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File 131656090838.jpg - (547.56KB , 1280x1024 , shit_just_got_real_by_dvan7-d35tzye.jpg )
50830 No. 50830
If Homestuck were made into a big budget hollywood movie, then what parts of the story would they change/fuck up?
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>> No. 50831
There would be no pesterlogs, or at least close to none.

And that would be horrible.
But then again, how could they pull it off?
>> No. 50832
The trolls who aren't Karkat or Vriska would get zero screentime or be put in background scenes only.
>> No. 50833
They'd probably use Skype or something. It's sort of implied that they use a talk-to-text system with the glasses computers anyways.
>> No. 50834
Kanaya would get screentime as the token lesbian. It would become an important part of her character and it would be played up. Every other mention of same-sex stuff would be ditched because it's not important, and Karkat won't have his bucktoothed xenophilia fetish thing going on anymore (unless it is for Jade).

Also there would be much more obvious John/Rose and Jade/Dave because the periphery main characters always end up together at the end too.
>> No. 50835
All of it. Homestuck is way to long and way too based on text-based gags and plot development to be a movie. Plus, a lot of the humor is way too off of mainstream for Hollywood.
>> No. 50836
File 131656503416.jpg - (73.17KB , 500x378 , 131136199976-sww8s2.jpg )
But think of the potential for a franchise! Like Harry Potter, but hip and underground!

Hey man, it's all speculative
>> No. 50840
1. Get rid of the trolls entirely, except for one or two mentions of the session that created the kids' universe. Nothing of value will be lost.
2. Maybe condense the kid's quest into one big thing? Like they each still have their own planet, but all four of them have to fight one denizen in Skaia.
3. Grist is a physical thing but disappears as soon as you touch it? I don't know.

The thing is, it would be impossible to make a Homestuck movie with the same recurring themes and gags that make it special. But it would be possible to make a "Homestuck-themed" movie, just like Andrew's eventual books will be "Homestuck-themed."
>> No. 50842
Andrew already did the work for you. He basically outlined what a Homestuck movie would have in his formspring.
>> No. 50853
To be honest, Homestuck would work better as an animated series than a movie.
>> No. 50861
How about a kickass live-action high-budget miniseries, like Game of Thrones?
>> No. 50867
>implying that a webcomic no one will give a shit about in five years' time merits a big budget Hollywood production or anything
>> No. 50868
>implying that homestuck will be over in five years time
>> No. 50880
Oh fuck, an HBO series? If it's on HBO, then there will be troll sex as far as the eye can see.
>> No. 50894
I'm imagining a hilarious interlude in which Doc Scratch explains troll romance, reading the descriptions in the comic word-for-word while animations in the background ambiguously depict what happens with buckets.
>> No. 50897
TL:DR: Any movie or TV show of this comic would suck Zuul Balls. Hollywood specializes in turning diamonds to turds.

>Implying none will give a shit then
>> No. 50899
> implying every movie comes from Hollywood
>> No. 50911
The kids ages will be bumped up to 25. The trolls will likely be cut down to just four of them, and they'd be minor characters. There'd be no Hivebent arc, exiles, ancestors etc, instead focusing on the four "kids" scattered across different lands and their fight against Noir (plot twist: it was the kids who gave Jack his power! revealed about halfway through, just before John and Rose have sex (John is still not a homosexual, but Dave might be for the sake of demographics))

The final battle would see John making a heroic sacrifice as he throws Jack Noir (horrible CGI carapace) into the green sun, causing the Scratch. Film ends not knowing if the reset worked or not, or possibly ending on the "was it all a dream?" note.

Seriously though? I'm sure as an idea the whole Sburb thing could work, but Homestuck itself as a story is something far too tricky, even for a LOST-ish series.
>> No. 50912

sequel released twenty years later to coincide with anniversary of cult Homestuck movie. John and Rose's son is brought up in post-reset world, only to discover that everything isn't how it should be and it's all Truman Show-ish. With the aid of a Kyle Reese Karkat, the son goes into Sburb to reset the game again and bring back his dead parents.

Kinda like Tron but really bad.
>> No. 50913
The only way I could ever see Homestuck in motion pictures is as a TV series. And due to the length, they'd have to work something out to deal with the fact that the 13 year old actors they got at the start are starting to grow facial hair and gain height. I guess time shenanigans could be blamed, or that Sburb takes a lot longer to finish that previously assumed.
>> No. 50914
A live action version would be prohibitively expensive. Just think of all the extras who would have to fit into imp costumes.
>> No. 50980
So how would they handle Jack?
>> No. 50988
How would they candle ja
>> No. 51186
I dunno, quirky webcomic thingy is about the only thing Homestuck deserves. No real point adapting it anywhere else.
>> No. 51192
Andrew disagrees.
>> No. 63314
all of it, it's far too long and complicated, film-makers always cut out or simplify they think are too boring or complex for the feeble minds and attention spans of the masses
>> No. 63320
>Homestuck cartoon
That actually sounds kinda cool.
>> No. 63337
homestuck anime

done by shaft
>> No. 63338
In conjuncture with Gainax
>> No. 63346
>head tilt
>pesterlogs flashing really fast in between cuts
At least the pop culture references won't be entirely out of place.
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