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File 132015036430.png - (358.36KB , 830x467 , gokudddddduels.png )
68068 No. 68068
So uh, anyone want to talk about how ridiculous this shit is?

It's the latest Yu-Gi-Oh series. Just when you thought hair couldn't get any more out of control. ZeXal becomes a show.
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>> No. 68069
I'm sorry, you appear to have posted a screenshot from some DBZ knockoff.
>> No. 68072
And thought it was a really REALLY cheap Saint Seiya knock-off.
I think Masami Kurumada will be calling his lawyers soon.
>> No. 68073
I can't wait to see what Little Kurriboh thinks of this
>> No. 68074
What are the chances that all this time, Yu Gi Oh has been every bit as much a parody as the Abridged Series makes it out to be, just not as explicitly?

Because there's no other way I can explain this. No one came up with "Super Saiyans playing card games in space" and said it with a straight face.
>> No. 68075
It's the logical direction. After cyberpunk bikers playing card games while riding motorcycles, there's nowhere left to go but parody.
>> No. 68076
ZeXal is pretty good. Nothing really parody about it, it just is a bit more lighthearted than previous series (at least so far). Even Space King Yuma fits in with what they've done before (Judai being the Evil King, for example)

Besides, Japan has no problem taking these things seriously. For example, Beyblade has always been more serious/dark/brutal than Yu-Gi-Oh has ever been.

Hikaru's Final Battleyoutube thumb
>> No. 68077
I can't even.
>> No. 68081
>>Judai being the Evil King
Was a whole lot of stupid. That series got so terrible even for Yugioh.
>> No. 68090
Give me a link, I need to see this retarded mess.
>> No. 68092
Oh hey, look, a thread about S-Cry-Ed...
>> No. 68094
The tenth episode of Zexal is all about how Yuuma is not just a lying, cheating, self-serving brat who'll break his word the moment it becomes convenient to him; he is a lying, cheating, self-serving brat who breaks his word to summon an unkillable monster not of this Earth...AND STILL LOSES!

Yuuma was irredeemable after that.
>> No. 68399
Why do they let kids play with these WMD's? It wouldn't be all that hard for authority to take them away.
Outside of the games they seem pretty mortal....
>> No. 68407
Yu-Gi-Oh fans are actually dumb enough to think the card game made the series better.

They deserve this.
>> No. 68419
This. The series was so much better before the card game hijacked it.
>> No. 68421
File 132104960540.png - (11.67KB , 346x347 , REACTION!.png )
>look at thumbnail
>"oh clearly he's wearing a ridiculous helmet or som--"
>> No. 68422
I just noticed that the weird gauntlet on SPACE YUGI is his SPACE DUEL DISK. That thing looks pretty 'tarded.
>> No. 68424
I swear, they have to designs these characters more and more pointlessly complicated just to piss off their animators or something.
>> No. 68427
>> No. 71702
It's OBVIOUSLY a remake of the Legendary Super Saiyan movie, and that's obviously Goku.
Duh, guys. Seriously.
>> No. 71826
Yugioh ZEXAL - Saint Seiya OPyoutube thumb

I thought that too
>> No. 71836
Cripes I've not paid attention to the whole thing since Duel Academy which I was okay with up until the whole, dark realm space dolphin stuff.
>> No. 71851

You have not missed much; well, the early 5Ds was okay and sometimes even pretty good, but once DOMA 2.0 got started up, things just kept getting worse. ZeXal has just continued that trend.
>> No. 71947
Called it!
>> No. 72553
File 133105541293.png - (692.95KB , 720x800 , ohyes.png )
So I'm really watching 5D's for the first time. Almost done with season one.
>> No. 72554
File 133105547473.png - (0.97MB , 720x800 , tentacles.png )
I just finished the duel between Yusei and Akiza.
>> No. 72555
File 133105552757.png - (1.18MB , 720x800 , whatever.png )
It's like they were asking themselves "Just how much kink can we put into one character?"
And then saw their own question as a challenge.
>> No. 72559
Wait till you see her racer uniform
>> No. 72628
File 133117127171.png - (884.45KB , 720x800 , 26.png )
Highlights from the season one finale
>> No. 73399
Eh, it isn't so bad. Better than GX, a little more lighthearted than 5D's. The protagonist is pretty good too, gibberish notwithstanding.
>> No. 73419
I'm just surprised that Yuma loses more than once.
>> No. 73434

We're talking about a kid who once summoned a monster weaker than his opponent's with no plan in mind to make up the difference. The surprise is that Yuma doesn't lose more often.
>> No. 81051
yusei fudo is so hot + he even get hotter when he kiss akiza..............
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