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File 138876653446.jpg - (1.36MB , 961x1357 , space-dandy-premiere-adult-swim-jan_4.jpg )
86211 No. 86211
A Tale of Action, Heartbreak and Vice in the Strangest Quadrants of the Galaxy

Dandy OPyoutube thumb

THE Spectrum-Saturated, Style Soaked Adventure of 2014
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>> No. 86266
>first episode
This hasn't been on for a minute and I'm already on board.
>> No. 86267
>> No. 86269
"Space Century 0014; Mankind has unlocked the heady secrets of space travel. But in the vastness of space, humans are but one of a myriad of species. There are countless others…like that one…and those…and all of them…far too many to name-no seriously, I'm done."

I'm loving this!
>> No. 86270
File 138891250710.gif?spoiler - (2.45MB , 480x360 , like this IN SPACE.gif?spoiler )
>that ending
>pic related

Freaking sweet. So many awesome alien designs.

Only notable criticism so far is that voice effect they're using for QT is too loud.
>> No. 86290
Was this show released in the west dubbed at the same time it came out in Japan or something
>> No. 86295
I disagree and personally fucking love QT's goofy autotune voice.
>> No. 86296
No, it was technically released in the west FIRST.
>> No. 86297
File 138892605585.gif - (291.03KB , 400x224 , WoY_tumblr_mrpsyicgmZ1rm830wo6_400.gif )
So the big villain of the show is japanese Lord Hater?

>> No. 86298
Oh boy. Are they already getting death threats from Japanese fans? Otaku tend to shit their pants if a Japanese company so much as dares to consider targeting the Western market.
>> No. 86301
So this simply can't be the case, but my immediate impression of the planet they ended up on was that it looked EXACTLY like the Sea of Monsters from Yellow Submarine. Some of the aliens even looked like the monsters in said film. Am I alone in that impression?

Hero, supporting cast, and main villain all dead in one episode. NEXT TIME, RAMEN!
>> No. 86302
>that ending
Well that's just Dandy.
>> No. 86305
File 138896126362.png - (27.05KB , 517x236 , 1388950712487.png )
If this is to be believed, apparently the dub gleamed over some stuff that will be important later on.

Which is a shame because the performances were great.
>> No. 86306
A specific example he (this a character designer for the show) mentioned was Honey's line when she was guessing Dandy's job.


I think his point is that the Japanese version implied Honey is smarter than she's acting (she was making fun of Dandy without him realizing it), whereas in the English version she comes off as genuinely dumb.

Something I was kind of worried about when this was announced was that the writers for the dub would just be given scripts to adapt piecemeal without any foreknowledge, which has rather obvious problems with regards to knowing which details are important or not.
>> No. 86307
File 138896599269.gif - (0.96MB , 500x222 , space dandy terminator.gif )
College & Electric Youth -…youtube thumb

He probably had an austrian accent and everything.
>> No. 86312
File 138898361128.png - (734.92KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-01-05-23h32m24s56.png )
I think judging a show by the first episode alone is just silly. I like it so far, but I want to know where it's headed.
>> No. 86313
Meow might be the first person I've ever seen wear crocs in an anime. Perhaps, he's even the first alien in anime to do so.
>> No. 86315
Eh story as old as time, least they seemed to keep the scripts around this round.


>> No. 86316
I like that Dandy's crew all look different but still have a unified feel to their appearance.

Meow's got his star shaped marking, like the symbol on Dandy's gear, and QT's yellow color scheme matches those of Dandy's stars as well as the Aloha-Ai.
>> No. 86320
Loving that ship name.
>> No. 86336
File 138906887061.jpg - (60.15KB , 683x384 , go with the flow baby.jpg )
Really loved the first episode, can't wait to see what happens next.

>this fucking scene
>> No. 86337
File 138907019398.jpg - (65.68KB , 232x640 , Space-Dandy-Dandy.jpg )
He's going to be the most cosplayed character of 2014 isn't he? His appearance is that ideal mixture of simple and iconic, allowing for relatively accurate portrayals of it.
>> No. 86339

The thing about the translation is that the one we got for the subs weren't really... GREAT either?

Like yes I realize what the issue here was but Honey calling Dandy an ass sounded more like she was just immediately brushing him off whereas in the original she gave him more of an underhanded jab.
>> No. 86342
File 138908838489.jpg - (792.12KB , 1920x1080 , 1388978883359.jpg )
He looks to me like an older and slightly better looking Josuke.
>> No. 86393
File 138932677146.jpg - (276.87KB , 878x637 , space dandy and honey.jpg )
Surprisingly, one of the most intriguing aspects of Space Dandy may very well be the apparently shallow titular protagonist. Dandy is a man of several contradictions that become bonafide character traits instead of writing inconsistencies due to how frequently they crop up. He's introduced talking about how female rumps are superior to breasts...but frequents a restaurant chain called Boobies; he seems to be right at home in the show's colorful retro futuristic setting until you learn that a lot of his equipment (including his impressive looking personal star ship) is dated if not outright obsolete; he espouses the virtues of going with the flow, yet he is hardly zen when something unexpected or unpleasant does crop up. Personality-wise, Dandy could very well be considered manic-depressive in nature as depending on the situation, he goes from impassioned, debonair, and self-assured to listless, grouchy, and apathetic with nary a neutral state. There are plenty of blatant displays of dissonance permeating the episode; Dandy's profession as an Alien Hunter straddles the line between Pokemon Trainer and Serial Kidnapper after all. One in particular stands out as it elegantly displays a disconnect between perception and actuality; Dandy attempts to charm a waitress (Honey) that catches his eye after ordering a drink from her, but she seems to get distracted and wanders off. This puts the once chipper Dandy in a dour mood that actually pushes him to get to his job and to lightly bully his robotic sidekick. A few minutes later, we find out that Honey hadn't forgotten Dandy at all, seeking him out to hand him his drink despite his probably ending up on the other side of the gigantic restaurant in a disastrous chase scene. It's a small thing, but it bears repeating because it could easily be lost in some of the louder moments of thwarted expectations this bombastic introductory episode offers.
>> No. 86401
Yeah, I'll have to give it a few episodes before I decide if I like it or not. The first episode was entertaining, but it didn't fill me with anticipation for the next one in the least.
>> No. 86427
I've decided I love it.
>> No. 86648
File 139071271268.jpg - (9.47KB , 160x144 , Wario Perfect.jpg )
>Dat Zombie episode
>> No. 86649
I could not have imagined that second half in my wildest dreams.
>> No. 86652
I love this show.

Meow is best character, BTW.
>> No. 86654
That second half of the zombie episode was great. I have no idea where this show is going to go, but I expect it to be entertaining.
>> No. 86655
Looking at some other anime forums, it seems like a lot of people are having trouble with accepting the episodic nature of the show. They're trying to create an explanation for it, saying that all of these episodes that end with Meow/everyone dying are all alternate timelines created by the faulty warp drive/cosmic string being pulled in episode 1.

I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, but there's no evidence for it at this point.
>> No. 86656
File 139074575534.jpg - (57.88KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
I've had no trouble accepting the nature of the series ever since someone on /a/ made the perfect comparison.
>> No. 86658
The Japanese ending to the show has the singer singing to/about Hugh Everett.
>> No. 86662
File 139079435125.png - (884.79KB , 1094x900 , space dandy 05-2.png )

>> No. 86665
Zombie ep was really good, but I didn't like how Dandy was oblivious to something being wrong in the hospital. I know he hasn't exactly been the brightest guy so far, and I like that he's kinda dumb and doesn't think things through at all, but this ep he was as dumb as Meow.

Other than that gripe, lots of fun.
>> No. 86702
File 139091934573.jpg - (51.20KB , 320x320 , 80E3484D-C249-4403-B03AAAE98553C03A.jpg )
Hugh Everett-San~~
>> No. 86706
Which sub-group is superior? Commie or Horriblesubs?
>> No. 86707
None, watch the dub.
>> No. 86708
But then what about >>86305 ?
>> No. 86710
There's an official release for the subs to, but if you're not a subscriber for FUNimation's video service it's SD-only and a week behind the broadcasts.
>> No. 86712
It's one line. It doesn't matter.
>> No. 86718

As far as I gather the only bad "changes" they made were to the Blonde chick working at the restaurant.

She was suppose to say a line that was underhandedly mocking Dandy but they wound up giving her a line that just made her sound stupid.

As long as you remember that she's smarter than she lets on then the rest of the show should be just fine.
>> No. 86769
Well, I guess I won't be having any good dreams tonight.
>> No. 86772
How many episodes is this show getting?
>> No. 86804
File 13911897228.png - (31.14KB , 1174x880 , see you space dandy.png )

Full version of Super X-13's "Rocket Ship", the song that plays during the Toonami promo for Episode 5.
>> No. 86857
I think that was just a dummied out episode of Bebop.
>> No. 86870
That last episode was just Dandy
>> No. 86871
Yeah, I think this episode kinda was what most people expected the entire show to be.
>> No. 86883
File 139140461911.gif - (196.20KB , 500x298 , space dandy buff.gif )
You've heard of T&A,

But what about T vs. A?

Toonami - Space Dandy Ep. 06 Promo (HD 1080p)youtube thumb

Chesticles Forever!!!
>> No. 86887
That...is frighteningly accurate. Yet I love it.
>> No. 86899
File 139148428821.gif - (971.63KB , 369x207 , space dandy title.gif )
You know what I love about this show most of all?

It's actually excited about Space.

Every other medium we've got is landlocked and hotglued to the Earth. Even with our big name sci-fi films of recent note have been small in scale and treat the cosmos as trivial window dressing. Regard the recent Star Trek films that are devoid of eagerness and discovery or the Gundam franchise that just uses space as a way for petty human conflicts to play out in three-dimensional battlegrounds. It's become more of a stock trope for cheap plots instead of a font of possibilities. I don't know when the fascination with the outer reaches turned into cynicism, but it seems to have hit the creative industries pretty hard if this trend is of any indication.

Perhaps most insultingly of all is the vogue of reality warpers and galactic deities that manipulate the universe to show how powerful they are; So you show us that they can toss a box around. Okay, but what's in the box? Are we going to explore any of that? No? Well, fine then.

In Space Dandy, the viewer keeps travelling to new worlds that are chock full of new aliens and cultures. It's this immense, extraterrestrial blend that feels familiar, but has enough uniqueness to make if feel fresh, a trait helped by the fact that not a lot of parties are doing stuff like this anymore.

Far from the claustrophobic, all-encompassing constraints of high-schools, cities, or planet Earth itself, Space Dandy flies high, fast, and free. You can partake in that spirit if you like; just tune in and feel the gravity on your mind fall away.
>> No. 86901
This is part of why I enjoyed Futurama.
>> No. 86919
Awww that was danged adorable, she's gonna hunt him down.
>> No. 86920
Loved the zombie episode. Quite hilarious.

I like how they're pulling the standard sitcom trope of "Anything major that happens is forgotten in the next episode", but to extremes.

Oh ho~ I didn't pay attention to the lyrics and wasn't interested in the melody so I just skip it. I'll pay attention next time.
>> No. 87049
That was a lot of Star Wars jokes and a highly silly climax.

>> No. 87093
Saw Ep. 5. Super sweet, in multiple ways. I wouldn't have taken this show as my cup of tea, but I'm greatly enjoying it.

Sadly I also remember what doujin artists will do with Adélie.
>> No. 87100
File 139202723570.gif - (2.87MB , 240x134 , space dandy yankee.gif )
Toonami - Space Dandy Ep. 07 Promo (HD 1080p)youtube thumb

Next Episode:

A Spaceship Named Desire

Dandy Racers



(get it? Dandy-line, Dandelion? It's a Redline reference!)
>> No. 87102
File 139203247295.gif - (2.94MB , 342x170 , 1392002983163.gif )
That entire episode was worth it just for the ending.
>> No. 87218
Dandyline sure had an ending.
>> No. 87222
Yeah, wasn't expecting that. I'm not sure if they just decided to have a weird ending, or if this actually has something to do with why Dandy is apparently the key to the universe, or whatever it was that the space-fire-skull guy called him in the first ep. In a show like this you can't be sure, but I'm leaning towards the later.

Wow, I only just noticed that the Galaga ship and bee are in the OP's picture.
>> No. 87232
That ending was like 2001 and Eva TV had a baby.
>> No. 87235
File 139259555315.gif - (1.08MB , 245x139 , space dandy-moon slash.gif )
The Speed of Light Jackknife is a cut above the rest.
>> No. 87237
File 139259893140.png - (470.51KB , 768x576 , rf laughing cats 2.png )
And the moral of this episode is:

If two ships have gay sex in space you will travel billions years into the future and become Buddha.
>> No. 87241
File 139262853467.gif - (946.92KB , 500x281 , space dandy la kill.gif )
That, and:

Don't come between Dandy and Boobies.
>> No. 87263
File 139276564479.png - (701.94KB , 900x1018 , johnny bravo as space dandy.png )

Someone finally did it.
>> No. 87344
File 139313782942.jpg?spoiler - (51.68KB , 720x480 , Session11.jpg?spoiler )
Ah, so that's where that fridge landed.
>> No. 87349
That episode was all over the place. Wasn't feeling it.
>> No. 87353
It felt like two episodes cut in half and glued together. Altogether i don't think it worked out that well but it did have its moments. i kind of wonder if the first half was trying to be subtle parody to "the pet dies" kind of episodes or movies.
>> No. 87360
File 13932133209.png - (313.44KB , 498x570 , space dandy smile.png )
I think the hidden brilliance behind the latest episode of Space Dandy is that it completely upends the usual "initial comedic phase followed by a dark turn" formula (as seen in the second episode) by having the serious section of the story happening first, playing it straight with nary a hint of parody, and then having the wacky hijinks occur immediately afterwards; a complete reversal of the usual "very special episode" plots that most humorous shows employ.

Now this isn't the case of a comedy-based episode following a tragic one, or the protagonists dealing with the fallout from the initial incident with some jokes here and there; This is a case of a complete 180 degree tonal shift within the same episode and not in the manner that most programs do it when they want to be subversive. It's nigh-experimental.

To exemplify this, we have this nice, quiet character moment for Dandy. Alone and exposed after a particularly emotional episode, he looks in the mirror...and decides to smile, almost as if he's readying himself for his next big adventure. With what follows after, this apparently excessive bit of manservice serves as a bridge between the serious and farcical aspects of Dandy's show and universe; tears and smiles exist side-by-side in this cosmos and these genres can shift not just from episode-to-episode, but in the episode itself.

Amidst the explosions, vulgarity, and action, it's easy to miss such subtleties, even though they help to further elevate the show from being simple parody.
>> No. 87371
first part had me crying like a bitch due to my soft spot for dogs. Second part helped snap me out of it. also Dandy ass
>> No. 87404
File 139354656583.jpg - (67.73KB , 686x960 , 867593-tek4.jpg )
Please tell me I'm not the only one.
Who the hell would have the brass balls to dub Stephen Colbert?
>> No. 87423
Just watched the first two episodes, and I'm not all that impressed. Kinda slow, the gags aren't all that funny, and while there's some really great art and animation going on it's not all that interesting. Does the series get better later on?
>> No. 87424
Humor is incredibly subjective and it is a comedy series, so don't go in thinking you have to like it because a lot of other people enjoy it (or having to hate it because of that, you special little snowflake, you). That said, first episode is universally agreed to be the weakest episode.
>> No. 87435
>That said, first episode is universally agreed to be the weakest episode.
I don't know about that, but I would say the fourth episode is universally agreed to be the best.
>> No. 87439
Whenever I'm watching a new series, I try to watch to episode five, unless the first three really suck.

You absolutely want to do that with Space Dandy. Ep 1 was fairly weak compared to the rest of the series. Can't remember if Ep 2 was much better, but now it's a pretty great series.
>> No. 87447
Episode 2 is the phantom space ramen, which is a decent episode but still not quite as good or experimental as the others. episodes 4 and 5 are probably good stopping points if you're still not into space Dandy, I think that's where the show really hits its stride.
>> No. 87474
File 139375186970.gif - (1.02MB , 400x225 , Jojo Joseph.gif )
Dandy's Bizarre Adventure (Spa…youtube thumb

It's weird, but it fits.
>> No. 87475
My mind is so full of fuck. What was this episode even?
>> No. 87476
File 13938021058.gif - (2.31MB , 525x685 , 1387234159731.gif )
A truly alien enviroment. The likes of that could only be view in nature with a magnifying glass and way to much drugs.
>> No. 87483
File 139388471069.png - (159.67KB , 500x281 , what_nisekoi.png )
>Bye... bye...

jesus, this episode.
>> No. 87485
Toonami - Space Dandy Ep. 10 Promo (HD 1080p)youtube thumb
>> No. 87486
>"Hey you wanna shoot me in the face and see if I wake up tomorrow?"

That's... An odd thing to say, QT
>> No. 87567
File 139434200959.gif - (967.58KB , 380x262 , rf YES YES YES.gif )
>yfw that line
>> No. 87577
File 139439023898.gif - (484.25KB , 499x375 , teeheehee.gif )
>"I'm sorry, I thought you already knew. I'm gay."

Best Groundhog Day plot I've ever seen.
>> No. 87580
I'm not the only one who was thinking of Haruhi and Endless Eight that whole episode right?
>> No. 87583
It's an old set-up; I imagine people will think of whichever series left the biggest impression on them. I didn't think of Endless Eight because, by the end of it, I didn't want to rip my hair out by the roots.
>> No. 87588
File 139442560739.gif - (0.98MB , 500x251 , space dandy vs_ calendar.gif )
D'asting Calender gonna Romp with the Pomp if it ain't careful, swear to me space mum.
>> No. 87646
Space Dandy - Welcome to the X…youtube thumb
>> No. 87708
What an oddly horrifying episode.
>> No. 87710
I have no idea what this episode was about or what it was trying to say.
>> No. 87726
Dandy got his hands on an anti-book that steals from its owners instead of informing them at the behest of a living bookmark.

Dr. Gel's descent into madness implies that there's something abominable about the "power" Dandy possesses and to know the secret is to invite certain death due to how dangerous it is.

The graphical style was meant to evoke the weathered, uneven textures that even the smoothest of paper pages possesses. The backgrounds resembling the rough print B&W illustrations of old sci-fi periodicals.

Dandy kills a whole bunch of people with his awesome space laser.

And...I...what? What was I talking about?
>> No. 87737
what you're referring to is this:
>> No. 87743
I understood the story, I didn't get what the story was trying to say. It felt like there was a deeper meaning beyond what simply happens, but I guess not.
>> No. 87747
File 139512209694.jpg - (85.23KB , 477x759 , animal man gospel.jpg )
Episodes 10 and 11 were meta commentaries about how Dandy lives in a loop by virtue of existing in a form of media that can be replayed over and over.

Breasts help move the plot and Gel's calculations along because they are (so far as Dandy is concerned) what his adventures, and arguably the show, revolve around. Ergo, it is a central force in this universe that revolves around the whims and misadventures of a lecherous rogue. Also, they resemble an infinity symbol/the moebius strip from the previous episode.

The Great Librarian was a deconstruction on the very idea of knowledge as it cannot provide any of the secrets it purports to possess. Even if it managed to store every bit of information in the universe, it would still be useless as no one is capable of reading the damn thing (Gel doesn't even really need it to finish his equation). Kind of like how if cavemen stumbled across the Great Library of Alexander.

Gel's B-story was also meta as he actually managed to solve the mysterious equation. Usually, a plot point of this nature would have him perish as he was on the cusp of solving it, but even though he was able to subvert that, the knowledge he attained basically told him that he was going to die anyway as the information he now possessed was too dangerous and toxic to be possessed. In turn, he must be eliminated to preserve the secrecy behind Dandy's "power" because it isn't the right time (read: episode) yet. Notice that he is killed before he has a chance to share his new information with Bea. This is probably the reason he doesn't try to flee the Legato barrage as he knows that something will go wrong to ensure that he is unable to convey his findings to anyone. The sequence of events also plays completely against him: the book he sought to solve the mystery ended up being stolen by Dandy, the pursuit of which got him and the fleet to Legado, once there he is in a perfect position to be killed and get his knowledge stolen by the book itself. Gel briefly saw through this deception, only to recognize that he was doomed no matter what he did.

The design of the rock librarian aliens was meant to allude to the fact that the backgrounds of that episode resembled charcoal illustrations on paper. In a way, we are experiencing a "moving story book". It also references how our modern intangible media of today (movies, television shows, etc.) sprung forth from analogous displays such as cave paintings (rock) and stories stored in books or scrolls (paper).
>> No. 87748
File 139512323646.jpg - (32.54KB , 640x480 , Galactic Cyclone Bryger 22_mkv_snapshot_16_14_[201.jpg )
>> No. 87761
File 13953262014.png - (592.04KB , 1000x1000 , d8SO5nE.png )
>> No. 88053
File 139651382980.jpg - (104.10KB , 1280x720 , 1396202729703.jpg )
>> No. 88069
One would think a Betelgeusian would be playing a date-sim with a sexy lady Betelgeusian girl option.
>> No. 88071
Meow has had an eye for hot chicks of all species since the first episode.
>> No. 88072
I don't know about you, but if i lived in the future i would go after alien chicks over regular human women. Besides he got burned by that lesbian chick.
>> No. 88074
File 139668579545.jpg - (130.17KB , 600x578 , space dandy blues.jpg )
QT's Finest Hour-Farewell Season One Fan Cutyoutube thumb

I thought that the Season 1 finale could've benefited from a touching montage during the big fight. But that's just me. Please excuse the lack of Honey and Scarlet, as well as the unavoidable fact that QT never met half the people shown in this sequence.
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