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File 139207468623.png - (14.63KB , 399x304 , PSlines.png )
43777 No. 43777
So, I like using PhotoShop, but I am not happy with the ink lines that I get from it. If I use the paths tool and stroke it, the resulting line is always slightly soft and blurry around the edges. If I make a little area using paths and then fill, I get nice sharp edges to the line. However, this method is not very fast and isn't the best when I am trying to ink with consistent line widths.

In short, how do I make the "stroke path" method have the same sharpness of line as the "make path + fill" lines?
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>> No. 43778
Oh, I meant "make selection + fill"
>> No. 43791
Try turning on texture, setting the scale to stupidly high like all the way up to 1000% checking "texture each tip" and setting the depth to 100%.

Oh and spacing at 1% in shape dynamics obviously.

See if that does what you want.
>> No. 43792
File 139330571664.png - (74.23KB , 1135x691 , 0036-photobutt.png )
I probably should have demonstrated and taken a screenshot.

I took a screenshot of a demonstration.
>> No. 43794
Thanks! I messed around with those settings some and I think I have something close to what I want.
>> No. 43808
Well is not like you Buy if you buy it or anything, lol jk
>> No. 43836
Related question, can I turn off anti-aliasing for everything ever in PS? (I think I'm using the right term, anti-aliasing). If I set a brush to 1px and draw a black line, it will make a line of grey pixels to represent the line I drew, but I WANT it to look pixely and solid.

I guess >>43792 will be the closest I will get to it in PS though.
>> No. 43910
when you stroke the path, it's using whatever settings you have for the tool you choose to stroke with. so if your brush is soft edged instead of hard, it will stroke with that softedge brush.
If you don't want antialiasing, use the pencil tool, not the brush tool.

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