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File 132176786390.jpg - (470.77KB , 800x500 , the_lover_behind_mask_yaoi_by_a1040280-d4go99w.jpg )
81056 No. 81056
>>58210 Last one finally autosaged.

This artist, all my hnnnnggggs
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>> No. 81232
oh yes thats marvelous.
>> No. 81260
File 132212028322.png - (376.46KB , 812x443 , indignant.png )
suavebastard art hooray!

Just stick your thumb in the waistband, Clark, almost there...
>> No. 81267

does anyone know if suavebastard does commissions?
>> No. 81270
Their ygal says "Commission Status: Closed Message me for details."
>> No. 81494
File 132261895115.jpg - (117.00KB , 845x608 , 1315977458002.jpg )
Ok so me and the person above was thinking the same thing just now. I'm going to buy some commissions off of guys I know could use the extra cash before christmas. Right now I have a few lined up and excited to go, provided they are ok with illustrating adult material of course.

I hope to make this a win/win present for everybody but here's the thing, I need ideas for them to draw! So please let me know your ideas/wants for Bruce/Clark I should have those guys draw for us so those guys can get to work.
>> No. 81506
Tangled capes?
>> No. 81516
Messing around with Diana's lasso.

I would totes pitch in if SB would take commissions only for a high price. Such lovely art~ I can hope...
>> No. 81540
File 132280693041.png - (307.70KB , 500x975 , suavebastard - Anytime.png )
"Prompt A1: A1 Jeans-wearing Superman from the new Action Comics hanging out with Bruce Wayne in some way."

I love thisssssss
>> No. 82086
I just want to see some dick (not Dick). Everyone is apparently afraid of making explicit drawings of Superman doing Batman and instead strategically places a cape or something in the way.
>> No. 82573
File 132549151882.jpg - (307.11KB , 595x842 , kilboz-Bat-love.jpg )
Hey! Here's a PWP I read years ago but I found it again! It's gloriously detailed.


Also, thread needed this.
>> No. 82670
hot fic like that deserves hot fic in return.

>> No. 82729
Fic like that is why I can't get into regular porn. Goddamn.
>> No. 82765
File 132578351846.png - (256.60KB , 720x400 , vlcsnap-2012-01-05-12h10m26s6.png )
Dat ass
>> No. 82799
File 132582410311.jpg - (199.32KB , 528x800 , BUTT.jpg )
Clark has a rather nice ass also.

Ricken has magic butt-drawing abilities.
>> No. 82843
File 13259123775.png - (391.93KB , 720x400 , vlcsnap-2012-01-05-12h00m54s177.png )
guh... Clark = most pleasant heart attack

moar fic guys, moar moar!
>> No. 82862
Okay other sole inhabitant of this thread, hopefully you haven't read all these.

>> No. 82916
Heh yeah I devoured those, but have you read this?

>> No. 82921
Yep, it would probably be hard to find a fic of these two I haven't read. May have to dig through some old archives for something that looks fresh again.

Sage for no content.
>> No. 83002
Same here, perhaps there will be a pick up when the movies come out? I hate to think that the comm is dying before then.

There's always cap/iron I suppose. I just can't read them without thinking about what big bitters those two are. >:o
>> No. 83007
File 132642216820.gif - (137.57KB , 320x230 , 9c7f3510.gif )
I'm so jealous of the other fandoms that constantly have new content. We're left to quietly wither away and wish we had more people with artsy talents ;_;

Especially since the upcoming World's Finest title will feature Earth 2 Power Girl and Huntress if I understand this correctly. Not, you know, the actual World's Finest. What the hell, DC.
>> No. 83067
Fans will just bitch about it, like the New 52 and DC will scrap it and go back.

Well having more artists would be nice - if I had money to throw around I'd commission writers instead. tmlange, romanyg, ava_jamison are definitely a few. And speaking of tmlange there was a journal of hers that had monthly round ups of fic but I think it died awhile back ;/

>> No. 83184
File 132669838689.jpg - (385.79KB , 1154x926 , duookami - Mr Wayne & Mr Kent.jpg )
hey look what i found. Preeeeeetty sure that Clark's the one being laid on.

actually i have no fucking clue
>> No. 83185
File 132669876262.jpg - (301.37KB , 700x587 , jiro220 - CLARKBRUCE.jpg )
>> No. 83186
File 132669880381.jpg - (470.78KB , 1500x1908 , kinnhell - [ClarkBruce] Yours.jpg )
>> No. 83238
File 132677048157.jpg - (213.96KB , 500x700 , tumblr_lxgf0wdBJB1qcdgzyo4_500.jpg )
Do you guys want pics or fics?
>> No. 83242
Either. The newer or more obscure, the better.

That pic is the most compelling case I have seen to dislike panties on the outside. Homina homina
>> No. 83247
File 132678674830.jpg - (263.32KB , 500x716 , 12284354.jpg )
alrighties then ill see what i got!
>> No. 83248
File 13267869062.jpg - (549.50KB , 480x1200 , tumblr_lxgf0wdBJB1qcdgzyo1_1280.jpg )
i think this is clark/bruce? might be that guy from the new 52 batman comics though...
>> No. 83306
The correct answer is: all of the above.
Bruce most definitely. Or Damian ...ack! Cannot unsee!
Or Chris Redfield
>> No. 83319
File 132709198996.jpg - (155.71KB , 494x700 , tumblr_lj93yoNLdJ1qhive8o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 83320
File 132709209737.jpg - (47.38KB , 500x388 , tumblr_luj1iwSCTl1qakwwxo1_500.jpg )
FINALLY I'm contributing!!!
>> No. 83321
File 132709213525.jpg - (55.56KB , 500x583 , tumblr_ly3ia8iFEQ1qcdgzyo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 83336
File 132716462872.png - (374.10KB , 724x1280 , tumblr_lwj6jzb8L01r46hnh.png )
I found a tumblr aaaaall about Clark being a sweet li'l dorkus. And this is the first thing I saw.

>> No. 83588
File 132724589867.jpg - (318.38KB , 1339x1890 , wallyrainbow - Superman.jpg )
also have more dick.
>> No. 83641

>> No. 83642

>> No. 83643
It goes down once in a while, hopefully it will be back!
>> No. 83646
Hopefully. And I also hope that the wayback machine will work on some fanfic...
>> No. 83657
File 132756026751.jpg - (159.72KB , 685x1000 , fukss - No Shaving.jpg )
I'm upset. So upset in fact that I suffered through trying to get used to nothing but art. Such tribulation.
>> No. 83658
File 132756045760.jpg - (372.04KB , 939x900 , Batman_cooking_eggs_by_NeMAfronSPAiN.jpg )
Juuust terrible.

Robin probably got him those boxers as a joke.
>> No. 83659
File 132756091053.jpg - (122.87KB , 593x551 , tumblr_lvt16gi9sL1qkz9yn.jpg )
>> No. 83661
File 132756162985.jpg - (46.29KB , 300x283 , tumblr_luxwq8WInO1r15gkz.jpg )
wait never mind I found a fic.
>> No. 83711
Yoooung here. I remember this arc well. He's awoken out his sleep by a wife beater, in his building...beating his wife in front of their kids. It was interesting to see Superman handle it the way he did.

It was a terribly good arc and demonstrated well how a super powered god in some form can still be utterly powerless.
>> No. 83714
I only got into comics in the past couple years so I didn't know the source. I'd be interested in reading it if you know the issue numbers.
>> No. 83716

>> No. 83733
File 13278868567.jpg - (461.62KB , 1291x708 , 1327795491784.jpg )
>> No. 83735
It's back up!
>> No. 83803
No problem. When I find them I'll post them here.
>> No. 83805
File 132815963589.jpg - (46.20KB , 819x579 , 0009fqab.jpg )
Since the archive is up, I went and reread a bunch of stories from my favorite author there.


Oh god this one made me bawl like an idiot. Character death warning, kind of? This fic just needs a warning for the FEELINGS it invokes.
>> No. 83808
Fuck yes, more recs! The Top Tens aren't enough to satisfy my hunger
>> No. 83811
Okay, that author in particular writes slash that will make you laugh and then twist you up inside. And then fap. You should read every last one of their stories, but they aren't completely organized.

Fic listing, most fic is here

Other fic listing, a different one or two here

And a fic listed nowhere but the tags page
>> No. 83812
Oh, also, the fics named "Established" on the different pages are actually different stories.
>> No. 83816
Found it -- Man of Steel #16 and Superman #72 . And I can upload or storytime it if you can't find the issues anywhere.
>> No. 83817
File 13282496606.png - (14.51KB , 350x300 , 1269488420722.png )
ok you girls/guys want fics rigth?


She have a good bunch I love her style is so humorous



if you don´t like a Ironman xover stay away buy I love her bruce
>> No. 83822
I can probably find it, there are collections all over the place. Thanks for finding the issues!

I haven't been able to read cyc's fic since I decided to start reading her personal posts. She may be the most self-centered person I have ever seen on the internet and it totally ruined the stories for me. :/ Now it seems to me like her Bruce is based on herself.
>> No. 83850
Glad to see I'm not the only one turned off to Cyc. Her Bruce is a prick and vile sociopath and her Clark is a hopeless masochist. For me that quickly got old but to be fair I think being with Lois already quantifys Clark as a thristy masochist and that interpretion of s and b's relationship is to be expected within the fandom. Though that's only the case if you don't read superman.

>> No. 83854
File 132845343584.gif - (287.75KB , 600x886 , 1273544473311.gif )
Bruce and Lois don't try to make his life miserable, though half the fandom seems to think Lois hates Clark's guts for some reason. They're his friends and actually, y'know, like him. They tease Clark in their own ways but it's not malicious. Anyone who has ever read a single page of them interacting together should be able to figure that out...

wah wah wah the Goddess of Truth has boobs while she tells Clark the truth waaaah
>> No. 83866
Lois does hate Clark, she loves Superman. In one of the comics Superman and Clark are split into 2 different people. She ignores Clark totally and just stares out the window the whole time waiting for Superman, going on about how she wants Superman.
>> No. 83869
File 132849931771.jpg - (81.75KB , 448x750 , romancefortheages.jpg )
Has anyone who thinks that even read any comics made in the past 30 years oh my god.

DIVERTING ATTENTION WITH SILLY and fic that makes me feel better.

>> No. 83870

lol what the fuck even prompted you to post that here?
>> No. 83874
File 132853377914.jpg - (37.96KB , 538x496 , 0001zxp2.jpg )
I was responding to something, I guess I misread, oops. I'll make it up by sharing some porn.
>> No. 83885
File 132858171967.jpg - (337.18KB , 800x800 , superheroes_in_a_box_by_a1040280-d45g7tm.jpg )
>83733 Does anyone know who the artist of this is? Also complimentary pic
>> No. 83888
balukalulu! Unfortunately google can tell you as much as I know about her. :/
>> No. 83889
File 13285893093.jpg - (110.38KB , 809x583 , tumblr_ljx60zCCXV1qbejk5.jpg )
>> No. 83945
File 132876185136.jpg - (267.82KB , 689x1000 , halcyon6.jpg )
I just read a Cycnus39 story again and I realized how much I hate it when people portray Bruce as an exclusively gay manslut. For some reason I don't think that Bruce would have time to date and bang every last man he has ever met (let alone Ollie what the fricking hell); he hardly has enough time to spend with canon female interests. Not to mention I can't really see him willingly bottoming for anyone but Clark. Really, they're the only ones I can see either of them going gay for...

I will say that Cyc's stories are wonderfully illustrated when eve_k decides to do draw them, but she's as crazy as Cyc. "I posted my art on the internet for all to see! HOW DARE YOU POST IT SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR PEOPLE WHO WOULD LIKE IT, I'M NOT LETTING ANYONE SEE MY PICTURES EVER AGAIN"

And then they both start foaming at the mouth.
>> No. 83950
File 132876799837.jpg - (149.73KB , 495x768 , 1269500135518.jpg )
ok, ok I get it Cy is a bitch geez relax people is only fanfiction



I liked this one, not smut just some fluf romance thing
>> No. 84008
File 132902696010.jpg - (81.00KB , 348x470 , thiscanonlyendinsex.jpg )
Hey. So. Identity poooorrrrrnnnn.

>> No. 84034
File 132924377529.jpg - (85.80KB , 500x373 , tumblr_lgb5ffA6MM1qcisvho1_500.jpg )
Feel the love.
>> No. 84035
File 132924383889.jpg - (359.51KB , 789x758 , mybodyisready.jpg )
What are the boys doing tonight besides crazy chocolate-covered sex?
>> No. 84350
File 132975872542.png - (114.56KB , 169x335 , tyejtjyt.png )
I might have a problem. I've started collecting butts.
>> No. 84351
File 132975880014.png - (223.44KB , 362x295 , eagrwt.png )
>> No. 84352
File 132975881859.png - (94.81KB , 219x177 , nb gfhm.png )
>> No. 84453
File 133030137923.jpg - (171.07KB , 598x610 , tumblr_lu68nshocD1qcdgzyo1_1280.jpg )
Not a problem. Actually quite nice. Please moar?
>> No. 84464
File 133036499484.png - (187.69KB , 256x509 , tumblr_ly8v4tj9bA1ro1uuco1_400.png )
Yup ok

Don't have any Brucebutts, though. Must remedy this.
>> No. 84465
File 133036538118.png - (437.84KB , 500x468 , tumblr_lyc7imCGRj1ro1uuco1_500.png )
>> No. 84466
File 133036551648.png - (384.11KB , 383x570 , tumblr_ly8u2gO7c61ro1uuco1_400.png )
>> No. 84467
File 133036561271.png - (704.66KB , 740x578 , tumblr_lylasixwzf1ro1uuc.png )
>> No. 84500
File 133074546142.gif - (851.81KB , 350x197 , tumblr_lz9i7hCGyP1qirsuqo1_400.gif )
Some gifs.

So close. Soooo clooooose.
>> No. 84501
File 133074551433.gif - (465.24KB , 250x191 , tumblr_lxjfjdcvdj1qirsuqo2_250.gif )
>> No. 84502
File 133074554654.gif - (273.00KB , 500x346 , batmanlikesthat.gif )
>> No. 84503
File 133074559289.gif - (235.84KB , 400x243 , 1329783687099.gif )
I need a dick shoved in there to complete my life.
>> No. 84518
File 133082730110.jpg - (165.54KB , 700x630 , tumblr_m0b89fnEKK1qcdgzyo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 84519
File 133082740123.jpg - (192.54KB , 640x788 , tumblr_m0b89fnEKK1qcdgzyo2_1280.jpg )
I would die if a fic came out based on this picture
>> No. 84525
Aaaaah, angry Cat!Bruce will never not make me happy. A fic written last year about a magically-transformed grumpy catboy sulking in the Cave while all of the boys snicker at him comes to mind but I cannot find it anywhere. He even had stripes! I must find it again for posterity.
>> No. 84530

Here ya go:

"I'm sorry, Master Bruce, but I cannot explain it. I have no knowledge of this."

"Dammit, Alfred!" Bruce was almost panicking. No, this was not... no. NOT normal.

"Perchance one of the villians you fought recently injected you with something?"

"I don't know, Alfred!" Bruce knew this was abnormal for him. Just... take a deep breath. Deep... breath. Deep- "What was that?"

"What was- I did not see anything, Master Bruce."

"No, no, no, no, no. I definitely saw something. Check the cameras." Bruce was frantically searching the distant cave for what he'd seen.

"Master Bruce, might I suggest a minor tranquilizer? You're rather quite exitable right now."

"No! I must... find it..." Bruce was now standing, half crouched, gripping the edge of the operating table and staring out into the depths of the cave.

"Find what? The scanners picked nothing up." Alfred said, triple-checking the cameras. He was beginning to get worried.

"But... I know I- THERE! There it was again!"

Alfred saw it this time. A glimmer. "Master Bruce?"


"That was the light in the cave reflecting off the lake back there."

There was silence for a moment. Bruce twitched. "Really? Are you sure?"

Alfred did not respond. This behavior was quite worrisome. "I'm calling Master Kent."


By the time Alfred got back to the cave, Bruce was acting aven stranger than before.

"Uh... Ma-Master Bruce?"

Bruce spun and looked at Alfred. He was sitting on the operating table. Crouched, rather. His eyes had a bit of a glow. "Yes?"

"Is that a... is that a TAIL, sir?"

"Tail? Where?" Bruce looked around in jerky movements for a moment before spotting it. Yes, it was a tail. Roughly 4-5 feet long, and growing from just above Bruce's ass. It seemed to be growning straight out of the tailbone.

"Oh, dear" Alfred said to himself. Then, in an effort to calm Bruce - or perheps himself - he checked the computer. "Master Kent should be here soon"

Bruce paid no heed. His tail was twitched, and he sat there, mesmerized. "A second later, he swatted at it.

"Oh, lord. I wish he could get here faster" Alfred said. There was a crash as Bruce fell off the table, tail in mouth and growling strangely.


By the time Alfred had finally gotten Bruce upstairs in his room, where there were less breakable things, the doorbell had rung three times. He rushed to the door and found Clark there, dressed in his day-to-day clothes, sans glasses.

"Good evening, Alfred" Clark said, ever the gentleman.

"Is it?" Alfred responded as he led Clark to Bruce's room at a rather fast pace.

"What's the condition? You weren't very specific over the phone."

"Well, sir. That's becuase... er... well, I suppose you should see for yourself, sir"

They walked the rest of the distance in silence. Alfred stopped him outside the room before opening the door. "Now, don't be too shocked. It is... surprising, but..." Alfred seemed to be searching for words, but came up with nothing. "Hell. Here, see for yourself" He opened the door, and stepped out of the way.

Clark stepped in cautiously. "Bruce?" There was a gutteral sound from somewhere behind the bed. Clark cautiously walked toward the bed, and peeked around it. "Bruce?" He stopped short. "Are those.. ears?"

"Cat ears, to be specific, sir" Clark now knew why Alfred had been so on edge. "He has developed a startling number of catlike characteristics."

"I see that" Clark responded. Bruce was... somewhat curled, somewhat sprawled out in the corner. For a human, it looked agonizing, but Bruce looked quite content, wearing... well, nothing. Nothing but skin and "Cat ears, cat tail, cat eyes, claws..."

"He also has feline teeth, sir" Alfred added. Clark nodded.

"You took a blood sample, I trust?"

"Of course, sir" Alfred sounded a bit miffed, but Clark went on.

"I assume you have blood samples of him in a normal state as well" Alfred nodded as Clark continued, "Compare the samples and see if you can come up with an agent to reverse it."

"Yes, sir" Alfred hurried for the door.

"And Alfred?"

"Yes sir?"

"Could you get me a... collar?" Alfred wordlessly pulled a collar out of his pocket and tossed it to Clark. Clark didn't question it. "Good man."

"Very good, then. I will... check on you later." Alfred said before closing the door and hurrying off. Bruce was batting at his tail again.

"Bruce?" No response, as if he didn't hear it. "Bruce?"

There was a snap of recognition. One second, he was half curled in the corner, looking at Clark - the next, he was in front of Clark, as if examining him.

"Bruce? Bruce, are you in there?" No response for a moment, but then there was a flattening of the ears, and Bruce backed up.

"Hey. Hey, boy, hey" Clark didn't know why he was using these terms, but it made Bruce stop for a moment, and his right ear twitch. Clark moved to put the collar on, and Bruce dodged him.

"Hey!" How'd he get so FAST? Bruce was now on the bed, tail twitching. "Bruce..." The ears flattened again. "... come here, you." Clark pounced.

There was a tussle. Bruce was making sounds unlike a human, thrashing madly underneath Clark, as he tried to put the collar around the neck. As hard as it was, he managed to fit the collar around. Latching it was quite a bit harder.

As Bruce buckled beneath him, Clark couldn't help but think that - had circumstances been different, he might have been quite turned on by this... ah, who was he kidding? He was already developing a hard-on.

"THERE!" He practically jumped off Bruce, and back to the floor, still holding the collar, of course. Bruce's tail was between his legs, and he was sitting back in a defensive position.

"Master Clark!" Alfred rushed in with a syringe. "I believe I've got it!" He stopped and blinked.

Clark looked down. Bruce's claws hadn't scratched his skin, of course, but his clothes were in shambles. "Oh"

Alfred moved on, ever... well, Alfred. He positioned himself behind Bruce. "I need to inject him, but any of the normal arteries would be... "

"Hazardous for your health?" Clark suggested.

Alfred nodded. "Hold him still?"

Clark gripped the collar tighter "C'mere, boy." Bruce resisted. "C'mon, Bruce. Just want a-" he tugged harder. Bruce was surprisingly strong. "Just want a hug...!" He finally got his arms around bruce. There was a moment of stunned shock. Thankfully, Alfred took adventage of it.

Bruce went wild. Clark couldn't blame him. He imagined a needle to the ass wouldn't be very pleasant. Bruce bucked and growled, scratching at Clark's already-tattered clothes, before slowing, and eventually stopping.

Clark opened his eyes. He was laying on Bruce, who was looking up at him with... normal eyes. "Clark?"

"Hello, Bruce." He seemed to be back to normal. Clark was surprised to realize he was... disappointed. Then he noticed the ears.

He sat up, and Bruce slid out from underneath him to assume a seated position at the other end of the bed. Clark looked around. Alfred seemed to have taken his leave already. The door was closed, too.

"Hell" Bruce said. Clark looked back to see he inspecting his claws. So... only the eyes had changed. And the inside. Bruce looked up. "Why am I naked?"

"Because you tore off your clothes. They're in ribbons right now."

Bruce nodded. "As are yours."

Clark grinned. "You tried to tear them off, too."

"Was it working?"

Clark was surprised. Was it not fully Bruce? No, that was definitely Bruce. He had on the same look he always had when he was flirting. Clark's stomach jumped. As did- well... "The job was rather unsatifactory. Care to try again?"

Bruce grinned. His tail twitched. "Don't mind if I do."


Might write more. I'll see what you guys think, first.
>> No. 84549
I love this. I love you.
>> No. 84553
please please please please please more!! its absolutely delicious!!!
>> No. 84609
File 133122722273.jpg - (277.94KB , 1024x1334 , balls_of_steel_by_stryfers-d4rg5qn.jpg )
That fic reminded me of my love for Clark's invulnerability. I wonder if he gets off on stuff that would normally harm anyone else during sex? The tattered clothes don't hurt, either. Mmm.
>> No. 84611
So what's up with the comm's? There's no activity there or the archive. It's totally dead.
>> No. 84676
File 133165409052.gif - (467.62KB , 325x204 , 1331387734065.gif )
It's just a lull. Things will pick up once we get more movies and the comics establish themselves a bit more.
>> No. 84677
File 13316901224.jpg - (170.57KB , 500x500 , a0047078_4f5e0ec578209.jpg )
Love this comm to pieces so ah I hope that's the case here. Here's alittle something.
>> No. 84685
File 133181453586.jpg - (436.15KB , 517x900 , utenabaron - Post-Shower Bruce.jpg )
There's still some stuff out there all of us probably haven't seen, also. Just have to keep looking.
>> No. 84697
File 133195733940.jpg - (321.89KB , 572x800 , 25673667_p1.jpg )
Holy crap. The person who made>>83185 >>84518 and >>84519
is releasing a book.


>> No. 84758
omg that is awesome! but where did you find such a beautiful image? it's not in the link you gave us.
>> No. 84760
You have to be logged in to see it! Having a pixiv is worth it, though.
>> No. 84784
File 133219627227.jpg - (203.58KB , 500x700 , tumblr_lxgf0wdBJB1qcdgzyo3_500.jpg )
Love this artist. Premium quality.

But we may have lost another. Suavebastard's LJ has been deleted recently -- does anyone know about it?
>> No. 84913
File 133244747548.jpg - (280.88KB , 749x700 , 26006984_p1.jpg )
>> No. 84914
Oh my god I didn't know sb's journal was gone until you said it and now I am sad. I feel bad for posting some other excellent art right after the news, too. :( I hope sb isn't gone forever! I'm gonna keep an eye on their ygallery for now.
>> No. 84970
File 133264342895.jpg - (190.78KB , 700x613 , 26059844_p1.jpg )
Ah, amazing, Bruce...

I wish I knew more kanji. :(
>> No. 84995
Don't ever feel bad about posting such delicious art. Hot damn. I don't know where sb went but it's a good idea to keep tabs if there's a gallery still avaliable somewhere. In the meanwhile this artist is excellent and the kryptonite is hella hot.
>> No. 85327
File 133380251182.jpg - (150.70KB , 536x750 , 26391037_p3.jpg )
I want to throw ALL MY MONEY at Japan in hopes this artist, Nakadōri receives it and sends me a copy of her book.
>> No. 85328
File 133380278660.jpg - (90.90KB , 550x746 , 26391037_p2.jpg )
>> No. 85398
Did some righteous digging and looket what I found: https://www.c-queen.net/ec/products/detail.php?product_id=98138

There's the order forum of the artist we've been absorbing here. The artist only ships doujinshi locally so theres no way to get this in the US. I'd be very happy to throw my money at them if I could - could someone else?
>> No. 85403
Yeah, if you'd want to buy it you'd probably have to use a proxy/doujinshi mail service (whereby someone in Japan will buy the book and ship it to you at a fee).

I'm gonna see where's a good place with a reasonable fee later, but for anyone else interested, here's a link I've found with some good proxies:

Ugh, it's been a long time since I've been in the doujinshi/manga circle... so I've forgotten how this shit works.
>> No. 85404
okay, I've found someone reasonable who'd offers this service. Y800 fee for 4 books.

>> No. 85410
I had no idea these types of services were offered. How useful!

I can create a chipin to raise funds http://www.chipin.com

or pay for it myself. I don't have a scanner so I can't upload it though and we can pick 3 more books.

>> No. 85419
I roughly estimated the entire costs for this particular dj, which came to 1657 Yen. Which is roughly $26 bigguns in my country

Fuck it. I'm buying it. I'm poor but idgaf. I'll even clean the scans and typeset them if someone is willing to translate (used to be an scanlator). Might take about 2-3 weeks delivery give or take, because I live somewhere other than the US, so hold tight. Gonna see what she responds to my email
>> No. 85424
You are sunshine anon. If you want I'd recommend making a chipin anyway so we can divvy up the costs if you've already bought it. No need to carry the brunt if your strapped for cash.

I can hire a translator once your done the upload.
>> No. 85425
lol nah it's ok really. I don't wanna take your money anon! Besides I was planning on selling it straight after on the comm or somewhere, so I'll at least get back some of the cash, which'll prob tone down the loss to $10 from me. Not too bad really!
>> No. 85426
Hey, I just got a new job and with the few checks I've gotten I can be a college kid that can actually afford things. If you'd make a chipin or even have a paypal or something I would gladly pay for all of it if you'd scan it and make it look pretty. :)
>> No. 85434
... are you guys sure? Not that I'll take all your money and run with it lol, but I really don't wanna take others money! But it'll help me definitely. I want to pay for the majority of the costs though.

Should I just create a ChipIn for the fee (800 Yen)? That's roughly $10 USD. I'll pay for the doujinshi and S&H.

I'll put the paypal acct she gives me as the beneficiary. I've researched ChipIn, and if we don't reach the goal, the amount you paid will be refunded into your respective accounts. But even if we don't reach that amount by the allotted time, I'll just pay for it.

>> No. 85460
Do it and I'll pay the proxy no problem.
>I want to pay for the majority of the costs though.
Your a good sport anon.
>> No. 85464
Awwww thanks anon!! Anything will help!

Okay, I've made the chipin. The chipin is here:

I've had to change the beneficiary to me, because then I'll add it to my contributions and I'll send it over to her altogether. Plus, I read the fine print and I understand it says that paypal will incur a fee to the account linked, which will be taken from the $10...

BTW any questions, comments (or spam) you've got for me , you can send to my email I've provided in the email field. Thanks guys!
>> No. 85477
File 133418571714.jpg - (109.31KB , 600x839 , cxb_by_ruralrural-d4qhse8.jpg )
We luv you <3

and stayin' relevant
>> No. 85481
Wow we reached the goal already!! And thanks to the people who donated! Fuuuuuuuuck do I love you guys

Just sent the payment, waiting on confirmation that she received it. I'll send the other payment (S&H) when she calculates it. I'll also screencap the final email (or provide screencaps if needed)

I'll keep you guys posted on each step!
>> No. 85493
File 13342039664.jpg - (63.47KB , 900x600 , little_mister_frowny_pants_by_glasmond-d4hvp3s.jpg )
Story and art accompaniment: http://teland.com/stories/frownypants.html

Seconding. Seriously can't wait for this doujinshi guys. It's going to be awesome.
>> No. 85497
Order was placed! screencap of emails

I'll post again when she emails me again so I can keep you guys posted, which'll probably be in 5 days or so (when she receives the dj). Now it's time to wait...
>> No. 85508
File 133426811737.jpg - (57.26KB , 285x352 , tumblr_lwdhlpeqHg1qkf8gmo1_400.jpg )
"They haven't quite warmed up to the fact that Batman has been my secret boyfriend all along."
>> No. 85522
File 133428995815.jpg - (526.29KB , 600x839 , 1334020761923.jpg )
Don't know if I'm blind but I didn't see an e-mail on that chipin site...Is it this dj you're buying? (see pic)
>> No. 85527
Yep that's the doujin. If you're inquiring about my email, it's in the email field just above this post (hover over my blue anon name), or it's dssj37@gmail.com.

Also I've closed the chipin because we reached the mark and people were still contributing even though we reached the goal, which was really too generous lol. But thanks guys!
>> No. 85539
>> 85527
Oh that's great! Just sent you an e-mail about it! There's people on /y/ looking for that dj as well so what you're doing is awesome!
>> No. 85559
File 133444463596.jpg - (27.42KB , 300x400 , 1321214407048.jpg )
>> No. 85601
File 133451976552.gif - (759.17KB , 500x188 , tumblr_m2f06nGX7q1qirsuqo1_500.gif )
>> No. 85636
so what are you planning to do with the dj once you get it? are you gonna scan/translate?
>> No. 85643
I'll do scanning and cleaning only. I can't translate for shit lol

Also UPDATE: She has received the dj! Gonna wait until tomorrow to pay her (when I get my own pay). She should confirm the shipment in two days.
>> No. 85674
File 133472823161.jpg - (135.67KB , 462x650 , 26637251_p7.jpg )

>> No. 85685
Package shipped. http://i.imgur.com/nMEJ6.jpg

DJ should get here next week. Fuck yessssss
>> No. 85689
File 133478470628.jpg - (149.19KB , 915x445 , cock4.jpg )
Thank you so much in advance for doing this and sharing it with everyone
>> No. 85695
File 133479431913.jpg - (2.00MB , 1280x1897 , superman #8.jpg )
ah I can't wait for this so here's shirtless sexy Clark.
>> No. 85696
File 133479439638.jpg - (1.85MB , 1280x1903 , superman #8 pg2.jpg )
I love how his chest hair is the exact shape of the S Shield haha
>> No. 85697
File 133479448127.jpg - (1.95MB , 1280x1922 , superman #8 pg3.jpg )
>> No. 85703
File 133481355944.gif - (108.10KB , 500x225 , 1329340627901.gif )
So will another person be translating? I'm sure you can easily find some translaters/proofreaders on lj forums
>> No. 85704
Yeah I'm looking for a translator right now. I've tried most major yaoi scanlation groups but they either outright say no or it has to suit their tastes (which tend to lean towards the bishounen type...). I've got a bite on mangaupdates, but she says she'll take at least a month to do it because of other priorities.

I'll try lj and maybe Aarinfantasy though, but not sure how much success I'll get on there...
>> No. 85707
Alright, so... problem. Tried to recruit some translators on worlds_finest, but a couple of people told me off for 'not having permission' to scanlate the images. Didn't know that'll be problem, so I'll stop posting there for now to avoid dat drama.

Where's another good place on livejournal to ask? I have no clue where else to look.
>> No. 85710
I don't know man, maybe try some doujin translation groups, they probably wont have problems with the permission thing, because come on, I really doubt ANY artist would give permission for someone to translate and mass distribute their work across the internetz. The douji.s I read are from lj communities Summar Pirates and Futarikiri (One piece), also Decimo Luce (KHR)... others i dont really know, maybe try some of the other major fanbases? I'm sure naruto and bleach has a shit ton. You'll find one, it's just a matter of time really. Till then, maybe start cleaning so there's less to do? Good Luck!
>> No. 85741
File 133493251930.jpg - (88.74KB , 450x621 , tumblr_lzm8lvic0o1ql8t27o1_500.jpg )
I'll take it raw.
>> No. 85819
I forgot this existed.

>> No. 85891
I haven't really seen the internet make a fuss about getting something like this before, but... a lot of people don't want the doujin public and I guess I can get that. Any chance we could get a password or only give it out via email or something once it's scanned? I'd honestly rather that an excellent artist like jiro get all the money she can from this book.
>> No. 85893
File 133527411014.png - (1.55MB , 800x1135 , BACK.png )
Good news /coq/s

1) the dj arrived
2) I got a translator sorted

Just sent the raws to the translator now.

So question is... would you guys rather wait a couple of days for the scanlated version, or would you like me to dump the raws now? Don't wanna spoil anything if you guys don't wanna be spoiled

pic related. It's the back cover.
>> No. 85894
File 133527604220.jpg - (569.04KB , 800x1139 , [page]-2.jpg )
Oh whoops, didn't see your comment before I posted

TBH I didn't expect any backlash about posting this doujin... but I guess people in this fandom aren't used to the idea of scanlations.

Anyway, I don't really think that a password or something of the sort will help (since I know someone may post it to /y/, and once it's on there it's everywhere), but I don't mind doing it if you guys think it is a worthwhile measure.

BTW here's a related page: this is page 2. A plea from the artist. Now I feel equally as bad.
>> No. 85897
maybe you shoud upload it just a cuople of days (two or three) and then just post the instrutions on how to buy it and then just upload the a script with the translation, I was a little late to donate but if have the chanche I will buy it without dobout
>> No. 85899
Are these artists aware that the fandom is of a popular comic book pairing and have new scans almost every week so people can sample before buying? Why so many artists go up in arms over people who want their work and willing to buy it will never make any sense to me.

Raw or translated will be good - people already threw money into this and including your own efforts so I'd say it's already worth while.
>> No. 85902
DUMP, please?!
>> No. 85907
You guys I know the artist personally, please please please don't make access to the book public etc. It'd break her art and trust for Americans
>> No. 85908
she doesn't make is accessible to Americans! I would gladly buy it, if I could order from a site in English.
>> No. 85953
thanks a ton for posting!

I'll be in my bunk.
>> No. 85990
o-oh my god
>> No. 86006
...time to find a clean pair of undies...
>> No. 86028
Hey guys. Me again, glad you're enjoying it

Translator needs some help with the translation, and I thought you guys might help since you know more than I do lol. Her post:

>Also i need a bit of help. The famous line when introducing Superman (both please, the one that's usually in the beginning when people see him flying in the sky, and the always repeating narration that talks about how strong and unbeatable Supermen is and compares him to train and stuff), recording on transcription of those lines, either is ok.

>Also can you write down a phrase or two where flying is naturally used instead of walking or ruining. Maybe in sense of helping someone. In Japanese using word fly is natural in that sense but right now i can't find this same work natural in English. And obviously the worked is used with purpose since we're dealing with Superman
>> No. 86033
Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's SUPERMAN!

RKO-Pathe Studios 1952 Adventu…youtube thumb

I'm not sure what the second request is, exactly. More context, maybe?
>> No. 86119
words that make the act of flying seem natural? honestly just flying seems fine, hover when he's.. you know hovering, and flying when he's.. flying. There really isn't any other word for it, can she give us a sentence maybe? I'm sure its not that awkward
>> No. 86163
File 133575079558.jpg - (109.35KB , 547x751 , 26856632_p4.jpg )
English can't really carry the same sorts of meanings that some other languages do in their individual words, so "flying in the sense of helping someone" doesn't really work. Just saying "fly me home" works as a reasonable translation (not that that's what Bruce said, I have no idea what line she means).

It can be really hard to translate things literally, like in the last panel of >>85925 Bruce just says "Sit. There." but Japanese grammar makes it so that the words in the bubbles are reversed. Just little things that would be super awkward if left exactly the way they were. Sometimes different nuances to a word get lost and that's fine. If she can't get an exact translation then it's still on par with professional work; they can't do it literally either.

Sage for rant and no dicks.
>> No. 86380
File 133630315364.jpg - (351.80KB , 617x660 , 26922418_p6.jpg )
>> No. 86549
File 133669837433.jpg - (101.98KB , 400x698 , jiro220 - bruce butt.jpg )
Any more word on how the translation's coming along?
>> No. 86675
File 133715153696.png - (756.38KB , 1131x1599 , 2ng6137.png )
I am a bad influence.
>> No. 86703
File 133735290022.jpg - (156.45KB , 600x774 , earth2.jpg )
>> No. 86739
File 133752045695.jpg - (145.96KB , 700x777 , superman_and_batman_by_ainokodoba-d50jrii.jpg )
>> No. 87035
File 133883338473.jpg - (560.99KB , 800x608 , in_your_car_by_a1040280-d5298q0.jpg )
>> No. 87185
File 133967639825.jpg - (126.47KB , 740x600 , jiro220 - SB.jpg )
>> No. 87186
File 13396765453.jpg - (67.76KB , 500x333 , tumblr_lupswgOcvE1qiqzu8o1_500.jpg )
and butts
>> No. 87187
File 133967657357.jpg - (120.01KB , 440x687 , tumblr_lzg2waKQS41qf930so1_500.jpg )
>> No. 87201
I think they might have skipped out on the translation folks. Can anyone else get one?
>> No. 87203
Wellllll I barely know any Japanese but it would probably be possible to get the gist with a lot of dictionary-checking, which is how I've read a few small phrases in it already. That, of course, would make for the absolute worst translation ever made so if anyone else has an idea I'm all for it.
>> No. 87289
File 134007703351.jpg - (87.31KB , 470x720 , World's-Finest.jpg )
>> No. 87326
Aaah! So this is where the amazing Superman/Batman doujin came from! For translators, try scan-clan.com. They're open to translating especially if the art resembles the style they're looking for. Jiro's art kinda looks like GD Mechano's so why not try?
>> No. 87336
It's been getting passed around? If you see it please encourage the viewers to buy the physical copy.
>> No. 87347
To everyone waiting for a translation of the SupermanxBatman doujin, it's being done now by Leon of leon692.blogspot.com. YAY!
>> No. 87401
Leon says he doesn't do requests but he does commissions. i'm not sure what he means by commissions? Does the mean the asker pays him to translate?
>> No. 87408

According to his blog chat box, he's already working on it and has done a few pages. Guess if he really likes a comic, he translates it immediately.
>> No. 87410
File 134034119199.jpg - (1.04MB , 800x1133 , [BatmanxSuperman] DJ_-_Sit PAGE (1).jpg )
Hey guys.... sorry for the fucking long asssssssssss wait. Translation has been done for awhile now (HUGE thanks to anon_24), and I was editing it ... but i then got a job and then got carried away.... And plus I didn't know how hard editing a COLOUR doujinshi would be (kept restarting because of dem gradients and overleveling). Fuck me. Hard. /lifestory

tl;dr Sorry for taking so long!!!!!!!

link to the whole scanlated doujin .rar:

(if mediafire doesn't work for you, I'll upload it to another website, but please suggest one because I don't know of any others that hasn't shut down yet)

Dumping now. Enjoy!!
>> No. 87411
File 134034137995.jpg - (956.60KB , 800x1145 , [BatmanxSuperman] DJ_-_Sit PAGE (2).jpg )
>> No. 87412
File 134034157716.jpg - (1.00MB , 800x1139 , [BatmanxSuperman] DJ_-_Sit PAGE (3).jpg )
>> No. 87413
File 134034191638.jpg - (1.09MB , 800x1136 , [BatmanxSuperman] DJ_-_Sit PAGE (4).jpg )
>> No. 87414
File 134034205680.jpg - (0.99MB , 800x1134 , [BatmanxSuperman] DJ_-_Sit PAGE (5).jpg )
>> No. 87416
File 134034262678.jpg - (934.20KB , 800x1127 , [BatmanxSuperman] DJ_-_Sit PAGE (6).jpg )
Ermm, internet's shitting on me, so gonna have to end the dump there, or someone else post it? Download it anyway lol

Thanks again guys
>> No. 87423
Woah woah woah this is some HIGH QUALITY work! Thank you!
>> No. 87424
Any Chinese readers who are members of the linked forum? I think somebody posted GD Mechano's Superman/Batman comic Bahbel here: http://bbs.aholma.com/viewthread.php?tid=7857 but I don't know how to read or write mandarin.
>> No. 87425
Any Chinese readers who are members of the linked forum? I think somebody posted GD Mechano's Superman/Batman comic Bahbel here: http://bbs.aholma.com/viewthread.php?tid=7857 but I don't know how to read or write mandarin.
>> No. 87455
This Doujin is the second to really illiustrate how sexy Clark is when he takes off the glasses. Hot damn. The first: >>85696

I made an account with no luck in getting the scans from there. It doesn't list any reason why it would still be locked after registration. Any ideas about this?
>> No. 87462

Sorry, got no idea about that. That sucks. GD Mechano's DC comics related doujins are always good. Maybe leave a comment on the Bahbel thread asking where the pics went?
>> No. 87476
It's the same as wfbat; you have to comment in the thread for it to be unlocked. You might want to find some Chinese phrases to express "I NEED TO SEE THIS RIGHT NOW."
>> No. 87477
ok girls I finally get it! give a little time and I will upload it in media fire
>> No. 87478
File 134057655651.jpg - (102.63KB , 800x1296 , 6075916.jpg )
forgot pic
>> No. 87479
File 134057969055.jpg - (68.15KB , 800x1299 , 81.jpg )
ok there is it, I make a mistake and pg 49 and 50 are the same image but is complete

>> No. 87494
Hurray! Thank you so much for saving the doujin to share with us!
>> No. 87505
Is this the translated version?
>> No. 87507
Thanks for sharing! If only I could read Chinese! I hope someone can translate this!
>> No. 87510
sorry I just got to see the pics thanks to google translate and lot of patience I don´t know a thing of chinesse, but if anyone knows a traslator it will be cool
>> No. 87516
I have access to the JAPANESE raw of Babhel. If there's a translator that wants to do this dj, let me know!! I'll put s/he in touch with the scanner.
>> No. 87601
Moar Superman/Batman please? ;_;
>> No. 87602
File 134107757892.jpg - (470.11KB , 1200x1881 , 128160782547.jpg )
Here u go
>> No. 87661
File 134142114479.jpg - (323.12KB , 238x1200 , 28144057_p5.jpg )
I know those feels dude.
>> No. 87688
The image which you uploaded spreads out in many places and may not stop it anymore.
I cannot sell doujinishi to you again anymore.
>> No. 87690
I hope you guys are fucking proud of yourselves. The artist almost committed suicide because of this.
>> No. 87691
Almost committed suicide? I can't be proud of myself until someone 5000 miles away takes the ultimate challenge and an heroes. This may seem like a nice board, but it's 4chan bitch. I don't give a shit.
>> No. 87693
How do you know? You know the artist personally? I can't find his/her website.
>> No. 87695

"I am very painful

I saw my doujinshi was reprinted in many places last night.

I was desperate to control impulse to jump off the window of the room while yelling.

doujinshi is totally different from the illustration which I upload by oneself.

I am glad that all of guys enjoy it to see my illustration and love it.

But it is the same as I being crucified nakedly by the main street to upload my doujinshi in the Internet.

It was a gloomy feeling, and I slept, and the work did not progress at all the next day either.

I was dieting, but have eaten chocolate.

Anyway, I appealed when I “Please Do not reprinted” it many times. They ignored it and reprinted it because they enjoyed it.

Therefore I feel lowest now.

I must reconsider a sales system of doujinshi in future."

From her tumblr. Also, people here are usually nicer. Don't be a dick.
>> No. 87697
If they are so ashamed why did they draw it in the first place? I hope they never become a professional mangaka/artist/writer. Reality is such a harsh thing, because you can get everything on the internet, it's the internet.

Tell her to sell to it other countries, then we would be able to buy it and not need someone to upload it.
>> No. 87699
It will be difficult to have you understand a viewpoint of Japanese doujin.

Therefore you worked hard to understand it and should have paid attention to the words of the author.
And the writer of much doujin draws a comic by a hobby not work.

Therefore there is not the duty that must sell it at a place with the needs, and it cannot make the reason why you upload doujinshi mercilessly.
>> No. 87701
The irony to me is, if the doujinshi-ka is upset because of loss of money/sales, DC would like to talk to him/her about using their copyrighted characters for profit without permission.
>> No. 87702
wait, what, suicide? i see no suicide in that memo. don't exaggerate.
>> No. 87703
What I aim at does not seem to be handed down to you at all. Therefore I do it in this last.

Regardless of whether the money is also right,
I said "please stop" absolutely, but you guys do that.
I feel a terribly painful unilaterally.
Do you not feel about it or anything?
>> No. 87704
Of course doujins are a hobby. But does the artist realize that more people know about her work now thanks to the scans? That they want to BUY her doujins? She should be glad. So many artists out there get zero sales even with lots of self-promotion and freebies.

I don't think she's ashamed. I think it's a money issue. She said she likes people liking her work but was upset at seeing a scanned copy of her doujin online.
>> No. 87705
I supplement it incidentally.
I am not going to make a profit on sales of doujinshi.
The production expense is higher than sales.
Much doujin writers are all so.
>> No. 87706

If you are Jiro, I hate to say it but nothing is safe from the internet. It's a fact. Professional comic companies also deal with scanners of their books. At least the companies have actual rights to those books and characters. Doujins on the other hand are comics of other people's characters. It's kinda hypocritical to be upset about people seeing a doujin for free when the doujin maker is profiting off other people's characters.

I highly doubt the scanner(s) of the doujin had malicious intent at all. They wanted to share the doujin because it was that damn *good*. Whatever anyone says now, the doujin is on the internet and I don't think it's disappearing anytime soon. Take it as a compliment that your work has become so popular?
>> No. 87708
Can you guys learn to respect the artist?
>> No. 87711
So is this whole thread going to be deleted since the doujin is here?
>> No. 87712
How fucking old are you guys?

People who make doujin rarely make bank. Justifying yourself that "oh well she didn't put it online so I hav to scan lulz" is asanine. Are you telling me you fucks don't have $20 to spend on a doujin that you "enjoy so much"? It's 20 fuckingdollars, you spend more on a hair cut and the net.

You guys also need to understand that drawing doujins is a hobby and looked down upon in their culture. No one is proud to say "I DRAW GAY/HOMO" in Japan.the "otaku" culture is seen as a disease, no one wants to be associated with it. Many doujins as have 5-9 jobs and only do doujin in heir free time.

Ps I also like how you didn't upload the "PLEASE DO NOT SCAN PAGE"

You know it was wrong yet you still do it...smh
>> No. 87715
If you still think money is the issue, here's a printing breakdown.
500 copies/ 260,000 yen (about 3000USD)
If she manages to sell ALL her books, she makes 250,000 yen. NOT INCLUDING table, application fees, travel expense.
>> No. 87716
what is ironic is if it wasn't for the scans, nobody here would have known about the doujinshi to buy it in the first place...how do you blame people for not buying it if they didn't know about it before?
>> No. 87717
It's sad that Jiro is so upset over this. I'm new to Superman/Batman, been looking thru this thread and enjoying the art & fics. Jiro's art is <3. I'm torn tho cuz I found out bout her art thanks to the scans esewhere. I wanna to buy the doujin but dunno where.
>> No. 87718
How is that ironic?

If nobody knew about it, you guys wouldn't be stealing and betraying another fan of the pairing/series you love so much.
They do their job to make sure you guys get YOUR PAIRING/STORY/PORN IN WHICH YOU LOVE SO MUCH, so all they ask in return is a little respect.
>> No. 87726
So where's the buy page for this comic?
Angry rants at anons amount to nothing if there's nowhere to buy it to make it up to the doujinka.
>> No. 87727
i'm pretty sure most of jiro's doujins sell out rather quickly because so many people want them

if you honestly just looked at their pixiv page or tumblr (which is new to me) there was probably ways to buy it from either page
>> No. 87728
keyword = "was". how to buy if there no more copies to get? where artist tumblr?
>> No. 87730
Why do not you give it up when the thing which you want is not sold?
Please learn patience.
A writer does not have a duty to have to sell doujinshi to all people, and it does not become a reason to steal because you cannot buy it.
You think about only satisfying your greed.
>> No. 87731
Suppose, as in the United States was able to buy this book,
You think it will be uploaded to this thread and did not?
I do not think so.
You guys will surely say,

"I do not have money.
The author did not let me read a book free. It is bad "
"I can not read Japanese.
The author did not let me read a story in English. It is bad"
>> No. 87732
If you don't know about second hand store services you have not been on the internet long enough.

Here is the cheapest service right now for doujinshi buying services: http://kaimonodaikou.ninja-x.jp/how2buy.html

Buy directly, support the artists you like.

If this is /too/ much for you to afford, maybe you should look into other interests.
>> No. 87733
You guys are all sick and disgusting. Please tell me more about how you're justified being lowly thieves.
>> No. 87734
File 134164056263.jpg - (96.80KB , 427x640 , 1334178515504.jpg )
Jesus Christ, Now everytime i see someone with back English, I'm going to think its Jiro.

To Jiro:
It's the internet bro, this is life, this is what happens. No one's arguing that you deserve some kind of compensation, some kind of justice for this, but let's face it, it'll probably never happen, and there are much shittier things that happens anyways. life suck balls, make lemonade, at least now you're famous. Move on from this point, do better things. But please don't hate 4chan, don't hate the west, don't hate the internet and don't hate people. These are the actions of a select few, not of the whole. we're not all assholes.

You have a great talent, I hope you continue sharing it with the world, albeit this time without the naiveity that everyone on the internet will heed your warnings and pleads not to scan your shit, because there will always be that one asshole.

To those who scanned and translated this:
There are no laws to punish you for what you did, no way to bring you to 'justice', but I hope you at least realize the hours, heart, soul (and now tear) the author poured into this. Do you even draw? Do you understand the indignity of this situation? If you have any shred of remorse in you, apologize to the author, at least attempt to fix your dumbassery. If not, welp, there's nothing anyone can do, I'm just saying you and only you can offer some sort of closure for this poor girl who just lost like 80+ hours of her life, is now in possible depression and probable lost a shitload of faith in mankind (specifically western kind) because of you. You can repair all that, and what will it cost you? Nothing. So just grow the fuck up and apologize.
>> No. 87736

Hold up here. Are you saying you don't want to sell to US people because you're so sure we'll upload it online? That isn't true for everyone. I get that you're angry and upset right now, but seriously, not all of us here are scanners or thieves or whatever. What happened was the result of actions of a few people. We don't even know if they're from the US or not.
>> No. 87737
I was browsing past Bruce/Clark threads.
It looks like a group of anons chipped in money to buy the doujin.
The anon who got the doujin scanned it to share with the anons who helped pay for the doujin.
That's where the big mistake was.
>> No. 87744
This is the unfortunate reality of publishing--of any kind, whether it be doujin, comic, book, or just a picture: once you publish it, once you put it out there, it is gone and beyond your control. People are going to do with it what they will. You can try to force control (don't scan, don't translate, don't create fanfiction, don't create porn, etc) but the efforts will rarely be successful. It's something that I've had to accept myself.

If the artist cannot accept this and it upsets them this much then, as much as I hate to say it, maybe they should not publish. If something that is really beyond their control causes them this much stress and pain, then it is not worth it, though the world will be sad for the lack of their work.
>> No. 87745
I am grateful to the artist for creating such a beautiful doujinshi. I am grateful to the scanlator for sharing it. I am grateful to the translator for allowing me to read the story.

Sitting on my shelves right now is probably around $1000 worth of doujinshi from a variety of different fandoms and sitting on my harddrive are a lot of those different doujinshi, scanned and translated and the reason I went out and bought the doujinshi and related work from the artist. I'm grateful to everyone that was involved in letting me view, enjoy, and even own such beautiful works of art.
>> No. 87746
I am one of the two other people who paid for it (both American as far as I know) and the third person (not an American) who also paid took the money and gave it to the seller is the one who had it scanned and translated. I did not wanted it posted all over the internet because I love Jiro's art and I want people to buy her work. The doujinshi is not currently available for purchase anywhere as far as I can tell. Anywhere I saw it posted, I asked people to buy the physical copy if they could.

I would not have minded the doujin being scanned and then maybe emailed to/uploaded somewhere and then immediately taken down as soon as we had it for the other buyer and I because I guarantee you I would not have posted it anywhere else, and I paid for it. I would like to have a physical copy but I can't. I would gladly just hand over more money to Jiro for at least two more copies (one each for the other two people who helped buy it) but I can't anymore and I'm a broke student besides.

I do not regret buying it. It is an extremely well-made doujinshi. I actually got on the board to suggest the email distribution but it had already been posted just hours before. I'm sorry that it got so widespread with no money to show on Jiro's part because she deserves every penny and if she ever does list it for sale again, I reeeeeeally hope you guys go out of your way to buy it.
>> No. 87752
Same. I resent that some people think just because we read scanlations we don't buy lots of doujin too. I'm glad to the scanlators of the supermanxbatman doujin because I know now about jiro and saving money to buy all of jiro's work where I can find them.
>> No. 87766
Can someone point me to an english website where I can buy it?
>> No. 87767
I'm the one who found the doujin and suggested chipin, donated some money, etc and I can't believe it has caused this much crying when it has only served to boost the popularity and credibly of the artist.

You guys are throwing around words like "scum" and "thieves" which is fine but I bet you guys still read and saved and would have bought if possible.

For the record when I found it I had full intention of buying it from the site but it was only being sold locally.

As a marketer who sells digital products sometimes (and lost money from pirating), your intellectual property is always at risk and there are no perfect safeguards especially on the internet. It's just the nature of business. I'm sorry you want to kill yourself over this Jiro, perhaps you shouldn't draw anymore?

You really shouldn't though, we can't lose you a Suavebastard. We just really dig your art and would throw our money at you if we could. Also as a firefighter, you can't imagine how jumping out a window would suck ass for us to clean up.
>> No. 87793
Agreed. Tho I think is just one or two people slinging insults around. The other comments look to be asking where to buy the doujin. Which should be making Jiro happy, not feel "crucified". The scans have give her popularity and new fans wanting to throw money at her many aspiring artists would kill for.
>> No. 87799
File 134184288684.jpg - (211.48KB , 970x1496 , AdventuresOfSuperman583p01.jpg )
Holy shit, guys, we need to get back to what this thread is all about! BRUCE/CLARK! Let me start with some pages from various Superman comics.

This is from Adventures of Superman 583, the Emperor Joker storyline. Look at Superman's reaction at seeing his Batman dead. -sniffle-
>> No. 87800
File 134184308798.jpg - (171.26KB , 922x1436 , AdventuresOfSuperman583p02.jpg )
>> No. 87801
File 134184341862.jpg - (230.16KB , 952x1490 , actioncomics770p08.jpg )
Then from Action Comics 770, also Emperor Joker storyline. Batman is continuously tortured by the Joker and this time, Superman is forced to hear his best friend being killed while incapable of stopping it. -snifflex2-
>> No. 87802
File 134184350975.jpg - (229.15KB , 946x1494 , actioncomics770p09.jpg )
>> No. 87803
File 134184358718.jpg - (270.05KB , 956x1490 , actioncomics770p10.jpg )
>> No. 87804
File 134184380276.jpg - (198.56KB , 954x1486 , actioncomics770p32.jpg )
From the same issue, after the universe has been restored, Superman finds out that Batman ... isn't.
>> No. 87805
File 134184387337.jpg - (233.50KB , 942x1472 , actioncomics770p33.jpg )
>> No. 87806
File 134184397051.jpg - (221.71KB , 960x1472 , actioncomics770p34.jpg )
What Clark says to Bruce in the last panel, what Clark does for Bruce so he won't suffer anymore ... If that isn't love, I don't know what is. <3
>> No. 87807
There is not the place that can purchase it in English.
I am sorry to the person who thought that I want to read my book, but it is difficult by various reasons.

I say repeatedly, but I do not assume money a problem.
I do not desire sale of more doujinshi.
Do not desire many fans.
I have not asked you for it.

I make doujinshi, in order for me myself to enjoy myself.
I would like to avoid that there is a risk for me.
Therefore, I needed your help "Please stop reproducing."

I know the pains that the book which I want is not available well.
Therefore I asked not to reprint it there that did not announce it at a place except Japanese pixiv either.

People who stored an uploaded image will reprint the image in a tumbler and blog and a bulletin board in future.
I continue suffering each time.
Many doujin writers whom not only me but you have uploaded on the Internet feel such.

Finally all foreigners do not think me to be lack of understanding. They kept a promise with me. I thank for the thing heartily.
I pray so that you forget me early.

>> 87734
Thank you.
>> No. 87809
It's a damn shame if you stop drawing. I hope what happened isn't going to cause that. You have an amazing talent. If you should make any more doujins or even professional mangas, I will happily purchase them and never scan them. You deserve respect.
>> No. 87810
File 134184776116.jpg - (460.73KB , 1200x1868 , Superman Batman Annual 01-04.jpg )
frm batman annual #1, can ya feel the love
>> No. 87811
File 134184793417.jpg - (583.04KB , 1200x1864 , Superman Batman Annual 01-17.jpg )
so far the closest superman and batman get in bed in canon
>> No. 87812
File 134184816489.jpg - (415.96KB , 1200x1856 , Superman Batman Annual 01-51.jpg )
how many guys can say they were undressed by superman at superspeed?
>> No. 87814

god i wish there was fic about this scene.

Preferably them getting it on like bunnies.
>> No. 87822
>you guys are scum, disgusting, thieves
>downloads music/doujinshi/movies off the internet

love the hypocrisy
>> No. 87823
i think that was either jiro or one of the japanese people who showed up. that was one angry anon, man
>> No. 87828

Thanks for the pages. We need more Bruce/Clark here! That's what this thread is about, right???
>> No. 87843
File 134195585472.jpg - (63.02KB , 428x700 , DeadBat-BatmanSuperman.jpg )
Damn skippy.
>> No. 87854
File 134198955160.jpg - (296.50KB , 987x1518 , JLA40-20.jpg )
Seriously, no more wanky bullshit. Moar Bruce/Clark!
Gonna share some comic pages too. Hopefully they'll be inspirational for new fics and art.
One of my fav Bruce/Clark moments is from JLA v3. A gigantic monster thing called Mageddon is threatening the Earth and Superman is trapped and tortured in it...
>> No. 87855
File 134198971253.jpg - (211.82KB , 955x1530 , JLA #41 pg06.jpg )
Batman rushes back to JLA HQ and orders everyone out of the conference room so he can talk alone to Bruce via J'onn...
>> No. 87856
File 134198983361.jpg - (204.13KB , 955x1530 , JLA #41 pg07.jpg )
Bruce doesn't think twice about facing horrendous despair to save Clark...
>> No. 87857
File 134198988927.jpg - (209.28KB , 955x1530 , JLA #41 pg17.jpg )
Hey! Bruce has a sense of humor!...
>> No. 87858
File 134199000945.jpg - (241.18KB , 955x1530 , JLA #41 pg18.jpg )
Poor Clark. :( Pessimism is Bruce's thing, not yours!...
>> No. 87859
File 134199050755.jpg - (236.41KB , 955x1530 , JLA #41 pg31.jpg )
Bruce does his best to convince Clark to fight Mageddon...
Does Bruce succeed?
>> No. 87860
File 134199063984.jpg - (205.63KB , 955x1530 , JLA #41 pg32.jpg )
>> No. 87864
Bruce doesn't show it often but he <3s his Clark. sigh
>> No. 87865
File 13420001008.jpg - (451.97KB , 600x800 , dcnu_superbat_by_a1040280-d4u36b4.jpg )
>> No. 87899
If you want some bomb ass scans...http://zeejaybay.livejournal.com/548.html#comments
>> No. 87901

hahaha, that was amazing. all those meaningful gazes!! this thread needs more of that. :D
>> No. 87902
Gotham Adventures 36 = Batman's Perfect Date with Superman.
>> No. 87905
Help a new Bruce/Clark fan out, any recs for major hurt/comfort fics? Either Bruce or Clark is fine, or, even better, both!
>> No. 87909

Give her Rainbow's Freedom arc a shot. Also Silver Fire I and Until the Yellow Sun Blesses You Again.
>> No. 87910

Give her Rainbow's Freedom arc a shot. Also Silver Fire I and Until the Yellow Sun Blesses You Again.
>> No. 87911

Give her Rainbow's Freedom arc a shot. Also Silver Fire I and Until the Yellow Sun Blesses You Again.
>> No. 87912

Give her Rainbow's Freedom arc a shot. Also Silver Fire I and Until the Yellow Sun Blesses You Again.
>> No. 87913
Oops, sorry for the multiple postings. Browser fart.
>> No. 87915
Sorry but this story is true, even in her pixiv DC arworks has ben removed...
>> No. 87917
I'm not the anon who posted that comment but...are you saying Jiro was the anon who called everyone "scum" and "thieves"? o_O
>> No. 87919
Donno but I cannot beleave that this is happinning to her... first time that an Doujin artist gets that problem and it isnt I who threat her as a "Scum" or "thieves" I have a great respect on her art.
>> No. 87920
I think what the anonymous before you meant was whether Jiro was the anonymous who called everyone here scum/thieves. I very, very much doubt she was. She seems like a nice person from her comments. What a shame her beautiful art is now associated with wank like this.
>> No. 87930
I think the anon was referring to >>87734

and I really agree, no one has the right to judge others on the grounds of piracy, if you're on a fucking porn site which is centred around sharing stolen (for the most part) artwork
>> No. 87935
IKR?! Makes you wonder what that self-righteous anon was doing here in the first place...
>> No. 87938
Uh, anybody with more Bruce/Clark hurt/comfort recs?
>> No. 87947
File 134223706272.jpg - (113.19KB , 900x743 , Bruce x Clark.jpg )
I really love this pair *-*
>> No. 87951
oh yes we need more like this <3
who's the artist?
>> No. 87952
I think Cycnus39 on LJ had some. A series with the fic Etude. Was really good.
>> No. 87956
Not really hurt, but lots of fluffy comfort:

>> No. 87969
Woah, no kidding on the hurt. Thanks for the rec. Bruce was really put through the wringer! And the angst! Mmm...
>> No. 87986
Hope Youtube embed works:
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/pBkAi-giu-g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

If not: Super Golden Friendsyoutube thumb

"What happens when four superfriends retire and move to Miami to share a ranch style home?" Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Robin!
>> No. 88117
File 134293439165.jpg - (101.82KB , 600x740 , 26391037_p0.jpg )
Sorry to mention the Jiro drama again, but why did s/he take down even all her art relating to Batman and Superman from pixiv? Those things were intended to be shared on the net anyway. I read in the thoughts on pixiv that she may put them back up on a blog? But I don't fully understand it...

Also to those wondering where us gaijin can buy doujinshi, it's rather troublesome, you may have a chance here:
Doujins are sold it limited quantities and mandarake only usually gets used items.
Mandarake is the cheapest, but you could also get a middleman shopping service to forward to you new doujins from a japanese doujin shop such as:
But they usually sell out pretty quick and hardly get reprints, so it's more hard and more expensive to get doujinshi if we are overseas from japan. So final option mostly is even more overpriced ebay or small shady english sites.
For these reasons I only have a few doujins myself, mostly large anthologies that I really wanted, but I hope to be able to find any westaboo doujins on mandarake, they are always more unique than other general yaoi/hentai and I'd love to own them.
>> No. 88118
I wish I knew the answer to that myself. I just recently discovered Jiro's work. There was also a crapload of troll drama over at the /2d board on baraspot when anons posted Jiro's DC art in a thread: http://www.baraspot.org/chan/2d/res/68091.html

I think Jiro took down the DC art due to the situation being blown *way* out of proportion. She probably thinks DC is after her just because the doujin was posted online, which I *very* much doubt. They have far bigger fish to fry that a lone doujin artist who made a financial *loss* producing said doujin.
>> No. 88274
I think she's more concerned about her being in trouble for underage readers since there was an issue like that recently in the Japan Doujin scene.They've been cracking down really hard on ID checks at comiket and other events.I'm guessing she loves what she does but is afraid of being prosecuted.

I wouldn't blame her. The sentence for that one doujinshi artist because a minor got a hold of their stuff was brutal... I'd be scared too.
>> No. 88327
To the anon asking for h/c recs, give the following stories a try:

>> No. 88328

If you want more of what that came from post a request here.
>> No. 88366
Anyone noticed how much more Superman h/c there is compared to Batman h/c?
>> No. 88391
Ugh, why is 99% of the batman/supes fics crap
>> No. 88392
mithen's one of the most prolific writers for bruce/clark. i think her fics are better than most in the fandom. if hers are crap, then what's your idea of good? :p
>> No. 88404
File 134357034093.jpg - (535.86KB , 1024x1560 , wf-030.jpg )
Check out this page from The World's Finest GN. Clark's comment in the middle panel is priceless. *g*
>> No. 88406
I didn't like that Batman said he and Superman were 'hardly friends' in that book, when on the other hand, Superman was concerned about his safety. It was strange considering they greeted each other in a friendly "wink wink nudge nudge" way in their "normal" persona.
>> No. 88407
File 134357718444.jpg - (522.42KB , 1024x1560 , wf-105.jpg )

If you think that moment was bad, Superman was quite an a-hole to give Batman what he did for Xmas. The Zorro movie Bruce watched the night his parents died!! I rationalized to myself that maybe Clark didn't know. At least he actually got Batman a gift?
>> No. 88408
File 134357751392.jpg - (457.98KB , 1024x1560 , wf-106.jpg )
Their relationship in this story is so weird. They're buddies who know each other's secret identity yet are so awkward and keep each other at a distance. Like here, even after the gift, Bruce invites Clark to the manor for Christmas and Clark instantly puts his foot in his mouth...
>> No. 88409
File 134357776289.jpg - (517.80KB , 1024x1560 , wf-110.jpg )
But this page redeemed that somewhat. Clark's spending Xmas with his Metropolis friends, all right...but he's sullen and standing away from everyone and staring out the window.

I tell myself it's because the person he really wants to be with isn't there.
>> No. 88411
wow that was a dick move, superman. i wanna think it was accidental but superman is smirking as batman glares at the dvd. or is that just a badly drawn innocent smile?
>> No. 88415
File 134367085987.jpg - (49.66KB , 207x1024 , 1318406-lol__super.jpg )
It...it has mpreg in it and yet...it's so CUTE.
>> No. 88419
File 13436887932.png - (603.86KB , 1024x898 , supermanbatmanorclarkbruce_by_manofbatz-d5906kf.png )
>> No. 88423
So...is there any DC canonical way for Batman to actually get pregnant with Superman's baby? :P

Aww! I needed that. Thanks.
>> No. 88425
File 134373232676.jpg - (81.93KB , 403x525 , supermanbatman062211.jpg )
Speaking of mpreg, brace yourself! And your eyes!
>> No. 88427
File 134373301149.png - (256.70KB , 900x1272 , superbats_lolidk_by_manofbatz-d599qcf.png )
I'll be over here pretending mpreg doesn't exist NOPE.
>> No. 88428
good god almighty. chibi mpreg, i could still handle. but this?

you'd think bruce would make the effort to wear a batsuit that fits! how did he get into the suit? the teeny black underwear?? are they posing in the watchtower??? how does kryptonian and human dna merge into a baby???

i am thinking this too much.
>> No. 88429
File 134374563494.jpg - (106.62KB , 500x577 , tumblr_lz08qiOQ7J1r44iufo1_500.jpg )
Something cute to cleanse our brains, yes?
Look at Clark's expression! He is practically on cloud nine just giving Bruce a hug.
>> No. 88436
>how does kryptonian and human dna merge into a baby???

You'd have to ask Lex Luthor.
>> No. 88437
File 134378948467.jpg - (154.67KB , 800x554 , 25248588.jpg )
Test tube science. If Clark and Lois can't make a baby then Clark and Bruce sure as hell can't.
>> No. 88439
According to All-Star Superman, it's possible for a Kryptonian and a human to have a baby. Fortress of Solitude tech or something. If I remember right, Clark succeeded in doing it.
>> No. 88441
File 134379169785.jpg - (870.77KB , 2599x2000 , pic019-20.jpg )
>> No. 88447

Huh. Canon evidence that a baby is possible between a kryptonian and a human being. How is it that there isn't fanfic of such a thing happening between Bruce and Clark? And I mean in a sci-fi sense, not Batman growing a giant belly bump and birthing via the ass.
>> No. 88448
File 134383392485.png - (131.20KB , 500x438 , tumblr_l3hf62FQZv1qzl89so1_500.png )
>> No. 88470
File 134387916988.png - (500.42KB , 450x3500 , superbat_wedding_dress_by_yellowsprout-d59emy8.png )
Superman in a dress = hilarious yet adorable
>> No. 88759
-pokes head in and brushes the dust off- Helllooo~? Anyone home?

Well I guess I'll just leave this here for now then!


I just wrote that last night. Hope everyone likes it. Just the start of things!

Also I found some more h/c fic recs that I highly recommend!

http://archiveofourown.org/works/192990 Here's one! Called "Snowed In" by FictionalKnight


And here's another one called "When it Rains" by RileyC, lotsa flluff here! XD
>> No. 91264
Dying for someone to translate please!! ⊙︿⊙ And also where did everyone go? >.>
>> No. 91265
Dying for someone to translate please!! ⊙︿⊙ And also where did everyone go? >.>
>> No. 91266
Dying for someone to translate please!! ⊙︿⊙ And also where did everyone go? >.>
>> No. 91267
Dying for someone to translate please!! ⊙︿⊙ And also where did everyone go? >.>

p.s sorry forgot how this works ^^ apology for the repeats
>> No. 92769
File 138165710647.jpg - (71.13KB , 766x915 , 1201898150571306303.jpg )
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