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File 138629676164.png - (639.71KB , 955x535 , samurai-flamenco-the-meaning-of-justice-double-fla.png )
85816 No. 85816
According to the show's official twitter feed, Part 1 ends next week, and it's also posting some completely new character designs.

I have no idea where this show is going, but a thread seems timely.
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>> No. 85817
Heres my guess as to what the fuck is going on.

Aliens have picked up old TV broadcasts and decided to make their own superhero show
>> No. 85819
Only watched the first few episodes, is this mostly a realistic/slice of life show or does it incorporate fantastical elements as it goes on?
>> No. 85820
There's uh...

There's an arc to it. That's the most I can say.
>> No. 86004
Well, we've now yet again changed what this show is, this time from Kamen Rider to Power Rangers.

That song was pretty great.
>> No. 86120
If all the episodes after 7 are his dream, then why does the perspective of the narrative shift to characters who aren't the supposed dreamer?
>> No. 86121
There are really times where it seems like the show is kids playing make believe.
>> No. 86123
It's one weird ass dream. I think i had a dream like that we're i switched perspectives with another person
>> No. 86197
So, if King Torture had succeeded, what would From Beyond have done with him afterward?
>> No. 86286
So apparently the show goes from Japanese Kickass -> Stationary kamen rider -> Super sentai?

I watched the episode with GUILLOTINE GORILLA because of all the reactions people were having about it on 4chan and the episode after that but the show didn't really grip me.
>> No. 86309
What were their reactions? I don't go on /a/ that often and I've been mostly staying away from SamFlam threads since most of the ones I saw early on were full of autists and the bad types of fujoshi.
>> No. 86310
Like how most people react when they watch the end of episode 7: Shock, bewilderment, and a dash of disappointment.
>> No. 86311
People got mad? My reaction was "about fucking time" since I was waiting for the show to kick into actual toku mode at some point.
>> No. 86329
a lot of fans of the show aren't toku fans and liked the street crimefighting aspect of it.
>> No. 86332
I'm not the only one who's reminded of a more Japanese-flavored Tiger & Bunny am I? Complete with the questions about street vigilantism and what it means to be a hero, male model MC and idol singer rival, homolust gags, bitchy girl the fangirls hate for her hopeless crush on one of the MCs, MY PARENTS ARE DEEEAAADD, and so on.
>> No. 86380
So episode 12...
I found sentai parts pretty meh and I don't find the new characters all that interesting or entertaining. It was cool to see the old characters again and catch up with them. Sort of glad that Mari is still around and i'm curious where her character will go from here.

I'm starting to wonder if there some Truman Show thing going on.

>> No. 86386
File 138932323456.jpg - (85.30KB , 1280x720 , samurai flamenco engorged.jpg )
Gotta git biggah!
>> No. 86403
File 13893830802.jpg?nsfw - (251.29KB , 800x600 , 1261781%20-%20mari_maya%20moe_morita%20samurai_fla.jpg?nsfw )
>Catching up on the series
>Just watched Episode 7
What the ever-loving fuck.

I like toku (didn't know that was a term for it.) But I liked this series because it was about an ordinary dude coming to terms with his place in the world and trying to become a hero to the people, though just an ordinary person himself. It was both light-hearted and serious. The weapons were a bit out there, but still within the realm of realism... barely. And with the revelations in from his grandfather, I'd hoped it would continue as he traveled overseas to catch his parent's killer.

...and then a guy turns into a gorilla, almost at random. I'll continue watching, because the toku thing seems to be entertaining, but it's somewhat different from the show I started watching, and the change is abrupt. And now I'm pretty sure that Goto's girlfriend is either involved in Torture or will be captured by them.. I really hope the show goes non-standard and proves me wrong. At least these few episodes afterward seem to be non-standard as people [spoiler]are just accepting of the monsters and carry on.[/spoilers]

And there's only one Rule34 of the series, when the Flamenco Girls provide plenty of fuel. :( At least it's a good one...

At least this isn't like Linebarrels of Iron, which was so promising and then turned in a standard harm/fish-out-of-water mech anime and made me lose complete interest...
>> No. 86405
You'd think Goto/Masayoshi would be pouring out of the woodworks after the first episode. Then again the show's mostly gone light on it since and just uses it for mild gags while focusing on the more interesting stuff.
>> No. 86408
Yeah, I went to Rule34 expecting page after page of Goto/Masa and some Masa/Kaname.
>> No. 86409
File 13894007818.jpg - (107.28KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Samurai Flamenco - 12 [720p]_mkv_sn.jpg )
>Framen Robo
It's just not toku without dat Engrish.
>> No. 86410
That new OP is either incredibly lazy or a big, fat red herring of an intro.
>> No. 86411
I heard it was stand in until the new one is finished.
>> No. 86413
File 138946619616.jpg - (201.57KB , 1440x810 , 1389457018120.jpg )
More amusing engrish.
>> No. 86417
Also Jurota Kosugi as the older mentor figure with a big secret side to hide or something.
>> No. 86523
File 139011317997.jpg - (379.01KB , 1100x1550 , 1df2ef03e504bc5553187ecba6add27b.jpg )
Man, this show's arc would be a lot more easy to swallow if it didn't involve sidelining Gotou so hard.
>> No. 86524
Yeah, Goto's definitely my favorite character of the show by far and I guess I can understand why since he's the straight man of the show but it still sucks.
>> No. 86597
File 139053529151.jpg - (48.76KB , 1280x720 , samurai flamenco charm.jpg )
>The From Beyond villains all have tentacles
>The umbrella of Goto's girlfriend has an octopus charm on it

>> No. 86599
I'm hoping some sense is made of the show's shift that makes it more than just a heavily watered-down reconstruction of the sentai genre. Masayoshi doesn't have to go through any soul-shattering reveal or anything, but going through all the motions of a sentai show but without the depth of a show that was designed to be such sentai from the get-go makes it feel very shallow and master-of-none.
>> No. 86621
I pretend Goto is the real main character; the scenes involving him tend to be far more interesting than those that don't.

Actually, come to think of it, the show has a slight "Naruto" or "Bleach" whiff to it: the focus is (almost) entirely on one person, but he's surrounded by a cast far more interesting than him despite his leaps in ability. Masayoshi isn't nearly as annoying as Naruto or bland as Ichigo, though. In fact, I bet that Masayoshi's parents were killed by From Beyond, and at least one of them was a Sentai at some point, or something in the same Naruto/Bleach vein.
>> No. 86623
File 139062231388.jpg - (507.97KB , 1200x1674 , samurai-flamenco.jpg )
>that jacket
>that belt

Surprise, you gullible fools!

This poster was of Beyond Flamenco the entire time!!!
>> No. 86643
>Flamenco Kaworu in episode 14
Ohhhhhhh shit, maybe things will finally be interesting again. Are actual toku shows usually this bland or is the show just that way on purpose because it's using the most generic and recognizable aspects of the genre?
>> No. 86691
You can't compare Flamenco to Toku shows, its all over the place and trying to be Tweesty and genre-breaking
>> No. 86779
>Samurai Flamenco 15
We Watchmen now.
>> No. 86780
In a good or bad way?
>> No. 86781
Come on shirtless politician final (or at least arc) boss fight
>> No. 86782
As with anything with this show, it's hard to say at this point. I think it's an interesting turn of events.
>> No. 86787
File 139114240742.gif - (2.51MB , 422x238 , samurai flamenco-homerun.gif )
Revolving Doors can get FUCKED!
>> No. 86790
A neat twist that would explain episode 7 and onwards, but doesn't really excuse the show for being so simplistic and derivative from that point onward.
>> No. 86809
File 139121388982.gif - (307.03KB , 350x400 , tumblr_mzbewfFJXi1t0if1ko1_400.gif )
So did he actually make that crater with his own bare hands or did he blow the area up with explosives?
>> No. 86814
How many times can a show twist before it becomes pointlessly broken
>> No. 86982
File 139173771112.jpg - (101.40KB , 1280x720 , samurai flamenco clarice.jpg )
>Hannibal's muzzle was based on ancient Japanese armor

It all comes around.
>> No. 87021
In any other show besides Samumenco, the placeholder OP being more animated than the real OP would be surprising.
>> No. 87157
File 139235682649.gif - (1.51MB , 640x360 , samurai flamenco-no more justice.gif )



STARS and Stripes. You should have known all along, /jam/! You should have known all along!
>> No. 87160
The minute he dropped in on that scene, i thought the real bad guy was America.
>> No. 87197
He wasn't the Senator Armstrong I wanted, but approval ratings power super suit and attacks like "I'm the prime minister" and "Fuji Drop" make for an acceptable substitute.

I adore that both that Goto has apparently developed Flamenco skills at some point and that Mari and company continue to coast on tasers and the ability to make testicles sound like bells.


I hate you Samurai Flamenco. I love you Samurai Flamenco. Keep on changing.
>> No. 87198
So did this show finally get good again or is it still stuck trying to be too clever for its own good?
>> No. 87210
He called himself Seijin Flamenco.
>> No. 87233
Sort of both? The show brought back the more grounded characters of Gotou and Flamenco Girl and the stationery scientist, they remembered they could be humorous again, and they had a lot of nice little character moments for Flamenco himself that was a big problem for the latest arc. It's not a perfectly coherent plot by the end but it works... and then at the very end of the episode it does YET ANOTHER huge twist and now I'm unsure if it's going to go back into the crapper.
>> No. 87242
I'm a bit behind (just got to the Prime Minister pulling a Watchmen), but after Ep 8 or so it turned into Big Reveal at The End: The Series.

It's trying to be a soap opera so badly and not doing that great at it. At this point I guess it's just my curiosity that's keeping me watching.

Perhaps years from now I'll pretend that the series was cancelled at Ep 7...
>> No. 87444
I like how the reason why the word "Flamenco" is so important boils down to you should have it set to W for Wumbo.
>> No. 87445
>Episode 20
We Ultraman, Evangelion, Contact now

So where do you go from here?
>> No. 87449
Any interesting reveals or are we still stuck with the same old loltweest for shock value followed by a really bland and shallow "reconstruction" schtick?
>> No. 87450
Crisis of Infinite Flamencos/Final Flamencos Crisis?
Meguka Meduka finale?
>> No. 87455
File 13936393318.png?spoiler - (591.02KB , 1115x619 , the word is samurai flamenco.png?spoiler )
Everyone kept shouting about how it was all a dream, a huge conspiracy, or some elaborate delusion.

In the end, the reason for everything was a device so primordial and ancient that no one even thought to entertain it: a magic word, a heartfelt wish.
>> No. 87458
How was that not the final episode?

>> No. 87459
>> No. 87460
Even though this episode answered a lot of questions it still makes everything feel like a pointless waste of time. Masayoshi isn't entirely awful, but he's such a terrible and uninteresting MC.
>> No. 87461
Whoops meant to say that Masayoshi isn't entirely awful as a character, but when it comes to being a lead he's ridiculously static and bland. might as well be a figurehead. The scene at the bakery was probably the only time he faced a moral dilemma with genuine tension to it.
>> No. 87465
File 139370583121.gif - (60.58KB , 315x231 , decadence.gif )

>> No. 87467
File 139371410676.png - (91.88KB , 356x463 , Goto San.png )
The Melancholy of Samurai Flamenco, probably.
>> No. 87469
>> No. 87482
File 139386509560.jpg - (243.39KB , 702x820 , Samurai flamenco-paper tiger justice.jpg )
I think him being the figurehead is a humongous plot point. He's really the first "Flamenco" actualized into reality and from his debut do numerous other Flamencos come into being, both good and bad. His unshakeable moral compass and stubborn will form a good contrast to his naiveté and incompetence. Most of the cast are in some shape or form, superior to Masayoshi, but at the start of the story all of them have settled for the ordinary, and none of them have the sincere eagerness or drive that motivates him. They tell him that he's a joke and a fool, but they slowly come around once they realize that this normal guy really does want to be a hero and that he's absolutely serious about facing off against evildoers and righting wrongs. These people are presented with this spark of (seemingly) genuine heroism and each of them decides to nurture it in preference to cynically snuffing it out. Thus, Masayoshi grows and becomes stronger due to his interactions with them, steadily becoming more capable and mature. Adding to that, many of his greatest victories were achieved not solely through his efforts as he believed they would (as his dream in the first OP hinted), but through the aid of his comrades like Goto, the Flamengers, Kaname, Konno, and more. Even when his true role in the series is revealed, that doesn't change the fact that he galvanized a number of individuals into doing something extraordinary outside of the lives they had settled for.

Speaking of moral dilemmas concerning Masayoshi, everything leading up to this recent episode has been about that albeit shown in an unusual fashion. It ties into the age old question that everyone who fantasizes about being a superhero must face at some point; "Do you want to be a hero to beat people up and have awesome adventures or because you really want to do good?" Masayoshi, for all of his apparent morality is revealed to have held the previous conceit in higher regard for a good deal of the series. As the death toll, bedlam, and general absurdity rise, he slowly comes to the realization that more people are being harmed and helped; his preconceived notions as to how tokusatsu tropes should play are found wanting, even as he gets stronger and the world begins to resemble his beloved television serials with each passing escalation.

After a desperate struggle leaves him too exhausted to think, it is explained to him exactly why everything played out as it did: Hungry for justice, but too callow to know how to achieve it, he clung to the conceits of something he was all too familiar with, that of the superhero narrative. This in turn became the blueprint his miracle would build itself around and expand upon. His moral dilemma is more akin to moral dissonance; to whit, he is unable to reconcile his ideals and beliefs with the world around him. The bizarre turn things take spares him from, or at least delays, the harsh awakening he is ill-equipped for at that moment. As he and the viewers soon find out, this paradigm shift is not without cost.

Something to take note of, is that in an age of petty or outright malevolent cosmic forces, the Will of the Universe that Hazama meets is hardly judgmental and is almost affable as it explains the stakes. On his part, the man in question is mostly tranquil in this exchange and takes a lot of the outrageous answers to the questions that have plagued him for more than half of the show in stride. There is no agonizing over what occurred and what could have been, because that's not the point of this encounter.

Placed on neutral ground, the choice presented to Hazama is made to look innocuous despite its cosmic ramifications. Consequently, the decision becomes all the more genuine as the Will's tone indicates that neither option is preferable to the other, it is purely up to Samurai Flamenco's judgment. He ultimately chooses to cease the madness, much to entity's shock. The Will of the Universe warns him that it will mean an end to the circumstances that validated his unorthodox decisions and asks if this is the end to his heroic ambitions. Hazama replies that he will continue to try and be a hero, having been shown what that really means through interacting with his much more mature, if flawed, companions.

He could have had his way for over 6 trillion years, but instead realized that it would come at too great a cost for everyone else. The show finally reveals its hand; it was about him trying to find a compromise between his desire for justice and the rules of the reality he inhabited. Reality refused to yield to his mindset, and when it did, the alternative proved to be just as hazardously complicated if not more so. He just needed to grow up a little to prepare himself for that fateful ultimatum.

Something to think about that may be explored in the remaining episodes: Was the revelation of the "true" circumstances of his parents' death the catalyst or the first alteration of his wish?
>> No. 87536
File 139421027795.jpg - (322.50KB , 1600x1200 , 1394201055721[1].jpg )
>> No. 87537
I haven't watched the episode yet, please don't tell me Goto got shafted horribly again. He's the only reason I keep watching at this point.
>> No. 87559
Well, depends on what you mean by "shafted". This episode actually focuses a decent amount on Goto and other stuff that's actually interesting.
>> No. 87565
Yeah no it's.... it's kind of Goto's episode in a way.

Man every time I think this show can't possibly take a stranger turn it proves me wrong.
>> No. 87586
File 139441938240.jpg?spoiler - (2.40MB , 3840x4320 , life is lie with an f.jpg?spoiler )
If you have to live a lie, make it a beautiful one.
>> No. 87587
So we finally find out about his girlfriend?

I'm still calling her for the final villain.
>> No. 87589
File 139442680420.gif - (2.88MB , 384x216 , guillotine gorilla.gif )
Never 4get!
>> No. 87665
File 139475421724.jpg - (582.24KB , 1024x907 , don_quixote_2_by_scoppetta.jpg )
4chan threads post-episode 19 inspired me to do this thing. Enjoy:

Samurai Flamenco: To Each His Dulcineayoutube thumb
>> No. 87674
File 139476544835.png - (697.28KB , 1067x600 , 1394764679805[1].png )
>> No. 87695
So are we Unbreakable now or what?
>> No. 87736
More like Fight Club if you ask me.
>> No. 87854
Damn son this show crashing all the barriers
>> No. 87860
>all this talk about "love"
>that shit with Goto towards the end

For once a homolust pairing that feels developed and thematically appropriate enough that if it happened I could get behind it without finding it to be bland pandering.
>> No. 87862
i don't care about things becoming canon one way or the other most of the time but i want this badly. maybe because for once i actually have no idea what the fuck is going to happen. is this real or is this show just playing with my delicate heart
>> No. 87863
I think its going to go tragic and he'll have a new cellphone buddy.
>> No. 87875
Normally I'm not a huge fan of BL because dude-on-dude's not a turnon and even if it was most of it is too shitty anyway, but I'm kind of happy about dat homo end. It's frankly the least contrived aspect of the show and their relationship developed naturally enough to be satisfying. Personally would've preferred Masayoshi to get with Manager-chan instead of that douchebag Konno, but poor Goto deserves something good in his life. Still though what was the point of everything that happened in the middle?
>> No. 87876
Show had a lot of running bits in it. But yea what was the point of most of it when it could have just been tied up keeping it street level stuff and still gotten a lot of the same emotional responses.
>> No. 87882
So, what has been the point of all the twists..?
>> No. 87883

Nothing sadly been more meaningful if he'd had stayed away from earth and became the new cellphone buddy. Everything From Beyond to the giant space fight really has no purpose.

Course maybe its supposed to mean something that his biggest threat is more just a "monster" instead of a monster. I dunno feels like a lot of wheel spinning. Are a lot of Anime like that? First time getting into this stuff after a long absence and this and KLK are the only two I've watch all the way through.
>> No. 87918
Nothing aside from "character development" which turned out to be a series of cheesy "good > lawful" conflicts. Only good part about the Flamengers and Aliens arc was Prime Minister Armstrong.
>> No. 87920
I was kinda hoping in that part he'd have "Vigilante Flamenco" for a bit getting all Batman parody for a for a few episodes.
>> No. 87921
File 139601846955.jpg - (73.26KB , 333x418 , image.jpg )
What if Din Quixote got his way? What if all his conceits came to pass? Given the choice, would he return things to normal or continue to live his fantasy no matter who got hurt?

From a narrative standpoint, it was all to give Hazama the wisdom and clout to recognize that Goto was in trouble and thereby save the one who had supported him so much through so many adventures.
>> No. 87971
File 139606727912.gif - (1.83MB , 703x393 , [ball-crushing intensifies].gif )
I have conflicting emotions on SAMURAI FWAMENCO ending. I'm actually kinda happy with how Flim Flam's ended, yet also sad and relived that the ride is over. Thursdays this season have been incredibly enjoyable. Sam Fram will be missed.
>> No. 87972
Man, fuck Mari. She had a few good moments but most of the time she was such a dick. Poor Moe.
>> No. 87973
Yea she uses her love, and that one moment of insight and then they are gone. Why couldn't they have been the Flamenrangers and dug a bit more into them.
>> No. 87974
File 139607237889.gif - (1.68MB , 653x718 , 1394150212841.gif )
Flamenco Diamond was truly a menace.

But, yeah, she was kinda a dick, but I don't hate her for it or anything. It's not like she had the best character arc, imho. But Goto makes a strong running.

Hmmmm. Is it just me, or did Mari's characterization more or less peak during the sentai/power ranger arch and then Goto's started to pickup around then?
>> No. 87975
I was seriously expecting her to form a five-man sentai team with Masayoshi and Goto as the part-time black ranger instead of a whole bunch of BS with people I couldn't give a rat's ass about.
>> No. 87976
Yea introduced with zero fanfare and then dismissed just as quickly. And serious bull for not continuing with Monster Stationary to build their robots.
>> No. 87977
Everything about the Flamengers was awful. That whole plotline was so pointless it dragged the entire show down.
>> No. 87980
Little unnerving how close this show came to Akibaranger type satire, and then would start being brutal.
>> No. 87981
Agreed. Not including the Flamenco Girls just made it all the worse. I can understand Goto not being part of it, though.

But this is Japan; we can't have a sentai team of three females and two males, that's just silly.
>> No. 87991
I guess I would cut the sentai arc yeah, though I like the army of heroes and BEYOND FLAMENCO, but anyone who wants VIVA TORTURE, FUJI DROP, or SIT DOWN cut is a monster.

Ending was kind of annoyingly ambiguous. I'd be cool with a gay end but if you're going to do it actually GO FOR IT, don't have Goto just double back and keep doing the girlfriend shit. As for Konno/Ishihara, this has been my number one fear the whole show but I don't think we're supposed to take it that way, she's just finally stopped being totally aggressive to him after all his help and it turns out that was the only reason he was interested anyway (which might very way make him worse than he already was).

Diamond was diamonds. DING DING DING DING.

Problems with the epilogue aside, that the last shot of the show is Hazama ripping his shirt off superman style over littering might have been what sealed it for me. Congrats Samumenco, you are the first show I can think of that I could not decide my opinion on until the last fucking shot.
>> No. 87997
Heroes United could have been done with a Rider Special type episode since outside of the Flamenrangers there were two Sentai type teams and the rest being solo acts or duos.
>> No. 87998
File 139616163274.jpg - (49.12KB , 1280x720 , Samurai Flamenco - 09 - Large 25.jpg )
Was anyone else disappointed Konno's character just kind of flickered out after King Torture? I was expecting them to go somewhere with his "live for entertainment as a monster" choice and then they kind of didn't. I dunno, I thought there might have been some interesting potential there.
>> No. 87999
Oh yea I felt he'd be elevated and that would be one reason for the escalation because he made carnage entertainment for the masses. Not just hop on a plane and scoot off. Sir, you are a terrible monster.
>> No. 88000
Konno was always a shitty character and I'm pissed they would drag Manager down to let her settle for something like that.
>> No. 88001
Whole ending is kinda cringing. Hell the whole phone thing showed how fucking messed up that shit is for him.
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