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File 137191023310.jpg - (176.21KB , 750x979 , 3047774-solid_snake_by_kandoken.jpg )
37757 No. 37757
After years of rumors and false starts, it seems one of the most iconic videogame franchises ever created is finally coming to the big screen. Terrorists, look out, because Solid Snake is on the case.

News broke today that a film adaptation of Hideo Kojima's acclaimed action espionage series Metal Gear Solid is moving forward, with Avi Arad (Spider-Man, X-Men) attached to produce.

The project was announced at a joint press conference with Arad and Kojima in attendance. As Arad explained, a Metal Gear movie is a pretty natural progression from his work in comic films:

"For many years I fought to bring comics to theaters--and video games are the comics of today. We will take our time and tell the story with all the nuances, ideology, cautionary tales needed."

Now this is gonna be interesting.

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>> No. 37761
I said it before, I'll say it again. Why does everything have to be a movie? Are movies the best medium in existence?
>> No. 37762
Nobody said everything has to be a movie.

MGS1 just makes for a pretty good movie.
>> No. 37765
> Terrorists, look out

Solid's career has been more about keeping America (or the spirit of america or whatever the Patriots are) from blowing up America, and less about fighting real terrorists.
>> No. 37766
File 137195004574.jpg - (26.15KB , 390x282 , url21.jpg )
Terrorists are ESPECIALLY Americans.

MGS is a franchise that is HEAVILY HEAVILY influenced by movies, Snake himself being VERY obviously based on Snake Plisskin, it makes sense that something so based on movies would in turn make for a good movie.
>> No. 37769
Just cast Gary Oldman as Ocelot. That's all I ask.
>> No. 37770
Aren't there already real people who are used as the physical basis for most of these characters?

Though granted, I don't know how they'd serve on the actual acting front, unless they're the same people as the VAs, and even then VA and screen acting are very different disciplines.
>> No. 37771
>Not TV show
>Not starting with Snake Eater or Metal Gear

This is going to be fucking terrible.
>> No. 37772
File 137196360742.jpg - (251.12KB , 1024x768 , metal-gear-solid-the-twin-snakes-poster.jpg )
Really? You're questioning why Metal Gear of all series is getting a film adaptation? Have you even played Metal Gear Solid?
>> No. 37773
> Aren't there already real people who are used as the physical basis for most of these characters?

Yes, but most of them are either dead or too old.
>> No. 37774
The argument probably is that if you have played the MGS games, you have also watched MGS movies along the way.
>> No. 37775
File 137198861063.jpg - (9.01KB , 273x185 , images.jpg )
The idea of a Game of Thones/Walking Dead/Breaking epic style MGS television show now that I am aware of it is shockingly good in concept to me.
>> No. 37778

it'd be real good if
its Mocap ala MGSV.
I mean.
There's no way a movie's gonna look better than that.
The technology's there.
>> No. 37783
Would Snake Eater work as an introduction, though?
Maybe it would... I don't know.
It'd go from a spy/military thriller, to a story about the corruption of a champion, to a sci fi political mystery...
>> No. 37796
Snake Eater works fine as a standalone story, but it's too complex to fit into one film I think.

MGS1's easier in that regard.
>> No. 37799
Snake Eater could be a Trilogy easy.
>> No. 37800
File 137222731149.jpg - (33.91KB , 334x308 , hzq8yw.jpg )
The big question is, who in Hollywood could possibly be sexy enough to play Snake? Is there a decent actor who exists that has enough junk in that trunk to be worthy of the role, or will they be forced to make the butts CGs?
>> No. 37803
I'm still going with MoCap!
Or at least, uh... assisted animation!

(That, and that Cavill dude is shaping up nicely as a Snake... Doesn't seem old enough, though....)
>> No. 37811
>Ocelot not played by the zombified remains of Lee Van Cleef
The series has had weirder.
>> No. 37814
Cavill is 30, which is only 3 years younger than Snake in MGS
>> No. 37816
I vote for David Hayter for Snake. Dude actually looks a lot like Snake, he can obviously do the voice, and he's the right age. And it'd soften the blow of him being replaced in the games.

I vote no on CGI, though. I like realistic CGI in games, but I feel like if you want the art in a movie to look realistic, you may as well just do it live-action. I want a James Bond opening sequence animated in the style of the concept art, though.
>> No. 37821
>he can obviously do the voice
Not for MGS-era Snake though. As of late Hayter sounds like he's strugglin to get Snake's raspiness through, though it's OK in Big Boss's case since he's older anyway. Also we have no idea if he's got any actual acting ability, even if he knows how to write.
>> No. 37824
Don't voice actors get the same acting training as live-action actors? That's why in some behind-the-scenes videos, you'll see the actor waving their arms or emoting dramatically when they read their lines, it's ingrained in their head to emote with their body even if they're not on camera.
>> No. 37825
I think that's just something they do and not part of the formal training.
>> No. 37860
File 137274454415.jpg - (11.76KB , 184x274 , images.jpg )
>>Avi Arad

Oh no, not him! I can't trust him anymore!

Not after THIS!

Robosapien Movie - Official Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 37861
I don't even want to know what I'm looking at.
>> No. 37862

Reminds me of that crap remake of Short Circuit someone keeps trying to get greenlit since its the same basic garbage of a boy and his robot.
>> No. 37875
Well, I've been wondering what was up with this movie for quite a number of years since I was interested in the actual Robosapien line of toys. Wasn't really expecting it to be all that good, just because I had no idea how the toy could actually be a major part of a movie and Tilden didn't seem to have much of a direction for it, but I figured it'd at least use something that bore a better resemblance to an actual Wowwee product. I suppose it does resemble sort of a mish-mash of parts from various toys, though. Maybe they'll release another humanoid now. Preferably one with scriptable behavior like the RS Media, just without the needless video screen. Makes me wonder if I should watch a bad movie just to boost the chances of it getting merchandise, but I don't think it'd be worth helping the recent general interest in robots burn out sooner.
>> No. 39395
File 138733287574.jpg - (69.05KB , 500x375 , tumblr_mxl6r2ON9s1soqdnbo1_500.jpg )
OH GOD, someone suggest Mads Mikkelsen Raiden and I can't unsee it, really plays to his strengths as a gymnast too.
>> No. 39396
Dude's almost 50, and Raiden's youth was an essential part of the character (before he became a cyborg)
>> No. 39399
File 138737249678.jpg - (343.09KB , 1280x800 , tumblr_mxl6r2ON9s1soqdnbo2_1280.jpg )
Oh for sure, but he can play way younger men, you could also use someone younger for Younger Raiden.

But for Cyborg Raiden? Mads is a flawless choice, same facial structure and everything.

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