus, and the longer you enlist, the larger the bonus. Max is something like $20K, last I knew.

But be aware that if you're forced out for any reason (like me) before your initial enlistment is up, you'll have to pay back a pro-rated amount of that bonus.
>> No. 382120
On another note, if you or anyone else does go in, believe nothing a recruiter tells you until it is on paperwork signed by you and another individual that is not your recruiter. Most recruiters will happily lie to you to fill their quota (mine did.)
>> No. 382125
If you're not sure what direction you want to go in, the military is not the place.

please please
>> No. 382127
File 137463365477.jpg?spoiler - (48.24KB , 853x480 , 12.jpg?spoiler )
B...but... service guarantees citizenship!
>> No. 382128
listen to this man. don't do the thing.
>> No. 382133
Is it worth four+ years of your time on Earth? If not, go the harder(arguably), but longer route of actually attaining citizenship.
>> No. 382134
Or just do what everyone else has done for years, come in on a visa or not at all. Unless you're a Mexiterrorist, nothing couldn't possibly go wrong.
>> No. 382135
SYM teach me how to dance
>> No. 382137
How to Twerk | Club Dance Movesyoutube thumb

>> No. 382138
I have thoughts in my head that my own subconscious doublea back as wrong or self-centered or racist and I can't express them properly and all I have for an outlet left is screaming until I'm hoarse and sleeping. But here's and attempt.

I wish I wasn't a social nobody and sexually undesirable, but I still never get the drive to out and change myself so I sit on my ass all day because I'm afraid of something and I don't know what but I wonder if society made me this way or I made myself this way or it was myliberal upbringing to fear everything but say nothing about it. But goddamn I want friends so why am I afraid of making friends I hate myself I hate everyone who thinks Im a freak. Youre the freak for not seeing how pointless our goals are and how everyone expects the world of you but never lets you have the tools for it, these are first world problems who the fuck am i to feel lonely while kids in syria or whereever starve to death, well if they dont matter why do they hurt, who the fuck came up with first world problems as if emotional chaos is not so bad get in my head once you freaks, saying im privileged and I should feel sorry for you FUCK YOU calling my shit unimportant deal woth your own shit no ones dealing with mine. Why dont you just be quiet? Why dont you just leave? Why dont you just DIE?!!! Fuck damnit why am i thinking that this is why you dont have friends just kill yourself who has this world handed to you and still be miserable, you glutton, youre so fat, girls say your not fat but you know theyre just lying. You are FAAAAT just get in shape try doing anything feel move walk run dance drink fuck ANYTHING you dont you wont you cant you can but you wont just fuck you. AND FUCK EVERYONE ELSE FOR NOT HEARING ALL THIS SCREAMING IN MY HEAD.
>> No. 382139
I have thoughts in my head that my own subconscious doublea back as wrong or self-centered or racist and I can't express them properly and all I have for an outlet left is screaming until I'm hoarse and sleeping. But here's and attempt.

I wish I wasn't a social nobody and sexually undesirable, but I still never get the drive to out and change myself so I sit on my ass all day because I'm afraid of something and I don't know what but I wonder if society made me this way or I made myself this way or it was myliberal upbringing to fear everything but say nothing about it. But goddamn I want friends so why am I afraid of making friends I hate myself I hate everyone who thinks Im a freak. Youre the freak for not seeing how pointless our goals are and how everyone expects the world of you but never lets you have the tools for it, these are first world problems who the fuck am i to feel lonely while kids in syria or whereever starve to death, well if they dont matter why do they hurt, who the fuck came up with first world problems as if emotional chaos is not so bad get in my head once you freaks, saying im privileged and I should feel sorry for you FUCK YOU calling my shit unimportant deal woth your own shit no ones dealing with mine. Why dont you just be quiet? Why dont you just leave? Why dont you just DIE?!!! Fuck damnit why am i thinking that this is why you dont have friends just kill yourself who has this world handed to you and still be miserable, you glutton, youre so fat, girls say your not fat but you know theyre just lying. You are FAAAAT just get in shape try doing anything feel move walk run dance drink fuck ANYTHING you dont you wont you cant you can but you wont just fuck you. AND FUCK EVERYONE ELSE FOR NOT HEARING ALL THIS SCREAMING IN MY HEAD.
>> No. 382140
To the anon above: Seek help. No one else can hear the screaming in your head because it's IN YOUR HEAD. Find someone to talk to.
>> No. 382142
take pills, listen to nightvale, enjoy life
>> No. 382144

>> No. 382145
sup bro. Yes, I'm actively serving in the Navy right now, and although I'm going to make it through my term, I've seen tons of kids, and lesser, older aged people come and go, or come and stay who simply weren't cut out for this. Work 70%-80% isn't ever going to be the breaking issue, but most people aren't made to fit a military mold emotionally/physically, myself included.

Granted, I'm stationed on one of the hardest billets in the Fleet, twice my ship has been the most deployed ship in the Navy since I've been onboard alone, we're actively expecting only around 40 days of inport time a year.

tl;dr, if you're not wanting to go into the military, don't go into the military. I can't stand to see any more people come in unprepared and whittle their lives away into a shit slope. The military can be great for a lot of people who are made for it, but not anyone else.
>> No. 382152
Did Youtube always cut off the lower part of the videos to superimpose their shitty player interface over it? I never noticed until just now.
>> No. 382153
File 137467805241.jpg - (5.22KB , 251x226 , pooh.jpg )
>bf wants to stay the weekend at my house because he lives kind of far away
>constantly horny boyfriend
>in my small house
>with my parents nearby

I wish I had an apartment...
>> No. 382156
They're always changing things up in nonsensical ways, and I've long suspected Google basically uses arbitrary changes to the interface as a means of training/giving experience to interns.
>> No. 382161
Felt like crap over the past couple of days. Haven’t done any real writing (still having trouble with the whole ‘ideas’ thing), been waiting on another artist to pop up on Twitter so I can post a new piece of pixel art (as I made it using a piece of that artist’s work as reference), and a feeling of general ‘bleah’ has washed over me since late Monday.

Ahwell, birthday tomorrow, I can lounge around and not worry ’bout shit.
>> No. 382162
How does a person run out of ideas?
>> No. 382163

I don’t really have a talent for bullshitting, which makes writing fiction a damn hard thing to do. I also tend to write ‘reactively’ (i.e. when I read or hear something I have a reaction to) rather than ‘proactively’, if that makes any sense.
>> No. 382164
You ever heard of death? It sometimes happens.
>> No. 382166

you don't understand writing at all.

and you think that being "reactive" makes you special? reaction is the most base thing a living thing can do. it's creation through interaction that makes a living creature truly alive.

anything less is just mimicry and synthesis.

no one can teach you how to create, and you keep coming back here complaining that it's impossible, but it's not. you just keep searching the wrong places and spinning your wheels instead of finding that within yourself that makes you human.

how many times must we have this talk? go. outside. and be a real person. not just a consumer of the moment. all you have to do is let go of this identity you hold so desperately onto. just let it go. stop trying to be a writer and live.
>> No. 382167

>you think that being "reactive" makes you special?

No, I don’t. I was just trying to put how I approach writing into words; if you took that mean I thought of myself as ‘special’ in some way, it should tell you how much I suck at writing to begin with. :)

>you keep coming back here complaining that it's impossible

Notice in my previous post that I didn’t say, once, that creating something is impossible. Shit, I spent eight hours between Monday and Tuesday creating some pixel art (arguably my best piece to date, if only because I used someone else’s work as the basis for the pose). I have trouble coming up with tangible, decent ideas; I never said I *couldn't* come up with them. I realize that I have to work on that, and I lament the fact that I don't do more to do that, but that's the nature of my internal beast (so to speak).

With my birthday coming tomorrow, I have a chance to ‘reset’ and get my head together for the next few years (and I do plan on coming up with a few ideas and plans for what to do over the next few years tomorrow, despite it being my birthday). I have a lot of awful habits I need to break, and I hope to start breaking at least one of them in the week following my birthday (not coming up with ideas for ANYTHING on a daily basis).

>you just keep searching the wrong places and spinning your wheels instead of finding that within yourself that makes you human.

I…really don’t know how to react to this in a way that doesn’t sound like another whiny emo bitchfit, and that REALLY worries the fuck out of me.
>> No. 382168
We've long since established that kind of communication not working on this one.

You don't have to do it well. You just have to do it. Make something terrible, set it down for a week, and then post it. Any idea will do, toss nothing out.
>> No. 382169

Bonus points from cracked. Thank you cracked.
>> No. 382170

Bookmarked; thanks.


>We've long since established that kind of communication not working on this one.

Again: I really don’t know how to respond to this in a way that doesn’t sound like emo bitching and actually sounds like a realistic expression of my circumstances (probably because I’ve poisoned that particular well with my bullshit).
>> No. 382171
oh right i forgot about your pixel art. that's a creative thing.

dude. you still complain anyway. you got a lot of barriers, internal and external. you're going to have to figure out somehow that none of them should stop you from growing. none of them. none of them do. it's only when you reject your own growth because it's not good enough that those barriers become real.

but most importantly, you called fiction the act of bullshit. good fiction is the purest of forms. it is unrestricted and free to be honest in ways that are safer and less restrictive than non-fiction. different rules of engagement, certainly, but not bullshit. saying that kinda yang gets me heated.

yeah. i know. i just wanted to yell at him. i feel better already. it's an excuse to revisit my own core beliefs.
>> No. 382172
Just saying "Go outside and lead a life" isn't that useful for you because you don't have the foggiest idea what that means. If you want to manipulate a person, you can't use your own point of view, you have to use theirs. You say you're no good at bullshitting, but you seem to have mastered doing it to yourself, so we should probably use those points if we want to get anywhere.

P.S. Plenty of people craft tales of the millions of lies they tell themselves everyday.
>> No. 382173

I didn’t mean to call fiction an act of ‘bullshit’, and please don’t think I think of fictional stories as ‘bullshit’. I really can’t come up with a more accurate way of putting it other than this: I don’t have a knack for writing anything outside of myself (i.e. ‘bullshitting’ myself), and that makes it tough for me to come up with ideas for fiction. (Well, that, and my apparent lack of understanding when it comes to recognizing and expressing emotions and characterization.) That’s why I stick to writing the sort of shit you see on my personal blog and my wrestling blog: it’s me expressing my own opinions on subjects, or (to put it as I put it earlier) me writing ‘within’ myself.
>> No. 382175

>you don't have the foggiest idea what that means

No, I understand what it means in terms of socialization and ‘having a life’ — my problem is that my life’s circumstances aren’t all that conducive to socialization and such. I’d rather not have to suffer through the embarassment of asking my mom to drive me somewhere just so I can ‘hang out’ on my own, y’know?
>> No. 382176
Proving my point in very exact ways. Thank you. Plenty of people lead full lives only going into town once a month for food and supplies.
>> No. 382177
truth. well put. as i said, i wrote that more for myself than for him. what a great guy i am. i very much do enjoy getting a reality check from you, chappy.

it's time for the egg hatch. a butterfly can only stay so long as a chrysalis. but you don't know what that means yet. and i don't know if you will. metaphors can help, but lord knows that you can't paint something that you've never seen let alone remember it.

a bird in a cage will protect itself and its cage until it knows the freedom of being released. then it can realize that the cage was never even its own to begin with.
>> No. 382178

All that talk about birds and eggs and such makes me think of Utena, and goddammit, I need to watch the Utena movie again sometime soon.

But no, I get what you’re saying, and I really DESPERATELY wish I could ‘hatch’ — but, again, life circumstances make that exceptionally difficult, not the least of which is my self-confidence issues (which stem from spending most of my life being told, and believing, that I was and always would be a loser from pretty much everyone in my peer group throughout school; that shit tends to stick with you no matter what).

I don’t enjoy my life at the moment, but I don’t have a lot of the means (money, job, transportation, friends) that enable a better social life, and considering the other circumstances of my life (such as living with my mom and her husband instead of on my own), I won’t have those means any time soon.

I don’t want to be seen as bitching and complaining and trying to do nothing. Hell, all the shit I’ve done over the past month when it comes to TRYING to write and pixel art and whatever has been an attempt to CHANGE my mindset and create a better, more proactive version of myself. Every once in a while, I get down on myself, but it’s not as if I get this way every other day or hour or minute. I HAVE been trying to stop surfing the Internet all day and get a little more exercise and create more shit, but NOBODY is perfect and everyone falls into a slump every now and then. That's all this is to me, at the moment: a minor slump that I hope to slip out of before too much longer.

Please trust me when I say that I have, with as much effort as I can, actively tried to change myself in SOME WAY over the past month, even if it’s not the change you might think I need or want (e.g. socialization). I may not have tried as hard as I possibly could, but as the saying on my desktop wallpaper says, ‘Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.’

I feel as if I HAVE made at least some progress towards changing my life over the past three weeks, and I don’t want you or anyone else thinking that I’m about to fall back into my old pity-party ‘waaaaaah woe is me’ bullshittery.

I don’t want that, and you don’t want that.
>> No. 382179
>brutally end it
Stopped reading right there.

Edginess is destroying literature....
>> No. 382180
That's neat. You got this, dude. I might question your methods, but you are right about never showing signs of giving up. It's mostly why Is till bother responding.
>> No. 382181

By all means, feel free to question my methods. I won’t do better if I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing wrong, after all. It’s why I ask for criticism on all my pixel art pieces.
>> No. 382182
It's just that you write the climax before figuring out how you get there. If you're going to critique a work, at least finish it to make sure you don't miss the point entirely.
>> No. 382183
I have a massive problem with bad ends.
>> No. 382188
I need help.

Is there anyway I can recover deleted files from a computer?
>> No. 382191
Do not restart or do anything else.

How did you delete them?
>> No. 382192
Many, actually. Just search Google for "recover deleted file" along with your OS. You'll get a lot of paid programs that will do this, but if you look a bit further you'll find instructions for basic recovery yourself.

Have you shut down your computer since the file was deleted? If not, don't shut it down; you have a better chance of recovery. I'd also recommend closing as many programs as possible and leaving the computer alone, searching on another computer, but this isn't as important.
>> No. 382193
The computer overheated and shut down shortly after... So guess I'm fucked, huh.
>> No. 382195
Not necessarily. It will be less likely you'll recover it now, though.

How'd it overheat?
>> No. 382196
You dumby, I never said anything about "socializing". Your preconceived notions are the knots that tie you down. I'm asking you to learn things you don't even know exist yet. The unknown unknowns. That's why interacting with things outside your comfort zone is so important: you don't know that much. None of us do. It takes constant and committed exploration to change. The world changes us. Our interaction with new things of any kind, those change us. Sitting at home and trying to pick yourself up by the same bootstraps will only give you blistered hands and a lot of nothing.

You don't understand the words we say because you need to build your LIFE vocabulary.
>> No. 382202
File 137472682336.jpg - (139.37KB , 1280x720 , 1371243754637.jpg )
My dumb ass had to actually stop and think "I don't want to introduce this person to my new friends because they'll probably just make their lives worse" before I realized I didn't want to be their friend anymore. My life would have been way better if I decided to do this years ago.
>> No. 382204
>Utena movie
Sure did suck compared to the series.

Anyway, you should listen to these people, Stone, they're giving you good advice. Other than the "GO OUTSIDE!!1" bit that gets overused as some sort of catchall solution. Then again, maybe a change of scenery would do you some good. Your pixel art is a step in the right direction, but you're still here complaining about the same thing year after year.

>I don’t want you or anyone else thinking that I’m about to fall back into my old pity-party ‘waaaaaah woe is me’ bullshittery.

But that's what it's starting to sound like. Again.

>Please trust me when I say that I have, with as much effort as I can, actively tried to change myself in SOME WAY over the past month

Then keep at it. Keep at it until that one month turns into two, then three, and so on. Try to avoid habits that will make you relapse.
>> No. 382205
File 137473314945.png - (1.05KB , 50x50 , Miu-Centauress__Thumbnail.png )
I finally got permission to post the pixel art I did earlier this week. Happy birthday to me~

>> No. 382206

>have to tell parents I flunked out of uni after 3 years
>because I procrastinated on the final

There were a million reasons before that failed final that set you on the path to failing out, anon. Anyone can fail one class and get away with it. You failed a lot of classes. You procrastinated a lot.

btw I'm back to call you all out on your woe-is-me chicken shit from now on
>> No. 382207

dancing is moving while counting, neither of which you'll learn by reading shit on the internet homie

find some videos and imitate them in front of a mirror

don't forget to count i'm serious it's just counting


>Mr. Stone problems

look I'm real happy you feel like you're really trying to change things and stuff but if you're still in the same place you were when you started out (this has been years btw) then you're not doing anything effective

scorched earth mother fucker change some serious shit and don't come back here to tell us about it

go away for a month and don't come back unless things are different

this shithole is just people licking each others wounds telling them everything is fine

you don't want to be here


you have a massive problem with realitykid
>> No. 382208
File 137473933914.jpg - (7.30KB , 259x194 , Boom_time.jpg )
>> No. 382209
File 137473992574.jpg - (5.68KB , 180x247 , esws.jpg )
>> No. 382210
File 137474129829.jpg - (106.17KB , 1280x720 , ninja-gaiden-3.jpg )

>> No. 382211
File 137475329375.jpg - (80.27KB , 504x370 , ninja_defeats_truman.jpg )
>> No. 382213
File 137475890717.jpg - (25.69KB , 384x439 , no-shit-sherlock.jpg )
>you have a massive problem with reality
Yeah that's why I read fiction.
>> No. 382216
Don't you think I know that? That still doesn't make it any less bad. It was a slow impending doom. I knew it was coming. But somehow I still didn't do anything. I guess I have to end up homeless to ever make me actually get my shit together. And by that point it's too late. I'm just so terribly ashamed. I don't ever want to see my parents again. And it hurts so much. Because I know they still want to see me, no matter how much of a dirtbag I am. Because they're my parents. They can't help it. But I just... can't.
>> No. 382217
> I don’t have a lot of the means (money, job, transportation, friends) that enable a better social life, and considering the other circumstances of my life (such as living with my mom and her husband instead of on my own)

the path to getting most of this is getting a fucking job and moving out

not sitting on your butt doing pixel art and whining about how you don't have anything to write about. you probably don't have anything to write about because you don't DO anything worth writing about
>> No. 382218
File 137477894113.gif - (1.58MB , 350x263 , 34spkm1.gif )
>still trying to write THAT fic
>like to fact-check everything i write
>one character makes a relatively throwaway comment
>better check that
>it's a fairly important piece of info but there's NOTHING about it
>spend nearly an hour trying to find it
>wait a second i could just drop that line
>lost my mojo

a-ah, nevermind...

hey does anyone know where anders was roughly during the time of the battle of ostagar?
>> No. 382219
theonly thing about where he was around that time is in a david gaider interview:

>TUK: Let's jump back to really specific questions for a bit. Where was Anders during Uldred's uprising? Had he already escaped from the Circle, or some people argue that he was still in solitary confinement--which is an interesting throwaway line that's mentioned somewhere--

>DG: Because he was caught at the beginning of Awakenings, I suspect he had already escaped, and a good thing too.

since this is just his own speculation you could go either way and it doesn't matter; there's no strict canon. i kind of figured he escaped during the commotion at the circle tower and the templars were too busy dealing with abominations to bother with him. as for which direction he ran, he must have gone north and probably spent time fucking around near highever before he met the warden at vigil's keep. depending on how far back you place his escape, he might have been in that city during the kerfuffle in the noble origin.
>> No. 382220
I see, I see. Thank you very much. I know the Hawke brothers were at Ostagar (if you chose warrior/rogue) but I couldn't place Anders.
>> No. 382221
dear you guys leave mr stone alone

if he wants to die in his room alone eating pizza rolls let him die an american hero and prevailer of freedom of choice that our flawless democracy grants us so.

Like seriously, just scroll past his text on the internet.
>> No. 382222
>> No. 382223
Nah, he's too much of a precious baby.
>> No. 382224
Only if I get his left-over pizza rolls.
>> No. 382225
clearly the only thing that could make this thread better is an argument between spreeses and mister twister.

quick everyone. the mods are sleeping.

post pictures of abstract ideas.
>> No. 382227
File 137479856159.jpg - (54.08KB , 443x700 , tumblr_m2uzw4Xs1G1qcmjxfo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 382229
Uh okay.

Hey! Mister Twister! Your rhymes are far less phat than mine!
>> No. 382230
pls do not encourage him to post
>> No. 382231
I don't even remember who he was to be honest.

In other news, Pizza Hut in China has wine and escargot.
>> No. 382232
File 137480716998.jpg - (547.19KB , 759x474 , e381bfe381ab.jpg )
>pizza hut japan
>> No. 382234

仕方が無い (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵ )

I will eat pizza and shit the …youtube thumb
>> No. 382237
I think you both just saved Christmas.
Name 10 pizzas that aren't Jackie Chan?
>> No. 382239
File 137482270854.png - (209.49KB , 481x340 , 44P9B.png )
>Mr. Twister
>abstract ideas
>> No. 382243
>dear you guys leave mr stone alone

Not until he sells me his Bayonetta gun.
>> No. 382245

Perhaps, some day in the future, this will happen.


>> No. 382247
Today two of my floormates discovered my awful awful secret.
I created Yoko Snoipah.
>> No. 383980
File 137833337334.gif - (824.36KB , 500x281 , 1372316842823.gif )
>I want TheDudeVonDoom's TF2 items.
>He hasn't been online in two months.


Oh, and so much stuff has happened ever since I stopped coming here every day.
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