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File 133636769589.jpg - (247.79KB , 500x333 , TAEU_Series_Toriko.jpg )
74536 No. 74536
Why don't we have one yet? It's great.
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>> No. 74541
Probably because there's not much to talk about, even if you like it. It's the potato chips of manga.
>> No. 74557
Yeah, it's got Invincible syndrome.

So much better than Bleach though.
>> No. 74559
Don't know what it is but looks generic as hell.
>> No. 74561
It's... Kinda like cooking mama meets monster hunter.
>> No. 74562
It is actually exactly like that.
>> No. 74564
I'm always hungry after reading it.
>> No. 74571
So how fast do you think Toriko'll learn spoon?
>> No. 74577
Feast of the North Star?
>> No. 74578
In a passionate night with Komatsu.
>> No. 74585

Huh, that picture really does make it look really generic. It's something about the colors, or maybe it's that it lacks the rough look of the manga? Maybe it's just the general cleanness? It'd probably look better as an 80's style anime like FotNS.


Yup, pretty much.


This too.
>> No. 74593
It may be generic but its better than one piece.
>> No. 74600
Why are you randomly talking smack about OP in multiple threads that have nothing to do with it? Thats wierd.
>> No. 74602
Yeah, but I don't think it's limited to One Piece. I've seen a couple of posts over the last couple of days that were basically just unprovoked attacks on various things that he thinks people like or that he thinks people will jump to defend, like someone trying way too hard to provoke a reaction. He's chosen One Piece now probably because we've got a One Piece board, or because he saw that some of us are prone to gushing when comparing One Piece to other Shonen Jump series.

He's probably just a troll got banned from 4chan and hasn't learned to adapt his tactics from trolling /a/ to trolling /jam/ yet. Protip: Go after Baccano! instead.
>> No. 74609
>Someone says it's better than Bleach.

>Someone says it's better than One Piece.
>"Why u talkin' smack about One Piece?"

>> No. 74610

And the fact it was posted after an obviously belligerent attack against One Piece in another thread (lol oneshit amirite guise. It's like I'm really on /a/ again) has nothing to do with it.

Also that "Someone" who said it'd better than Bleach is SneakyTiki. We tend to just ignore let him do his own thing anyway.
>> No. 74612
File 133649651583.jpg - (365.83KB , 600x450 , OPxTOR_Wallpaper3_splsh-img.jpg )
>Also that "Someone" who said it'd better than Bleach is SneakyTiki. We tend to just ignore let him do his own thing anyway.

That's not very nice and besides, Shonen Jump agrees with me, but hey, don't take my word for it, you tell me who are the three most prominent figures on the average Jump cover are now or where it stacks in popularity.

HMMMMM? Why it seems Ichigo has manned the fuck up and dyed his hair blue!

oh, wait, that's Toriko!

And I didn't compare it to One Piece because they are brother series to the point of having literally crossed over with each other both in manga an anime, so it's an apples to oranges comparison.

Now, got anything else for me to rip apart?
>> No. 74613

Ooooooo Tiki's maaaaaaaaaaad.
>> No. 74615
>That feel when the closest thing to a heroine will never be relevant.
>> No. 74616
To be perfectly honest yeah I kinda was, but I'm good now.

I dunno know man, I really need to catch up, like I'm on chapter 50, but as I recall pretty much everyone in this series has their uses, just not on the same scale as Toriko's affecting the world market system with his actions.
>> No. 74617

The problem is, she's in one arc and then is never seen again.
>> No. 74618
Yeah the new Big 3 is pretty much One Piece+Naruto+Toriko. The amount of shits people should give about this: 0


Look guy, once you kiss in shonen it's all over. ALL. OVER. She probably could have pined romantically on the B list for the rest of the series but she blew it.
>> No. 74620

We see her again in the Christmas and fishing mini-arcs. She went from a fangirl with potential to annoying and kinda creepy.

Granted, she can still be salvaged, but I get the feeling she won't.
>> No. 74621

...She kissed Toriko? When was this?
>> No. 74624
File 133651260076.jpg - (151.70KB , 800x1156 , toriko-573617.jpg )
I forgot Toriko's House is the BEST house.
>> No. 74625

During the Regal Mammoth arc she got a hole blown through her torso and asked Toriko for a kiss before she died. Then it turned out that Toriko's spit was her compatible food (like booze with Mansam) and she turned out all right.
>> No. 74626

Oh for the love of-

That's STUPID.

The only way she can be redeemed now is if she gets over her stupid crush and has a good fight. Which means it's pretty much impossible.
>> No. 74627
Can't wait until the dub comes out.
>> No. 74630
This series has a bunch of horrible examples of show don't tell, like whn Toriko, Kotsumo and the other guy are deep in the cave harvesting those little fish that are difficult to use knocking on.
So the bad-guy robot is leaving the cave with a bunch and kills a group of random assholes, but then suddenlly we've got this super special law enforcement dude in a trenchcoat with a sword sitting on a rock, all looking like a badass and being like "not so fast there" -chapter end.
How does this pick up next chapter? With all these important government types pissing themsevles that super special law enforcement dude got slaughtered, we never saw a moment of the fight or even LEARNED THE DUDE'S NAME!

Also I don't know if this was just a crappy translator but the language is really awkward, like its not just "{beast} is strong enough to flip a tank!" but "This {beast} can defeat even an army fighting tank weighing {however many} tonnes!"
>> No. 74632
It's generic old-school shounen mang. Having a limited amount of female characters who aren't written all that great and are useless in a fight is part of the package.
>> No. 74638

All things considered, it's probably better that the law enforcement dude died without us really knowing him. It'd be dumb to introduce him and then just be like "LOL HE'S DEAD NOW".

Early scans of it sucked, but someone's re-scanlating it now.
>> No. 74641
Yeah but it was still a really stupid way to try and hype the enemy up, and it just stood out in my memory as the most blatant example in the time I read the series.
>> No. 74648
File 133656737972.gif - (266.92KB , 400x300 , 127625548552.gif )
>> No. 74651

On the other hand every time Starjun shows up is great. He seriously changes the mood drastically every single time.
>> No. 74654

Does Toriko even have an anime yet?
>> No. 74661

It's had one for over a year now.
>> No. 74667
File 133662158197.png - (673.81KB , 700x508 , ded.png )
And then Toriko died.
>> No. 74686

>> No. 74703
He won't be killed, even when he's dead.
>> No. 74746
File 133688052361.jpg - (170.89KB , 800x1156 , ALLTHEHETERO.jpg )
True Bromance.
>> No. 74753
>>True Romance

>> No. 74763
File 133693479782.jpg - (218.29KB , 800x1143 , toriko-2098753.jpg )
Pretty much.

Also fuck yeah Komatsu!
>> No. 74764
File 133693906395.jpg - (191.33KB , 800x1156 , Nitrosfuckingchrist.jpg )
You know what I like about Toriko?

Fucking legit threats.


Add to that Nitros, the most fucking real threat to Shonen heroes I've seen, maybe they get chumped later, but where I'm at they are FUCKING HUMANOID WATERBEARS.
>> No. 74765
I dunno, mostly it felt like the guy has a limited understanding of just how destructive humanity's weapons can be.

BTW did those three mafia mooks really get brought back to life? Something broke in me after they set off to revive them after the icy battle and I just could not find the werewithal to keep reading.
>> No. 74769
Yeah, shit was actually kinda bad ass, they got healed with phlegm and bees.

Toriko almost died numerous times regenerating his arm.

I have yet to see those guys come back and I cared absolutely nothing for them either, they pretty much left with "WE MUST GO, OUR HOME PLANET NEEDS US."

As for underestimating Nukes, their world has different rules, not even the plant life dies because everything has Gourmet cells because of Acacia essentially, so it's like "Oh, shit is radioactive now? Mushrooms that spring up in two minutes that feed on ALL of that radiation and then are IMMEDIATELY eaten by a non-stop cavalcade of creatures who also eat each other and grow stronger each time.

The Gourmet World is like going hunting in H.P Lovecraft's Dreamscape, like Toriko tries to prove he's ready to enter it and when he tries he IMMEDIATELY starts getting slaughtered by horrible, awful monsters to the point he needs both to be saved and escape.
>> No. 74852
All that humor and grim from this chapter is giving me whiplash.

Also Komatsu, stop getting stabbed in the lungs.
>> No. 74855
File 133726338771.jpg - (178.03KB , 800x1156 , toriko-3295353.jpg )

You ain't kiddin'
>> No. 74995
Well, the death toll went way up today.
>> No. 74998
Them's some badass geriatrics.

Also, noooo I was so happy when Toriko finally cut off his stupid-ass mullet but now it's back x10 with a vengeance.
>> No. 75000
File 133785402362.jpg - (257.48KB , 800x1156 , toriko-3325817.jpg )
Old people are the fucking coolest.
>> No. 75203
And gone again!
>> No. 75235
RIP shiny supersaiyan hair. You will be missed.
>> No. 75240
No old people are just HUGE.
>> No. 75529
>that new chapter
>that last page

>> No. 78412
WELL then.
>> No. 78413
WELL then.
>> No. 78414
WELL then.
>> No. 78416
>> No. 78878

I know right?
>> No. 78880
Wow, I haven't been this impressed with the author since >>74855
This guy has a great sense for the macabre.
>> No. 78891
Wow, that actually made my stomach drop.
>> No. 78892
File 135055111179.png?spoiler - (94.25KB , 504x567 , nooo teppei1.png?spoiler )
there i fixed it

>> No. 78934
Well, if you guys haven't started reading yet, now would be a good time to.

Shima's imagery skills are top notch.
>> No. 79037
So how about the dub?

Toriko - Season One, Part One …youtube thumb

At least Komatsu doesn't sound like a 5 year old anymore.
>> No. 79049
GeneralIvan as the narrator is pretty great casting.
>> No. 79052

Get Epic Meal Time to promote the DVD!
>> No. 79414
File 135266124065.png - (759.06KB , 1786x1300 , The four predator kings.png )
Fuck this series is awesome!
And Godsdamn am I hungry now!
>> No. 79723
Loves how the latest chapter(212) is just "look at all these crazy fuckers".
>> No. 80277
I'd love this if I was a child again.
>> No. 80505
Aaaand another addition to Komatsu's harem.
>> No. 80587
>Komatsu getting kidnapped.

I was wondering when Toriko was gonna have a rescue arc.
>> No. 80673
File 135779466182.png - (207.84KB , 885x409 , Picture 6.png )
Finally had a chance to catch up. Helluva cliffhanger.

Also, I could have sworn I've read this line somewhere in a porno manga.
>> No. 80930
File 135853300774.png?spoiler - (644.53KB , 1739x1300 , 001 Toriko FUCK.png?spoiler )
>> No. 82062
And now it is fights about who can out hax the other guy first...
>> No. 82065
File 13657139502.jpg?spoiler - (256.92KB , 800x1156 , duuuuude.jpg?spoiler )
Anyone else think it's pretty fucked up that Sunny just literally ate a dude
>> No. 82079
Surprisingly not really. In this series it was bound to happen eventually.
>> No. 82096
This series is so bad, it pours on the wank but its so...empty. I stopped reading it quicker than I did Naruto.

Plus the way the writing describes things when its trying to hype a situation is just so awkwardly done.
>> No. 82441
File 136707100491.png - (706.57KB , 1788x1300 , DEATH NOISE.png )
And that guy sure had it coming.
>> No. 82442
Well that's just your opinion, man.
>> No. 82456
Maybe he is more into Shokugeki No Soma.
>> No. 82797
File 136868892937.png - (282.06KB , 900x1300 , img000017.png )
Not saying that Toriko is supergay, but Toriko is supergay.
>> No. 82799
When I got to that page I sat back and went "wow, even for Toriko that is homoerotic".
>> No. 82811
File 136871856737.jpg - (33.35KB , 240x227 , JJBAcrazy.jpg )
Is he naked?
>> No. 82813
File 136872123211.png - (494.93KB , 1765x1300 , oh you know eating and stuff.png )
Certainly looks like it!
>> No. 82831
>> No. 82848
File 136886880270.png - (372.52KB , 900x1300 , 015 toriko tear.png )
Yeah this really was/is Bromans the chapter...
>> No. 82849
There's Bromance and then there's gay marriage. And Toriko is leaning pretty heavily towards one of those.
>> No. 83241
>That awkward moment when the two leads here have more chemistry than any heterosexual pairing in Jump.
>> No. 83242
What are you talking about? The romance between Switch and Momoka in Sket Dance is really sweet.
>> No. 83306

>Implying their not already married.
>> No. 83619
>Toriko just had his leg blown off.

Komatasu pls.

And if anyone had any doubt before....
>> No. 83651
Huh. I figured Komatsu would have been kidnapped by now.

But yeah, yes homo.
>> No. 83880
So, wait, is Frohze a girl, or a girly man?
>> No. 83881
File 137346886450.png - (261.84KB , 900x1300 , img000019.png )
Very clearly a woman. She has boobies. Most of them is just hidden behind the speech bubble.
>> No. 83886
Oh, there they are.
Man, with Frohze and Chiru, Shimabukuro is sneaking in female characters all over the place.
>> No. 83891


Ironic how some of the most awesome ladies in Jump are also in its most testosterone-fueled manga.
>> No. 84121
The world... Got knocked the fuck out...
>> No. 84748
File 137879510741.png - (170.41KB , 337x487 , not what it looks like.png )
so toriko just took a pretty big leap from hilariously homoerotic to uncomfortably homoerotic.
>> No. 84750
Hard to believe the mangaka fucks little girls. This just sends all kind of weird messages.
>> No. 84752

Please, we all know he's gay.
>> No. 84754
Dude got arrested for accosting a girl.
>> No. 84755
Dude got arrested for accosting a girl.
>> No. 84758
To be clear on the facts, dude got arrested for partaking of the services of one of those schoolgirl prostitutes, this one being 16 years old.
So, yeah, he's 100% a creeper, but he's at least he's not a girl-accoster.
>> No. 84759
Ahh, kinda heard it through a game of telephone so I'm glad to hear the actual deal.
>> No. 84762
I figure all the editors and assistants must have known that looks like a dick, but none of them wanted to be the one to bring it up.
>> No. 84794
File 137900781755.jpg - (102.17KB , 500x289 , blurp.jpg )

>Implying Japan is okay with teh ghey.
>Implying he's not so heavily closeted he thought that would make him not ghey.
>Implying all the homo is to attract female readers.

>> No. 84796
Man, people have been losing limbs like it ain't no thang.
>> No. 84798
I take it the message we're supposed to be taking from your picture is the bit about how 62.7% of Toriko's readership is male?
>> No. 84799
When did Tiki imply the homo was there to attract female readers? If that was Shimabukuro's aim, I'd imagine something would be done about the fact that all the men sans Komatsu are horrific musclebeasts.

I mean, there's bara and then there's lumpy what the fuck. I love Toriko as a series, but Shimabukuro needs to learn him some anatomy.
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