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78504 No. 78504
I found a crazy new manga /jam/! It's called Hishintan - Vita Arcana, and it's set during the Roman Crisis of the Third Century. It's full of nerdy roman history references and does some great setup of the various historical characters, like Elagabalus. It's also got some low fantasy elements, mostly with relation to the main character a slave boy who can turn into the dick girl incarnation of Hecate.

You should check it out, especially if you like things like pure historical stuff like Cesare or mixes like that one shot where low fantasy rome wipes out nearly all the wyverns. Come to think of it, this thread can be about historical fiction manga in general.
>> No. 78515
Huh! Will definitely make time to take a look.
>> No. 79216
I like, it well made.
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