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/jam/ EDITION!

Tomie is the exact kind of monster I'd never want to come across, she's basically John Carpenter's thing meets a Siren from the Odyssey.
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Opening with Junji Ito is making it hard for me to pick something not from one of his stories. His various apocalyptic scenarios are some of the most alien and horrible situations one could find themselves in.

The only other thing that comes to mind as supremely unpleasant is finding myself the patient of Fran Madaraki, but even then, there's a slim chance of things working out alright, even if in an abstract sort of way. Plus being her plaything may or may not be part of several elaborate fantasies I may or may not have, so really, I'd be cheating if I went with that.

I think I'd have to say Gyo would be the most unpleasant, unsavory situation to be confronted by. It's a world-ending scenario that doesn't even have the kind of Lovecraftian, alien beauty that Hellstar Remina or Uzumaki has.

And speaking of Tomie, trying to find scans where the art hasn't been flip-flopped seems impossible. At least for the first two-thirds of the series. The stuff in Tomie: Again looks unaltered.
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