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83564 No. 83564
We need to talk about this series.

-It's the newest work by the guy who did Blame! and Biomega.

-It's hard sci-fi, the good stuff. I'd forgotten what that even felt like.

-It's basically space opera Evangelion, only the creator would rather blow your mind than screw it.

-It contains the most moe character I've ever seen. And that character is simultaneously a nigh-lovecraftian cosmic horror. And it is amazing.
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>> No. 83565
File 137212011918.png - (229.94KB , 1125x1600 , 011.png )
The whole series to date has contained a steady trickle of revelations and interesting details- believe me when I say Shit Has Gone Down- but it doesn't spoil things to say that it's set on board a habitat ship whose residents & society have been adapting for centuries. The vessel's hull is covered in a massive layer of ice that absorbs asteroid impacts, and vehicles maneuver through space using "Higgs particles". They jump from solar system to solar system, mining asteroids and struggling against the ambiguous threat of the White Gauna.

Also, the title basically translates to one of the better Muse songs. Muse - Knights Of Cydonia (Video)youtube thumb
>> No. 83569
This is quite interesting so far. I like the art as well, especially the big shots of the living quarters where nature and buildings sort of meld together.
>> No. 83573
File 137214659694.png - (376.79KB , 1109x1600 , 018.png )
Yeah, Nihei's great at megastructures. This is the first time he's incorporated stuff like plant life into it, results are really cool.
>> No. 83579
I feel like the art's gone downhill from his previous works (his assistant leaving to do her own thing with Dorohedoro might have something to do with it), but the story was pretty interesting from the first few chapters I read. Haven't kept up with it though. I assume there's more dialogue and characterization this time around?
>> No. 83585
There's plenty. And harem comedy shenanigans aside it turns out he's not so bad at it.
>> No. 83590
The plot gets noticeably more coherent over time, I think.
>> No. 83613
That it does. Nihei's other long series tend to have their plots fall apart over time, but this one doesn't.

Also, the way the protagonist dealt with his rival's backstabbing attempts puts him up above 80% of all teenage mecha pilot protagonists.
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