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File 134100289743.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , Nichijou - 01.png )
76360 No. 76360
Enjoyable. 9/10.
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>> No. 76361
Comedy that is only funny when one character (goat guy) is on-screen. 1/10
>> No. 76365
Eh. I liked it.

>> No. 76367
I've only seen clips.

>> No. 76368
Very hit-and-miss, but charming along the way.
>> No. 76369
I'll agree with the 7/10's. What I've seen of it is all right, but I don't feel like I'm missing out on much by not finishing it. I'd probably watch it if it were on TV, but going to the trouble of streaming it doesn't seem worth it.
>> No. 76371
Absolute favorite anime of the year.

With an additional 10/10 for the openings by Hyadain.
>> No. 76372

>I'd probably watch it if it were on TV, but going to the trouble of streaming it doesn't seem worth it.

What the fuck am I reading?
>> No. 76377

It's just Normal Life.
>> No. 76378
Infinitei bajillion squggillian/ surbitillian spoogillian pizzapoos
>> No. 76380

Completely unfunny. Retarded moeshit.
>> No. 76382
1/10 terrible troll
>> No. 76386
7/10. The first half was funnier. The openings are catchy as fuck. One of the few comedy anime that got more than a mere chuckle out of me. Would gladly try a sequel.
>> No. 76387
File 134105904817.jpg - (148.66KB , 1280x720 , redirect.jpg )
Helvetica Slamdard - Quad City…youtube thumb
>> No. 76393
>related videos
Oh God I can't stop

BARKLEYNO - Quad City DJs vs Paradise Lunchyoutube thumb
>> No. 76423
I'm a Kitty Cat - AMVyoutube thumb

Have to say the cat is the best part of the anime.
Also, have a relevant and rather well-synched amv.
>> No. 79853
boy am I slowyoutube thumb
>> No. 79861
I went back and finished Nichijou recently, and actually really did come to like it a lot more than I did early on. It kept upping the ante on how over the top and weird it could be.

It manages to exist in the same space as Azumanga Daioh without feeling like a retread of Azumanga Daioh, which is pretty impressive.
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