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85218 No. 85218
Let's play a game... we'll call it
>> No. 85224
Is Ergo Proxy actually any good or is it as pretentious/shoehorned with the philosophy references as it sounds?
>> No. 85244
If you don't think it is good, just pirate several episodes. Watch up to 8, and then decide whether you like it or not. I personally love it.

It's someone else's turn to post vague screenshots.
>> No. 85250
It's not pretentious, just a well thought out examination of ideas and yes, philosophical thought.

That being said, it's hard to watch. I loved the show but I fell asleep at least once during each episode.
>> No. 85261
I do appreciate someone defending a good product, but this was supposed to be a thread where one posts a screenshots and others guess where it's from. Can you post something?
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