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83793 No. 83793
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>> No. 83794
File 132814187810.jpg - (85.49KB , 500x435 , tumblr_lyj1yzLvNq1qjiwx5.jpg )
I'm just gonna do a Reapersun (tumblr) spam for a few posts

just to get the ball rolling
>> No. 83795
File 132814192158.jpg - (457.52KB , 482x1280 , tumblr_ly23osxPVb1qjiwx5o1_1280.jpg )
post-Hound cuddles (Reapersun)
>> No. 83796
File 132814200284.jpg - (104.70KB , 500x649 , tumblr_lx7vthVBwp1qjiwx5.jpg )
John Adler? (Reapersun)
>> No. 83797
File 132814204346.jpg - (202.45KB , 700x346 , tumblr_lwe823PdEQ1qjiwx5o1_1280.jpg )
This is one of my favorites, just because it's so intimate and adorable. (Reapersun)
>> No. 83798
File 132814215246.jpg - (356.93KB , 577x947 , tumblr_lsxzemwuCI1qjiwx5o1_1280.jpg )
Another personal favorite because I wish I could ruffle Sherlock's 'fro. (Reapersun)
>> No. 83799
File 132814235286.jpg - (282.90KB , 400x1056 , tumblr_lqtpvtwcbf1qjiwx5o1_1280.jpg )
And the last one for now, the Case of the Jammy Dodger Thief (Reapersun)
>> No. 83809
Putting another politely sage'd request in for anything Lestrade at all. I'll even take Mystrade, though Mycroft makes my boner wither.

Also, much love for Reapersun.
>> No. 83813
Here's a nice little Sherlock/Watson/Lestrade fic, which is mostly Sherlock/Lestrade: http://archiveofourown.org/works/121383
>> No. 83821
Does anyone know where I can find some bottom!Moran fic?

I've read like two in the entire fandom. (One on AO3 that was marked as top!Moriarty and one on lj). That can't be it....can it?
>> No. 83824
Since Moran hasn't been in the BBC version (I've called it last thread on seeing Moran show up in Season Three), but he has in the RDJ/Law 'verse, you might wanna ask/check there. I haven't seen a lot of fic for Moran either, and that needs to change; I think his character is interesting enough from the canon stories that he deserves a bit more screentime.
>> No. 83855
polite sage for an honest question: where does the mycroft/lestrade shipping even COME from? Have they ever even had a conversation?
>> No. 83856
File 13284685795.png - (66.05KB , 500x586 , 318e00189b6c7afd3a935312ced795bc-d41rgh6.png )
>> No. 83858
File 132847009245.jpg - (12.06KB , 250x500 , tumblr_lyw6efDBb11qkm319o1_400.jpg )
>> No. 83862

I think it's their connection through Sherlock since they both kind of try to control him. It got reenforced by Hounds when Mycroft sent Lestrade to spy on Sherlock so they obviously know each other well enough...

Also: "I don't just do what your brother tells me" kind of stinks of shipping. Maybe Gatiss has a crush on Graves :p
>> No. 83863
Gatiss crushing on an oblivious Graves is quickly becoming somewhat head-canon for me.

"Is a make-out-scene really necessary, Mark? It seems a bit.. out of character.."
"Vital to the plot. Absolutely essential. Relax. Don't mind the candles."
"But, I don't understand what this has to do with the Hou-"
"Stop talking and oil up, Rupert."
>> No. 83864

I enjoy your head-canon.

There was also the "dishy" comment from Mark in the commentary, in reference to Rupert. Which was rather adorable.
>> No. 83867
saw this on Tumblr regarding Gatiss's Gravescrush:

“To be fair, if I were Gatiss, I’d totally write my character with innuendo with the hottest guy in the cast.”
>> No. 83868
File 132849495856.png - (135.70KB , 509x548 , 2012 02 05 gatiss.png )
I don't know how you guys compelled me to but I drew it
>> No. 83872
File 132851422683.jpg - (216.85KB , 571x800 , one_of_those_rainy_days_by_nicholya_arden-d49wjsg.jpg )

You have NO IDEA how much I love you. In fact, I'm going to go reblog that right now, holy christ.

Also, in appreciation of your talents, have a meager thank you in the form of some Mystrade ft. Gratuitous Umbrella.
>> No. 83877
File 132855420062.png - (1.24MB , 700x1990 , karaokevodkajohnmini.png )
>> No. 83878
File 132855553592.png - (457.82KB , 700x631 , redhoddjohnsherlockmini.png )
part 1
>> No. 83879
File 13285555859.png - (132.40KB , 700x542 , redhoddjohnsherlock2min.png )
part 2
>> No. 83880
File 132855616995.png - (312.64KB , 700x662 , 0008d0a8.png )
part 3 (not really but it fits) :)
>> No. 83881
I love you dearly, and I'm now convinced that's exactly how Gatiss writes every single episode of Sherlock. And then someone higher up in the BBC tell him to re-write it, and he sulks the rest of the day.
>> No. 83882
You've convinced me that this is the case as well. Also I'd love to see more stuff from you, your style is super fucking adorable.
>> No. 83886
File 132858429687.png - (448.48KB , 500x532 , tumblr_lysyh7nfU41qcfliqo1_500.png )
>> No. 83900
File 132863703766.png - (92.69KB , 258x700 , tumblr_lh4pk13KCB1qeyvme.png )

alright new challenge: artfags draw Mori in lingerie

posted captainhumphrey's old-ass drawing in response until I can get off my ass
>> No. 83909
File 132867887942.png - (83.98KB , 500x625 , tumblr_lxz91gNCT51qezairo1_500.png )
There needs to be more Jim.
>> No. 83912
File 132867948852.jpg - (78.34KB , 345x700 , tumblr_ljqp5lZjY61qezairo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 83913
File 132867952428.jpg - (69.32KB , 500x643 , tumblr_lk1nj1RY7G1qezairo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 83915
File 132867958359.png - (172.00KB , 485x700 , tumblr_lu22xe0C2N1qezairo1_500.png )
aaand that is all the cross-dressing Jim I have found at the moment.
>> No. 83933
File 132872252611.jpg - (44.17KB , 500x696 , tumblr_lxoe5dshW41qdx8s0o1_r1_500.jpg )
>> No. 83936
File 13287288376.png - (184.25KB , 301x750 , tumblr_lyjn9api0R1qc42bro1_500.png )
>> No. 83937
>> No. 83938
Polite sage is polite. Does anyone have any art on Sebastian and Moriarty...
>> No. 83939
File 132874190245.jpg - (105.08KB , 1220x855 , tumblr_ljm60z3lxS1qezairo1_1280.jpg )
See >>83912
>> No. 83942
Do we have Fassy version of Sebastian? Aside from the one that looks kinda like him already?
>> No. 83946
File 132876362178.png - (174.48KB , 500x500 , Image1.png )
>> No. 83948
File 132876788033.jpg - (164.95KB , 1280x969 , sashkash.jpg )

I have a bunch. Hang onto your butts.
>> No. 83949
File 132876798016.png - (144.46KB , 500x566 , weaslee.png )
slightly more cartoon-ized versions
>> No. 83951
File 132876806375.png - (334.68KB , 800x600 , fassabendover.png )
this one was done by a pal of mine
>> No. 83952
File 132876814833.png - (215.97KB , 500x450 , navarrra.png )
and here are a couple graphics to go along with that first one that somebody posted
>> No. 83953
File 13287682004.jpg - (228.31KB , 500x500 , martindavenport.jpg )
last one (artist credits are in the filenames)
>> No. 83961
You know what? I am going down with this ship.
>> No. 83969
File 132884853442.jpg - (29.42KB , 550x415 , httpwww_etsy_comlisting87372671clean-break-digital.jpg )
Info on image name
>> No. 83970

Sorry. Thats the proper one
>> No. 83979
File 132889635583.jpg - (165.26KB , 500x447 , sherlock_john_by_sweetlittlekitty.jpg )
>> No. 83980
File 132892827522.jpg - (297.26KB , 1000x442 , sherlock sexin.jpg )
>> No. 83997
File 132898038057.png - (247.17KB , 500x645 , tumblr_lz7qn0ifAn1qe2gw3o1_500.png )
>> No. 84009
File 132902762837.png - (264.44KB , 495x516 , 2012 02 11 smoochies.png )
Taken with Instagram

just some coloring practice, actually. but it's cute so fuck it.
>> No. 84010
As far as Canon for Mycroft/Lestrade goes you might have to look at "The Bruce Partington Plans". It's the only canonical interaction for Mycroft and Lestrade to my knowledge (it's been years since I sat down and read). Watson keeps on noting that they are together throughtout the case (at one point they have a conversation and shut right up when other people enter the room).
>> No. 84020
File 132917003286.gif - (346.13KB , 460x239 , luv_wicked_.gif )
More Sebastian/Moriarty please.
>> No. 84021

interested to know what that gif has anything to do with
>> No. 84022
File 132918935259.jpg - (554.13KB , 787x1200 , f809245958cc0f7140cb4017f66bcbfb-d4pl58v.jpg )
Cute fluffiness from lilyfox
>> No. 84025

hold onto your butt
>> No. 84026
File 132922490640.jpg - (176.16KB , 1280x1115 , Fishik.jpg )
two for one deal, here
>> No. 84027
File 132922496543.png - (2.29MB , 1269x1845 , alackoforder.png )
makes me want a "his dark materials" au
>> No. 84028
File 132922504629.png - (738.89KB , 1280x948 , jeremyjohnirons.png )
this one is fucking priceless
>> No. 84029
File 132922511781.png - (168.62KB , 465x742 , starlock.png )
>> No. 84030
File 132922518111.jpg - (298.27KB , 900x675 , tattiosala.jpg )
have some bonus!movieverse for your time

(again, artist credits are in the filenames)
>> No. 84038
There are one or two floating around on AO3. I'll see if I can find them.
>> No. 84041
File 132928606661.jpg - (489.18KB , 900x656 , sashkash - mystrade.jpg )

You are a wonderful human being. I'll keep the board going with some Mystrade, Valentine's Day edition.
>> No. 84043
File 132931827386.jpg - (167.89KB , 650x650 , Mormor7.jpg )
>> No. 84044
File 132931837025.png - (304.87KB , 400x600 , mormor8.png )
Happy Mormor everyone (I've renamed the holiday)
>> No. 84045
File 132931864281.png - (330.89KB , 560x554 , Mormor9.png )
>> No. 84046
File 132931869536.png - (146.26KB , 409x526 , Moriarty4.png )
>> No. 84047
File 132931872956.png - (358.46KB , 638x966 , Moriarty.png )
>> No. 84048
File 132931876670.jpg - (234.96KB , 470x700 , Jim Moriarty2.jpg )
>> No. 84049
File 13293188716.jpg - (503.93KB , 800x640 , Mormor10.jpg )
>> No. 84050
File 132931929824.jpg - (80.25KB , 500x693 , Mark Gatiss2.jpg )
>> No. 84051
File 132931963369.jpg - (107.04KB , 500x728 , Johnlock2.jpg )
>> No. 84052
File 132931974184.png - (141.36KB , 714x554 , Johnlock Moriarty.png )
>> No. 84053
File 132931981214.jpg - (121.34KB , 500x692 , Mormor10.jpg )
>> No. 84054
File 132931990270.png - (201.99KB , 600x836 , Sherlock Moriarty.png )
>> No. 84055
File 132931993295.jpg - (239.38KB , 1280x1750 , Mormor12.jpg )
>> No. 84056
File 132931996190.jpg - (821.46KB , 1024x1453 , Mormor13.jpg )
>> No. 84057
File 132931998146.png - (284.98KB , 600x521 , Mormor14.png )
>> No. 84058
File 132932000781.png - (291.87KB , 1013x649 , Mormor15.png )
>> No. 84059
File 132932003362.jpg - (189.41KB , 728x720 , Mormor16.jpg )
>> No. 84060
File 13293201307.jpg - (346.55KB , 500x667 , Mormor17.jpg )
>> No. 84061
File 132932019417.jpg - (118.37KB , 500x398 , Mormor18.jpg )
>> No. 84062
File 13293203415.jpg - (84.81KB , 500x572 , Mormor19.jpg )
“Where is my mind?” Jim leaned his head against Seb’s chest, his voice airy and sing-song. “Where is my mind? Wh-ere is my m-i-nd?”

“Way out- in the water, see it swimmin,” Sebastian murmured as he held his dying cigarette at the edge of the tub.

Jim suddenly gave a concentrated giggle, his smile soon cracking into a grin as he entered breathless laughter. His shoulders began to shake as Sebastian felt a chuckle on his breath, the two quickly collapsing into a hysterical fit of laughter.

Sebastian made a wonderful Marla Singer.

(Where is my Mind- Pixies)
>> No. 84063
File 13293204062.png - (258.43KB , 1000x920 , Mormor20.png )
>> No. 84064
File 132932043073.jpg - (110.11KB , 1103x1280 , Mormor21.jpg )
>> No. 84065
File 132932047881.png - (399.35KB , 648x769 , Mormor22.png )
I'm in love with this artist.
>> No. 84069
I'ma go all writefag.
I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment so hopefully that'll keep up.
(also working on a set of 'I believe in Sherlock' posters, if anyone gives a fuck. I can post full size if anyone wants em once they're done.)

“Alright people, we have a break in the case, let’s get moving before it goes cold!”

As the main briefing came to a close Lestrade began gathering up his people for a little briefing of his own. Once he had his core group and they were well away from the superintendant Sally spoke up.
“We’re going to go get the Freak aren’t we.” She said with a sigh, making it more a statement than a question.

“Cryptic evidence with an expiration date? You bet that’s where we’re going,” Lestrade replied, “Unless you think you can figure out what the killer is trying to tell us with this?”

Sally glared at him and shook her head, before heading out toward the car park.

“Come on then,” Lestrade said following her out, Anderson, Gregson, and Hopkins trailing in his wake.

The drive to Baker Street passed tensely in Lestrade’s car. Sally was obviously displeased, nothing new there, and Anderson was of course on her side. It didn’t matter how many times he brought Sherlock in on a case, or how many times the man proved himself to be of use. Donovan was always in a huff about it. Granted Sherlock’s constant assertions of superiority didn’t do him any favors with the Yarders. He wished it was possible to convince the man to be friendlier, it would make these types of situations better on everyone. Of course trying to get Sherlock to do a thing he didn’t want was tantamount to moving a mountain with a shovel.

Lestrade pulled himself from his musings as they pulled up in front of Speedy’s. He looked to Sally as they walked over the threshold to 221B, “Try and be civil, yeah? That goes to the rest of you as well,” he said glancing back at the others.

“I will if he does,” Sally snipped, as they climbed the stairs.

As they came up to the door leading into the flat they all became aware of some rather abnormal sounds. Lestrade thought nothing of it; they were in a hurry, time sensitive evidence and all that. As he opened the door the last thing he expected to see was John and Sherlock shagging on the sofa.

Sally’s mouth fell open in shock, Anderson looked like he was frozen in place, Gregson had left immediately and was halfway down the stairs, and Hopkins was blushing like a teen.

Lestrade spared a brief moment of thanks on the fact that John’s back was to them and Sherlock seemed too overcome to have noticed them yet. Then Sherlock made a rather obscene, throaty moan and Lestrade’s attention was brought to the spike of arousal that shot through him at the sound. He hoped Sally didn’t notice his reaction, he’d never hear the end of it
>> No. 84070
“Oh god, John! Ahh-! Unnh, god, fuck!” Sherlock writhed under John, head falling back onto the arm of the sofa as breathy little moans continued to escape him.

He lifted his hips slightly, John moved forward slipping an arm around Sherlock’s waist and pulling him closer, shifting their angle slightly.

Sherlock all but screamed, hips bucking wildly. “There! Fuck, right there!” he gasped.

John took the cue and began thrusting more forcefully, picking up a bit of speed as his climax crept closer. Sherlock was incoherent, moaning in an ever increasing volume and clawing at the sofa as John pressed into him.

“John, John- mmuAahh! John, I’m, Ahh!!” Sherlock threw his head back and his hips forward drawing John as deeply into himself as possible, shaking and shuddering beneath him as his orgasm ripped through him.

“Oh! Yes! Jesus fuck Sherlock!” John gasped, driving into Sherlock with unchecked abandon as his own climax drew closer. “God, how are you still so tight.”

Sally blushed fiercely, and Anderson sweep swiftly down the stairs to join Gregson. Hopkins was trying to snap mobile pictures on the sly. Lestrade was starting to wonder if it was possible for his pants to get any tighter.

John put his all into it, hips snapping roughly, his rhythm faltering as he danced on the cusp of orgasm. Sherlock was writhing and whimpering, body over-sensitized nearly to the point of discomfort, but gods was it good. He loved this part. When John just let go. He wished he could convince the man that this would be acceptable for the entirety of their coupling, but John was always so considerate, worried about hurting him. He only ever let himself go right before he came. And then, with a violent shudder, he did.

A long drawn-out groan escaped as he spilled himself inside Sherlock, constricting muscles milking him for all he had. Sherlock let out a pleased little gasp as John finished and collapsed atop him. They lay panting for a moment before Sherlock began blindly reaching for the box of nicotine patches that were on the coffee table. He knocked them over in his grasping but managed to grab hold of a couple before the box became lost to his reach. He made short work of applying them, letting out a satisfied sigh as the chemical began to work.

He didn’t bother looking up, or even opening his eyes when he addressed Lestrade. “What have you found then?”

“Hmm?” John grumbled.

“Not you. Lestrade.”
>> No. 84071
John jumped slightly at this and turned to look. He blushed a bright scarlet in mortification as he caught sight of the remaining officers. “How long…?” he began before Sherlock cut him off.

“At least the last ten minutes,” he stated, obviously not bothered in the slightest.

“I… Yeah… Right then. I’ll just make some tea,” John sighed shaking his head as he stood, and pulling his pants quickly on.

As he disappeared into the kitchen Sherlock shifted to splay more comfortably over the couch, completely unconcerned by his own continued nudity. “Well?” he asked gazing piercingly at the remaining Yarders.

Sally had turned away at this point and buried her face in her hands to stifle the unexpected giggles that had come on. Lestrade was still shifting uncomfortably hoping in vain that Sherlock hadn’t noticed his arousal. Hopkins stopped trying to be sly about anything and blatantly snapped a pic of Sherlock.

The detective raised an eyebrow at them derisively. “If it would help you to do your job inspector I’d be happy to take care of that for you,” he stated plainly.

Sally started laughing in ernest now and decided to go down and join Anderson for a smoke before she lost it further.

Lestrade let out a rather ineloquent noise of confusion, momentarily unable to form a proper sentence. In the time it took him to compose himself a bit Sherlock had slid off the sofa and dragged himself over, grumbling about the unsteady state of his legs as he went. As Lestrade went to respond he found himself again without words as Sherlock kneeled in front of him and began undoing his trousers.

Hopkins looked like his eyes couldn’t get any larger, and his camera phone hung slackly in his hand as he watched, biting his lip.

Any protests Lestrade had considered flew swiftly out of his mind as Sherlock began lightly mouthing at his rigid member through the cloth of his boxers. By the time he’d slipped it free of the confining material Lestrade found he couldn’t think of a single argument.

As Sherlock slipped the head into his mouth Lestrade let out a moan, a hand moving back to grip at the detective’s messy hair. The sight of those perfect bow lips stretched around his cock was one of the most erotic things he’d ever seen.

As Sherlock started to take Lestrade deeper, bobbing his head smoothly, John stepped out from the kitchen with two mugs of tea. He sighed and shook his head, setting Sherlock’s tea on the table and picking up the spilled box of nicotine patches.

“You,” he said firmly, “are insatiable,” and proceeded to plop down on the sofa with his own tea and a handful of menus.
>> No. 84074
“I’m going to order a take-away. I’m getting you a curry and you’d better eat at least some of it,” he grumbled, flipping through the Indian menu.

Sherlock pulled off of Lestrade, breathing hard, and turned to regard John. “I’m not hungry, and I won’t have time anyway. As soon as I’m done here I’m certain Lestrade will have some groundbreaking news on the case to impart to us.” He went right back to it, not allowing John time for a proper response.

The doctor sighed. “I’m still ordering it,” he said, pulling his mobile out to call the order in.

Sherlock ignored him and put more effort into his attentions on Lestrade, taking him in to the root in an agonizingly slow pace. Lestrade shuddered, gripping the back of Sherlock’s head more tightly, and unconsciously pressing him further forward. Sherlock gagged but made no effort to pull off, and Lestrade couldn’t help the noise that escaped him as Sherlock’s throat spasmed around him.

Sherlock pulled back a minor bit as Lestrade removed his hand, and smiled around the cock in his mouth. He began making a low noise in the back of his throat, and the DI’s hand shot immediately back into place as he groaned loudly.

Hopkins had fallen into the spare chair and had a hand unabashedly down the front of his pants, gasping and bucking his hips as he watched. John’s cock was interested in a round two, but he was still rather worn out from the first go, and settled for casually observing and enjoying the little sparks of arousal that played through his nerves.

Lestrade was swiftly becoming completely undone, Sherlock moving more quickly over his cock, fingers rubbing lightly at his sack. “Sherlock, can I-?” he asked bucking his hips slightly to illustrate his request.

Sherlock pulled off long enough to give him full permission to do whatever he liked before moving hungrily back into place. Lestrade gripped the back of his head tightly and began bucking his hips, forcing himself down Sherlock’s throat.

Sherlock relaxed his muscles as best he could, deep throating Lestrade without much difficulty. He moved a hand back behind himself, fingers running over his still slick entrance before pressing in. He moaned around the cock in his mouth as he began fingering himself shallowly.

John was beginning to feel that perhaps he could go for a round two now. He ended up being beaten to it by Hopkins. He let out a little amused snort. Hopkins had had a crush on Sherlock since before John had ever met him. The man thought it was something of a secret but the entire Yard seemed to know from what John had seen.

Ah well, perhaps he could convince Lestrade to come over for a threesome another day. As a knock sounded from downstairs he decided it was for the best as the food was now here, and he really was quite hungry. He grabbed his wallet and headed down, giving Hopkins a wink as he passed.

He paid for the food and gave a still shocked Sally, Anderson, and Gregson a friendly nod as he headed back.

“Umm, is it… safe to come back up then?” Gregson ventured to ask.

John considered the situation he had walked out on, and then contemplated the kind of person he was. He decided that he likely wasn’t the best of people, but that it would be quite amusing, and completely worth it. “Yup, all clear,” he said pleasantly heading back inside with the take away and trying to stifle a laugh.
>> No. 84097

I could actually feel my cheeks getting hot as I read this. You are fantastic and I love you.
>> No. 84102
Thank you. I'm a million kinds of happy now. Compliments are like drugs.
It's going a bit slower now, but I'll definitely finish tomorrow.

As they went back up John forced himself to keep a straight face. The door to the flat opened up on quite a scene, and the shock from the officers following him was indeed quite worth it.

Sherlock was sucking Lestrade like it was a job he took pride in, as the man bucked and pulled at his hair. He had moved slightly to accommodate Hopkins who was thrusting into him wildly, completely unaware of anything going on around him.

John patted Sherlock’s shoulder as he passed by, moving to sit heavily on the couch with the takeaway bag. He pulled out his order and laughed at the looks of utter shock the three police in the doorway were bestowing upon their fellows.

“Sir?” Sally asked, her voice a pitch higher than usual.

Lestrade did the wise thing and ignored her, damned if he was going to stop now.
>> No. 84142
File 132942623062.png - (1.07MB , 582x884 , Fingers.png )
Oh my. Yus.
>> No. 84149
Sorry this took so long. I had classes and a concept art piece to work on. And then I ended up having to write all this while my friend listened to Patton Oswald and we both laughed uncontrollably. Damn him. And damn Patton Oswald, I nearly choked on soda. Anyway, if this last bit is less than stellar then blame comedy.

Anderson made a strangled noise and turned away, not sure what to think of what he was witnessing. Gregson shot John a dirty look before heading steadfastly back downstairs to wait in the car.

Hopkins was getting close and from the sound of it Lestrade wasn’t far off either, both moving more franticly. Sherlock was rather enjoying himself, rocking between the two of them. He’d have to remember to ask John about his opinions on group sex.

Sally had to admit, it wasn’t a bad show. Still, bit weird seeing people you knew shagging, especially when you’d been fairly certain one of them was straight, and another didn’t much care for sex at all. She glanced back to see if she could get Anderson’s take on this odd situation but he was gone again. Understandable, she decided, probably gone to join Gregson. She ended up heading back down as well, still not all that comfortable with the situation. She’d have to have words with Lestrade after this.

Lestrade came first, gripping at the back of Sherlock’s head and pulling him away. Sherlock kept his mouth open fully, saliva smeared around bruised lips, and tilted his head back in expectation. Cum splashed hotly across his face, and he licked at it as he pressed back onto Hopkins, whose thrusts were growing more erratic by the moment.

Lestrade managed to move over and collapse onto the couch next to John, panting and wobbly. “Hope you don’t mind the, ah…”
John laughed, “Even if I did I don’t think that would stop him.
Actually,” he said with a grin, “I wouldn’t mind you coming over for more of something like this, if you’d like.”

Lestrade seemed a bit surprised by John’s comment, but took it in stride. “That sounds brilliant,” he said pleasantly.

Back in the center of the room Sherlock was panting and moaning, head resting heavily on his arms, as Hopkins thrust with no semblance of anything even close to a rhythm.

“Oh, oooh, yeeees, Unngf,” Hopkins jerked his hips a handful more times before adding to the slippery mess inside Sherlock’s well used hole.

He pulled out gasping and shaking and lay against Sherlock for a moment before moving back to lie in a boneless heap on the chair he had previously occupied.

Sherlock rolled over onto his back, legs spread obscenely, and began pumping his cock. Hopkins got up the strength to pull his camera phone back out and began taking video. He was going to have masturbatory material for ages.

John stroked himself casually towards a second climax as he watched Sherlock buck and gasp on the floor. He was slightly surprised when he felt a second hand on his cock. Lestrade was tired but more than willing to give a hand, and also quite interested in the idea of future sex at Baker Street.

Sherlock smiled faintly at the show taking place on the couch, and endeavored to improve his own performance to help John along. He continued touching himself, but moved a hand up to his lips, running a finger through the cum on his face before dragging it into his mouth and sucking obscenely.

John was getting close more rapidly than he had expected, due to the unexpected hand on his cock and the sight of an utterly debauched Sherlock on the floor. Sherlock continued, cock moving smoothly through his hand, as he neared his second orgasm of the evening. It had been so wonderful being pinned between the two men, though he wished it could have been John inside him rather than Hopkins. The officer wasn’t bad, but he certainly lacked the skill that John had. He really hoped that Lestrade would be up for coming back around in future.

When he came it was with startling force, and his vision went white for a moment before he collapsed back onto the floor. He lay for a moment, mind starkly blank, before his senses fully returned. He looked over just in time to see John cumming, knuckles white as he gripped the couch and Lestrade’s thigh, the inspector pumping him until he was empty.

“Well,” Sherlock said with a grin, “I think this may be the most interesting start to a case I’ve ever had.”
>> No. 84157
File 132952857423.gif - (331.82KB , 500x200 , tumblr_lzgtvzCf221r0iaruo1_500.gif )
>> No. 84207
By any random chance...are there Watson and Sebastian stuff??
>> No. 84315
Here you go.
>> No. 84321
File 13296772648.jpg - (23.24KB , 491x565 , 1cucumbersnatch.jpg )
Thanks much.
>> No. 84322
File 132967740559.jpg - (107.67KB , 571x639 , IMG_0465.jpg )
>> No. 84331
File 132969031133.gif - (6.37MB , 862x500 , kiss_animation_monochrome_by_br0_harry-d4q9kvu.gif )
>> No. 84332
File 132969043036.gif - (608.83KB , 250x145 , kiss_animation_by_br0_harry-d4q9dbb.gif )
and a little tiny pocket version
>> No. 84475
File 133043987839.png - (349.78KB , 706x378 , nan_art.png )
>> No. 84484
File 133059226886.jpg - (188.56KB , 404x650 , tumblr_lzdavy9KqB1qjiwx5o1_500.jpg )
Anyone read the Chameleon fic everyone's talking about? (pic related)


It was tricky and confusing and weird as fuck... yet I couldn't stop reading it.
>> No. 84489


Thanks for the rec! I'm not familiar with Sentinel at all, so I tend to avoid those AUs. So I accidentally am kind of familiar now haha.
>> No. 84490

Yeah, I had to do a LOT of googling before I was into the swing of it.
>> No. 84497
File 133071007840.png - (53.67KB , 383x900 , I'm Here.png )
6 years ago I too started reading Sentinel fic without watching a single episode, (watched them only 3 years ago)

some googling and mainlining fic helped to clear things up, though for some time fanon and canon were mashed together for me

this fandom has this meta quality that can be applied to practically any other fandom, producing a huge amount of crossovers, AUs and fusions

for more just google 852 prospect

(also have some angst)
>> No. 84521
So have you guys heard that Cumberbatch might be playing The Master? Words can't explain my excitement. :D
I'd rather he end up as 12 but Moffat seems dead set on keeping 11 around a while longer...
Only problem I can see is that the Master is typically a bit on the short side and Benedict is most certainly not short.
>> No. 84570
File 133093047013.png - (256.32KB , 666x607 , 2012 03 05 pin up.png )
uh here
>> No. 84644
File 133142324079.png - (84.07KB , 935x484 , Johnlock-non-con.png )
topping from the bottom
>> No. 84651
Moar like this? I like me some pushy-bottom!Sherlock.
>> No. 84652
File 133150576174.jpg - (76.22KB , 500x359 , sherlock-tumblr-is-such-a-bad-influence-to-me.jpg )
As far as pushy!bottom!Sherlock goes, Sexlock did a couple good arts
>> No. 84655
Ahh, I do love Sexlock's arts.
>> No. 84699
File 133196812973.jpg - (435.31KB , 898x1171 , page5.jpg )
Where is the rest of this intriguing comic?

ALSO: Could anyone recommend me some super long BBC Sherlock fic? Pah-lease?
>> No. 84725

there isn't much more, but http://winterssolace.tolkienfanart.com/
>> No. 85483
File 133419396576.jpg - (423.74KB , 700x880 , sherlock__take_my_hand_by_sweetlittlekitty-d4qv5zk.jpg )
>> No. 85484
File 13341940393.jpg - (705.24KB , 641x900 , sherlock__stop_his_heart_by_sweetlittlekitty-d4t9g.jpg )
>> No. 85488
File 133419707616.jpg - (807.79KB , 739x850 , sherlock__hurt_him_to_save_him_by_sweetlittlekitty.jpg )
>> No. 85573
That is a baseless rumour.
>> No. 85605
File 133452471589.png - (102.29KB , 388x548 , 2012 04 14 smuts.png )
>> No. 85805

Have you read wordstrings' Paradox Series? http://wordstrings.livejournal.com/2753.html
>> No. 85806

Have you read wordstrings' Paradox Series? http://wordstrings.livejournal.com/2753.html
>> No. 86020
File 133549639717.png - (73.29KB , 500x432 , tumblr_lzftcchewo1qd9vomo1_500.png )
Sebastian and Moriarty. Wish I knew the sauce, but it was sent to me on chat.

The video from John's blog 16 …youtube thumb
>> No. 86026
so much hot moriarty/moran art
>> No. 86150
File 133573779340.png - (246.40KB , 500x589 , tumblr_lyrjec7PhR1qd9vomo1_r2_500.png )
Sauce is Anon above link.
>> No. 86151
File 133573797351.jpg - (47.19KB , 500x667 , 13293201307.jpg )
Sauce anyone?
>> No. 86153
File 133574348638.jpg - (23.19KB , 500x500 , tumblr_lzjzfhkzRs1qh3hbao1_500.jpg )
>> No. 86154
File 133574353555.jpg - (19.21KB , 500x446 , tumblr_lyvtbtvqvc1qg2c21o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 86186
File 133579984898.jpg - (291.89KB , 706x415 , tumblr_m362azvY1i1qfbwxao1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 86187
the nicotine patches!
>> No. 86480
File 133653775454.jpg - (269.44KB , 653x600 , 1084042.jpg )
Never really paid attention to this pairing until I found out how cute they really are together <3

Not Alone (John/Sherlock) - Sh…youtube thumb
>> No. 86643
File 133705750147.jpg - (135.78KB , 881x907 , sherlock_bbc___touch_by_vadeg-d4uw6t7.jpg )
This thread needs more attention.
>> No. 86644
File 133705786079.jpg - (117.04KB , 900x723 , sherlock_bbc___the_backseat_of_my_car_by_vadeg-d4w.jpg )
>> No. 86645
File 133706005722.jpg - (139.80KB , 900x792 , sherlock_bbc___moriarty_x_sherlock_by_vadeg-d4pvv6.jpg )
>> No. 86656
File 133709891691.jpg - (175.76KB , 900x1230 , sherlock_bbc___sherlock_x_john_2_by_vadeg-d4qnplh.jpg )
>> No. 86657
I love all the shirtless John pics the BBC fandom has created! However, I always feel like there's something missing, and I finally figured out what it is: John is almost never depicted as having a bullet wound on his left shoulder.
>> No. 86780
File 133766807759.jpg - (69.29KB , 500x387 , tumblr_lmzegyW1R01qkona7o1_500.jpg )
Yeah it kinda bugs me too... :(

I like his scar. I also don't like when they draw the boys too muscled or thin... I like my Sherlock to look lanky and my Watson to have a bit of chub on him, but ah well. I feel blessed to be into a show with such a talented fanbase. Seriously, all the art is so amazing.
>> No. 86781
File 133766831888.jpg - (355.13KB , 700x460 , tumblr_lqoygr4kzS1qkona7o1_r1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 86799
File 133773944373.gif - (742.91KB , 400x438 , tumblr_m4fox8Ax8e1qhltrxo1_400.gif )
This totally counts as porn
>> No. 86830
File 133796688944.jpg - (66.49KB , 586x698 , Fishik - SHxJW.jpg )
I have a pic dump for you!

>> No. 86831
File 133796693254.jpg - (59.78KB , 590x693 , Fishik - MoranMoriarty.jpg )
>> No. 86832
File 133796696884.jpg - (55.48KB , 620x659 , Fishik - WatsonHolmes.jpg )
>> No. 86833
File 133796712995.jpg - (44.03KB , 400x574 , Frog - Sherlock Cumberface.jpg )
>> No. 86834
File 133796733832.jpg - (59.12KB , 572x715 , garikaliev - Keep You Close_png.jpg )
>> No. 86835
File 133796797477.jpg - (49.30KB , 630x649 , Lucetta - Johhnnnnn_png.jpg )
>> No. 86836
File 133796806058.jpg - (47.24KB , 394x1037 , Lucetta - Kisses for Sherlock_png.jpg )
>> No. 86837
File 133796813772.jpg - (61.25KB , 441x927 , Lucetta - More Sherlock_png.jpg )
>> No. 86838
File 133796832382.jpg - (89.12KB , 518x789 , Lucetta - Sherlock again.jpg )
>> No. 86839
File 133796835729.jpg - (65.64KB , 636x643 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Blinded.jpg )
>> No. 86840
File 133796839370.jpg - (52.71KB , 261x750 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Can't sleep.jpg )
>> No. 86841
File 133796842055.jpg - (64.31KB , 622x658 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Friday i'm in lov.jpg )
>> No. 86842
File 133796844582.jpg - (69.56KB , 755x541 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Good night John.jpg )
>> No. 86843
File 13379684732.jpg - (51.45KB , 656x624 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - I need you 02.jpg )
>> No. 86844
File 133796850650.jpg - (90.44KB , 795x514 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - I want to hold your ha.jpg )
>> No. 86845
File 133796854295.jpg - (54.07KB , 555x737 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - I'm back for you .jpg )
>> No. 86846
File 133796857069.jpg - (52.83KB , 555x737 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - I'm back for you .jpg )
>> No. 86847
File 13379686038.jpg - (59.43KB , 675x606 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Knees.jpg )
>> No. 86848
File 133796862752.jpg - (63.98KB , 495x827 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - morning.jpg )
>> No. 86849
File 13379686522.jpg - (49.59KB , 500x490 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Let me kiss you.jpg )
>> No. 86850
File 133796868320.jpg - (70.13KB , 545x751 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Nevermind.jpg )
>> No. 86851
File 133796872833.jpg - (42.39KB , 500x606 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Now i wanna be your do.jpg )
>> No. 86852
File 133796876341.jpg - (69.76KB , 585x699 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Opium.jpg )
>> No. 86853
File 133796879922.jpg - (60.51KB , 762x536 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Silence.jpg )
>> No. 86854
File 133796883589.jpg - (32.25KB , 500x295 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Spring's coming.jpg )
>> No. 86855
File 133796886676.jpg - (58.67KB , 570x718 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Sweet.jpg )
>> No. 86856
File 13379688965.jpg - (77.53KB , 714x573 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - The Backseat of my Car.jpg )
>> No. 86857
File 133796892576.jpg - (60.94KB , 698x586 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - The first kiss.jpg )
>> No. 86858
File 133796895439.jpg - (49.12KB , 661x619 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - The Ghost.jpg )
>> No. 86859
File 13379689869.jpg - (39.13KB , 556x736 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - The Last Dance.jpg )
>> No. 86860
File 133796901272.jpg - (63.37KB , 631x649 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Touch.jpg )
>> No. 86861
File 133796904354.jpg - (62.59KB , 819x499 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Trapped.jpg )
>> No. 86862
File 133796907243.jpg - (59.63KB , 751x544 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC - Wine.jpg )
>> No. 86863
File 13379691032.jpg - (61.08KB , 987x414 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC 6.jpg )
>> No. 86864
File 133796913410.jpg - (41.62KB , 676x605 , maXKennedy - Sherlock BBC.jpg )
>> No. 86865
File 133796917235.jpg - (59.56KB , 654x625 , maXKennedy - Sherlock X John.jpg )
>> No. 86866
File 133796920330.jpg - (63.92KB , 499x819 , no1fanmcr - Animal_png.jpg )
>> No. 86867
File 133796923797.jpg - (45.94KB , 522x784 , no1fanmcr - No Sheet Sherlock_png.jpg )
>> No. 86868
File 133796927812.jpg - (50.27KB , 1102x371 , no1fanmcr - What happens in 221B stays in 221B_png.jpg )
>> No. 86869
File 133796930825.jpg - (38.23KB , 715x572 , SomethingWeird - Still Point_png.jpg )
>> No. 86870
File 133796933195.jpg - (34.23KB , 487x839 , TheBombardier - sitting in chairs_png.jpg )
>> No. 86871
File 133796937822.jpg - (68.70KB , 414x988 , TwistedAngel - Blowing Your Mind.jpg )
>> No. 86872
File 133796944092.gif - (558.76KB , 495x495 , TwistedAngel - Refreshment.gif )
>> No. 86891
File 133816718240.png - (430.32KB , 900x1421 , sharing_a_scarf_by_glamourkat-d514jk8.png )
>> No. 86892
File 133816957316.png - (238.94KB , 518x523 , boooreedd_by_loneyqua-d51c0my.png )
>> No. 86915
File 133836329392.jpg - (164.34KB , 894x894 , sherlock__student_teacher_by_lascaux-d51bbgn.jpg )
>> No. 86954
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone's got a copy of wakeneve's fanfic "Meet Me Inside" or her other works that they'd like to share? Her account on AO3 has been purged for some reason, and I really want to read them because of how many recs they've been getting. The internet archive isn't picking up anything either. Please help!
>> No. 86955
Seconding this request. Her LJ says apparently people have been copying her work from AO3 but if they have, they've hidden it well. Can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 86985
Does anyone have this mini comic about John visiting Sherlock's grave, Sherlock watching over him and the narrator is talking to us about how life is important or something?
>> No. 87008
File 133877227168.jpg - (171.24KB , 679x850 , john_grab_my____by_yiji-d4x6jaj.jpg )
>> No. 87062
It's always strange that everytime I look at Sherlock porn art there is a ton of bottom!Sherlock and not as much bottom!John.
>> No. 87950
Endlessly agreed.

More Bottom!John would be loved.
>> No. 87959
File 134231554491.jpg - (256.71KB , 667x1000 , sherlock__who_is_gumby__by_lascaux-d4tpphb.jpg )
oops, I posted 3 new pics in the autosaged thread if anyone is interested.
>> No. 87960
File 134231561138.jpg - (467.11KB , 500x2000 , sherlock__who_is_gumby__p2_by_lascaux-d4tppn7.jpg )
>> No. 87961
File 134231568397.jpg - (643.42KB , 600x1952 , sherlock__who_is_gumby__p3_by_lascaux-d4tqskv.jpg )
>> No. 87965
File 134232733195.jpg - (170.21KB , 459x700 , tumblr_lre7oc4dc41qiu5yy.jpg )
oh god that last panel

I have been reliably informed that this is very similar to what it's like to share a bed with me. Complete with bizarre sleep-talking.

I once woke up shouting "I don't have a cloaca."

(this drawing by reapersun is kinda old and I don't know if it's been posted before, but it's adorable.)
>> No. 88017
A big bump for justice.
>> No. 88820
File 134554676175.jpg - (173.80KB , 600x700 , tumblr_m2l7b9lZ141rtlufao1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 88821
File 134554699424.jpg - (319.00KB , 1280x1029 , tumblr_m7gn1o44fT1r5deedo1_r2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 88822
File 134554705483.jpg - (191.11KB , 600x847 , tumblr_m13aemqYEy1r27qquo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 88833
Probably old news, but in case anyone's missed it...


sexlock/reapersun collab comic
>> No. 90828
File 135718364178.jpg - (178.40KB , 800x583 , johnlockkkkk.jpg )
>> No. 90939

Does anyone know who drew these? Link maybe? Thanks!
>> No. 91346
is this thread autosaging yet?
>> No. 91347
File 136367128621.jpg - (195.40KB , 437x612 , tumblr_m5zektpKd01qjiwx5o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91348
File 136367135885.jpg - (176.76KB , 437x612 , tumblr_m5zemaIbTg1qjiwx5o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91349
File 136367141174.jpg - (159.93KB , 437x612 , tumblr_m5zenmfiN61qjiwx5o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91350
File 136367148366.jpg - (168.06KB , 437x612 , tumblr_m5zep5mYWh1qjiwx5o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91351
File 136367153789.jpg - (172.76KB , 437x612 , tumblr_m5zer6c2kU1qjiwx5o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91352
File 13636716314.jpg - (157.79KB , 437x612 , tumblr_m5zes8vOLt1qjiwx5o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91353
File 136367175158.jpg - (175.73KB , 387x500 , tumblr_m7yjnuHMUE1qjiwx5o1_400.jpg )
>> No. 91354
File 136367184111.jpg - (92.84KB , 500x387 , tumblr_m8oug9UgC71qjiwx5o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91355
File 13636719074.jpg - (166.28KB , 476x600 , tumblr_m9eswlLkHG1qjiwx5o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 91356
File 13636719729.jpg - (165.47KB , 500x586 , tumblr_m9fy3wOVbG1qkona7o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 92526
File 137734089142.jpg - (369.11KB , 735x1137 , tumblr_misuexhWPy1qfbwxao1_r3_1280.jpg )
>> No. 92527
File 137734109463.jpg - (456.95KB , 841x540 , tumblr_mplej9QuOo1qfbwxao1_r3_1280.jpg )
>> No. 92528
File 137734138339.jpg - (360.77KB , 800x456 , tumblr_mqm4gbSLsi1qfbwxao1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 92529
File 137734147667.jpg - (302.44KB , 650x560 , tumblr_mqykv6d8ZP1qfbwxao1_r4_1280.jpg )
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