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File 137566861763.png - (254.06KB , 728x553 , 1.png )
43352 No. 43352
Last thread was fun, so maybe let's do another.

>working on a pic
>PC crashes
>not sure when you last saved
>afraid to open image to find out
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>> No. 43353
File 137566940222.png - (72.23KB , 500x496 , I know that feel bro.png )
>have more than enough ideas
>have enough talent
>want to draw all the things
>demon inside my head laughs and stops me
>try to fight the demon
>demon wins
>nothing gets done
>repeat day after day
>> No. 43354
I'll throw in another just to keep things going:

>notice a somewhat interesting non-fanart OC that would be fun to draw, out of courtesy I ask artist if it would be OK for me to try the character, assuring that it won't be anything obscene
>receive what seems to be a faintly accusatory negative response
>feel like I did something wrong by just asking (keep in mind that the artist draws a good deal of fanart as well)

In summation: Trying to have fun with another artist completely blows up due to some sort of totally unforeseen issue.
>> No. 43355
You usually draw obscene stuff? They could already have something against you because of that.

Also if that's the case, you could attract the attention of your fanbase to it, which likely would suck, too.

(Of course I'm just assuming stuff since you're anonymous, but from fandom experience, it makes a lot of sense.)
>> No. 43356
File 137576182678.png - (947.59KB , 1024x765 , 1337528464516.png )
>Posting something it took over a month to draw.
>> No. 43358
I do from time to time, but the majority of the stuff I post rarely goes beyond the occasional mild nudity these days unless somebody asks for something else. And the other artist is no stranger to sexualized nudes lol. I think some artists develop a protectiveness when it comes to their OCs and forget that they themselves are often no stranger to freely swiping characters developed by others. In any event, maybe I just misread the reply, but it can be depressing to receive such a response when I was just hoping to try something different and show that somebody appreciated the character design enough to try drawing it. OH WELL

Oh yes, the joys of putting a lot of effort into something only to get perhaps a stray "cool pic bro" comment from some random dude on the internet who'd just as likely leave the same comment on an MSPaint smiley face.
>> No. 43359
>someone stole my drawing
>someone else recognised it and messaged me about it
>best shit that's happened all week

>posting something that took a week to draw
>no reactions no matter where I post it
>> No. 43360
Shitty week huh... I can relate.

I know I've been having less patience to do anything on DA at least, including commenting. They're making the damn site heavy as fuck with a ton of ads and features I didn't ask for.

Add to this some personal reasons to not comment much on stuff unless I know the author well, and that some authors just don't seem to have the patience to say "Thanks!" anymore, and in the end a lot of communication doesn't happen.
>> No. 43369
DA is a weird place. There is a careful balance between being nice and coming across like, well, a needy sap. I sometimes feel that if you are too nice you make yourself prone to being taken advantage of or having people think your work isn't worth much.
>> No. 43371
I tend to leave a little more than that on someone's pic, but I rarely (if ever) critique it. Even people who say they want critique get mad if you offer. Heck, even artists who complain nobody pays attention to them get upset if they get too much attention. It's frustrating. I never know what to give them.
>> No. 43372
Not really "feels", but something I've noticed.

I noticed in terms of female designs, usually a girl is drawn with short hair (sometimes in a bob, or a boyish "pixie cut"), with it getting longer as she gets older. But I noticed a lot of the exact opposite happening irl-- women with long hair cutting it short when they either go into the workplace or if they have kids.

...I've been looking at a lot of female hairstyle and clothing references on Pinterest and Tumblr in preparation for possibly drawing a comic, or writing a story. I've been reblogging and repinning shit I wouldn't even wear, just for ideas. I dunno if that's weird or not.
>> No. 43373
If you are referring to DA or similar galleries, I think they should implement a formal, private critique system. I think some artists think that one not-so-glowing critique ruins the pic for everybody else, and if you say something negative on a popular artists submission, there is always the threat of fan backlash.
>> No. 43374
In general. I've gotten scowled at over Skype because they messaged me a WIP and I slipped one minor critique into a wave of genuine compliments.
>> No. 43375
File 137593483889.jpg - (54.50KB , 500x374 , 135958663326.jpg )
>Want to work on webcomics
>Want to work on 3 webcomics
>Then get more ideas
>Want to work on 10 webcomics
>> No. 43376
I'm thinking one-shots.
Time to go full Bakuman, Free G.
>> No. 43377
I kinda have the same problem. I have all these ideas for stories, but nothing more than a basic plot, and my insecurity and dread sorta prevent me from working on anything.
>> No. 43382
Stop thinking the things you make have to be perfect. If you keep coming up with ideas, chances are you're in no danger of running out of them once you've made these, and each failure you make will make your next project better. Make things, and stop giving a shit how they'll be received.
>> No. 43385
Thanks. I'm just worried...I either get indifference, or I get stupid comments that don't count as criticism.

Stuff like this:
>>She doesn't look good because she's not naked and doesn't have balloon tits.
>>These two guys are drawn as a gay couple and it's marked explicit. Are you homophobic?
>>blah blah you can't draw a character who's Jewish because they don't have Jew gold
>>why would you draw people who aren't white/white people who aren't super pale they look stupid

All comments I've gotten. It sucks.
>> No. 43388
It sounds like you are choosing to post your stuff on the odd mix of what I assume /b/ is still like and tumblr's social justice areas...
>> No. 43389
Those were all from either dA or this board.

I've never had any problems with Tumblr, aside from one person who had a beef with me personally and took it out on my art. But no SJ crusaders.
>> No. 43390
File 137628770889.png - (8.12KB , 426x385 , mfw.png )
>>She doesn't look good because she's not naked and doesn't have balloon tits.

>character in show has flat chest
>most people draw her with massive, oversized water balloons
I respect the fact some people prefer larger breasts but don't go and destroy the one character that doesn't have them.
>> No. 43391
I've had people flat-out try to convince me that anyone with a cup size under C is a hermaphrodite. Not kidding. They're morons.

I'm all for critique, but forgive me if I get annoyed, because this isn't critique. This is in the same vein as "redraw this with a different pairing/redraw this exact thing with ten more characters, but I won't pay you, because your art should be exactly as I want it, you're just my slave". And it makes my skin crawl. It's why I'll never draw porn for pay. Porn artists are treated like shit. Like they're not allowed to draw anything except porn, very specific porn, and even people who don't commission them demand to get exactly what that individual wants.
>> No. 43392
This is a really bad way to live your life, but I think with sites like DA, H-F, FA, whatever, it sometimes isn't a bad idea as an artist to be a bit of a dick. Chastise people when they demand things, block people, make your policies harsh and clear, and don't falter.

I used to do free requests and "collabs" and my god do you find out quickly how the nicer and more giving you are the more you are devalued and taken advantage of.
>> No. 43393
I just want to make sure I have the skills to ask for commishes before I start acting like a dick. Cause I've never done this before, and I want to make sure I'm not too cocky, or something.

I thought nobody was willing to pay because I was too cocky, not because I was too nice.
>> No. 43395
It depends I guess. Some people appreciate niceness and don't try to take advantage of it or think less of you for it. If you are too nice I think that some people get it in their head that they can eventually weasel you in to doing art for free or something or try to get discounts or whatever. Don't be so caustic that you repel people and fly off the handle at every little thing, though... In short, I think the best way I could sum up my view is don't act needy.

I tend to be too friendly so my view of being a dick is probably what most people would consider to be simply distant. In trying to be friendly I wound up doing free art for people who paid others for lesser quality pics and having colorist get much more attention from coloring some of my pics than I will ever get from drawing them.
>> No. 43396
>If you are too nice I think that some people get it in their head that they can eventually weasel you in to doing art for free or something

>In trying to be friendly I wound up doing free art for people who paid others for lesser quality pics and having colorist get much more attention from coloring some of my pics than I will ever get from drawing them.

>> No. 43397
In regards to that, everyone should bookmark this:

When someone asks you to do free work, you can tell them exactly how much money they're doing you out of when they ask that. The ones who are doing it unknowingly might think twice when they realize how much they're asking.
>> No. 43398
For me, it depends.

"I don't have money" is something I understand, although when artists I liked started doing commissions, and I didn't have money for it, I didn't request anything.

"But you're my friend" is something I have conflicting feelings about. I don't have many close friends, and I feel guilty saying no. But I have recently been becoming suspicious of how many of these people are actually my friends, and how many of them stop talking to me as much once I say "I can't do free art anymore," or "No, I won't accept Gaia gold for it, I don't play Gaia Online."

I tend to get really long critiques back when I get any at all, which is what led to the "maybe I'm being presumptuous" thing. I don't want to make people pay for art if it's shitty.
>> No. 43399
I got a bunch
>Draw in public
>People stand and watch behind you
>Draw in private
>People stand in front and watch you
Goddamnit this makes me so mad.
or, even shittier
>Draw in private
>Get called an attention whore
>Draw in public
>People draw attention to you

I swear to god my city is the worst city to be an artist in.
>> No. 43400
I like how there's "Wait, we get paid?" and negative numbers on there.

I saw a post once on industry rates for freelance artists and now I can't find it. They were a quite a bit higher than the average internet commission. Granted, the skill standard is higher, but it doesn't help the overall low opinion of artists in general that amateurs charge so low.
>> No. 43401
I didn't mind picking some drawfagging requests, specially if they're stuff I'd really like to see, too. Then again, I'm not sure I'd get commissions.

Also I'd be okay with taking requests from closer people online (don't do enough for them), but turns out they're all pretty good artists themselves, so obviously they all can draw what they want done lol
>> No. 43402
>But I have recently been becoming suspicious of how many of these people are actually my friends, and how many of them stop talking to me as much once I say "I can't do free art anymore," or "No, I won't accept Gaia gold for it, I don't play Gaia Online."

Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if it is more than you would like to think.

And as far as not making people want to pay if it is shitty... well, you post a sample of your work, come to a price you are agreeable with, and post up your guidelines. If people think it is too shitty to buy, they won't buy, simple as that. As long as you put your full effort into it, any disappointment on their end should be expressed to you so you can revise the pic, or otherwise they have unreasonable expectations insomuch that they think pic you are doing for them will miraculously be much better than your other work.
>> No. 43403
I asked my mom about this as well, and she asked why, if people like my artwork, and they have money, why wouldn't they be willing to pay? If you like something, you should be willing to fork over even $5 for it.

I couldn't answer her. I know there's free-to-play games where, even if I had money, I still wouldn't pay for anything, but that's different, at least to me. There's nothing physical I'm getting back. If I draw a picture, and I send it to someone, they're getting the file, and maybe the physical drawing once I can afford to send things.
>> No. 43408
>"I don't have money"

this is used quite a bit even when they do have money. some ppl just feel they are Entitled to something for nothing i guess which is a fallacy.

>"But you're my friend"
This just...Uh-Uh! U never use the friend card only unless ur joking and mean nothing by it, but for art purposes how do i say this....Oh Yeah Hell No!!!! I personally would never even bother going down this route.

>I don't have many close friends
how do i contact u? :D for that matter how does one even get more friendlier with artists expecting nothing in return? just a volume of conversation exchange, possibly idea bouncing off one another if they are up for that, that's really about it.

Now don't get me wrong i do have a couple (mediocre as well as myself in terms of art) artist friends and one personally has a couple of "prominent" artist friends that they keep in touch with. And really all they do is just talk about stuff whether it be games, shows or whatever. Now the reason i mention this, is because I used to be into games (not so much as of late, my interest has kinda waned) I'm Definitely into cartoons but possibly not the cartoons those artist friends may be into and I certainly don't have the let's call it "Passion" for some shows like many others I have seen though i d enjoy them to a point. so how can I hold up a conversation with them if i really don't have that much in common? and can that friendship last?
>> No. 43409
>Get back into drawing
>Start a tumblr
>Okay if I want followers I need to do fanart
>Just don't really want to draw any characters I know

Still drawing nothing but furry porn though so hey keep on truckin'
>> No. 43412
I worry I'm unpopular because I /don't/ draw furry porn, or furry art at all. (Or porn of any type at all.) I had a period where I was the only non-furry in my friend group, and I tried to force myself to draw it anyways. I just had no interest, and I still feel bad about it from time to time.

I don't mind getting in contact with you, and art-for-art sounds acceptable, depending on what you're willing to draw.
>> No. 43413
>I worry I'm unpopular because I /don't/ draw furry porn, or furry art at all. (Or porn of any type at all.) I had a period where I was the only non-furry in my friend group, and I tried to force myself to draw it anyways. I just had no interest, and I still feel bad about it from time to time.

u draw whatever ur comfortable with not what will blend u in with the crowd if they are true friends they will understand that and not try to force that on you.

>I don't mind getting in contact with you, and art-for-art sounds acceptable, depending on what you're willing to draw.

u got a blog, tumblr, DA or anything? also i draw anything for the most part even porn....but not the more extreme types u know like scat, etc.
>> No. 43414
My problem is I have no group of friends who draw, so getting any exposure at all is ridiculously hard; especially considering furry art gets you banned from most places.

Right now all I can do is go to artist streams and butter up to people.
>> No. 43415
>Right now all I can do is go to artist streams and butter up to people.

Don't do this. i mean yeah be friendly and stuff but do not stroke egos. because i guarandamntee once u start doin that and u say one thing bad about their later work they will go ballistic on ya and drop ya quicker than anything. Some just can't take constructive criticism.
>> No. 43416
honestly with tumblr it's easier than ever to get exposure.

i'm doing fine and i don't even have artist friends. if you draw well, treat people well, post with any regularity and understand how to tag things you will probably be recognised in some form. a good or at least passable sense of humour is also recommended. people will come to you. blogs that post art a lot get a lot of views, and they suffer when you wait for 2 weeks to post 1 polished piece. they want to see your sketches too. if you're afraid of people seeing doodles or half-finished work you kind of need to work through those issues, not just because you want to be Popular but because people who draw and post a lot (even if it's junk) improve faster than people who spend a lot of time making just one gem.

also i notice when people try to sidle up to me in streams in hopes of earning points. they are scum. do not do this.
>> No. 43417
Ok i will give you tumblr tends to have good art and artists BUT those artists at least the ones i've come across come off very how do u say "crazy". now i'm not trying to label but when i see these artists or fans squee about stupid crap i'm hesitant about contacting them. there have been numerous ones i've wanted to contact, but either they are all about stroking egos or think they are the best and their "hordes" of fans also believe this as well. PLUS if u try to tell them different they will oust you in no time. yeah no thanks! just wanna be friends with artists who are down to earth and hopefully into conversation about shows, cartoons etc.
>> No. 43418
>I had a period where I was the only non-furry in my friend group, and I tried to force myself to draw it anyways. I just had no interest, and I still feel bad about it from time to time.
Haha that's one reason I try to keep my furry power levels low around my pals... don't want them to think they're missing fun or anything.
Real friends would be more concerned if you're really having fun, if you'd regret it etc.
>> No. 43419
My art thread with all the info is the one below this one with the username "medacris". Feel free to let me know what you think.

Thank you, both you and >>43418. I actually got really bummed out over that. I'm still not sure what to draw to get enough attention that I can start taking commissions. I just want to be well-known enough that I can be financially comfortable. I'm worried I won't be able to maintain a career, and I'll be homeless.
>> No. 43420
You're very welcome and i'm not sure if u check ur DA or not but i noted you on there.
>> No. 43421
I have no clue on how to go about getting commissions, and I have my own concerns on making a living on my own at all - and I'm not sure how easy it is to get on the map and getting money enough to be comfortable with it - but I'll try to give opinions anyway...

Porn gets attention, yeah. But it will get attention from people expecting MORE porn and the like, so if you're not into it, probably not a good way to go about it at all. People also go after familiar styles they like, though you seem to have your own style going on.

Pics with full backgrounds should get more attention, unless you're making character sheets or something.

Oh yeah and in any case, maybe you should consider making a physical portfolio and looking for illustration work IRL where you live, commission work on the internet seems to be less profitable unless you're very famous.
>> No. 43422
Its always preferrable to maybe sell yourself where there aren't a plethora of artists. Aka, the internet.
Doing so IRL is a good way to go to make a living.

Personally, I suggest Ad agencies and such. Maybe work on your vector art and graphic design to have more options.
>> No. 43423
So in order to be more well-known, don't have my own unique style?
>> No. 43424
Well... sort of, I guess? If you're REALLY unknown, aping to a popular style could get you fans that like it, or people looking for a cheaper version of a popular illustrator. That should weird out your current fans though.

Of course in the long run, it would probably get you bummed just the same as drawing what you're not interested in.
>> No. 43425
...What current fans? I don't think I really have any, or ever did.
>> No. 43426
Fans are fickle. If you get fans, you will probably have a few who are loyal and genuinely like your work, but then you have some who just like you for now and in a few months will be nowhere to be found (well, no, they can be found stroking the e-peen of another artist). Recently I have started to feel that people who I thought were genuine fans just kind of act like they've stopped giving a shit about me and moved on to following somebody else. Or maybe it is my imagination.

That is one problem with drawing the smuttier arts: as soon as somebody comes along who draws a "harder" or more exaggerated version of whatever fetishes you appeal to, regardless of the relative quality/anatomy/style/posing/etc, you are bound to lose fans as people are attracted to the new. Seriously, you can find artists who do nothing more than recycle the same 5 poses over and over again or rely on simple standing there with no torso or hip tilt or anything and have tons of fans just because of pasting on HUGE TITS or bondage gear or whatever other fetish you can imagine. Some just full on trae another artist and slap on a different head and seem to get fans.
>> No. 43427
I do think that aping popular styles is a good way to develop as an artist. I mean, there are plenty of artists out there who draw "on-model" versions of toon and comic characters, and even though most are trying to reach the same goal, the end results are all unique. Skilled animators and illustrators can do a good job of stamping out their own unique style completely when needed, but for most people some element of your own style will come through, even if you are just trying to mimic an existing style.
>> No. 43428
Oh yeah, that happens on the way, eventually you might develop it to your own thing, based on your own experience. Just saying if you depart from your style to another niche, that's probably where some fans will come from. I get jealous of who draws on model, but my style always shows if I try, for good or bad.

Well I can't say, but you might be surprised. I'm pretty much anonymous and thought none would give a damn, but got sorta called out when I first posted actual porn one time. And looking back, I wasn't... that good of a drawfag, let's say.

So just don't diss whichever fans you might have if they're for real, is what I'm saying. I mean, even Picasso has fans and I just don't get it, and he didn't even have to resort to porn!
>> No. 43429
I can say if some cross some lines, I stop following at all and possibly blacklist them for good. Don't wanna see how low they go.

I guess most though just care if you give them a lot of smack off material, and won't care much if it's mostly traced - I lost the count of the new buzz names that have come, set a new trend and gone. It's hardly fine art and the blood isn't exactly on the brain of the viewer if you do your job right.
>> No. 43431
On second thought, no. I'm not doing it. I've always deplored tracing, and copying another artist who's already popular, the thought makes me sick. If I get hired at an animation studio, then sure. I'll draw in their style, willingly. But I'd rather be unpopular and do my own thing than to reproduce other peoples' work, or to draw porn, which I find unpleasant, unfun, and stressful 99% of the time (the 1% is when it's based on an RP I've done, and I draw it pretty much exclusively for my RP partners.)
>> No. 43432
I think that is the core of it, to draw what you want. I've never been one to care much about popularity, though I crave it since I incorrectly use it as a gauge to measure my improvement (or lack thereof). I will say, though, while doing your own thing is definitely good, just repeating that same thing over and over without much study of life and the works of other artists will likely lead to stagnation.
>> No. 43433
I've definitely been studying life and drawing a lot of different fandoms as of late.

I just want to make enough money to live off of. People always told me "you'll never be successful in anything to have a career, you'll die homeless" and it terrifies me.
>> No. 43438
Then you need to take business classes and learn marketing skills, or else hire a manager. Your skill at drawing and your success at making a living off of art are only indirectly related, and it is entirely possible to be a terrible artist who makes a ton of money, or an incredible artist who makes nothing.

This is not to say that there aren't financial benefits to getting better, but it is never going to be a 1:1 relationship. It is entirely possible to live off of art, but you're not going to do it if art is the only thing you're good at (unless you surround yourself with people who can pick up the slack). This is also why perfectionism in an artist is a liability rather than an advantage--finishing work on time and having a steady output of great work is far better than having rare output of incredible work. As Jack Kirby said:
>And the draftsmanship, hang it. If you can decently: learn to control what you can, learn to control what you have, learn to refine what you have. Damn perfection. You don’t have to be perfect. You are never going to do a Sistine Chapel, unless someone ties you to a ceiling. Damn perfection.
>> No. 43458
File 13787734188.jpg - (13.25KB , 480x360 , 1367279284231.jpg )
>supposed to draw and see things as shapes
>start a drawing with that philosophy
>never get past the shapes part cause im stuck on shape mentality
i hate shapes jaques, i hate them
>> No. 43478
Working and working and working on the same damn pic and it still doesn't look like how you want it to look and you hate it more and more and more each second you look at it.
>> No. 43480
This is a sign that your perfectionist tendencies are destroying the appeal of your works. I'll bet your sketches and gestures look a lot better than your finished pieces, right? Try to figure out how to finish earlier--embrace (stylish) sloppiness and learn to let things be "good enough" instead of insisting on them being perfect.
>> No. 43482
Also learn to let go of sunk costs--if it just keeps getting shittier and shittier and you hate it more and more as you keep working on it, throw it out and restart. Take what you've learned from the failed first try and make something better.
>> No. 43483
That is definitely it. My formal education was in a more perfection-oriented field and I didn't grow up being an artist, so artistic spontaneity and letting things go to move forward isn't natural for me. It also doesn't help when I get bogged down with commissions that need to be drawn a certain way or have to be revised to the buyer's liking.

And yes, I understand perfectly. It can be hard to do though, and at times it becomes difficult to separate a true garbage pic from a hatred that simply just self-loathing.
>> No. 43493
>most of my customers are furries
>only ask me to draw cute shit
>guy asks for a fetish that isn't porny at all and is super polite +$100 tip

DAMN furries are good to me. A lot of my irl friends are going full-furry lately (fursonas, fursuits) but I ain't in it for that stuff? I just want to draw cute things, and some of them are anthro I guess? W/e I love money HAHAHAHAHAHA
>> No. 43494
$100?! Damn, sounds like a generous guy. A number of my customers tend to be cheap and stupid turds that seem to have a goal of trying to use people whenever possible. The most I can hope for is one who is semi-literate, pays on time, and actually acknowledges the quality of pic beyond just returning to buy again in the future. I guess that comes with being a no-name artist, people feel they can treat you like crap as long as they continue to pay you.
>> No. 43495
File 138051875034.gif - (415.62KB , 400x328 , 1335335437464.gif )
>redraw the same panel over and over
>never happy with results
>> No. 43496
You make cute stuff, get famous, people interested in that will be the ones looking for your services, I guess. Good on you.
>> No. 43533
File 138074175713.png - (18.94KB , 616x403 , goddamn it.png )
>get commission inquiry
>part of it just says "don't make it look fucking gay" 7x in a row
>refers to other artists they tried to work with as "fags"

get the fuck outta my inbox holy shit
>> No. 43534
Just send him a doodle of two penises rubbing together to show your interpretation of "not fucking gay," and insist that since there is no fucking, it is not fucking gay.
>> No. 43584
File 138359365534.png - (298.95KB , 824x633 , Capture.png )
>Spend hours painting something in Sai/PS
>Fucking finally, oh my god this is the best thing ever
The next day:
>Holy shit why are the layers all kinds of shit, what the fuck
>Why did I take four hours!? It's not even done!
>How did I fuck that up, I know not to do that!
>It's so messy and looks nothing like other people's art
pic related

>See other artist flipping through sketchbook
>Refined pencil drawings, ink work, holy shit incredible colour
>look at my sketchbook
>all gesture, observational work, random disembodied bits of anatomy, doodles

>Oh man I'm totally down for drawing
>"Yo anon want to hang out?"
>"CSS3 design template bluh bluh due day after tomorrow, worth 157% of your mark"
>"Hey anon can you work Joe's shift today? He called in sick and we're understaffed"

>Neat idea
>Know that I have enough skill that I could draw it
>I'm totally going to draw this
>but... but what if someone else did it first?
>search for other people who did it
>gather millions of reference pictures
>Make a few dozen thumbnails
>burn out on the idea
>> No. 43585
>Busy drawing in pubic
>Enter annoying asshole you barely know hovering over you
>"well ah... not right no-"

>They snatch the book away from you
>Who the fuck are you

>Start flipping through
>"Anon that's weird"
>That's nice


>> No. 43594
The first one, all the way.

I made some thumbnails for a friend (who does Youtube videos kinda seriously) and looking back at the original ones from a month and half ago, the new ones are amazing.
When he uses them, I will vomit piles just from noticing all the mistakes.

>post drawing of cat after much effort
>it's up
>'anon you forgot the tail'
>why had this already happened before?
>> No. 43634
File 138704261612.jpg - (350.67KB , 760x543 , Absurd.jpg )
Ok, I'll bite...

>Work on coloring a commission for HOURS.
>Still haven't saved yet because I was just in the flow
>Decides at last minute to make this awesome starfield background as a little something extra for my client.
Tries to make a starfield in file, doesn't look right.
>Remembers that I made a basic starfield that I could pimp out for these occasions.
>Open it. pimp it out bigtime.
>hmm another starfield pic that looks like crap. Oh well, better close it.
>Shit! that crappy starfield was on the top layer of the pic I worked on for hours! And I didn't save at all!
>> No. 43635

All my feels... I suck at life drawing...
>> No. 43690
hello guys I need help and guidance... please excuse me if this thread is notthwe correct one to post my request for ideas on some specifit matter, and feel free to remove it if that is the case, but I felt it may be the correct thread to post bout it.
there I go:
I am latelly doing deep meditation about how to keep my art gallery inside the lines of what we could call "mainstream" or more conventional erotic and porn media, and, I then I reach some especific point, where I see a fork on what can be done, I mean, you may decide go for one of those things, but not for both (not mixing both I mean) in order to keep it safe, while adding some spice (you know, at this time and age, I think what we see in playboy would be going too far in the vanilla factor if I am allowed to say).

those two possible paths would be adding some more "youngish" characters in the possible choice for my pictures and stories (alwys that is loving, tender and vanilla scenery for em, while they are younger) and the other path is to raise the unconsensuality-alternative porn with mature characters, to say; persona corruption, mind control, classic rape tentacles etc etc, you may know what I am talking about without the need to enter in further (and long) lists of possibilities

so, I with this explained I come with four questions for anyone willing to give some advice or oponion on the matter:

1- I am even right about this perception on things? I mean, wouldn´t I be right to think that currently we can add some "nastiness" to a fantasy setting so it could still be something we could claim as mainstream, average porn fantasy?

2- it´s this fork on the path of possible choices something that you see as correct, or it´s just me perceiving things that way?

3- in the case the idea is correct, which one would you choose in order to keep things farther from being too transgressive, and why

4- would it also depend on how far in each line you´d go ? (in that case point what would be those in your opinion)
>> No. 43691
File 138888315063.jpg - (558.48KB , 819x1170 , WILLL.jpg )
here you have something in reward, and thanks in advance
>> No. 43697
File 13894050956.jpg - (36.62KB , 477x260 , 300E_m.jpg )
(Before I start: I have no experience in this. I am just going off observation)

You say 'is this the correct way to perceive things?', but there is no 'right' way to look at things; you can look at it anyway you want! (isn't that part of being an artist?)

That said, I don't see it as a fork with two options, but rather a light with a dimmer switch; you can control how light or dark you want your work to be. Light represents more 'vanilla/mainstream', and darkness is more 'deviant/obscure'. There isn't just 100% light and 100% dark, there is everything in between as well. You don't have to choose only one side.
You can be slightly deviant without being full-out tentacle-mouth-rape deviant. I've seen people that do mostly clean artwork with the occasional 'spicy' one, and the other way around too.

Whichever you choose, it is good to have some consistency; don't go from mainstream straight to 100% deviant and back. If you want to explore, maybe try an alternate account so some vanilla guy who follows you doesn't get bombed with gay tentacle rape.
>> No. 43703
you cant imagine how much do I thank your imput. a million thanks
>> No. 43704
File 138949898482.jpg - (372.92KB , 944x1299 , 1126612 - W_I_T_C_H_ Will_Vandom kapitan_smith.jpg )
um... let me know, for example, let´s imagine a story where the context is of "fantasy, magic, and sword"... now we see our main character has a slave girl, but he treats her kindly, even if she has to obey him and to abive of his manhandling, and we see in this universe, that is the norm. in the end, she is subordinated to him, but he cares and nourises and protect her. would you find this to be out of what is mainstream today, or it is mainstream with a pinch of nastiness-spice, or is it plain way too dark stuff? (we could go with millions of other different fetishes and other fantasy situations, but I find this one to be somehow an universal and explicative example about "magic and sword" hentai animes, a genre that I find quite mindscaping, so I want to know what is another person´s apreciation on it)

again, thanks
>> No. 43705
I personally don't think that is far out of the norm. Most slaves in history were treated like dirt, but instead this character treats his slave with [relative] kindness. I think this wouldn't be considered dark at all.

If it ends up having a sex scene or something, where he does a kind of 'master/slave' domination and submission thing, that could be considered a pinch of spice, or if he makes her give non-consensual sex than that could be considered out of the norm, but other than that, it seems pretty tame to me.
>> No. 43706
thanks you, you cant imagine how helpfull you were to me
>> No. 43896
File 140026322559.jpg - (168.26KB , 729x883 , Polyanna.jpg )
I don't know how many people have delt with this but...

>sitting in a computer lab made for digital art at college
>drawing stuff
>people see "Oh hey thats great"
>Draw some stuff... people ask me to draw things, I draw them.
>people start naming off anime characters
>have no idea who any of them are
>guy sits at computer next to me
>scribbles out Moe-blob
>everyone starts asking him for stuff
>scribbles out half assed flat pictures of anime characters that the group fawns over

It wasn't even a good anime style, it looked like stuff you draw when you first start, where its paper doll ish and all in the same pose...

>> No. 43897

This is actually the opposite of have happened to me.

>Draw moe blobs
>Anon is drawing porn!
>Draw me Goku! Draw me Naruto
>I have never draw them.
>Ok draw me then!
>fuck that's way to difficult for me in just a few minutes
>proceed to have my drawings destroyed

You people act as if weaboos or bronies are bad, I bet you have never faced a Soccer fanatic before.
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