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File 132522580491.png - (167.79KB , 500x549 , pollum.png )
82468 No. 82468
Old thread here:
Have some sock porn
I mean Tintin porn.
...he's wearing garters
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>> No. 82477
File 132525158278.png - (217.18KB , 766x600 , 23705802_p5.png )
>> No. 82478
File 13252517672.jpg - (361.76KB , 600x480 , 23983194_m.jpg )
I never though we'd manage to get to a second thread you guys are the absolute best.
>> No. 82481
File 132526235770.png - (74.28KB , 228x130 , TintinKilt.png )
That picture from the comic has so much potential
>> No. 82483
File 132526547419.png - (69.03KB , 163x172 , Tintincomic.png )
Sometimes Tintin´s ass by Hergé can be better than some drawings *grins*
>> No. 82497
File 132528078574.jpg - (127.51KB , 645x657 , 23560311_p0.jpg )
Oh boy that Kilt left a huge impressions on us all didn't it ?
>> No. 82498
>>82497 You can bet it did!
>> No. 82502

D'awww. He looks very Professor Layton-y there.

>> No. 82503
I drew a really bad rendition of Layton-verse Tintin and Haddock awhile ago

If I fix it I'll post it here
>> No. 82512
Teesside Tintin 56youtube thumb
>> No. 82513
File 132531973365.jpg - (43.35KB , 500x238 , tumblr_lx25liilTx1qedutlo2_500.jpg )
>> No. 82520
File 132533292266.png - (189.91KB , 612x660 , 23705802_p8.png )
unf unf you are my favoutite drawfriend
>> No. 82521
File 132533316619.jpg - (161.73KB , 500x667 , tumblr_lvu563wM671r3alfa.jpg )
Sorry , I blame the arousal.
>> No. 82523
Hnnnng. Makes me want fic where Tintin is a gangster and Haddock's a smuggler who helps him.
>> No. 82524
File 132533871876.jpg - (80.79KB , 923x600 , kkkzzz2.jpg )
happy new year!
>> No. 82531
File 132534919617.gif - (498.46KB , 400x305 , tumblr_lwb8cqTvG81qe22bpo1_400.gif )
>>82513 ^^ *__* wow

>>82524 Happy New year and I hope you continue with the good work! You´re the God of that thread Drawfag! *nosebleed* That "mon amour" drives me crazy! Oh the romantic language...
>> No. 82534
File 132535239348.jpg - (106.93KB , 500x619 , tumblr_lwmmmkCTra1qceqh0o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 82535
File 132535504173.gif - (41.76KB , 400x434 , tumblr_lv9kv0hwwR1r6cryyo1_400.gif )
>> No. 82536
File 132535735889.gif - (492.22KB , 340x252 , tumblr_lwgo4fqUSW1qbcfhm.gif )
My fucking God I have to watch the show again.
>> No. 82541
Okay, just came back from watching the movie. The movie itself was glorious, make no mistake, and I'm already looking forward to the second one. Also, I can't even describe the look on mfw Thompson and Thomson (aka Pegg & Frost) made a bloody Hot Fuzz reference to Tintin; I had to keep from laughing too loudly in the theater, since there were little kids everywhere, who were hyper-aware of what was going on around them in the audience.

As for Tintin/Haddock...well, my slash goggles were firmly in place (as usual, I can rarely pry them off anymore), and I'm a bit underwhelmed, to be perfectly honest. Oh, there were scenes that sent my inner slash fangirl all a-twitter, to be sure, but from the fuss that was made in the last thread, I was expecting more....well, just more. That end scene did set up some grand possibilities, though.
>> No. 82542
Wait have you read any of the comics. Or watched the cartoon.
Cause the pairing is more evident in there.
>> No. 82543
I have watched the cartoon, and it is truly marvelous in the slashiness of it, but did not have access to the comics due to location of childhood (backwater hickville with tiny library and sad selection of comics). I was just commenting on the movie.
>> No. 82550
File 132542338749.png - (44.79KB , 288x288 , 23634874_m.png )
What a lovely review.
And get the comics , it's more that worth it ( try [rs] )

Also , 2012 is the year i discovered other people were into Tintin/Haddock ,so it's already the best year ever.
Happy new year Tintinbros !
>> No. 82557
File 132544313279.jpg - (25.06KB , 500x404 , tintin rorooro.jpg )
If we're posting "hottie Tintin" in addition to "soaked from all the fluids Tintin", I've always loved this picture.

I like it when someone goes outside the Herge style a little bit, and Tintin strikes me as the type of run around Marlinspike's grounds barefoot in his spare time, causing nosebleeds for all the gardening staff.
>> No. 82559
>>82536 Tintin´s legs are thicker in the cartoon than the comics :p

Someone made a request on Tintin kink meme with a Haddock/Tintin/Skut...with double penetration :p wow
>> No. 82560

holy blistering barnacles, that kinkmeme request is hot. i really hope someone'll write this.
>> No. 82561
>>82560 You could make a drawing of that :P
>> No. 82562
I want that so hard.
>> No. 82564
>>82560 Hey please draw me a picture of Haddock taking Tintin´s temperature :P
>> No. 82578
File 132551123848.png - (187.64KB , 500x370 , tumblr_lx64spkodl1qzgaceo1_r1_500.png )

source http://ecoliers.tumblr.com/
>> No. 82580
>>82578 *___* So beautiful!!
>> No. 82583
Idea won't leave me alone, thanks to the many pics of young!Haddock. Also, I saw a pic of Tintin having a "why boner?" moment, but I can't find it anymore.

Things had been rather quiet lately. Tintin hadn't uncovered anything that required travel around the globe, so he was staying at Marlinspike at the behest of the Captain. Tintin didn't mind; although he enjoyed his flat very much, the grounds of the Hall gave Snowy ample room to run about as he pleased without possibly breaking anything, and being near his friends to spend the day with them was always a pleasant experience.

The Captain himself had found several old journals belonging to Sir Francis and other ancestors, and was pouring over them in the library, though he would take breaks to eat, sleep and talk to whomever came into the library to talk to him. Professor Calculus was working on something, though he said it was more of a gift for the Captain letting him stay at the Hall rather than to get his name in yet another scientific journal. Nestor was taking his cues from Tintin on when lunch and dinner should be served, since getting both the Captain and the Professor away from their projects took a bit of cajoling and general promises that they wouldn't make headway with empty stomachs.

The peace lasted an entire week. Tintin had been helping Haddock put brightly colored pins in a large map they'd put up on a length of cork board, tracking the sailing paths of several ancestors at once. Professor Calculus had stormed into the library in a flurry of hand-waving, holding two stoppered vials, and shouting his discovery.

"I've got it, I've got it!" Calculus held up the vials in triumph. "My present to you, dear Captain!"

"What is it, Professor?" Tintin looked at the vials, noting with some concern that the fluid contained within didn't seem to be holding to one color, but rather seemed to swirl about within its confines.

"I've found a way to regenerate damaged tissue!" Calculus brandished the vial, holding it out to Haddock. "All those years of drinking, they aren't good for your innards, Captain. Drink these, and you'll be the Master of Marlinspike for a few extra decades, I guarantee it!"

"You...you did this for me?" Captain said quietly, looking at the vials.

"What? No, I don't have to use the facilities at this time, but thank you for your concern," Calculus gave Haddock the vials. "Take one now, and the second after lunch. By tomorrow morning, you'll feel like a new man!"

"Well, I...thank you, my friend!" Haddock boomed so Calculus could hear him, and clapped him on the shoulder. Unstopping one vial, he tossed it back with the same efficiency he did with his whisky. "Whoo! Quite a kick to it!"

"Professor, did you test this...medicine?" Tintin asked, turning Calculus around so that the older man could read his lips.

"Yes, yes, all the animals have come out just fine, with quite a spring in their step too," Calculus smiled. "I even tested it on myself yesterday; only a quarter-dose, of course, since I have already lived rather healthfully, and I do feel a positive effect. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go run some errands."

The Professor left the library, and Haddock clapped a hand on Tintin's shoulder as the younger man frowned.

"What's wrong, lad? Professor's just handed me a fantastic gift that'll make sure I stick around for more of your adventures in intrigue."

"Did you notice anything different about Professor Calculus?" Tintin asked quietly.

"No, why?"

"His hair is darker than it was yesterday," Tintin replied, "and all those wrinkles by his eyes are gone."

"Well, he did say he dosed himself," Haddock looked at the remaining vial before dropping it into his pocket, "and I could do with a few less wrinkles myself. Come on then, let's get the rest of this course charted, and then we'll walk about the grounds with Snowy."

Tintin nodded, and what concern he had about the medicine Calculus had made only spiked once more during lunch when Haddock tossed back the second vial, but after carefully observing the Captain and seeing no immediate ill effects, relaxed. Maybe the Professor had come across something revolutionary; after all, he was trying to help a friend live quite a bit longer, and that couldn't result in anything bad, could it?

Tintin got his answer the next morning, when Haddock decided to rouse everybody up with a colorful tirade.

"Billions of blistering blue barnacles! Calculus, you old goat, what did you do to me?!"

Tintin opened his bedroom door to find Haddock stalking down the hall, only dressed in pants...and looking about twenty years younger; no beard, no wrinkles and only the slightest tinge of red on his nose from drinking. No tattoos yet, though his chest was really well defined...

'Wait, what?' the young reporter thought, deliberately looking away from his friend...then down at himself. His usual morning arousal had waned when he'd heard the shouting, but was back full force again. 'But why? The Captain is a friend.' Tintin looked up at Haddock again, and felt his arousal twitch. 'No no no no no, it's the Captain, he's your friend, stop staring stop starting stop-'

"Tintin! Sorry to wake you," Haddock noticed his friend through the partially opened door. Rubbing his neck and grinning, he took a step towards the young man. "Seems you were right to be worried about whatever blasted concoction Calculus gave me."

"Well, to be fair, Captain, you do look like a new man and will be able to be Master of Marlinspike for a few extra decades, as Professor promised," Tintin felt himself blushing. "I'll help you look for him, just...let me get dressed."

"Why are you looking when I'm right - heavens, Captain, is that you?!" Calculus had opened his bedroom door and took in the sight before him. "That didn't happen with any of the animals."

"Just a second," Tintin looked at Calculus, then put a hand in front of his own mouth and said in a soft tone, "Professor, can you hear me?"

"Of course I can hear you, dear boy," Calculus frowned. "Why are you covering your mouth?"

"So you're no longer 'slightly deaf in one ear'?" Haddock looked at Calculus, then to Tintin. "Covered your mouth so he couldn't read your lips, spoke softly, and now he can hear just fine on a quarter dose. Thundering typhoons, I took a whole dose, no wonder I look like this."

"Didn't you look like this 20 years ago?" Tintin asked.

"It was a double-dose," Calculus corrected.

"WHAT?" Haddock turned back to Calculus. "WHY?!"

"Well, I calculated that by how much you drank, all your organs were practically pickled, and in order to restore them to a better-functioning state, you would need a double dose," Calculus replied. "I double-dosed a few rats and mice, and nothing like this happened."

"Have you checked on them recently?" Tintin couldn't take his eyes off of Haddock. "Also, Captain, where did your tattoos go?"

"There was ink all over my bedsheets and bedclothes this morning," Haddock sighed. "Nestor is going to have a fit when he sees them."

"He may have a fit when he sees you," Tintin couldn't help it, he snickered. "I'm going to get dressed. If Nestor faints, I'll cook breakfast in his stead." Tintin closed the door and leaned against it, sighing. He'd thankfully only been visible from about the waist up because of the door. His stupid, stupid morning erection was still there and calling for attention. 'You are going to get me in trouble if you keep getting up over the Captain,' Tintin thought sternly as he stripped down and walked to his bathroom to conduct his morning ablutions. His cock did nothing but bob against his stomach, waiting for attention, which he finally gave after a moment, wanking quickly and steadfastly trying to ignore the fact that every time he closed his eyes, Haddock's youthful frame popped up to assault his senses. Cleaning up after finding his release and dressing, Tintin made his way to the dining room, finding Calculus and Haddock sitting there, and Haddock was blushing.

"Nestor wants to take me out shopping, says my clothes don't fit my new image anymore," Haddock said by way of greeting. He was wearing his blue sweater, and to be fair, it did look a bit baggy on him.

"Well, you are a multi-millionaire, and now you look young," Calculus smiled. "Think of all the ladies you'll be fighting off the advances of, you lucky man!"

"No thanks," Haddock pulled a face, then winked conspiratorially at Tintin before continuing with Calculus. "I'm not exactly the marrying type...though if you take some more of that medicine you made for me, I could pass off all the women on to you. After all, who wouldn't want an internationally known and respected scientist for a husband?"

"Hmmm, something to consider," Calculus nodded. Tintin had to stifle a chuckle as Haddock winked at him again.

"You breakfast, sirs," Nestor glided in, carrying a large tray with various plates of eggs, sausages and fruits.
>> No. 82588
File 132553747473.jpg - (426.35KB , 250x7874 , 24016078_big_p1.jpg )
>> No. 82589

Whoever had drawn it please post more! I love the Hergé´s Tintin expression with the rest :P
>> No. 82590
>>82583 Thanks, I loved it. Please continue! ^^
>> No. 82591
File 132554367266.png - (42.37KB , 249x495 , tintinsnapreaction.png )
Greatest reaction image ever or greatest reaction image ever?

Words can't describe how much I love this comic, thanks for sharing, anon!
>> No. 82593
File 132554704894.jpg - (198.92KB , 550x639 , tumblr_lx5wmrYTyk1qedutl.jpg )
More Blue Lotus stuff from The Young Doyler - acertainpavane.tumblr.com
>> No. 82595

Tintin was questioning his sanity as he sat under the shade of a tree in the Marlinspike Hall gardens. It had been five days since Captain Haddock had woken up with his regenerated body, and Tintin was pretty sure his friend had been flirting with him ever since.

The breakfast had gone well enough, but coming back from shopping Haddock had a few finely tailored suits as well as clothes that showed off his more virile frame. Haddock had grinned at him and winked, and Tintin had realized he'd been ogling his friend. He'd tried to keep himself in check, but Captain had other ideas, wearing short-sleeves or rolling up his long-sleeved shirts so his muscular forearms showed, and leaving the top two buttons of his shirts constantly undone. It was practically indecent...but Tintin couldn't seem to keep his eyes to himself.

Professor Calculus was no help, either; the man had checked the mice and rats that had taken the double-dose, only to find them in perfect health and not noticeably younger looking on the outside. Thinking that the original state of the Captain's body was to blame, Calculus took a full dose, only to awake the next morning with a full head of hair and his beard missing. He'd been out for three days wooing various ladies, and hadn't been seen except when he'd creep in for breakfast and some sleep in the early morning.

Nestor had seemed to be the only person in the Hall who had retained his sanity, though he was rather put out by the tattoo ink on the bed linens, claiming he'd have to throw them out along with the clothes Haddock had worn to bed that night. Nestor was, however, absurdly proud of himself for getting the Captain to agree to a new wardrobe, and seemed to take relish in getting his master into a new set of clothes every day.

"Something not to your liking on your mind, Tintin?" Haddock's voice broke Tintin out of his thoughts. The Captain held up a weathered looking journal. "I have something that might bring a smile back to your freckled face. Take a look."

Tintin took the journal and flipped it open to the page marker as Haddock made himself comfortable next to him. What the young man wasn't prepared for was Haddock's arm around his shoulders, pulling him close as the older man used his free hand to point out a couple of peculiar passages.

"I was lookin' through this journal, from my great-uncle, and I found something odd about this page here," Haddock smiled at the blush on Tintin's cheeks at their proximity. Oh, he knew quite well what he was doing to the lad, and he had every intention of enjoying being young again with the reporter. Looking back at the page, he flipped the page forward, so the entry prior was visible. "Now, with journals this old, there's usually a bit of bleed-through with the pen. You can see that this entry has spots from the entry before it, and so on. But this page I put the marker on, there's no spotting. There's a map that was tucked into the back," Haddock produced the map and opened it only a few folds, "and the spotting is there instead. But look at what it's done to the map."

"It...it's not as spotty as the pages before it," Tintin looked from the journal to the map to Haddock. "Your great-uncle left you a map to something that has...seven different locations for you to look at?"

"Aye, and all these places are relatively shallow water; no need for the Professor's fancy submarine," Haddock smiled wider. "The unspotted page also talks of a discovery of wealth, but that his boat is too small for it by half, and so he's put the keys in a safe place. The boat he was on was about half the size of the Karaboudjan, from the measurements he's put in the journal earlier."

"He specifically says 'keys'?" Tintin looks at the journal to confirm, then at the map. "The spots he's marked are where he sank the keys!"

"Up for a bit of adventure?" Haddock secured his arm a bit tighter around Tintin's shoulders. "I could always use a good puzzle solver on my ship."

Tintin looked up at Haddock and realized how close they were. He couldn't help the heat he felt infuse his cheeks and spread to the tips of his ears, nor could he tear his eyes away from his friend's...that were sparking with mirth. The Captain knew exactly what being this close was doing to Tintin, and instead of being embarrassed, he was encouraging it! He was flirting with him!!

"I'm always up for an adventure, Captain," Tintin replied, smiling; to prove it, he leaned forward just enough to kiss his friend. Haddock's lips were slightly rough from exposure, but as they deepened the kiss and tongues came into play, the older man's tongue was just as soft as Tintin's own.

They kissed until Snowy became annoyed with the inattention and crawled in between the two of them, yapping. The two broke apart, laughing, and rested their foreheads together as they started petting the fluffy dog.

"We'll leave in three days; weather's no good for the trip we're about to take right now in that bit of ocean," Haddock rubbed Tintin's nose with his own. "I'll call the marina and make the arrangements, then call the crew."

"You can get a crew in three days?" Tintin quirked an eyebrow. "Short-notice, isn't it?"

"My crew is on retainer; I call them, they come," Haddock replied, slowly pulling away and looking up at the tree shading them. "Stay here and enjoy the afternoon; it's going to rain this evening and all day tomorrow, judging by the sky and how the trees are acting."

"I'll use the day to go pack," Tintin looked at the map as Haddock made to stand.

"Pity," Haddock cast a completely roguish grin at him, "I was hoping you'd use the day to help me figure out how flexible my body is again."

All the blood disappeared from Tintin's face and flooded his cock. He looked up at Haddock, trying to get his brain to work, to make a comeback, to say something...but all he managed to do was gape like a fish at his friend.

"Oh, I take it you're interested?" Haddock asked, still grinning.

Tintin gave up trying to talk and nodded.

"Good," Haddock's eyes glinted mischievously. "You can always pack later." He left the gardens then, whistling a peppy tune.

'Crumbs,' Tintin thought, watching the man retreat, 'if he can get me to react like that just from a few words...tomorrow I may be in trouble.'

Tintin didn't have to wait to be in trouble, however, thanks in part to Snowy, who had gone out to do his business in the rain, and proceeded to chase a stray cat into the mansion, only for the cat to make an absolute wet mess of Tintin's bedroom.

"It's okay, lad; you can bunk with me," Haddock had winked at him and then turned to face Nestor. "I'll need a spare pillow for Tintin, Nestor, and hold all calls, telegrams and other correspondence until after breakfast...unless it's Madam Bianca, in which case we're already gone on an adventure, and don't you dare tell her about what's happened to me, but by all means, tell her about Calculus."

"Very good, sir," Nestor replied smoothly, immediately getting said pillow out of a nearby linen closet and placing it in the master bedroom while Tintin kept Snowy from making more of a mess and Haddock watched the cat (now trapped in a basket). "And you may find what I left in the top drawer of your nightstand rather useful, if I may be so bold, Captain."

"Be as bold as you feel necessary, Nestor," Captain clapped the man on the shoulder. "We're going to retire; have a good night."

"Indeed, you as well sir, Mister Tintin," Nestor gave a very short bow before exiting the hallway quickly, carrying the basket with the cat inside. "I'll take care of this little one tonight; the storm is too bad to let it outside now." Snowy followed Nestor, oblivious to anything other than the cat.

As soon as Nestor was out of sight, Haddock kissed Tintin, lips and tongue and a hint of teeth, until Tintin was backed up against a wall. Once the younger man got used to the facial assault, he gave as good as he got, actually making Haddock back up a few steps.

'Good, right, hot, wet, yes yes yes,' Tintin thought before Haddock's hands wandered over his ass and grabbed generous handfuls. After that, his inner monologue shut down in order to just feel.

"How were we so stupid?" Haddock lifted Tintin up and once the younger man wrapped his legs around the elder's waist, walked them into the master bedroom.

"...To not realize how much we wanted each other until this?" Tintin made sure the door was locked behind them. "Idiots, the both of us."

"Absolute imbeciles."

"Complete nitwits," Tintin got off his friend, then took off his sleep top, and smirked at the look on Haddock's face. "I'm pretty sure this works better with clothes off, Captain."

"Archie," Haddock corrected, unbuttoning his own shirt and shrugging it off. "If we're going to do this, you're going to call me by my given name, Tintin."

"Okay...Archie," Tintin smiled and stretched, arms over head, enjoying his friend's gaze roaming over him.
>> No. 82620
File 132555945845.png - (145.60KB , 475x542 , 23602436_big_p1.png )
The amount of Tintin amputation art is surprising/disturbing. What's even more surprising/disturbing is how the guro element is toned down exponentially in favor of a much sweeter, childish art style.

>> No. 82622
File 132556448982.jpg - (155.95KB , 487x600 , 24099846_m.jpg )
>> No. 82624
Really? Where's the rest?
>> No. 82625
File 132557044054.png - (186.29KB , 605x682 , 23602436_p2.png )
Not so sure if I really should post the rest...might be a wee bit too much for the other anons on the board.
>> No. 82626
I'm just pretending he's hiding his limbs and I'm totally cool with it.
>> No. 82627

If anons really want to see it, you can always link it. But for the love of god don't post it.
>> No. 82635
File 132557125560.jpg - (247.58KB , 1100x1200 , 23188218.jpg )
Alrighty just so the board doesn't go into too weird a direction.


You will need to be a member to view the images.

Have something a little more savory as a way of apologizing for the minor weirdness.
>> No. 82662

Is this them at their respective ages long before they met? That's adorable
>> No. 82663
File 132557510152.jpg - (244.21KB , 457x427 , tintin tied up again2.jpg )
For those curious about the amputee Tintin stuff over on Pixiv, the two examples posted here are the best pieces. Honestly, it wasn't worth the trouble of signing up to see the other images. Besides, if Tintin was an amputee, how did he get to be a famous globe-trotting journalist? Crikey!
>> No. 82666
>>82620 Oh...it looked like a child Tintin...so it´s an amputee?! :(

>>82595 You finish here?! I want to see the rest! :D
>> No. 82668
File 132561216742.jpg - (75.07KB , 243x700 , tintin-in-yukata_by_xel1980_tumblr_com.jpg )
An art fill for the Tintin Kink Meme on Dreamwidth. http://tintin-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1701.html

Prompt: "Tintin has been kidnapped by someone (probably Japanese) and is now forced to wear a sexy short Yukata."

Artwork by xel1980.tumblr.com.
>> No. 82671
File 132561838169.png - (68.51KB , 323x500 , tintin-chang01-by-pollums_onLJ.png )
Time for Tintin and Chang! Anyone want to write some Tintin/Chang fic? For those who haven't read the Tintin comics, Chang was featured in the stories "The Blue Lotus" and "Tintin in Tibet."

Drawing by Pollums. pollums.livejournal.com Most Tintin art at her LJ.
>> No. 82672
File 132561851175.jpg - (162.70KB , 500x791 , tintin-chang04-by-pollums_onLJ.jpg )
More Tintin/Chang! Drawing by Pollums on LJ.
>> No. 82673
File 132561873224.png - (220.13KB , 500x718 , tintin-chang03-by-pollums_onLJ.png )
Tintin/Chang. Drawing by Pollums on LJ.
>> No. 82676
File 132562317868.jpg - (72.20KB , 500x567 , tumblr_lx8i6jySy21r7xxz9o1_500.jpg )
Sydney714 , stop trying to make Tintin/Chang my OTP.
And there is one fanfic for Tintin/Chang in the kinkmeme.
>> No. 82677
File 132562566576.png - (144.40KB , 1000x1000 , 746718 - Tintin.png )
From Kink meme
>> No. 82703
File 13256525489.jpg - (326.17KB , 550x667 , the_blue_lotus_by_theyoungdoyler-d4l6mbc.jpg )
Another Tintin/Chang from "The Blue Lotus" storyline. This one is by theyoungdoyler.deviantart.com.
>> No. 82704
File 132565264617.png - (312.77KB , 350x685 , chang_tintin-kiss_baruyon_tumblr_com.png )
Chang and Tintin by Baru. baruyon.tumblr.com
>> No. 82708
File 132567857632.jpg - (88.02KB , 329x700 , tumblr_lx9ky2WggD1r12ne8o1_500.jpg )
Damn the flood was deleted really quickly , our mods are efficient.
>> No. 82715
File 132569638592.jpg - (54.28KB , 584x789 , 132504509170.jpg )
>> No. 82716
File 132569664378.jpg - (81.67KB , 751x545 , 132510680140.jpg )
>> No. 82721
File 132570308457.png - (200.52KB , 500x500 , 13240960769.png )
>> No. 82723
File 132570987816.jpg - (228.45KB , 489x700 , tumblr_l0sbu0s0k21qaj7ouo1_500.jpg )
Haddock:Come to bed, I can´t stand it anymore
Tintin:Captain, be careful Milu is still here!
Milu: Shit! I always suspected of Tintin but never thought about the Captain!
>> No. 82732
File 132572834246.jpg - (73.16KB , 600x794 , tintin___practice_by_kumagorochan-d4lakhq.jpg )
Dat Tintin.
>> No. 82733
File 132572999912.jpg - (119.76KB , 494x809 , 1324572275815.jpg )
Hmmm not enough beard to be Haddock.
Not enough mutton chops to be Alcazar.
This gentlemen needs more facial hair !
>> No. 82763
Where did all the lovely drawfags go ?
>> No. 82767
>>82733 Yeah I noticed that but I like the art anyway.
>>82763 I don´t know and I miss them too! They´re the Gods of that thread!
>> No. 82790

They're probably living their life, and since they draw the pr0nz just for fun, will post again here when they feel like it
>> No. 82791
File 132579819858.jpg - (58.34KB , 496x327 , Tintingolden.jpg )
>> No. 82792
File 132579890495.jpg - (17.46KB , 250x297 , 302.jpg )
>> No. 82810
My Heart's A Stereo:: Tintin & Haddock::youtube thumb

Video Time :D
>> No. 82814
File 132587331195.png - (342.34KB , 900x700 , that_was_some_adventure_by_tpt-d4lg3nf.png )
>> No. 82815
File 132587336176.png - (122.71KB , 423x773 , stubborn_child_by_tpt-d4lg613.png )
>> No. 82816
File 132587342910.png - (115.04KB , 615x487 , explorers_by_tpt-d4lg5ks.png )
>> No. 82818

So lovely. Did you draw it?
>> No. 82823
File 132587722234.jpg - (228.77KB , 688x1000 , tintin.jpg )
source- http://maidith.tumblr.com/post/15407470550/tintin-in-tchernobyl-painted-by-me-in-my-own
>> No. 82831
My God I wish I could draw like that! Tintin looks so much like Jean Pierre Talbot.
>> No. 82832
More pls! loving this story!
>> No. 82833
File 132588300676.png - (327.96KB , 900x1000 , kissu_by_tpt-d4lg659.png )
No I didn't , the artist name is in the filename , check their deviantart !
>> No. 82863

gift for this amazing thread<333
>> No. 82867
File 132596888417.png - (181.68KB , 500x578 , tumblr_lxf82dYrow1qfe3c4o1_500.png )
>> No. 82868
File 13259698859.jpg - (179.17KB , 991x1280 , tumblr_lwpjwoH5AA1r7xxz9o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 82874
File 132598724832.jpg - (137.58KB , 964x474 , Nientedarimpiangere.jpg )
The Tintin kinkmeme is a place of wonder and exitment.
So much beauty it brings tears to my eyes.
Bless this fanartist.
>> No. 82875
File 132598773217.jpg - (236.02KB , 695x984 , Tiliberosubito.jpg )
Source of the awesomeness :
>> No. 82886
File 132598810858.png - (261.97KB , 600x1144 , and_two_by_tpt-d4lg57w.png )
And yes I am aware the source was in the watermark , but lest face it.
We all hate watermarks.
>> No. 82896
File 132601235194.jpg - (564.61KB , 1088x600 , action.jpg )
"Take me, Action Man!"
>> No. 82901
File 132601748831.jpg - (180.09KB , 666x230 , Captain_Haddock Snowy Tintin Wulffmorgenthaler.jpg )
An older image found at http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Tintin/1

There's a small archive of Tintin porn art there, some bad, some good, some you've seen before.
>> No. 82906
File 132605765425.jpg - (146.31KB , 900x768 , tintin_kilt_doodles_by_bonaventura-d4lqi87.jpg )
paheal is a scary place.
>> No. 82907
File 132605783599.jpg - (57.83KB , 900x570 , moar_tintin_slash_doodles_by_bonaventura-d4lqimn.jpg )
>> No. 82910

>> No. 82911
File 132605962157.jpg - (70.24KB , 900x621 , tintin_x_alcazar_ii_by_bonaventura-d4lqifi.jpg )

>> No. 82918
File 132608563227.jpg - (66.51KB , 500x395 , tumblr_lxihgsUd311r12ne8o1_500.jpg )
So lovely , it's like Doobird and Princeling knew it was my birthday.
We have the greastest fanartists
>> No. 82919
File 132608574570.jpg - (114.56KB , 500x545 , tumblr_lxi9vbLm001r7xxz9o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 82937
File 132613562710.png - (258.84KB , 500x408 , tumblr_lxisr5dael1qzgaceo1_500.png )
>> No. 82938
File 132614215641.jpg - (125.12KB , 535x700 , tintinkitchen_pancakefail.jpg )
more adorableness

source http://maidith.tumblr.com
>> No. 82958
File 132622981828.jpg - (106.50KB , 584x702 , underpanties.jpg )
"Gotta punish you for hiding my whisky!"

>> No. 82961

Look who´s back! *worships*
>> No. 82969
File 132626723053.jpg - (36.58KB , 571x374 , tumblr_lxlk2pQA581r8rgnw.jpg )
Found this on tumblr for anyone with a uniform/nazi fetish. (There's more too.)

Couldn't believe they were legitimately drawn by Herge at first.

source: http://maidith.tumblr.com
>> No. 82970
File 132626952869.jpg - (98.93KB , 610x716 , zomg.jpg )
>> No. 82973
I think the issue was already brought up in reply to the post, but it's really not all that surprising. Especially with the probability that Brussels was occupied at the time.
>> No. 82986
>> No. 82992
File 132638508331.jpg - (506.43KB , 951x1206 , tintin___great_snake__by_eeba_ism-d4m3gf0.jpg )
i squeed when i saw this

source: http://eeba-ism.deviantart.com/
(let's always credit the artists, shall we?)
>> No. 82993
File 132639092740.png - (317.15KB , 775x800 , tintin-snowy_by_chilli-villi_deviantart_com.png )
Artwork by chilli-villi.deviantart.com (aka iago-rotten.tumblr.com).

Yes, we love our artists and they always deserve to be credited. If possible, visit their blog and leave them nice comments so they'll draw us more lovely Tintin art. :)

Also, amusing video: "Tintin: the Gritty Reboot"
Tintin: The Gritty Rebootyoutube thumb
>> No. 82994
File 132639279278.jpg - (102.60KB , 600x825 , ordinary_guys_with_extraordinary_adventures_by_ele.jpg )
Drawing by electrocereal.deviantart.com.
>> No. 82995
File 132639398579.jpg - (180.06KB , 491x700 , Tintin y las hostias en 3d-from-El Jueves 1802-by-.jpg )
Page 1 of the parody comic "Tintin y las hostias en 3d" from El Jueves humor magazine no. 1802, by Tienda El Jueves. Does anyone here read Spanish and care to post a translation?

You can download a PDF file of the 3-page "Tintin y las hostias en 3d" from this web site: http://catalogotintin.jimdo.com/homenajes-y-parodias/

The site also has lots of other Tintin parodies and homages to Herge.
>> No. 82999

They'd spent most of the night figuring out exactly how flexible Haddock was now that his body was younger (much to Tintin's delight, the older man didn't mind being on bottom). They'd slept well into the late morning, and only woke when Nestor knocked on the door to the master bedroom and informed them it was almost time for lunch.

"Guess we should get up, Archie," Tintin said softly, nuzzling into the older man's neck.

"We should take a shower, too," Haddock smiled. "Don't want Nestor to faint because both of us reek of sex and are limping."

"I wasn't too rough with you, was I?" Tintin looked up at his friend, concerned.

"No, it's just been a very, very long time since I was with anybody like that," Haddock looked at Tintin with a smirk, "and don't even begin to pretend that you won't be limping a bit yourself, lad."

Tintin blushed and ducked his head.

"You have a point."

"Hmm, but wait until we get on the boat," Haddock whispered, voice deep and promising. "While I'm on a bridge, setting a course, you'll be waiting for me in my, well, our cabin, getting naked and prepping yourself for me. Then I'll come in, and make love to you, nice and slow. Just rock in and out of you in time with the waves moving the boat; would you like that?"

"Oh yes," Tintin gasped, grinding himself against the Captain's hip.

"Would you like me to give you a preview?" Haddock asked, hands sliding down to cup the young man's ass, then slipping two fingers into his well-used ass. "Slide into you now, rock us both to completion?"

"Wouldn't be a preview unless we were surrounded by water," Tintin moaned. "Let's go take that shower, Archie."

Five minutes later had the two men kneeling in the bathtub, the shower raining down upon them, and Haddock sliding himself into Tintin with a satisfied moan. Tintin gripped the edge of the tub and arched his back, keening as the older man found that one spot that made white spots appear in his vision.

Haddock went maddeningly slow, content to do as promised and show Tintin a preview of what was in store for him on the boat.

"Imagine we're in the hammock, love," Haddock growled into Tintin's ear. "Sun coming in the porthole, warming up the cabin as we slide together. Picture it?"

"Yes," Tintin gasped, rocking back into the Captain. "I see it, hear the ocean too. Please, Archie, more."

Haddock chuckled and complied; his body may be young again. but kneeling in the tub wasn't doing his knees any favors. Grasping the younger man's erection, he stroked in a firm rhythm with his thrusts, and wasn't surprised to hear Tintin shout his completion a few moments later, and even less surprised that he followed him quickly after.

"Fantastic, Archie," Tintin panted, trying to regain his breath and leaning back into his friend and lover's embrace.

"It'll be even better when we're actually in the captain's cabin," Haddock promised, wrapping his arms around the young man. "For now, though, let's actually get cleaned up; Nestor's probably having a fit that we're letting lunch go cold."

"If I can figure out how to get my legs to work after that," Tintin chuckled. After a moment to recoup their strength, the two men helped each other stand up and wash, then went about the rest of their day. They had an adventure to plan.
>> No. 83000
This may vey well be the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life.
>> No. 83001
Haha oh my god, I thought EK Weaver was drawing Tintin porn, at first...
>> No. 83013
I feel a little better knowing he really hated them, though. He was arrested and yelled "Save us from our liberators" right in some Nazi soldiers' faces (according to his illustrated biography). That's the Herge I choose to remember.

First panel. If someone drew that with Tintin looking less derp, I'd want that as a shirt. I've seen absolutely zero movie merch in the US, and it saddens me. I know we're not the main market, but the movie either converted fans or brought back old ones. And it seems like the foreign comics all really, really hate the film for some reason...
>> No. 83017
File 132646889882.gif - (128.30KB , 440x412 , tumblr_lxoppyFtxE1qhk1e5o1_500.gif )
>> No. 83024
Oooh my god oh my god oh my gooood
>> No. 83085
>> No. 83090
File 132657796967.jpg - (79.27KB , 500x634 , hadtin.jpg )
>> No. 83094
File 132658466385.jpg - (110.95KB , 402x900 , SottoilKiltniente.jpg )
>> No. 83126
Does anyone have a link to a decent quality, non camera-rip copy of the movie? It seems like this camrip is all I can find, and its all dark and grainy with crappy audio.
>> No. 83140

I'm sure they will come, just wait a bit. It's still very early for that.
>> No. 83166
File 132665722714.png - (756.21KB , 900x1351 , take_this_waltz_by_muffinpoodle-d4mfvxm.png )
The kinkmeme is Watchmen-levels of quality and silliness.
I am proud !
>> No. 83167
Nrrrggghhh guysguysguys I want to get started on this punk!Tin prompt but I don't know if it should be with Squattertin or Travelerkidtin. HEEELLLPPP
>> No. 83168
I'm the only person alive who isn't a fan of the Tintin/Haddock ship but my god, the art it produces has gotten hilarious and awesome.
>> No. 83176
Do like squatter/thief Tintin. With plenty of smoking.
>> No. 83215
File 132675117135.jpg - (223.87KB , 582x778 , tickle.jpg )
tickle tickle
>> No. 83261
File 132682569381.png - (609.01KB , 1006x742 , tt__down_time_by_kimicake_chan-d4mi8h9.png )
>> No. 83274
woah it's weird to come on and see my own art on a thread
>> No. 83275
File 132686425618.jpg - (291.74KB , 464x700 , Skut_from_Flight 714 to Sydney.jpg )
> 83274

To the artist above: We hope you're not offended. We've been trying to get people to least credit artists; post links back to their blogs; and to leave thanks and comments.

To all the wonderful artists/writers...thank you for drawing/writing Tintin and Co.! :)
>> No. 83281
whoa, what comic is that from??
>> No. 83282
File 132690391736.png - (277.30KB , 574x234 , tintin_flight714.png )
Flight 714, he's initially introduced in The Red Sea Sharks. We don't see a lot of him in his first story, but Flight 714 has a few hilarious moments between Skut and Haddock.
>> No. 83286
aw, i'm not upset, i'm just very surprised! i never go on sites like these but this is an awesome thread! i'll see if i can upload more of my own stuff shortly ..
>> No. 83295
What are some songs that make you guys think of Tintin/Haddock?
>> No. 83296
File 132693061512.png - (86.41KB , 400x425 , haddockandskut.png )
Well, that was quick.

I...I think I ship it now.
>> No. 83297
File 132693234080.png - (177.49KB , 500x672 , haddockandskut2.png )
Pollums is the best, if you didn't know that already.
>> No. 83298
File 132693235027.jpg - (145.01KB , 440x412 , 24332660_big_p8.jpg )

Charles Aznavour - For Me.…youtube thumb
Della Reese - Let's Do It (Let…youtube thumb
Doris Day - Fly Me To The Moonyoutube thumb
Louis armstrong &amp; Ella Fit…youtube thumb
Funny Face - 'S Wonderfulyoutube thumb
>> No. 83307
File 132696248940.jpg - (365.73KB , 800x1056 , sobutt.jpg )
>> No. 83308
File 132701592431.jpg - (248.96KB , 665x900 , Piuforte.jpg )
You´re a bad boy, Tintin...
>> No. 83315
This artist makes the hottest fanart of all times.
>> No. 83341
File 13271943031.png - (143.95KB , 600x390 , tumblr_lxnwwfIyEv1r9764s.png )
What are some songs that make you guys think of Tintin/Chang?
>> No. 83587
>First panel:
Yes, when Spielberg called me and told me that he wanted to make a movie I saw an opportunity to get back to work, I hadn't worked in a film since those that they gave away with the newspaper.
It wasn't easy, I had to gain 10 kg for the role and make myself 3D, but I think that it was worth it.

>Second panel:
Yes, in my case it wasn't easy either, my role demanded me to drink, and I had quit due to liver problems... It was decided that I would be interpreted by Robert Downey Jr. but he was drunk when they called him, so I did it and then they added the whisky bottles with a computer .

>Third panel:
The action scenes were the hardest
Let's see, we'll rise the car with a crane and then you will have to hold on it to stop the bad guy from scaping... Where are the stunt doubles?

Thompson: I am his stunt double
Thomson: I'll say, I am his stunt double.

In this last panel I had trouble translatating a few things, what goes before "the action scenes were the hardest" is "eso si" wich I didn't find or remember an equivalent in english, they are basically saying that as hard as it was doing the previous stuff the action scenes were harder.
What Thomson and Thompson answer in the end is actually a word play since in Spanish Stunt double is "doble de accion" wich literally means double of action so what they reply is actually this:
I do the double of action of him.
I'll say more, I do the double of action than him.

So that's it, I am sorry for the mistakes and also I hope that it isn't too late for a translation.
>> No. 83607
File 132727975132.jpg - (166.08KB , 599x900 , 1327033335180.jpg )
>> No. 83613
"Drunken Lament" by Ludo is a very Haddock/Tintin song.

Chang isn't my thing because my brain can't figure out how old he is.
>> No. 83626
File 13273512122.jpg - (205.57KB , 762x938 , Staycalmmaboy.jpg )
I believe someone wanted to see more temperature taking fanart. Well, this awesome artist has drawn it.
>> No. 83627
File 132735128743.jpg - (184.14KB , 638x1024 , IlbelventicellodelleHighlands.jpg )
Aw Tintin, don't pretend to look that shocked. You've seen it all before.

>> No. 83634
File 132739345329.png - (209.98KB , 500x524 , tumblr_ly9dvjPao01r9764so1_500.png )
>> No. 83635
File 132739357057.png - (221.75KB , 500x446 , tumblr_ly50mckKYE1r9764so1_500.png )
>> No. 83638
File 132740719117.jpg - (619.31KB , 726x1024 , rrr.jpg )
>> No. 83640
File 132743836961.png - (283.45KB , 552x613 , 24575153_p19.png )
>> No. 83648
File 132747721319.jpg - (174.49KB , 400x943 , kilt.jpg )
Stress-reliever. Who is that smolder directed at? Chang, likely. He’s supposed to be seducing him. I’ll finish later. I don’t know what to have Chang wear though. Something equally sexy.
>> No. 83649
File 132747958611.jpg - (64.50KB , 296x700 , tumblr_lyc50wnFgx1qk9ouao1_r1_500.jpg )
“Excuse me, Captain, but it’s very cold and you have all the blankets!! I don’t have any other clothes right now!”


source http://uberepicfail.tumblr.com/post/16447450506/tintin-you-tease
>> No. 83654
oh FUH, please finish it.
>> No. 83662
File 132756436788.jpg - (68.29KB , 396x647 , tumblr_lye6l3Yli51rn48w8o1_r1_500.jpg )
finest ass in all of belgium


source http://tinpenny.tumblr.com/
>> No. 83665
File 132756556568.jpg - (235.06KB , 697x1000 , Letswaittilltheylldry.jpg )
Swooning from hotness overdose
>> No. 83680
Yo Princeling just want to say I'm seeing a lot of improvement in your work

Looking forward to more
>> No. 83688
File 132765500581.jpg - (228.49KB , 800x1081 , kilt.jpg )
Another WIP.
"Tintin, where do you get all these outfits...!?"
>> No. 83691
File 132769505998.png - (435.71KB , 795x786 , 24576162_p6.png )
Gotta admit, I was kinda weirded out when I found that the dude with the hat in most of the person's Tintin pics was Allan

Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=176971
>> No. 83692
File 132769524532.png - (476.52KB , 680x600 , 24036495_big_p13.png )
>> No. 83693
File 132769557166.png - (204.66KB , 704x788 , 24576162_p3.png )
>> No. 83694
File 132769562165.png - (378.31KB , 711x799 , 24576162_p7.png )
>> No. 83695
File 132769821999.jpg - (711.76KB , 1334x1025 , dxy97k.jpg )
>> No. 83696

Forgot to link the source

>> No. 83697

Too much awesomeness. Blood pressure going through the roof. Anon dying happy.
>> No. 83707
Sweet jesus that's hot. Tintin even got some leg hair, which for some reason is rarely included.
>> No. 83722
File 132779242379.jpg - (158.85KB , 1280x1347 , tumblr_lyg2mq6RMY1qmvr2b.jpg )
Do continue!
>> No. 83740
File 132791123764.jpg - (190.89KB , 1023x737 , Comeformeladdie.jpg )
whoa whoa
>> No. 83741
File 132791130061.jpg - (333.39KB , 690x987 , Captain.jpg )
this artist is amazing, i want to marry them
>> No. 83742
File 132791135381.jpg - (221.27KB , 990x555 , Encore.jpg )
>> No. 83743
File 132791139372.jpg - (244.01KB , 652x970 , Mmmh.jpg )
he knows what he wants
>> No. 83754
File 132795176089.jpg - (169.88KB , 756x1042 , bon2.jpg )
draw me like one of your french girls (for the tintin kinkmeme)
>> No. 83789
File 132812656084.jpg - (91.34KB , 578x700 , bon3.jpg )
Take it easy, Tintin, don't work too hard.
>> No. 83791
File 132813184587.jpg - (107.18KB , 536x800 , bon5.jpg )
another kinkmeme fill
>> No. 83819
File 13282567994.jpg - (101.70KB , 498x750 , bon4colored.jpg )
>> No. 83836
You do some fantastic pr0nz, drawfag.
>> No. 83859
File 13284703924.jpg - (96.19KB , 1000x531 , bon7.jpg )
Thank you anon dear
>> No. 83860
File 132847435587.jpg - (110.88KB , 591x795 , bon7a.jpg )
>> No. 83861
File 132847442219.jpg - (102.72KB , 448x827 , bon7b.jpg )
redefining phone sex
>> No. 83892

Oh man, this is so hot, I can't handle it. I really wish there was a fic to go along with this!

The Haddock's face! OMG!
>> No. 83895
File 132860829165.png - (201.10KB , 800x1000 , makeupyourowncontext.png )
>> No. 83905
File 132867078217.jpg - (389.57KB , 1266x1447 , wipwip.jpg )
>> No. 83910
File 132867937841.png - (175.04KB , 646x571 , 1325919199790.png )
>> No. 83911
File 132867947742.jpg - (52.75KB , 500x333 , 1326433327028.jpg )
>> No. 83914
File 132867955147.jpg - (300.90KB , 600x608 , 1328505028676.jpg )
>> No. 83940
Is the kinkmeme down for anyone else? http://tintin-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1701.html
>> No. 83966
File 132884211316.png - (77.75KB , 300x553 , tangtong.png )
i think i have a problem with drawing men in women's lingerie............................ ... .. .......
>> No. 83967
File 132884222116.png - (175.55KB , 621x715 , my body is ready.png )
here have some more
>> No. 83977
not seeing any 'problem' here
>> No. 83981
File 132893187779.jpg - (193.88KB , 662x900 , Hergifiedsex01.jpg )
>> No. 83984
File 132896390978.jpg - (261.15KB , 756x1057 , arsse.jpg )
Did you say ass?
>> No. 83985
File 132896402595.jpg - (196.06KB , 900x620 , arsse2.jpg )
>> No. 83988
There has to be a fic for this picture. There HAS to be, because I need it to keep living.

Also, saw the movie again this past week. The first time I posted about the movie, I said I was underwhelmed by Tintin/Haddock interaction. I would like to amend my statement: there is no such thing as personal space between these two after they shake hands for the first time, and the eye-sex was almost constant. I have NO idea how I missed it the first time (though I do remember being captivated by the gorgeous rendering of everything, since I'm an animation nutcase).
>> No. 84012
Actually there´s a fic about posing in the kink meme:


You can read the five chapters there and is still in progress. :)
>> No. 84073
File 132934134923.jpg - (178.93KB , 921x663 , seme_tintin.jpg )
>> No. 84143
File 132942770954.png - (354.11KB , 800x561 , 24907452_big_p9.png )
>> No. 84144
File 132942777014.jpg - (358.02KB , 800x556 , 24799255_p8.jpg )
>> No. 84145
File 132942786640.jpg - (853.77KB , 1000x833 , 24546332_p1.jpg )
>> No. 84146
File 132942792442.jpg - (182.12KB , 860x600 , Itsnotfaircaptain.jpg )
>> No. 84326
I have just found one of the best crack prompts of all time in the Tintin dreamwidth kikmeme. Mental images I have for this are worth their weight in platinum. Copypasta'd for your viewing pleasure (and it hasn't been filled yet):

Tintin Son of Krypton!! gen or slash, au
We were joking about what a super hero Tintin was, what with all the insane running and never resting and xray vision (in “the Calculus Case”, it was very WTF?) and well…

I WANT TINTIN, SON OF KRYPTON. NOW. LIKE. I CAN’T EVEN. Ship landed in Belgium, raised in an orphanage, mild manner reporter by day, Action Man by…Day. And Night. And always. Him dealing with hiding his true nature, saving the world, etc etc…


-Haddock being suspicious
-Haddock finding out
-Haddock using his incredibly wealth, manor and Nestor to become THE GOD DAMN BATMAN so he can help Tintin. Blistering Barnacles, someone has to look after that boy, superman or not!
-rastapopoulos!Lex Luthor, y/y!?!?
>> No. 84333
I desperately need Batman!Haddock and Superman!Tintin

Where is this prompt on the kinkmeme? I can't find it!!
>> No. 84335
Whoops, that's a my bad. Here's a link directly to the prompt; it's on page 12 of the tintin_kinkmeme.

>> No. 84370
File 13298949467.jpg - (1.27MB , 1306x1998 , tintin_____plotholes_of_injustice___by_eeba_ism-d4.jpg )
Has this been posted anywhere? It's cute
>> No. 84385
hahaha this is amazing !
>> No. 84396
File 133003211513.jpg - (48.38KB , 168x191 , TintinHaddockMissingYou.jpg )

Now, I've been reading through the comics again (scanned versions), and the Tintin and the Picaros adventure caused me to screencap several panels.

Pic Relevant: First panel I saw fuels the rampant Tintin/Haddock going on in the thread. The rest are of the older gentlemen of the Tintin comics.
>> No. 84397
File 133003240320.jpg - (60.28KB , 182x191 , CalculusHaddockKiss.jpg )
Then the ever rare Calculus/Haddock pairing (though there's a little DO NOT WANT on Haddock's part here). Haddock's holding the vial full of pills that cure alcoholism, in case you can't tell. I just think their friendship is hilarious and has not sense of personal boundaries (srsly, look in the older comics and they hug a lot).
>> No. 84400
File 133003278364.jpg - (48.87KB , 148x191 , AlcazarCalculusKiss.jpg )
And here is the super-rare Alcazar/Calculus (which is sad, 'cuz I kinda ship it). Seriously, Alcazar shows more passion towards Calculus than he does Peggy! Calculus isn't really resisting here, either; he's just rollin' with it.
>> No. 84401
File 133003312567.jpg - (67.18KB , 231x188 , CreeperSinceTheDayTheyWasBorn.jpg )
Finally, this isn't so much explicitly slash, but as soon as I saw this, all I could think of was this:

The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj &…youtube thumb

Specifically, starting at 1:20. "The doctor caught my head, and he started freakin'. 'Cuz I came out clean, and I came out creepin'!"

I know they don't have pencil moustaches, but I couldn't stop laughing...and now I want fic of the Thom(p)sons creepin' on the other characters in the Tintin universe.
>> No. 84429
I don't know if the people getting offended by Tintin x Haddock on other sites realize that the majority of the posts are being made by Americans who legitimately didn't know the comic existed until the movie came out. It's not childhood-scarring for them.
>> No. 84430
to be fair some of those americans were raised on animated tintin from the nineties
>> No. 84433
I read Tintin as a kid, too, and I still don't get what the big deal is. This is not like Spongebob Squarepants or some shit like that, every fictional character involved is an adult human being.
>> No. 84435
As somebody born in 1982, I watched the Tintin cartoon all the time when it came out, because it was awesome and I love all things cartoon. I honestly thought from the way Tintin and Haddock acted around each other in the cartoon that they were more than just friends (the hugging, the concern for each others' safety, the complete and utter lack of personal space, etc.). So it wasn't so much that my childhood was ruined by the ship as it was blatantly obvious to me that it was just canon that Tintin and Haddock loved each other, and it was the first time I got to see a positively portrayed homosexual relationship, which was awesome.
>> No. 84436
If people don´t agree with the pair they just have to ignore it. They bitching made DeviantArt begin to ban all the Tintin slash. Funny how they´re always claiming that slash is a disrespect for Hergé´s creation but they think straight porn is not. After that they still complain if we call them homophobes. Straight art isn´t even canonical...
>> No. 84450
her Top!Tintin and Bottom!Haddock is some of the hottest stuff I've ever seen...

>> No. 84451
That lunafelis girls is a hypocrite who is always complaining about people liking Tintin slash but she draws porn in her deviantart. She just posts in a Tintin group on facebook for complaining about that. I suspect she´s a closeted Tintin slash fan or someone who sees the subtext in the comics but is afraid of it. That´s not normal.
Look that discussion between her and a fan:

>> No. 84468
A friend of mine just died of a heartattack.. only 21 years old. I knew him for 11 years.

I need some cheering up...
Right now, the only thing that can keep me in a happier place is this.
>> No. 84470

I´m so sorry. ;(
He´s in peace now. *Hugs*
>> No. 84472
File 133040096452.gif - (602.28KB , 500x281 , TintinHaddockMeaningfulStare.gif )
Sorry to hear that. *hug*

Have a Haddock and Tintin staring into each others' eyes.
>> No. 84474
Thank you anons <3
>> No. 84478
File 133046657190.jpg - (108.74KB , 753x640 , Top.jpg )
derp derp
>> No. 84494
Nice way to catch him, Captain
>> No. 84495
What do you guys think of the kink meme?
>> No. 84496
What do you guys think of the kink meme?
>> No. 84512
The kink meme?
A place of wonder and awe.
>> No. 84514
So why don't more people join?
>> No. 84526
I guess that most folks here have already joined.
>> No. 84534
File 133088767766.png - (261.90KB , 500x360 , grabbutt.png )
Nice way to catch him, Captain (From Destination Moon, but unpublished.)
>> No. 84548

I think there´s many people there, they´re joining slowly.
>> No. 84591
The Adventures of Tintin cartoon is now available on Netflix instant play!

>> No. 84666
File 133159126096.png - (203.02KB , 800x901 , tumblr_m0n3lmRJAB1qi07ze.png )
I made a "Shit Tintin Fans Say" video. I thought I should post it here because there are some jokes about slash in it.
Shit Tintin Fans Sayyoutube thumb
>> No. 84680
File 133173624878.jpg - (423.34KB , 708x1024 , Cheboccagrandehai.jpg )
fresh from the oven
>> No. 84805
File 133225662314.jpg - (889.12KB , 948x890 , tinhaddock.jpg )
sorry if it's a bit animu-ish and out of proportion ^^;;
>> No. 84942
Any Chang/Tintin fic? Just finished Blue Lotus!
>> No. 85072
There's that one - http://archiveofourown.org/works/312520
Though I'm no Tintin/Chang fan I think it's really beautiful.
>> No. 85169
Any Haddock/Sakharine or Sir Francis Haddock/Red Rackham? Extra points if it's hatesex.
>> No. 85170

Francis/Rackham PLEASE! There are so many things to include with the visuals. PurplePink/Red. UNICORNS. Feathers and swords. And Rum.
>> No. 85178

I found only one... http://archiveofourown.org/works/331691
>> No. 85408
File 133398560213.png - (742.28KB , 720x540 , vlcsnap-00003.png )
Out of curiousity... how man of you would also happen to be into dudes in distress?
>> No. 85432

"dudes in distress" summarizes many of my sexual preferences

so many
>> No. 85441

Gonna have to agree with anon here. There are just so many wonderful things that fall into that category.
>> No. 85442
File 133406335460.png - (774.77KB , 720x540 , vlcsnap-00006.png )
So would you, say, be interested in a gender-neutral blog/tumblr chronicling fetish fuel in cartoons that included dudes in peril?
>> No. 85448
File 133409290973.jpg - (268.83KB , 1023x851 , Doggy.jpg )
ohhhh captain my captain
>> No. 85449
I've never had a sexy dream until a few days ago.

Then I dreamed about Tintin being konked on the head and falling off a ship. His limp arm wrapped around a chain, and that was the only thing keeping him from plummeting into the inky black depths below.

The blow to his head had knocked him silly, and he was just laughing and commenting on how beautiful the stars circling his head were, completely oblivious to his peril.

Then I woke up horny.

I wonder if something's wrong with me.
>> No. 85658
Jesus I'm not usually into the beefy bear thing, but this awesomely talented fandom is slowly changing my mind
>> No. 85664
Admit it, you guys/girls want to be in Tintin's place
>> No. 85665
Trufax: if I was transported into Tintin's universe, the first thing I would do was descend upon Haddock like the fist of an angry god.
>> No. 85668

Yeah.... 'cept I picture myself in the Captain's place ^_^;
>> No. 85669
>> No. 85762
File 133504615513.png - (742.00KB , 720x540 , vlcsnap-00103.png )
I run a tumblr where I post cartoon screencaps, and I just posted some Tintin. Thought these few caps were a bit much, though, so I'll toss 'em here!
>> No. 85763
File 133504630919.png - (715.58KB , 720x540 , vlcsnap-00097.png )
Not sure why I didn't post this one, but, here you go.
>> No. 85768
link to your blog?
>> No. 85769

If you can think of any other cute cartoon guys for me to add, let me know. Aside from Tintin, Dan, and Trent Lane, my tumblr's kind of a clam bake. (Or is that worth a new topic?)
>> No. 85785
File 133507844398.jpg - (49.05KB , 614x800 , sweet jesus.jpg )
From the kinkmeme; maidith's outrageously gorgeous work
>> No. 85796
>>85769 I´m just following you.
>> No. 85886
I just saw that, thanks. Drop me a note if you think of anyone you'd like to see!
>> No. 86559
File 133676421039.jpg - (41.54KB , 500x326 , tumblr_m3uke6Iw1k1r9l8aoo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 86560
File 133676432460.png - (254.55KB , 500x510 , tumblr_m3ugj0OILQ1rurm80o1_500.png )
>> No. 86561
File 133676524011.png - (240.78KB , 500x484 , tumblr_m3l2ubf7Te1qisu71o1_500.png )
>> No. 87104
How old is Chang, exactly? He sounds like a kid in the cartoon.
>> No. 87133
File 133942175549.jpg - (135.78KB , 1012x1085 , tumblr_m4d44misb01r05wk4o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 87163
Oh my christ that's the most gorgeous, delicious image I've seen in a very long time.
>> No. 87272
File 134005356278.gif - (319.24KB , 1032x1183 , tintin-in-haddocks-sweater.gif )
>> No. 92271
File 137365692661.jpg - (180.91KB , 980x847 , Guffaw - O captain my captain.jpg )
Late to the party, but sweet thread /coq/. Didn't see this one yet.
>> No. 92758
File 138155737076.jpg - (147.39KB , 565x900 , 26115539.jpg )
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