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File 139742354946.png - (840.09KB , 750x1145 , paradox space.png )
73595 No. 73595

A brand new webcomic, to be exact. One that has launched on the 5th anniversary of Homestuck's first page. If the thirteenth of April holds a magical place in your heart, then chances are, you are on pins and needles waiting for me to post the end of the story. It will still be quite some time before that happens. I've had too much else going on to be able to attack the remaining content with the ferocity that has been characteristic of my update schedule over the years. It is nothing short of The Greatest Tragedy that a beloved story is held hostage to the ability of a single artist to continue creating it. Which brings us to the website called Paradox Space, and the chapter it will represent in Homestuck's extended life cycle.

As I work on finishing the story, I tend to think a lot about where Homestuck as a creative property goes from here. It's hard to ignore the fact that it has turned into something much bigger than just a long, crazy story on the internet. It has a lot of fans, and there's a whole culture surrounding it. Friendships have been made, lives have been changed, or so people tell me. Those who like HS are extremely fond of the characters, yet those characters are trapped - "stuck" if you will - inside a very particular narrative, which itself has been at the mercy of my ability to produce it. So when I think about the future of Homestuck, I envision projects which liberate the things people love about it from the story itself, and most importantly, from my intensive personal effort.
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>> No. 73596
File 139742739226.jpg - (37.10KB , 549x494 , 1297751575843.jpg )
Well shit. I'm so glad I'm wrong. I wonder what KC Green is gonna do for Paradox Space.
>> No. 73597
Wanna list off shit we wanna see?

Adventures on the boat and meteor over the 3 years
Mindfang and Darkleers escape from the highbloods
Felt and Midnight Crew mobbing it up
Every players original splurge of making cool/weird shit with their alchemitter
>> No. 73598
File 139743688941.png - (796.10KB , 895x1049 , 1330935400225.png )
A2 secession, pre and post entry shenanigans
A2 Ancestor shenanigans
Jade-Sollux pesterlog
>> No. 73599
File 139745550588.gif - (834.82KB , 300x169 , 8LSW8l7.gif )
I know I'm just being negative, but yeah.

I'm sure it'll be great though.
>> No. 73600
Maybe we'll see just how bad the A1 session fucked up I wonder
>> No. 73601
Wasn't it just that no one was even close to done by the time the reckoning happened?
>> No. 73602
File 13975860872.gif - (699.63KB , 480x270 , hair of doom.gif )
Yeah, but there's still some mysteries like how Mituna broke his brain saving everybody and stuff.
>> No. 73603
File 139761056827.jpg - (46.72KB , 600x600 , 214604.jpg )

Those and:
>The parts of Hivebent we got montaged and all the gaps we missed of it
>A1 session
>A1 Ancestors
>Canon fantrolls get canon stories
>> No. 73604
Yeah, I think there's a lot of room for Pspace to expand upon the Hivebent session, the Troll Ancestors' session, and for that matter the Alpha Kids' session.

I would love to see Hussie give the people working on Pspace enough information to fill in some of the gaps in information about the roles of the different Classes and Aspects, and the Denizens and world quests and things, for example. See what a "proper session" looks like.
>> No. 73605
Sooooooo does the page 3 of the gamzee psycho thing prove troll ears are pointed in canon?
>> No. 73606
File 139769852458.jpg - (141.37KB , 600x710 , terezisketch2.jpg )
Well, Hussie draws them with pointed ears on occasion, though not in the comic itself. I'd take it or leave it.

>> No. 73607
According to Hussie's latest news post, nothing in PXS proves anything.
It's basically fanfiction, it what I'm saying.
>> No. 73608
I'd say think of it more like an Expanded Universe.
>> No. 73609
>glorified fanfiction
>> No. 73611
An expanded universe that can directly contradict core canon?
I don't think so.
>> No. 73613
It's impossible to directly contradict core canon in Homestuck. You just make it a doomed timeline and you're done.
>> No. 73614
Or in other words, 99% of the Homestuck universe are meaningless disconnected bullshit?
It's like Hussie declaring all fantrolls canon. The act of doing so doesn't make any of them not irrelevant.
>> No. 73615
PROTIP: The secret is that ALL fiction is equally irrelevant. The only parts that matter are the parts you care about. If you choose to make that "official" stuff, that's fine, but fanfiction, alternatue universes/timelines, expanded universe, what have you, is no less relevant than "canon" because it's all fake as shit. Like magic.

Canonicity has always been completely irrelevant in all fiction. The idea that any of it isn't is just a game of trying to make other peoples' interests irrelevant just because they don't fit into your own personal list of things you care about.
>> No. 73616
canon is what fucking happens in the story
>> No. 73617
So what it sounds like you're saying is...

If you loved the Lord of the Rings, but went back and created a fan character who can do all of this wonderous magic and defeat hordes of creatures while saving the kingdoms but it's in your own non-canon sidestory, it should be treated as just as important as the source material?

Nigga that be fucked up thinkin'.
>> No. 73618
I am saying it is no more or less fictional than Lord of the Rings. Now, obviously, you have come up with a scenario in which the spinoff is inferior to the original, because you want to prove a point about how precious canon is, in the hopes that you can "prove me wrong" by saying that what I'm saying is that poorly written stories should be just as respected as well written stories.

But what I am saying is actually that Wide Sargasso Sea is no more fictional than Jane Eyre. Wicked is no more fictional than The Wizard of Oz. A Study In Emerald is no more fictional than the Call of Cthulu or A Study in Scarlet. The movie version of Starship Troopers is no more fictional than the book version. That the movie, tv, book, radio, and comic book versions of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy are all equally fictitious.

Which one is "canon" and which one is non-canon is entirely irrelevant, to everything, because none of it ever happened to begin with, except in matters of internal consistency--which events are canon to the story you're currently reading matters, obviously. All that matters is the quality of what you're reading/watching/playing/etc. Your focus on canonicity is focusing on tangible details of the story instead of the actual strengths and weaknesses of it--it shows a lazy mindset toward critical thinking. Which is fine, you're certainly entitled to enjoy things in a lazy manner--but to act as though you're somehow more justified in your enjoyment because of it, like you're doing the "only rational thing" takes a very special kind of insanity.
>> No. 73619
>except in matters of internal consistency
>which events are canon to the story you're currently reading matters, obviously
I'm currently reading Homestuck. We all are. That's because it's not finished yet.
And anyone hoping to glean something relevant to that story from PSX will probably be disappointed.
>> No. 73620
>I can't watch Batman Brave and the Bold because it won't tell me anything about the plot of The Dark Knight Rises.
>> No. 73621
So it looks like we're about to find out what happens if you wear a queen's ring on a finger that gets removed by the prototyping.
>> No. 73622
What a complete fucking waste of time.
>> No. 73623

Anyone else find this completely condescending for no reason?
>> No. 73624
Eh. Seems kind of hard not come off as condescending if you're replying to a bunch of really stupid questions. I mean, Karkat's fucking tongue? Really?
>> No. 73625
The amount of people taking something fun and light-hearted so seriously is crazy. Honestly now
>> No. 73626
a lot of rachel's posts come off as very condescending no matter how nice she's trying to be
>> No. 73627
>What a complete fucking waste of time.
I'm guessing you didn't enjoy Homestuck much, either, then. Given that about 80% of the story is this sort of silly horseshit. For some reason fans try to focus on the world building and romance in Homestuck, when that stuff makes up much less of the comic than fooling around with towels or bathroom fixtures and kids forcing aliens to draw dicks all over their sister's books. And even when it IS about world building and romance, that stuff's mostly there to provide more material for even GREATER silly horseshit later.
>> No. 73628
>> No. 73629
its really really hard to not come off as condescending when you put up with as much garbage from the fans as she does

i love Rachel because she deals with this bullshit in exactly the same way i would, in fact she probably deals with it better than i would
>> No. 73630
What if the whole universe-murdering Jack thing never became a thing, and we instead followed the main kid's session instead of veering off into Hivebent?
A similar but less interesting (to me) question is what would happen if Hivebent somehow resolved without then leading to Lord English and yet another two universes.
>> No. 73632
This Vriska/Eridan arc is my favorite so far.
>> No. 73633
Last arc was great, and hussies post today gives me lots of hope for paradox spaces future.
>> No. 73680
File 140117454354.png - (35.18KB , 460x229 , paradox space canon.png )
So..this story HAS to be canon, right?

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