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File 137246994996.gif - (156.69KB , 352x240 , radioactive dance.gif )
380720 No. 380720
Mind was never good.
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>> No. 380721
File 137247041045.jpg - (54.80KB , 500x352 , tumblr_mogx8ljkKR1s35rano1_500.jpg )
>People are taking this picture seriously and arguing about it on my dash.
>> No. 380722
>> No. 380723
Thus spoke the wisest little girl of all.

inb4 tons of comments getting progressively dumber until I minimize this thread for a week.
>> No. 380727

die cis scum
>> No. 380728
>>only thing I have any talent at all in is something I'm still abysmal at
>>remaining abysmal at it, no matter how much I practice or look up reference or study

I am a very passive person, but it's times like this where I want to just slowly and messily kill myself. I just don't see myself being able to successfully have a future in anything. Every time I want to do something, even to try it out, I get this huge, long lecture of "Sweetie, you would just fail miserably at that and everyone would be mad at you again! Just stop. Don't even try."
>> No. 380729
File 13724809767.gif - (1.75MB , 331x240 , 1372145961548.gif )
I may have my own hang ups preventing me from getting anywhere in life but I could never see telling someone else that my problems are reasons not to follow their dreams. What kind of fuck would tell you that you can't follow your dreams?
>> No. 380730

>> No. 380731
My dad, in some respects my mom and my siblings, and my former art professors. I always drew a lot as a kid, and I always preferred cartoons, so I figured I'd go into animation. My teachers always complained that my art was cartoony, and the anatomy looks off no matter how many real people and photographs I reference. I decided to change majors, and between my last one and my current one, my parents just seem really uninterested and disapproving of both. They don't really look at what I draw, and my siblings have flat-out told me I'm bad.

I was always pushing myself so into art and discouraged to try other things that I don't even know if I can do anything else.
>> No. 380732
there's a difference between the limits of the rational world and actually sitting someone down and saying "don't fucking try". Some of the best humanity has ever created came because someone tried something thought impossible. I may doubt and I may think there are other issues. But you don't sit anyone down and say "don't fucking try". It's a worthless suggestion.
>> No. 380733
>What kind of fuck would tell you that you can't follow your dreams?
An honest one?

Read his post dude
>remaining abysmal at it, no matter how much I practice or look up reference or study
At that point saying "stop, just fucking stop" is absolutely the right thing to do, if you care about someone you don't let them follow an obsession into spiraling self destruction.
>> No. 380734
But how do you know when someone's opinion is valid, and when they're not just being a douche? What if they just belittle everyone all the time, and nothing is up to their standards?
>> No. 380737
i will not have my loyalty or strength questioned by anyone, especially not the person i'm most loyal to, after i fought against myself for my life to become a better person.

nightwing. chicago. going solo for now. etc. (i'm not really going to chicago, obvi.
>> No. 380738
No, re-read the first post, "anytime I even try something". And with the second post, even if the art is "bad", why doesn't the person just draw what they want? It's nice to make money off what you but to love it that means you have to love doing it. If everybody tells you what you're doing is shit repeatedly, and this is like the one thing you've ever wanted to do, why not do what you want? They can say something about what you do, but only so much. And they obviously don't care for it, so what the fuck would they know?

Doing other stuff is all well and good but usually it takes time and if you're not really into it anyway, it'll be abysmal for you. And the thing is, even if this person wants to do something else, all they're getting is "no you're a failure". Which is fucking horseshit, especially from your own goddamn family when you're trying to do something that might make you less of a "failure" in their eyes.

Can't go anywhere if all they're doing is beating you down anyways. Might be time to stop listening to the guards.
>> No. 380739
I really want to make a light breakfast for me and my girlfriend and then curl up under my covers with her and just doze and cuddle for like 12 hours.
But she's like 2000 miles away.
This bites.
>> No. 380741
Why am I not surprised.
>> No. 380742
File 137254639978.jpg - (1.06MB , 1536x2048 , gentlemen ff.jpg )
maybe it's the alcohol talking but for the first time i think i understand what it means to actually love oneself.

we're always looking for things to complete us... things to fill the gaps... to give us a sense of security... to affirm us in the hard times. we're already equipped to do that for ourselves. why does it have to come from outside? why struggle to make someone else fit a hole they were not meant to fill?

we are already complete if and when we choose to give compassion to ourselves. to listen and accept without judgment. to hold with kindness. to let our inner light glow brightly and love it for its own beauty.

have an unrelated image as i complete my meditation.
>> No. 380743
File 137255336231.png - (2.28KB , 100x100 , Springbok-Portrait--Big.png )
So glad I got back into doing pixel art. Feels good to create stuff again, such as this WIP for a sprite I'm doing for someone over on FurAffinity.
>> No. 380744
if the chocolate is not strong enough to give me a caffeine buzz, then that chocolate can fuck off.
>> No. 380745
By what?
>> No. 380750
Relax dude, you don't need to justify masturbation
>> No. 380751
i've justified that since i was a catholic. no worries.
>> No. 380755
Why do you keep saying such obvious things?

>> No. 380760
has it ever been so hot that you died
>> No. 380761
I live in Mississippi, I'm pretty sure we got close to 120 degrees a couple summers ago (it was like 116 or something like that if I remember right, I dunno).
>> No. 380762
anyone know where to find good literary porn? not fan fiction necessarily but fuck it. the things i put up with.
>> No. 380764
is it that obvious? they're not to me, even if i've heard them a hundred times. you know. actually believing it.
>> No. 380769
Wow, I did not expect to look this dumb without hair.
>> No. 380770
pics plz
>> No. 380771
no pic plz
>> No. 380774
Loving yourself is always obvious. Unconditional love is always supportive and compassionate, even with flawed individuals.

There is nothing you need that isn't inside you already. Except maybe penicillin or insulin or whatever.
>> No. 380775
scalp or it never happened
>> No. 380776
My dog chewed up my phone, it still works, but the screen is ruined! Besides replacing it, what can I do!?
>> No. 380777
If it's under warranty, I'm sure you can get it replaced, or at least they might send you a new one.
>> No. 380778
Well I'm not sure if it's covered, besides I have precious data on it. Is there a way then, for me to extract the data, other than through my SD card? And by "data" I mean texts, and contacts.
>> No. 380779

Of course, this is dependent on the model of phone you have. Contacts can usually be stored to an SD card but texts not so much, as they live in the cloud with local copies on your phone. You can try one of the text and contact backup services listed in the above article, or go into the store and see if there's a data cable that they can transfer the info with.

If there isn't, replacing the screen on a cellphone is a delicate procedure that requires some technical know-how, and, more importantly, some knowledge of Korean so that you can order the part factory direct. Most times it's better to get the phone replaced and try and do the data back-up somehow if you're under warranty.
>> No. 380780
File 137262799579.png - (143.39KB , 702x1020 , 1267553241241.png )
Dusted off an old HDD. Going down memory lane with old silly internet pictures is kinda pathetic I guess, but goddamn some sweet nostalgic laughs were had.
>> No. 380782
if you like the office you should watch the thick of it if you haven't already. malcolm tucker is my actual spirit animal. also it very accurately and succinctly portrays the ins and outs of british politics.

The Thick Of It - The Caledonian Mafiayoutube thumb
>> No. 380784
File 137263903529.jpg - (54.62KB , 251x251 , 1372231674075.jpg )
>eating Lays Stax
>think of the Pringles slogan
>"once you pop you can't stop"
>mfw I realize the double entendre
>> No. 380785
Summer is a terrible season.
>> No. 380786
moonstrom knows what's up
>> No. 380787
File 137264185344.jpg - (15.42KB , 640x360 , oh boy.jpg )
>Waiting for that next text
>> No. 380788
Summer is the best season.
>> No. 380789

shut up it's hot I will kick you in the face
>> No. 380790
I've decided that it's in my best interests to stop applying myself towards improving my status in life. Don't see the point.

Instead, I'll just wake up, go to work, come home, play TF2 for three hours, and repeat for five days a week. Saturday is nine hours of TF2. Sunday is volunteering at the cat shelter.

And that will be that until some external force makes a change for me. La de da.
>> No. 380792
File 137264486058.gif - (0.95MB , 500x265 , tumblr_moba2dSbOD1stlzxpo1_500.gif )
If I could live somewhere I never dips below 30°C I'd be all kinds of happy, Winter is the fucking worst.
>> No. 380793

Major part of why I'm excited to fuck off to Texas. Cold is terrible.
>> No. 380794
File 137264558266.png - (158.69KB , 500x281 , 1356587161992.png )
Two more to add to the list...
>> No. 380795
File 137264580943.gif - (889.12KB , 500x314 , tumblr_mnaaxsrAiB1qc2bleo1_500.gif )
Don't blame us cause you like being cold, the most terrible thing in the universe.
>> No. 380796
Hot is worse than cold.

If its cold its easy to put on a jacket.

If its hot there is not much you can take off before people call the police.
>> No. 380797
Cold is literally one of the worst states of being.

Johnny Cash - Cremation of Sam McGeeyoutube thumb
>> No. 380799
Ugh. Yeah, you can put on a jacket or three or climb under a mountain of blankets but you're immobile and stuck inside. Sure, with heat, you can only strip down to your birthday suit, but it's still far easier to stay cool in the heat than hot in the cold.
>> No. 380800

Strip down to your birthday suit...at work and/or school? Or outside?
>> No. 380801


oh wait
>> No. 380802
>>ahurrblerrblarr all you need is a jacket!
No, that's 'cool'. If you don't have to worry about your uncovered skin being actually damaged by the air itself it isn't 'cold' yet. Sweaty clothing is easier to deal with than the inside of my body having it's heat stolen every time I breath.
>> No. 380803
File 137264960534.jpg - (54.94KB , 360x460 , Vintage-Electric-Fans-AA0706-de.jpg )
>> No. 380804
File 137264993336.gif - (402.87KB , 200x157 , dancing happy chicken eating fellow.gif )
>same longitude as Canada, Sweden, Norway, etc
>temperature rarely strays outside 0-20C
>no extreme weather
>no natural disasters
>mild forever

Life is good.
>> No. 380805
Do you do data entry as part of your job? Would it be easier in a cheap sleeveless shirt or in a down coat and gloves that press 5 keys at a time?

I hate you.
>> No. 380806
You forget having to deal with the ever-present natural disaster known as the British peoples.
>> No. 380807
Tiki confirmed for fire elemental
>> No. 380808
reserved people who eat baked beans and drink a little too much noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
>> No. 380809
Stopped hanging out with a dude I was really close with a few years ago due to him being a human trainwreck.

Haven't seen him in person in like four years, haven't talked to him in a little less than that. Other than every few months with one or two word replies when he's bored or he messages me about some new girl he's fucked.

Just now he asked me on facebook asking if I have any interest in being friends with him any longer. He's not a bad person, so I don't want to be a cunt. Don't know what to tell him besides "Not if you're still a complete loser with no sense of propriety who has a streak of sticking his dick in crazy." But that sounds a mite harsh. :|
>> No. 380810
Add a smiley and/or heart symbol to it. He'll think it's just a friendly jab.
>> No. 380811
Or extremely passive aggressive.
>> No. 380814
taking a break from tumblr. gonna be posting like a fucktard here more i suppose. that's how kinetics works. it's probably for the better. this place is glacial. less reason to refresh and waste my life.

i'm so sorry.

on the meh side, here's a photodump from my last tumblr post for a while. http://ferrousfellow.tumblr.com/post/54324248181/boom-more-take-care-tumblr

i'm the camwhore. always.
>> No. 380815

>please do not reject me
>I am almost normal

>> No. 380817
can you see me, ninja? can you really see me?
but i don't want to be normal. i want to be ... as human as possible.
>> No. 380819
File 137266448837.png - (284.33KB , 321x409 , rxn (51).png )

Kaiser fucked up my eye exam I can't see shit
>> No. 380820
File 137266537792.jpg - (89.44KB , 1280x720 , [NemDiggers] Legend of the Galactic Heroes - 084 [.jpg )
I think one of the reasons I hate you guys so much is that seeing people with really active social lives and tons of friends but no sense of basic social skills, interpersonal diplomacy, or basic human empathy. My social circle is some King's Landing shit where everyone hates each other secretly and has a deep dark past and I have to write up flow charts just to make sure that outings don't erupt into fights or tears or nobody gets raped and you guys are all "shit man this guy keeps IMing me about Minecraft and the girl I like doesn't like the Aquabats what do i do" and THIS GETS ME SO MAD OH MY GOD. Conversely, I'd like to thank all the people here who's live are legitimately self destructing right now. You really make me feel welcomed.

As of right now, I'm trying to figure out how to make more friends, and what it is that I'm doing to attract these people to begin with.
>> No. 380821

>y social circle is some King's Landing shit where everyone hates each other secretly and has a deep dark past and I have to write up flow charts just to make sure that outings don't erupt into fights or tears or nobody gets raped

You say that like that isn't every group of friends.
>> No. 380822
File 137266602972.jpg - (35.32KB , 720x404 , Game_of_Thrones_S02E07_HDTV_x264-ASAP_mp4_snapshot.jpg )
Then why the fuck have you people been telling me to go outside if it's so terrible? Is this some sort of sick joke?
>> No. 380823

Dude I was telling you to go to class and get work experience. The whole social life thing is a bust, I never encourage people to go beyond their own baselines with that.

how are your grades stanley
>> No. 380824
Kinda shit tbh.
>> No. 380825

Quit fucking around man, you gotta make money so you don't have to deal with people.
>> No. 380826

Starting this later this morning. Writing in the mornings, pixel art in the afternoons.
>> No. 380827
File 137267543166.jpg - (173.08KB , 590x862 , tikigirlpicture.jpg )
You know it.
>> No. 380829
File 137267819335.jpg - (105.53KB , 500x330 , 758344c92d2f2d8783ceca461cbf09fc_XL.jpg )
gonna apply for a job that i've kinda always wanted just so i can get out of this dead end job at the warehouse

toot toot motherfuckers
>> No. 380830
File 137267864022.gif - (393.74KB , 939x975 , tumblr_mp0qt1ZpT41rb8w0fo1_1280.gif )
When the Zombie Apocalypse was…youtube thumb
>> No. 380833
>the girl I like doesn't like the Aquabats
kill her, Moe

>> No. 380835
New week, new month!
And thank goodness it's over, got rotavirus in wednesday and felt like shit until saturday afternoon. Thankfully, that didn't prevented me from going to the Varekai show of the Cirque du Soleil, hanging out with a friend (not planed, but ended well) and going to my grandfather's 90th birthday.
>> No. 380836
man i am so fuckin cute today omg i am wasted on this god forsaken town
>> No. 380837
I act nice to someone, they come across a picture of me online, and suddenly they go from decent people with a few things in common with me to absolute leeches, and it's unnerving.

I'm on hiatus with the person I was dating, and I've told people as much as "I like someone right now, it's kind of hard to like anyone else". But they get super offended, take it personally, or assume I can't actually be with someone, or that it's a competition where they can somehow win me, and it really pisses me off.
>> No. 380838
Men and women can't be friends. Only women think that and it pisses men off. So really, the annoyance goes both ways.
>> No. 380839
i know
jesus fucking christ nin-tiri. also, fuck kaiser. they've botched more things in my family health care than cancer.
>> No. 380842
No, it's entirely possible. It's just a few select guys who think being nice is a means to sex, and a relationship can't work if one party is being genuinely nice, and the other isn't.
>> No. 380843
I think it's plausible, but the connection has to be made through some mutual interest rather than just personality.

However, even if it's intended as a platonic friendship by both sides, the chances for hanky-panky will increase over time. And, if both sides have a significant other, there will be jealousy/worry that it's more than a friendship.

So, in the end, the whole thing might be more trouble than it's worth. But I have no friends of either sex, so I'm not an expert on these kind of things.
>> No. 380844
Horseshit. If you treat people like disposable commodities you won't have any friends, let alone female friends.
>> No. 380845
I think with me, it was a decision entirely on their side that because I was a girl, and because we had some things in common, that all girls must like guys, and that I'd at some point have sex with them, while I've had other friends who were guys, and the discussion to date never came up, or it came up and we both decided we didn't want to date each other. I prefer it to evolve naturally, to not expect anything at first, until it starts feeling that way on both sides. With me especially, I'm not a very sexual person period, so expecting me to put out easily or at all is asking too much, I'm sorry.

And you have us, dude. We're your friends.
>> No. 380846
File 137271163686.jpg - (43.03KB , 294x220 , 294px-Mittermeyer_2.jpg )
>> No. 380848
File 137271337043.jpg - (131.38KB , 283x424 , rxn (392).jpg )

In seventh grade people only talked to me to tell me how fat and not white I was.
>> No. 380849
>And you have us, dude. We're your friends.

>implying I could somehow into social in 7th
Never change, Moe.
>> No. 380850
>Men and women can't be friends. Only women think that and it pisses men off.

Or rather we can be friends but the men will still have sexual fantasies about the women.
>> No. 380851
In 7th grade I lived in a house that my great-uncle had built(?) and lived in until he died, miles away from anyone even remotely close to my age, and was homeschooled.
I'm just making all this "social behavior" shit up as I go, I didn't get any practice from age 8 onwards.

Oh neat, the spambot got me banned too. Guess I'll come back to this tab in an hour.
>> No. 380852
I need to shit real bad, but the toilet seat is still caked in crusted period blood. I'm farting a symphony over here. Why are female roomates so disgusting?
>> No. 380853
File 137272113919.jpg - (61.20KB , 326x255 , Disgust_Anarchist.jpg )
>having friends
>having sexual feelings for non-2D people

you all repulse me
>> No. 380854

>> No. 380855
catching up with Mad Men while I drink myself into a stupor.
i gotta say... i'm passionately fond of Peggy Olson. have been since the first season.
>> No. 380857
i took my girlfriends motorbike for a spin around the driveway. holeeee fuck i didn't know i missed having two wheels so much.

she's promised me that if i can get my bike learners permit by the time she gets her full license (at which time she will be buying a more powerfull bike) that she will give this one to me
>> No. 380858
Angel Beast!
>> No. 380859
sup, bitches. i'm drunk again. who wants to have a bad time with me? i'm already shirtless.
>> No. 380860
i don't grow up because men are terrible.
>> No. 380861
why does being sober happen to good people
>> No. 380862
how to disappear completely.mp3
>> No. 380864
It says a lot when you're in a movie theatre with a bunch of little kids and their parents, but also a lot of childless adults on dates, and the adults are quiet as soon as the movie starts playing, but three adults take their phones out as soon as the "turn your phones off now" blip starts playing, and one insists that his fucking sports scores are more important than a god damn Disney movie I've been waiting to see for fucking 11 years.
>> No. 380865
File 137273818997.jpg - (15.26KB , 609x586 , rxn (528).jpg )

Why would a Disney movie be important to anyone older than 4?
>> No. 380866
...You're clearly trolling.
>> No. 380867
ninja's only honest when she's not trying to be funny omg did you even look at the image
humor is still half true. deal with it.
>> No. 380869
I disagree, but only because animation is the only thing I've wanted to do in life, and because I'm in a miserable grouchy mood and also I don't know a lot of the namefags here yet and when to take anyone seriously or not.

I'm sorry.
>> No. 380870
welcome to the future of your world.jpg
>> No. 380873
I just watched Re-Animator for the first time today and WHOA it was so much more unsettling than I expected. A fine film.
"Giving head." That was uncalled for. Felt sick to my stomach. Imagined my genitalia retreating safely inside my body, never to be touched again.
>> No. 380876
Maybe I need to take five and relax.

I have the same two people on here defending me or vehemently disagreeing with me in equal quantities. Sigh. Sorry about that.
>> No. 380877
idk what's so bad about a decapitated zombie head going down on you what could be wrong with that

nah that scene was fucked up

But yeah that movie is one of my favorites. :3
>> No. 380878
I follow you on tumblr and I think you're SUPER DUPER CUTE OH MY GOD. And you make a badass Nightwing. I am seriously impressed with that cosplay.
I'm not coming on to you, I just wanted you to know.
>> No. 380880
I just wanted you to know I'm watching you when you sleep. Shhhhh, no tears, only dreams now.
>> No. 380883
i have never minded when people came onto me, but heartfelt compliments are always appreciated.

my goodness~
>> No. 380885
File 137274738157.jpg - (173.68KB , 682x385 , zimmermansinfo.jpg )
Zimmerman raised more than $500,000 for his defense and CNN just posted his info.

>hello bank, i forgot my account and transfer number

>your name sir? George Zimmerman
>ok, and your phone number? 407 435 2400
>could you tell me the last 5 digits of your SSN? 59331
>now the number of the account where you want the money (swiss account routing through caymans and belarus)

Look ma, no hands.
>> No. 380886
I have the impulse to say, "I love you," to my special guy, even though I don't love him and he doesn't love me. What's up with that?
>> No. 380887

On behalf of everyone who has ever been told "I love you" meaninglessly, don't do that.
>> No. 380888
File 137274779617.jpg - (105.22KB , 595x696 , friendzone019.jpg )
>my special guy
Friendzone level: 99
>> No. 380889
people say funny things when they're about to orgasm
>> No. 380890
I'm not about to. It just puzzles me.

I call him that because he doesn't want a girlfriend and I don't want a boyfriend, but neither of us wants to sleep around. We're just really good friends who also fuck like wild animals whenever we get the chance.
>> No. 380891
File 137274905140.png - (165.20KB , 1090x1024 , 1372445966004.png )
>who also fuck like wild animals whenever we get the chance
Aw yeah, friendzone averted, faith in humanity restored.
>> No. 380892
Do you really think that being platonic friends with a woman is so terrible? Is friendship a chore to you or something?
>> No. 380893
I have plenty of women friends, its just that this
>to my special guy
Screamed friendzone for some reason.
>> No. 380894
I mean, using the word "friendzone" in any kind of serious context implies that a woman's friendship is somehow a shitty consolation prize or that being only friends with a woman is undesirable. You get it? I am too tired to properly explain myself. It's a dumb word and I don't like it especially since in my younger years, I occasionally used it to refer to the guys who didn't want to fuck me, and I am deeply ashamed of my idiocy.
>> No. 380896
Uh no. Friendzone is a specific thing, its not all intersex friendships. Something like one partner loving the other but the other wanting to stay just friends and/or treating them like shit.

Girls can be and often are friendzoned too, probably more often than guys.

Well I don't want to fuck them all in dark caves.
>> No. 380898
File 137275983143.jpg - (52.86KB , 640x480 , logh99b.jpg )
>Feeling upset over unrequited love.

Motherfuckers how do you people even function i cant even
>> No. 380900
I bought a butterfly knife today, a trainer too.
They are birthday gifts that I will be reimbursed for as my family obtains expendable money.
I am pretty excited.
>> No. 380901
>I call him that because he doesn't want a girlfriend and I don't want a boyfriend, but neither of us wants to sleep around. We're just really good friends who also fuck like wild animals whenever we get the chance.

I just got out of a relationship that started like that word for word.
>> No. 380904
File 137277378075.jpg - (69.47KB , 625x466 , basically tooth.jpg )
So wait, I just grow my hair out and get money for giving it to cancer patients?

Well fuck looks like I'm never getting a haircut again.

the best.

Goddamn butterfly knives.
>> No. 380905
Much as we love to say that we can hold completely platonic, non-feeling, sex-only relationships, the evidence seems to be that if you are fucking someone you will eventually probably come to care about them a little bit more than most people. It's not necessarily the same way you might accidentally say "I love you" to the pizza guy, as that might involve being balls deep in the pizza guy. However, because you are fucking them, you more than likely have some level of feelings for them, possibly beyond "god yes bend over and pick that shit up I could watch this all day".
>> No. 380909
Feeling emotionally secure and safe leads to the deepest connections. I've learned that all too well. Right now it feels best to stay wary of safety, as weird as that sounds.
>> No. 380911
>the best
and the worst
>> No. 380912
Ours actually didn't start like that. Sorry yours didn't work out. I mean, realistically, mine can't KEEP working out because he has two years left of college and I've graduated.

I need to start turning off my computer at night so I don't keep staying up until 3am chatting with him.
>> No. 380913
One Day In Irvine - the best S…youtube thumb

My mum found this really weird tourism short film about my home town. It's so cringey, why would anyone make it? Though I suppose it is kinda cool to see how the town looked in the 60s, it's way different now. I worked in the Glasgow Vennel flax room for a while and I got fingerblasted in that graveyard near the beginning lol, nice to know it's not changed. It's Merrymas soon too!
>> No. 380914
This. Although men "friendzoning" women goes more like this:

"Oh, you'd be the perfect girlfriend, I can't believe you're single. ...You're not my type, though, you'd have to have bigger tits, and be at least six inches taller, and blonde."
>> No. 380916
>Goddamn butterfly knives.
Is that good or bad?
Generalizations aren't cool. Don't be uncool.
>> No. 380917
Bad, I hate them cuz I constantly have some nerd twirling them around in the bar I work at trying to be cool.
>> No. 380918
Can we just get rid of the word "friendzone" and go back to "unrequited love"? "I have unrequited feelings for whoever" doesn't have the same nasty connotations of "she friendzoned me." (whether it's meant in a nasty way or not doesn't separate it from the bad associations it's gathered) The whole concept is silly.
>> No. 380921
Sorry. It's a thing. It can't un-be-a-thing, sadly.
>> No. 380922
omg i'm almost a functional human being again. turns out all i needed was to stop using other people's value of me as a measure for my own worth.

go. fucking. figure. captain. hindsight. always right.
>> No. 380923
I'm not. I'm just saying that that's what I've run into with...to be honest, like two people out of the entire human population. The vast majority of people never say that.

I hate the term, too. To be honest, the guy who told me I'd need to be a 10x hotter version of myself in order to be attractive to him wasn't even someone I was attracted to in the first place. We were talking about...something, I don't even remember, at lunch, and he just pointed at me and basically rejected me, when I didn't even like him.
>> No. 380925
Unrequited love is just someone rejecting you. If they reject you AND continue using your feelings to exploit you, that's friendzoning.

Friendzone has an element of exploitation.

See, that's just him being a douche, it's not friendzoning.
>> No. 380926
>Friendzone has an element of exploitation.
Only in the sense that the people who use the term friendzone have victim complexes that make them think they're being exploited.
>> No. 380927

I can accept friendzone as a thing, but only if the friendzoned made active attempts at wooing openly from the beginning. If they just acted friendly and the response was friendship, then it's unrequited love.

You will like people you have more intimate relationships with more than others? Say it aint so.
>> No. 380928
I need to vent with someone.
Hopefully an artist or something so we can maybe be on the same page.
>> No. 380929
The entire point of the term is to give nasty connotations to it and place the blame on the other person.
>> No. 380930
The word "dumped" does the exact same thing.
>> No. 380931

I've never seen it as such. In my experience, it was about the party it happened to being at fault.
>> No. 380932
>victim complexes
People who use terms like this are assholes. Don't be an asshole anon.
>> No. 380934
If you like someone, and they don't like you back romantically, that's your fault, not theirs. However, if they're using you, and you're not even getting friendship out of it, then maybe they are a douchebag in some respects.

Depends on the type of art.
>> No. 380935
>If you like someone, and they don't like you back romantically, that's your fault, not theirs.

Not sure anyone has to be faulted at any point here. You can't help who you fall for, and they can't help that they don't feel for you that way. Sometimes things happen and we don't have to hold anyone responsible.
>> No. 380936
Yes. This. This. It's what you do with your feelings and thoughts that can be blameworthy.
>> No. 380937
People skype me to help them fall asleep. Like seriously this is the fourth person to do it (another well known sp tripfag, this is the second one). What is the deal with that, is my fate to be a hypnotist or some shit? I honestly didn't think I had such a ~soothing~ voice...or am I just boring?
>> No. 380938
File 137281856817.png - (328.95KB , 526x349 , m.png )
i'm not even fucking joking tho seriously

this guy hates me on sp, i wonder if he will change his attitude now lel
>> No. 380939
I didn't Skype you for that. I just had a long and engaging evening. You were there. You know.
>> No. 380940
And I had a fuckin lovely morning. We should do that again some time soon.
>> No. 380941
Congrats you have made an alien baby sleep.
>> No. 380942
Alien baby, the back of an unattractive Lithuanian man's head...same difference.
>> No. 380943
oh hey. I hadn't even thought about voice chatting again.
s been a while I guess
>> No. 380946
g'nite free glass
>> No. 380947
File 137282786159.jpg - (36.75KB , 512x353 , why.jpg )
I've never felt so happy and yet so sad at the same time

is this growing up?
>> No. 380957
I stay up looking for things to do online, I never sit down and improve my art, I never pick up overtime shifts when I need it. I know what I need to do but I never get off my ass to do it. Why can't I make myself do what I need to? It's driving me crazy. This need to be constantly in entertained will be the death of me.
>> No. 380966
>If you like someone, and they don't like you back romantically, that's your fault, not theirs.
It's nobodys fault, it just exists.

If however, the person that doesn't like you, still uses your feelings to manipulate you, that's their fault.
>> No. 380967
Nope. Growing up is just sad.
>> No. 380973
growing up is fantastic if you learn to overcome gravity
it's a continual work in progress, though.
>> No. 380976
No one told me you're supposed to develop anti-gravity powers as you get older. Is this like the wizard thing?
>> No. 380980
File 137288000695.jpg?nsfw - (204.03KB , 979x734 , ol-vagina.jpg?nsfw )
Yeesh, ya'll got a lot of bottled up feelings & such on here. I'd tell yah to go get laid, but that seems to be the problem!

Eh, some will get over it eventually.
>> No. 380981
No, the wizard thing is entirely different, they manipulate energy into matter and back again.
Spacetime (gravity) manipulation is for all adult humans, regardless of virginity.

You can't do this? It's really easy.

Urge to bury my face in it for hours.
>> No. 380984
File 137288368087.gif - (905B , 16x16 , Selfie-Favicon.gif )
Say hi to a tiny pixel version of my head. :D
>> No. 380990
The lack of taste on this board is stunning.
>> No. 380991
i-is it steam sale time yet
>> No. 380992
File 137290630716.jpg - (810.03KB , 798x1200 , 1271350267623.jpg )
Moe, if you're still looking for a job, I know a store that's hiring & they owe me. But, YOU gotta contact ME.

Welcome to /baw/.
>> No. 380994
File 137290661422.jpg - (296.45KB , 640x912 , super gum.jpg )
I guess I fucked things up at record speed. I can't say I'm surprised.
>> No. 380996
I also think I need to work on making things more. I think I might actually be able to focus on art stuff for a while, but often feel as though it'd distract me too much from developing technological stuff, which I'd like to do but often find myself unsure how to continue once I get anything started. It'd be nice if there was someone I knew in person who liked making up mechanical stuff or programming, but I guess I should stick with drawing for a bit and then use that to design and make schematics for mechanical things. Also to continue making sure I practice driving and work on actually getting computer programs made.
>> No. 380997
>> No. 380998
What makes you think it's tasteless? Taste is a good part of the reason why anyone does it.

Your lady comes home from a long day at work. Sits down on the couch puts her feet up, turns on the tv. You come home soon after. Spend the next few hours macking on her sticky, sweaty cooch.

Perfect end to a perfect day, yeah?
>> No. 380999
Manhattan, in the Lower East Side.
>> No. 381000
god I hope not.
I'm broke.
>> No. 381001
watchin dat bruce lee documentary
sad that it's all footage i practically memorized
sad because the only life left from him is the life he inspires from us
only shadows and echos left
>> No. 381002
When it's a stinky hairy mess? Hell no.
>> No. 381004
File 137291511181.jpg - (12.72KB , 298x213 , ManFlossing.jpg )
What's the matter? Afraid of having to floss afterward?
>> No. 381006
Four day weekend? Check.
Landlord gone? Check.
Roommate gone? Check.

Nekkid time enabled.
>> No. 381008

I can achieve this.
>> No. 381009
If you want clean sex, stick with internet porn.

Even that will at least make you feel dirty.
>> No. 381011
It's gonna be on the last week of july.

Go for it!
>> No. 381013
>> No. 381015
File 137296422029.jpg - (70.05KB , 771x1200 , leader_of_the_squirrelvengers_by_fredgdperry-d6bpm.jpg )
>> No. 381016

Niiiiice. :D
>> No. 381022
Email's in the field. 'Course, the time window on this short...
>> No. 381027
Advice-needing time.

Met this guy once irl, as a friend of a friend. We don't have much in common, but he heard me out a couple of times when things were going shitty, and later things smoothed out, he asked me out. I said no.

He doesn't contribute anything to a conversation. I knew him for six months and never actually found anything out about him, other than what he was going to school for and that he would compliment me a lot. Later on, when I did learn about him, it was him and I getting into a social argument, and he came off kinda racist/sexist. So I've been talking very very sparingly to him.

It got worse when I started dating a girl and he got all jealous, saying I'd never find anyone better than him, and repeatedly referring to my girlfriend as "He" and "Him", even when corrected.

I invited a mutual friend to go see a movie, and he's been trying to invite himself. I don't know how to politely tell him no, or whether I'm being reasonable, or what.
>> No. 381028
To elaborate, I was talking about Miles Morales with someone, and he interrupted the conversation, saying he could never empathize or get inside the head of a character who was non-white or not male. Even in a situation that wasn't a video game, and wasn't asking you to "become" the character.
>> No. 381029
He sounds dangerous and annoying, ditch the shit out of him.
>> No. 381030
Don't politely tell him no, tell him to fuck off.
>> No. 381031
he sounds like absolute manipulative garbage, and bad at it. kick him to the curb.
>> No. 381032
>got a date for Sunday

"son, i am proud," says the dad i wish i had.
>> No. 381033
>> No. 381034
I'm proud, Ferrous.
>> No. 381036

shut up you're not even his real dad
>> No. 381038
File 137301025586.png - (487.39KB , 902x954 , moe_king_tripfag_on_a_date.png )
About time.
>> No. 381039
I had a date once. I thought it went exceptionally well. She never wanted to talk to me again.
>> No. 381040
>> No. 381041

>that feel

Had that happen to me before. Look, I don't even care that she didn't want to be with me. I just wanted a proper rejection. She just stopped responding altogether.
>> No. 381042
Hey if a woman doesn't press charges, that's a good date for me.
>> No. 381044
My father found a VHS of Der Lauf der Dinge from 1988. We tried to watch it but the tape was already too deteriorated. Only the green hadn't been washed out and it had some nightmare fuel audio distortions. Made me ponder just where we're going with our society. Entranced by the rapid onward march of science and technology, it seems when thinking about the future, we now think of ourselves in the future. About the next big step that's about to happen, so we can leave the past behind. That maybe we will reach the point of ordering holographic cheesecake on a spaceship within our lifetimes. We don't think of our legacy. What we leave as a society once we're gone. It's kinda ironic, really. The longer our life spans grow, the shorter the life spans of our accomplishments become.
>> No. 381045
gonna have to side with ninja on this one.
>> No. 381046
File 137303974566.jpg - (28.42KB , 409x580 , tumblr_mk9xsv85qx1qbsu0po1_500.jpg )
Living Walls are rad.
>> No. 381047
File 13730398462.jpg - (91.65KB , 600x400 , tumblr_mk9xsv85qx1qbsu0po5_1280.jpg )
Really rad.
>> No. 381049
yay lets contaminate the planet for millions of years so our houses look like chia pets
>> No. 381050
File 137305025089.jpg - (54.41KB , 900x574 , slowpokeandrealisticandedgy.jpg )
Prove it.
I didn't say I was. I said I was proud.
>> No. 381053
While I've had plenty of dates, I still prefer grapes or raisins.
>> No. 381055
>preferring raisins to dates
Shit taste general.
>> No. 381056
I've actually had this happen a lot. I hate it. I know women are perennially scared of men, and that most advice concerning such situations simply tells women to cut off contact if they don't feel safe with the guy. But I wish I could have them fill out a review card or something, y'know? Even calling me a fedora wearing douchebag is better than just "you're fucked up and I don't like you so I'm never going to speak to you again". Or silence.

But too many guys will try and use that as a rope to get back in, I guess. Still, makes it feel like some girls don't have spines. Though I must admit that I'm in a similar situation with a gay guy. It's the damnedest thing because I don't really want to hurt him... but part of that means not telling him that I have precisely zero sexual interest in him. c'est la vie.
>> No. 381057
Congrats, you're on the list.

HOW can it be difficult to turn down someone of the same gender if you aren't gay yourself? "My apologies if I gave the wrong impressions, but I just don't fly 'that way'". EASY SIMPLE regardless of how "nice" they may or may not be.
>> No. 381058
>I know women are perennially scared of men, and that most advice concerning such situations simply tells women to cut off contact if they don't feel safe with the guy

This makes me feel bad because I'm black. Like I said, I don't even care about not being with her, but I want to know what I did wrong, if anything, because the date was fine (I'm not always the best judge of reactions, but she didn't appear uncomfortable at any point)

It's like being handed back a test with an F on it and the teacher didn't bother to tell you which answers you got wrong and why. It's pretty bad for learning!
>> No. 381060
Both are shit.
>> No. 381061
File 137306084075.gif - (2.95MB , 300x231 , zoom.gif )

Get out.
>> No. 381062
Listen, I've defended racists, sexists, idiots, and fiends on this site, but there are some opinions I cannot abide. Leave.
>> No. 381063
Look, raisins are ok, like I understand why people joke about hating them so much, I personally don't but it's w/e, but dude, fucking dates are bomb as hell, don't even try to diss.
>> No. 381065

Dried mango >>>>>>>>>>> Craisins > prunes >>>>>>>>> dates/raisins
>> No. 381066
File 13730643788.jpg - (44.44KB , 640x480 , toys.jpg )
You stepped into the wrong hood, muthafucka.
>> No. 381067
>I know women are perennially scared of men

Eeyup. I know there are some women who are just rude, but most of the time, we cut contact for safety's sake. If he's a cool dude, the worst thing that happens is you hurt his feelings and you miss out on maybe making a friend. If he's NOT a cool dude, then you may have just avoided the Worst Case Scenario of getting stalked/murdered or even just plain old harassed for not wanting to continue with this guy. It's seriously fucked up, but there are some men out there who get REALLY VIOLENTLY ANGRY when a woman says "no" to them. It's like they say: men are afraid of meeting someone who lied about what they look like, women are afraid of meeting a serial killer. Obviously that's a gross oversimplification, but...yeah. Properly reject a cool guy, nothing bad happens. Properly reject "not a cool guy," and you will almost certainly get harassed.

It doesn't mean that you specifically are a scary creep or that she's paranoid. It means that there are enough dudes out there who ARE scary creeps that it's just not worth the risk of saying "sorry no thanks" in case he turns out to be Stalker McMurderstab.

Anyway I'm sorry that happened to you. :( If it means anything, hearing a reason doesn't really make it suck less. You think it will, but it doesn't.
>> No. 381069
omfg this is my boy (or girl) right here omfg
>> No. 381070
> I want to know what I did wrong
See: spoiler
Racism is the second most ingrained, instinctual prejudice.

Also girls sometimes will "test" date a guy if they're on the fence about him, and drop him for the most insignificant bullshit.

I once got dropped for eating my pizza by folding a slice in half, like a tortilla.
>> No. 381071
Literally every one of my female friends plus myself have had to deal with at least one guy who wouldn't take "I'm not interested anymore" for an answer. The more you tell them no the harder they try to win you over and it just gets creepier and creepier the longer it goes on. It's really common! I think the media might have something to do with why guys do this without noticing how creepy they're being because there are so many stories out there with the moral "if you're persistent and never give up she will eventually fall for you"! That's not how it works in real life at all and if those stories were told from the girl's perspective it wouldn't be a romantic comedy anymore, it'd be a cringe comedy and the guy would be the antagonist who fails to get in her pants by the end, but maybe learns how not to be an annoying sack of shit to women in the process.

I kind of feel bad for these dudes because I am so certain they're just doing it because they were told that's how they should act and don't really understand how to do it any other way. Also I can't really give them a score card or whatever about what they're doing wrong, because I just can't really say what they're doing wrong specifically, just that it skeeves me the hell out and I'd appreciate it if they left. Date more people and maybe this won't happen to you once you get more experience is all the advice I can give.
>> No. 381072
>they're just doing it because they were told that's how they should act and don't really understand how to do it any other way
That's like 90% of awkward social relations.
>> No. 381080
File 137307313451.jpg - (35.28KB , 297x298 , RVAle.jpg )
Funny enough, this only ever happens to me with white girls.

>Because white people use self-defense against potential threats as a justification for socially ingrained racism.
>> No. 381081
That's absolutely hilarious, because I have no problem with black women.
>> No. 381082
we have family friends who are black. known them my whole life.

my mom will still pull the "you might date a black girl, but think about her family."


parents just don't understand racial issues
>> No. 381083
There's also the issue of women are caught in a catch-22. If they cut off a guy for safety reasons, they're rude, stereotyping, etc. whatever.

But if they DON'T do that, and the worst case scenario happens then it's "If she wasn't interested, why did she go out with him?", "If she was scared, why did she maintain friendly contact with him?"
>> No. 381084
Sadly, that is probably a part of it. :(
If it means anything, I judge dudes not based on their race, but on whether or not they follow me a quarter of a mile down the street after I leave the supermarket. I managed to lose him before I had to implement my escape plan, thank christ.
I lived in the same house as these two REALLY CUTE nerdy black guys when I was in college. Had I not been involved with someone else I might have pursued one. Or both.

dried apricot > everything else
>> No. 381085
it's inconvenient for men. it's life threatening for women.

Louis C.K. had it spot on when he talked about how crazy and insane it is for women to date men. Leading cause of injury and death is from men. Men worry about heart failure, etc.

I won't ruin the punch lines.
>> No. 381086
I've only never dated a black guy because I tend to only date people who hit on me first, and everyone who's ever hit on me was white.

I'm pretty sure my dad wouldn't approve if I dated a black guy, but I don't care what he thinks, he pretty much wouldn't approve of anyone ever.
>> No. 381087
I've never dated a black guy because I've never dated anyone.
>> No. 381088
let's start another camwhore thread so i can hit on everyone from a safe distance.

tipsy at work. i'm full of good ideas when i'm here.
>> No. 381089
I've never dated a black guy because the only one that was interested in dating me also didn't understand that I didn't want a BJ in the school cafeteria.
>> No. 381090

The girl it happened to me with was Mexican. And not one that could (pardon me for using this term, as I hate it in this context) pass for white, either.
>> No. 381096
File 13730824583.jpg - (26.44KB , 371x477 , dfggtgjhgjgjgjgjg.jpg )
i came scuttling back as soonm as i heard the word camdwhore
>> No. 381097
my gawfffddddd
>> No. 381098
ferro, when are we going to drink together????
>> No. 381099

well that was fast
>> No. 381100
File 137308393380.jpg - (115.38KB , 348x409 , 130515-095958.jpg )
Pictured: A Larry Tremaine a month ago, have since got a hair cut.
>> No. 381102
That's not a catch-22, it's pretty clear which option is better... Catch 22 is when two options equally suck. It's either rape or some jackass getting mad because you dropped his creepy friend.

I'd choose rape every time, obvious choice.

Never had dried apricot, is it that good?
>> No. 381103
That's not what a catch 22 is.
And dried apricot is gr8.
>> No. 381104
>> No. 381105
File 13730866498.jpg - (684.11KB , 1536x2048 , image.jpg )
omfg you gorgeous bitch
>> No. 381106
i want to get drunk tonight. don't know if you're online anywhere.
>> No. 381107
... oops. shoulda made that nsfw.
>> No. 381108
Wait are we drunk posting.

'cause I just got home but ilu nerds.
>> No. 381109
i need to lie down
>> No. 381110
give me an address. or at least a hotel room number.
>> No. 381111
u can find me at the holiday inn

ask at the front desk to page 'bog booty homrade'
>> No. 381112
aw yes holiday inn
we at that hotel motel
my body is ready

i'm going to reach tony stark levels in about 2 minutes flat
>> No. 381113
File 137308867082.jpg - (104.94KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2013-07-04 at 02_25.jpg )
am I kawaii
Yeah I'm not actually comfortable posting my face. SOMEDAY.

hot a what baabhabhiat
>> No. 381114
is that a ribbon in your hair?
>> No. 381115
let the party begin

sippin on some olde english
>> No. 381116
wow i cant tell if you a lady or a man but i wanna feel dat horsehair
>> No. 381117
R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix)youtube thumb
>> No. 381118
like i tell you on yo dashboard
call me dark and stormy
cause i bein what i drinkin
and i'm too young to call me fo'ty
sippin like a fanfic writer with a lisp
ginger and rum tastin ever so crisp
>> No. 381119
I can tell by that stash you're the same Anon from the nail polish discussion.

Ferro you gotta fuck this horse.
>> No. 381121
if this is the same horse that's been talking all nice to me on my tumblr i'd be more than happy to treat her with respect, dignity, and hospitality while investigating the possibility of mutual interest that may or may not lead to half-horse-half-nightwing supermonsters. dessert or breakfasts are also possible.
>> No. 381122
if it's a dude, cuddles are still fine i guess. i'm cuddly.
>> No. 381123
wow I was gonna reply earlier but RANDOM BAN

horse lady here
I can't remember if I talked nice to you on tumblr, (I don't think we've interacted there??) but I did call you cute earlier in this thread.Alas, I already have a sweet baboo, and thus I am not in the market for cuddling.Desserts, though, are an entirely different matter.

everybody wants my forelock

My bottle of St. George shipped today and I am very excite.
>> No. 381124

I miss Jazz
>> No. 381125
But that's how you're suppose to eat pizza??
>> No. 381126
i would camwhore but yall motherfuckers got me on tumblr anyway
>> No. 381127
File 137309750290.png - (166.25KB , 336x279 , toolong.png )
...that name registers but I have no idea who it was.
>> No. 381129
fuck I've been talking at you people since I was in high school
>> No. 381130
the most recent picture i have where i'm not nearly naked or wearing a suit is from march
>> No. 381131
File 137310193957.jpg - (605.52KB , 579x930 , bringing in the new year the right way.jpg )
although i do still really like this one, it was pretty amazingly-timed
>> No. 381134
yeah i got the same stupid ban. some kind of chemical or something.

thanks for killing the party, auto-bans. get your IPs straight.

ya ok desserts are fine.

anyone else fancy a go at it?
>> No. 381136
File 137311452963.png - (21.27KB , 709x209 , spambot.png )
If the spam message on /jam/ right now is anything to go off of, the spambot that caused the random autobans is actually trying to sell us shoes.
>> No. 381142
Well, that's better than child porn, I guess.
>> No. 381144
the unwarranted banning needs to stop. i cannot hit on you all without better pacing.
>> No. 381148
I miss a lot of people that used to come here.
It's like some horrible monster eating the people of plus4chan one by one! None are safe!
>> No. 381149
File 137314534075.png - (11.81KB , 707x228 , 126622269697.png )
>that feeling when you've actually known about a band before they became popular
Oh God, I can actually relate to hipsters now. It really does feel like a little something special gets taken away from you.
>> No. 381154

Aw yeah motherfuckers. I feel goddamned good.
>> No. 381155
dear you guys please i don't have a camera anymore im not ready an sexo no sexo my kokoro no chinchu

what a great thread to copme back drunk to
>> No. 381156
File 137315116045.gif - (7.18KB , 202x222 , slowpokeandmath.gif )
>gf wants to take optional advanced physics class over the summer
>invites me to take it with her
>never done physics
>probably have no idea what the shit I'm doing
>imminent failure is such a demotivator that I'm incredibly reluctant to even start
>> No. 381157
In high school or uni?
>> No. 381158
File 137315143788.gif - (228.15KB , 577x3339 , slowpokeandmath2.gif )
It's more or less an online version of MIT's physics class.
>> No. 381159
For some reason, I feel the opposite. I'm that desperate guy throwing pamphlets at everyone I know with "PLEASE LISTEN TO MY FAVORITE BAND I DON'T HAVE ANYONE TO TALK TO WHO LIKES THEM" scrawled on it.

The only people who seem to know my favorite band all hate them. Gah.
>> No. 381161
Well at least there's suicide to look forward to.
>> No. 381162
File 137316191528.gif - (0.97MB , 270x293 , i need my inhaler.gif )
s'what I'm sayin
>> No. 381163
too bad. you still there? still drunk?
>> No. 381165
i am halfway through the introduction and i already have no idea what i'm doing
what do all these symbols mean
and these letters, what do they stand for
the course said it would take 10 hours a week on the actual site alone, much less all my other time looking shit up to figure out how to do the stuff on the site
>> No. 381166
At least you guys have one of the physics programs though. Though yeah, physics is one of those things that unless you have the symbolic logic and math down, you'll be lost.
>> No. 381167
Wiki it dude. Find something similar and start reading. Some of the concepts behind the symbols are simple, it's just that they are presented complexly.
>> No. 381168
I was an engineering physics major. Ask me anything.
>> No. 381170
File 137317453664.jpg - (49.53KB , 720x540 , Still+Waiting_135b33_3270748.jpg )

>> No. 381171
after switching into a chemistry lab... same here...
fucking hell.
>> No. 381172
Theoretical: What should you do if you found a lost child at a mall or park?
>> No. 381173

eat it, you'll never get another chance.
>> No. 381174
Calm it down, ask it questions, and determine it's ownership. If possible return it to it's master and if that can't be determined contact a police.
>> No. 381175
teach it to steal for me.
>> No. 381176
Weren't you the one who made the thread about what you would do if offered the chance to eat human flesh in old +/ck/.
I don't think I'm smart enough to have specific questions at the moment. I watched a 12 minute "simple problem solving sample" the site provided and mostly just stared at it, slack-jawed, trying to figure out why the things he said were, were. I was, for the most part, unsuccessful.
I might hit you up later though, gonna rewatch it tomorrow when I've had more sleep.
Everyone could have it, it's a completely free site that doesn't count for any credits or anything, it's just for the sake of learning, and potentially putting on a resume.
>> No. 381177
if your girlfriend is dragging you through this, it might be good to have her help you. teaching what i was learning was immensely useful in me really understanding it. everyone wins. i learned more. people garnered knowledge from me. etc.
>> No. 381178
Keep the child calm and try to find their parents.

I'm a really big fan of protecting kids from harm, I want kids myself but I'd refuse to take any more responsibility over a kid that wasn't mind as not to undermine the parents.
>> No. 381180

What the fuck dude, eat it. I'm dead serious. This opportunity will never come again.
>> No. 381181
I went to bed/ woke since then, but still am drinking??
>> No. 381183
christ. i usually do last call at my own apartment at midnight local, so i shan't be joining you. don't die. unless that's something you do in the process of living... in which case... cool.
>> No. 381184
Dude, not funny.
>> No. 381185
File 137318392317.jpg - (69.65KB , 385x502 , ribs.jpg )
>> No. 381187
Trade it for smokes
>> No. 381188
I recently started probability on khanacademy, they end up teaching you symbols at one point. They teach basics pretty well and there are a few exercises to practice. Maybe you should see if they have what you need there.
>> No. 381189

And Fuck you News, 60 missing, Those people are dead in the inferno.
>> No. 381190
File 137319853494.jpg - (298.81KB , 731x1860 , Final_Fight_Art_Haggar_1.jpg )
Piledrive it into a food vendor's cart; pick up any food or item that appears afterward for extra points.
>> No. 381192
File 137321290016.jpg - (26.25KB , 400x567 , 1352592905921.jpg )
>Life has been shit lately
>Parents divorce after 20+ years of marriage, lots of loans, little brother coming to live with fiance and I because he's a fuck up who flunked out of 3 colleges for simply not trying.
>Fiance and I have been getting in awful fights, even over stuff as minor as who used a bathroom towel.
>One night fiance leaves after huge fight, I get frustrated and while pissed and horny decide to make a temp account on a sex site
>Find some guy to give me a bj, he comes over, it lasts for five minutes before I stop him because of how awful it is then kick him out
>couple days later have 4 small, red, raised, pinprick-sized marks juuuuust under the head of my penis clustered around the center
>Freaking out, already scheduled STD testing with a family planning center
>If it's herpes I have to tell fiance, during this whole ordeal we've been mending our relationship and realize how much I truly love him
>Just spending my days drinking shots while waiting for the day of testing
How the fuck do you tell your fiance all this? If it is herpes or some other incurable, but treatable, illness I have to tell him, it would be wrong of me not to and unfair to them. What if he leaves? I didn't really have a life before him, he's brought so much into my life that I can't lose him over a stupid argument and an awful 5-minute toothy bj. Thinking of offing myself if it all ends up for the worst, still deciding on either blowing my brains out or some 'quick and painless' suicide device I found while skimming wikipedia on methods of killing oneself.

No really what the fuck could it be? Is it herpes? Can I really get genital herpes from a blowjob when the person has no outward signs of illness? What else could it be? They don't hurt, they're already disappearing in fact. They don't itch or hurt or anything. The only thing that itches is my groin region, and that's because I shave my balls and all the hair is growing back.
>> No. 381193
I'm not familiar with STDs, but I think if it was herpes it would be a bit more scattered. (I'm sure you can find all kinds of images on or off wiki for examples.)

In any case, all of that sounds horrible, I wish you best of luck.
>> No. 381194
There's literally 4, or maybe 5 pin-pinpricked size bumps. From what I can tell most 'mild' first outbreaks are a kind of cluster fuck. But the waiting is kiling me. Herpes is a pretty versatile disease, it affects everyone differently. Some people get the 'oh fuck nigger what's wrong with your dick' google image treatment, others don't even know they have it until a prior partner tells them they hav it.
Sorry for any spelling mistakes, kind of drunk.
>> No. 381195
Are the bumps oozing any kind of puss?

Getting tested is good, as no one here will be able to accurately diagnose you. That said, most cases of genital herpes do not actually show many, if any, outward symptoms, or they will show the symptoms periodically. If you contracted it through Oral Contact, it appears that there are two kinds of herpes and the oral stuff really isn't that bad at all, but it can be passed on to the genitals. The primarily genital one is the one to watch out for, as that one can result in open, crusty pustules and an increased risk of HIV. It's not pleasant, but I think most people have Oral Herpes anyway, it just doesn't flare up all that often and when it does, it's just ugly and annoying, not gross and unsexy.

But again, I'm not a Doctor and I don't play one on TV. Definitely consult your physician, but it doesn't sound like you should be hyper worried here.

>> No. 381196
None pussing. I popped two though, and they had a puss. They feel more like tiny pinprick zits than open oozing painful sores. It's been a little over a week and a half since suspected infection if that helps any.
>> No. 381198
Polite sage as I don't want to bump the thread with more baaaawwww

Thanks to all those that have responded so far, it's a great comfort to know that there are people willing to help those that have no one to blame for fucking up their lives other than themselves.
>> No. 381199
File 137322261577.jpg - (89.92KB , 500x500 , 1278194163434.jpg )
>tfw i look good but have nowhere to go and no-one to see
>> No. 381200
In my experience, people are generally the cause of most of their own problems. Those that make others' lives miserable often do so through an expression of their own inner diseases, real and imagined, whatever the may be.

Also, you say the bumps were right under the head of the penis? On the shaft itself or on the underside of the "cap"? If on the underside, those might simply be a natural occurrence due to changing the frequency of sexual activity totally harmless. Again, consult your physician. popping dick pimples. ow.
>> No. 381201
Dunno if you're still serious about offing yourself, but I recommend against it, as unhelpful or corny I may sound. Maybe it was your fuckup, but it's not the end. It's never ever the end. Well, when the end actually does come, but let the universe decide that end for you. Don't do it yourself. As long as you breathe, it can all be made better.


ay gurl, cum out 2 da states. i'll look at ya ;)
>> No. 381202
It's not your fault at all, though. You are a great, wonderful person, and you did nothing to make people shitty towards you.
>> No. 381203
Two of the bumps are on the underside of the 'cap', other two maybe a half an inch below the cap on the underside of the penis, not much distance away from it but technically not under the cap. Going to an STD clinic on the 15th, but still the waiting game is a killer. The thought occurred to me that it might be harmless, but I'm steeling myself for the worst.

Ever hear of Seppuku?
In case an apology isn't accepted I could always kill myself. An act of utter self-annihilation could prove to my fiance that I'm truly sorry that all this occurred in the first place.
>> No. 381204
Make sure to write out a proper apology note or maybe video recording. Don't make it too pathetic.
>> No. 381205
Nothing too pathetic, just an 'I'm sorry for all the BS I did' followed by a will, will also make some short letters to the few friends that I have thanking them for their company. I'd like to die as stoic a death as possible. No run-on 5+ tear-stained paged letters or anything like this, just a sorry and a few thank yous.

But I'm the one who cheated and got myself in this mess.
>> No. 381206
Remember, the beheading in the seppuku was done by a friend so you don't whine too much and dishonor yourself.

Also, probably not worth killing yourself over. Just a little herpes and a lost love, cry for a month into a bag of cheetos and watch Armeggedon.
>> No. 381208
someone on my facebook thinks it's possible to be "transracial" and that being "transracial" is the same as being transgender

I just need to tell someone how mad I am
>> No. 381209
Does that person go to tumblr as well?
>> No. 381210
It's probably just dick pimples, dude. Don't worry.

tumblr is leaking again.
>> No. 381211
I'm well aware of Seppeku. Still don't approve of it. Given the fact that your fiance loves you, killing yourself isn't going to make him feel any better.


As stupid as your friend or whatever is being, this seems like a silly thing to get mad at. Just put that attention elsewhere.
>> No. 381213
Why isn't it possible?
>> No. 381215
It's possible that something got crossed in your brain and you feel like the opposite of the sex that you were born. It also works because, you know, you can be born male or female.

It is not possible that a white guy got something crossed in his brain and came out white when he "should have been Japanese". There was no point in my hypothetical example in which the person would have been born Japanese.
>> No. 381218
>It is not possible
Why the hell not, there have been no studies done on it. You people seriously shouldn't take such a negative knee jerk reaction.

What someone feels they are is their own business.
>> No. 381219

>Why the hell not

You're either trolling or being purposefully dense. There is no way in hell that two white people were ever going to pop out a Japanese baby.
>> No. 381220
There is a hidden paper with a list of topics and responses to topics in my jacket sleeve....

It's strange, I've never had to cheat on school tests, but have to do it on dates and social occasions.

How does everyone else do it? Just memorize the topics?
>> No. 381221
Nationality is just a social construct. Besides would you object if a Korean person thought they were Japanese, or do you just save your racism for people who look obviously different.
>> No. 381222
Being honest and taking time to consider my opinions, also treating the other person as a human and not a test.
>> No. 381223

I'm not falling for your ruse today, kid.


What are you talking about precisely? Something happen?
>> No. 381224
>Nationality is just a social construct.
That actually works against your point, though. Brain scan studies show that there are differences between male and females brains, and people who see themselves as the opposite sex tend to actual have brains with parts that resemble those typical in the opposite sex. Thus, gender is more than a social construct and is thus different from aspects of personal identity which are.
>> No. 381225
As a sassy black woman born in the body of a pasty white nerd I say y'all niggas gotsta stop frontin'.
>> No. 381226
i would

but historically japan has treated china and korea like absolute shit so i don't think there are many people in korea who idolise the japanese enough to want to become them
>> No. 381227
I don't believe in transracial, but I believe in maybe your lifestyle fitting that of another country better. Like maybe you didn't "fit in" in America, but you went to Ireland on a trip, and you made friends really quickly, and the landscape was just what you needed, compared to the city you grew up in.
>> No. 381229
Well of course, everyone has a different brain. If brains were all the same we wouldn't have different personalities. Do you scan every transgender persons brain before you treat them as such?

Many people have been adopted by parents of different races and have grown up more comfortable with people of their parents race. That doesn't make them freaks, it doesn't give you the right to make fun of them or belittle their life experiences.

And as I said no research has been done on it, people haven't scanned different races to come up with different structures. So it's kind of ignorant of you to have a kneejerk reaction to something that hasn't been proven or disproven yet.

Look if people can be different sexes and even different species (fursonas), I don't see why stormfronters are drawing the line at race.
Honestly the only difference is that transgender people are more socially accepted and have had research done on them, whereas transracial people haven't.
>> No. 381230
>Look if people can be different sexes and even different species (fursonas), I don't see why stormfronters are drawing the line at race.

Ahahaha. Stop responding to this guy, you guys. Seriously, he's either an idiot or you're all being baited.
>> No. 381231
He's definitely a troll. He believes that people haven't done brain scans to see if there's any differences between Average White Guy and Average Black Guy.
>> No. 381234
a haiku for you all

holy fucking shit
it is so goddamn hot out
fucking fuck shit damn
>> No. 381235
The thing about "race" is that it has been genetically examined. And the thing is, the parts of the genome governing your "race" are so infinitesimally small compared to your overall makeup that "race" as a concept, at least when it comes to genetics, has been made meaningless. There is no set of attributes that are directly linked to skin tone in a universal way. A white person is as genetically unique as a black person as is an asian person etc, etc, carrying the overwhelming amount of genetic material in common with your family, and not really anything or anyone else, regardless of how your skin color (.0001% of your genetic makeup) compares.

The thing about "race" is that perceptions of "race" are based entirely on skin color, which so superficial and so minimal in your overall makeup that it's effectively about other people hating or loving you for something that really shouldn't matter at all. The perception of being a certain skin color has been played up in the past, however, most notably by children of "mixed-race" parents. If you're interested in an at-length exploration of someone being "transracial", might I recommend The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man, by James Weldon Johnson. It deals heavily with the idea of "passing", or black people of an acceptably light skin color being able to "pass" as white in the early 20th century.

But scientifically speaking, the definition of "race" actually refers to being able to sexually reproduce with a mate of similar qualities. To that end, outside of a few genetic aberrations, there is no "racial" difference between anyone of a different skin color. There's only one race we all belong to, the Human Race, and for 99.998% of us, we are sexually compatible with everyone else that is classified as human. Kind of like Dogs, what you're actually seeing is an amazing assortment of genetic diversity based around a kind of "template" genetic code.

This makes the whole idea of being "transracial" absurd. People "pass" as white, but usually so that they can enjoy the benefits of not being discriminated against on every level of society.

Reminds me of a screencap I saw recently of some guy talking about a date he went on with a girl where she told him that she was really glad that he was white and not a "sand-n*****". After a pleasant evening of food and dancing, they went to her place, had sex, he ejaculated inside of her, she passed out. Then he wrote a note to her explaining his mixed Middle-Eastern Heritage, how his first name was selected to seem "more American", and how she had just betrayed everything she (incorrectly) believed in, and never called her again. Mixed feelings about his treatment of women aside, the underlying point is that she liked him well enough to fuck him, when the indicator in her mind of whether or not she should like him was was based on a perception so shallow and fallacious that she deserved a bit of that mental anguish.

Tl;dr no matter how much rap music I listen to and no matter how fluently I speak "jive", I can never be transracial because I can never experience the kinds of discrimination that legitimately effect people of darker skin colors. And in fact the idea of "transracial" itself has literally no grounding in scientific literature (if you find any work indicating it does, check the date and the source because that shit was debunked in the 1930s).
>> No. 381236
What happened to this thread you fuckers aren't posting hot pictures of yourselves. You blew it all up.
>> No. 381237

I usually don't post pictures of myself. Besides I'm not presentable or drunk.
>> No. 381238
Fucking people sending friend requests from their dumb lazy kids in high school I am not a homework help phoneline you assholes fuck off
>> No. 381239
File 137324640364.jpg - (401.76KB , 1280x720 , 710_5_large.jpg )
>You blew it all up.
>> No. 381240
NSFW bit reminds me of something I was wondering earlier today. If Person A gives Person B hell for being gay, and Person B isn't gay, isn't that still homophobic? The only reason Person A hates them is because they exhibit traits Person A associates with homosexuality.

I'm not hot in the slightest. Sorry about that.
>> No. 381241
I did more pixel art stuff:

>> No. 381242
It's too fucking hot in NYC to do anything.
>> No. 381243
That's what you get for living in the seventh circle of Hell.
>> No. 381244
So hot, I didn't even leave my place all day.
>> No. 381246

It barely broke 90 in NYC today.
>> No. 381247
i went on an awesome date. i hope she thinks it was as good as i did.

holy god she's pretty.
>> No. 381248
Did you get a restraining order against you?
>> No. 381249
File 13732555157.jpg - (421.85KB , 840x1260 , 152.jpg )
not yet. she hasn't even seen my final form.
picture maybe related.
>> No. 381250
That's hot enough for me.
>> No. 381251
what is it like having real depth perception
is it pretty cool
>> No. 381252
Fuck no, all the women are 3D.
>> No. 381253
donald draper's guide to picking up women
>> No. 381254
Why go through all that? I just use my hands.
>> No. 381255
maybe those of us who don't know American Sign Language have to resort to other means of seducing women.

... ooohhhhhhhhhh
>> No. 381256
I've seen 3 shooting stars in the past 30 to 40 min.
Is there a star shower event toníght that I didn't know about?
>> No. 381257
You're probably watching a professional wrestling video clip.
>> No. 381259
I'm preaty sure I'm on the roof of a bar in the center of a haunted town.
>> No. 381264
File 137329944292.jpg - (93.04KB , 1017x576 , feelsgoodman.jpg )
>that feel when bowels are emptied after being stuffed
Too bad it only last for like five minutes.
>> No. 381265
>hold pee in for hours
>release it
>> No. 381266
>hold pee in for hours
>get splitting headache
>hate yourself for holding pee in for hours
>> No. 381267
And then you die from water poisoning.

>> No. 381268

>do something

>don't do something
>> No. 381269
File 13733329469.jpg - (1.12MB , 800x1067 , 8381505582_4ea7fc5170_o.jpg )
I wish modern fiction was more accepting of dumb shit for no reason.
>> No. 381270
See, this is why life is completely pointless, and as soon as I pay off my college debt (which my mom is a co-signer on, so she'll get hit if I ignore it) I'm going to become a wandering hobo. There's no point in anything else.
>> No. 381271
My friend knew a guy who got into drugs in a pretty bad way, ended up losing his house and shit, was gonna kill himself, then was like "nah, may as well see what other lives are like" and basically hopped trains for like 5 years.
Sounds legit.
>> No. 381272
if you're already thinking of ending your life...
try picking up a new one. that's my philosophy.
>> No. 381273
>do anything
>eventually die
That feel when not immortal.
>> No. 381274
File 13733428973.jpg - (116.58KB , 500x375 , 1371791483266.jpg )
>supervising a research project
>clinical study comparing no treatment, control treatment, and novel treatment
>novel treatment is brief exposure to cute things

>I am doing kawaii science
>> No. 381275
>Can't do anything
>can't die
That feel when have no mouth and must scream.
>> No. 381276
File 137334875397.png - (4.90KB , 378x227 , peeking.png )
Hey, Ninja.
I volunteer for any future treatment experiments that involve scaring patients back into health. Also disposing of any bodies that may suddenly appear as a side effect of these "clinical studies".

Also, I just received confirmation that I got a volunteer gig in Dallas this weekend. Now I've haven't done a volunteer job in a while, so I'm getting "performance jitters" as it where.
It being at the food festival is actually coincidence.

Kinda wish I go to ConnectiCon in Connecticut. Coelasquid gonna be working there. Go see her if you can.
>> No. 381277
>apply to job in city on a whim, doubt im gonna get it, but whos it hur to try
>get an email
>asking for an interview
>on wednesday
OH god oh god OH GOD OH GOD
>> No. 381278
>stick shift truck because the engine on my nice old automatic decided to sprout a huge fucking hole in its' engine

this thing has turned a relatively relaxing commute into a game of "how badly will I die when this think fails to engage the right gear properly one the highway"

My uncle trying to upsale me on the thing when I said it was stressing me out "you can use it do go slower too, just shift down". What you mean like the brakes? Yeah great I've gone from 2 pedals where I have to do practically nothing to 3 pedals where every time I do anything slightly wrong with the third pedal the engine feels like it's going to shoot itself in the head.
>> No. 381279
You ever get treated like crap, and get if you do anything about it, you know you'll get in trouble and not them? Or you go to someone for advice on it, and they say "if you get treated like crap, you must have done something"?
>> No. 381280
I just beat em up
its whats worked for me

sure I get in trouble but they dont fuck with me

how fun is that
>> No. 381285
You get way more control though.

Unfortunately I don't think you'll be doing much stunt driving so the use of that control will be negligible.

If you think you feel unsafe with that imagine a more complicate version of that without even the shallow protection aforded to you by being in a car, congratulations you are on a motorcycle!
>> No. 381286
I can't do that. Even being like, "Knock it off, leave me alone," gets me in trouble. I'm also possibly the weakest, most timid person in existence.
>> No. 381287
Good story that, teaches you some lessons about life.
>> No. 381289
I've learned when my automatic car is going to shift gears, and let off the gas so it can do so sooner. I reckon this will be useful if I ever give a damn about learning to drive stick.
>> No. 381290
>gets me in trouble
Most people don't find this a problem, you just get out of trouble once you're in it.

Have you tried sharpening a tootbrush and sticking them with that?
>> No. 381291
No. I haven't tried fighting back any way but verbally. I always ended up in the principal's office as a kid for telling bullies to back off, even when they tried to shove me down a flight of stairs or something. It kind of scared me off retaliating on anyone.
>> No. 381292
Why so afraid of getting into "trouble" though? Unless the trouble is in some way permanent (dismemberment/death) it's not really something that should paralyze you with fear. There are degrees of trouble, and even the absolute worst case scenario for defending yourself is not that bad, certainly not as bad as the strain of just taking abuse year after year.

>ended up in the principal's office
Is that the source of this fear of trouble? You know that's not really that bad, me and my principal knew each other on a first name basis, and spent a lot of time talking about life and other stuff. Like when I get sent there I'd bring my various problems to talk about, we shared books and movies, talked about her model building hobby and my sports, it was really quite nice. Most of the teachers were assholes and couldn't give anyone the time of day, but the principal was ok. You're making mountains out of molehills here.
>> No. 381293
No, I'm not. My principal told all of the staff I was insane and not to take any of my reports seriously. Kids would come up to me and threaten to kill or rape me, and there was no one I could go to for help. Even my parents bailed on me eventually. I can't go to them for advice anymore because they don't believe me.
>> No. 381294

Any chance there's a counselor in your school who might be more empathetic to your plight? Of course, most of the ones I met aren't of especially high intellect, so if the teachers have bought into your Principal's message, the counselor probably has, as well.

Your best bet is wearing a wire so you can record these threats. Be very careful doing so, though, because it sounds like anyone catching you with it will cause you even more problems.

Make sure to get more than a few of them so they can't dismiss them as "isolated incidents." Getting the money for this might be hard, so I hope you have some sort of part-time job, because if your parents don't believe you (and tell them I said they're fucking horrible parents) they won't help in this matter. Once recorded, keep the originals somewhere and only bring copies to various people (including your parents) as proof. If they still refuse to do anything, you'll have to go to extremes: report them to the police. I don't know the ages, but this falls under Assault, so the police should do something about it. You'll become a pariah at school (but it sounds like you're one already), and if the antagonists only get a slap on the wrist you face physical attacks from them, so be ready for that.

Speaking of attacks, I recommend taking up some martial art. If you can't afford actual classes, look online for demos and practice by yourself. Work out. Improve your diet. Be ready for a fight, because from the sound of it that's going to be the final thing that will stop all of this. Becoming more physically imposing will also cause many bullies to back down if they begin to think you'll actually retaliate (most of them only go after kids they know won't hurt them, giving them all the power,) so start now before you do anything else.

Seriously, get out of your seat right now and do five push-ups. Do not stand back up until you've done five. GO.

Now, if the police don't take your complaint seriously (and--especially if this is a small town, the antagonists are on the football team, or both--this is likely), talk to the ACLU. I don't know how much they can actually help themselves for this case, but it's a starting point. There are various anti-Bullying programs out there you can contact, too. (Again, having recordings would be incredibly helpful in all of this, but you can contact them now to get some direction otherwise.)

In the most extreme case, if you're 16 or older in many states you can get yourself declared legally independent. If all your parents doing are just ignoring your reports of bullying it won't be easy, as this is usually reserved for separating a teen from their deadbeat/abusive/addict parent(s). Even if you can, it means you're going to be living on your own and supporting yourself, which won't be the easiest thing from the timidness you talked about earlier.

Do you have any adult, teacher or otherwise, that believes/supports you? Unless they are a pariah themselves, your best bet is to use them as a confidant, especially if you can't get recordings of the verbal abuse. After school, make a list of anyone that assaulted you and what they said, and have your confidant sign and date it to state that you didn't make this stuff up after the fact. Once you have a month of these built up, you and your confidant will have something to present to a person of authority (perhaps the Superintendent, since it sounds like your Principle is also stupid.)
>> No. 381297
File 137340039143.png - (88.49KB , 250x324 , tumblr_m7d6k5W2wa1rtx5jpo3_250.png )
Why is Tyler The Creator the best?
>> No. 381299
This was years ago. I'm not being bullied now, save for assholes in my college dorm deliberately blaring music as loud as they can at 4 am when I've asked them to stop.

I still don't have a job, but I'm trying to get one. Not sure how, though, since this is the first time I had permission to get one.
>> No. 381300
Oooooooooh. I thought you were talking about current events.

>I'm trying to get one. Not sure how, though
The "how" varies upon your preferable job(s). Tell us what kind of job you want to get, your skills/experience, and what you've done to try to get it. Surely someone here will have useful advice...
>> No. 381304
i want a self-esteem boost but they're fleeting and altogether self-defeating.

but it sure does feel good when someone tells me they would date/fuck the hell out of me.
>> No. 381305
>that feel when no one says that to me
Actually, it's probably for the best, as I would just feel kinda awkward, especially if it was someone I didn't know well.
>> No. 381306
I would do neither of these things.
>> No. 381308
and nothing of value was lost
>> No. 381309
File 137343711256.png - (152.28KB , 344x250 , tumblr_inline_moxdr878uU1qz4rgp.png )
>just got called "cutie face"
ordinarily I'd be grossed out but awwwwwwww
>> No. 381312
anonex I miss yuo come back
>> No. 381313
>My principal told all of the staff I was insane and not to take any of my reports seriously


This sentence is bugging me. Bullying is normally about group acceptance, seeing if you have a sense of humor, if you can dish out some pain if somebody fucks with you. Like FreeGlass said, normally folks back down if they have one encounter where they find out you aren't afraid to defend yourself, and they figure you're more trouble than you're worth or, in some cases, you display the exact kind of chutzpah they were secretly hoping you had.

Principals do not normally tell the rest of the staff not to believe you unless you truly fuck with their shit beforehand. Rape threats and death threats are some systematic hate-mob bullshit, not "I don't like your face".

There's an aspect of this you aren't divulging to us. Which is fine, all things told, but I do not think Timidity will serve you well whatever your struggle is. In any case, most of what Autonymoose posted is good advice. Dunno if I'd go tape-recorder just yet, a teacher as a confident might be a better bet. Unless it's a wholly hostile situation, in which case yes, tape recording and going to the proper authorities (or the ACLU) would be a bold, if not somewhat difficult to pull off move.
>> No. 381314
The only thing I didn't tell you was that the principal asked them if they had harassed me and they said no, and that's why she called me a liar. My friends brought cameras to school and recorded the faces and names of the people who bullied me, and of them actually harassing me, the principal never looked at them, as far as I know. And the fact that I begged them to leave me alone, the fact that I was in tears over it, it only made them bully me more.

There was also the fact that once or twice they were football players. If they'd been suspended, the team couldn't play. Nevermind that our school football team had always been terrible, and didn't win anyways.
>> No. 381316
I've got this incredibly comfy pair of new pants. But it's too hot to wear them. Or any pants for that matter. I fucking hate you, summer. I hope you die.
>> No. 381320
File 137346013835.jpg - (530.99KB , 1750x2100 , Train_wreck_at_Montparnasse_1895.jpg )
so i was allowed to take a +1 to thie information session about the job with the rail company so i took my girlfriend

about halfway through she went to the bathroom then just after she left two of the bitches from the company also left. when she got back she basicly dragged me out before the session ended

why? she oveheard what the company bitches were saying on the back from the bathroom and it basicly went:

>they think they're going to get a job out of this
>why do we have to hold five of these fucking sessions when we're just going to promote our current employees

so even with being 10 minutes late to the session and leaving early i have as much chance of getting the job as anyone who got there on time: ABSOLUTELY FUCKING ZERO

this is exactly what i assume happened when i applied for the permanant job at my warehouse. they know exactly who they're going to hire but they have to go through the motions to make it look fair

i am so fucking pissed off right now

pic related, its the current status of my hopes and dreams
>> No. 381323
Yeah I'm thinking anon is lying.
>> No. 381324

What is all this bullshit? It's like you don't understand bullies at all. They do it because they're looking for a reaction. When anon goes to the teachers, fights back, complains, resists... and still fails, they win! The only reason bullies focus on one particular person is when they can keep getting the same reaction out of them. It's no fun beating up on a guy who just lies there and takes it; that's boring. It's only fun when they yell and kick and scream and beg the useless faculty for help.

And fighting back? You really must be an idiot. Like the sand people, they will just come back and in greater numbers. Worst case scenario, anon would end up beaten to death.

I've known plenty of people who got bullied in school (I was very frequently a target, especially in middle school when I still fought back), and everyone I've talked too agrees that the ONLY way is to ignore them. Eventually they will get bored and move onto another victim.

There comes a point in everyone's life when they have to realize that there are some battles that just cannot be won. That building a sandcastle right next to the ocean and being surprised when the tide comes and washes it away is moronic; cursing and trying to punch the ocean into submission is even worse. Perhaps that point will come when they fight back against a bully and end up getting suspended instead of the other guy; perhaps it will come when they try and be a whistleblower against a corrupt boss and end up getting fired; perhaps it will come in a struggle to unseat a foolish politician that gets re-elected anyway; perhaps it will come at any other stage of life, but it's best to be learned as early as possible.

I know it goes against the manly attitude of never backing down and never bending over and letting the world metaphorically fuck you in the ass, but it's a waste of your life. No matter how big a fish you think you are, there are always bigger fish than you. There will always be evil persons and groups and organizations that are more powerful than you, and yes it's JUST NOT FAIR; but the world isn't fair, and you're a naive idiot for thinking it is, for thinking that you all by your lonesome can make it fair if you just try harder. It's important to recognize your limits and pick your battles instead of fighting against the sea.

Most people recognize that trying to fist-fight with a grizzly bear is a really stupid idea. This is the same. Sometimes, the best course of action is just to play dead. They'll go away and leave you alone; I can almost guarantee it.
>> No. 381325
Why the hell would I have any reason to lie about this? Honestly. This is exactly what happened. Yeah, it makes no sense, but neither did bullies threatening to kill me when I interacted with them exactly zero times beforehand. Abusers period don't follow anything remotely resembling logic.

I should add that this principal got fired the year after I graduated. It can't have just been me that this happened to.
>> No. 381331
>> No. 381334
I'm thinking these days the best way to deal with these cases would be going straight to the cops (unless you leave in one of those shitty backwater places where the cops are completely fucking lazy and let "kids decide between themselves"). Bullying seems to be taken more seriously nowadays, with anti-bullying laws and stuff (I don't even live in the u.s., but my country seems to be going the same way).

I had both trouble with bullies and was a douche to people who didn't deserve back in school (yeah I can't be sorry enough), and I can 100% bullshit on beign all about "getting a certain reaction". No, it's just plain douchery.

Specially considering how far bullying can go nowadays - I've seen news recently of rape on kids under ten in one occasion, twelve on other - "playing dead" doesn't sound like will help much either. Going to the cops might give you some shit, but if no one else takes you seriously and the bullying won't stop anyway, might as well try to prevent it from getting too worse and prosecuting some bastards in the process I guess.
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