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File 132786957389.png - (307.45KB , 479x563 , dessybirthday.png )
41268 No. 41268
I haven't really posted on here before, but I'm curious to get feedback- what I'm doing wrong, what I should keep doing, suggestions on what I should draw next, etc.
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>> No. 41269
File 132786964188.png - (222.14KB , 607x457 , halloweenfortress2.png )
>> No. 41270
File 13278697488.png - (377.57KB , 575x756 , murder.png )
>> No. 41272
I like how your characters have a cartoony pop to them.
But I think you should study shading, because the colors are making things look a little flat.
>> No. 41274
Ah, thank you! Do you have any refs? I've tried shading before and it looked really inconsistant.
>> No. 41319
File 132876565665.png - (315.28KB , 637x676 , sketchdump.png )
>> No. 41321
Do you... go by any names?

This stuff seems familiar.
>> No. 41331

I go by BMLulu on dA (old name, don't want to bother getting a new account) and medacris on Tumblr.
>> No. 41337
Hm, looks I was wondering. I didn't know you.

Well... now I do
>> No. 41508
File 133204384334.png - (2.35MB , 1773x1500 , debbirthday.png )
Something other than TF2, for a change.


Ah, alright- out of curiousity, who did I remind you of?
>> No. 41750
File 133514856825.png - (468.14KB , 970x700 , thehub.png )
The Hub is pretty awesome, you guys.
>> No. 42220
File 134215771727.png - (182.09KB , 450x622 , humanfluttershy.png )
Trying to master basic anatomy better.
>> No. 42355
File 134531170178.png - (449.61KB , 559x641 , laomannbernie.png )
Starting to attempt shading. Hope it looks a little better.
>> No. 42410
I'm open for trades or requests if anyone is interested.
>> No. 42414
You've a lot of promise. Keep practicing.
Do you use any books or guides for what you're doing?
>> No. 42415
A trade sounds like fun.
E-mail me.
>> No. 42417
Thanks! I'm going for a degree in cartooning, but I've been using refs from Tumblr for extra practice.

Thanks! I'll email you momentarily.
>> No. 42449
File 134948090120.png - (153.65KB , 396x632 , request_viruscherub.png )
Been feeling shitty lately, so I haven't been drawing as much, but I overcame the stagnation to finish a couple art trades. This is one of them.
>> No. 42450
File 134950358231.png - (249.22KB , 402x638 , request_medicus.png )
>> No. 42464
File 13500865559.png - (293.02KB , 680x626 , vampireclub.png )
>> No. 42465
File 135008663333.png - (291.89KB , 624x587 , phreakbirthday.png )
I've never drawn Resident Evil fanart, so I probably messed up on Wesker somewhat, but oh well.
>> No. 42472
File 135033062682.png - (382.54KB , 625x619 , oliviavsbernie.png )
>>try to draw torture
>>ends up looking more kinky
>> No. 42509
File 135201227282.png - (134.67KB , 275x590 , angelpunch.png )
OC art.
>> No. 42580
File 135416241573.png - (392.00KB , 547x700 , deedart.png )
More OC drawings. People on Tumblr (and my mom) seemed to really like the beards.
>> No. 42589
File 135459435036.png - (356.61KB , 557x700 , fananas.png )
Yet another TF2 trade.
>> No. 42590
File 135459438944.png - (207.45KB , 700x438 , ANDWERETHEGAMEGRUMPS.png )
>> No. 42673
File 135560043219.png - (408.35KB , 970x686 , thehub.png )
Finally getting around to finishing coloring this one.

I'm planning on adding colors to the majority of the sketches on my dA, and then placing the sketches into my Sketchbook section in order to make it look more professional.
>> No. 42698
File 135690713144.png - (610.51KB , 722x1272 , secretsantatf2chanwip.png )
Work in progress.
>> No. 42760
File 135770279358.png - (224.59KB , 497x567 , razrainbowdash.png )
I don't have a lot of tablet experience, so my tablet stuff still isn't as sharp as my traditional work is. Advice on Photoshop brushes to download would be greatly appreciated.

Also, Psychonauts is really fun.
>> No. 42761
File 135770294426.png - (463.93KB , 700x684 , eonhawk.png )
Secret Santa Design Challenge character page.
>> No. 42765
File 13579189343.png - (141.61KB , 315x436 , foryourbrainsonly.png )
More Psychonauts fanart.
>> No. 42818
File 136038219497.png - (386.10KB , 629x625 , scienceparty.png )
Even more Psychonauts fanart! I just need to shade this one, and it's done.
>> No. 42821
File 136045722646.png - (266.92KB , 549x421 , psychonauts.png )
One more.
>> No. 42838
File 13609754991.png - (338.27KB , 581x700 , samil.png )
Can't stop drawing these two.
>> No. 42852
File 136336849038.png - (218.82KB , 400x400 , razputin.png )
Shading practice.
>> No. 42854
File 13633917326.png - (553.09KB , 534x888 , bilbobirthday.png )

And then Martin Freeman went over to where the dwarves were fighting.
>> No. 43228
File 136945158428.png - (640.56KB , 563x619 , forbambi.png )
Some OFF fanart.
>> No. 43239
File 13701933762.png - (417.11KB , 640x480 , callow.png )
More art, and finally namefagging. I think I'm getting there when it comes to shading.
>> No. 43285
File 137194084913.png - (511.81KB , 468x624 , drnein.png )
More Psychonauts art.
>> No. 43286
File 137194089445.png - (383.31KB , 370x616 , drmrswantstobattle.png )
Stupid sexy Dr. Mrs. The Monarch...
>> No. 43288
File 137195439273.jpg - (115.66KB , 640x480 , photo (13).jpg )
Friend of mine likes Homestuck, and in particular, Sollux.

So I whipped up a small sketch for his birthday.
>> No. 43303
File 13724825242.jpg - (95.00KB , 640x480 , photo (14).jpg )
The kids from "Double Fine Adventure/Broken Age", in costumes.

One of the mods on one of the DF Twitch streams said she liked Janelle Monae, which is part of what led to this.
>> No. 43305
File 137252825761.png - (235.26KB , 376x467 , brokenage.png )
Dunno if I wanna leave the pic like this or add a little highlight onto the hair. Still getting the hang of shading.

These are the two yet-unnamed kids from Broken Age (Double Fine Adventure), drawn as a gift for one of the Double Fine staff members, who mentioned she went to a Janelle Monae concert. Originally, it was just going to be the girl as Janelle, but I wanted to draw the boy, too, and I figured space = spiky brown hair = David Tennant.
>> No. 43324
File 137349378716.png - (459.59KB , 640x456 , fuckyeahryandavis.png )
We'll miss you, Duder.
>> No. 43335
File 137477071991.png - (400.93KB , 504x648 , teamalpha.png )
The Alpha Kids from Homestuck.
>> No. 43336
File 137477096329.png - (315.67KB , 424x480 , nightvale.png )
Listeners, guess who called me today? Caaaarlooooos!
>> No. 43344
File 137513144842.png - (338.04KB , 447x479 , cecilos.png )
Working a little more on coloring this.
>> No. 43361
Not to shit on your ability but...
that Dirk...
ポリスマン/GAL男宣言youtube thumb
>> No. 43362
Not to shit on your ability but...
that Dirk...
ポリスマン/GAL男宣言youtube thumb
>> No. 43384
Many of the Dirks I've seen on Tumblr and otherwise have been tanned. He spends a lot of time on a rooftop fighting Batterwitch minions. It has nothing to do with ganguro.
>> No. 43386
File 137621276474.png - (426.17KB , 469x421 , ashlyburch.png )
Something I drew for Ashly Burch. She really liked it, which was the highlight of my month so far.

I also have an artblog: http://medaart.tumblr.com/

I'm going to be running two giveaways.
* First person to reblog a drawing of mine and get it to 100 notes gets a free sketch.
* 100th follower also gets a sketch.
>> No. 43387
File 137621296263.jpg - (606.16KB , 1280x1252 , photo (18).jpg )
Planning on playing my first game of D&D soon.

Sketched some fantasy ladies in anticipation.
>> No. 43406
File 137706783613.png - (218.95KB , 240x549 , bernadine.png )
First Pathfinder character, a Paladin. She's a redone version of the Medic from the OP image.
>> No. 43434
i see you in those discussion threads a lot. would you like some advice on things?

tho if you do before we start would you mind sharing what tools you use (i'm pretty sure it's camera + gimp but i'm not sure)? a description of the process you go through to get from inked drawing to finished digital picture would be good too. sometimes little tweaks to the process can prove to be huge timesavers and improve the quality a lot, but it's hard to suggest things that would work well for how you work if i don't know what you're doing.

caveat: i pretty much only do purely digital and when i don't i do watercolour so i think our methods differ a lot. but i will try to help as best as i can
>> No. 43435
Sure thing. Sorry for the whinging on the other thread. I'm just deliberating a lot of things artistically, worried because there's a lot of pressure on me right now. I'll cut it out.

Here's my drawing process:

-Mechanical pencil
-Rubber eraser
-Micron pens (005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08)

-Look for pose/clothing refs
-Sketch rough outline
-Sketch less rough outline
-Ink lines
-Erase lines
-Scan in lineart (I was using a camera phone for the last month or so, my scanner decided to die, and I only got a new one yesterday)
-Color in flat lines in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Does that help?
>> No. 43436
File 137793014054.png - (666.67KB , 940x421 , its transparent.png )
no it's ok. don't worry about it. i wasn't trying to say you were annoying or anything, it just sounded like you wanted some guidance.

i'm kind of curious how you're cleaning the lineart and colouring... but i think you might be using a multiply layer? if you rip the white out of the scanned image, it's much easier to clean/edit the lineart and colour underneath it. it's also really easy in photoshop and takes seconds. i thought maybe you were using gimp so i couldn't show you this, but you aren't!! i can. so that's what i'm going to do first

first tho you have to desaturate your image and then play with levels until you get nice black lines. if you're playing with levels right now you aren't playing hard enough!! (if you don't know what it is it's image > adjustments > levels, and i'm pretty sure you know, but just in case.) you can get rid of most of the grey on the image just by fucking with it a little, even if it's kind of a bad quality phone pic. get as close to black as you can without compromising your line quality. if there is still grey shit you don't want or errant sketch lines on your picture, they should be more visible after levelling, making them easier to erase. cleaning up is important. always clean up lineart.*

it kind of sucks to clean up inked lineart that you drew atop a graphite pencil drawing though, because no matter how lightly you press and how good your eraser is, there will always be bits that you miss or ghost lines that you thought you erased but came back to haunt you after you level. you can almost completely skip this aggravation by sketching with a pencil crayon (bright red is best but since you can just add a hue layer that makes it red anyway it doesn't matter what colour you use *that* much, as long as you can see it clearly while drawing ofc).

after that follow this: http://goo.gl/RIW8Gu i kind of wanted to link to something that isn't mine but it is apparently the top google result for this sort of thing now so fuck it. just fuck it. make sure you level before doing this even with a coloured pencil sketch though because you want nice dark lines. channels only take the black, so if they look dark grey instead, when you finish your lineart will actually be a bit transparent. you can fix that too just by duplicating your lineart layer a bunch of times and then merging them until they're sufficiently opaque but i'd recommend just not having to do that step at all.

once you have black lines on a transparent background you can do good things like lock transparency and colour over them. much more versatile than lineart stuck on a multiply layer or whatever else.

* there is literally nothing worthwhile about the dodge tool except its usefulness for cleaning up scummy scans. you can also use the eraser or white brush but the dodge tool is subtly different and arguably better at it. also if you do not have a tablet i suggest getting one if you're interested in digital art, because pen pressure is definitely worth the investment, even if you prefer inking traditionally. monoprice tablets are pretty cheap--under 100$--and i've never heard a single bad thing about them. here's a review of the monoprice tablet if you're interested: http://frenden.com/post/31659364200/the-little-monoprice-graphics-tablet-that-could
>> No. 43439
File 137800634673.png - (478.54KB , 554x700 , daddy'slittleegret.png )
Thanks! I tried a little of the Curves/Levels on this WIP, I think it really helped.
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