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73208 No. 73208
This clearly deserves its own thread.

Plans during? coping methods? What do we do after?

This sure is a weird feeling.
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>> No. 73209
Think of it this way: we just saw the penultimate update. There is only ONE UPDATE LEFT. Then Homestuck is over.
>> No. 73210
>> No. 73211
Yo I don't even care about the ending at this point. It's not going to be very surprising, just get a victory and wrap everything up. All I care about is seeing my dear, precious ships happen.
>> No. 73213
To be honest, the thing that drew me in in the first place was the pace and constant updates, and we left that behind years ago. I'm not interested in the ending. It's gonna be cliched and trite and super predictable, as every single plot thread has already been pulled and we know the final outcome; honestly, the only thing left at this point is resolving the romance shit. Which I don't care about.

Ah well. Guess this place is gonna close up soon anyway, as it'll become dead during the wait and a waste of space once it's over. See you guys in February or whenever.
>> No. 73215
I would love to hear your predictions for the final act.
>> No. 73216
File 138212348430.jpg - (41.41KB , 500x391 , it'sogre.jpg )

Everything sucks and then I finally move on with my life.
>> No. 73218
It's going to be weird not having updates anymore.
>> No. 73220
I'd share a prediction I made over a year ago, but I don't want to give him the idea. Also, the game's going to likely start ramping up in hype after the comic ends, if there isn't another comic series afterwords (as if the sheer volume of readers would allow it).
>> No. 73221
I'm going to regret not making more Homestuck friends to hang with. Not because Homestucks are the best people, it's more because we all sort of share this weird bond that everyone else hates or doesn't understand. Four years is kind of a commitment.
>> No. 73222
Wonder if he'll start another webcomic, finish his other ones or just stop making webcomics...
>> No. 73223
He's said that he'll probably always work on new things, but he didn't commit to it being a webcomic. There are folks out there who think that after the Homestuck game (and Namco High), he might try doing a full, original video game next.
>> No. 73224
Making the Homestuck game and working on the Namco one will take quite a lot of time. Kind of pointless to be projecting that far into the future.
>> No. 73460
>What do we do after?

Didn't you get the post homestuck cyanide pill they send to everyone who starts reading?
>> No. 73464
Obviously Horuss will be the troll who comes back to life, and spend his days in sloppy makeouts with Arquiussprite.

They will be the only survivors, and repopulate the new universe, which was totally barren like the beta kids session.
>> No. 73588
So will Hussie finally release us from this endless nightmare or are we doomed wade in hell. /co/ has devolved into unending shitposts and this place is barren.

Also with all the information we know now, was making /mspa/ a good idea after all?
>> No. 73589
Didn't he specifically say a 4/13 update wouldn't happen?
And to answer your other question: no, probably not
>> No. 73591
4/13 is not gonna happen. Next stop: twelfth of June.
>> No. 73593
File 13973755297.png - (280.05KB , 452x710 , 1321857780974.png )
It's 4/13. And it appears to be a whole lot of nothing, unless it happens later in the day. But I'm not keeping my hopes up.

Also, happy birthday John & Jane.
>> No. 73594
Yeah, about that...
>> No. 73679
Soooooooooooooooooooooooo why is hussie writing a paradox space comic when he should be updating the regular one?
>> No. 73697
So is this board getting discontinued or what? I mean, it's completely dead right now anyway, and it doesn't seem to be getting a new one.
>> No. 73698
No updates = dead board. This is not like the general on /co/ that goes on about nonsense.
>> No. 73707
Speaking of HSG, apparently it's been finally shut down. So there's that.
>> No. 73709
Anyone knows the story About the dead of HSG?
>> No. 73710
Anyone knows the story About the dead of HSG?
>> No. 73711
Mods killed it, too much shitposting
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