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65143 No. 65143
Post Troll versions of books, movies, games, TV, whatever.

In which a male and female of each sub-seadweller hemocaste are taken to compete in a bloody arena fight to the death for the amusement of the Empress and nobility. Two rustbloods feign a matespritship in a bid to win favor. After culling the rest, the rustbloods threaten to leave the seadwellers with no champion at all unless they're both allowed to leave, and are immediately executed to the great amusement of the crowd.

Also, it's a documentary.

The Hunger Games
>> No. 65152
Six young trolls encounter a wounded alien from a faraway world who promises them the power to morph into any animal they want. They immediately devour him and send a fleet of mind-control wigglers to conquer his home world. Animorphs
>> No. 73474
Troll Tv shows still have normal names, so this is just troll downton abbey.

An estate for the betterment of blue bloods has been set up for generations. Sadly there was a minor rule made by the troll that set it up, saying that if another blue blood was born with their symbol, they'd be the one in charge of the estate. THe blue bloods that have been running it for sweeps are forced to buckle under to a wriggler that inherits everything.

The rustblooded staff partake in quadrant related mishaps and the house is managed by a sterling butlerlusus.
>> No. 73677
So basically aurthour replaces the butler on downton? I could be up for that.
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