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File 137714128029.jpg - (156.69KB , 1920x2836 , 1375377154349.jpg )
38658 No. 38658
Old thread is autosaging.

NINJA : SILENT ASSASSIN * Final Battleyoutube thumb
Am I the only one who loves Godfrey Ho ninja movies? I remember our old video store had them and 8 year old me always checked out a tape a week. Believe it or not that scene is actually subtle compared to what he usually did.
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>> No. 38664
File 137720284160.gif - (958.96KB , 245x194 , ugly spiderman tears.gif )
whoops, fucked that up. let me try again.

>last episode of borgias
>the scene with micheletto
>micheletto's story line
>also last ever episode but not the season finale because they randomly cancelled it just before that
>season finale will never be aired
>the screenplays they had written for the proposed season finale that were released sound really good
>> No. 38670
File 137723551516.gif - (492.17KB , 460x345 , 1332969422935.gif )
So The World's End was really good.

But Jesus Christ it doesn't pull its punches.
>> No. 38689
Kick Ass 2 wasn't horrible, but it's a big step down from the first. I felt it spent so much time trying to be funny, I couldn't take it seriously when it wanted me to. Say what you will about the comic, but I think the way they dealt with the rape scene and the Colonel's death came off as unnecessary jabs.
>> No. 38708
ohhh feeling old. Older still that we've not had a Star Trek show for almost a decade.
>> No. 38717
Unnecessary, maybe, but there was nothing necessary about the original scenes. It's nice when someone points out, however obliquely, that Millar is a fucked up son of a bitch and a lazy writer to boot. I busted a gut laughing when the Motherfucker couldn't get hard. A hilarious change, IMO. I do agree that the first movie was a lot better though.
>> No. 38718
File 137748311416.jpg - (288.48KB , 1023x1249 , tumblr_ms1t2zulsW1r1924io2_1280.jpg )
No, it's okay World's End. I wasn't using those emotions, you can break them into pieces, it's fine.

What an end to the "91 on Rotten Tomatoes" Trilogy.
>> No. 38730

I agree with him for the most part.

I don't think we'll get rid of piracy, though, for two reasons:

1. There will always be that guy who feels entitled not to pay for anything. He feels art should be free, and that nobody who worked on something he loves and consumes on a daily basis deserves compensation. He has the money, he just uses it for other things.

2. There will always be the person who pirates because they physically cannot afford or buy the thing legally, or it is out of their price range. The guy who lives in a country where they thought there'd be no interest, the woman whose husband won't allow her to spend money on anything but him, the kid not old enough/too busy/who can't find a job. I don't know what to do about these demographics.
>> No. 38734
What happened on the MTV music awards last sunday?
I keep seeing Miley Cyrus jokes and Will Smith & family reaction faces all around.
>> No. 38740
From what I gather, she and Robin Thicke had a very risque performance that came off as awkward.
>> No. 38743
Is it like Shuan of the Dead where its funny, then BAM depression?

Still better than the comic.

Miley masturbated with a foam finger on stage. It was unpleasant. I just wanted Daft Punk.
>> No. 38744
File 137768686240.jpg - (72.14KB , 728x400 , hahahahaha.jpg )
> Miley masturbated with a foam finger on stage. It was unpleasant.

And the Will Smith's (and his family) reaction to Miley's act was perfect.

Shit, the whole damn VMA was surreal, and not in a good way. I mean, an Nsync reunion? Seriously? Who gives a shit?
>> No. 38745

Yeah Stephen Colbert put on a better show when he couldn't have Daft Punk.
>> No. 38747
doesn't the boy look exactly like that all the time tho?
>> No. 38748
Will Smith looks very attentive there. I believe he's trying his damndest not to smile at the sight of Miley Cyrus, though whether it's out of arousal or amusement I can't say.
>> No. 38775

oh I hope this is a publicity stunt of some sort.
>> No. 38776
File 137789848468.png - (229.87KB , 427x361 , wtf daft punk.png )
Daft Punk reaction was the best.
>> No. 38780

Wow, someone's about to get murdered, or kidnapped. Like that's super creepy.

>The 1950s children's book is about a doll called Edith, "who lived in a nice house and had everything she needed except somebody to play with".

Seriously, this could have been a horror movie.
>> No. 38789
File 137808343442.jpg - (75.47KB , 400x576 , Im ever so alone.jpg )
>> No. 38790
File 137808359061.jpg - (85.16KB , 571x840 , will you play with me.jpg )
>> No. 38791
File 137808362036.jpg - (24.82KB , 400x513 , Its comforting to be wanted.jpg )
>> No. 38797
Holy shit, now that's creepy.
>> No. 38799

I'm going to have to ask you stop being creepy.
>> No. 38810
New NIN album today!
Nine Inch Nails - Copy of A - New Singleyoutube thumb
Nine Inch Nails - Everything […youtube thumb
Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted (Audio)youtube thumb
>> No. 38813
File 137825545654.jpg - (324.40KB , 610x951 , transformers-4-teaser-poster-610x951[1].jpg )
>> No. 38825
ROBOCOP - Official Trailer (2014) [HQ]youtube thumb
I'm cautiously optimistic.

>Age of Extinction
How fitting.
>> No. 38826
Why does Robo's armor switch from silver to black?

Also, I had no fucking idea Sam Jackson was in this.
>> No. 38828
Awww just a bomb. And what is with the keeping of limbs?

According to '80s Batman it was to make him Tacticool.
>> No. 38829
I wouldn't say I expect it to be good. It's more like I'd be willing to let it pleasantly surprise me. It's entirely possible someone competent accidentally made it into the crew.
>> No. 38830
Its gonna be as bad as the Total Recall remake.
>> No. 38831
Well Age of Extinction is going to feature the Dinobots, though they're apparently getting downgraded to a point where Grimlock is basically just Optimus Prime's Yoshi.
>> No. 38838
File 137862284345.jpg - (203.00KB , 675x900 , 1378603196295.jpg )
>>This Robocop looks way to familiar. Have you ever noticed that Bruce Wayne and Robocop are never in the same room?
>> No. 38842
Nope. I'm out.

So anyone else watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia here?
>> No. 38851
File 137875718927.gif?spoiler - (2.10MB , 274x150 , 1378750454842.gif?spoiler )
oh god Dexter what happened to you?
>> No. 38854
I stopped watching Dexter after the fifth season.

Seems like I made the right choice.
>> No. 38855
I notice a lot of people stop around there. Is it just a coincidence or does something happen at that point?
>> No. 38857
The reason I stopped was because the show had gradually been declining in quality. I finished that season for closure on the current story arc and just never went back to see what happened next. I can only imagine other people just got tired/fed up with the show too. There wasn't really any huge twist or change in the formula that pissed people off and made them stop watching (although I've heard about a twist that had that affect, but that came later).

At this point I'm almost considering picking up the show again, just because if it got THAT bad then it actually might be pretty funny to watch.
>> No. 38858
Actual lines from Dexter. From the supposed good days no less:

"My demons had danced with his devils and the fiddler's tune was almost up"

"Why do women love you so much? Does your dick dance?"

Dexter was never good.
>> No. 38859



And yes, ironic shitposting is sitll shitposting, but come the fuck on.
>> No. 38860
I apparently stopped right after the third season. I thought I watched more than that but I guess I didn't.

Anyway I found that gif on /tv/ and could not stop laughing, I also feel like I should pick it back up if it turns out that hilarious all the time
>> No. 38862
File 137886659531.jpg - (85.19KB , 720x960 , godzilla2014_godzilla_face_spotted.jpg )
New Godzilla's been revealed via a licensing expo. He's a happy looking motherfucker
>> No. 38863
Way more human style eyes than I expected.
>> No. 38864
If it's true that he will be fighting another monster in the movie, I guess they wanted to put softer, beady humna-like eyes as an accent that he is not the bad guy.
>> No. 38865
Know what I just noticed and really like? The gills.
>> No. 38877

Can't say I'm surprised, not having that Potter film money rolling in on a regular basis likely causing one massive itch that needs a scratch.
>> No. 38878
I heard it would be set in 1920's America and immediately thought "So Harry Potter / Baccano! crossover is go?"
>> No. 38883
NIN hasnt been good for a long time

Nine Inch Nails - Reptileyoutube thumb


Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Hauntedyoutube thumb
>> No. 38894
Has there ever been a band that hasn't (more or less declined) in quality over time?
>> No. 38898

okay the UK has broken some barrier in reality
>> No. 38917
I would question the reality of anything that ran in the Daily Mail. If they said the Sun orbits the Earth, I would begin seriously questioning the merits of heliocentrism.
>> No. 38918
File 137951072999.jpg - (181.53KB , 640x853 , ku-xlarge.jpg )
I wonder why "Daily" seems to be some sort of callsign for "utterly retarded content"
>> No. 38919
I'm afraid it's not that clear-cut here in Blighty. The Daily Telegraph is usually well informed (if Tory-ish), while the content of the Sun can basically be summed up as "PHWOOOAAARRR! CORRRRR! HUAAAHHHHH!"

There was a pretty clear divide between tabloids and broadsheets until the broadsheets started printing in tabloid size, but the old boundary still functions somewhat (except with the Independent, but no one reads that anyway, so fuck 'em).

It's like the papers had a box of these stories ready to be splurged the second GTAV came out, it's really rather sad.
>> No. 38928
>Calling Daily Mirror's CL pullout "great"
Ugh, yes. Complete retardation.
>> No. 38929
Didn't the Daily Mail literally support nazism before World War II officially broke out?
>> No. 38944
File 137986424972.jpg - (1.56MB , 1134x1811 , DailyMailHurrahBlackshirts.jpg )
Some would argue it never entirely stopped...
>> No. 38960
>browsing /tv/ for some BrBa discussion again
>Dexter thread
>oh the series finale
>read spoilers
>Dexter becomes a lumberjack
>urge to watch the rest of the show intensifies
>> No. 38971
Sleepy Hollow is pretty charming in it's low budget.

I watched the two episodes out and it was enough to wanna keep up with for banter.
>> No. 38976
Agreed, I'm really digging it, and I like the whole "demons can't be properly captured on film" thing they're going with so that their monsters don't look cheesy as fuck. Working with what they've got I guess.
>> No. 38979
File 138024206383.jpg - (38.48KB , 500x750 , http%3A%2F%2F24_media_tumblr_com%2F720e7bbcdd79d8c.jpg )
Anyone else a fan of James Bond?
>> No. 38980
its a mix last one was oddly strong with those callbacks like the Aston and the whole plot line with M. Its made me interested to see where the films go again.
>> No. 38981
So the Craig films are worth looking into? Honestly the whole reboot is just kind of making it hard for me to try them. I don't mind Craig. I don't even mind a darker Bond. I loved License to Kill. It's just a reboot? Bond continuity was that difficult to maintain?

Still think my favorite Bond was Moore. The man fought voodoo gods, midgets and Christophers (both in Lee and Walken).
>> No. 38982
They are okay as an action spy film and feeling a bit more like the older Flemming books. If you are looking for spy instead of Superspy then they'll be okay for you. Quantum kinda drags though since overall villain plot doesn't really go places. I feel Skyfall is the best of his films as it does a better job of a world weary hero dragged back into the fray pretty damn well.
>> No. 38983
Casino Royale was pretty good. Quantum of Solace was ho-hum. I haven't seen the third one yet.
>> No. 38986
As someone who didn't like the cheese of the old Bond films I enjoyed Skyfall quite a lot. Didn't see the other two Craig films though.
>> No. 38987
File 138026452314.jpg - (542.19KB , 853x844 , http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale_tumblr_com%2Fimage%2F1280%.jpg )
I guess I'll try them. I mean Dalton's Bond was fairly down to earth and dark.

But cheese can be awesome.

Pic related my second favorite Connery era film. Using Blofeld's sub to smash his doomsday device was hilarious. Tiffany kind of turns into a retard in the last bit of the movie though.
>> No. 38991
All 3 Craig films have a different feel compared to the others. My grandparents didn't like them because they changed too much, but I thought they were a lot of fun.
>> No. 38993
I really dislike the Craig movies on principal but 3 was pretty good, even I'll admit.

Quantum of Solace even the people who worked on it will tell is a GIGANTIC SHITPILE because they rushed it to try and get around the writers strike.
>> No. 38994
File 138047094312.jpg - (26.34KB , 580x323 , Octopussy_James-Bond_Roger-Moore_Clown.jpg )
Skyfall wasn't entirely void of the oldschool Bond cheese, there was even a secret island supervillain lair leading to the mandatory I GOT YOU NOW MR BOND moment where the villain would go on about the mandatory exposition.

And come on, 007 turning an old, decrepit manor into a gigantic booby trap isn't really what I would call SERIOUS BUSINESS, just a different take from Bond using his quick wits to get out impossible situations with the set of tools at hand. I say Skyfall finally got the right tone that the other two Craig movies struggled to find, and the box office certainly supported it.

You can't deny that the retardation that the 007 franchise turned into had to be trimmed out. I find the later Brosnan flicks MUCH more painful to watch than even the most excessive cheesefests of the Moore era. At least with those you get the impression that the cheese is intentional and tongue-in-cheek and everybody was having fun.
>> No. 38998
Skyfall and the early Sean Connery ones i felt struck the best tone. It had spy stuff but most part it was still practical gadgetry that would assist instead of being a spectacle unto itself.
>> No. 39018
>> No. 39024
>> No. 39026
>Rush put out the remaster of Vapor Trails yesterday

Buh-whah? Last I checked there wasn't any news on that for years and I assumed it was vaporware.
>> No. 39031
Honestly I've not seen a Bond movie I've absolutely hated.
>> No. 39057
So Gravity was nice. Nothing like a good space disaster to squash any aspiring astronaut's dreams.
>> No. 39059
Well Dredd certainly lived up to the fucking hype, holy shit.
>> No. 39064
Oh yes.

Finally caught up on Aquabats. I love this fucking show so much.
>> No. 39076
So I watched 84 episodes of community in less than a week.
That was cool.
Cool, cool, cool.
>> No. 39077
File 138141163014.jpg - (109.94KB , 360x270 , low-winter-sun[1].jpg )
I just want to mention this show and how much I enjoyed it. It has some great actors. I hope it gets another season.
>> No. 39079
I watched House of Cards (Netflix Original Version) over the last few weeks. And...it stank. It was polished and had big-name talent but lousy writing, and the only worthwhile character was killed off for cheap drama midway through.
>> No. 39086
*complicated high-five/chest thump*
>> No. 39151
>can't download 1080p off Tube anymore

such crap.
>> No. 39152

You can't download 480p, either.

And if you disable DASH playback via userscripts or whatever, you can't even access 480p and 1080p playback options.

YouTube can suck my balls.
>> No. 39153
File 138289018014.jpg - (25.09KB , 233x350 , Bvmovieposter.jpg )
After watching this I no longer question why Silent Hill 2 was based on this movie.
>> No. 39157
looking around it seems they change part of their code so the program I use I'm going to have to wait for an update or use a command line program.
>> No. 39162

I think it has to do with DASH playback. I use a script called YouTube Center to disable it (which disables 480p and 1080p playback), and its FAQ page says the following about it:

>Dash Playback is a method on how a video should be buffered. If Dash Playback is enabled it will buffer the video in blocks. That means that every time you seek in the video it will have to rebuffer that block and it will not buffer the next block if you're not at the very end of the current block. If Dash Playback is turned off YouTube will load normally where you can pause the video and it will buffer to the end of the video and you can jump around in the video as much as you like.

So I’d assume that YT has switched over to full DASH playback for 480p and 1080p, which might explain why those formats no longer have download links via all the popular download services/scripts/extensions.
>> No. 39178
>Big Bang Theory Girls Thor's Hammer argument.

Wow, guess they stopped by /co/ at some point for that bit. Only part that I've seen that actually felt kinda real as far as the show talking comics goes.
>> No. 39180
i finally caved and got netflix
suggest netflix movies to me
tv series are ok too but honestly im kinda backed up on those
>> No. 39192
Watched "Ted" on the bus back from New York.

I didn't expect a long form tribute to Flash Gordon. I guess I'll have to revise my theoretical future screenplay into a tribute to Zardod instead.
>> No. 39193
Jonathan Coulton's Re: Your Brainsyoutube thumb

Halloween is never over.
>> No. 39260
Oh god those fucking dumb parkour demons in Sleepy Hollow are the funniest.

>Comes screaming down a straight hallway doing parkour on the walls instead of running in a straight line to get on top of them before they react
>They fucking shoot them and just "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? Why was it doing Parkour?"
>> No. 39262
>Person of Interest season finale

Dem feels..all them feels, I jumped up at the ending. I fucking knew it was coming..I just hoped.


That was a crazy good reveal on the Horseman IMO.
>> No. 39265
Yeah I was pretty impressed, felt bad for Harold oddly enough, he told them putting him in there was a bad idea.
>> No. 39282
Happy 25th birthday/anniversary/whatever to Mystery Science Theater 3000!

I still put my faith in Blast Hardcheese.
>> No. 39283
MST3K 0909 Gorgoyoutube thumb

keep trading those tapes. Kept this show alive it did.
>> No. 39294
"I am simply the 6 millionth plus one."

Holy fuck Night Gallery, that is a poignant line.
>> No. 39303
File 138565316060.jpg - (150.85KB , 500x748 , tumblr_mwqkchHG2G1qbyl9mo1_500.jpg )
I am 100000000000% okay with Daisuke Serizawa Brian Cranston.
>> No. 39304
MST3K Turkey Day Marathon 2013youtube thumb

>> No. 39310
Must say that was enjoyable. Seeing Joel again after all these long years and reliving those Turkey Days past.
>> No. 39315
RIP Paul Walker.
>> No. 39317
2 rest 2 peace
>> No. 39322
File 138612773030.jpg - (244.30KB , 2048x1084 , 1386101207333.jpg )
>> No. 39325
Let's see...
3 bad guys at ones, being made up a goblin, a classic and a big gun.
Yeah thats a GREAT sign.
Also TOTALLY based on the ultimate comics verse.
May give a fuck later, when its on Netflix.
>> No. 39326
But the trailer is pretty hype...
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - OFF…youtube thumb
>> No. 39327
Spill.com is closing shop this month. One of the first sites I watched reviews on.
>> No. 39335
>> No. 39460
File 138786971437.jpg - (39.88KB , 300x400 , La_Vie_d'Adèle_(movie_poster).jpg )
I doubt anyone else saw, would see this around here.

But if you like
>french-tier sex scenes
>tons of feels

Then this is the movie that will crush your heart and give you a boner at the same time~
>> No. 39494
MovieBob is a fucking moron.
>> No. 39495
Let me guess.
You liked Man of Steel?
>> No. 39496
Isn't he the same guy that fervently said Other M was better than Metroid Prime because it was third person (and Japanese)? Then yeah.
>> No. 39497
Don't be ridiculous.
>> No. 39498
Nah I hate Man of Steel.

I liked American Hustle and August:Osage County.
>> No. 39500
File 138868059158.jpg - (4.82KB , 264x191 , phil.jpg )
Rest in peace James Avery. May Uncle Phil yiff happily in heaven.
>> No. 39501
File 138868919340.jpg - (32.42KB , 637x480 , LiveActionLuigi.jpg )
It's a good opportunity to remember our Luigi, Danny Wells, as well.

And I just learned Jazz is dead too. :(
>> No. 39502
File 138870443968.jpg?spoiler - (32.39KB , 650x514 , mask.jpg?spoiler )

this is what i waited 2 years for? what the fuck
>> No. 39506
File 138878068374.gif - (286.52KB , 500x500 , http%3A%2F%2F31_media_tumblr_com%2Ff041258df7caa71.gif )
>Netflix added commentary tracks to House of Cards

I fully support this move.
>> No. 39510
File 138881235214.jpg - (114.61KB , 500x828 , thorsuperman1.jpg )
>> No. 39511
Thor was always Marvel's Superman. It's why Thor fights Hyperion when the Avengers fight the Squandron Supreme.
>> No. 39513
>To say much more is to take away some of the small joys in the unfolding mythology of the Paranormal Activity franchise. There’s not a lot of depth to it, and the mystery really isn’t all that captivating, but in combination with the other films, it’s interesting to see how it unfolds and intersects. You could probably outline the mythology from the entire five films in less than a paragraph, but by doling it out in tiny doses, the series continues to leave unanswered questions for future installments. Moreover, by not upping the stakes and by keeping the story intimate — centered on a small number of characters — the series doesn’t run the afoul of jumping sharks. By adding in small new wrinkles like the one at the center of Marked Ones, it can also avoid repeating itself. In fact, that’s a lesson that the superhero blockbusters could learn from the Paranormal Activity series: Bigger, louder, faster is not necessarily better (in fact, it rarely is) — the key to investing in the characters is to keep it small and intimate, and instead of stringing together one action sequence after another, gradually build to a more satisfying conclusion.


Won't stop WB and Marvel Studios, sadly. Can't wait to see the Avenger's air carrier crashing in Captain America 2, or another cheap parallel to 9/11 in MOS2.
>> No. 39533
>Sherlock and his wedding speech

adorable mang, dats some love.
>> No. 39579
File 138966113393.png - (144.14KB , 450x337 , AoStH Robotnik.png )
Last Sunday would've been Long John Baldry's 73rd birthday... I know he was a singer, but what were his best albums? I want to see if I can grab a few CDs off of eBay.
>> No. 39580
That is exceedingly dumb.
>> No. 39594

Holy shit I never thought we'd see this happen.
>> No. 39721

Sleepy Hollow's season finale was incredible.
>> No. 39726
Indeed a damn fine twist.
>> No. 39753
Almost Human is so great, rolling around in the Cyberpunk fantastic buddy cop action and the Dredd references. And now "The Wall" what is on the other side? Other than some dude now.

Dr. Steel - Build the robotsyoutube thumb
>> No. 39757
File 139194559962.jpg - (65.88KB , 278x411 , Robocop_poster.jpg )
Oh lord, I am going to watch this today. I have made pace with the creator, no regrets.
>> No. 39758
Okay, I just returned from it.

Shit was... a lot less terrible than I expected. The original is bettter, and it's still a unnecessary remake, but at least the movie tried to do something, unlike that souless boring POS that was the Total Recall remake.
>> No. 39768
god, the lenseflare in the Total Recall remake. Such an utter waste of a movie, and somehow completely inferior to the original
>> No. 39769
> and somehow completely inferior to the original

Almost every single aspect of the remake was half-assed and done by the numbers. The only part that I sorta liked was Kate Beckinsale as the equivalent to Sharon Stone's character, which is sorta of a miracle since I usually don't give a flying fuck about Beckinsale.

Also, I found it hilarious that in the Remake Robocop was made in China
>> No. 39784
File 139224763590.jpg - (231.67KB , 1616x1200 , 1386066442170.jpg )
>New 300
Why? Where can you go with that? Plataea?
>It will be about Themistokles.
>my reaction
>> No. 39785
I find a quote paraphrase from Psych on proper remakes from their remake episode sums it all up in that a remake is "something that showed promise but failed and the remake tries to do it right." Hollywood hasn't been doing that kinda remake in a LONG time and not its strictly "hey it worked the first time, lets do it again".
>> No. 39793
I've been given a shitload of DVDs from my brothers, most of which are Steven Seagal movies:

Out For Justice
Fire Down Below
Nico (Above The Law)
Exit Wounds

Which of these are at least decent, and which can be safely deposited onto eBay?
>> No. 39794
Above The Law IIRC is Segal's first acting gig. Not a great film by any means (I mean, come on) but it's a decent late 80s action flick. The action is less retarded than in his later films, and it seems like they actually had the intention of portraying Aikido semi-realistically. Seagal hasn't yet become TEH SEAGAL we are all used to, which makes the movie a bit of a curiosity.

Out For Justice is probably my favorite out of that bunch (which does NOT mean it's a good movie. I mean, come on), with lots of pretty cool and brutal fights and actions cenes. IMO, this is the movie where Seagal starts being the aforementioned TEH SEAGAL full force.

Fire Down Below is probably the last movie before Seagal became a complete joke (as oppsoed to be a half-joke). Still, it's a competent action film if you want Steven Seagal being dont make me say it.

Exit Wounds is hilariously stupid, but I get the good feeling from wathcing it that the movie acknowledged it's stupidty and revels on it full tongue-in-cheek. Definitely watchable.

... Jesus christ I am recommeding Steven Seagal movies over the internet, what the hell am I doing with my life
>> No. 39798
Is "Out For Justice" the one where he sets off to kill jamaicans?
>> No. 39800
Nah, that would be Marked for Death
>> No. 39801
Ah ok, thanks!
>> No. 39804
Just came back from watching it.
And holy christ, I am impressed.
Granted, the original is still a classic, but this one is pretty great.
>> No. 39809
>think that Elizabeth in White Collar is hot in a homely/MILFy kind of way
>Wonder if she was the same gal in Chuck
>She's not (that was Sarah Lancaster)
>It's Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen
>She was Kelly in Saved By the Bell
Oh fucking wow.
>> No. 39829

He shall be missed.
>> No. 39882
I also enjoyed Robocop, only thing they could've really done better was make fun of Twitter/Facebook by making his suit integrated with some social media app. I found that drone guy a little forced and jarring at times, but it wasn't a serious annoyance, and my brother liked how he got killed instead of repenting at the last second.

Also, Nut Job is actually a rather nice movie, with a more to it than the name and previews might suggest.
>> No. 39886
I actually liked the Drone guy, it was refreshing that he disliked Robocop not because the machine part, but because he was actually human inside. It must be a tremendous power trip to be on total command of a small army of efficent war machines, like a kid playing with Transformers. And putting a guy inside his toys kinda ruins it for him.
>> No. 39900
Is Robocop already out of theaters?

Jesus christ.
>> No. 39901
Yeah it's pretty doomed but it wasn't too bad.
>> No. 39903
>"Annie" remake
>No Warbucks

Nope, Nope, Nope
>> No. 39908

It's not set in the 1930s, the 'All of our war bucks' pun doesn't really work. 'Bill Stacks' is an acceptable substitute.
>> No. 39910
Forget the Pun Warbucks is just an awesome name. Why change so much, I'd think Warbucks figuring ways to get Annie back after his duplicitous wife keeps sending Annie back to the orphanage would be great.
>> No. 39919
File 13945651097.jpg - (144.11KB , 1280x1440 , cosmos.jpg )

Best moment from Cosmos.
>> No. 39920
Even if the current Oscars standards are shit, this is very frightening.
>> No. 39941
File 139493255251.png - (179.72KB , 500x355 , tumblr_msj6axLI5W1r6gsdjo1_500.png )
Oh wow, most movies are getting the shit kicked out of them rating wise, christ I mean there are exceptions but most DVD releases can't clear 50% ratings on most sites.
>> No. 39942
For this months releases I mean.
>> No. 39943
what is out this month
>> No. 39946
I do find myself agreeing with that guy a LOT. I mean, when critics start calling something like 12 Years a Slave as "courageous" "powerful" "provocative""surreal" "necessary", I have no idea what they are up to. It was a nice, well made movie, but other than hittting the right white guilt buttons, I am not seeing how is any more noteworthy than other movies touching on similar matters.

And yes, DiCaprio has delivered better acting in other movies.

> bu--but he deserves it for those other movies

No, jesus christ fuck that argument.
>> No. 39947
I strongly disapprove of his animation response, but other than that, yeah, most of what he said seems reasonable. Even if I disagree with him on individual choices, his justification for his choices all seem to be fairly well-reasoned and based on applying critical thinking to them. He made a few choices based on favoritism or "they deserve it"ism, but it looked like he only did that when it was a tie breaker between two choices he thought equally deserved it.
>> No. 39948


>> No. 39949
>Ragging on Before Midnight and the other two movies


>> No. 39964
File 139534706186.jpg - (238.03KB , 1200x840 , the-lego-movie-phil-lord-chris-miller-elizabeth-ba.jpg )

Oh God, please let this be real!
>> No. 39970

It's finaly happned.
>> No. 39971
The Giver Official Trailer (20…youtube thumb

So this is happening.
>> No. 39980
>> No. 39990
Rifftrax announces their next event.
>> No. 39992
New Shredder and Foot clan from the TMNT movie look awful. Fucking Bay.
>> No. 39993
File 139607149430.png - (180.42KB , 560x295 , facepalms.png )
>people still don't realize Colbert is a satire
>even though he's been making these exact same jokes for eight fucking years
>mfw white people accusing others of "whitesplaining" and "white cishet privilege"

I'm willing to bet this Korean lady is really a Koch employee in disguise.
>> No. 39995
My understanding was that it all happened because of the Comedy Central twitter feed only sharing part of the joke (the obviously racist part) without the setup (which showed how the "obviously racist part" was actually satirizing another organization and implying that theirs was just as racist as it would be if they did what Colbert was doing).

And once Outrage begins, people stop listening to rational explanations even if they ameliorate it--these people are angry, and the fact that being shown the context makes it clear the thing they're angry about was being given as a way of criticizing something else that they SHOULD be focusing their anger on doesn't make them less angry, because anger isn't rational.

The best scenario would be channeling that anger toward the thing Colbert was mocking in the first place. But I doubt it's going to happen. Either way, I wouldn't lose much sleep over it--the people who are angry almost certainly weren't viewers to begin with, and Comedy Central is not going to fire or censor Stephen Colbert over this. He makes them money hand over fist, and it was Comedy Central's own twitter feed that started this whole mess, not Colbert's.
>> No. 39996
File 139615727429.gif - (1.20MB , 384x272 , 2l9l7qw.gif )
I'm a bisexual Asian female of low socioeconomic standing (wowee, four groups for her to call me a traitor of!) and I hope Colbert tears into her as hard as possible for being the living embodiment of everything wrong with social justice warriors. The Tumblr tears will be delicious.

At any rate I expect the notoriety from this incident to bring in curious new viewers, and whoever's tuning in to laugh for the wrong reasons will probably drop it soon enough because man, sometimes he gets so preachy even I find it obnoxious.
>> No. 39997
The complaint I'm hearing is that they claim to have gotten the satire, but that it's still wrong because it's using "ironic" racism to combat racism, and that as a privileged white male, Stephen has no right to invoke negative stereotypes about unprivileged groups even if it's for the beneficial goal of helping Native Americans. The stock phrase I see repeated almost mechanically at this point is "satire punches up, not down".

Personally I find this argument to be a load of self-serving horseshit. By that logic Swift should be panned too since he punched down at the Irish by painting them as a bunch of thieves and hoodlums whose babies should be food in order to get at the wealthy Brits. And it was fine and dandy when Dave Chappelle made an extremely similar joke about racist cops at the expense of Asians, down to the nature of the caricature. I wouldn't be surprised to see people say these don't count because Swift was using other whites as his collateral damage, or because Dave Chappelle is black and therefore gets to say whatever he wants about other races.

It sounds to me like people got mad, found out they were wrong, and now they're scrambling for excuses to stay mad. There was zero reaction to the original clip, or for all the other times he did the Ching Chong Ding Dong thing, or hell pretty much any example of Colbert "punching down" at other marginalized groups to make his point. Only after this particular tweet came out and Suey Park jumped on it was there any backlash.
>> No. 39998
> people got mad, found out they were wrong, and now they're scrambling for excuses to stay mad.

Tumblr (plus a vast portion of Twitter) in a nutshell
>> No. 40000
Always funny to watch that whole bit of crazy twist in the wind
>> No. 40002
File 13962260867.png - (115.54KB , 597x547 , Fyfnx7q.png )
Apparently she's now trying to pass off her own actions as satire. I think we've gone full circle stupid here.
>> No. 40003
Maybe what Shia LaBeouf has is contagious
>> No. 40004
>the person claiming Colbert did something hateful and is using satire as an excuse to get away with it, is now doing the same thing herself
the irony it is delicious
>> No. 40011

Also Stephen's response fucking nailed it.

"EAT IRISH BABIES? #cancelswift"
>> No. 40012
That whole episode was comedy gold from the very first second. Crying Indian made me laugh so hard I cried too, they went full ham.
>> No. 40015
Good to see he addressed the trolling problem. And without namedropping her so as to keep more trolls from dogpiling on her and also avoid give her more attention than she deserves.
>> No. 40016
Though now she's calling it out for NOT naming her personally.
>> No. 40017
But... but she got upset at him for putting her picture there in the first place! What the hell, is she just a really really shitty troll or something?
>> No. 40019
She's got purpose and she's sticking to it.
>> No. 40020
File 139643021170.jpg - (131.17KB , 960x717 , colbert-fuck-you.jpg )
>Crying Indian, all dat Redskins apparel, BD Wong cameo, absolutely every fucking about the intro sequence

>"Very important: he is a character! He is not me! This is the real Stephen Colbert: I MEAN EVERYTHING I SAY ON THIS SHOW."
>"But when I saw the tweet with no context, I understood how people were offended, the same way I, as an Irish American, was offended after reading only one line of Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal. I mean, eat Irish babies? Hashtag #CancelSwift! Trend it."
>"CNN even took a break from their Malaysian airliner coverage to report spotting what they thought was the wreckage of my show off the coast of Australia."
>"So, in a sense I was canceled — for three days. Just like Jesus."
>"Now, the Cancel Colbert people think that even in context, I am a racist. I just want to say that I am not a racist. I don’t even see race. Not even my own. People tell me I’m white and I believe them because I just devoted six minutes to explaining how I’m not a racist. And that is about the whitest thing you can do."
>"It was one of the top hashtags for more than 36 hours... because everybody wants to talk about the king!"
>"Because of all the attention we raised a lot of money over the weekend; money that will now be donated to Dan Snyder’s Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation, which Twitter seems to be fine with because I haven’t seen SHIT about that."
>"I'm sorry Ja Mes I have no choice! But I will let you return to the show for no pay as part of the Michelle Malkin Memorial Unpaid Internment Program."
>"I just pray that no one ever tweets about the time I said that Rosa Parks was overrated, Hitler had some good ideas, or ran a cartoon during Black History Month showing President Obama teaming up with the Ku Klux Klan cuz man, that sounds pretty bad out of context."

This man is a national treasure. I would do whatever it takes to transmute myself a womb and fill it with sweet sweet Formula 401 to have his babies.
>> No. 40021
>Almost Human going to be canceled

Damn, I was really digging the world building. Though apparently Fox was airing the episodes out of order so character development was jerky. It was my favorite Science Fiction show since the old golden days of Sci-Fi Channel when they still gave a shit.
>> No. 40023
>I just devoted six minutes to explaining how I’m not a racist. And that is about the whitest thing you can do.
Well played, Colbert.
>> No. 40065
Speaking of Colbert: http://mashable.com/2014/04/10/stephen-colbert-is-taking-over-for-david-letterman-cbs-confirms/

FUCK. Of course, I predicted that since the fifth or so episode: Fox and good sci-fi shows just don't mix at all. At least it got a slightly-longer run than FireFly.

Now, if this were 10 years ago, I'd say that it should be picked up by SciFi, but we all know that's not an option now.

Too bad, it was my favorite new show. :(
>> No. 40067
Yea such good world building and I really wanted to know more about what was outside The Wall. Karl Urban apparently did a YouTube video to discus the matter with the fans. The man deserves better and the same goes for Michael Ealy. Damn fine chemistry with those two. Next to that Ben 10 Omniverse is one of the only shows I know with good buddy cop rapport.

And yea the current head of that other network shows the same level of disdain for Science Fiction that Snyder showed for Cartoons. Cable network television is a wonky place
>> No. 40068
On the one hand, yay for Colbert getting a promotion and for conventional late night talkshows finally being funny again. On the other hand, he's going to have to water his comedy down severely and get rid of the egotism and political humor that was the meat and potatoes of his own show.

It's great he doesn't have to talk down his interviewees anymore since he's no longer restrained by his character, which made them the worst part of the show, but it's too bad they're now going to just be celebrities instead of more interesting people.
>> No. 40069
Yea its kinda a change in audience demographics for him. Though that might be part of the idea him bringing those with him.
>> No. 40070
File 139717939232.png - (337.23KB , 603x342 , 1397167461916.png )
I'm already seeing SJW howling for his blood for being a straight white able-bodied cis male who snatched the job out of the hands of more deserving comedians like... who exactly? Late Night is meant for only really experienced and well established comedians. You can't just affirmative action in someone obscure because they tick off a lot of diversity boxes. A lot of the SJW's nominees aren't high profile enough, don't have a consistently solid body of work behind them, or just plain aren't funny enough to get a large audience to tune in. And then when the show inevitably tanks because it's not entertaining the SJW would rather blame bigoted American for boycotting the show rather than, you know, the networks' choice not being particularly well suited for the job. Look at the idiots who seriously suggest Jessica Williams deserves to host The Daily Show over Stewart just because she's black and female.

Now if there were a lot of well established female or minority comedians with the same level of popularity as Colbert in the biz, then yeah I'd get some of the complaints. We are starting to see a change with the rise of folks like Tina Fey and Aziz Ansari. But as it is now the only other person at a serious position to compete with Colbert who belongs to any marginalized groups is Ellen Degeneres, and she seems pretty happy with her own thing. Gah, Colbert may have won the Suey Park battle but leave it to Tumblr to try to turn it into a full-fledged war.
>> No. 40071
Calling it now: on his first episode, about a year from now, he will fuck with us by starting in-character only to break it about twenty seconds in.
>> No. 40072
File 139719407573.jpg - (22.70KB , 543x359 , OReilly-Tides-gun1.jpg )
>Colbert will never rant about Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Cap'n Crunch
>or try to peddle his semen or various other toxic medicines
>or air guitar every time someone mentions sports
>or run around the stage with the camera focused on himself every time a guest comes over
>or pressure famous people to name animals after him
>or warn us about how grass, cake, and bears are destroying America
>or tip his hat and wag his finger at thin air
>or dance with his Chicas white roving tea
>or engage in homosexual relations with his building manager
>or help us to better know a district

Fuck it's time to commit sudoku.
>> No. 40073
I think Tina Fey would make an excellent host. A sexy, excellent host...

He *could* do some of those things; but, just like Conan losing the masturbating bear and other stuff when he went to whatever station he's on now (I forgot), a lot of his schtick is probably tied up with the show, which is likely owned by Viacom.

He'll likely have to leave behind most of his stuff; if we're lucky, he might be able to bring some acts that he hasn't used in some time (like The Threat Board). His character certainly can't go; even before the whole "CancelColbert" bullshit, it was fairly hard-line satire, and that won't sit well with CBS trying to do a super-generic late night talk show.

I will miss him dearly.
>> No. 40074
File 139720362214.png - (154.97KB , 340x348 , shiggydiggy.png )
Never forget Colbert's greatest moment.
>> No. 40075
>Look at the idiots who seriously suggest Jessica Williams deserves to host The Daily Show

Not over Jon but certainly by virtue of being the funniest in the absence of John Oliver.
>> No. 40076
Well I dunno if he's being truthful or just sarky but Arsenio Hall says Letterman wanted him in the running.
>> No. 40077
I don't think any of the current correspondents are that funny, to be honest. I find myself skipping many of their segments these days. The one exception is Jason Jones, because he's done a lot of interesting exposes recently. He certainly has the interviewing chops, but I don't know that he would be able to do the host bit otherwise.

Jon Oliver would have been a shoe-in after his run hosting TDS (and I think he would shine on his own; he was basically "British John Stewart" during the run), but he's with HBO now. Of course, the switch is a year off, so perhaps he would be able to come back?

John Hodgeman would make an excellent replacement for Colbert, character-wise, but I think he's doing other projects right now as well.

All of this assume that CC will do a replacement. Perhaps they'll just fill it in with something else and go back to having only one news show.
>> No. 40078

>> No. 40080
The Colbert/Carell/Helms/Corddry/Bee/Jones days were the best. And Bee and Jones are generally a lot better than most of the new correspondents. I think if they got their own Daily Show spinoff together as cohosts it could be good. And it would help with the diversity thing too, since out of all the non-majority correspondents who are still left Mandvi isn't good enough to host on his own.
>> No. 40083
I doubt it, I read in some articles Letterman actually had some involvement in picking Colbert. And besides a recent survey showed that Hall was the least well-liked late night host, while Colbert was number one. It's not hard to see why they'd gun for him from the getgo.
>> No. 40084
> I think if they got their own Daily Show spinoff together as cohosts it could be good.
Kind of like a "Weekend Update", but a half hour and on weeknights. I would watch it, though the interviews (if any) would be odd: how do you have two people interview one guest at the same time? Maybe do more of the "round table" style setups, where they bring in multiple guests and just kind of moderate the discussion? (But then how do you plug a book/movie?)
>> No. 40137
File 139783941410.jpg - (79.82KB , 1439x712 , Problem Solvers.jpg )
So is it more someone finally stepping up about some of the poison in Hollywood or someone out to make a name for themselves.

Also, Same Kid?
>> No. 40138
... uh?
>> No. 40147

The most pretentious load of rubbish you'll read this year!
>> No. 40149
That writer sure enjoys talking down to folks for being emotionally immature while his argument is basically "too many people like what I dislike!!"
>> No. 40150
These are the same kinda shitheads that crapped all over Del Toro and Pacific Rim because Del Toro didn't make either some Deep Indie Horror flick or some Mexico piece to bolster his cred with them.
>> No. 40180

The EU is dead. Long live the EU.
>> No. 40181
Welp Mara Jade will be included most likely. Maybe the whole cadre of girls Luke tried to make a go with as well.
>> No. 40182
I doubt it, they'll probably go for a comprehensive clean slate. As sad as I am to see Thrawn be de-canonised, I'll gladly accept any sacrifice that ensures the EU dies in a massive fire.
>> No. 40183

Well, they don't plan on de-canonizing EVERYTHING. The people in charge have said they'll use the EU as a "resource" (which basically means they'll gank stuff from the EU when they feel like it and use it in new canon material).

The EU basically became its own alternate universe thanks to this announcement.
>> No. 40184
So now its all part of infinities.
>> No. 40186
Watched the pilot episode of This Week Tonight. It was basically The Daily Show but on HBO, except I don't usually like TDS but still thought this pilot was pretty funny. I think I'll watch the next few episodes to see if they can keep it up.
>> No. 40190
Thinking it over this direction they are taking is likely because JJ Abrams had his damned fanction script he'd been dreaming up since he was a kid and he wants that regardless of the EU. Thankfully there is Rebels
>> No. 40193
What the Robocop remake should have been: Robocop shooting a bunch of dicks off.

Our Robocop Remake - Scene 27vimeo thumb
>> No. 40196
I hope you are not implying the EU isn't 99% fanfic-quality stuff.
>> No. 40197
No just that Abrams could be worse for it all looking at the utter self referencing mess that the second Star Trek movie turned into.
>> No. 40198

Well, it's official. Fuck you, Fox. Almost Human was really good.
>> No. 40199
John Oliver is an overall much better host than current-day Jon Stewart. Stewart may be pretty intelligent and deft at political debates but he's just not a very good performer.
>> No. 40200
I disagree, I always liked Stewart's earnesty as a performer.

That said I do agree to liking Oliver's new show more, I did not expect his show to be going so straight for the jugular tone, an almost Louis C.K. style played straight as except as a news report.
>> No. 40201

I'll buy that Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn't good, but this is just melodramatic.

Amen to that. For what good there was, there was even more crap. Kyle Katarn and KotOR are a small price to pay to wipe Starkiller, Waru, and the Yuuzhan Vong from the record.
>> No. 40202
I have a feeling that in another year the inception horn will be as cringe worthy as 80's jargon.
>> No. 40204
File 139891104757.png - (461.09KB , 500x560 , tumblr_n4upokEWCS1qkyz1oo1_500.png )
Goodbye Bob Hoskins you beautiful man.

This one is fer you buddy, always gonna be one of my favorite movies.

>> No. 40207
What did you expect.
>> No. 40208
File 139897046235.png - (157.49KB , 451x237 , i don't know what i expected.png )
>> No. 40209
File 139898017612.jpg - (64.76KB , 600x691 , carnage_gwen_stacy_super.jpg )
Woah thats heavy...
Also he forgot the Ultimate(comic)verse is the source of things like blue Electro and roboRhino.
Hope that means we get Gwen-Carnage.
>> No. 40210
Anyone seen the casting circle for Star Wars 7. People are predicting Hamill is sitting with other Hero/Jedi The girl between Ford and Fisher will be the Solo daughter.
>> No. 40211
Animorphs Theme Songyoutube thumb

This was a thing that happened.
>> No. 40212
As a kid I absolutely loved the Animorph books (I still have the entire series, except the Alternamorphs), and was quite sad that I didn't get Nickelodeon at the time when they were doing the show. And to this day I haven't seen a single episode. Now... I don't feel quite so unhappy.
>> No. 40214
Tobeyfaceyoutube thumb

Goodnight, sweet prince.
>> No. 40215
Eh its still on youtube.
Also this review of the series was real interesting.
Da behind the scens stuff~
>> No. 40216
I drew your bath, sir...youtube thumb

RIP Alfred http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/efrem-zimbalist-jr-dead-star-700983

This year is being brutal.
>> No. 40221
The Amazing Spiderman 2 OST - …youtube thumb

Unlike the previous movie, Amazing Spider-Man 2 actually has memorable music.
>> No. 40230
File 139931594619.jpg - (258.13KB , 500x497 , tumblr_n4zffqxH3N1qixq1xo1_500.jpg )
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the most entertaining and frustrating movie I've seen in theaters. There were so many great Spidey moments in this film, but all the subplots barely go anywhere or tie up in a satisfying way. There's three plots in ASM2 that would have made fine future films, but for whatever reason, it's all crammed up in one. It's like director Marc Webb thought Sony were going to take Spider-Man away from him and he had to include everything he wanted to do with the franchise in the sequel.

I still recommend seeing it, because there are great scenes and performances here, but I'm not gonna pretend this is a perfect film. It's excessive and convoluted, but damn, I still had fun seeing it.
>> No. 40234
Official Extended Trailer | GO…youtube thumb

I hope you like horn blares.
>> No. 40238
Looks really good.

With TV currently in its golden age, it's probably a good thing the TV division of DC Comics is more focused than its film division.
>> No. 40239
Just wish it was some place other than Fox
>> No. 40251
>put Eurovision Song Contest on Sky+ planner, because I know I'll be home later than usual tonight and I want to watch it
>mfw parents don't want to watch it, cause "it's silly", so we end up watching yet another cop show, just like every other night
I know I sound like an edgy teenager, but my parents are so fucking boring.
>> No. 40272
File 140142513216.jpg - (92.87KB , 492x755 , russians_are_coming_the_russians_are_coming.jpg )
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