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File 137202705993.jpg - (156.04KB , 446x350 , JP4logo.jpg )
37777 No. 37777
Well with JP4 being in the works for reals we might as well get a thread going.
First of, bitching about the new logo.
I never like the silver from JPIII even if it sort of worked with the movie.
But then they made the old logo silver in all of the post 3 merch but that did not come to sweden so whatever.
And now they have replace the red for blue, my lest favorit color...
Guess it fits the sea world thing they go going.
Does that count as a spoiler btw?
It was in the new mobil/iOS/android/facebook(?) game after all.
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>> No. 37818
Blue is my favorite color but it just doesn't work on this logo. The red was way more gripping.

Not sure how I feel about Jurassic Water Park but if a Megalodon appears in the movie I will be satisfied.
>> No. 37871
File 137296870968.gif - (788.13KB , 1985x1447 , the_marine_jurassic_park_logo_by_onipunisher-d3a9w.gif )
I think its also that is it two "cold" colors.
Just look at this fan logo that uses gold instead of silver.
Much better.
And I hope all that teaser poster will just be the logo just with diffrent dinosaure skeletons.
>> No. 37876
File 13731439268.jpg - (691.31KB , 1985x1447 , minor edit.jpg )
>Much better.
It's too drastic of a contrast. Comes off as a little cheap.
I'd prefer something more like this.
>> No. 37878
Gold and blue together just doesn't work for me. Neither does the blue and silver. How about that same pleiosaur skeleton in black over a bright blue background? I would contribute an example but I'm not good at art. Also lazy.
>> No. 38254
File 137493111548.jpg - (57.31KB , 500x313 , 1371931127751.jpg )
I'm actually pretty intrigued by an alternate universe where the park was successful. Despite myself, I may be going to see this.

Having the park fail AFTER it's up and running seems like a silly line to draw, though. I'd be much more interested in a show or miniseries covering that. Dino eats guests every couple of weeks, Hammond has to try and cover it up, show follows the desperate efforts of park staff to keep the place from getting shut down. Intersperse with periodic science-gone-wrong type of situations.

Now that, I'd watch.
>> No. 38257
Wait, where did it said was alt. timeline?
I though it to place 20+ years after the first movie and this time they got it right.(FOR NOW)
It may not even be Ingen behind this but the dude to bought up what was left of it after Lost World.(and look up what ingen means in swedish, it kind of funny in context.)
But if you wanna talk JP AUs the just look at this shit: http://www.jptoys.com/toy-database/chaos-effect/index.php
I am a bit sad this did not get a cartoon or something, it would have been awful in the best of ways.

And what kind of zoo loses dudes every couple of weeks?
Years or months the very atlest.
>Number of day without a dinosaur attack
>> No. 38258
If they did a series, I'd rather the number of dino-related deaths was kept relatively small, unless they treated it as a black comedy. A "smoke-filled room" situation where the protagonists are a bunch of greedy corporate types trying to keep deaths secret so they don't get shut down doesn't interest me unless they handle the deaths so cartoonishly and detachedly that the characters barely even react to it, like you get in a Dead Like Me / Pushing Daisies sort of series. Like:

A: "Hey, who won the pot in the office Fantasy Football thing this week?"
B: "Paul in Accounting."
A: "Damn that Paul! He wins every year!"
B: "Yeah, but he got eaten by a raptor this morning."
>> No. 38259
There is absolutely nothing official plot details about JP4. Zilch, nada. Sam Neil made an odd comment a couple months ago about the movie being a reboot, but that's conflicting with what the film's producer has said on the matter. Of course there are rumors, but if you read online something allegedly set on stone about what the movie is about, that website then is full of bullshit.
>> No. 38262
File 137500096416.jpg - (30.41KB , 960x720 , I love Huantes work but he gets put on some of the.jpg )
>Intersperse with periodic science-gone-wrong type of situations.
About that...
>> No. 38264
File 137502543889.jpg - (515.65KB , 1113x1650 , Dinocorps-000-Cover01.jpg )
I hope they take that idea way from Jurassic Park and make something like THIS instead.
Except the seaworld thing, dudes have been wanting to do/see underwater "dino" for ages.
I would rather watch something like Prehistoric Park : T-Rex Returns - Episode 1youtube thumb but thats because I'm a nerd...
But I can't see anyone doing a Dinosaur show anytime soon after TerraNova flopped.
If JP4 is a hit then maybe.
>> No. 38268
The problem would be how expensive they would be, especially without having whatever CG they use look cheesy. Although this could be a good excuse to get the branch of the Jim Henson studio that did Farscape back in the game.
>> No. 38861
File 137886309651.jpg - (26.95KB , 480x311 , tumblr_msxsilAbhz1rsiohpo1_500.jpg )
Movie's been dated for June 12, 2015 and retitled "Jurassic World".

Title's making me wonder if they tweaked the story and InGen was idiotic enough to build their new park in Orlando (like Hammond remarked in the original) instead of the fixed up Nublar of the leaked plot summary.
>> No. 38977
>> No. 39006
>> No. 39007
If that video is legit (looks cheap as fuck), then it accentuates how hilariously shitty was the ending to JP3.
>> No. 39013
Well it is only a teaser trailer and for that its not bad.
Remmber this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6ItK90yvA44
My only real issue is that a Flyer cant have the Weight to knock down a building!
Also, what was that anyway?
>> No. 39318
File 138604647899.jpg - (146.71KB , 640x480 , HNI_0019_MPO.jpg )
I think this may be some of my favourite JP merch.
>> No. 39319
I just want to go back to a time when practical effects were the norm. CGI very rarely ages well.
JURASSIC PARK - Evolution of a Raptor Suityoutube thumb
>> No. 39323
I just want people to stop pretending that shitty practical effects are any less common than shitty cg.
>> No. 39324
Shitty practical effects are better looking than shitty CG effects.
>> No. 39328
>> No. 39329
On the other hadn, when CGI is good and not used to cut corners, it gets shit done on a level and scale that is simply not possible for practical effects.

Anyways the argument is retarded, because the best results are achieved by intelligent use of both good CGI and good practical effects.
>> No. 39330
Shitty costumes and puppets are the exact same bullshit as bad cgi, just with different tools, cut the nostalgia.
>> No. 39331

I beg to differ, I have gone out of my way to watch garbage like Congo, Carnosaur and Wishmaster just to name a few on the basis of bad practical effects still being fucking radical and visually entertaining.

Bad CGI on the otherhand is just offputting.
>> No. 39332
> Congo

No the same anon you are talking to, but once the albino gorillas appear, the movie is basically dead to me. Holy shit those things looked stupid beyond belief.
>> No. 39333
Yeah, but when they started cutting them up with lasers it was the only good part of the movie.

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