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File 13648578393.jpg - (57.18KB , 476x638 , 1e4a3b01a94ef1d90eb949fdf1a8dccbcc4f2090.jpg )
135618 No. 135618
ITT /34/ Artists you used to like but don't anymore

Who are they /pco/?

Let us know why they don't appeal to you anymore (fetishes, strictly ponies, not improving, etc.). And try to be civil.

I'll start with King-Cheetah (or whatever he's calling himself these days). I liked his work because he had this cartoony style that was very sexy. Breasts, hips, face, I liked it all. But then he kept doing the same poses and never really did more than his sketched pin-ups. In fact, I think he's gotten worse, or at least lazier. Not to mention his male anatomy was pretty bad. I still enjoy his Hey Arnold pics (even if he is a Lila x Arnold shipper) and the Alfred the Hedgehog stuff was good, too.

But it was all the same.

Not to mention he can be pretty bitchy. He gets some his Hey Arnold pics deleted off Deviantart and he deletes his whole gallery. In fact, he's done that quite a few times (even his FA account is wiped nearly clean and he's cleared out a lot of his Storm-Artists gallery).

What about you guys?
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>> No. 135620
File 136486164678.jpg - (248.96KB , 850x1100 , 1050930 - Mrs__Hedgehog The_Mysteries_of_Alfred_He.jpg )
I do recall he (or she) going apeshit over his (or her) art being posted on rule34.paheal.net, then suddenly changing his (or her) mind.

That isn’t a reason to hate his (or her) art, though.
>> No. 135623

I don't hate his work and definitely not because of his temper tantrums.

The main reason is samebody/sameface. I still like his style but his work has gotten really stale.
>> No. 135624
I would talk about fluffy, but that just makes me cry.
>> No. 135625
King-Cheetah is cool when he isn't throwing temper tantrums. Still don't understand why he is going back and forth about the paheal deal, it's pretty stupid.

As for his art, as I recall he is a guy in his 40s-50s or so, he is doodling the way he is used to, not in a way where he wants to keep improving.
>> No. 135626
Wait what happened to Fluffy?
>> No. 135627
>> No. 135631
I'm curious to hear. For a time I thought I had heard that Fluffy was the paid personal porn slave to that weird guy who is madly in love with Brandy Harrington.
>> No. 135632
>> No. 135664
File 136492371420.jpg - (284.03KB , 635x900 , 1338411251797.jpg )
I remember an artist; DTMS this guy went apeshit over people saying he copied or traced his art; in retaliation he took down every single picture he had.

if only someone had the archives of good ol' DTMS

only picture i know i have
>> No. 135665
File 136492510238.jpg - (466.27KB , 755x900 , 364816 - DTMS Michelene_Mavinsky Mike_Lu_and_Og.jpg )
The name rings a bell... haven't even noticed he was DNP on paheal.

shit, there's barely anything there now that isn't DNP.
>> No. 135672
File 136493173388.png - (1.02MB , 800x913 , 4ba8dff0b33b96b9a74bdb9935791b8b57f94cc1.png )
Cuteemmy for me. I still like her art but I don't like what she's become: a money grubber and a beggar. She used to be such a nice person to do business with but sometime between 2011 & 2012 she became very hard to deal with. Always begging for donations, accusing people of 'stealing' poses from her, and just coming off as desperate overall. Then she kept going back and forth with her commission prices never having a standard price and only changing them when it was convenient for her. If you did somehow manage to commission her she would either take forever refusing to give you a refund or the art would be really lazy or half-assed. Then at one point she would ignore commissions completely after they'd been paid for and only draw her fan-pairing of her OC and Raiden from MK. On top of that she was so desparete for money that at one point she started selling nude pictures of herself and I hear she still does provided people ask. She still does the same stuff nowadays asking people to pay for commissions first and take forever to get them done and from what I understand after all this time she still hasn't said anything about getting a job so she can stop relying on people from the internet. So yeah. Her art is good but I don't like how desperate and greedy she's become.
>> No. 135674
File 136493233910.jpg - (331.75KB , 640x708 , 131235847542365874.jpg )
Zody/Romzy; at first he was actually funny, but ever since he started using FA just to troll the furry porn community with seemingly non-stop misleading pictures and thumbnails, his quality just started to dip and clearly pandered to the easily amused (he was practically treating every last one of his uploads as if it was April Fools Day).

He thankfully stopped, but his smut lacks variety, which he keeps blaming his "lurkers" even though this could easily be resolved by scanning through his gallery and realizing "Hmm, maybe I shouldn't keep doing just big butts, below-average humor, and innuendos and actual try sexual acts/intercourse that differs from my usual stuff, without censors!!"

And recently the only way to see even slight traces of what he should be doing is through charity drives to gather a bunch of money just see a small handful of mediocre picture for insane goals upwards of $600 before bringing it down to $400, but it'll probably go back to a whopping $600 or even more because he along with other sub-par artists. I get it's done for charity, but if you're going to making incentives to donate, some form of actual effort into your pictures would be nice to go with it.
>> No. 135680
got any of her nudes by chance?

sorry but i don't recall demetry moters ever throwing a bitch fit i know he got into it with a comissioner that tried to rip him off and a forum turned against him but as far as i know demetry always seemed pretty down to earth. we used to chat over msn back in the day. might be able to find him on wwoec (now that place fits this thread pretty well. fucking douchebags...)
>> No. 135682
I would like to have his pictures; they've been removed from the interwebs for a while
>> No. 135684
File 136494281978.jpg - (669.92KB , 1125x1500 , gogo_andy.jpg )
That sucks that he vanished.
Here's a pic I commissioned from him ages ago of Gogo and Andy.

I commissioned VP a long ass fuck time ago and got nothing from him in all this time. From what I've heard, a lot of other people have waited a long time for him to deliver.
>> No. 135685
OH now I remember him! I've got a whole bunch of his pictures saved on my PC. Thing is they might take a while to organize. Still I can look if you guys want.
>> No. 135687
Oh fuck that guy.

He came on /co/ once with a bunch of censored stuff and wanted everyone to practically beg for him to show it. It was just bizarre and dickish. I can understand wanting pay but this was just him fucking with people.
>> No. 135688
Plus he was such a drama queen on DA. He closed his account just because it was hacked.
>> No. 135689
Fluffy said they wanted to do professional work, so they couldn't do porn anymore.
>> No. 135690
Yeah, dude came on /co/ and acted like a real dick to everyone. I told him that if he kept it up, he'd get a bad rep.

Then he kept it up.

Shame too, cause he did decent Ruby Gloom
>> No. 135691
File 136494648075.jpg - (434.51KB , 3322x900 , 69978753.jpg )
This is all I have by him.

If you really care about the order of the girls that much, go into MSpaint and rearrange them yourself.
>> No. 135693
File 136495089628.jpg - (91.48KB , 821x486 , PORNDEBATAN.jpg )
Well, this popped up in my reports queue & I kinda agree...

Unless you all can keep the PICS coming and keep it civil? I don't mind a discussion, but this isn't the first time such a thread has been started and it almost always goes down in flames & bans.
>> No. 135694
Who is "they?"
>> No. 135695
File 136495232533.jpg - (722.43KB , 1200x1158 , 159025.jpg )
I was going to refrain from posting in this thread because it seemed too negative but whatever.

I thought Destiji was really great at first but his pics lost their luster quickly. Which is weird because I love lolis and feet. I can't reasonably accuse him of sameface or samebody or samepose, which is normally the problem when I get bored of an artist. I honestly think the problem is samefeet. They always look the same. How weird is that?
>> No. 135696
>> No. 135698
Not that weird I don't think. If you love feet, then you probably focus on them, so if they get repetitive, then you are probably going to lose interest. I think that is a similar complaint that people have about PALComix and how they do nipples. Kinda one of those once you see it you can't unsee it situations, so the first thing you thing is when looking at the pics is "yep, copy/paste nipples/feet,whatevers"
>> No. 135699
File 136495394933.jpg - (109.23KB , 838x600 , 488898 - AwesomeArtist Elisa_Maza Gargoyles Matt_B.jpg )

I know that it could go that way but I'm glad it's been decent so far. It's like those SAY IT NOW! threads where every post isn't to be taken as a troll or negatively replied to.

I remember starting a thread on here a while back about "off model = death" what with that shitstorm that happened way back then. That went pretty good, too. Not sure how that turned out after a while, though.

/co/ has threads about stuff they don't like all the time, usually staying very negative throughout the thread but not getting 404'd because of it. I guess that kind of behavior isn't tolerated here (once again recalling the "off model = death" fiasco) but losing interest in an artist, especially /34/ artists, seems to be pretty common.

Remember gunsmo-- I mean AwesomeArtist (I'm seeing a trend here)? After disappearing and reappearing a couple times, he's on a paysite now, isn't he?
>> No. 135706
>wwoec (now that place fits this thread pretty well. fucking douchebags...)

Ain't it the truth now truth be told not everyone there sux there are some that are ok but most of the mods can SUCK IT!!!! they defly need a regime change there.
>> No. 135708
File 136497263811.jpg - (270.17KB , 1275x1650 , 1042609 - Aelita_Schaeffer Code_Lyoko folvo_mynox.jpg )
This guy that goes by folvo_mynox in WWOEC gets on my nerves for some petty reasons, if I say so myself.

The dude does Code Lyoko porn, which is something weird in and off itself, so I really shouldn't complain.

But most pictures are far too rapey for my tastes.

And the dude seems to have this unspoken dislike for Jeremie/Aelita images, which coupled with his self-insert ALWAYS featuring in Aelita pictures (which is my favourite Lyoko girl) makes me have a love/hate relationship with his work.

Also, another person I have an issue with is Esenkas. Dude had an intersting artistical evolution, but the dude has wiped the internet from most of his pictures, constantly teases variants that never show up anywhere (maybe he sells them? I dunno), and a lot the pictures of his that can be found have the most shitty compression imaginable.
>> No. 135714
Please bro; he had some decent Becky Bottsford
>> No. 135717
That would be weird if his pics are actually hard to find now. I remember that years ago his stuff seemed to be everywhere.
>> No. 135725
File 136500964266.jpg - (215.33KB , 920x711 , 385726_MarmaladeJane_20120920173433.jpg )
King-cheetah takes commissions and never actually does them.
Read how many comments he gets from people he swindled; they are everywhere on his acocunts FA, DA etc.
I was one of those suckers.
After A year he changed names SIX times!!!!!

I ended up harrassing his sister because he gave me her email.
The only way I got answers is to use all of the four different email he gave me over time. And even then I rarely got answers..

It's not like I was stalking him; no more than 1 email PER TWO MONTHS
I only asked him to confirm IF HE WAS GOING TO DO THE WORK i PAID HIM FOR

No I don't hate his art.
I hate the person

-He sells and upload TONS of shit, but does not draw the stuff he's paid for.
-He uploaded some sketches related to my commission BUT DID NOT SEND THEM TO ME OR INFORMED ME!!

Here is a autoportrait of Shaun Howell.
his real name.
>> No. 135726
File 136501063818.png - (497.84KB , 588x1240 , 592599 - Homestuck Idlecil Jade_Harley MS_Paint_Ad.png )

Idlecil was great and started exagerrating his poses, proportions and juice expodentialy (spelling)

He got worse by doing more.
How do you get that?

Now his stuff looks like dismembered people having and epileptic seizures in cum pools
>> No. 135727
File 136501195643.jpg - (747.60KB , 850x1202 , 1363973915983.jpg )

His linework is still good, but I'm not a fan of his shading technique. Same thing with Pandora's Box, actually.

For content, Reiq used to be a serious favourite of mine, but over the last year and a half, he really seemed like he was phoning it in. From what I understand, his new artstyle is an attempt to keep things fresh and interesting, but I've long since given up hunting down his art. That, and the wet variations of his pics are a complete mess from the overabundance of spooge flying everywhere.
>> No. 135730
>strictly ponies

Oh man, that reminds me of John Joseco. He had this site, Thong Revolution, that was going to be getting a total makeover in late 2010... He was gonna start doing comics, regular updates, commissions, the works. Work on the site was delayed and all we got was some sporadic updates on its progress.

Then the final updated posted on the site, March 22 of 2011:

"Sorry folks for a lack of updates. You can see that the Web Mistress is still working on the update. Last discovered that Friendship is Magic... you know what I'm talking about. Confound them! Confound them all! If you like to check out what I been doing, you can check out my Deviant Art Page

You may have to turn in your man card for this unless you're comfortable with your masculinity."

99% of his art has been Ponies since then. Thong Revolution lies abandoned and forgotten, an unfinished archive of broken promises.
>> No. 135731

I do wish he made Tali or Totally Spies pictures again, but I can't really complain about this change personally

REALLY dig his pony pictures.
>> No. 135732

now don't get me wrong, I love his work and shit, but he's such a fucking hipster. It seems like he's only ever going to work on obscure random shit and, when he does work on requested stuff, it's usually half assed.

It also seems like he's gotten lazy, he should try to experiment with more than tentacles, or at least get a bit creative.
>> No. 135733

His art doesn't seem too hard to decensor (hell, I think he got annoyed for someone uncensoring an April Fools flash of his last year, which wasn't even all that good). Hasn't someone tried to uncensor that pic, though?
>> No. 135735

Call me crazy, but I like the obscure shit. I'd rather see someone do some good work on lesser-known shows than another few hundred Kim Possible pics or whatever. Zone doing random out there stuff is a good thing, regardless of what you might think.
>> No. 135736
I stopped looking up several artists' work because they'd left whatever fandom I was interested in and proceeded to work on other series or original work that I wasn't super interested in. (I do like non-fanart work, quite a lot, actually, but so many people have webcomics, and very few of them hold my attention.)

I'm not mad at any of them, though, even the ones who deleted a lot of their old artwork. They've gotten better as artists, I'm proud of them.
>> No. 135737
oh but they poofed; i now have 2 pictures of DTMS
>> No. 135739
i dont like how shia only does dickgirls/furries or stuff where the girls are unhappy now
>> No. 135740
File 136502017667.jpg - (65.55KB , 604x447 , 1025707 - Zone Zone-tan.jpg )

There's nothing wrong with giving some obscure stuff some love. Modifyers is one of those pilots that's been fawned over for a long time (Roger Bacon did a couple of jams trying to get attention to the series). There's also Wasp from Avengers. Wakfu. Etc. I'd say it's all over the place and that's good.

I would say Zone is pretty much my favorite /34/ for the amazing quality and skills he brings to his work. However, that Toph video was baaaad even for his skill level at that time. And there is the issue of his frequency (that ending to his Wakfu flash with all the comments), but the guy is putting that stuff out for free and doesn't even care when the paid content is leaked (its fanart so he shouldn't anyway but there are plenty of artists that are like that, though).

Also, ZTV is... well... there. Haven't really bothered watching any of the newer ones but I'm hearing I haven't been missing much.
>> No. 135742
File 136502055785.jpg - (220.89KB , 600x800 , fionna_by_japunix-d5zwmuu.jpg )
Y'know after he supposedly left he came back as an entirely new person called Japunix. Now both entities are on DA as of this year. What's weird is that Japunix's pictures are so much better in quality than Esenkas' and he charges less for commissions than Esenkas. They're obviously the same person but I can't imagine why the fuck he would do something like that.

I'll look but I can't promise anything real soon y'know?

Yeah I like his pony pictures too especially the humanizations, but it does kinda suck that's all he does now. He's a real nice dude though. He's constantly hosting charities and stuff.
>> No. 135746
Is you-know-who still butthurt about his old website being overtaken by furries?
>> No. 135750
File 136502931949.jpg - (319.09KB , 640x708 , romzy edit beta.jpg )

Yes, but the person has been on and off due to "lack of references" from the user, which I can't blame. He waited for anyone else to help, but got refused left and right despite the other art editors tackling pictures with seemingly less quality than that one.
>> No. 135761
>On top of that she was so desparete for money that at one point she started selling nude pictures of herself and I hear she still does provided people ask.

That's the first I've heard of this. I got bored when she started focusing on her OC and Raiden, then thought less of her when she decided she didn't want her work on Paheal (which was a shame because I liked her work that didn't involve OCs). If you're telling the truth about her selling nude pics of herself, then I've lost whatever respect I might have had buried down inside for her. The rest of what you said is bad enough, but something about an artist selling nude pics of themselves alongside commissions that they don't finish disgusts me. Was she facing a financial crisis or was it just greed?
>> No. 135762
File 136503283344.jpg - (123.70KB , 700x970 , 643867 - Powerpuff_Girls Sara_Bellum Thong-Revolut.jpg )
He was behind Thong Revolution? I loved that site. Didn't ButterCupSaiyan also get completely taken in by ponies?
>> No. 135764
Dunno, but Kevinsano did, and it's a pity, he did a lot of stuff I liked and the art was very good. Then all of a sudden, ponies everywhere.
>> No. 135766
File 136503426396.png - (853.53KB , 800x870 , ba498b9619c99ab896a7ef113b79238d.png )
I shouldn't have called her greedy cause it did seem like she was struggling but still the way she constantly begged for donations and promising commissions that take forever (some never) to happen was getting really annoying. Plus she always commissioned other people to draw her OC and Raiden together so she couldn't have been too bad off.
>> No. 135767

>Y'know after he supposedly left he came back as an entirely new person called Japunix. Now both entities are on DA as of this year. What's weird is that Japunix's pictures are so much better in quality than Esenkas' and he charges less for commissions than Esenkas. They're obviously the same person but I can't imagine why the fuck he would do something like that.

That shit is so fucking weird.

>> No. 135768
Fair enough. I can sympathise with her to some extent, but it's still pretty bad of her to take money for commissions and not finish them.
>> No. 135773
Well there's the chance he isn't the same person and just has a similar style, or he is trying to sell commissions under a different name to... uh... sell to people who have a grudge against his real name? Attract people who can't afford his Esenkas pics without lowering the prices to regular Esenkas buyers? I really don't know... I can see having different names and price lists if one is your porn name, one is your pinup name, and one is your general fanart name. ButI don't get the feeling that is the case here?
>> No. 135774

Well, Japunix has done pinups mostly, and I think all the pictures posted were commissions, so maybe it's just a management thing?

I think they are the same, Esenka's latest decent quality pics were insanely close in coloring and style to Japunix's.
>> No. 135776
Yeah, probably something like that. Japunix's current commission guidelines are a bit weird now.
>> No. 135797
Usually when their stuff gets way too creepy, they make onto my shit list. So, yeah... too many to count.
>> No. 135855
Shia draws what he's paid to draw and little else right now. I hear he's been thinking of slowing down on taking commissions (or stopping entirely) to focus on getting a bit steadier of an income that's not reliant on the whimsy of commissioners.
>> No. 135868
Whatever happened to Scribblekid? I lost track of him when he started doing straight-up guro. He was always one of my favourites, and his character designs were always hot as hell, but... why guro?
>> No. 135886
>Whatever happened to Scribblekid?

Dave is up to this site nowadays.

Apparently guro pays better or something? I dunno.
>> No. 135888
File 136518753464.png - (455.12KB , 1280x589 , concept_art___molly_update_by_teh_dave-d5suih8.png )

It happens... Not too familiar with this guy's earlier stuff like Chugworth Academy but he's always been into guro, right? It's just that it's now all he really does?

I hear he says that he's commissioned to do it.
>> No. 135895
I'm pretty sure he just gets off on it. If he were open to commissions surely he would do non-guro occasionally.
>> No. 135896

>> No. 135903
File 136520712011.png - (372.60KB , 500x664 , tumblr_mjuk0q2nt91qedou1o1_500[1].png )

Always demanding attention, playing cute as to be that 'internet waifu'
I mean, its cool, right? Draws herself as a milf, a loli and that sort of thing. Then also draws herself being eaten out by pokemon...
She's fucking smart. I'll give you that. Idealizing and shit for ... I dunno, attention I suppose.

And people just eat it up.
>I’m not exactly the most attractive eating pie at 3am
>I don’t know what you guys were expecting..
>> No. 135907

I fukken love her.
>> No. 135909
Well of course you do.
She's based her whole internet persona around being 'fukken love'd.
>> No. 135910
What I'm saying is, its feels so artificial and fake and try hard and people still buy the whole act cos she's that god damn idealized artfag waifu.
>> No. 135913
scribblekid gets off on guro, he is a bit weird and its a shame because his early stuff was great. when he started showing pictures of his cut up oc's though i stopped following him
>> No. 135918

I find the whole constant self-insert thing to be more than a bit creepy. Very much attentionwhoring and immature (OMG silly boyz and lesbians, leave me alone). She's a good artist, sure, but whether you use a webcam or a tablet, it is still the act of begging for attention directed at her person and not at her skill.

This is a real surprise. I remember this guy's art I think (didn't he make that Jade's Game parody comic?). I had no clue he was into guro, much less that he would decide to make it his main deal.
>> No. 135922

Guy used to put out some nice smooth furry drawings... But then he became a brony, it's all nice and stuff, but the problem is that being a brony turned him into a drama queen, whatever happened he ended up deleting everything from his FA and never heard from him again...

Can't be bothered to like, let alone follow an artist that erases every trace of their existence as soon as something goes wrong :/
>> No. 135924

>Can't be bothered to like, let alone follow an artist that erases every trace of their existence as soon as something goes wrong :/

So many people do this. I don't quite get it.
>> No. 135927
Probably either a take my toys and go home sort of deal (don't worship me? then fuck all ya'll.. if you want my stuff beg for it) or an art depression sort of thing (hating your work and feel depressed from looking at it).
>> No. 135936
File 136525583355.jpg - (195.79KB , 825x1275 , HO6tm.jpg )
Oh, Jay Naylor, where do I begin... how about going from straight sex, to kinky sex, to NTR sex, to gay sex, to transgender sex, to mixing all that up and just forgetting about the straight sex? Or how about the normal comic strips that wallowed in politics and drama?


I don't really bother reading a person's comments on stuff. Especially if it involves them. I just want to fap to their stuff, not learn about their views on things and themselves. I guess that stuff with Ehryel (apparently that's what she calls herself now) doesn't bother me as long as she's drawing lesbians... come to think of it, she's been slacking off...


>> No. 135939
Or maybe they were being harassed and decided they no longer wanted to deal with it.

I understand hating your own art, too. If you draw something for yourself, it's your choice what to do with it. It sucks when you really like a piece and it's gone from their site, but it's their decision.

I read the comments just in case there's anything important in them.
>> No. 135968
File 136527356367.png - (268.26KB , 573x850 , pin_up___princess_by_teh_dave-d5theil.png )
Do you know where can I finds his non-guro stuff?
>> No. 136022
who cares? she's drawing good porn. she deserves the attention.
>> No. 136025
File 136528114369.jpg - (262.87KB , 600x891 , April_O__Neil_by_Teh_Dave.jpg )

Just like you, I get it from his DA page because that's pretty much the only place he won't post his guro. I think there's a couple of Angel Corps comics that actually doesn't end with the girl getting killed... and then having her corpse fucked...


I'm noticing a pattern where the artist kind of brings it on themselves and acts childish about it. They have nobody to tell them how to conduct themselves and the really popular artists turn out to be prima donnas.

As for the comments, well, if you do then you have to accept the good with the bad.


She's barely drawing porn anymore. Callmepo is churning out /34/ practically on a daily basis and I don't even know what Ehryel did last.
>> No. 136040
For drawing porn. Yes.
For being manipulative? Selling t-shirts with "her" showing only lips and cleavage, and making herself, the image she's created the protagonisst? She has it - doesn't mean it isn't fucked up. I commend her for being smart enough to usurp the thoughtless horndogs that follow her around being porno BFFs. Like I said.
She's smart.
But its fucked up in my opinion.
>> No. 136042

Ehryell has been doing little of anything for a while now.

Maybe too many commissions taking her time, or real life getting in the way.

Or maybe she's just took a break.
>> No. 136043
I would be curious to see how the disclosure of gender improves the popularity of porn artists.
>> No. 136044
So long as Ehryell can handle the persona she has created (and it seems she knows what she's doing), I actually applaud her.
>> No. 136048
File 136529076972.jpg - (78.93KB , 427x992 , flame_princess_sketch_by_14_bis-d60onat.jpg )
Better add 14-bis to the list. The ego on this one is ridiculous. He hosts art jams on his DA page and then only lets in the ones he deems are good enough to be in it. I know he does this and hopes that some of the people improve but it's a massive middle finger to those that aren't up to his standards and just want to take part in it.

I've had a couple of mine get in, one got rejected by him but it still got quite a bit of views and faves. But I've looked at the comments he left for others and they could be pretty harsh. If it was for a job and the crits were needed, sure, but we're talking about an art jam done for fun.

Also, I now find his poses boring and his /34/ content to be mildly stimulating. His painting skills are still phenomenal but his composition are lackluster.


She still draws little pics of her OC, even animated a couple. But that's it, really. I think she did some collab with MLDoxy involving humanized ponies.

Also, I know MLP is very polarizing, but what's the opinion on humanized ponies? On one hand, they're human, and the other hand...
>> No. 136050
File 136529209538.jpg - (234.92KB , 1134x756 , 170017_14_bis_Jenny_Wakeman_My_Life_As_A_Teenage_R.jpg )
I wasn't aware he was still hosting jams. I thought after that one time he got banned they told him he couldn't anymore because they "promoted the sexualization of minors" or some bullshit like that. But I agree, I like his art but not his attitude. Same goes for bbmbbf.
>> No. 136053
14-bis is also dnp on paheal, no idea why. He had HUNDREDS of pics up there - for some shows, practically all the porn was done by him.
>> No. 136054

Pretty sure ALL artjams are like that.

Besides, Fernando's usually get A LOT of answers, so it makes sense to me to filter them somewhat (though I do notice that he only ever displays the most artistically impressive ones, as opposed to say Linno when he does his - though he also never shows EVERY picture).
>> No. 136055

That said, I do agree that while Fern's painting skills are great, his work can get pretty lackuster.

He has this pseudo-realistic painting style that clashes with the cartoony stuff he draws, and his anatomy gets VERY wonky because of this.

And yeah, the DNP thing is some fucking bullshit.

Nothing angers me more than an artist that suddenly decides to hide his whole body of work.
>> No. 136056
File 136530035048.jpg - (35.95KB , 357x510 , ae316f0ec00ee4e089377d6d6e6be428.jpg )
Agreed especially if they hide it behind paysites. Ever since I followed the guy he teased this picture of Atomic Betty on his page but never made it public (at least not long enough for some people to see it) 6 years later some good Samaritan posts it on R34 booru in all its glory. That makes no fucking sense to me as to why people feel they need to hide their work like that.
>> No. 136057
there are, i once download them all out of curiosity but it isn't worth it. even in the ones without all that horrible shit there always is the implication that one of them is going to die.
>> No. 136058
Well if you're a chick it doubles it.
If you make a character out of yourself and have a bunch of guys drooling over you for your attention while you're playing coy "oh i dont know why you people like me uughhh" it seems increase it tenfold.
>> No. 136059

i'll admit i do enjoy their art but they too come off as a know-it-all sorry i just don't care for that type of attitude.
>> No. 136061
Particularly the loli ones. Can't find any of the Lil Susie ones.
>> No. 136065
I tune out self-inserts (female and MALE, SHONUFF I'M LOOKING AT YOU) if the art's good enough, along with any "acts" for attention.

Art/fetish degradation is a much bigger offense. Naylor, Shadbase, Destiji, whhhhyyyy...
>> No. 136071
Oh yeah, Destiji goes way too far with the fetish thing. I can handle some foot fetishism, even though it's not my bag. But anal prolapse? Sorry, not sexy.
>> No. 136072
I actually like his ageho style. I just wish he'd do more, oh and maybe try something that isn't the homestucks
>> No. 136075
BBMBBF needs to drop that idiot who keeps commissioning comics of Jade getting spanked. Too much of a fetish can be bad and can kill a boner. Also he need to add artists to his paysites if he wants to get people to join them.
>> No. 136076

Are you kidding?! I'm pretty sure that guy's paid enough to put his kids through college.
>> No. 136109
File 136536410327.jpg - (67.69KB , 600x963 , celestia_final_by_mldoxy-d5hgadi.jpg )

Once again, I pay very little attention to their comment but... dayummmm! I would very much like to get this whole collection. I heard there were futa versions? If so, not interested in that.
>> No. 136118
File 136536908983.jpg - (134.30KB , 1000x730 , chloe_2012_03_23_by_jollyjack-d4tryv5.jpg )
To please the mod, try to post some promotion images with your post, preferably pertaining to an artist you're talking about

Also, JollyJack. I... I don't even know where to begin with this guy...
>> No. 136132
>Once again, I pay very little attention to their comment

Yeah i should really quit payin attention to those as well...i don't know i just figure artists should be humble and willing to help others not as fortunate as them but it just seems many have tricks they don't want you to know but be sure to dangle it in front of you.
>> No. 136135
Doxy's art I really do like.
The faces aren't really that... good or anything, but what he does with colouring and giving everything such a good sense of space and volume. Gotta love that.

...Well, Hazel 34 had to be done at SOME point.
Didn't expect it from HIM though. Nor the way he did it...
>> No. 136136
File 136539456222.jpg - (17.53KB , 424x158 , Snap128.jpg )
>So apparently some of the mods and members of this so-called forum *cough* wwoec *cough* is butthurt and does not feel our opinions are valid because we are posting as Anonymous and also because plus4chan is supposed *crap now*

Now the problem I have with this is whether we are posting Anonymous or with trips, does not mean what we say is less valid. i'm sure many of you others have noticed what we have suggested as wel,l and may agree or disagree with us, also this is not a whole thing of he said/she said we hate or love, it's a subject I and i'm sure many others need to be addressed and looked into or investigated to help the porn community be more enjoyable and tolerable rather than stale and overused.
>> No. 136155
is the wwoecforum that bad? Compared to batshit insanity i've seen on certain chans and paheal, the forum's considered normal.
>> No. 136159

It's a huge echo chamber/hugbox. Everyone brownnoses the artists to a sickening degree, critique is a bannable offence and a large portion of the userbase will probably wind up in some government database before the end of the decade
>> No. 136160
File 136543412535.jpg - (1.21MB , 2000x1425 , JasmineCP2.jpg )

Nice to see discussions occurring from one site can catch the attention of another site or user. Most of their post reactions are just funny for being unnecessary or asinine.

It reminds of how lulz.net harped on Skidd for rushing his stuff and using Jasmine mostly for sex appeal, despite running an sfw (sort of) tumblr all about her. What happened afterwards? He indirectly initiated a cease and desist on Jasmine porn on himself and everyone else, which is still in effect even today. I don't believe people stopped drawing Jasmine porn out of respect, but out of fear given how popular and influential he and his girlfriend Pshuke (if they still are together; I keep hearing his relationship with her's been rocky) are.
>> No. 136163
I have mixed feelings on WWOEC. I've been a lurker or member there for, hell, around 7+/- years maybe. The members seem rather friendly for a porn community, and it can be a good place to quickly find images on a website that you know isn't going to give you virus or hit you with ads or something. In theory it would be a good place to post adult work without the need for high quality (a double-edged sword for sure), but as it seems the Hentai-Foundry has greatly reduced their standard of quality required for posting in the past 6 months to a year, and with sites like tumblr and blogspot allowing such content, that freedom is losing its uniqueness. Similarly, nowadays, most artists who post there also post their work on other sites as well. And yes, then of course there is the unspoken "no say bad things" rule. I seem to recall one of my first posts on there was indicating that some artist might try fixing something in a pic, and I proceeded to get chewed out, As for benefits to the artist, it can be another high traffic way to get your work seen, but if you are trying to sell commissions and/or get constructive feedback, you are still likely better off posting to Hentai-Foundry or DeviantART (well, not the hard stuff).

In all, the members are friendly and it is a low barrier to entry/low threat of rejection place for new artists to share their porn, but in this day and age, those benefits are becoming less unique and the site almost best serves as a somewhat easy way to learn about new porn (see: the Image Board section).
>> No. 136179
File 136545615811.jpg - (199.16KB , 900x867 , hula_girl_comm__nude_beach_ii_by_shonuff44-d36ng3j.jpg )
Another obvious one. I quickly got tired of his work. I feel that he has a bit of talent in the composition and action scenes area but I haven't seen it translate that well in his naughtier pics. They come across as awkward and I can't say I get a rise out of them anymore.

I won't even talk about the furry self insert.

And what is it with black artists and butchering the female form (I should point out that I'm also black)? Tits that sag to the knees, asses that just balloon out, ridiculously puffy areolas, and just portraying the girl as one big glob of fat?


Is that thread in direct response to this one? If so, I hope those guys come here, read these posts and study up on what they can do to improve not just their art but their work habits. This is actually a very civil thread. Sure, we're talking about the negatives of artists, but we are connoisseurs listing our grievances with a niche form of porn we have grown very passionate about.

If you think about, we are their primary audience. We're being truthful and offering them an insight they either were oblivious to or simply tuning out.

If I was a porn artist and I was given a checklist of things I had to fix, either in my art or work ethic, I'd copy the list, put it on a wall next to my computer and keep improving until I crossed them all out.

On the other hand, receiving criticism is one of the hardest things for an artist. It'd be like asking every girl how good you were in bed.
>> No. 136188
I'm not defending that guy, but some guys just like thicker girls.

I know there are people out there who do a better job of it.
>> No. 136195
File 136546200285.png - (179.73KB , 1024x731 , one_piece_boobies_by_blacksen-d5zkpoy.png )

Oh I know, but I feel that there are some artists who take it too far.

Pic related, Blacksen. I watched him for a bit because he had some good stuff posted but then I kept finding issues with his anatomy and breast physics. He posted this a couple weeks ago.

Spookyblang, Ovens, and GK have shown me that girls (most likely chunky girls) know how to properly glorify the thick female... and make her naked.
>> No. 136196
Let's save those for the "Artists you fucking loved from the get go" thread.
>> No. 136197

Good idea! Might as well have some balance, right?
>> No. 136219
>If you think about, we are their primary audience. We're being truthful and offering them an insight they either were oblivious to or simply tuning out.

If I was a porn artist and I was given a checklist of things I had to fix, either in my art or work ethic, I'd copy the list, put it on a wall next to my computer and keep improving until I crossed them all out.

Goddamn Was Bored I love your Point Of View as well as others and this is defly what I was trying to get at. Sure criticism, can be hard to take at times but in truth it helps you to improve as an artist as long as it is "constructive criticism" and as for the forum let's just say mods tend to change their rules every so often and even tend to break those rules on purpose but ban others that do the same thing. And then you got the easiness of the banhammer no matter how minor the infraction the banhammer comes down and ego's come into play especially the mods. now im not sayin the banhammer shouldn't come down but there are times when u can just turn the cheek or not even acknowledge the so-called "infractors".
>> No. 136222
File 136547786913.jpg - (111.03KB , 915x966 , Snap139.jpg )
>Is that thread in direct response to this one? If so, I hope those guys >come here, read these posts and study up on what they can do to >improve not just their art but their work habits.

Here I want you to see why this will probably never happen and to see what type of mentalities you are dealing with here. Plus, ya know it's funny our discussion is very civil however their thread does not seem as civil XD LOL
>> No. 136223
File 136547797598.jpg - (77.98KB , 556x828 , Snap141.jpg )
and another.
>> No. 136224
File 136547809511.jpg - (28.54KB , 915x178 , Snap136.jpg )
and here's the last one.
>> No. 136226
Here, i'm not anonymus lol

I'm the guy who made the post about KnifeH and how him removing all his pics kinda burned him for me

I gotta ask... Is people seriously that afraid of an imageboard? I never understood why people are so scared of being made fun of on the internet -___-
>> No. 136229
oh they know. more than you think
>> No. 136230
Just like I'm back on /cwc/.
>> No. 136232
>I gotta ask... Is people seriously that afraid of an imageboard? I never >understood why people are so scared of being made fun of on the >internet -___-

I don't think it's so much they are afraid of an image board Roler, it is more we are challenging their power and bringing the truth to light and it's kinda giving them a bad wrap and they don't like that but the funny thing is, if you were to straight out tell them this in the open or in a PM you would be banned for however long they feel like it. If u really challenged their ego then you'd probably be banned indefinitely XD LOL
>> No. 136233
As best I can remember, wwoecforum and/or what it stands for have been ridiculed by 4chan itself since that imageboard's first few years of existence. I'd imagine most members are probably used to it.
>> No. 136273
File 136553800373.png - (1.79MB , 1112x1280 , 13649_365436874.png )

Yeah, even after his Jasmine-centered cease and desist move, his art hasn't really improved that much. Just the same thing, but with more bloom. It doesn't always work in games due to an over-abundance, same goes for furry art.
>> No. 136274
File 136553852546.jpg - (133.56KB , 826x589 , Fantastic_4_Frankies_by_Garabatoz.jpg )

Eh, it reminds me of any other forum. People will act negatively towards criticism because they feel that it's an attack on them personally. Yet they rarely realize that there's constructive criticism to be had.

They don't seem to see that by looking at this thread and taking notes, learning from the missteps of their peers (and themselves), and actually applying themselves more in the future.

I did a Wonder Woman "Work on Your Porn" pic and it got blasted a couple times. And you know what? I'm going to redo the whole thing. You know how I felt when I got the criticisms? Like crap. But I got over it. Just like I have in the past. I want to improve.

You don't get better in a vacuum. You learn from outside sources and one of them should be honest constructive criticism.

I should also say that there are artists who know the issues people have with their work, acknowledge it, and ignore it. There's nothing wrong with that. Creating art is about the artist first. It's about expression, even when making porn. But if you're trying to entertain other people, then you'll have to take their opinion into account as well.

So, if anyone from WWOEC is reading this, listen up: We only want you to succeed. Iron out those wrinkles and you'll be topping our lists. You want that, right?
>> No. 136282
Oh man.
She is just
so good.

Amanda Lafrenais is another highlight on that front, she's excellent.

...Well that's legitimately disappointing.
>> No. 136298
Once again very good points Was Bored. I enjoyed reading it all but since it seems the wwoec thing kind of got a lil out of hand I'm gonna stop talking about it not really sure what I was expecting to get out of it since I know a regime change WILL NEVER HAPPEN....

Now onto Gara they too are hit n miss with me. I enjoyed their stuff when i first discovered them and here and there but lately, or even for a while now not so much, it just seems Gara has a tired old style that also isn't being improved on as much as I would like to see as well.

btw Was Bored may be out of bounds here but u got a tumblr or DA or anything? I'd love to check your stuff out as well.
>> No. 136309
File 136556915794.jpg - (94.73KB , 900x713 , Miss_Tanga_and_Verona_by_Garabatoz.jpg )

After going over his DA gallery, it's actually not that bad, I might be a bit too judgmental. However, in terms of his /34/, yeah, hit or miss. He's still pretty good. All his stuff is done in pen now but that's about it.

My tumblr is: http://notfortheprudish.tumblr.com/
Disclaimer: My original work sucks.
>> No. 136317
I don't even know which artists those are in question, but if they can't ignore a little bit of negativity, then fuck them. Like regardless of what some random anon said about them, if they weren't insecure they could have just ignored this thread and passed on.

But instead they whined about it on their hug box.

It doesn't matter if it's valid criticism or just plain slander. If someone is talking shit about you, you do one of two things:
A. Examine yourself and try to be better
B. Ignore them, because they're assholes

So seriously, to whatever artists are getting assmad over things said in this thread: stop being a bitch.
>> No. 136320
I find it sort of weird that we're all congratulating ourselves on how awesome we are for giving great criticism and how these guys are just assholes for not appreciating it, when we're doing it behind their backs rather than in an email to them or at least on their own comments pages or forum.

It's like, yeah, okay, congratulate yourself for being such a connoisseur of free pornography if you like, but I think you guys have turned this into a circlejerk about how great your criticism is every bit as bad as the WWOEC circlejerk about how great their art is. And supporting the good artists is a far better way of reinforcing your opinions about art than whining about the bad ones. If you're really interested in improving the state of Internet Pornography, perhaps you should consider commissioning someone whose work you do like.
>> No. 136322
File 136558717644.jpg - (148.84KB , 427x992 , the_ice_queen_sketch_by_14_bis-d60w1v8.jpg )

This thread is the same as a group of people criticizing movies or games. Except the subject is porn artists.

Also, I didn't start a "artists you don't like" it's a "artists you don't like anymore." Why? Because there's that sentimental nostalgic feeling you got from when you used to like them. It's not hate, more like disappointment.

If you look closer at the thread, people are saying good things about the artists they are highlighting. Some of us want to like the artist again. And it wouldn't be that hard.

Hell, >>135664 just wants access to this guy's work again.

We're fans and we're simply airing our grievances with our once favorites.

And who is to say we haven't confronted these artists or have seen others that have? If that forum in WWOEC has proven, it doesn't always pan out that well.

As for commissioning artists we like, we have a thread on /pco/ with nothing but that. In fact it's part two, I'm assuming the old one has reached its limit.

That reminds me, 14-bis recently made a couple journals on trying to get more clients. Looks like he's not getting as much work as he used to.

Meanwhile, Callmepo (#2 favorite porn artist) is constantly churning out commission work.
>> No. 136337
File 136560842926.png - (204.17KB , 675x529 , 13650825454.png )

Not all artists are considerate enough to listen to criticism from a single person; it takes a group to get the message through their high horse and then through their minds.

It's even worse when there's an evidential language barrier that would at times lead to irrationality, which is why I lost my respect for this user, Twistedterra. 2 misunderstandings (one with Lapinbeau and one with Disney apparently or something) and she acts like the clear victim and blows things out of proportion, but barely anyone had the balls to confront her about looking into the other side of, well, any issue.
>> No. 136338
File 136560858251.png - (446.54KB , 1330x3760 , overreacting too much on being betraied twistedter.png )

She also has a bad habit of retconning her journals in order to bury every bit of evidence of even the potentially most miniscule of problems, like so...
>> No. 136339

The single thread on wwoecforum that was about artistic criticism got locked after a page and a half because a retard couldn't tell the difference between shitty anatomy and style, and got massively butthurt when I pointed that out.
>> No. 136357
File 136562476437.png - (767.13KB , 1280x800 , 1277558378_knifeh_femnife_wallpap__1280x800.png )
Keep in mind that while some of these artists might actually come across this thread and actually read it, the majority of them will block you on-sight for even daring to think of giving feedback

It's not like this thread exists to talk behind their backs for the sake of being jerks towards them, they simply won't take any sort of criticism in their own faces, hence why we have to express ourselves here

(Posting a pic to keep the thread from becoming text only btw)
>> No. 136389
File 136566006835.jpg - (118.08KB , 600x662 , alexXclover004-TR.jpg )
John Joseco. Mainly because he hasn't updated Thong Revolution in two years and all he does now is draw MLP (not sexually, thank goodness).

Attitudes like that are basically why I don't go to any forum, ever. Between the huge-ass avatars that are three times as big as the posts they are with and extreme circle-jerk (not that it can happen on chans, but it's easier to tune out/turn away).
>> No. 136390
File 136566115979.jpg - (68.70KB , 500x536 , tumblr_mfpnzdHif21r2r7jpo1_500.jpg )
>all he does now is draw MLP (not sexually, thank goodness).
Thank god for that. Though I like his human versions of MLP, specially the sexy ones.
>> No. 136392
Why is there a thread with nothing but namefags complaining that they've fapped so much to certain artists, that they don't like them anymore?

Is this useful in ANY way?
>> No. 136394

Doesn't he still draw for Slipshine? He's called "JJ" there, but really hiding behnd his initials doesn't fool anybody. :) He's the artist for Anathema and uh... Cherry Bomb, I think it was.
>> No. 136401
i think the real question is are you contributing in any way or just trolling? I'm leaning towards the latter
>> No. 136404
I know that artist back when he drew a fancomic for this insane fanboy who had a raging boner for Cammy from Street Fighter. Ironically the fanboy hated hentai in all forms and thought girls don't do hentai. Funny thing is that most of the Cammy art he collected came from h-artists and probably never read CLAMP's earlier works.
>> No. 136409

I hope you realize you're not contributing in any way either.
>> No. 136411
File 136569526879.jpg - (97.32KB , 600x863 , tumblr_m0z1xmsmTs1rqtgdro1_1280.jpg )

And it's been over a year since he updated human daring do. I guess he got too uncomfortable about it given the adult themes on it as opposed to everything else he's done.
>> No. 136525
>the adult themes on it as opposed to everything else he's done.

You know he has a comic on Slipshine, right?
>> No. 136527
I figured he had enough with the premise.
He drew some nice pictures but it was never intended to be a long run project.
>> No. 136542
Its an online discussion board.
Nobody's ever contributed anything.
>> No. 136549

I'm glad we agree.
>> No. 136567
File 136588410446.jpg - (394.30KB , 718x678 , 1345905346_romzy_ohdeer.jpg )

I know what this guy's talking about, some series called Cherry Bomb. Like all the others, it's not completely free, though, unless you have access to all the pages for free, in which case, do share.


He keeps blabbing on about a secret project that may change all that. Personally, I don't buy it. And hopefully someone can uncensor that picture; it seems to be one of his few good ones despite its censor.


I actually found a VERY old archive with some of his old smut. Ironically, he had more variety then than he does now. Maybe looking at his old porn would give him a wake-up call of sorts.
>> No. 136658
>and all he does now is draw MLP (not sexually, thank goodness)
Uh what? Doesn't he have a tumblr all about that?
I've seen at least one 34 pic of Fluttershy he done a couple years ago, too.
>> No. 136691
This is going to be a massively unpopular opinion, but Bruce Timm.

Good artist? Yes. One of my biggest art inspirations? Yes.

However, nearly every woman he's ever drawn, were you to remove their costumes and their hair, has the exact same fucking face and body proportions. No matter what their ethnicity or personality or what they've been through in life. It's not just his females, either. Even as a kid, the sameface between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne confused the hell out of me.
>> No. 136694
Aeolus is falling off.
DLT hasn't put out anything new and is obsessed with Danny phantom
>> No. 136705
>(not sexually, thank goodness).

dude... what? him and Megasweet are like the twin faces of sexualizing MLP. Why would you even have a problem with that?
>> No. 136711
File 136608283693.png - (0.97MB , 918x1137 , 1051454 - Friendship_is_Magic MegaSweet My_Little_.png )

>him and Megasweet are like the twin faces of sexualizing MLP

There's a clear difference you miss. Megasweet has gone full rule 34 with MLP, human and non. John is only filled to the brim with sexual innuendos/sexual implications with MLP. Remember, there's a difference between implied sex/rape and actual sex/rape
>> No. 136712

John Joseco rarely does hardcore stuff (it's Slugbox and Megasweet that are the twin faces of sexualizing MLP)
>> No. 137007
File 136658271830.jpg - (144.17KB , 302x524 , 13665285425438.jpg )

Well unfortunately, don't expect him to change any time soon, especially with this recent upload. =/
>> No. 137012
ponymouthhugs.com <- isn't that JJ's work?
>> No. 137019
Not even close. A common theme in his art is "softness" and thick lining.

Unless he seriously changed his art style just for MLP.
>> No. 137020
In addition the DA link given for that site is http://kevinsano.deviantart.com/ JJ is http://johnjoseco.deviantart.com/
>> No. 137083
File 136672741214.jpg - (388.11KB , 1200x1500 , Darkdoomer_DSC06245W.jpg )
>Darkdoomer (Kayanamasha)
>Used to be banned from FA, is unbanned.
>No longer draws, has just scribbled some pony shit this year and that's all.

What's wrong with artists today?
>> No. 137086
My speculation: Artist piss people off to avoid his alternative identity.
>> No. 137091

He also hasn't updated his webcomic, The Lounge in a very long time.
>> No. 137131
DDoomer/Kayan is just lazy and preoccupied with fucking around as Patachu and being a bizarre Frenchman. There's nothing "wrong" with that. He's just a silly man.
>> No. 137370
File 136718245820.jpg - (224.21KB , 900x897 , nafyo - oh LALA.jpg )
There are a handful of artists who love to gather attention repetitively. Nafyo here fits that annoying trait to a T with his adult art. This picture was upload and deleted from his FA account over 4 times and it honestly got agitating seeing the same thing over and over, hearing no form of rational reason as to the constant deletions.

Thankfully someone uploaded an archive of his pics here: http://img120.imagevenue.com/gallery/loc513/808_1676_NafArchive.php
>> No. 137438
I do.
>> No. 137441
File 136734799165.jpg - (220.19KB , 1548x1272 , 143931.jpg )
hate to say it, but Legoman. Every image is the same thing, deflating tits, hips, sameface, and boring positions. At first it was great, but now it's meh, but i think i just got bored of his style
>> No. 137452
File 136736287327.gif - (109.33KB , 430x350 , tumblr_mlrj02AAIW1rd8tfco1_500.gif )

I will agree with the sameface but I still some interesting stuff popping up on his tumblr from time to time. Especially the animations.

Obviously the man loves anal.
>> No. 137455
File 136736609490.jpg - (84.76KB , 665x581 , IMG_6241.jpg )
yeah, the animations are pretty good and the abyssal buttholes get pretty old after a while. If there's something that can bring my erection up again from LM it would be some peach like this
>> No. 137456
File 136736974316.png - (109.25KB , 655x439 , tumblr_m8olpbl7bp1rd8tfco1_1280.png )
LM is currently my favorite dirty artist. Sat in one a couple of his streams, got some requests done, and saved the entirety of his Tumblr.
Early on I liked his lines on gray style, as I browsed I liked his Skyward Sword Zelda interpretation (cry more about the cuckold fags), focus on anal, and just general sexbomb-ness of his girls. I think he's a legitimately capable artist too, not just a one sex trick pony like some others who've done nothing but porn so long they're incapable of much else or aren't good enough to do anything else and be taken seriously as a talented artist, like King Cheetah or Drew Gartner for example.

The gripes I have are minimal. It is called "sketchdump" after all, expecting completely finished works there is looking for orange juice in an apple bar, but I'd love if more of his posted works there were more than portraits and position frames with areas of detail.

I don't agree with the common accusations of same face or generic posing, but that's mostly from watching him draw live, not just judging on what's posted to various sites. Comparing his Hinata, Daisy, Chun-Li, Cammy, Zelda, and random girls on the stream document; they're not same face outside of the common sexy theme of like thick eyelashes and sultry expressions, I think, and the poses they were all rendered in (giving a footjob, standing and spreading ass, squatting and laying down spread eagle, kicking, respectively) were all pretty diverse across the few sessions.

Just my fanboy 2c.
>> No. 137458
I kind of wish stocking-garter-clips (whatever they're called) existed in Triforce patterns like those. Even fan versions.

I can deal with thick eyelashes on all women. Rarely do cartoon women have canonical eyelash thickness-- generally all females in the show have the same eyelashes.
>> No. 137459
File 136737469981.png - (90.97KB , 496x611 , tumblr_ml0iy3q5fx1rd8tfco3_500.png )

The eyes are usually half open and look off to the side a bit. That's pretty much 70% of the girls' eyes. There's also the mouth. It's big puffy lips that are slightly open.
>> No. 137460
File 136737492720.jpg - (130.70KB , 1280x936 , tumblr_mlh7vkAQH11rd8tfco1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 137461
File 136737497091.png - (127.03KB , 682x608 , tumblr_mlhex5rlOt1rd8tfco1_1280.png )
>> No. 137462
File 136737580165.png - (72.60KB , 414x505 , tumblr_ml8j2omGPR1rd8tfco1_500.png )

I'm not knocking the guy or anything. It's just that there is a bit of... consistency in the faces... I've seen him do other expressions at least.
>> No. 137464
I can understand where the complaints are based from, I just don't see it as a problem after consuming entirely the base of art there. There's only so many ranges within the confine of "sexy" and how an artist interprets it, and I observe it not happening more often than it happening.
If we ever get to a Zimmerman level, we've got trouble then.
What he could really work in in stead of that, is getting scale/proportion practice. Watching him draw he looks to have trouble with sizing the head and torso and everything and will go back several times to readjust those areas.
>> No. 137465

I think the biggest issue is him actually completing his work.
>> No. 137509

Bullshit, I am an artist there and I most certainly didn't get brown-nosed for my art nor is critique ban-able. If your just gonna put someones art down then yeah you get the fucking banhammer. But if you post critique and actually help you are fine.

BTW just so you know, I'm not just a person hiding behind anonymity, My wwoec name is DBZNoob. I personally enjoy being on that forum. It's by no means the best place ever, but it certainly isn't what you make it out to be.
>> No. 137530
And yet we can clearly see just how assmad your circlejerk forum got about a thread of opinions on a completely different site. If you weren't so insecure then you wouldn't have to care that some random, anonymous people don't like your art.

But your so use to the hugbox that when someone huwt yor fweelings you had to:
1. Make a thread about it
2. Come over here and fuss some more

Like, you're actually making things worse by coming here all mad
>> No. 137531
>nor is critique ban-able

surely you jest...
>> No. 137564
this is why we can't have nice things. both sides acting like assholes here.
>> No. 137568
I think WWOEC is oversensitive when it comes to critiquing their native artists, which makes sense in a way I guess, don't want to scare them off, but to be quite honest, it is hard to get decent crit on toon-porn sites. Your best bet is to throw it on paheal and see what people say there. Sure, they like some shitty art and sometimes ignore quality works, but at least you are more likely to hear both sides than the ass-pats or idle trolling that you get from some other sites.
>> No. 137667

And you wonder why they think that way when, we see posts like yours...

Regardless, I do come here because I enjoy this place too. And I didn't come here mad. You took the use of the word "Bullshit" and figured I was raging around fuming at my keyboard. I am not.

Not to mention I have posted here before, I have posted on paheal, and I've posted on other sites. I don't care if you think my work sucks I draw because I want to, I color because I want to, and I line-art because I want to.

Anyways, You can keep bitching about WWOEC for all the fucks I give, but I'm getting back on thread.

Personally I can see the Zimmerman effect happening with LegoMan,s expressions and such, but at least this guy still has some variety.
>> No. 137711
Jesus, you're coming here like a child "defending" your internet clubhouse because someone said some mean things about it.

Acting like just proves all the shit people say about your forum. Something damaged your hugbox, so you have to fix it.

You could have been an adult and ignored it. Or even a good person at listened to the other posters that offered reasonable criticism. But no.

You're so sensitive and easy to bother. You should have ignored me, but you just can't. Grow the fuck and realize that your forum doesn't need a white knight.
>> No. 137719
Would you pretentious fuckers shut up and post some porn? God, you're worse than the WWOEC fuckers with your self-congratulation.
>> No. 137723
Yeah, this is going in circles.

WWOEC has good stuff and bad stuff. And so does all chan boards for that matter.
>> No. 137736
WWOEC = Da hugbox, right?
>> No. 137748
/pco/ is the biggest hugbox
>> No. 137879
File 136802312299.jpg - (567.73KB , 1500x1418 , 1112641%20-%20Bigtyme%20Mr_Bean%20Oddrich%20Roxy.jpg )
>> No. 137919
File 136807247687.jpg - (226.34KB , 449x677 , 1356645115_romzy_breeeeding.jpg )


Well it looks like they'll be at it again. I honestly hope that they'll have better pics to offer, because look at all the fucks given on that journal so far.
>> No. 138290
dont forget the stiffing people on orders/payment

he often (ie. pretty much always) gives a "free sketch" with orders of sketches/image packs he sells, when he (often) needs money he also just sells quick sketch comissions

he also OFTEN delays actually doing the sketches, then "loses" them, then forgets about them, then refuses to acknowledge they ever existed

basically you pay 10-20$ for a sketch that already existed, everyone has seen, and was put online inked by him, then never get the bonus he offers you
>> No. 138303
File 136880967965.jpg - (136.60KB , 942x1280 , tumblr_mb1h3rTCHW1rec9dno1_1280.jpg )
I used to be quite fond of the duo known as Antelon. They started out with a lot of Mass Effect pictures, and occasionally made pics from other franchises. Over the last few months, though, their focused has shifted entirely on ponies and humanised ponies.
>> No. 138339
File 136890955951.png - (568.53KB , 466x1065 , tumblr_mmycmaUzj01sqj49ao2_1280.png )
gonna have to agree with Legoman, his latest work is just weird. Just look at this one, he is starting to pander to his fanboys who like inhumane bodies with retarded proportions.
>> No. 138573
he's not pandering to anyone, he drew those all on his own.
>> No. 138576
File 136926805064.jpg - (141.14KB , 791x1242 , tumblr_mmmpd3AnyS1rd8tfco1_1280.jpg )
you should check out his live stream some time. Also, look at this fucking leg, i get that Chun Li has long legs, but what the fuck
>> No. 138627

I used to like his older style. You're right, he's gotten quite a bit lazier, all his stuff looks like he slapped play-doh tits on one of those dolls with the bendy rubber arms that are made of pipe cleaners.

It's really obvious he reduced his style down to its barest and tooniest elements to crank it out faster, and it lost all its appeal to me.
>> No. 138646
I was watching his stream when he drew those. Drawing Chun-li was entirely his decision. Nobody bullied him into doing it as you seem to imply. He likes to draw women with curves, he always has. Clearly you are following the wrong artist.
>> No. 138652
Sure, legoman isn't perfect, but I'll be damned if he isn't among the top skilled artists of this kind of thing. When you go on paheal and whatnot and see some of the crap that gets praised like it is porno-gold, railing on legoman... for whatever it is exactly that he's getting crap for just seems weak to be honest.
>> No. 138659
I kinda hate it when not-bad artists go all eschergirls on anatomy and their style is flanderized as it devolves into its lowest common denominator.
Y'know kinda like Mogudan, but it happens to more Hentai Foundry or WWOEC people than I can remember now. Maybe it has something to do with NSFW being inherently kitsch but what do I know, I am no artist.
>> No. 138862
This isn't an artist I don't like anymore, I still love his stuff. No-Ink, yeah he started off doing pony 34 but some he made is some of the finest pony 34. The only thing I can really point out is that he just sketches mostly now.
But when he goes full out, he goes full out. His line work can be godly.
>> No. 139087

He's a lost cause, except to the eyes of the easily amused. He has nothing "surprising" to show & his humor's gotten old YEARS ago.

Plus, him wanting criticism to see how he could improve? Looks like that clearly went to waste; had he had been with neutral artists rather than his closest friends, someone would have had the spine to point out just how bad he is compared to the others that contributed to that "funraiser" (not that many of them were that good to begin with; the only silver lining was that they didn't ask for a ridiculous amount of cash).

BTW, any progress on >>135750 's uncensoring? It's nearly been a year and he's probably done giving a damn/laughing it up like a common popfur on the inside about this.
>> No. 139576

but only because he nukes all his art and disappears at least once a year
>> No. 139967
might as well add this:
Try getting your favorite character in the request polls. Chances are the majority will go to characters you already saw more than a dozen times on other sites like paheal.
>> No. 139995
seriously, the people will everything they can to make their vote gets on top.
>> No. 151919
>> No. 155766
File 139422815469.png - (673.81KB , 1024x1536 , Danny Phantom04.png )
>Artist I don't like anymore
100% Jay Naylor. He's been getting really creepy with his content...Xration creepy. The guy has some serious issues he needs addressed.

>Artists I like
DLT. Specifically for their work on Maddie Fenton. Got me into the whole Milf genre.

Pic Related.
>> No. 155774
My favorites at the moment are Warren Blakely and João Vicente
>> No. 155780

Or is mentioning him redundant?
>> No. 155794
I see artist going bitchy and emotional all the time. I don't like their art less because of that, I know they are artists and emotional.

...but I pity them.

When they remove their stuff, when they go all emotional and discharge their rage, and frustrations over the fans, when they mistreat their fans. When they do all this they are harming themselves and not the "trolls", "haters" or whatever they think are making their lives miserable.

They don't see that all visibility is good for them. That everything are advertisement so they can make money via commissions. They aren't making charity when they post their art for "free" this is the showcase of their work for potential commissioners.

So every time I see things like this happen I feel sad because an artist I like is sinking themselves. They are hurting their business and they don't even realize that they have a business.
>> No. 155802

The world would be a much better place if people weren't so soft skinned
>> No. 155805
As an artist I PROMISE when that happens, we don't intend to hurt anyone but ourselves.
Self-Sabotage is another part of depression.
>> No. 155808
Yeah, you are being logical. And it make sense. Though, I think as has been mentioned a lot of it is inner hatred. Most probably don't care about idiot trolls, they care more about people who they do consider to be fans. I think most delete things or go on destruction sprees as a result of irritation with fans not doing this or that, or doing this and that for some other artist but not for them, mixed with some genuine desire for self-sabotage. I guess it is a sort of "you'll miss me when I'm gone, then you'll wish you commented on my work and not that other guy's" mentality mixed with a desire to see what they've worked to build burn, just because they can. It is all dumb and childish, but for some, posting things that they've worked on for hours to be critiqued, ignored, or loved by random people on the internet can be a stressful endeavor, mixed with plenty of highs and crushing lows.

I would imagine that it doesn't help that there is a good chance that a majority of toon-porn artists aren't exactly the popular types with active social lives outside of the internet.
>> No. 155820
But what makes me sad is that the artist is destroying itself.

I have seen an artist taking stuff down as "punishment" due to insufficient donations like if people were obliged to give money. By the tone I could see very well that this artist was in depression.

I know that every artist is a bit crazy so I just get away and hope for a recover.
>> No. 155821
In those cases, yeah staying away is probably the best bet, or trying to be nice and asking them how they are doing or whatever. Getting mad or going into despair of PLZ PUT THE PIC BACK UP doesn't help anything.
>> No. 155856
File 13942863501.png - (228.06KB , 660x611 , 1394214424_romzy_hi_hi.png )

Nearly a year later and he still censors his stuff unnecessarily. What, is he self-conscious about his smut again, or does he still think he's a clever prankster?

...Actually, given the current comments on his pics, his mindless followers are as bad as him for advocating it.
>> No. 155858
File 139428658583.jpg - (3.43KB , 100x92 , 12907622@100-1394214424.jpg )

If I had the skills, I would take this thumbnail and edit the original picture to get rid of his pointless censors. Shame he had to DNP himself on a few sites since people hated his censors. Sensitive.
>> No. 155893
I once did him a favor, and he promised he'd do an art commission for me for doing so.

Never did it.
>> No. 155940
Yknow, regarding the whole "Artist Are Naturally Depressed" thing...

Depression is normally (re: most always) linked and related to one's own vision of themselves and the role they believe themselves to be in.
IE: I am An Artist.
or: I am a Runner.

When said role is not met or met without any success, it comes with somewhat of a crisis regarding one's own esteem and belief in one's role.

IE: I am not successful as An Artist.
or: I am a quadraplegic, I can no longer be a runner.

In the case of many online artists, most do not really go beyond "Online Artist" status, and are below personal expectations of success or role fulfilling.
>> No. 155952
>Depression is normally (re: most always) linked and related to one's own vision of themselves

No it's not, psychology and personal history has few to do with most depression, it's a chemical problem in the brain first. Traumatic event leading to a depression like you state are a large minority.
>> No. 155953
Legoman. I feel like he's using the same body type for every commission related thing he does now. There was something a bit more natural about his bodies even a half a year ago, but now it's all big asses and tits with stockings for almost any character he draws.

Despite most people complaining, I didn't have a problem with how he draws his faces, but now they're getting too weird as well, It's like his style is becoming a parody of itself.
>> No. 155963
Trolls only really bother the thin-skinned. In a lot of cases, the biggest problems IS the "fans", specifically the annoying "gimme gimme" kids and the dudes who just follow you around, blatantly sucking your dick in hopes of getting a request or free commission. Those guys are just the worst.

Not every artist's goal or sole motivator is doing commission work, and when money isn't involved you're left with a lot less incentive to take people's shit.

Yeah, I struggled with depression for well over a decade before I ever considered drawing for the interwebs. It came along with puberty and then never left, like a really shitty mutant power. Art is just something that tends to attract the broken, I guess.

Of course, I never had any public hissy fits nor deleted fucking everything, so I dunno. I just slipped away once I got bored with putting in all the hours.
>> No. 155980
>Not every artist's goal or sole motivator is doing commission work, and when money isn't involved you're left with a lot less incentive to take people's shit.

Yeah, but many artists who trow hissy fits and delete their stuff also complains about how life is hard, how they have little money and how people aren't donating money.

I have no money, all I have is this stupid hen that produces golden eggs. And worst of all is that the eggs are too hard to eat.
>> No. 155999
i too, have noticed this as well. i'm also hoping he notices this as well. i'd hate to see him become generic and stagnant. also quick off topic question: do he still record his streams and upload them anymore? been quite a long time since i've seen any downloads from him.
>> No. 156001
Chemical problems are linked with Clinical Depression.
That's not the one I was talking about.
>> No. 156079

I have a minimum wage job :D
>> No. 156105
Minimum wage can be a reasonably good amount of money depending where you live in.

In US the minimum wage per hour is $7.25
In Sao Paulo Brazil, one of the most expensive cities to live in the world, more expensive than any city in US the minimum wage is $2.11 and don't get me started with Luanda.
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