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File 131880158155.png - (490.50KB , 640x480 , Culumon someday.png )
67366 No. 67366
Hopefully, someday we will have a thread about the 3rd season...

 Maybe today? 
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>> No. 67386
Tamers was best season.
>> No. 67387
Lately I've been watching a lot of Xross Wars actually
It's a pretty fun ride.
>> No. 67393
Yeah, I can't disagree with this.

While the first series had a great tone, I found the darker and more reality grounded tone to tell a better long reaching story.

And I fucking hate Season 2.
>> No. 67399
I dont know... Digikaizer was all kinds of bad ass and a great idea, to bad they fucked it up...
And for the record, I like that shitty ending!
Why? Well it was the first real ending to a saturday moring show I remmber seeing.
It was not like Sonic SatAM that was like "and they lived happy ever after, OR DID THEY! DUN DUN DUN!" Can't wait for the next season? NOPE! Can'd!
At lest with D2 it was over, Finnished!
And I'm okay with that and happy for them. Okay! Okay.
>> No. 67400
It wasn't just the ending that made me hate Season 2, it was also about half the cast.
Aside from that, a lot of the designs didn't do anything for me either, and the goofy back and forth between the digital world and the real world lost a lot of the appeal of the first season and being lost in the wild.
>> No. 67403
File 13188792032.jpg - (934.42KB , 1680x1050 , 258fed6d6fe727dcef72402188a631f9162e0f04.jpg )
Season 2 might've been done properly had Ken not been the only kid with a dark spore and under the whole DigiKaizer thing. This is what I'd do.

TK and Kari? Have them be side-characters again. Maybe give their digimon the power to digivolve beyond ultimate later. But for now keep it grounded.

Have Davis be less Tai 2.0 without the things that made Tai interesting and make him more a traditional leader. Have him be hard-focused and a bit devil-may care. But still relatively intelligent and trusting.

Secondly: Don't just have the Dark Spore be a random "THIS IS HOW I TURNED EVIL" plot point for Ken. Make it much bigger and have a darker presence. Say dark-spores can manifest through computers and enter into certain people's minds, thus bringing out their worst attributes through their influence. Have them corrupt several characters throughout the series, then have each overcome their faults, realize where their emotional torments lie and give them a digimon and a digivice in the process.

Hell, have the Crests be a sort of reincarnation deal. Maybe when one team of digidestined have completed some sort of goal or something the crest powers leave them, go into the digital world and just WAIT for another group of kids to take up the crests power which is triggered by a similar event.

Having kids disappear from the real world, enter the digital world possessed by dark spores means that not only do we get to look at each new digidestined individually, their faults and their problems, but we can also give the series some tension by having there be a long-term overarching bad guy who's putting the dark spores in kids, rather than just having a bunch of bad guys appear out of fuck nowhere.

Huh I should write this all down. It'd make a good game or something.
>> No. 67414
I hate season 2 if for the sheer amount of potential that was wasted over the course of the season.
>> No. 67415
As much as I like digimon on a whole for basing their show around the idea that these digital monsters are somehow keep getting into our world, I'm sad that they never made the company that owns the franchise be the bad guy. I mean how amazing would it be if the corporation that owned the product made themselves out to be the villain of their own merchandise by making all the toys and video games be depicted as tools they use to abuse and capture digimon for your amusement? Like if gamefreak made themselves out to be Team Rocket but competent.
>> No. 67418
"We've enslaved these lovable creatures for entertainment and merchandising means! BUY OUR TOYS!!"
You see the issue with sending that message when your primary audience is still at the age where they don't fully separate fiction and reality, right?
Also, kind of a dumb, overly meta twist, not gonna lie.
>> No. 67419
Maybe you could get away with that kind of thing in an adult comedy, but not really a children's action series.
>> No. 67446
Season 2 was my favorite season.
>> No. 67449
File 131903013597.jpg - (37.32KB , 475x476 , delilah.jpg )
>> No. 67450
It's really not that uncommon.
>> No. 67554
It isn't, you are correct.

>> No. 68857
>> No. 68859
i wish i could find somewhere to watch season three that isn't shit quality
>> No. 68911
Tamers is The Best. The first 2 are good due too NOSTALGIA GOGGLES and shipping......
>> No. 68925
Yeah too bad the torrent I tried did not work out...
Also http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/no-right-answer/4995-Best-Anime-Series-Ever
And am I the only one how liked Digimon World 2003?
>> No. 68927
File 132233638623.png - (400.20KB , 623x563 , contempt Francis.png )
>not knowing about bakabt.com
>> No. 68928
Oh, and an other thing that makes me like zero two.
The (supirior) swedish dub. That was all. (Same with the first one but hey its what I grow up with.)
>> No. 68929
File 132234507672.jpg - (71.73KB , 640x427 , 1322238126739.jpg )
notice i said "isn't shit quality", fucktard
>> No. 68987
And to all my fellow sweds that have not seen it yet.
Digimon The Movie (Svenska)youtube thumb
>> No. 69029
BOLERO-RAVELyoutube thumb
>> No. 69041
So tripy pics + Conan soundtrack = Digimon?
Also new part http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/ir/jo/jar/33426-digimon-tamers-part-one-cont
But I wanna watch Tamers before that.
Im getting to the point where the swedish Digimon comic ended (read: got can'd).
And yes, it was shitty but it was the only way for me to get Tamers, sad I know...
>> No. 69042
Ravel was played constantly in Adventure.
>> No. 69103
Like in the backround or something?
So that Ryo is from a series of Digimon Wonderswan games?
Hey I think I saw a lets play of that!
Let's Play Digimon Anode Tamer 1youtube thumb
To bad its not that good...
So have one that is!
>> No. 69611
You know I was just wondering, how come we haven't seen JesuOtaku update her Digimon Tamers Retrospective. So I go to check her twitter, and what do I find?

>> No. 69638
>Part One (4)
Apparently, someone can't count.
>> No. 69639
Nooo. It's the fourth part of the first section of a three part retrospective.
>> No. 69641
Why not just call it "Digimon Tamers: A Retrospective: Chapter One: Part Four"
>> No. 69644
...she does. Just not in the title.
>> No. 72459
All the annotations for Tamers are in that link, and plenty of the pages are in english or bilingual.
Thanks JesOtaku.
>> No. 76806
File 13424862144.png - (736.04KB , 852x480 , vlcsnap-2012-06-23-18h30m41s101.png )
>> No. 76813
Dammit, I can never find my "Matt is a jerk" screencap when I need to.

It played in some way in at least all the first three series.
>> No. 77157
So, uh...

13 years old
>> No. 77226
13 years.
>> No. 78294
for psp
>> No. 78298

Never coming stateside.
>> No. 78299
>not Tamers
>> No. 78300
I hope if we're going to have a 02 game, they don't include that bullshit of an epilogue.
>> No. 78352
Saban has Digimon again:

>> No. 78355

DEAR SABAN: Get this game licensed.


Seriously I know I'd buy it. Come on! You're a great company! I know you'd do iiiit...
>> No. 78372
File 134868420216.png - (0.99MB , 1068x799 , Picture 94.png )
Good... now, release Tamers subbed!
>> No. 78383
Tamers has been on Hulu, subbed, for quite some time now. I watched the whole thing. They also have 02, but I haven't bothered to watch it.
>> No. 78398
File 134876138999.png - (529.21KB , 464x617 , digimonc[1].png )
>> No. 78400
>everyfuckingthing on Hulu these days

What's it like living in that one country that gets shit for free?
>> No. 78401
I have to be honest. I never liked this series much as a kid at all.
It was hard to find on TV for whatever reason, I think it might've been when Fox Kids was going under and it was at UPN or some shit like that.

But yeah, what turned me off from this was the fact that it told me that the first two seasons were a TV Show/Franchise with in a franchise. It made my ten year old brain angry, how things were invalidated and whatnot. I'm sure there's a good explanation for it now since there's a lot of high praise and all that but I've never looked into it again.
>> No. 78402
Not DVD quality. And bad subtitles.
>> No. 78403
Back when I watched it, I found it sort interesting, but yeah... I think I might have been really pissed off about it as well.
>> No. 78405

>But yeah, what turned me off from this was the fact that it told me that the first two seasons were a TV Show/Franchise with in a franchise.

Well... actually if you understand who Ryo is, and where he came from, as well as the canonical explanation for why he's there then the first two seasons are actually more like a parallel dimension.

Sort of like how DC can have Marvel comics and Marvel can have DC comics. Neither setting is really "fictional", it's just one has it be a cardgame/tvshow/etc.

Also if you're gonna be pissy about that blame Toei. They basically told Konaka that they wanted the cardgame in there a lot more prevalent. I honestly can't think of a better reason for inserting the cardgame into the series than what he gave us.
>> No. 78406
Pretty bitchin'.

Are you talking about translation or missing subtitles? Because I do recall a number of episodes with poor timing or entire paragraphs of speech missing subtitles. I didn't find it enough to be truly lost, but it was quite aggravating.
>> No. 79694
File 135338764154.gif - (889.99KB , 250x208 , 135323528586.gif )
PSP「デジモンアドベンチャー」PVyoutube thumb
Still on PSP though.
>> No. 79695
Personally, I'm glad. Also, I'm also glad someone is translating Re Digitize. I love digimon games.

Also, while tamers is probably the best part of the series. 2 was hilariously bad so I can't hate it.
>> No. 79991
File 135464507524.gif - (0.99MB , 500x353 , crawling.gif )
If anything, you should blame Saban, they were the ones that added those references that turned Adventure into a tv show kids watched, in the original digimon was simply a franchise, of which we can't even be sure there even was an anime.

On that note, I think it's notable how Takato pretty much lived the dream for us, regardless of how unexpectedly painful it turned out to be.
>> No. 79997

I dunno even know when in the show they explicitly state that Digimon Adventure was just a TV show for them.

I think they just mentioned there being a TV show and fans took that to meaning that they were referring to Digimon Adventure.
>> No. 80001
File 135465666457.jpg - (41.93KB , 640x480 , tamers is so dark.jpg )
I do know that the dub added those references like Takato saying digi armor energize in his sleep or kazu calling someone yolei, and there was a title named "not as seen on tv".
>> No. 80003
File 135467088435.jpg - (27.74KB , 374x500 , precious baby.jpg )
He even showed us what most of us didn't knew that we would want.
>> No. 80159
File 135514118128.jpg - (1.06MB , 1920x1080 , Secret Base HD.jpg )
Really liked the setting designs.
>> No. 80160
File 135514590642.jpg - (21.88KB , 640x480 , Sketch_of_Guilmon.jpg )
A digimon too big to easily conceal?
>> No. 84279
>> No. 84282
Neat indeed!
>> No. 84662
Digimon: Adventure/Digital Monster is out on Netflix (in the us).
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