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File 13845088683.gif - (115.22KB , 1000x800 , Alopex and box.gif )
148480 No. 148480
ITT Promotion Games and Western VNs

Sooo... I'm working on a Teen Titans romance quasi-game-thing. It involves talking to Raven and choosing the right answers to get her to "open up" to you.

I'm going to the /evn/ (English Visual Novel) general over at 4chan's /vg/ board but I'd also like some input from here.

What are some good /34/ games based on Western characters? Super Deep Throat comes to mind but what else is there?

Also, I didn't draw the image of Alopex, mainly animated her blinking and added the box and text. This will be how I test things while I work on the art for the Raven project. Writing's already done.

I'd also like to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see in terms of content and/or features.
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>> No. 148492
I guess there's the Legend of Queen Opala that got a lot of talk here a couple years ago. It's an RPG Maker kind of game with a rather extensive storyline and image gallery. Although you sort of have to be into ridiculously big titties, monster/animal sex and probably rape.

You can cross that first one off my personal list, but I still played through the game and enjoyed it both for its qualities as a game and for the porn dimension of it (but probably more for the gameplay value, and I think that's really cool).

Other than that... I played some hentai Flash games in my day for what it's worth, but my experience with VNs isn't Western. If you're doing a dialog-only deal, I can't think of much advice that wouldn't apply to all dialog-writing in general. Good luck, though.

What engine are you using?
>> No. 148495
File 138453796228.jpg - (82.66KB , 1500x700 , Raven-Phases.jpg )

I'd be making my own in java. I know there are some frameworks that I could use as well. Not to mention applications specifically for making vn games but I need the practice and being able to build my own from the ground up is something I strive for.

Writing is done, working on art for a bit. I really need to get back into programming for this. It's been about a week.

Here's the first few phases of Raven. Each one gets progressively sexual. I will be animating her eyes and doing the backgrounds separately. I will have to find some sound fx and background music (royalty free) to use as well.
>> No. 154465

SweGabe, mind behind Legend of Queen Opala, wants to make a prequel game. Legend of Queen Opala- Origin. Might be something to look at. Fenoxo gave it a plug and I liked the first game AS a game. So check it out.

OH, check out Fenoxo's TiTS game. http://www.fenoxo.com/
>> No. 155048
So Legend of Queen Opala got it's votes, and it's halfway toward it's goal. So if you want to send some money his way check it out.
>> No. 155060
File 139343311430.jpg - (88.30KB , 646x505 , Bill Clinton THE GAME.jpg )
im playing it right now.

second game is quite hard, im level 46 and theres still a couple dozen boses that are kicking me in the dick.
>> No. 155152
Anyone know where to download Legend of Queen Opala gold edition?
I tried the wiki, but I don't trust them...plus they seem to be password protected.
>> No. 155157
So is Trials In Tainted Space basically Corruption of Champions IN SPACE?
>> No. 155171
oh i dont know

did you try putting Legend of queen opala gold edition on google? thats how i got it
>> No. 155201
Well, it kinda is, I guess. A alpha version is playable if you want to compare games.

It doesn't have much in it right now. It seems to have an interesting story planned out.
>> No. 163890
>> No. 164302
Opala alpha has been released
>> No. 164303
sweet link
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