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File 133609328681.jpg - (1.07MB , 1850x1300 , 4e648e6fada2226a83d7ec1254ce704f.jpg )
74448 No. 74448
New thread.
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>> No. 74449
File 133609337071.png - (137.71KB , 902x1300 , gj bro.png )
Rogue confirmed for not being a bag of dicks.
>> No. 74455
File 133610474430.png - (210.55KB , 880x653 , sfx.png )
I dunno about that. He seems like a jackass.
>> No. 74459
Caring about someone that's constantly kissing your ass is not a great accomplishment.

>Erza always crawls into [Lucy's] bed
I can't remember, did this happened or was it reference before?
>> No. 74461
Rogue was also the only one who had some trouble with his guild mate being kicked out, he's clearly intended to be the better of the two. Him and Fro look to be more like Natsu and Happy than the other guy and... the other cat.

I don't remember Erza crawling into Lucy's bed before. It seems like the fandom would be all OVER that if it'd been mentioned in the past, so I guess it's new.
>> No. 74464
Awww sheet, here comes more Gerard Tail.
>> No. 74467
File 133613840338.png - (262.14KB , 912x1300 , 1badca02a96ff5de1951b8747d424a37.png )
Heh, this scene put the biggest, dumbest smile on my face. I'm glad we get to catch up with one of Erza's old friends.
>> No. 74468
>realize we were joking that all the Gerard will become fused into one character and will show up every chapter
>Gerard becomes mistgun and shows up every chapter
>> No. 74469
File 133614472787.gif - (92.43KB , 330x302 , 1330860573142.gif )
>realize we were joking that all the Gerard will become fused into one character and will show up every chapter
>Gerard becomes mistgun and shows up every chapter
>> No. 74511
It's a good thing Gerard/Jellal friendzoned Erza, imagine how much more awkward things would be right now between her and the cat lady.
>so yeah we want to kill Gerard
>You wanna join?
>No see, I kinda have something to do tonight
>With Gerard...
>Its not killing.
>> No. 74704
Oh man, Natsu is platinum mad.
And goddamn, I love the Tengu design Sabertooth's master has going on so much.
>> No. 74708
File 13367597548.jpg - (23.43KB , 640x480 , Smile_Swindle.jpg )

Would you say he's Platinum Dragon mad?
>> No. 74709
The amount of major factions and returning characters involved is starting to convince me that this might be the 2nd to last arc.
>> No. 74712
This was a good chapter!

I have to say, Mashima has really improved at writing emotional scenes. In the earlier parts of Fairy Tail, I often had a hard time sympathizing with bit characters' emotional trauma because it seemed a bit clunky to me, but I felt really, genuinely bad for Yukino and we've only known her for a few chapters.
>> No. 74717


>> No. 74719
>Oh hey, Fairy Tail, I remember you, you used to be fun.

>Those were the days, lets give your new chapter a look.

>> No. 74720
Actual plot twist:Natsu succeeds into defeating master Monk Mage.
>> No. 74721
I would adore it if the master gets his ass kicked by Natsu, maybe doing some dirty trick or shameful thing to escape losing. It would make sense why he obsesses over power and makes himself look spooky if he actually isn't that strong
>> No. 74733
File 133680347616.jpg - (81.52KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Fairy Tail - 130 [720p]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
>Earthland counterparts of Coco, Sugarboy and Hughes
Earthland counterpart of Byro

Damn, both the manga and anime have been rather surprising.
>> No. 74786
Inb4 Sabretooth master is the Muscle Dragon Slayer.
>> No. 74883

Oh man I cant wait till next week now.
>> No. 74887
Wow, Sting missed the point by a mile.
>> No. 74888
Translators, for the love of god, just translate namaka already.

I blame One Piece for encouraging this.
>> No. 74896

Whatever, it's not like you don't immediately know it's there anyway. Same with "it can't be helped" and honorifics; after being exposed to a certain level of japan you can just sort of FEEL that they're there.
>> No. 74897
I have to agree that it's pretty awkward here. I can very much deal with it in One Piece, but elsewhere it's just... an untranslated word.
>> No. 74905
I think Sting just got a boner.
>> No. 74906
I know what you mean.
I feel the same about translating fighting moves.
>> No. 74908
What? You mean you don't want them translated or want them translated?
Because honestly,only a tremendous weaboo would want to hear characters screeming BATSU MATSU SHINGEN PATSU NO JUTSU.
>> No. 74910
Eh. We're used to martial arts moves' names being left untranslated fairly often in movies and martial arts classes, so special moves/techniques/martial arts schools are actually one of the few areas I don't feel like the translator's just being lazy if they're left untranslated. So I don't need "Iaido" translated to "the way of mental presence and immediate reaction."
>> No. 74911
>So I don't need "Iaido" translated to "the way of mental presence and immediate reaction."

Most attack names have less cumbersome translations than the word "iai" does. Generally they're pretty directly descriptive.
>> No. 74912
Yeah, but even beyond situations like that. I don't mind "karate" being left as "karate" instead of being translated into "empty hand," either. It's a name more than it is a descriptive term. And names are cool to leave untranslated.
>> No. 74914
New debate: Should terrible english in japanese works be translated into terrible japanese to reproduce the original experience?
>> No. 74915
Well I was satisfied with that little skirmish. When that master blocked his first attack I was all set to see Natsu get beaten down, but I was pleasantly surprised that Natsu actually got a couple good hits and didnt get shit stomped.
>> No. 74916

It wouldn't work, because while Japanese people will likely have at least a small command of english (even if it's of the learned-it-in-school-and-then-immediately-forgot-it variety) while most anglophones speak absolutely no Japanese.
>> No. 74919
It can really go either way.

If its a random lame pun then just putting in a different pun will work because the original joke isnt the pun its "holy shit look at how lame that pun is"

But thn you get some stuff that just can never go through like stuff based on the shape of characters or rhyming in japanese with visual accompaniment (Polar Bear Cafe).

Really as long as the note is one line or so.
>> No. 74928
If by "small command of English" you mean "taught pop cultural English loanwords" then yes.
>> No. 74930
They're actually required to take several years of English as part of primary schooling. Admittedly, the English they're taught is terrible (to the point that school children are advised against taking English classes outside of primary school because learning how English is actually spoken hurts their chances of passing the tests), but it is actually part of their education nonetheless.

The average Japanese person's command of English is probably comparable to the average American Southerner's command of Spanish. "Enough that they probably wouldn't die if stranded in a country that spoke only that language, but would probably sound like a crazy person when talking and would have to take an hour to explain what they wanted."
>> No. 74934

What >>74930 said. All Japanese people who aren't old as the hills have taken at least a little English at some point in their lives.
>> No. 75050
File 133799681470.png - (238.62KB , 887x1300 , d026d54ad73c33e89a9b7a9c086f945a.png )

Hell Yeah, Motherfucker
>> No. 75052
Guys, don't expand the image Mindwipe posted, just read it.

I don't care if you haven't read Fairy Tail in ages, just read this chapter. NURSE THIS MEANS YOU.
>> No. 75053
I kind of hope the scoring system is the same for the other rounds, so we can see Erza's face when she realizes that while they get 10 points for 1st place, every other guild gets 8 because they technically tied for second, meaning Fairy Tail gained almost nothing.
>> No. 75121
everyone make way for the best fucking character in all of fairy tail!
>> No. 75122
>> No. 75124
File 133823527182.png - (51.59KB , 305x160 , Picture 2.png )
>> No. 75125
Don't be stupid, it's clearly mistgun!
>> No. 75128
File 133824711854.jpg - (2.81KB , 58x135 , he he he.jpg )
that might have been my favorite chapter thus far

also does she always make this face?
>> No. 75132
Some people have the crazyeyes. Some people live them.
>> No. 75256
File 133866017392.png - (307.14KB , 899x1300 , 4f39f5adfde156390e976d090ee3e525.png )

Have I mentioned how much I love the First Master?
>> No. 75258
Well we just got two chapters of complete FT hype, so I expect something will go horribly wrong next time.
>> No. 75259
Things were going by and large pretty well until the timeskip.
>> No. 75260
I meant in the sense of "everyone just got hyped up as ludicrously strong, so now it's time for the villains to knock them down a peg."
>> No. 75262
File 13386639624.png - (112.90KB , 484x305 , dat butt.png )
Hmm, what? Did something happen? Sorry, didn't really pay attention...
>> No. 75263
Looks like we're going to have a lightning-on-lightning battle soon if Laxus has anything to say about it.
>> No. 75267
Next fight is Laxus V Alexei, so maybe (probably not)
>> No. 75311
Finally Fairy Tail is coming back on top. After chapters of constantly losing.
>> No. 75569
New chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/53902026/1

My guess is that either Jellel breaks the illusion, or he joins the fight.
>> No. 75571

Wuh-oh, that's a pinch.

I figure Flare and Nullpudig wouldn't be too much trouble for Laxus to defeat but add in magic cancel guy and magic mimic guy...
>> No. 75577
File 13392247473.png - (198.65KB , 918x1300 , fb1495940b65db79f5c6ba6142675fe1.png )
>dat Millianna
>> No. 75579
Magic mimic guy is in a different guild.
>> No. 75580
So is Quatro Puppy like, the shittiest guild?
Even shittier than whatever guild Ichiya is from?
>> No. 75581
inb4 Laxus punched magic cancel guy and then just Fairy Laws the rest of them.
>> No. 75583
? No, I'm talking about Kurohebi.

Though now that you mention it, we've got Kurohebi with his mimic magic and Rufus with his memory make in the same tournament.

Good thing they aren't being set against each other, that match would probably be annoying as fuck.
>> No. 75617
>The new chapter

Guys I think Raven Tail might be cheating!
>> No. 75635
I think Laxus might stand a chance to actually beat all of Raven Tail.
Think about it, it's mostly he who has anything to gain from fighting members of RT characterwise, and Sabertooth is already being touted as the big rival guild while that asshole rune knight is the big bad.
Raven Tail being soloed by Laxus would make sense and would one hell of a fuck yeah moment, maybe a even bigger one than Erza's.
>> No. 75651
It will render Gajeel's dealings with them moot, though.

Speaking of which, why don't FT know of their plans already? What a terrible fake double agent.
>> No. 75659
I think he stopped being their double agent when he was gone for 7 years.
Not that I blame you for forgetting about the time skip, no one important actually changed. Leon still looks like he's the same age, and so does Ichya and his crew.
Fuck, that old bastard in the council still hasn't croaked it.
>> No. 75660
He then had three months though, didn't he?

But yeah, FT's timeskip is still a great big ball of nothing.
>> No. 75697
So I've been generally ignoring the Fairy Tail anime, but I came across some animated gifs and it looks like the animation for the fight scenes is pretty kickass, which would be enough to get me to watch it. Confirm/deny?
>> No. 75700
File 133954920372.jpg - (126.28KB , 1280x733 , shanoa_from_castlevania_no_2_by_darkness127-d331vj.jpg )
And after finally replaying OoE I understand why I love Erza so much and who she reminds me of.
>> No. 75708
File 133957115150.jpg - (137.56KB , 800x1157 , fairy-tail-162450.jpg )
I don't know, it could go the other way to fuel the others' righteous anger.
>> No. 75774

Hahahahhahaha, oh wow.

That was pretty fast, now wasn't?
>> No. 75775
I was expecting a little more than that. Wonder what'll happen to Flare, seeing as how she isn't evil maybe.

But next up, Wendy Vs Blendy!
>> No. 75776
As satisfying as that was, it also was kinda anticlimactic.

Oh well, looking forward to seeing Wendy use her powers combat-wise.
>> No. 75777
File 133978518859.jpg - (19.82KB , 218x220 , what_did_you_call_me_cq.jpg )

Oh Mashima, you really dropped the ball with this chapter... And you were doing so well, too.
>> No. 75784
I kind of get the feeling that was an attempt to quickly wrap up the subplot. The final confrontation might be sooner than I figured.
>> No. 75790
Awww yeah.
Who called it?
Didn't expect it to be in one chapter though.
>> No. 75902
File 13401177037.png - (111.71KB , 760x262 , Freed's_preference.png )
So apparently the volume 33 extras have revealed that
a. The rest of the Blue Pegasus team joined Jenny in the nude shoot. Pretty nice of them to not make her do it alone.
b. Freed is bisexual or gay, surprising no one.
c. Freed has a poster of Laxus in his room, surprising no one.
>> No. 75945
They seem to be setting up Laxux vs that other lightning guy later up in the tournament but folks, I ask you this.
What possible chance could another lightning user have against Motherfucking Laxus the Dragonslayer? This guy soloed an entire Anti-Ft guild, and somehow managed not to suffer major power seep despite being a previously defeated villain.
>> No. 75971
I'm just hoping it won't be an awful, sticky, so-dumb-it-physically-hurt-my-brain mess like Natsu vs. Zancrow.
>> No. 75979
To be honest, Natsu vs Zancrow was all kinds of retarded.
I'm thankful no more ''god-slayers'' showed up afterwards.
>> No. 76052
Ha ha!
>> No. 76053
Are you fucking with me.
>> No. 76064
File 134039303161.png - (50.55KB , 318x222 , Picture 5.png )
Man, >>75979.
>> No. 76067
Wait a fucking second
doesn't the Sabretooth Lightning guy use black lightning?
oh no
>> No. 76069
File 134039508732.png - (115.44KB , 601x553 , kazu desolation.png )
You're right, aren't you.

Just... goddamnit.
>> No. 76076
I always find it hilarious how you guys flip your shit over the pettiest stuff.
>> No. 76077
welcome to fandoms
>> No. 76082
Well, this seemed less bad. I think the main problem with Zancrow was the translation. It was a rather hilarious timing given the commentary of the thread, though.
>> No. 76090

Yeah, I haven't read the original myself, but I'd bet cash money that it was at least less stupid when not run through the terrible translations machine.
>> No. 76091
Let's assume Zeref was taught his magic by Acnologia,therefore making him the Dragon Slayer of Death. His magic is colored black right?
Now what would the God Slayer of Death's magic color be? DOUBLE BLACK?
>> No. 76093
The Dark Fantastic. Or "Dark Light", if you prefer. You get some fancy photographs when you take them with Dark Light. Though it does make the subject feel like their head has been opened up and icicles pounded into their brains.
>> No. 76094
-Terry Pratchett
>> No. 76308
Pretty sure Sabretooth lightning guy is in fact a God Slayer. He reacted when he saw Sheila's GS magic and used black lightning himself.
The thing that pisses me off is that now we have God Slayers when the purpose of fucking dragon slayers hasn't even yet been explained.
>> No. 76309
God Slayer purpose killing dragon slayers

Dragon Slayer = God
>> No. 76313
>Copy paste dragon slayer magic
>Dye that shit black(LIKE MY SOUL)
>Call yourself a god slayer
>> No. 76314
>Copy paste dragon slayer magic
>Dye that shit black(LIKE MY SOUL)
>Call yourself a dragon slayer
>> No. 76357
Damnit Doranbolt...
>> No. 76373
god slayer magic probably came 1st

it was mostly just a really powerful magic that "is so powerful it can kill a god"

then dragons probably came, stole it, and made it there own
>> No. 76381
You wander why only jellal can feel it but not other fairy tail member ?
the zeref that Jellal where looking obliviously a trap, set by that cat girl.

basically Doranbolt just save jellal ass
>> No. 76383
How would cat girl know Jellal is after Zeref? He last contact with him was at the tower of paradise.
Also, isn't Gellal like, 7 years older than Erza now? I'd call Erza jailbait for the guy, except he's a wanted criminal. Tapping Titania is the least of his worries.
>> No. 76384
>saved Jellal's ass by gathering the rune knights next to him
>People who can actually pose a challenge to one of the 10 wizard saints
>unlike cat girl with her shitty magic of KITTIES
>> No. 76388
File 134106683245.jpg - (76.80KB , 704x400 , uhhhhhh.jpg )
>shitty magic of KITTIES

Oh you mean the rope that completely robs mages of being able to use magic? THAT shitty magic?
>> No. 76390
Yeah that one.
Fucking Jellal went all DBZ back in Tower of Paradise arc.He could probably just overcome that with POWERLEVELS.
Ask yourself, withing the context of a shonen manga, would that work on anyone important?
Would fucking Gildarts be stopped by kitteh sorcery? Would any of the sabretooth goons give a fuck?Would Laxus cower before the kitty rope? The answer is no, that magic was a plot device, watch it never show up again or be ineffective if it does.
>> No. 76394
It's not like this is somehow bad for Milliana's supposed plan either way. She can still jump into the fray and stop Jellal with her all mighty powas if he engages the rune knights.
This could spell serious trouble for FT though, maybe even a disqualification?
>> No. 76403
>Ask yourself, withing the context of a shonen manga, would that work on anyone important?

That pretty much goes for anyone who isn't Natsu, Erza, Gray, or Lucy.
>> No. 76411
>having any plot armor whatsoever
It's more like she has a plot thong and bra.
>> No. 76412
Which we all know is the strongest female armor there is in every fantasy setting.
>> No. 76551
File 134163893194.png - (216.58KB , 907x1300 , aww.png )
>> No. 76557
File 134165143347.jpg - (132.95KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Fairy Tail - 138 [720p]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
>new OP
>hints at the filler actually going to develop this plot point
My body is ready
>> No. 76558
I have no idea who those people are. The poison dragon slayer and his cobra girlfriend/slave?
>> No. 76564

Hnnnrgh damn you Hiro, playing with my shipping feels...
>> No. 76581
Elfman has mastered the obvious.
Those giant breasts and feminine features Ever had never tipped him off until now.
>> No. 76584
But everybody has those in Mashima-land!
>> No. 76588
Just the girls.
Except Wendy.
>> No. 76607
Give her time. Edolas version was the sneak preview.
>> No. 76609
File 13418199274.png - (334.68KB , 849x392 , Picture 1.png )
Who is the assistant behind all these backgrounds? I love them.
>> No. 76611
Probably Mashima himself, the man is a machine.
>> No. 76740

Wow, Sabertooth keeps on cranking up their dickbag level.
>> No. 76743
God dammit Lucy do you even have any power levels.
This shit would never have happened to any of the other main characters.
>> No. 76746
The problem is that none of the others have can their weapons so easily taken.

Get her keys and it's game over.
>> No. 76749

I don't think Natsu's fire magic would work too well in a giant ball of water...
>> No. 76750
The problem is she's a lazy wizard.
There is no limitation on the magic types you can learn(except for super unique magic i suppose), so she could learn to actually CAST spells that compliment her skills.
Learn some support magic, have Gray teach her some Ice Make(fuck, the Juvia imagination panels write themselves for this), learn some of Levy's magic.
Instead, Lucy just relies on summoning magic which she doesn't even train, she just aquires new keys/is able to summon more spirits as her magic power increases.
>> No. 76751
Natsu would probably just punch people without his magic/use shounen retard logic and DRINK THE ENTIRE BALL OF WATER. Lucy just gets horribly humiliated, again. I kinda feel for the poor girl, isn't she supposed to be the main character?
>> No. 76754
You realize, that no one in the series has more than one type of magic, right? Why should Lucy, and Lucy alone, learn two types of magic, which would make her primary magic suffer? Its the question of being a specialist vs. a jack -of-all-trades, and generally, specialist wins outs.
She's a summoner, her training is to be able to sustain as many summons she can for as long as she can, the summoner's primary battle strength, is that they can bring an army to a duel. I have no doubts, that by the end of the series, she'll have all 12 (13?) spirits out at once fighting at the same time. You also forgot, that she's been practicing the ultimate Stellar Spirit mage spell.
When her keys or summons don't get "lol-plot"-ed, her magic is really powerful.
>> No. 76755
Yeah. Using earth logic, there's no reason why she couldn't branch out, but narrative-wise unless there was, like, an ATLA set-up where only the "chosen one" could dual spec it would bring up the question of why everyone else doesn't do that too. One character per kind of magic is Fairy Tail's unwritten MO (disregarding god slayers and Gray+Lyon, I guess)
>> No. 76756
We've seen people with multiple types of magic before. Like how Loke has both his own Celestial Spirit powers and Ring Magic, or how anyone who's granted permission/access can cast the Fairy Tail unique spells. Specialization seems to be more of a strategy like the equivalent of minmaxing, more than something that can only be done by special wizards.
>> No. 76757
What are you talking about?
Makarov, Jose, and JELLAL(For fuck's sakes) use different types of magic. Master Hades and Brain were basically coming up with new spells every panel.
It makes sense to specialize for people who actually CAST spells, Lucy fucking uses artefacts that drain her magic power. That's it.
That nuke she failed to cast against flare is pretty much her only actual spell,which makes her a joke of a wizard.
>> No. 76758

You know, the exact same could be said of Erza. Consider that for a moment.
>> No. 76759
Erza's magic is the summoning of items.
Like Shirou from Fate/Stay Night's projection magic. It's a pretty legit form of magic considering how many she can summon and how fast they appear.
The summon differs since she requires actual SPELL CASTING to summon them, whereas I must mention this once more, Lucy uses ARTEFACTS that simply drain magical power. Now I ain't saying Lucy is a weakling because of it, she's got large reserves of MP and the focus to control multiple summons, but she could invest time in learning some useful skills. Take Erza's requip for instance.
It'd be pretty ballin if she used requip to summon her keys, thus allowing her to easily retrieve the things if someone takes them.
>> No. 76761
Lucy uses artifacts and spell power. Only summoners can summon summons. Also, Fairy Law spells don't count.
>> No. 76771
Guys remember Lucy's specialty is holder type magic and she's very weak at other magic usually. For fucks sake she couldn't even use transformation magic.

>gloating about beaking up lucy with no weapons

Wow what faggots. Thats nothing to gloat about no matter how fucking strong she is she's still one of the weakest fuckers in fairy tail. Thats like beating up a three legged puppy and then laughing about it. Only thing they proved is that Natsu is going to breaking in their and wreck their shit AGAIN.
>> No. 76774
At some point Sabertooth is just going to stop being douches lest Natsu keeps wrecking their hotel rooms and beating their members.
>> No. 76775
Lucy could have technically won this one no sweat.
Use both Aquarius and Gemini transformed as Juvia and knock out EVERYONE with one giant blast. If Juvia is still standing, have Gemini turn into Gray and freeze the ball/hug Juvia.
>> No. 76779
She also could have summoned Scorpio if she wanted Aquarius to stick around.
>> No. 76791
I really don't know how the fuck she still manages to lose fights.
Just summon Gemini and morph them into a)Your opponent b)Natsu or some such shit, and summon Loke on top of that as well.
All the other summons except maybe Capricorn are useless as fuck anyway, for various reasons.
>> No. 76793
File 134237360214.jpg - (100.01KB , 750x1099 , Lucy_CMOA.jpg )
Dang man, what's with all the Lucy hate. Judging a character's worth by how well they can beat up a person is pretty terrible. Lucy's awesome in her own way (her best moment to me didn't even involve beating anyone).

Besides, Lucy's whole magic is about having friends. She was a lonely girl who grew up in a big house surrounded by servants and an emotionally distant father who literally did not give a fuck about her other than as an asset. Sure she's a bit of a coward and unsure of herself, but she's willing to grit her teeth and put herself on the line when others need her.

If we really want to think of it from a strategic point, her magic isn't really even supposed to be a straight combat magic. She's not built to be a DPS/Tank like Natsu or Erza. Her magic is a toolbox. She's got a lot of different spirits that can do a lot of different things, and some of her more useful spirits aren't even Zodiac ones like Southern Cross (information), Horologium (Defensive/protection), or Pyxis (Compass/direction).
>> No. 76796
>Summon Aquarius
Lucy it's been almost 300 chapters and that has NEVER been a good idea what are you doing?
>> No. 76797
It was a good idea that one time, against the Rock and Roll wizard who mind-controlled Juvia.
>> No. 76798
And it technically won the day against Sherry. She IS the most powerful after all, just... Aquarius.
>> No. 76800

It's her Charizard.
>> No. 76803
You'd think Lucy would just order Scorpio to keep fucking Aquarius in her place, but she probably forgets he even exists.
>> No. 76804
That is a terrible idea, with so many ways to backfire.
>> No. 76805
you can summon spirits with out your keys
that's what make you super special and super useful
well that, the ability to summon multiple spirits and the fact that you have most of the most powerful magic that you particular magic can do
>> No. 76809
>You'd think Lucy would just order Scorpio to keep fucking Aquarius
>> No. 76815
How so?
>Scorpio tell Aquarius to actually listen to me when I summon her
>WE ARE!(retarded) Sure thing boss.
>> No. 76818
That's the thing: she is not their boss. She can ask them to do whatever she wants, but unless they want to listen they have little obligation to. Telling Scorpio "keep your bitch in line" isn't going to do anything but piss either Scorpio or Aquarius off worse than before.
>> No. 76819
Either way, Aquarius is kind of responsible for Lucy being beaten halfway to death. I'd be pretty pissed at her if I were Lucy.
>> No. 76841
So we're agreed that Lucy's end of series power up is going to be Aquarius finally not being a massive bitch to her?
>> No. 76844
Actually they have plenty of obligation to listen to her once they sign the contract. Remember Loke's banishment because he didn't listen to his master and got her killed? Aquarius just got Lucy almost killed and severely injured, what the fuck is the Spirit King smoking to let her get away with this shit every time she's summoned.
>> No. 76845
Actually they have plenty of obligation to listen to her once they sign the contract. Remember Loke's banishment because he didn't listen to his master and got her killed? Aquarius just got Lucy almost killed and severely injured, what the fuck is the Spirit King smoking to let her get away with this shit every time she's summoned.
>> No. 76867
To come to Aquarius' defense, no one, Lucy included, expected anything more to happen to her than being kicked out of the sphere. The whole torture thing was 100% Minerva.

If Aquarius had a heads-up that the conclusion would be anything other than Lucy probably losing, she may have been a bit more supportive.
>> No. 76872
Aquarius is still a huge bitch. At this point in this story Lucy is basically Stellar Spirit Gandhi, she treats every spirit kindly and with respect, yet Aquarius, one of her oldest spirits, keeps bailing on her.
Wasn't Loke like, hugely respected among the stellar spirits? Can't he have a chat with Aquarius?
>> No. 76876
They have some obligation to keep their master alive, but (especially with Lucy) what they do once they're out is mostly up to them.
>> No. 76879
Aquarius was literally in that sphere for 30 seconds, she did not know the rules, she did not know why the fuck she was there, all she knew is that Lucy wanted her to attack someone.
Then, when facing someone of equal strength to her(Juvia) she just bailed out. Fuck, she is the most worthless Stellar Spirit out there, you heard me, worse than Tauros.
>> No. 76880
She bailed because she had a date (which she has all the time) and because using her against Juvia was achieving nothing. Both things she's technically right about, but really, here's the question: when has Aquarius being a bitch NOT been true? This is just the only time that her bailing has really had dastardly consequences, but she does it CONSTANTLY even when she's helpful (which is actually fairly often.)
>> No. 76881
I don't think anyone would say Aquarius isn't a bitch (because it's p. much her defining character trait) but I don't think she'd have been enough of a bitch to leave Lucy to Minerva if she knew Minerva was legit psycho.
>> No. 76915
Lol at the newest chapter.
Since when are Gajeel and Gray two of FT's heavy hitters? Gajeel lost against the chicken mini boss last arc and Gray has the most mediocre magic known to man. His only move of significant power kills him.
Shoulda put Mirajane instead of Gajeel, and if it's a team battle replace Gray with Wendy.
>> No. 76917
>at first glance Rogue is the douchiest member of Sabretooth
>it turns out he's the least assholish
>> No. 76918
Putting in Mirajane would be a good choice, but Gajeel is supposed to be at least as high as Natsu and Wendy is TERRIBLE. The choices mostly make sense outside of bringing in their last usable S-Class Mage.
>> No. 76919
I said Wendy in case it's a team fight.
The current battles are 2v2's right? Can you imagine the rape train Laxus or Erza could bring when buffed by Wendy?
Though I suppose the current match up will be something along the lines of:
>Natsu/Gajeel vs Rogue/Sting
>Erza/Gray vs Minerva/Rufus(that his name?Memory Make guy)
>Swagxus solo vs Orga Mcotallynotagodslayer
>> No. 76920
Wendy's a healer. If it's a two person battle, a healer is invaluable.

I'd have said Juvia should have been on the team but her ultimate defense gets circumvented every single time anyway, so...
>> No. 76922
Juvia is on the same tier of mediocre as Gray.
Mirajane is basically shitting magical power, has a NEW ultra awesome special final form, and makes the FT team less of a sausage fest(1 girl,4 guys? come on).
But who really are FT's ''strongest'' doesn't really matter, the teams are basically mirror matches.
Dragon slayers vs Dragonslayers
Ice make vs Memory make
Lightning Dragon Slayer vs Lightning God Slayer
Girl vs Girl
>> No. 77036
File 134326354629.png - (331.65KB , 792x427 , tumblr_m5zdd3517D1qhinz4o1_1280.png )
Oh, so Pantherlily wasn't a coincidence.
>> No. 77078

That reveal...
>> No. 77082
Anyone who says that wasn't the best chapter in ages is wrong.
>> No. 77083
Oh wow, that reveal was the best.
>> No. 77084
How the hell did he get here though?
>> No. 77085
All Exceed were sucked out of Edolas along with the magic.
>> No. 77086
File 134343287161.png - (59.11KB , 401x242 , 7eae801f1db2158460dec6a748851644.png )
Crowd reaction absolutely mirrored my own.

>Color Pages + Extra pages for the next two issues, plus posters and anime notes

Jesus Christ Mashima, are you even human?
>> No. 77087
This plus all the random fun sketches he releases on the twitter account he somehow manages to maintain.

I just assume he actually has five separate hands.
>> No. 77201

I swear to god this better be a battle of the bands by the end of this
>> No. 77202

Oh god dammit.

WHen is natsu gonna use the lighting dragon roar or whatever.
>> No. 77205
I'm getting the feeling that their Bankai corrupts/slowly kills the user.

>> No. 77206
I would say no to actually being killing, since actualfax death of named characters is pretty much a mythical occurrence.
>> No. 77207
So basically, Sabretooth's dragons are jokes?
It's like Vegeta and Goku vs two random Saiyans that know SS5gorrilion but still can't beat them.
>> No. 77208

Well, Dragonslayer magic feeds off emotions, right? Entering into this fight, the two Sabertooth dragonslayers were haughty, looking down on Fairy Tail, thinking they would steamroll them. Natsu and Gajeel, on the other hand, were furious over all the shit Sabertooth has pulled.

But, yeah, it was kinda shitty how Natsu and Gajeel just effortlessly beat them, particularly given the kind of cool abilities the Sabertooth duo has (laserbreath, paralysis, White Drive, Shadow Drive...)
>> No. 77209
Dragonslayer magic doesn't feed off emotions, it feeds off their particular element. Apparently Natsu's gone Dragonforce before, twice even, but never on his own. That'll be interesting.
>> No. 77210
File 134410759021.jpg - (139.92KB , 800x1146 , fairy-tail-160157.jpg )

eh, that's what seems to be implied during his fight with Eligor.
>> No. 77211

A heightened emotional state empowers Dragon Slayer magic and always has, going right back to the Lullaby arc.

Also a bunch of people posting in this thread seem to have somehow missed Dragon Force being a thing until now, which is kind of baffling to me. You know how sometimes Natsu buffs up and gets scales all over his face? (Final battles of Tower of Paradise, Oracion Seis) That's Dragon Force. It's like the ultimate form of dragon slayer magic. But Natsu's only been able to enter it before thanks to getting a shot in the arm in terms of magical power, from consuming Aetherion and Jellal's golden flame. He's never used it on his own.
>> No. 77215
This arc is punching my shounen cliches in the balls.
One guy beating a whole fucking team of adversaries specifically tailored for one on one fights with the main cast?
The main character fights their battles with the strongest of the enemy team BEFORE the more supporting cast fights the supporting badguys?
The super awesome counterpart rivals being forced into MUH FINUL FAHRM in one issue?
What next, Erza DOESN'T fight the only female in Sabertooth?
>> No. 77220
The former fairy tail guy....is uh rather pissed looking.

I can't tell if its because natsu and Gajeel tanked the fight so hard (which only person who is kinda cheating is natsu with his second magic gland, gajeel just trained that whole time).

Or maybe he some how knows that they have to rely on the dragonforce to be strong. Which uh is pretty awesome except if they can't fight baseform natsu or gajeel, they suck pretty fucking hard.

>Sabertooth bitch's face and quake before fairy tail

If they win because of the dragonforce WHO THE FUCK CARES? Their other strongest shit was easily stopped and they got quite the ass beating. If anyone respects them after that I'd be pretty fucking shocked.

Sabertooth as a guild is just a fucking let down and they fucking know it too.
>> No. 77221
Normally I like how Fairy Tail's fights end in a timely manner, but the last couple have seemed kind of rushed even for this series.
>> No. 77223
>haha you can't do shit against our power
>ow jesus fuck stop owning us
>oh yeah? take this! super magic aura powers
>fuck that didn't even phase you?
>Here we go! Super Ultra Dragon Force, you can't beat us now!
>next issue Gajeel and Natsu also use Dragon Force
Also their elements are gay as fuck. Shadow and Light? What the fuck does Sting even do, carry a fucking flashlight so he can eat the light?
I can't see the lightning guy fair much better against Laxus either, and you just know Erza is going to demolish that Minerva chick with extreme impunity.
The only Sabertooth member that stands a chance to win is Faggio, because his magic is clearly fucking superior to Gray's.
>> No. 77233
Maybe......third gen dragons just suck?

Maybe the dragon force is the only thing they have going for them so their base stats suck?
>> No. 77237
Who the hell knows. Fuck, I bet WENDY could have taken one of these guys in their non dragon force form.
Also, Natsu is basically a third gen himself if you stop and consider it since he's the LIGHTNING-FIRE Dragon Slayer now. He's technically ''infused'' with lightning lacryma. And he has the second origin unlocked.
Dude be mad fucking hax.
>> No. 77425

Wow that was over fast, but shit now I can't wait till next week.
>> No. 77484
A wild SPECIAL appears.
>> No. 77485
File 134564463517.png - (326.56KB , 985x1400 , 732972286cf802314152f4ea043ca37a.png )

...Oh my lord
>> No. 77546

BAM, thats how you do it!
>> No. 77550

So now are the dragon slayer twins going to have to get strip in front of their master?
>> No. 77554
Well that was a lot of build-up for a whole lot of nothing.

Maybe the big struggle fight will be with Minerva?
>> No. 77566
The neat thing about these chapters is that Natsu really wasn't just being reckless by busting into their headquarters. He actually could have kicked all of their asses.
>> No. 77675
So when is the real BBEG going to show up?
>> No. 77695
Feh. I would have rather seen them loose.
>> No. 77748
File 134644618891.jpg - (106.54KB , 736x745 , 1334967064345.jpg )
>> No. 77754
File 134645814579.jpg - (29.48KB , 236x271 , Aghast.jpg )
>that ending
>> No. 77758
Kind of hilarious to start up with that title page and then have that ending.
>> No. 77766
File 134651241971.png - (319.81KB , 982x1400 , 7180bcd2a33a515245a08fa5af548b59.png )
Speaking of that.

>> No. 77835
Okay, so I started watching the anime. I'd like to avoid any boring filler arcs if I can. Mind pointing the big ones out for me?
>> No. 77836
I haven't seen the whole anime (only the first season or so), but the filler that has appeared has all been pretty decent so far. I think I've heard that Mashima actually makes nods to anime filler in the manga itself, even.
>> No. 77853
File 134690316315.jpg - (104.60KB , 600x448 , a18hmy4ccaasq_k_jpg-large[1].jpg )
>> No. 77884

Wheeee breather comedy chapter
>> No. 77885
Mashima's apparently in a very romantic comedy sort of mood, and that's lovely.
(fuck off Gerard)
>> No. 77887
I was miffed at the story being put on hold, but that was such a rollercoaster of charming I retract all my previous miffed-ness.
>> No. 77889
>So once again, the place is destroyed! Thanks too.. Fairy Tail!

Nice to get back to basics
>> No. 77901
File 134712691728.png - (13.45KB , 195x115 , DEpP[1].png )
You're just jealous that he's wearing the world's greatest 3D glasses.
>> No. 77906
I lost my shit at Gerard and Maevis being at the pool.
>> No. 78053
File 13475078103.jpg - (15.68KB , 259x141 , Screenshot_1.jpg )
First off... ouch.

Secondly, I finally got all caught up with Fairly Tail in just six days. Here are some various and assorted thoughts:

* I really like most of the hero characters.
* Some of the villain groups have been kind of lackluster, especially in the Tower of Heaven and Nirvana arcs. Others, like the groups in the Phantom arc and the current one, seem much more natural and interesting.
* What was the deal with Elfman and Mirajane? Okay, so they couldn't use their magic to the fullest potential after Lisanna died... why? Was it like a psychological block because they felt so responsible?
* On that note: Lisanna coming back? Weak.

Anyways, those are some of my gripes, but on the whole I'm really liking this series.
>> No. 78054
> Was it like a psychological block because they felt so responsible

>> No. 78080
File 134755107545.jpg - (185.15KB , 800x1139 , lfairy-tail-3585995.jpg )
Gildarts is the best dad.
>> No. 78264

Okay, the old crab getting up in arms over Sting and Rogue losing I saw coming. But him nuking one of the cats for no reason I did not. And I sure as heck didn't expect what happened right after that.
>> No. 78265
Woah, shit really is getting serious.

Do we have any confirmation that we're winding up for the finale? All signs point to it, but I haven't heard anything on the main front.
>> No. 78273

It was really just amazingly poor timing on Lector's part to show the extremely grumpy guild leader "Look, I've got a guild mark too!"
>> No. 78288
It really explains why Sabertooth is a bunch of swaggering bullies if they throw out anyone who ever as much as loses a fight.
>> No. 78289
Yo, I hope that fucks dead.
>> No. 78464
File 134904003559.jpg - (104.88KB , 831x485 , Screenshot_1.jpg )

So the big evil dragon was a dragon slayer who turned into a dragon and killed all the other dragons. That emerald dragon was pretty amusing. Also this shot happened.
>> No. 78544
I've been citing Fairy Tail as a solid background lore case study more and more with a couple people I do worldbuilding with. There's some pretty cool twists, and this one's no exception.
>> No. 78569
File 134939918926.png - (572.51KB , 981x1400 , mashimaaaa.png )
oh now you're just showing off.
>> No. 78574
I really hate this kind of thing. Even without their magic Grey and Gajeel are both more than capable of busting some heads, but they give up immediately. Same kind of thing that annoys me in RPGs.
>> No. 78582
I suspect that's not Mashima but his assistants. A lot of distinguished pro assistants (which is actually a pretty respectable position in the industry) are known for crazy good background work.
>> No. 78583

Dude, they're pretty good in a street brawl, but they're unarmed and the army dudes already have them at spearpoint. Fighting would be the stupidest fucking thing they could do.
>> No. 78590

They can go back in time and bring all the past Gerards into the present!
>> No. 78592
then i will fly to japan and punch mashima in the mouth
>> No. 78604

They won't do that.

But I bet they WILL use the time-travel thing to undo the bad thing that's about to happen.
>> No. 78749
God, Yukino's life is like a never-ending parade of suck.
>> No. 78750
File 13500772801.png - (207.21KB , 979x1400 , 8aa9fb553b418a9b67a8ac5126ccbd54.png )
Daaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyumn Erza
>> No. 78751
I've got 9:1 odds Sabretooth makes whoever kills the old leader the new leader.
>> No. 78752
Rockin the zettai ryouiki
>> No. 78754
Best variation on the zettai ryouiki that I've seen in a while too.
>> No. 78769
Inb4 Sting is matched against Juvia or something. His cat would be SO proud that he managed to defeat her.
>> No. 78772
The final day's battle is a team battle.

Wouldn't it be hilariously sad if Fairy Tail got matched with Quatro Puppy or something? That's pretty much a cake-walk battle for whoever gets it, seeing as they only have one member worth anything.
>> No. 78911
File 135068562481.png - (148.41KB , 984x1400 , 5777e9fe53ab9e2259e800adf41500b5.png )


>> No. 78912
why would you do that?
>> No. 78919
Nobody to agree with...
>> No. 78935

As someone who doesn't read FT, should I take it that they're gonna fight that thing with the ice cream?
>> No. 78936
Somebody just killed its best friend.
>> No. 79160
He'd better get to keep that hat.

Also haha that one lady covering her kid's eyes.

>> No. 79161
>> No. 79165
File 13517864848.png - (463.48KB , 844x662 , hell_yeah_motherfucker_FT.png )
>> No. 79171
>Gray revealed as a member of the finalized Fairy Tail team
>"wtf gray is like the worst ever he loses half of his fights"
>Gray announces that he's never lost to the same person twice since he joined Fairy Tail and proceeds to destroy Rufus
>everybody shuts up
>> No. 79173
Come on dude, Memory Make is so ridiculously superior there's no way Gray should have been able to win. Thing is, if the author wanted to write it that way, fucking Happy could solo Acnologia since he technically ''never lost a fight since joining Fairy Tail" or some such horse shit.
You can't blame the audience for responding to the way the character has been portrayed so far and forming expectations based on that.
>> No. 79180

The problem is expectations. Rufus wasn't taking Gray seriously during their second encounter, allowing Gray an advantage. While Rufus' memory magic is pretty dang powerful, the ego of its user turned out to be his downfall. Also, I think what was shown in the chapter was that Memory Magic's real power lies in its users' ability to observe the magic being used, so if pressured by a relentless offense it can't "keep up." It's the standard Beatdown/Control kind of strategy.
>> No. 79181
>never lost to the same person twice
...outside of other Fairy Tail members.
>> No. 79373
File 135249554965.png - (410.22KB , 2002x1400 , b8390049671b016537cc09e96576516f.png )

>> No. 79374
High fiving axes.
Well, I just went from not caring at all to loving this group immediately then.
>> No. 79376
So we have (L to R)...

Mushroom-Hat Cleavage Flowerchild, Jumbo Acid-Slinging Booze-Guzzler, Ominous Leader with Prayerful Axes, Popeye's baby-faced magic fisherman cousin, and Paper Girl.

Now, I've never read the series, but from the general impression I get of its characters, this seems like a very One Piece-esque team.
>> No. 79381
Mashima's girls seem to get meatier and meatier. I love it!
>> No. 79705

Probably not.
Proooobablyyy not.
>> No. 79731
Yeah I dunno, it's just sorta how she works, but hey, at least she fights with everyone.
>> No. 79745
File 135357033947.jpg?spoiler - (209.69KB , 800x1155 , rfairy-tail-3715235.jpg?spoiler )

>> No. 79755

The floor is now lava.
>> No. 79757
Dammit, you beat me to it.
>> No. 79758
>All 12 Zodiacs

This is either going to be really great or really disappointing. Come on, Lucy, prove me wrong.
>> No. 79760
File 135361467831.jpg - (45.35KB , 155x239 , FlashLolWut.jpg )
>MFW I just realized the reason Earthland!Natsu didn't suffer from motion sickness isn't because it's a quirk to separate him and Edolas!Natsu, but because Earthland!Natsu isn't a Dragon Slayer.
>> No. 79762
You just know that when Mashima finally explains the dragon slayer's past, that motion sickness thing is going to have a horrifying explanation. It'll be like how that skeleton at Reisha's grave in Rave Master was originally just some goofy random thing they met along the way...
>> No. 79786
Technically Lucy would be one hell of a mage as long as she keeps beefing up her mana pool.
Summon Gemini Virgo Leo and Taurus and have them keep the enemy busy while she charges up her mega nuke spell(which btw, is technically the only spell she knows).
>> No. 79794
It's forgotten a lot, but really Lucy's got INSANE MANA. She just always ends up having to use crazy amounts of it for that stupid mega nuke, which never works anyway. If she just stays out of that spell, then she's practically a rape train depending on the spirit schedules.
>> No. 79804
Wait, I was under the impresion the big nuke spell was only used once so far. How does it ''always fail'?
>> No. 79806
Twice. Once it just didn't finish the girl in Oracon Seis, and then here it got intercepted before it could finish.
>> No. 80117
File 135498296544.jpg - (172.68KB , 800x1192 , ufairy-tail-3739817.jpg )
Thank you for flashing the entire audience, Minerva.
>> No. 80120
Well that went quickly.
>> No. 80398
File 135609425345.jpg?spoiler - (141.34KB , 800x1148 , pfairy-tail-3765773.jpg?spoiler )
Well that answers that question.
>> No. 80402

[Forum Weapon] That just raise…youtube thumb
>> No. 80547

Thunder God Slayer confirmed.
>> No. 80692
File 135791682631.jpg - (225.44KB , 800x1148 , qfairy-tail-3835355.jpg )
Nude Erza
>> No. 80696
This is nothing new or unusual.
>> No. 80698
Gerard's bullshit hurts too much. This is supposed to be so emotional, and I just can't give a damn. If this is what Erza is now, maybe it is time to go.
>> No. 80702

Erza has always been plagued with survivor's guilt. This isn't really a new development for the character, she's always been the first one to accept blame for the faults of others or actions beyond her control. In her mind, she feels like she really is responsible for the misdeeds of Gerard, the death of Simon, etc. It's a character flaw to be sure, but let's not overstate things here by writing her off completely. Her sense of responsibility and duty is an integral part of who she is.
>> No. 80704
I know I'm supposed to think that, but fuck. The whole chapter's about how she's protecting him, the story keeps going to how they're in love, about how they accidentally grope each other and now he's such a hero. I can't take this much of a favorite character wrapping around and revolving entirely around one so shitty.
>> No. 80706
File 135793527898.jpg - (69.64KB , 652x242 , Suits_you.jpg )

Understandable. Personally, I try to dwell more on the Lucy/Erza shipping moments instead.
>> No. 80707
File 135793765473.gif - (2.39MB , 480x270 , 1357936956662.gif )
>> No. 80709
....Erza and Kagura's lovechild?
>> No. 80749
Late but, was the black lightning not a dead givaway?
>> No. 80926
Once again, an issue that could have been resolved much earlier reveals itself now for the sake of dramatic tension.
>> No. 80927
Once again, an issue that could have been resolved much earlier reveals itself now for the sake of dramatic tension.
>> No. 80931
>> No. 80932
File 135853859119.jpg - (154.61KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mgu4t9vGp81qind78o1_r1_500.jpg )
I enjoy total scumbag sadistic villians like Minerva too much.
>> No. 80936
Erza was her savior all along.
Not bad, just maybe a little hackneyed.
>> No. 81040
File 135913690969.png - (178.58KB , 980x1400 , 34ed29de35069d0ba226828d0f0b2891.png )
Oh Juvia you adorable little psychopath/idiot
>> No. 81335
Oh look. Another person who maybe a bad guy disguised as a good guy but is actually a bad good guy.
>> No. 81590
So how about that climax? Rather anti-climactic, eh?

I'm liking the twists and intrigue of the time-travel plot.
>> No. 81617
Did anyone here play Fire Emblem Awakening? It was released in Japan a year ago, I think.

Edit: Name of game spoiled in case anyone cares about the game's plot.
>> No. 82274
Here there be dragons.
>> No. 82275
Yeah this is just straight up ripped from FEA. It was cool seeing the Celestial Mages at least?
>> No. 82583
File 136768851213.png?spoiler - (353.53KB , 982x1400 , 4b5fbdb17b37c4d9855fe0048fbd42f5.png?spoiler )
Well I didn't see THIS coming.
>> No. 82587
File 136769378843.png - (211.51KB , 387x340 , ummm.png )
Oh hey, it's... that guy. Yeah. Him. How... unexpected.
>> No. 82592

Apparently he was quite popular in the anime, enough to warrant some filler episodes.
>> No. 82737
File 136823763936.jpg?nsfw - (422.54KB , 1740x1247 , r019.jpg?nsfw )
How lewd.
>> No. 82740
I love the one dude covering his nipples.
>> No. 82741
Turnabout is fair play, I s'pose.
>> No. 83109
File 137000982463.png - (247.79KB , 618x657 , 316fd2157ebef3083fcc93865db09ecf.png )
>> No. 83138
File 137009750720.jpg - (144.20KB , 800x1215 , ufairy-tail-4200003.jpg )
Okay, no. You cannot have a branching timeline and stable time loops in the same story. That just makes zero sense.
>> No. 83139
Seriously, I get what was going for but it's like trying to mash two time travel plans together.

If you return to the past via a branched timeline all you do is make a new timeline, you don't return to the actual past.
>> No. 83141
The thing you have to understand is that time is sort of like a great big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey....stuff.
>> No. 83143
Actually it makes sense if the original future is wiped out by the new one, and Lucy who went back in time is essentially orphaned from it. Rogue then comes back from the future that was created by Lucy's interference.

It's just depicted as branching because that's the simplest way to represent it visually.
>> No. 83270
File 137060974346.jpg?spoiler - (206.72KB , 869x1239 , b023.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 83271


>> No. 83299
And then it never stopped raining, for hundreds of years till the ruins of the old world drowned... Then one day a little boy in a green tunic...
>> No. 83309
File 137073172238.png - (356.67KB , 576x432 , wha.png )
... what?
>> No. 83310
He's referencing Zelda.
>> No. 83313
Yeah, I got that, I just fail to see how that relates to what happened in any way.
>> No. 83314
What happens when Juvia is sad
>> No. 83316
>> No. 83353
What was he going to tell her?

The initial Juvia curveball was one of my favorite little moments in early Fairy Tail, but since then it's just been a free dumb gag every now and then.
>> No. 83421
Oh hey, Dragons are weak to Fairy Types.
>> No. 83648
Other mangaka take breaks, Mashima makes three chapters in a week.
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