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File 133493524958.jpg - (703.55KB , 1280x960 , 3-iron.jpg )
32657 No. 32657
God Damn, 3 Iron AKA Ninja Golf Batman is a fucking awesome.
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>> No. 32662
The District 13 movies. Basically buddy cop movies with a lot of parkour.
>> No. 32677
They were surprisingly good for movies that I found on some random shitty channel at 3am. That whole thing with K2 becoming the new boss was pretty fun, I always like the "big dumb goon not as dumb as he looks" twists in films. Did you know the actor who plays Leïto actually "invented" parkour? He also kicked ass in the French Marines for a while, and the fire brigade because his grandfather, father and brother had all been firemen who used free running/super agility in their rescuing and training regimes and he wanted to be like them. Pretty much all the parkour scenes in the film were completely CGI/wire-free too.
>> No. 32680
File 133512225872.jpg - (18.87KB , 220x322 , 220px-Fifty_first_state_ver2.jpg )
plural? I only ever saw the first one. And yeah, no wires, just amazing parkour strunts. Not sure I was following the plot entirely by the end of the first one though.

If you haven't seen Formula 51 then you're missing out.
>Robert Carlyle
>Samuel L. Jackson in a Kilt
>> No. 32687
>> No. 32691
File 133518917656.jpg - (198.81KB , 1021x685 , FastRun-colum-l.jpg )

You know how they say in movies it's like nothing you've ever seen before?

>> No. 32693
File 133521794851.jpg - (63.04KB , 447x324 , Ip_Man_movie.jpg )
Ip Man. Don't care it's 40% historically inaccurate; the kung-fu is accurate, and that is all you should care about.
>> No. 32740
File 133552802283.jpg - (18.21KB , 220x301 , 220px-The_Thief_of_Bagdad_(1924)_-_film_poster.jpg )
Pretty damn amazing.
>> No. 32754

I have, oddly enough, seen this movie. It is awesome, and it's way cool to see some of the aboriginal stories finally coming to cinema without being filtered through Eurocentric Hollywood.
>> No. 32757
File 133569260680.jpg - (61.39KB , 300x442 , Gangs_of_New_York_Poster.jpg )
Motherfuck I love this movie.
Daniel Day-Lewis is a master of his art.
>> No. 32772
File 133579392623.jpg - (132.60KB , 664x945 , old-boy-2.jpg )
These two and this
>> No. 32773
Ip Man vs 10 Black Belts - Epi…youtube thumb
>> No. 32774
>Pretty much all the parkour scenes in the film were completely CGI/wire-free too.
That's because they had practice those stunts for years. The action scenes were mostly shot in their neighborhood.

At the time it came out in theatres, I found it disappointing because there was no big final battle.
>> No. 32778
Oh God, Old Boy. That movie is so fucked up. It's also so good.
>> No. 32817
File 13360140281.jpg - (292.09KB , 500x706 , Alien-Vs-Ninja-Poster.jpg )
The Horde
Mystery Team
Lady Vengeance
pic related
>> No. 32818
It's on Netflix streaming, watch it now. It's one of the single greatest movies ever made. It makes Citizen Kane look like Horserape. If you don't watch it, you're worse than Hitler.

-A hot female ninja shamelessly put into sexy positions repeatedly.

-Exaggerated gore, and lots of it.

-Zombie ninjas chanting "fuck you".

-Bad dubbing.

-Over-the-top EVERYTHING.

-An incompetent ninja who spends the entire movie making a fool of himself.

-An entire fight sequence centered around one of the aliens trying to grab the female ninja's boobs.
>> No. 32820
Watched Ip Man because of this thread. Holy shit that is a fantastic kung fu movie.

As for good movies, I'd have to dig through my "recently watched" on Netflix to find them. Stay tuned.
>> No. 32856
Black Death http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1181791/

If you wanna put yourself in the mind of a medieval person, no movie does it better than this. Seriously.
>> No. 32947
File 133649828923.jpg - (36.77KB , 338x475 , tumblr_lih40yGJIE1qat492o1_400.jpg )
Cause it hasn't been mentioned before:
Behold! The holy Grail of "so bad it's good" movies! Riki-oh!
Best viewed while intoxicated/high with your best friends. You'll thank me later.

>> No. 32949
Technically I didn't "find it", I just never went to see it in theatres, but I watched Bunraku on Netflix. Josh Hartnet and Gackt (with some assitence from Woody Harrelson) fight Ron Perlman and his 10 deadly assassins. The story wasn't crazy good, but it had some fucking amazing visuals and some pretty cool fights.

I watched "Everything Must Go" as well. Will Ferrell is actually pretty good at drama. Also, Glenn Howerton (Dennis from Always Sunny) plays what is essentially corporate Dennis.
>> No. 33142
File 133750803333.jpg - (10.96KB , 220x324 , 220px-Act_of_Valor_poster.jpg )
Just found this on the net today. Damn, it's like
"Call of Duty Modern Warfare: The Movie!".
>> No. 33155
Stranger Than Fiction was actually pretty damn good for that exact reason. Will Ferrel does dramedy really well.

Also I know we all have a boner for it but it still doesn't get the props it deserves (as in none of my friends knew about it before I told them about it): BRICK. Go watch Brick, you fuckers. Right now.
>> No. 33156
>Will Ferrell is actually pretty good at drama.
It's been said many times: drama is easier than comedy. In my experience, you see a lot more comedians doing drama successfully than you see dramatic actors doing comedy successfully (the whole cast of Airplane! being one vary glaring exception).
>> No. 33177
File 133774774973.jpg - (41.31KB , 300x431 , The_Hudsucker_Proxy_Movie.jpg )
You know... for the kids!
>> No. 33307

I'd say they're about equal. I hear as much complaining about failed pathos as I do about unfunny material.
>> No. 40128
File 139768263957.png - (451.08KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2014-04-04-00h57m41s59.png )
The Social Network, aka Citizen Kane without the plothole.
>> No. 40129
File 139768469471.jpg - (58.82KB , 384x567 , The_Raid_Redemption.jpg )
Anyone here who has not seen The Raid: Redemption, go do it. Now.

Best martial arts flick of the 21st Century - and it gives a lot of the 20th Century’s best a run for their money, too.

(I’m also disappointed in the lack of Attack the Block mentions in this thread.)
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