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File 135326970640.gif - (1.00MB , 500x283 , you woke me up for this.gif )
79634 No. 79634
It seems like this here thing is coming out 2013.

What do you think?
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>> No. 79635
Nice animation, cute designs without being annoying. Visually it's a treat, now we just have to see if the writing holds up.
>> No. 79636
Looks pretty hype.
>> No. 79639
File 135328155597.gif - (3.52MB , 300x173 , yoshinari6dkvb.gif )
longer gif
>> No. 79646
It looks nice, visually speaking.
Let's hope the writing is good as well.

Thank you, I really hate when tumblr does gif sets of long gifs like this one. What's the point of that?
>> No. 79647
Apparently tumblr can't handle gifs of any real length.
>> No. 79648
I have literally spent an hour uploading a page from Swamp Thing.
>> No. 79649
I don't like magical girls and Trigger is terrible but damn it I will watch for Yoshinari.
>> No. 79660
Who the frack is Yoshinari??
>> No. 79703
You're an idiot.
>> No. 79704
Yoshinari You (or Yoh), the character designer for this show. He's proven himself to be quality time and again through his involvement as a storyboard director and key animator through all of Gainax's greats.

Someone woke up on the little prick side of the bed.
>> No. 79706
No, he's right, Twister IS an idot.
>> No. 79742
And Sir Anonymous is not? Good luck "proving" that.
>> No. 81769
File 136470760777.jpg - (34.90KB , 500x349 , rf whale whale whale.jpg )
>> No. 81770
>>Typing in Google search engine is so HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD you guys.
>> No. 81772
Fucking nothing because it's a RAW.
>> No. 81774
RAW = Subs soon
>> No. 81776

point in case.
>> No. 81780
>> No. 81781
Saucy is best.
>> No. 81782
File 136477873638.jpg - (25.08KB , 300x300 , 1325487837032.jpg )
>"open wide!"
>> No. 81789
It's so great!
>> No. 81792
Thank you, kind sire!
>> No. 81794
No argument here.
>> No. 81797
File 136483176047.png - (970.94KB , 711x1082 , magichistoryisforgaylords.png )
>> No. 81806
File 136485724482.gif - (2.64MB , 337x400 , 1364818764098.gif )

Like seriously.
>> No. 81807
File 136485729018.png - (278.21KB , 400x542 , isdisbitchsrs.png )
>> No. 81821
I was under the impression this was going to be a series. I'm a little upset it isn't...
>> No. 81822
File 136494373620.png - (37.08KB , 146x148 , 45261646.png )

I thought it was going to be feature-length...
>> No. 81824
What is it?
>> No. 81826
A 23 minute OVA.
>> No. 81869
File 136503913240.jpg - (320.08KB , 1024x1836 , little_inferno_academia_by_triple_q-d60c5wj.jpg )
>> No. 81874
p gud
>> No. 81919
Here's the next Anime Mirai title:

Full list here:
>> No. 82246
公式 「リトルウィッ…youtube thumb
Offical upload by Trigger! WITH SUBS!
>> No. 82257
File 13663931338.jpg - (77.62KB , 561x581 , rf contempt man.jpg )
>official upload
>> No. 82258
File 136639460085.png - (218.91KB , 437x473 , mylittlewitchcantbethiscute.png )
Sorry about that. Outdated link. Hopefully this one will stick.
公式 「リトルウィッ…youtube thumb
>> No. 82283
File 136650897286.gif - (219.73KB , 250x250 , young witch excited.gif )
>> No. 82303
I can't handle the cuteness and beautiful-to-watch animation and the characters

Why must this only be half an hour long
>> No. 82306
File 136660985179.jpg - (46.50KB , 600x338 , basedpunk.jpg )
Pardon me while I melt into a giant pile of pure cane sugar and die
>> No. 82311
That was extremely enjoyable. The genre isn't really my thing, but I liked this enough that if it got a series I would probably watch it. One thing I liked in particular was how fluid and goofy all the character movements were, I wouldn't mind more anime that let themselves feel as "cartoon-y" as this one did.

I'll have to keep an eye on Trigger.This and Inferno Cop are making me expect great things from them. I should probably check out the rest of these Young Animator Training Project shorts as well, the only ones I've seen are this and the spider-girl one from last year.
>> No. 82316
Finally took some time to see it.

Love the art neuevo influences and animation. Really top notch.
>> No. 82317
I put up the torrent for Death Billards just a few post back but apparently nobody cares about the rest of the project.
>> No. 82318
There were quite a bit of threads on /a/ when it came out. It's a bit overshadowed right now, because a Japanese animation studio somehow showed a modicum of care for the non-Japanese audience. Which is sadly still considered to be almost a miracle.
>> No. 82319
Well, where are the other subs? Is only Death Billiards getting them?
>> No. 82320
I don't think the other two are actually out yet.
>> No. 82333
I feel kind of spoiled for these kind of animes and female stereotypes. But at least the animation's good.
>> No. 82335
>female stereotypes
You could change the gender of anyone involved and nothing would change, except they wouldn't exactly be a "witch". They're character archetypes. Nothing to do with being female.
>> No. 82338
Let's see.

-Energetic yet failure student who eventually comes to present with prodegeic talent.

- Friend of balanced ability who supports the main character emotionally and physically at times

- the ancillary friend who provides comedic repartee and occasional assist in a very nonchalant manner.

- The rival of excellent skill and reputation complete with groupies and holier than thou attitude who later reveals a secret connection to the protagonist.

That... Sounds like a lot of things now doesn't it?
>> No. 82342
>The rival of excellent skill and reputation complete with groupies and holier than thou attitude who later reveals a secret connection to the protagonist.

This is the only character that really stuck out to me as cliche.
>> No. 82349
Are we seriously doing this? We're complaining about characters being sort of stock in a movie that was the length of a single-episode-television show? For our next trick, can we complain about the shallowness of the characterization of the Old Spice Guy?
>> No. 82350

Point taken.

I suppose it's just the setting and artistic themes that are stereotypically female then. And the characters are just even more generic stereotypes than I originally thought.
>> No. 82351
Pretty much. The characters needed to be simple to get the point across in 21 minutes. If you expect some deep characterization, you're heavily delusional and just looking for points to criticize.
>> No. 82352

Good to know that just because something is short it becomes beyond reproach; I have much more hope for my own short stories now.

I suppose you both have a point though, I mean it's not like there've been shorter animations with less talking that managed to accomplish more character progression than thi- OH WAIT

The Rewardvimeo thumb

Bull-SHIT I can't pull up this short on its short-comings JUST BECAUSE it's short. You can do plenty in 21 minutes, and though this did a lot characterization was not one of the things it did very originally.

Don't curse me- or anyone else for that matter- for not being so forgiving of that fact as you all seem to be. If you like it regardless- as I do- then just roll with the punches already; who gives a shit if there are some niggles with it? Nothing's perfect.
>> No. 82355
I was under the impression that Anime Mirai projects were showcases for animators, not writers.
>> No. 82359
Don't be an asshole. I didn't say it's beyond reproach, I said that expecting nuanced characterization in 22 minutes is just being nitpicky, and comes off more like you've read too many lists of "rules for good writing" rather than taking your opinions from just reading. The fact that you refer to character archetypes as "cliché" reinforces that opinion, since cliché is really only used to refer to turns of phrase outside of amateur writing advice columnists and internet armchair critics.
>> No. 82365
Semantics and ad hominem are not a good combination to make, anon.

That said I agree that this is very strong nitpicking. I for one thought the characters were sufficiently developed. Like I said the only one who stuck out to me as noticeably unoriginal when I was watching this was the stuck up girl, but I don't fault the movie for it since that character archetype is almost necessary for this kind of story. That'd be like finding fault with the dragon because dragons are very common monsters in fiction. This whole debate actually seems to be more about the originality of the cast than about how well they were developed over the course of the story.

Stories can be more traditional than original, and as long as they are done well that's fine.
>> No. 82375
It's 2013. Nothing is original anymore.
>> No. 82377
Experimental then, you know what I mean. Stuff that hasn't shown up frequently in recent years and has fallen off the conscious radar.
>> No. 82378
Stealing is more noble when it's from older stories?
>> No. 82381
>> No. 82383

I like how you're not actually refuting my points, just picking at my vocabulary.


The show was solidly done, the characters were strong, but I personally feel it was limited by the kind of story they chose for it. I mean, the ol' set-in-school thing, popular-pretty-clique, awkward-unpretty-clique, obvious resolution of her wielding the shiny arc...it just ticked boxes so far as the plot went, so that left me unsatisfied. Yes you can say that for the kind of story they told some of the elements were necessary...but then that that doesn't excuse it, it just makes me question why they hemmed themselves in like that by wanting to tell a story SPECIFICALLY like this.

Of course if we're taking this project as a flaunting of animation skills (as I do) then it hardly matters at all, and it's still enjoyable regardless.

...I may as well make a point about nitpicking while I'm here. I consider it important to try and bring up these points when looking at stuff like this because I don't want everything to boil down to 'it's shit' or 'it's good' like it seems everything MUST these days. I don't want to see threads full of blandishments or curses with no keener sense of appreciation of the work in question, because then that just leads to radical wings screeching at each other rather than a general acceptance and discussion of such viewpoints.

And if you can't actually DISCUSS a show, and can only write flat praise or hyperbolic anger, then...that's just disappointing, and doesn't allow for as good an understanding of the work in general, and a lack of enrichment to your own opinions. I mean, all I said originally was I felt these particular character-types were overdone in modern anime, and we've had this whole discussion from it! So overall I'm happy about that.
>> No. 82389
stealing from what? Another story that will be a rehash from something else anyway?
Unless you can trace history up to some oogabooga the caveman, there's no chance that any story is original. Each line, each event, each character, each theme can be traced back to something older. Storytelling has never been about pure creation, but about reorganizing bricks of ideas to build something.
>> No. 82391
>Yes you can say that for the kind of story they told some of the elements were necessary...but then that that doesn't excuse it, it just makes me question why they hemmed themselves in like that by wanting to tell a story SPECIFICALLY like this.

It kind of does excuse it, though. Remove those elements and it'd be a different kind of story altogether. Every well-defined genre has certain checkboxes to go through, by definition of being a genre. If it doesn't check those boxes then it isn't that 'type' of story, it's a different one.

You seem to be judging the story based on what you want it to be rather than what the writers were actually trying to achieve. You're taking problem with the actual premise, at which point I'd just say that you aren't the target audience and this story wasn't made for you. I kind of hate to use that argument, but what you're doing is kind of like going to see a horror movie about a bunch of teenagers getting killed by a psychopath, and then complaining that what you saw was a horror movie about a bunch of teenagers getting killed by a psychopath instead of something more original. There are just certain beats that come up in certain types of stories.

I'm not saying that you're wrong for wanting something else, you're of course entitled to feel however you personally feel, just that it makes more sense to judge a work on how well it achieved what it seems like it was trying to achieve than on what you personally wanted it to be.

As for the nitpicking thing, it's fine to dissect and analyze as much of a work as you can, pointing out the slight negatives just becomes nitpicking when you don't also mention the positives. This is something pretty much everyone falls into pretty often, because it's just so much easier to focus on negatives than on positives for whatever reason. You've said you enjoyed it overall, but haven't really complimented anything but the animation. Are there any aspects about the writing you liked? Why?
>> No. 82394

I have mentioned the positives, but I felt it unnecessary to go into too much detail over them due to the fact everyone else had already talked so much about them- which is quite the point I was making. I liked the world setting and I liked how the basic theme of BELIEVE because I'm an idiot who can't help but fall for that kind of thing.

I don't believe that the character archetypes used *were* absolutely necessary in a story like this, and if they were, then they could have gone in a slightly different direction to add a bit more dynamism into their roles, which they didn't....with, perhaps, the exception of the cool-perfect girl sorta admitting she knew about that famous witch, thus hinting at her being different in the past. (Though I'm aware that this too is also a common as muck thing to do, it at least adds a facet).

And you're not wrong in me wanting it to be different...but I don't see how that makes me wrong or the work more acceptable. Every time you see a flaw in something, don't you want to correct it? (Oh, Korra shouldn't have ended like THAT, there wasn't much going on in Django...). It's a review. I'm reviewing it. Of course if I see a problem with it I'm going to point it out and say 'they goofed', and if you're just going to shrug it off as the movie's style then you go ahead and do that, but you can't judge a work in a vacuum. Or you can, but then that's a very limited way to address anything with artistic merit- not even post-modernism does that. If they decided to put a story or a plot in I'm allowed to judge that because they wanted to do something with it. Use it as a loose framework for animation? Was that their goal? Then they could have chosen something better suited to that goal. And I can look at other characters in similar veins, other animated productions with similar themes and say 'well actually those do that theme/character better than this does' and judge accordingly.

So what were the writers trying to achieve? They certainly weren't aiming for lofty heights here, that's for sure, and if you're going to stick to something like 'a fun, light-hearted adventure with witches', well, they certainly nailed it...but just BECAUSE they nailed it does not mean that what they set out to do was brilliant. It was an average idea enacted superbly. If you're happy with that, be happy, but the fact is this could've been better than a 7/10, even with the scant 21 minutes they gave themselves.
>> No. 82397
Thank you for "refuting" my point by reiterating exactly the point I was making.
>> No. 82398
I just watched that. The animation was disapoiting. The low framerate isn't saved by the the work on each frame. It also have that weird effect I dislike in lots of anime, that makes thing looks like they are made of some gumgum all the time.
The story and characters are pretty good, though, would watch a 20 episode show about it.
>> No. 82400
>low framerate
Stopped reading there.
>> No. 82404
why? You have some sort of rare brain disease or something?
The in-between is poor and there's really few frame per seconds that are actually drawn.
>> No. 82408
>The in-between is poor and there's really few frame per seconds that are actually drawn.
Either your video codec needs updating or we're watching completely different things. What in sam hell are you talking about?
>> No. 83525
公式 「リトルウィッ…youtube thumb

hirabotch: Use this momentum to turn it (Little Witch Academia) into a TV series, please!

tuka_trg (Otsuka): We want to expand it in some form. But first we need to make sure more people know about the work!



Don’t forget one crucial factor in this:






Well, I'd say a page view is the least we can do.
>> No. 83533



That's new. Anybody have an HD download with those subs?
>> No. 83535
>> No. 83558

>> No. 83589

>> No. 83665
File 137248242888.png - (0.97MB , 1095x619 , little-witch-sucy-smile.png )
Can I take a moment to say how awesome Sucy is? She's my favorite character if only for this scene. No hesitation, no fear, just pure confidence that the only kill is overkill.
>> No. 83791
Time for throwing all your DOSH at Trigger.
>> No. 83835

It's up.
>> No. 83836

>the $50

Well don't mind if I do.
>> No. 83837
I'd love to back at the $50 level but I can't afford it right now and it would actually have to be $60 for me because I live in Canada.

But I definitely slipped in at $20.
>> No. 83838
It's been less than a day and it's already over 1/3 of the way to the goal.

$150,000 seems a bit low for a 20 - 35 minute show though.
>> No. 83839

/a/ has shattered my rock solid image of anime fans as penniless good for nothings, what shall I do now?
>> No. 83840
File 137334989716.gif - (1.64MB , 600x338 , tP30J.gif )
Holy Fucking Balls on Fire. I spoke too soon. It's over halfway done.
>> No. 83841
I'll just do the $1 for now, decide if I should do anything else later. I've still got most of a month after all.

I wish there was a tier for an HD download. I still don't have a Blu-Ray player.
>> No. 83842

Not that it seems it needs my help!
>> No. 83843
hahahahaha when has any 'nerdy' hobby implied any form of poverty haha
>> No. 83844
>$150,000 seems a bit low for a 20 - 35 minute show though.

It's not for the whole thing, just to extend it from 20 minutes to 35 minutes. What kind of price is $10,000/minutes for making an OVA?

Speaking of which, what now? They didn't mention any stretch goals.

>at current
>1,548 backers
>average donation is $103.11

>> No. 84046
File 137435377916.jpg - (80.52KB , 500x700 , 37161266_p0[1].jpg )
Coming soon!

>> No. 84047
File 137436021793.png - (303.89KB , 990x657 , 128249212687.png )
For those who don't know already, contains futa.
>> No. 84048

The worst kind of Futa, too, with the big dicks that narrow at the base in order to fit into the space the clit would usually occupy.

Come on, Japan, you can do better than this.
>> No. 84052

What a waste of good art, nothing against futa, but most of it is pretty awful ultra huge dick cliché like that aforementioned narrowed one.
>> No. 84054
File 137439602248.jpg?nsfw - (67.81KB , 496x424 , Clipboard01.jpg?nsfw )
This panel is pretty amusing, though.
>> No. 84055

The English speaker of Studio Trigger had this to say.
>> No. 84057
...You know, I'm not sure I can still watch anime about kids anymore. Can't help but wonder what goes on in the animators' heads.
>> No. 84058
File 137443143678.jpg - (118.25KB , 800x468 , ratsbyfwankyhouse.jpg )
Animators in general are messed up people. As long as it doesn't leak into the final product (and oh God I would be crushed if that actually happened with LWA) it shouldn't matter.
>> No. 84060

That plus although in the west when we hear 'doujin' we think 'porn', that's not necessarily the case in Japan. I went to Japan and attended Comiket and came home with a stack of doujinshi the length of my forearms, but only one of them was pornographic.
>> No. 84064
True, but there's a difference between one-shot risky jokes and actual kiddie porn material, in my opinion. Those seem like different views. I guess it just feels different when they put so much focus on making them look/act like actual kids on a show and then go for porn. It's creepy.

Oh yeah, once I bumped into a super cute MLP dojin and was amazed. It was basically the author showcasing his favorites with cute pics. Lots of the Comiket material I used to download were just artbooks with good-looking color work and stuff.

I took that into consideration, but the dojin linked to the author seems to be futa and stuff. Or maybe I've just grown cynical about these stuff, it's easier to assume the worse.
>> No. 84066
>super cute MLP dojin
Links? I'm not into MLP because it's too boring for me and all the fanboys/girls shoehorning it into other series are annoying as hell, but I think the designs are still cute.
>> No. 84068
Of all characters, Cure Heart, the fuck are you doing there?
Rikka is gonna go School Days on this shit.

Second that motion, since I'm into MLP but in a normal not-brony way.
>> No. 84069
Does anyone have a link to this on another site? I never could get past that panda and don't want to download anything.
>> No. 84071

Just put a "g.e-" in place of the "ex" that should work for now.

I kinda dislike exhentai myself. Big reason being that I've yet to figure out how to make it work on my tablet, since as far as I know, you're supposed to use a cookie editor to access it.
>> No. 84072
There's a panda passing plugin.
>> No. 84073
To elaborate, g.e-hentai.org is most of the same stuff except it has some ads and they remove some of the porn the advertiser don't allow.

It's not entirely consistent what kinds aren't allowed on g.e, but this was.


I tried it twice and got the same rootkit and adware both times.
>> No. 84074
Not allowed is pedo stuff, scat, bestiality and most guro. Sometimes something slips through the cracks, but that's the stuff that's generally not on g.e. Also I never had any problems getting past the panda. I don't know how you people manage it. Just clear your cookies, log into g.e and then go to ex. ez pz
>> No. 84077
You don't need a cookie editor, a plugin, or anything else to get past the panda. Just clear your cookies for your browser (I usually delete my exhentai browsing history too just to be sure), create an account at g.ehentai and login to it, and boom. No more panda.
>> No. 84502
File 137696763188.jpg - (431.44KB , 1345x2031 , 1376963605336.jpg )
'Official' Oneshot from Ultra Jump

>> No. 84503

Do you have a link to a full raw?
>> No. 84504

Catch it while its HOT.
>> No. 84513
full version, in English
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