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File 135102962041.jpg - (229.35KB , 958x607 , 1349570384331.jpg )
78965 No. 78965
New game is shaping up to be fuckawesome:
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All …youtube thumb
【ジョジョ】1stPVの原…youtube thumb
【ジョジョASB】2ndPV・…youtube thumb
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>> No. 78969
So far the confirmed/ expected to be confirmed Roster is:
Jotaro Kujo
Joseph Joestar
Gyro Zeppeli
Guido Mista
Giorno Giovanna
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Noriaki Kakyoin
Jolyne Kujo
Hermes Costello
Johnathan Joestar
Josuke Higashikata
Johnny Joestar
Dio Brando

I can't wait for more info on this game! It sucks that it's for PS3 only, so I may have to wait a while before I can play it.
>> No. 78973
Wow, the detail this game has is almost uncanny.
>> No. 78976
Hopefully they'll have DLC characters. I'd love to play Rohan Kishibe.
>> No. 78977
Somebody posted a more complete "leaked" roster on /vg/, but it turned out to be bullshit upon close examination.
>> No. 79001
Rohan isn't really a fighter. He'll probably show up in the game, but not as a playable character.
>> No. 79002
Joke character?
>> No. 79003
I wanna see Cars.

Plus his Perfected form.
>> No. 79017
File 135115254759.gif - (921.37KB , 500x281 , fabulous.gif )
that would be Nukesaku, Guccio, or Part 4 Joseph

man, these game models look fucking gorgeous
didn't like the way SFIV looked but here they really capture the manga's style perfectly
>> No. 79019
What are the odds of including JoJolion characters? Oi, they're probably gonna be DLC.
>> No. 79020
What are the odds of including JoJolion characters? Oi, they're probably gonna be DLC.
>> No. 79023
Here's a handy-dandy tip-a-roo: Don't go to 4chan after years of less terrible sites. I saw a JoJo thread derail into trans hate.
>> No. 79025
like, legit trans hate or that social justice warrior "omg how dare you say men can't get pregnant you bigot!!" trans hate.
>> No. 79027

It's 4chan, so prolly legit hate.
>> No. 79028
File 135122447785.jpg - (169.10KB , 450x600 , 1347541952477.jpg )
most Jojo threads are actually pretty good if you ignore the ones warring over subs
at least I prefer them to Tumblr shit or the Jojo forums because we actually get to discuss stuff for real
from what I remember /a/ was pretty fond of Hourou Musuko, and I've seen posts on /a/ defending real transsexuals as opposed to fake Tumblr attention whore ones, so it sounds more to me like a /pol/ troll hijack than anything else
>> No. 79029
4Chan is usually chill with trans people and there have been pretty good discussions about transgenderism such as in Fate/Stay Night without any incident. You just caught a thread at a bad time.
>> No. 79031
4chan will make fun of anyone for anything without discrimination.

Unless you go to /b/ which is full of 13-year-old counterstrike fetishists who think "Anonymous" is an "awesome super hacker vigilante"
>> No. 79033
File 135123498569.jpg - (303.47KB , 800x798 , 1351233036735.jpg )
I find good stuff image-wise on 4chan
>> No. 79035
File 135123685841.png - (231.05KB , 638x380 , 1351144237962.png )
they make pretty entertaining Jojo OC too
that thread about Jesus Christ aka Joshua bar Joseph being the original Jojo with God as his Stand was pretty amazing
>> No. 79039
File 135126309883.png - (156.13KB , 737x1100 , JOJO-v08-c76-p004.png )
Funniest thing is, that's not that much gayer than the original manga. There was literally no reason for Caesar to bump into Joseph like that aside from narrowly dodging a kiss due to Joseph's mask.
>> No. 79041
There was also this other time where a thread derailed about how shitty homeless people are.
>> No. 79042
JoJo and Caesar. The greatest romance or part 2.
>> No. 79043
you're always going to attract assholes wherever there's a large congregation of people with little in the way of moderation, but I've had far more better conversations about Jojo on 4Chan than most other places
besides, the jerks on 4Chan are fairly easy to avoid in comparison to Tumblr where people like to pretend to be nice but everyone's secretly an asshole underneath, and the people who stand up for the disenfranchised are way worse than anyone else
>> No. 79051
File 135129394616.png - (952.08KB , 1440x810 , speedmoe.png )
so how about that frog punching guys?
>> No. 79056
I'm worried they're rushing too fast through Phantom Blood. Most of the episode was decent but the Ripple training scene got cut down way too much.
>> No. 79063
How many episodes do you think it will take this anime to cover Battle Tendency in? It looks like Phantom Blood might be wrapped up by episode 7 or 8 and that the beginning of Battle Tendency might cover 7 chapters as well, including the battle with Straights. Also, I have a feeling the opening might change slightly when we get to Part 2, but I'm not sure what changes will be made.
>> No. 79075
File 135139909644.png - (205.74KB , 699x1100 , JOJO-v08-c68-p003.png )
assuming each of the Black Knights gets one episode for their battles Phantom Blood will be over in eight, meaning Battle Tendency will have eighteen episodes to work with
I hope they have the budget to make it not look like shit though, since the fights are a lot more fast-paced and full of motion than the ones in Phantom Blood
>> No. 79076
I hope so too. It will be interesting to see how Battle Tendency turns out when they get to it. I also hope we get episodes beyond that for the other parts. I want to see Part 4 in action.
>> No. 79077
File 135140883373.png - (82.93KB , 383x520 , 1351403423593.png )
Jojo, gay?
>> No. 79078
File 135140947038.png - (390.65KB , 683x1100 , gaytama.png )
I've been seeing a lot of pretty hilarious homo edits on /a/ lately, although I'm worried we're starting to attract some of the legit obnoxious fujoshi from Tumblr if the Rohanfags are any indication
>> No. 79079
Stardust Crusaders is a money printing machine. They'd be fools not to make it and milk it for all its worth.
>> No. 79080
Uh, if we're talking about JJBA and obnoxious gay shipping that is nothing new,

Look at CLAMP and all thier Jotaro/Kakyoin bullshut.
>> No. 79081
File 135141949342.png - (465.89KB , 800x798 , 1351326123246.png )
Joseph really should have used the Ripple more
>> No. 79085
File 135142742885.jpg - (84.82KB , 600x600 , 21905588.jpg )
Araki usually doesn't treat recurring characters that well if their name isn't Jotaro Kujo
>> No. 79086
Actually though I haven't read part 4 yet due to bad scans he was treated pretty shit in part 6 where he was revealed to be a shitty father and just generally bad at socializing instead of cool like everyone thought.
>> No. 79087
Speedwagon and Erina (technically Lisa Lisa counts too) didn't do too bad when they showed up in Part 2. But yeah, whenever a character comes back in a new part they always job horribly, and it's kind of sad.
>> No. 79090
File 13514433619.jpg - (146.11KB , 500x347 , 2482999397_275028ae06.jpg )
I disagree, I think it's wonderful.

S'like, there part is over and while they do play a factor they aren't who this is about anymore.

The other end of the spectrum is DC comics, where it's constantly "FUCK THE NEW GUYS! THE OLD GUYS ARE BACK DESPITE THE NOTICEABLE HANDICAP OF BEING DEAD!"
>> No. 79092
I'm all right with Jotaro's case because a stoic badass becoming an emotionally unavailable and thus shitty father is a logically consistent transition, but Joseph in part 3 did annoy me because all the trickiness and ripple just kind of poofed out of existence beyond faint echoes.
>> No. 79093

That was probably for the following reasons:

party 3 really feels like it was going to be its own new manga, separate from Jojo. Then Arakai decided to introduce Dio as the villain again (since that was kinda Chekhov's gun anyway) and re-introduced all the new characters. We should probably be grateful Joseph got a stand and was allowed to do things at all really.

Part 3 also introduced Stands and it's quite clear Araki wanted them to replace Ripple entirely. Part 1 and 2 pretty much did everything you could do with ripples, I felt, and it was probably Araki feeling like there really wasn't a use treading old ground.

I think Araki made it pretty clear that Stands > Ripple in terms of power, and we can only be happy Ripple got KINDA a come back in Steel Ball Run.
>> No. 79094
He said Jojo was originally imagined as a trilogy where the villain of the first part comes back as the final boss of the third/last, with the second being a bridge that starred a crazy person to contrast the straightlaced protagonist of the first. Plus he's admitted that he's very forgetful and needs to keep pictures of characters posted around so he remembers how to draw them, so that might be it as well.
>> No. 79102
Who cares if Stands are more powerful than ripple? Isn't fights in Jojo mostly about tricks and guile?

(Well, until he gives the end boss an "I Win" button for a special technique and can't figure out a way for the hero to beat them, so he has to pull something out his ass.)
>> No. 79104

>Who cares if Stands are more powerful than ripple? Isn't fights in Jojo mostly about tricks and guile?

It doesn't matter what you think. Arakai is the writer and he obviously did all that he could do with ripple by the time Part 2 ended.

Stands allowed him to be more creative, from a visual and a formula standpoint and they allowed much more uses and applications of said "cunning and guile".

Ripple just wasn't interesting to write about by the time part 3 came along and having Joseph rely on it would've just felt like we were re-treading old ground when he was having the balls to change his manga in a BIG way. Not to mention that it REALLY wouldn't have worked given that the enemies in Part 3 were no longer vampires or pillar men and that's what ripple was primarily used to fight against.

... that and I don't actually recall Joseph being in a lot of fights on his own in part 3. Most of the fights were team-efforts, and the ones that did focus on Joseph DID have him use the ripple, so at the very least it didn't feel like Araki COMPLETELY forgot about it.
>> No. 79105
Ripple had other applications than killing vampires
Heck at one point Caeser uses it to hypnotise a chick with a kiss and make her attack Joseph.
I think the point when OldJoseph lost a contest of trickery of all things against D'arcy so Jotaro could save the day was showing that Araki doesn't care for older characters or thier abilities
>> No. 79112
You wanna know why the ripple got abandoned?

Because it was a huge fucking dues ex machina.

Sure it had weaknesses like needing to breath but outside of that it could essentially do anything with no discernible limits.

It was a bad story element.

The spin was better in this regard since it had only two real functions, execution (which made it practical in combat) and iffy miscellaneous applications.

With stands each character becomes unique, an ability you can instantly tie to them and reflected in everything about them.
>> No. 79113

That and it was pretty much a ripoff of Hokuto no Shinken, so Araki obviously wanted to distance himself from that series.
>> No. 79114
File 135151814213.jpg - (59.09KB , 643x1050 , Goldexperiencerequiem.jpg )
>>huge fucking dues ex machina.
Yeah...You can just eat a dick Tiki
>> No. 79115
OH COME ON, that doesn't count, it was the end result of the long, arduous, murderous, double criss-cross struggle of struggles to obtain the arrow.

FOR GOD SAKE MAN, IT'S PART OF THE DESIGN ON HIS HEAD, it's right there on his forehead. The arrow which all of part 5 was about, the one that exploded stand ability.

>> No. 79118

Even GSR has A power.

It's a bullshit power that works on a conceptual level and thus is stupidly hax (and like Tiki said, was pretty much end-game for part 5) but there's a THEME there and it follows it.

Ripple just seemed to be all over the place and could do god knows what the fuck, all because it was super happy life energy kung-fu. If Joseph needed a convenient power, Araki could just bullshit ripple to encompass it. I'm not saying Ripple became a crutch in part 2, but it kinda skirted the line a few times and I think Araki wanted his characters powers to become more thematic and less "One Power to Encompass Everything".
>> No. 79123
>>but there's a THEME there and it follows it.

And this theme would beeee...?
>> No. 79124

It can reduce anything to zero.

Again, it's a stupid bullshit conceptual level power but it's a bit more thematically interesting than "It's the ripple! Watch it do a million and one things!"
>> No. 79137
Wasn't it mentioned somewhere that techniques like the Ripple and Spin were created as steps toward the ultimate goal of awakening one's Stand? I think it was in that side-chapter of SBR where Araki goes over the basic mechanics of Stands.
>> No. 79153
man even when the comic is all about girls in prison this is kinda gay...
penis penis penis
>> No. 79154
File 135174899689.jpg - (182.07KB , 750x1250 , jojo.jpg )
>> No. 79158
File 135175558740.png - (231.00KB , 335x600 , Purplehaze2.png )
It probably got abandoned because there was only so much you could do with the Ripple. Having protagonists as creative as those of Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency burned through a lot of potential applications for said technique.

The Stands allow for a greater variety of skills and abilities on both sides of the conflict. Some stands can only be used in limited ways (pic related and others like 20th Century Boy and Osiris), but others (such as Heaven's Door and Hierophant Green) have several abilities in addition to those whose Stands can apparently do only one thing belying the multiple functions it could serve. (ex. Stone Free, Soft & Wet, and Echoes)
>> No. 79164
As someone who only recently got into Jojo,where exactly can I read it?
>> No. 79169
File 135180708930.png - (154.86KB , 436x456 , wat.png )
>> No. 79170
Thanks chap.
>> No. 79194
It looks like the battle with the Black Knights will be in two parts just like Zepelli
>> No. 79199
File 135200786843.jpg - (280.28KB , 500x640 , 2956579.jpg )
nah we got started on the Bruford fight but they're saving both for next week, along with the introduction of the monks after Zep ;_;

also I hope I'm not the only one worried that the anime is going to be TOO faithful am I?
as with Fate/Zero going down such a path means that they can only ever hope to be as good as the manga at best, never improving upon it as a more liberal interpretation would have the freedom to
plus the manga has a lot of weaknesses in terms of consistency and plot holes that would benefit from the director taking a few liberties here and there
>> No. 79200

That's a fair concern.

The only issue is that if they go down that road I'd want a competent and well-meaning writer working alongside Araki as basically an editor to say "This is good, this isn't".

Since this mostly just seems to be an adaptation by fans? Sticking as close to the source material is about as good as we can hope.
>> No. 79387
File 135252303055.jpg - (26.81KB , 186x470 , tumblr_mb120jMHVn1qh02uyo1_400.jpg )
>> No. 79390
File 135258058842.jpg - (292.17KB , 651x1000 , 31345552.jpg )
>you are
>not "he is"
good to know Japan is finally appreciating glorious Speedwagon, as he was always my fave of the Phantom Blood characters
>> No. 79393
File 135258785069.jpg - (72.49KB , 800x541 , 125728329455.jpg )

Tom Petty - I Won't Back Downyoutube thumb
>> No. 79396
File 135260244026.png - (531.37KB , 700x1004 , My Roberta Edwardine O Speedwagon cant be this cut.png )
>> No. 79397
>> No. 79398
As someone who's never read the manga but know about the old 2D fighting game, will they get their stands soon or much later?
>> No. 79399
Stands show up in Part Three, when Jotaro is the main character.

Part One is Johnathan, Part Two is Joseph (young / the best Joseph)
>> No. 79403
File 135261851341.jpg - (164.37KB , 585x608 , 31399580_p4.jpg )
you will never have a husbando as loyal as Speedowagonu ;_;
>> No. 79404
File 135264482528.jpg - (378.04KB , 600x931 , tumblr_mdavbfOcSx1qc0d5no1_1280.jpg )
I am loving the art bump the anime is giving all of JJBA.
>> No. 79424
Here's hoping the Stands aren't crappy CGI.
>> No. 79425
File 135268703181.jpg - (1.33MB , 849x1202 , 128623581490.jpg )
I see no reason why that would happen, if it did they'd be videogame style like the opening which would prolly be okay if a little lame.
>> No. 79446
File 135275409788.jpg - (183.52KB , 750x1193 , 015_10_23_2011_11_05_49.jpg )
ok sometimes this can be gay in a good way but mostly it's just strange
>> No. 79447
Holy shit is that TWEWY Jotaro?
>> No. 79508
File 135292697983.jpg - (78.48KB , 300x400 , a7pj-ybcaaagrgf.jpg )
Think Sugita is in too many shows this season? Too bad, have some more of him.
>> No. 79512
File 135293261398.jpg - (67.09KB , 640x360 , l_50a24ca89c0db.jpg )
Just when I thought I couldn't be more excited for this game, we see more about it.
>> No. 79516
Wait, Sugita is Joseph?! Please tell me you're not pulling my chain here!
>> No. 79518
File 135294330499.png - (237.81KB , 1000x1000 , elizabeth elizabeth.png )
dude the first link I put in OP has footage of Joseph with voices in it
plus /a/ and /v/ have both been flipping their shit over it for the last month and a half

speaking of VAs I'm pretty pleased with them casting Atsuko Tanaka for Lisa Lisa because I'm already hard gay for her and delicious Caster voice is just the audio cherry on top
>> No. 79545
File 135299331187.jpg - (444.92KB , 1075x1280 , 1348111533803.jpg )
Is Joseph still hot in the anime? I'm ashamed at how high this ranks on my priorities for the Battle Tendency anime.
Anyway I'm waiting to judge the designs until after they release the character sheets, since the official promo for Phantom Blood looked pretty different from the actual designs.
>> No. 79550
File 135303196617.jpg - (262.25KB , 728x1190 , 024_02_09_2012_04_09_22.jpg )
just like the watch from pulp fiction
>> No. 79551
Jotaro help my soul, but I'm up to volume 41 (Part 4's 13th), and from what I hear this is when hell starts due to terrible translations up until part 6.
Also, lost it when I finally realized Jotaro has dolphins on his jacket and hat.
>> No. 79558
Tastes like cinnamon bunsyoutube thumb
>> No. 79559
I remember working a job at a county fair. I was disappointed I wasn't working the night before because REO Speedwagon was there, but it turned out there was a bad storm--they didn't even play.

Guess what my first thought was.
>> No. 79569
Got done with 41 and 42 last night. They weren't as bad as I was expecting. At least they give a basic idea of what's going on, though not having any sort of capitalization or punctuation bugs me. I'll just have to read them again when the better translation is finished.
>> No. 79577
File 135309121826.png - (87.83KB , 454x527 , seriousjosephisserious.png )
>no streams for Zeppeli's death
>> No. 79593
Great ep.
>> No. 79608
It kind of bothers me that nothing is done with Giorno being part Joestar. The beginning of Part 5 was just kind of forgotten. His stand's ability when it hits a human, and the damage reflect from things he gave life to also seem to have been forgotten. Unless I missed some stuff due to reading a not-great translation (or being mentally deficient).
Part 3 is still my favorite so far, though.
>> No. 79611
File 135322568842.png - (40.97KB , 366x356 , martin luther king crimson.png )
they really are forgotten and yes, it does suck majorly
Part 5 has a lot of writing problems that go beyond just poor translation, and it's usually seen as the worst part with Western fans anyway
no idea why it's regarded so well in Japan and considered the fujoshi's favorite, since I find the men pretty damn ugly looking most of the time even if the actual art quality is pretty decent
>> No. 79657
File 135334187269.jpg - (167.32KB , 610x863 , 1353332119266.jpg )
>Battle Tendency will be composed by Taku Iwasaku
>> No. 79682
File 135336871699.jpg - (145.74KB , 958x700 , 29480191.jpg )
We Lotus Juice now.
>> No. 79684
All kinds of okay with this.

Soul Drive - Lotus Juiceyoutube thumb
>> No. 79707
File 135343504873.gif - (784.22KB , 400x236 , dealwithit.gif )
also Iwasaki promised on his Twitter there would be a lot of vocal tracks, which is exactly the kind of stuff Iwasaki's good at and Jojo would thrive upon
>> No. 79711
Finished with Part 6 now, and it's the one I dislike the most so far, but I can't decide why except for that goddamn ending. I hate it when authors do the RESET EVERYTHING ending and invalidate character growth in the process.
I did like the ghost zombies and the art icons coming to life, though.
>> No. 79720
Oh yeah, Dire and Straights, forgot about those two...
>> No. 79721
File 135349411294.jpg - (119.60KB , 650x1000 , 1.jpg )
Character growth is a thing everyone talks about it but not something always, always needed. Because you notices that never actually disappears. You talk about character development without noticing that they grow up to their fullest and let others to their fullest, aka Emporio. Is why Alita is so focused in others characters now and not in Alita herself. Part 6 is my favourite part.
>> No. 79722
File 135350773677.jpg - (105.91KB , 700x550 , 125728434959.jpg )
Ditto, I got a toss up going with Part and 6, Fucking Annasui is awesome.
>> No. 79727
File 135351963178.jpg - (77.61KB , 593x698 , 1322709498450.jpg )
I never realized until now just how similar Iwasaki and Meguro's composing styles are.
>> No. 79790
Finished Part 7 now. The stupid gags Gyro and Johnny did were great, and made them my favorite pair of characters. A bit disappointed that a reason for Gyro's blinged out teeth was never given, as it probably would have been amusing.
The only bit of this arc I didn't care much for was The World Dio being brought in, but his defeat kind of made up for it.
Reading JoJolion now and liking how goofy Yasuho and Josuke are.
>> No. 79802
File 135373958713.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , 1353704221650.png )
holy crap today's ep looked good (relatively speaking)
>> No. 79808
File 135381357422.png - (0.97MB , 685x1155 , 3111 - battle_tendency caesar_zeppeli gyro_zeppeli.png )
Fan of Johnny and Gyro? Then enjoy THIS!!!

Johnny & Gyro Strip Showyoutube thumb

Unless you all ready have. In that case, ENJOY IT AGAIN!
>> No. 79809
File 135381388913.jpg - (84.90KB , 1388x576 , Shoryuken.jpg )

And vice-versa.

Agree or disagree?
>> No. 79812
File 135382818737.jpg - (107.23KB , 548x730 , 1353764038065.jpg )
Lisa Lisa looks way too kawaii and too much like Joseph's imouto than a nee-san or MILF
>> No. 79816
Slightly beefier looking Lisa Lisa would be cool, but I'm not adverse to her design.
>> No. 79822
File 135391364070.png - (659.20KB , 880x1760 , Jojo and Steve Roger's Bizarre Adventure.png )
In about two weeks, the animated world will have to contend with the magnificent, fiendishly brilliant pragmatism of Joseph Joestar!

Until then here's a pic from /co/ who are also pretty excited about that.
>> No. 79823
File 135391457197.png - (206.85KB , 674x460 , co - comics and cartoons.png )
I never knew /co/ liked Jojos
>> No. 79826
File 135393485766.jpg - (58.82KB , 400x546 , 130851713292.jpg )
/co/ fucking loves Jojo, but that edit almost makes me mad, the world needs more Supes love and Joseph loves Supes.
>> No. 79830
File 135394654712.jpg - (119.83KB , 548x730 , 1353764196416.jpg )
cyborg Nazis with gatling gun pecs are the best kind of Nazi
>> No. 79836
That they are.
>> No. 79857
File 135404485855.jpg - (2.12MB , 1027x1500 , 1354027928927.jpg )
better scan
>> No. 79865
ジョジョゆり第2話「…youtube thumb
>> No. 79868
File 135410943036.jpg - (92.75KB , 480x640 , tumblr_me78oaWYUv1r5ckdpo1_r1_500.jpg )
>> No. 79871

What's that other anime?
>> No. 79884
File 135412321621.png - (0.98MB , 878x1400 , stone ocean.png )
Yuru Yuri
>> No. 79889
Why Hol Horse, though?

I mean, his importance to the story and his powers weren't really super notable.
>> No. 79894
File 13541527849.png - (57.02KB , 667x332 , whatafag.png )
>part 3 already has six characters
>no more than two confirmed for any other part
>haven't even shown anything for the part 1 characters yet
>> No. 79895
because he's a fan favorite from the old fighting game

look man i want jonathan and zeppeli more than anyone but you know part 3 is the most popular, of course theyre gonna put those out front and center
>> No. 79901
So I guess I started watching the new Jojo anime and holy shit this is fucking awesome (as of episode two)
It's the first I've seen of part 1. Kind of scary that until the whole vampirism thing, people like Dio actually exist.
>> No. 79928
File 135429666392.jpg - (243.44KB , 800x450 , 1354291441691.jpg )
>> No. 79932
I am so pumped.
>> No. 79935
Hooray for Jojo at 3AM!

Barkley's Bizarre Adventure - …youtube thumb
>> No. 79940
File 135441861682.jpg - (58.90KB , 1280x720 , birthmark.jpg )
a little disappointed they didn't fix the coffin error, though they did put in the birthmark at least
>> No. 80025
File 135480469326.jpg - (480.89KB , 1908x2872 , 1354804730070.jpg )
>dat Joseph
I would him
>> No. 80027
File 13548051895.jpg - (721.68KB , 1100x1100 , jojo-aka-darks.jpg )
Well obviously,
You'd have to be some sort of total faggot to not want to do Joseph Joestar.
>> No. 80030
File 135480758720.jpg - (488.50KB , 1908x2872 , 1354805891893.jpg )
more screens
where the fuck is this video I need my Joseph fix now
>> No. 80038
File 135481430826.png - (73.04KB , 327x334 , whyboner.png )
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Batt…youtube thumb
gonna need both hands for this
>> No. 80039
Ask and ye shall receive.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Batt…youtube thumb
>> No. 80042
TVアニメ「ジョジョの…youtube thumb
>> No. 80086
File 135490625870.jpg - (116.35KB , 1280x720 , 1354904766177.jpg )
good to know he's still hot in the anime
>> No. 80099
File 135492500169.jpg - (135.36KB , 640x359 , 06_jojosnewcharacters19.jpg )
>steamroller in 3D
Fucking sold.
>> No. 80100
Barkley's Bizarre Adventure - …youtube thumb
>> No. 80101
So when does episode 10 come out?
>> No. 80102

It's out man.

Now as for when SUBS come out? Probably not till tomorrow :[
>> No. 80103
File 135493254937.jpg - (104.24KB , 1440x810 , 1354922461120.jpg )
Jojo has the most delicious shotas ever, goddamn
>> No. 80104
I forget.

Who was that kid Erina saved on the ship? I honestly can't recall...
>> No. 80106
That's a really great thing to forget, don't worry about it.

Just let the magic of the anime answer it for you.
>> No. 80107
It's explained in the first episode. When she grew up she married Erina's son and had Joseph, but died of illness when he was young.

Or not, because she's really Lisa Lisa.
>> No. 80116
Well, the raw is up so probably later today or tomorrow.
>> No. 80118
Tiki if +4 comes up saying its timed out when you make a post DO NOT REFRESH IT, just close the tab and come back later and it'll have likely gone through by itself.
>> No. 80119
I've been on Plus4 for years, I know that as well as anyone but I made three posts before I went to sleep, when I woke up they uploaded in 4s, no idea why.
>> No. 80130
File 135502003370.png - (96.01KB , 600x600 , Josephine.png )
>> No. 80133
you know I just realized something... and I dunno if this was ever elaborated on but...

It said Lisa Lisa remarried. That means she could've easily had another child. That would'v been Joseph's half-brother. I... actually would've liked to have seen that. Did that little point ever payoff or was that just ignored?
>> No. 80135
Wouldn't have been of Jonathan's blood and therefore not a Joestar, so they would have been irrelevant.
>> No. 80140
File 135507491516.jpg - (102.07KB , 1011x567 , 1355075392146[1].jpg )
>> No. 80141
File 135507627048.png - (563.92KB , 1278x717 , the wizard.png )

What I can't figure out about GG's subs is what the deal is with all the incredibly forced alliteration. Is it supposed to be funny? Do they really think this is how people talked back in the day? Because neither of those are the case.

I did get a good laugh at this, though.
>> No. 80142
I wonder if Antfish will come back?
>> No. 80143
The background music in the temple was AMAZING
>> No. 80145
File 135508707312.gif - (0.97MB , 500x280 , joseph fingering.gif )
the UNTZ during the Cola scene was pretty fucking great
might even beat out Fate/Zero S2 for OST of the year
>> No. 80146
This anime has a fantastic OST so far, and Battle Tendency is off to a good start in that department. The temple music sent shivers down my spine.
>> No. 80151
This fellas are also subbing JoJo, how are they?
>> No. 80155
I was slow clapping at the end of episode 10. Fucking amazing.
>> No. 80158
File 135513448540.jpg - (1.07MB , 600x3571 , 1354941845452.jpg )
>dat slow guitar solo transition
>dat picking up right where the old ED
>dat flashlight pan and archeological motif
>dem Pillar Men masks with the horns
>dem hearts, hands, stars, butterflies, and Hermit Purple vines
>dat Speedwagon to Oldwagon change
>dat Volume 09 cover reference with Joseph's image
>dat Jonathan waving to Joseph as he passes the torches

holy fuck ED of the year
>> No. 80184
File 135526396560.jpg - (94.84KB , 621x352 , 1355195580524.jpg )
Doesn't matter, they got rid of Superman from the anime anyway (probably for copyright reasons, even though I'm pretty sure Warner Bros. owns Superman).
>> No. 80247
File 135541597588.jpg - (7.28KB , 175x193 , Doushio.jpg )
ジョジョの奇妙な3歳…youtube thumb
>> No. 80292
Jojo's Bizarre adventure Opening 2youtube thumb
>> No. 80293
File 135550673774.jpg - (213.52KB , 1024x900 , BLOODY STREAM.jpg )
why is Joseph such a slut
>> No. 80294
File 135551048062.jpg - (164.48KB , 610x863 , tumblr_mefcvp9Mdp1rioky2o2_1280.jpg )
wowwowwow and i thought his choice in pants wouldn't be getting more stripper-y after this pair

i stand corrected
>> No. 80295
Why did he steal his son's and great granddaughter's clothes?
>> No. 80299
File 135552906834.png - (876.09KB , 749x750 , slut.png )
Oh hai, upgraded your pic.
>> No. 80301
Yep, that's about the gist of it.
>> No. 80302
File 135555187449.jpg - (363.43KB , 1920x1080 , 1355500619724.jpg )
anime Joseph makes me want to him even more than I already did
>> No. 80305
File 135557078299.jpg - (93.50KB , 1280x720 , 1355511219680.jpg )
best part of an already god-tier OP
>> No. 80308
Well it's downright modest compared to what's coming.

Speaking of coming, anyone think they're going to censor naked Pillar-butt?
>> No. 80310
File 135561005612.jpg - (97.62KB , 1280x720 , Jojo_mp4_snapshot_01_05_[2012_12_15_17_34_29].jpg )
For a half hour every week, I get to feel like a kid again.
>> No. 80313
File 13556130442.png - (734.96KB , 1280x720 , Gendou Santana.png )
Are you guys ready for the end of the world on December 21, 2012, when the Mayans predicted that the Pillar Men would awake?
>> No. 80314

>> No. 80349
File 135585702619.jpg - (257.65KB , 511x1542 , Pillar Men.jpg )
>ACDC: Keiji Fujiwara
>Cars: Kazuhiko Inoue
>Wham: Akio Ohtsuka
>Santana: Kenji Nomura

Prepare your anuses.
>> No. 80359
File 135588434570.jpg - (117.05KB , 346x750 , 1355857393904.jpg )
taken to its natural conclusion
>> No. 80400
File 135611146330.jpg - (156.09KB , 1920x1080 , 1356104739019.jpg )
I for one welcome our new Pillar Men overlords
>> No. 80404
PS3「ジョジョの奇…youtube thumb
>> No. 80412
File 135637050099.png - (610.13KB , 960x540 , 1356367072157.png )
>> No. 80479
File 135701302238.gif - (8.72KB , 175x170 , _homo.gif )
creatively translated or not, at least they kept that line for the part with him and the taxi driver
>> No. 80549
File 13573469082.jpg - (524.34KB , 1920x1080 , 1357315026461.jpg )
>> No. 80630
File 135760885225.png - (1.67MB , 640x2160 , 1357519626518.png )
looks like the newest episode is kicking the OC factories into overdrive
>> No. 80635
oh god that image
i can't stop laughing
>> No. 80645
So am I the only one who hears Scott McNeil when Speedwagon speaks?
>> No. 80654
File 135770670331.png - (156.38KB , 450x350 , 1339624078243.png )
>dat comic
I guess that would make Joseph a coke whore.
>> No. 80665
Can you ship someone with an outfit? Because I ship Joseph and those shredded jeans.
>> No. 80668
File 135778088438.png - (1.93MB , 1281x1384 , 1357445637502.png )
>whole episode is basically a guy wearing almost nothing grappling and manhandling a guy who may as well be wearing nothing
how do I say this... I got a boner...
>> No. 80669
File 135778829580.gif - (2.67MB , 480x270 , Jojo montage.gif )
Well, we've done favorite Jojo to death, but here's one with a twist:

Which Jojos would you be able to spend time without losing your shit/who among them would you be able to tolerate/who would you like to hang out with if given the chance?

For example, here's mine:

1. Josuke
2. Jonathan
3. Johnny
4. Gappy
5. Joseph
6. Giorno
7. Jotaro
8. Jolyne

Joseph's my favorite, but you gotta admit, he's a bit much.
>> No. 80672
1. Josuke
2. Jolyne
3. Joseph
4. Giorno
5. Johnny
6. Johnathan
7. Gappy
8. Jotaro

I actually really like Jotaro, but just straight hanging out with him would be incredibly boring. Stoic badass brooding looks cool from afar but does not make for riveting conversation. Unless we were doing some sort of cool marine biology trip, I guess.
>> No. 80676
File 135780726475.jpg - (128.08KB , 1440x810 , 1357313931617.jpg )
I like how Joseph spends the entire time parading his visible buttcrack, abs, and pecs which look ready to pop out of his shirt, then tops it off with several facial expressions out of a porno. It's like he's a comic book superheroine or something.
>> No. 80680
Jonathan seems cool. Rugby and archeology. Awesome
>> No. 80684
I have to agree except I think Jolyne higher than Josuke.
>> No. 80686
File 135787019767.png - (255.61KB , 500x525 , tumblr_mf3wjvOqUG1r18o40o1_500[1].png )

>You mean like this?
>> No. 80687
File 135788086375.png - (647.34KB , 1280x720 , 1357444293790.png )
this episode might as well have been called Beefcake.mkv
>> No. 80688
File 135788178673.png - (156.97KB , 600x510 , 50d4a06bNE5AGpiW.png )
that reminds me of this fanart I saw a few weeks back
>> No. 80700
File 13579287029.jpg - (145.36KB , 1440x810 , 1357918964627.jpg )
I don't even know what the fuck to think anymore
>> No. 80721
File 135797077130.jpg - (268.23KB , 1440x810 , 1357933927558.jpg )
I'm starting to wonder if the animators are doing this on purpose now.
>> No. 80740
Araki showed up and threatened to drain all thier blood with his vampire fingers if they didn't make it even gayer than it had been when he made it.
>> No. 80746
File 135801815491.jpg - (146.62KB , 672x1100 , JOJO_v06_c56_p009.jpg )
Joseph is clearly a classy señorita
>> No. 80747
File 135802418339.jpg - (123.70KB , 600x337 , 1357922768954.jpg )
10/10 would make my waifu
>> No. 80765
File 135811835499.jpg - (51.77KB , 573x270 , fuckingincredible.jpg )
>Awaken, my masters.
>> No. 80766
File 135812361234.png - (1.21MB , 1440x805 , Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 6_18_20 PM.png )
And Now, back to,


Speedwagon: Son of a bitch, Joseph, we came all the way to Italy to meet with this guy and you aren't even trying to talk TO him.
Joseph: Sorry, Uncle Speedwagon, I guess we Joestars just have an instinctive distrust of blonde men.
Speedwagon: Your grandfather trusted me just fine.
Joseph: Yeah, after he kicked your ass for trying to kill him with your magic hat.
Speedwagon: It wasn't magic.
Joseph: Alchemy, whatever, I don't care.
Speedwagon: And I wasn't trying to kill him. I was just gonna maim or seriously injure.
Joseph: All right, fine, I'll talk to "Caesar" if you can answer one simple question, Uncle Speedwagon.
Speedwagon: Speedwagon's listening...cautiously.
Joseph: As of this moment, right now, are we speaking japanese, english or italian?
Speedwagon:...Fuck you, Joseph.
Joseph: Right back at 'ya, Uncle.
>> No. 80767
File 13581249491.png - (630.92KB , 1000x770 , 1350421450869.png )

Wtf was with that hat anyways?
>> No. 80769
File 135812671521.jpg - (211.29KB , 960x540 , 1358054835110.jpg )
Dohoho, we've reached THAT part of the series haven't we?
>> No. 80771
time to grip some oiled-up poles.
>> No. 80783
File 135818670958.jpg - (127.64KB , 1280x720 , 1357964976697.jpg )
>Joseph bent over on his knees
yeesh it's like they're practically asking the fans to write doujins of these two
>> No. 80822
I myself am excited for NAZI SCIENCE!
>> No. 80826
File 135830293777.jpg - (162.88KB , 792x927 , tumblr_mglrw0JLWT1r6bgcuo1_1280_png.jpg )
>> No. 80832
File 135832343290.jpg - (103.35KB , 800x1200 , 32899132_p0.jpg )
Zoolander was a fucking awesome movie.
>> No. 80842
So Blue Steel Overdrive?
>> No. 80885
File 135841654011.png - (2.01MB , 1600x900 , 1358026399794.png )
You're the last person in the whole series who should be complaining about that, Joseph.
>> No. 80935
File 135855226658.png - (379.62KB , 782x1100 , strawberry.png )
>> No. 80938
File 135856545522.jpg - (172.24KB , 1440x810 , 1358558428060.jpg )
and it continues
>> No. 80943
File 135866127637.jpg - (378.21KB , 988x1500 , 1358639085688.jpg )
Now we got to play with Jonathan, Johnny and motherfuckin' Will. A. Zeppelli!
>> No. 80944

But we'll never play as Speedwagon.
>> No. 80945
File 135868102415.png - (38.96KB , 186x470 , even speedwagon is afraid.png )
damn, that Zoom punch looks fucking ridiculous in motion
>> No. 80946
Show don't tell!
>> No. 80967
File 135890759897.jpg - (52.10KB , 377x525 , 1358903941974.jpg )
Let your bodies prepare themselves for...well, maybe not Jotaro himself, but the iconic adventure that is STARDUST CRUSADERS!!!
>> No. 80970
I can never tell where the hair ends and the hat begins.
>> No. 80978
Its like a brain slug but more benign.
>> No. 80989
iirc Araki said the hat was his hair.

don't think about it too hard.
>> No. 81002
File 135899088295.jpg - (21.08KB , 251x347 , Black Jotaro.jpg )
I think he was joking though, because we see Jotaro without his hat several times in Part 3 and it turns out the back is torn up or shredded to look like his hair
>> No. 81042
File 135914960527.jpg - (106.98KB , 1280x720 , 1359131210387.jpg )
alright how are you guys liking the show now that it's no longer a complete sausagefest?
>> No. 81043
File 135915513337.png - (356.19KB , 600x800 , speedowagon.png )
Jojo web radio hosted by Speedwagon's VA. Has the potential to be the coolest thing ever.
>> No. 81108
Still awesome, still a delicious sausagefest, even with Lisa Lisa.
Which is awesome btw.
>> No. 81112
Does anyone have a .gif of Dio jumping out of the carriage?

I need this.
>> No. 81165
File 135953476184.jpg - (156.61KB , 629x720 , 7_20130129231620.jpg )
dem BD fixes
>> No. 81166
The deshotafication bothers me deeply.
>> No. 81181
File 135959008691.jpg - (79.73KB , 176x460 , even speedwagon is excited.jpg )
OST is up
>> No. 81189

As your resident Shotacon expert, I'm going to be the first to mention that they never looked remotely 12-years-old in the first place. More like 15-16 (especially when you consider the era that arc is set in, when boys didn't start puberty on average until like age 14, even if well-fed).
>> No. 81254
File 135974733216.png - (200.79KB , 649x966 , JK064.png )
Meta Joke about Araki's own update schedule, intentional or not?
>> No. 81266
File 135980432369.jpg - (63.16KB , 1280x720 , gay.jpg )
How literal is this translation? Because wow.
>> No. 81273
Not very accurate. It's Nutbladder. They somehow started to pick up gg's shtick of funnay translations. And they're not very good at it.
>> No. 81274
Are they at least better at it than gg?
>> No. 81275
File 135985026314.jpg - (131.59KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Jojo's_Bizarre_Adventure_-_16_[E641249C].jpg )
No. They're actually worse. gg at least gets the occasional chuckle from me. Nutbladder just seems too tryhard.
>> No. 81281
File 135985266382.jpg - (473.31KB , 667x1000 , img000038.jpg )
Hey guys, did you know there's some weird spin-off manga of this series? But the art is all weird ( probably because it's not by the original anime designer) and I don't really know what this stuff has to do with vampires, but it's kinda interesting. You should give it a try!
>> No. 81284
File 135986911315.jpg - (136.21KB , 1440x810 , 1359733827563.jpg )
I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
>> No. 81353
Bloody Slam - Quad City DJs vs Codayoutube thumb
>> No. 81458
I just binge 16-18, and I must say, I'm disappointed by Lisa Lisa so far. All she's done is throw the guys in a hole and stand around being hot, and while especially good at the latter, I'm not really seeing "Ripple Master" beyond that bit with the oar.
>> No. 81459
Well, the stand around being hot thing is also a ripple thing. She's actually like 50 or so.
>> No. 81460

To be fair, she doesn't really get in much big fights IIRC.

She acts more like a guide for Joseph and Ceasar.
>> No. 81462
File 136047229719.jpg - (109.94KB , 1280x720 , Rule 63 Saber and Diarmuid.jpg )
she's kind of the Will Zeppeli of this generation save for the dying part since Caesar stole that mantle, and does get to show off a little bit in a later fight
it is a shame she doesn't get any major battles, although Araki mentioned in an interview that even during Stone Ocean the Jump editors weren't happy with him putting girls in big fights so I imagine that if he ever rewrote Battle Tendency he would balance the fights more evenly with her and Caesar like Gyro/Lucy got

also is it me or did the art style for this episode look a lot more moe than the usual? even on the guys?
>> No. 81463
> even during Stone Ocean the Jump editors weren't happy with him putting girls in big fights
Fuck them then!

>> No. 81464
File 136047427983.jpg - (111.16KB , 1280x720 , Giant Bara Diarmuid using Gay Bud.jpg )
I have more
>> No. 81465
File 136047469878.jpg - (94.70KB , 1280x720 , Diarmuid juices up to impress his husbando.jpg )
and this one shamelessly cribbed from a more appropriate picture of Jonathan
>> No. 81488
File 136065318616.jpg - (49.45KB , 250x250 , Azealia_Banks_-_1991.jpg )
Who is more Jojo, Azaelia Banks or André 3000?
>> No. 81491
File 136067120768.png - (156.81KB , 675x402 , BoomBoomFamily.png )
the one who actually showed up in in Jojo
>> No. 81523
File 136087783486.jpg - (528.08KB , 1024x1595 , Soft and Yellow.jpg )
Gappy and Kira confirmed for All Star Battle.

It looks like Kira will have a limited edition DLC alt costume.
>> No. 81532
File 136090981792.jpg - (67.15KB , 375x321 , 1232751913369.jpg )
as long as the character himself isn't DLC, though in that case I honestly think DMQ Kira would make the most sense as DLC
>> No. 81536
File 136097621957.jpg?nsfw - (116.38KB , 440x1237 , 7b612349gw1e1rtz0e9itj.jpg?nsfw )
jesus christ it's like that one Kotomine/Kiritsugu gif from Fate/Zero all over again
>> No. 81547
File 136107953058.jpg - (41.38KB , 480x640 , kira.jpg )
turns out the character himself is DLC, in yet another case of lolBamco and Stardustfags getting everything and everyone else getting screwed over
also in other news we Kiritsugu now
>> No. 81552
File 136113399866.png - (885.64KB , 1440x804 , Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 3_20_37 PM.png )

>> No. 81563
File 136120968047.png - (198.71KB , 400x384 , preraphaelitedisdain.png )
>Yoshikage Kira

Because it's not like he was the main antagonist of an entire JoJo series or anything.
>> No. 81564
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-…youtube thumb

Because bluray sales.
>> No. 81565
For someone who's only watching the current running anime, do you guys think getting this game is worth it? I mean, will the anime cover all the eras/characters that is in the game?
>> No. 81566
File 136121426212.png - (330.91KB , 553x600 , 125728504618.png )
If it keeps getting episodes then for sure, and even if it's not the characters are so much fun it's worth getting even if you weren't watching the anime.
>> No. 81567
File 136122263691.jpg - (236.44KB , 600x600 , deadman.jpg )
Apparently the wording is pretty ambiguous as to whether he's actually DLC only or whether he's still in the game to be unlocked via normal gameplay but preordering will get him off the bat. That's similar to what happened with Tekken Tag Tournament 2, where DLC characters could eventually be downloaded for free after a certain amount of time had passed. Hopefully they won't be that big douches about it.
>> No. 81603
File 136356110186.gif - (1.11MB , 600x531 , 1362300159106.gif )
we don't know for sure if or when David Productions is going to do Stardust Crusaders and later seasons but it seems almost guaranteed given that the BDs have been selling extremely well for such a budget series
my body will never be ready for Koyasu ZA WARUDO
>> No. 81605

Problem is David Production is doing something else next season so if we DO get JJBA season 3 it'll be a while off.
>> No. 81606
File 136356845814.jpg - (230.32KB , 800x447 , GMod Tendency.jpg )
interesting article on the creation of the OPs by the way, if someone could translate it would be nice
>> No. 81613

I might give it a try later, when I have some time. But it's fucking loooong so don't hold your breath too much.
>> No. 81641
File 136386957517.jpg - (184.93KB , 800x1192 , jojos-bizarre-adventure-part-8-jojolion-3994795.jpg )
>> No. 81653
Translated the first page. I'll do this one page at a time, whenever I have time for it.

This isn't a very literal translation, I care more about getting the meaning across in English. Except at one point near the end where I can only sort of understand what it's saying, I'll talk about that in a bit more detail afterwards.

>It fascinates the viewer with it's direction! TV anime "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" OP Movie

>Since October 2012, the television anime to watch closely has been "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure". Part one, "Phantom Blood", continued broadcasting until December, and right now part two, "Battle Tendency", is currently reaching its climax. The way of creating the image of this epic, which has been drawn for more than twenty-five years...we will introduce for you the ones in charge of this challenge of this opening movie, Kamikaze Movies.

>The easy-way opening movie born from the passionate mind of a fan of the original work

>In 1987, Araki Hirohiko began publishing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Or, Jojo) in Weekly Shonen Jump. Although in 2005 it moved to Ultra Jump, it has continued publication for a long time, up until today, and has been a popular manga. There are more than a hundred separate volumes of the series, and in total at least 800 million copies have been printed, making it a super hit, and before now there have naturally been various forays into other mediums. And in 2012, it finally became a TV anime.

>The ones in charge of planning and production for this work's opening movie (or, OP) are Kamikaze Movies. Suisaki Kyohei (Pictured left) is employed as the first part's OP's director, and when talks first began, before they even finished saying "Jojo" he immediately responded with "I'll do it!". Suisaki personally loves Jojo's, and had previously made many works incorporating a manga flavor, like this OP. Concerning this first TV anime job, he said: "Previously, because I only wanted to do Jojo's, I immediately replied without hearing the content of the work or when the deadline would be. We could get Jojo's."

>This OP bore the important role of reproducing the appearance of the original work. Jojo carries a long history of twenty-five years of serialization, and so from students to adults there are an extensive range of fans, and so when converting it for TV, they must start with a concept proposal. You can reproduce the original look created by Araki, and you can freely make use of the work's fun and charm, and yet there is no one level on which everyone can enjoy it. That is to say, "easy-way animation" is what is wanted. So, without using any difficult techniques or doing special things, by obsessing over the direction, the appearance of the atmosphere of the scenes of the original work is changed, and between techniques and ideas they created an OP that can be described as "the kamikaze easy way", or "the animation easy way".

>From here on out, we will look behind the scenes at how Kamikaze Movies created an OP which mesmerizes fans of the original work and fans of the anime alike.

So yeah that second-last paragraph turns into a mess halfway through. I think what it's saying is that the OP has to appeal to such a broad range of tastes that they need to finely adjust the atmosphere until it's just right, which means they can't use a lot of fancy, timeconsuming/expensive techniques because they'll have to do a lot of iteration. So the techniques they use have to be straightforward and easy.

Also the guy's name is a total guess on my part. It just gives it in kanji and I slapped together a plausible-seeming reading from them but it could be something totally different.
>> No. 81669
File 136407346058.jpg - (1.02MB , 2500x900 , 1363989266381.jpg )
Thoughts? Only thing is whoever made it picked the blandest shots of Joseph, so he looks a lot more consistent between episodes on the chart than he actually is on the show.
>> No. 81703
File 136431376673.jpg - (111.69KB , 1280x720 , 1364032631570.jpg )
haha, time for piranhas!
>> No. 81756
File 136462646837.jpg - (79.92KB , 1280x720 , facepalm.jpg )
>dat Battle Tendency OST
>all those melodies and vocals that never got played in the show because they were too busy playing all those damn ambience tracks
>> No. 81784
Well David Productions may or may not get to do more Jojo in the future, but they're definitely not doing any next season. But don't despair boys and girls, because they are doing SOMETHING next season:

TVアニメ『超次元ゲイ…youtube thumb
>> No. 81785
Yeah... I think I'll pass on this one.
>> No. 81790
File 136480147770.jpg - (208.33KB , 1280x1280 , BD4-1.jpg )
Damn, why do the Battle Tendency BD covers look so much more awesome than the Phantom Blood ones?
>> No. 81791
File 136480166553.jpg - (172.14KB , 1280x1280 , BD4-2.jpg )
>> No. 81913
File 136518257211.jpg - (156.99KB , 1440x810 , 1365177216561.jpg )
>mfw the finale of Battle Tendency
>> No. 81923
[Y. Chang] JoJo's Bizarre Adve…youtube thumb
>> No. 81961
I'm told that Nutbladder's alt track joke this time was actually what Joseph is supposed to be listening to on the walkman, which just makes it even better.

Seriously though, that was fucking amazing.
>> No. 81962
File 136538420232.png - (324.94KB , 370x534 , Giant bara deer with spawn.png )
actually it went unnamed in Parts 2 and 4; only in Part 3 was it explicitly mentioned to actually be Get Back
anyway David deserves massive props for the last episode ending the series on a bang, had me grinning like a moron the entire second half of the episode with all the extra stuff that was sorely lacking from the manga
>> No. 81963
I was over the fucking moon when Sono Chi no Sadome started playing. Someone on /a/ insisted back when Phantom Blood was playing that the 2nd verse of it referred to Joseph instead of Johnathon. WELP.
>> No. 81964
File 136538519820.jpg - (111.79KB , 1280x720 , NOPE.jpg )
I actually thought that was a special treat by the livestreamer at first just because of how awesome it was
>> No. 82003
File 136557196825.jpg - (32.49KB , 480x301 , tumblr_mkwnvocoiY1r6pfmvo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 82005
File 136557530288.png - (481.37KB , 642x501 , Katawa Jojo.png )
mai new husbando
mmm, STDs
>> No. 82042
File 13656658187.jpg - (47.61KB , 270x480 , 1365646871719.jpg )
>> No. 82051
This game IS getting an international release, right?

I can't wait to main Jonathan
>> No. 82117
File 136589335032.png - (303.07KB , 458x648 , 1365885510352.png )
>> No. 82139
Interview with the voice cast of Battle Tendency about the recording sessions. Bet Sugita was probably really annoyed by all the fans badgering him about Part 3 instead of talking about his actual work.
>> No. 82141
>> No. 82142
File 136597322381.png - (12.87KB , 256x224 , jotalolicon.png )
>> No. 82147
File 136598327142.gif - (1.46MB , 640x360 , my body is ready.gif )
Jotaro/Kakyoin is one of the few Jojo pairings I have any antipathy for, but damn if the shot of Kakyoin creeping on Jotaro in the toilet didn't make me chuckle.
>> No. 82842
File 136885170410.jpg - (167.89KB , 444x564 , 1350284707066.jpg )
>Newest chapter of Jojolion is out, yay!
>And it's got Johnny in it too! Man the SBR epilogue was pretty underwhelming, I really missed hi-
>> No. 82843
What, is he ded?

Haha, JJBA doesn't have much respect/care for previous protagonists who show up in later instalments.
>> No. 82845
So... is the anime going to come back...? Like anytime soon?

Because I was seriously enjoying the hell out of it, and then all of a sudden new episodes stopped coming. I don't want to have to start reading the manga. I am afraid I'll never come back...
>> No. 82846
File 136886420116.jpg - (124.36KB , 728x745 , rapeface.jpg )
>not wanting to experience the pure beauty that is the Jojo manga
Just fucking read it. As good as the anime is, its very loyalty to the manga means it by nature isn't going to be as good as the original. Not to mention even if a new episode came out every week without fail it would still take them literally years to get through the manga. It's not a particularly long read anyway.
>> No. 82855
>Take them literally years to get through the manga
>Not a particularly long read
>> No. 82857
It took me over a week of reading for at least 8 hours each day to catch up. Now I suffer like everyone else waiting for new chapters.
>> No. 82859
Kinda funny that JoJo now became all about Jesus.
>> No. 82860
I started getting bored of it as the art grew 'faggier' rather than 'fabulous'
>> No. 82863
How? If anything Part 7 and 8 are the straightest parts. And aside from Part 2 and a few points in Part 5 it's never really been that gay.
>> No. 83038
So I just finished part three, and.. Does part four have a better Jojo? Seriously, Jotaro was dull as fuck. The fact that the manga kept focusing mostly on everyone but him is the only thing that made it bearable.
>> No. 83039

The next Jojo follows the pattern of Serious-Goofy-Serious-Goofy, so Josuke is much more like Joseph than Jonathan or Jotaro.

(Which makes sense, considering he's Joseph's bastard son.)
>> No. 83043
If you like fun character hijinks, part 4 is going to be a blast for you.

Totally the bomb.
>> No. 83047
File 136969818513.jpg - (303.14KB , 550x678 , 30941315_p8.jpg )
Am I the only one who's been finding Jojolion rather dull until recently? For quite a while the art has been bland and uninteresting to look at, the characters unappealing, and the plot rather dull in spite of all of the twists and cockteasing. Seems to have picked up somewhat as of the last few months, though the art style while more expressive also seems to have taken a direction towards fug.
>> No. 83092
File 136989807473.jpg - (172.28KB , 480x640 , ju6m2Qyl.jpg )
I hope whoever's voicing Buccellati this time around does as good of a job as Sakurai in the PS2 game.
>> No. 83336
File 137088405742.gif - (2.67MB , 400x225 , 1365399624745.gif )
PS3「ジョジョの奇妙な…youtube thumb
>> No. 83348
>Bruno: Noriaki Sugiyama
>Narancia: Yuko Sanpei
>Doppio: Akira Ishida
>Diavolo: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Aww damnit why'd they have to waste two fantastic actors on those two? Especially since you spend the whole fight as Diavolo. At least Kamiya sounds better here than he does in Shingeki.
>> No. 83351
>dat Narancia
>dat Koichi

Oh no, I musn't in public-!

>dat Diavolo
>dat Cars
Oh no, they're hot!
>> No. 83356
File 137097828856.png - (7.82KB , 228x228 , You're The Man Now Dog!.png )
I like how Bucciarati is voiced by a guy who doesn't die when killed.
>> No. 83485
File 137168653887.jpg - (117.44KB , 381x289 , 1358639456672.jpg )
And the plot keeps thickening.
>> No. 84098
File 137462854530.jpg - (50.53KB , 1024x768 , 1353396099500.jpg )
>Araki will never go tryhard and create art that's as good as it was during Part 3 ever again.
>> No. 84099
It's being a tryhard that got him to move away from part 3's art style though, he's always growing as an artist and sans his same face it really shows.
>> No. 84126
File 137476943732.jpg - (265.29KB , 672x777 , 1374268923051.jpg )
>another hiatus
Goddamnit. At least Araki has reasons for them unlike Miura, but it's getting really frustrating when the sluggish pacing has been something that's been holding Jojolion down from the beginning until recently.
>> No. 84129
Any word yet on if we North American peons will be able to get our hands on All Star Battle?
>> No. 84246
File 137528070865.jpg - (64.42KB , 395x400 , president_funny_valentine.jpg )
If we get lucky, we'll get Raptor Dio as well.
>> No. 84406
File 137619143751.gif - (944.58KB , 500x282 , Jojo_tumblr_mr8dj1W1q31sr9wjco1_500.gif )
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All …youtube thumb

Patriotism has arrived!
>> No. 84407
File 137619537670.jpg - (100.04KB , 1280x720 , 1364028441114.jpg )
>game about to be released
>only two more characters left, one of which is DLC
>only 3 characters each for Stone Ocean and SBR while Part 3 has a bazillion characters and most of the major guys from 2 are represented
>no females aside from Jolyne and Hermes, despite the series having many who would work and are quite loved in Japan

Fucking bullshit, I wouldn't be surprised if Scamco is saving folks like Lisa Lisa, Oldseph, and Risotto for DLC.
>> No. 84408
Oldseph has a legitimately different powerset from Joseph, so it doesn't surprise me they cut him out because they couldn't just re-skin it and call it a day.

I am bummed about the lack of Stone Ocean. Couldn't we trade in Akira Otoishi for F.F. or Weather Report?
>> No. 84448
File 137654122646.jpg - (27.36KB , 221x181 , beavis and butthead do wang.jpg )
>Fatty is the last ASB character
>no Diego in sight
>spread covered in talk about DLC
>> No. 84507
File 137701060983.jpg - (61.09KB , 700x700 , Jojo_tumblr_mozhmiQ2aj1rlr4x4o1_1280.jpg )
So any dream interactions for All-Star Battle's story mode?

I kind of want to see Part 3 Dio question Jonathan about his last words to him right before they fight.
>> No. 85362
Still not feelin' JoJolion.
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