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File 140406376763.png - (202.66KB , 1000x1000 , 1404059883804.png )
163574 No. 163574
Somebody made a thread about this Australian movie on 4chan and it was promptly deleted. However, the characters were cute and several artists took interest. So I remembered this board and figured... why not make a thread here? Maybe when the new art is eventually found, it can be posted here.
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>> No. 163575
File 140406383272.png - (189.44KB , 640x360 , 1404056369433.png )
Links to the movie, split in half. It's in English since it's Australian.


>> No. 163578
File 140406401462.png - (186.42KB , 640x360 , 1404057209377.png )
Alternate links, for if the others give you trouble.


>> No. 163602
>Gumnutz: A Juicy Tale
This is the most porn sounding title I have heard up this month.
>> No. 163603
File 140407372876.jpg - (266.70KB , 1200x1200 , 1404057065894.jpg )
>> No. 163610
What was last month's title?
>> No. 163619
File 140410618697.png - (320.06KB , 1000x1000 , woopydiboop.png )
Dora the Explorer: banana fun challenge
>> No. 163622
I want to see someone draw that!
>> No. 163625
Any way to save these for offkine viewing?
>> No. 163626
>several artists took interest.
Hardly. These should be kept to FOTM threads instead of having little threads scattered everywhere for characters which will be forgotten as quickly as they came to recognition.

Would like to see OP's pic w/o the outfit.

Nice, but borderline hyperdick. She ain't fittin all dat in her mouth.
>> No. 163630
That's what the throat is for.
>> No. 163631
You already made a thread on the other board OP why not just delete this one.
>> No. 163641
Why would I do that? Many people still use this board. In fact, this one got more replies than the other one.
>> No. 163643
Even if the other one is supposed to be the permanent one this is better.

I don't need to fill a recaptcha when I open this board and I can open just the last 50 posts in huge threads here.
>> No. 163653
>> No. 163657
File 140421957391.jpg - (24.94KB , 961x438 , gotta get dat exercise.jpg )
>> No. 163658
File 140421991140.png - (309.81KB , 1200x1100 , Pepper9.png )
>> No. 163659
She's just so fucking adorable.
>> No. 163660
i wanted to joke on that thread "porn when"

guess the answer was "immediately"
>> No. 163687
File 140432794763.jpg - (84.57KB , 1067x963 , Untitled.jpg )
I'll finish the rest later.
>> No. 163695
File 140434267154.png - (532.01KB , 1240x1380 , juicy_tail.png )
Love your art guys. Please continue being awesome. Contributing something myself. I hope i'm not too late for the train.
>> No. 163696
Damn, that's impressive. You haven't missed the train. I don't think the train ever really left the station. I might try making another thread on 4chan about the movie in a couple of days.
>> No. 163742
File 140441797085.png - (183.21KB , 800x800 , ep.png )
into the thread it goes
>> No. 163755
File 140445926210.png - (254.24KB , 773x743 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 163761
File 140447299749.jpg - (134.61KB , 819x669 , hbpepper1unfcen.jpg )
>> No. 163762
Hello, I know you were doing request(s) on the /co/ thread that just got deleted. Might I have a turn too? Might a little real money be good compensation, even?

I would really really like to see Pepper exercising with her regular clothes on but her shorts replaced with a jeans skirt, her tongue hanging out of her open mouth, and her being really sweaty and having lidded eyes. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 163764
File 140447614368.jpg - (24.34KB , 604x323 , 1404404994576.jpg )
Same guy that responded first in the deleted thread.
SFW Pepper avoiding the dangers of Aussieland.
>> No. 163767
This would work better if his legs were under her.
>> No. 163777
File 140450354295.png - (328.67KB , 992x1402 , sketchy_sketch.png )
First of all - no money. Second of all, please be more specific about your request. Which pose, which position of view, something SWF or NSWF, pussyshot, pantyshot. Just come at me brah. And third of all - here have a sketchy sketch.
>> No. 163778
You are a freaking incredible person, I love you for responding to me and (not requesting money even!). Her exercising with barbells is ideal. I had it in my head, I just didn't communicate it. I am sorry.

Now that I think about it, that idea you have there is perfect, but now that you're offering I would want her lifting up the front of the skirt, her wearing a pair of panties, but the panties are pushed to the side for a pussyshot. I really like the way you designed her pussy there >>163695 - Very attractive. That would make it perfect and thank you.
>> No. 163780
Shouldn't be a problem, i'll see what i can do
>> No. 163782
File 14045071865.png - (323.72KB , 992x1402 , sketchy_sketch_v2.png )
How about this ? Any changes ? Gaping pussy perhaps ? Different facial expression ?
>> No. 163783
is perfect imo
could i sugest a blowjob pic ?
>> No. 163784
Are you OR ? Can i start with colorization ? Also we do have blowjob pic already, but yes i can do blowjob one too. Any Specific POV ? Clothing ? Expression ? The more information you provide, more accurate the pic will be.
>> No. 163785
Hello, Original Requester here. Yes, that is absolutely sexy, please make her sweaty like you did in her original picture and color it in. It looks incredible, thank you.
>> No. 163786
well my all time favorite is
lying naked with a look of satisfaction and masturbating while doing oral
>> No. 163787
She's always wearing shoes, even in the porn. In the ones she isn't, her feet are behind her or out of view. No cute visible paws.
>> No. 163788
Yeah, pardon me for being honest, but it would be really sexy to see something of her stinky little paws when they're out of her shoes after a workout.
>> No. 163789
I can include her paws in req

She didn't had any paws in the movie. I can either use her brother paws as refference or real anteater paws. You can decide untill i colorize previous request.
>> No. 163791
File 140451711555.png - (871.38KB , 992x1402 , sketchy_sketch_v2.png )
Hope you'll like it !
>> No. 163792
Amazing, oh god that's hot thank you so much. You've taken my initial idea of putting her in a jeans skirt (which she should be wearing anyway!) and pushed it 5 steps beyond that. Wonderful. Absolutely mouthwatering.
>> No. 163793
Cute! I like your style!
>> No. 163795
File 14045224878.png - (338.29KB , 992x1403 , sketchy_sketchy_bj.png )
Have a sketch

>> No. 163798
friggin awesome
>> No. 163799
Oh excellent, we get to see a little of her feet. Very nice, covering two bases at once!
>> No. 163800
Just out of curiosity. How do you draw a spread pussy?
>> No. 163801
I guess....like a spread pussy ? I drew
which should be pretty self explainatory
>> No. 163803
File 140452892347.png - (628.72KB , 1240x1754 , sketchy_sketchy_bj.png )
Hope you guys like it. Time to sleep, at least for me.
>> No. 163804
I mean, can you draw one spread pussy? You don't need to make the complete drawing. I just want to see how it looks like.
>> No. 163805
File 140452981895.png - (164.20KB , 848x480 , vlcsnap-2013-12-26-04h05m34s156.png )
You have done so much for us, thank you for all of your fine work with pretty little Pepper. I have been doing little but thinking about her all day.
>> No. 163806
File 140453057966.png - (174.53KB , 773x648 , pussy.png )
Ah well....
Before you ask, i draw without refference pics.
Also, pussy type depends on type of character i'm drawing, some have cleaner color, some have shades of brown on their inner labias etc.
>> No. 163807
Although I like more lolish kinds of pussy like this http://tbib.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1134128
The one you draw looks good!
>> No. 163808
When I posted that pic on /co/, I got blocked for 15 minutes. Then later, the thread was deleted and I got banned for a further 3 days. It didn't even show anything!

Oh well, I'm glad someone liked it enough to save it. Working on the final version now.
>> No. 163809
We had a faggot in the moderation. I emailed moot and to my surprise things seems to be tamer now (or maybe it was just coincidence) but the kind of shit he was deleting/banning was ridiculous.

From my observations it was some aspie janitor deleting and reporting everything as furry, even non-furry characters 100% SFW (and a mod that would concede bans without verifying the content) I got a ban for this kind of shit too but my ban mysteriously disappeared after I emailed moot.
>> No. 163810
You know that you can get a new Internet IP address (the one that gets banned) by giving your router a new MAC address and power cycling all of your internet equipment, right? I use it whenever there is a nice furry thread going on in /co/ that I need to post in and some mod bans me for some lame reason.

Can't wait to see your final version!
>> No. 163811
Yeah, I thought something seemed fishy about that.

Oh, I know about the IP thing, plus I have other ways of getting around it. It's the principle of the thing, really. We shouldn't have to put up with mod/janitor bullshit like that.

Unfortunately, I won't be finished this one tonight... I have to pull some overtime at work tomorrow, and I've run out of time for now. Hopefully it'll be done over the weekend, though.
>> No. 163813
Now, I was going to ask our wonderful artist here. Are you willing to do more requests? I will get as hardcore as I actually want, you have really teased me with your skills. The question is, are you ready to do something like that?

It will involve peeing, incest, paw fetish and sweat. Are we ready to break some barriers here, or are we still shying back?
>> No. 163814
Depends. What's on your mind. I'm not really fan of scat or smelly feets. Peeing is kind of in my comfort zone though, and hardcore too.
>> No. 163816
hoppin for some good old hardcore and not just some disgusting fetish
>> No. 163817
File 140456862036.gif - (2.94MB , 400x252 , 1388474166952.gif )
Still no specific requests given.
I can't work like this.
How about some lesbian scene with char from other show ? Or whatever...
>> No. 163818
File 140457428768.png - (158.35KB , 640x362 , gumY12.png )
Oops, I went to sleep. My request is nothing too disgusting, I mainly wanted to see her having sex with her brother, Claude, on her hammock thing. No big focus on disgusting feet or whatever, mainly just something to fuel my imagination.

She just got done exercising so she is sweaty and exhausted and she is laying face up on top of him while he is under her taking her from the back and they are kissing. You can see her shoes and socks taken off to the side but she is still wearing her pink top and white shirt. Pepper is peeing while her brother is inside of her pussy and her feet toes are spread apart and you can see her pawpads on at least one of her feet. Her legs are doing something cute, perhaps her knees pointing towards each other like you have going on in >>163777 or spread apart in some other cute manner and Claude is grabbing her ass with one hand.

I wanted this on /co/, but naturally such a request would get insta deleted so here it is.
>> No. 163819
I sort of regret bringing paws into this equation now. I like cute paws, but I didn't want this "stinky feet" obsession to come into play. How the hell does one even portray stinky feet in art? It's a drawing! You can't smell it! I just wanted to see her cute little feet.

So ignore the feet. She prefers shoes anyway.
>> No. 163823
I'm the guy who asked the pussy before. I wasn't going to request anything more but since you seems eager to work them please make her nude spreading her wet pussy and looking the viewer in the eyes with a lustful face. Make sure to make her extra cute and huggable.

No need to hurry, just leave this for when you are out of requests.
>> No. 163827
Damn, nigger; you've got a serious case of Waifu Dependency.
>> No. 163828
File 140459428716.png - (117.39KB , 544x483 , pepperwip.png )
is her neck too broke?
>> No. 163829
excelent work.
i love boobs as much as the next guy,
but shes a loli
would love to see more loli if posible
>> No. 163831
Well hey, good old' fashioned regular incest is great too! Looks good, just make sure Pepper is a loli as mentioned.
>> No. 163832
People take the time to draw art for you and you bitch about how there are breasts. Honestly, I think the aforementioned train has come to a halt. I don't think this has much more shelf life.
>> No. 163833
Your comment does nothing but stick a nail in the coffin.

I'm still having a good time waiting for anything that's being contributed, plus it was just a recommendation. It's not like anyone is telling the artists to put their pencils down and don't bother finishing whatever work you do because it's not loli - We will appreciate anything.
>> No. 163834
It's a friendly critique of anatomy, the character has a small chest. It'd be no different than pointing any other body part that's out of proportion.
>> No. 163836
I haven't got a problem reducing the tittty. But given she's the older sister I thought she could at least be budding a bit.
>> No. 163838
File 140462745956.png - (226.69KB , 1206x1252 , gumnut4.png )
A sketch for you /pco/.
>> No. 163839
File 140462786977.jpg - (194.25KB , 1024x837 , hbpepper1.jpg )
VERY nice! I love the perspective.

Hey, whaddaya know... I've got a delivery, too.
>> No. 163840
Cool! Has a lot of energy. I like it a lot.
>> No. 163841
File 140462901415.png - (284.79KB , 1055x841 , gumnutz.png )
>> No. 163842
Train halting myth?

>> No. 163843
>all this porn
Stay based /co/.

Flavor-of-the-Month Express will eventually run out of steam. I give it two more weeks at most.
>> No. 163844
One should never try to predict the end of a waifu cycle. It only discourages the artists and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
>> No. 163845
Awesome, I love to see more incest
>> No. 163852
in a rare turn, i actually liked the slightly larger boobs *because* of the intended sneaky sideboob shot.
>> No. 163863
File 140466407722.jpg - (296.60KB , 1536x1457 , image.jpg )
Here a screenshot.

A ghost kissing a paper girl on the cheek? Banned! Yiff in hell furfag!
An Ice cream with bed eyes and nurse mask? How lewd! Banned! Yiff in hell furfag!
>> No. 163871
There is no facepalm hard enough for this.
>> No. 163892
If you even stop going to 4chan for a couple weeks then go back, you will be amazed at how bad it seems and how utterly ridiculous it is that furry material is still not allowed. It's the "badass" place to be on the internet if you're 16 and you gotta bully them sick furries out to fit in with anonymous. Yeah, so cool.
>> No. 163894
The problem is not even that. Furry fandom is not the same as cartoon animals and the rules are more for furry porn. But to that janitor anything is furry porn. Doesn't matter if there is no nudity, just because a fucking ice cream have bed eyes it is a banable offence.
>> No. 163896
That's understood but my spin is directly addressing, who gives a shit if it's the furry fandom. Quit specifically selecting out the furry fandom and its material. Who even cares except for some fake-ass cool kid guise of selecting out a group of people in order to be a correctly behaving "anonymous" community? We're not in high school even though everyone on 4chan is. At least I'm not.
>> No. 163897
In my opinion the no furry rule is similar to the no loli/shota rule.

No loli/shota outside /b/ doesn't means no loli/shota characters it just means no loli/shota porn.

That janitor is just full of shit.
>> No. 163899
The thing is that the rule clearly states no loli/shota pornography while it just says no furry which could mean anything. If any we need to get moot to change it to furry porn so that it would be clearer to people.
>> No. 163900
Nah, because Moot also doesn't want people's furfag OCs, even if it's sfw.

What we need is a moderator who isn't an immature cunt. He's not trying to enforce some misinterpretation of the rules, he's just abusing his power and fucking around. But that's never going to happen.
>> No. 163906
Kangaroos have balls ABOVE their penis.
>> No. 163907
Actually they are numbats, although I am not sure of their reproductive structure positioning, but it is confirmed that all marsupials have a two-pronged penis and two vaginas.

Requesting double-pussy Pepper, anyone?
>> No. 163908
That other one is a girl? Wouldn't have guessed from the way she looks...

Are there any really feminine anthros in this movie? Maybe a villainess?
>> No. 163910
File 140475646290.jpg - (45.77KB , 400x263 , image.jpg )
Interesting, I couldn't find a picture of that but I found this when googling.
>> No. 163912
I'd like to request Pepper nude, snorkeling with goggles and flippers uw. Add an air tank if you want to turn it into scuba. Australia is big on snorkeling/scuba so I think its fits.
>> No. 164025
File 140505169967.jpg - (211.73KB , 1024x867 , hbpepper2.jpg )
>> No. 164026
File 140505177272.jpg - (222.29KB , 1024x867 , hbpepper2cum.jpg )
>> No. 164035
This could be the cover of a porn comic
>> No. 164039
Heh, yeah, if only someone would make one.
>> No. 164045
Yeah, about that? I heard a rumor that one is being commissioned.
>> No. 164297
>Bubblegum and cum Hell yes.

If any artists are around: How about her doing yoga or biking in spats or yelling something semi lewd in Australian slang? (the accent does things to me)

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