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File 131771830637.png - (435.49KB , 767x791 , Slotboner.png )
78928 No. 78928
Last thread is auto saging

Kink meme: http://cleanupthismess.livejournal.com/620.html
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>> No. 78938
File 131774693156.jpg - (56.30KB , 552x861 , mordeson01.jpg )
>> No. 78939
File 131774698034.jpg - (94.44KB , 838x1095 , mordeson02_0001.jpg )
>> No. 78950
File 131775707588.gif - (280.68KB , 400x218 , oneway ticket to hell.gif )
See you fuckers in hell
>> No. 78966
File 131779657435.png - (288.13KB , 600x810 , hands.png )
>> No. 78984
enough of benson please.
>> No. 78985
File 131786731259.jpg - (5.88KB , 228x221 , Mordecai.jpg )
Then why don't you just post the stuff you wanna see instead of complaining?
>> No. 79005
File 131788204944.png - (239.18KB , 600x692 , i_lost_a_bet_by_thezeo-d4bg7qk.png )
Damn, guess the acid from the last thread faded off.
>> No. 79007
File 131788615842.png - (445.17KB , 1000x842 , no complications.png )
stop me
>> No. 79015
File 131791923974.jpg - (258.22KB , 900x900 , 25_cent_lollipops_by_chibatsundere-d3jumf9.jpg )
A challenger appears.
>> No. 79147
Oh Skips.
You and your Diglett penis.
>> No. 79161
File 131814821230.png - (121.89KB , 642x581 , BMO.png )
>> No. 79162
Lol ikr. the alternative filename was Skips with a diglett in his lap
>> No. 79251
File 131822504457.jpg - (251.13KB , 1500x1500 , Benny likes his Skips.jpg )
Benson inquires about the felling of having a penis during his sexual encounter with Skips
Also I have an unspoken lust for Benson while still having this love-hate feeling with him
hahahaha What are all of these feels
>> No. 79252
File 131822791482.jpg - (196.04KB , 1500x1500 , I'm a King.jpg )
This was inspired by "Penis Genius"
>> No. 79258
File 131825278686.jpg - (50.78KB , 477x451 , tumblr_lsqt4hSoCz1qg6wk5o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 79279
File 131829931567.jpg - (28.84KB , 558x360 , 1303618054731.jpg )
I'm now monitoring this thread.
>> No. 79314
File 131839740030.jpg - (69.75KB , 575x1058 , fmaid_whuuut.jpg )
I'm in the middle of another huge art block here, guys.

I have no idea what to draw anymore....
>> No. 79317
Skips/Benson is always welcome
>> No. 79318
Mordecai and Benson sharing a romantic moment in the shower.
>> No. 79321
anything with Skips
>> No. 79326
Uhh... Mordecai/Rigby or Muscle Man/High-Five.
>> No. 79360
god, can't tell you how much of a turn on it is for someone to beg for something to stop even if they love it.
And I enjoy the ridiculous amounts of cum you make Benson leak, fucking sexy. Keep it up man.
>> No. 79384
File 131857344651.jpg - (63.07KB , 842x486 , theZeo - morby 2.jpg )
>> No. 79404
oh lawdy...look what I found...
>> No. 79437
File 131881336866.jpg - (1.58MB , 1564x1858 , scetch dump.jpg )
anyone have the link to the full version on youtube of this?
>> No. 79443
I like that picture because of reasons.

also link: 2 in the AM PMyoutube thumb
>> No. 79445
File 131886744083.jpg - (283.52KB , 1000x1312 , Mordeson_s0001.jpg )
It's time's like these when I wish I had a graphics tablet......
>> No. 79619
File 131905731799.jpg - (29.75KB , 400x389 , 01417090-6273-4bdc-95ab-176bb45625e0.jpg )
>> No. 79620
File 13190579999.png - (481.92KB , 602x639 , 1z70arr.png )
>> No. 79621
>> No. 79622
File 13190584435.png - (266.14KB , 500x402 , tumblr_lekxr8wVgQ1qzmtlvo1_500.png )
>> No. 79623
File 131905854988.jpg - (84.12KB , 578x334 , afterwards_by_s__o__r___a-d4b5kkn.jpg )
>> No. 79675
File 131923185647.png - (121.01KB , 800x504 , righuggy.png )
>> No. 79676
File 131923194797.png - (162.53KB , 500x536 , hmh m.png )
>> No. 79677
File 131923231764.jpg - (74.02KB , 500x589 , dont be shy bro.jpg )
>> No. 79678
File 131923233676.jpg - (49.60KB , 245x700 , diversion.jpg )
>> No. 79679
File 131923241586.jpg - (123.44KB , 500x500 , sharing is nice.jpg )
>> No. 79680
File 131923251767.png - (154.76KB , 500x411 , dude that one looks like your mom haaahaaa.png )
>> No. 79683
File 131924109614.png - (170.56KB , 850x760 , tumblr_lld5hxWqMV1qba6bqo1_1280.png )
>> No. 79684
File 131924118862.png - (78.83KB , 410x364 , 1303000340385.png )
>> No. 79700
File 13192707254.png - (805.62KB , 750x3450 , JGsfacewhen.png )
>> No. 79701
this guy

this guy right here
>> No. 79702
File 131927751560.gif - (5.41KB , 400x90 , tumblr_lt1thjmgJN1qzhk4f.gif )
>> No. 79707
are these from aisha?
where does she post her slash?
>> No. 79712
check on tumblr. You'll find these doodles time to time.
>> No. 79726
File 131940712322.png - (343.61KB , 780x737 , pfft.png )
>> No. 79736
File 131942596076.png - (135.58KB , 482x610 , Daveson.png )
>> No. 79737
File 131942605628.png - (100.42KB , 482x610 , Mordeson.png )
>> No. 79738
File 131942614176.png - (58.38KB , 495x521 , Tied.png )
Meh, nothing too strict this week.
>> No. 79739
File 131942619359.png - (75.70KB , 317x493 , Hands.png )
Just fluff...Anyone have a request? I'll do the first one I get. Or I'll try.
>> No. 79744
File 131943069457.png - (616.79KB , 1049x1116 , broooo.png )
>> No. 79747
Benson and Skips is always good. Whether they are human or not is up to you
>> No. 79748
Benson and Skips is always good. Whether they are human or not is up to you
>> No. 79751
I'll definitely get on these later.
>> No. 79763
File 131950149370.png - (93.78KB , 482x610 , Req2.png )
Sorry about this, I can't anatomy. Should've went with bird!Mordecai.
>> No. 79764
File 131951560998.png - (104.05KB , 482x610 , Skipson.png )
>> No. 79768
Oh god the hickeys. Me gusta
>> No. 79769
Nah bro, it's all cool. I understand how busy life can get, and I don't wanna budge more shit into that.
>> No. 79770
sweet jegus more like this please
>> No. 79775
i dont think theres ever been pops/skips. can we get some of that?
>> No. 79784
RS has the best porn
>> No. 79785
Pierrezauis does it again
>> No. 79833
File 131985100161.jpg - (154.53KB , 1177x1280 , whywhywhywhy.jpg )
I'm sorry.
>> No. 79836
File 13198616039.png - (95.47KB , 543x529 , DBJ.png )
Aaaannnd, have some Human!Dave.
>> No. 79855
Nicely drawn...but please, NEVER AGAIN
>> No. 79856
Oh my~
Maybe there can be more Dave/Benson?
>> No. 79858
You know who else likes having sex with dead people?
>> No. 79868
File 132001537843.png - (281.80KB , 640x480 , Reg_show_my_mom_police_officer.png )
well done sur
>> No. 79875
this is perfect in every way. please more.
>> No. 79876
File 132003280991.jpg - (609.74KB , 1383x1925 , cannibal_benson__normal_colors_by_kunaigirl-d4ejfe.jpg )
>> No. 79877
The one thing I wonder is why when people draw these two Benson never has his braid....I mean, sure, it's kinda silly on him, but he had one, nonetheless.
>> No. 79889
File 132010163515.jpg - (73.48KB , 361x700 , steal.jpg )
Don't know if there's some other way to post a flash, so I'll just link

>> No. 79918
File 132026323258.jpg - (78.81KB , 800x479 , thats it imma bite it.jpg )
>> No. 80044
Does anyone have more good pictures of Benson and Mordecai from the 2 in the AM PM short?
>> No. 80188
File 132056372419.png - (99.81KB , 289x591 , grind dat bird dick boy.png )
oh hey what's that I drew some mordo/rigbone smut
oops I guess I did
>> No. 80196
File 13205940652.gif - (495.84KB , 500x284 , MYMINDAAAAAA.gif )
>> No. 80255
File 132061497283.png - (93.91KB , 500x353 , poashf.png )
might as well post this atrocity here too
>> No. 80257
File 13206198236.jpg - (31.59KB , 500x503 , Everyoneisgettingraped.jpg )
A Regular Betrayal

It was a late rainy night, and Mordecai the tall slender blue jay was in a deep sleep upon his bed. While his best friend Rigby, a shorter brown raccoon, was busy pawing at his thick seven inch erect cock to a picture of Margaret, the young red robin who just so happen to be Mordecai's crush.

The small raccoon did this not ten feet a way from the sleeping Mordecai, and had been doing this for the last couple of nights. Though, on those nights he was much quieter than this one. This time he was going all out stroking his hand up and down across his thick lube covered red erection. Rigby's bed being a trampoline, the springs on it were shaking and squeaking an awful racket, but the raccoon was so into what he was doing that he was unaware of the sound he was making. And as he got more and more into it what he was doing, and as the pleasure in his cock grew more and more he only got louder and louder.

Then, before he even realized what he was doing he was in a full moan and his entire bed was shaking with the sounds of him masturbating to the picture of Margaret, and before he even realized that, Mordecai was wide awake and staring at him intently trying to figure out just what he was witnessing.

As Mordecai became aware of what exactly he was seeing the only word that he could muster to yell was, "Dude!"

At this very moment Rigby orgasmed and shot a fair amount of cum all over the picture of Margaret. And as he orgasmed his hand slipped off its course of stroking his erection and came crashing down into his balls, and the now cum splattered picture of Margaret fell out of his hand and slid gracefully to the floor.

The little raccoon doubled over holding his testicles as he looked over to see a furious faced Mordecai peering not only at him, but through him and into his very soul with a friendship crushing rage.

"What the H do you think you're doing Rigby?" Mordecai hollered loudly.

"I was jus-"

"Just what?" Mordecai cut him short, "Jerking off to a picture of the girl I love!"

"Yeah dude but…" Rigby started but trailed off.

There was about a ten second pause before either one of them said anything.

"But!" Mordecai shouted furiously.

"I was horny and the picture was just sitting there…so I grabbed it and-"

"Sitting where dude!" Mordecai cut him off again.

Rigby glanced around nervously and Mordecai leaned down to take a closer look at the picture of Margaret and scoffed in disgust at what he saw.

"Dude! That's the only picture Margaret I have! You've ruined it!" the blue jay screamed.

"I wouldn't have ruined it if you hadn't woke up and frightened me while I was jerking off!" Rigby retorted also screaming.

"I wouldn't have woken up to you jerking off if you had gone in the bathroom like a normal person!" Mordecai countered back.

"It's not my fault!"

"Yes it is dude!"

"No it's not!" Rigby said in his high pitch yell.

"I'm so pissed right now Rigby!" Mordecai yelled back, his voice distorted by his anger.

"Good!" screamed back the raccoon.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! I'll kill you!" Mordecai shrieked as he lunged off of his bed across the room tackling Rigby to the ground.

The two wrestled around, twisting in a tangled mass of fur, feathers, and limbs on the floor. Until finally Mordecai, being the stronger of the two, pinned Rigby to the ground strangling him with both of his hands around his throat, straddling him.

Gently though, the jay loosened his grip on Rigby from titanium to steel, as he became aware of the rock hard erection that was pressing against him. A look of disgust slowly began to mix with the look of rage on Mordecai's face.

"What the fuck dude!" Mordecai yelled, careful to enunciate every syllable, "You're still horny!"

"I like it when you yell at me…" Rigby managed to wheeze out through his short breath, and Mordecai's still steel grip.

"Ugh! Well let's see how much you like it when my erection is pressed up against you!"

The jay reached down towards his own sheathed penis and began to massage the area gently stimulating his nerves. Slowly but surely his red erection started to slide out to its full mass, Mordecai moaned in pleasure as it did. By the time however he was at full mass he was in to a complete masturbation while he had Rigby straddled and pressed down to the floor by his throat, unable to speak.

Yet Mordecai could still see the fear in the little raccoon's eyes, and it was that fear that was turning him on right now. He felt powerful and loved it.

"You like this now dude?" Mordecai asked grinning as he masturbated.

Rigby simply shook his head no, knowing it was better not to talk or challenge Mordecai as he felt the jay's grip get stronger on his throat.

"Well dude, that's just too bad because I'm pissed off now." He said as he slammed Rigby down by his throat as hard as he could, completely throttling the little raccoon's frail body.

Mordecai was calmer now, more aware of his actions, and hornier than he'd ever been. He looked at Rigby's now sort of blue face and thought only of what his lips could be doing to him.

For good measure Mordecai punched Rigby in the temple to stun him and said, "Dude, you are going to suck my dick….No! I am going to fuck your face, and if I feel any teeth on my cock I will fucking kill you, do you understand?"

A look of utter terror overcame Rigby's face and he nodded his head 'no' quickly, and as soon as he did Mordecai punched him in the head again and again until he stopped shaking his head no. His head hung loosely in the jay's hand, he was still conscious though he wished other wise. His left eye was now bruised and beginning to swell shut and his nose was probably broken, at least bleeding, and he had the worse headache of his life. Any fight that was usually in this spry raccoon was just brutalized out of him by his best friend.

Mordecai moved the limp Rigby into a position so his mouth was aimed right as his cock told him "Open." And when at first he didn't Mordecai shook him a little, and as soon as he did the raccoon's mouth sprung into action taking half of the jay's large nine inch cock down his throat all on his own. Of course that wasn't good enough for Mordecai and just as Rigby started to pull his head back away from the cock the jay slammed his cock all the way into the raccoon's throat, and began to mercilessly face fuck him.

Rigby was gagging and choking the entire time and it was by some divine miracle that he didn't throw up as nine inches of Mordecai was forced down his throat over and over again. The pain from the huge dick slamming into the back of his throat got worse, but by the time it was over he didn't feel a thing.

It wasn't over fast. For a good five minutes the bird hammered his cock into Rigby's esophagus until he himself was about to cum. But he didn't want to cum so fast, so he stopped himself before he came down the raccoons throat and pushed the fussy little fellow down onto his back on the ground where he laid gasping for air, comfort, and spit to get the taste of the immense amount of precum that he had ingested out.

As he lay Mordecai straddled him again, this time a little farther down on him so his rock hard nine inch cock had clearance room to slide into the raccoon's tight ass. The jay reached across the room and grabbed the lube that Rigby was using earlier and put it on his cock and applied it to the Rigby's asshole where he rubbed it in and slipped a finger into him to loosen him up.

With the lube ready his cock throbbing and Rigby on the ground moaning in agony, Mordecai was ready to full on fuck the lights out of him. He positioned the head of his dick right up against Rigby's hole, and in one solid thrust penetrated into him at least six inches of his cock. He slowly slid his erection back so about three inches was still in him, and slammed into him again, this time with all his strength and his entire mass went into the dazed raccoon, waking him up, making him even more aware of the hell he was going through.

Rigby's ass was bleeding now, ripped open from Mordecai's massive cock. His eyes were wide as the jay slowly slid out of him, and then they got even wider as the jay hammered it back in, seemingly getting deeper each time.

Mordecai was moaning with passion and pleasure as he built up rhythm and speed as he raped his best friend. In his mind he had completely forgot about why he was doing it, or how it even started. He even forgot about his beloved crush, Margaret. He just kept thrusting and thrusting until his pleasure built up more and more. Rigby's erection was back despite of everything. The feeling of Mordecai's huge mass rubbing up against his prostate was just too great for his body's chemical responses to ignore and sooner than later even the little defiled raccoon was moaning in pleasure as he was being raped by his best friend.

The moaning grew louder and louder until, at first, Rigby came with a surprising amount of cum considering he had just masturbated before hand. Then soon after he came, so did Mordecai, right at the end of a thrust. His huge dick expelling a massive amount of cum into Rigby's ass filling it to the point of leaking out.

The jay slowly slid his cock out of the tiny raccoon and cum dripped down onto the floor. Mordecai's erection was fading fast and so was his want to be awake any longer. So he picked Rigby up off the floor and placed him in his trampoline bed where the raccoon promptly passed out from sexual exhaustion, shock, and trauma.

Mordecai himself yawned and stretched and climbed back into his bed where he nestled in all nice and cozy, ready to fall asleep.

He then whispered right before sleep took him, "Goodnight Rigby, my little sex toy. We'll be having a bunch more fun la-ter." Then passed out fast asleep.

The End.
>> No. 80258
File 132062007763.gif - (138.80KB , 500x280 , WhatthefuckamIreading.gif )
Author's Note: :)

Rigby woke up one day and realized something. He realized he loved Mordecai and wanted to fuck him badly. After spending all of his childhood getting assraped by sadists in a Mexican prison, he knew he was gay. Rigby then got up to fuck Mordecai.

Mordecai was masturbating into his cereal when Rigby walked in. Mordecai didn't give a flying fuck because everyone fucking hated Rigby, and the hate started to grow on Mordecai, too. Then some righteous 80's music started playing! ^^

"Hey Mordecai, I need to tell you something." Rigby said sexily.

"What the fuck do you want, you stupid motherfucker." Mordecai said happily. Then Rigby took out an axe and chopped off Mordecai's scrotum.

"OH GOD! WHAT THE FUCK?" Mordecai cried as blood started pouring out of his invisible sack.

"SHUT UP, YOU CUNTLOVING WHORE!" Rigby then rammed his 2 ½ cm dick into Mordecai's anus. Since Rigby's dick was so utterly small, he took a knife and rammed it up Mordecai's anus instead.

"OH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, WHY?" Mordecai cried as he was in extreme pain and slowly dying. Rigby twisted the knife and watched as the insides of Mordecai's anus warped, anus blood and feces pouring out all over the knife.

Rigby was so fucking turned on by all the gore and shit. He then started masturbating into Mordecai's bloody anus. Rigby was so ecstatic as he climaxed; his cum pooling out into Mordecai's anus.

"OH YEAH! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT NOW, BITCH!" Rigby sighed dreamily. He then took his axe and slashed off Mordecai's ass altogether. Mordecai's ass then fell on the floor. FUCK.


"BUT I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU, MORDECAI!" Rigby cried, stabbing Mordecai in the chest repeatedly. "MARRY ME?"

Mordecai started throwing up blood. "YOU COCKSUCKER!" He cried, coughing up his small intestine and lungs.

Then, Benson came in. He was naked, as usual. Stupid fucker. "YOU FUCKWADS BETTER GET BACK TO WORK-HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK?" Benson cried upon seeing Mordecai's cut up body.

Rigby took out a gun as the B-52's started playing in the background and shot Benson. Rigby then took out some of Benson's gumballs and started chewing them. He then French kissed Mordecai passionately and stuffed the chewed gum down Mordecai's throat.

Mordecai was choking and bleeding to death, bloody tears rolling down his face. :'( Rigby petted Mordecai. "Shh, shh, it's okay," he said soothingly as Mordecai took his last breath.

Rigby then vigorously raped Mordecai's dead and mutilated body. When he finished, he took the dead body outside to bury it when he saw that dumb fuck Pops and the stupid fuckers Muscle Man and High Five Ghost.

"MY MOM!" were Muscle Man's last words as he was shot 48 times. Pops tried running away, but then Rigby took out a katana and sliced Pops's head clean off. High Five Ghost was already dead so he didn't give a shit, until Rigby summoned the demons of hell, who took down High Five Ghost into a fiery pit for him to burn for all eternity.

Rigby then raped all the dead bodies, but then the police came. Rigby then took out a gun, sobbing. "So long, fuckers." He then shot himself, IN-THE-HEEEAADD!

Then everyone in the fucking town was devoured by the volcano gods. Rigby and his friends burned in hell for all eternity.

End! ^-^
>> No. 80396
File 132070909299.jpg - (77.92KB , 480x1280 , augu.jpg )
>> No. 80403
This was my first ever Regular Show fic. O_O
>> No. 80439
Furry/Yiff is allowed in COQ after all? o,o

(yay! I didn't know that!)
>> No. 80444
File 132074639073.jpg - (69.66KB , 800x504 , righuggy.jpg )
The rule post at the top says so.

Technically it's all supposed to be spoilered, but the option doesn't really exist anymore, so..
>> No. 80517
File 13208922385.jpg - (153.48KB , 500x375 , gus.jpg )
>> No. 80663
Wat? No that's just Mordecai and rigby spooning
>> No. 80695
You know. I've always wondered- what's the consensus on Regular Show fanfiction? I mean, personally, it's one thing to make fanart depicting sex but what about fanfiction? Is it the same or would I fall deeper down the "WTF- Scale" if I actually wrote some? Is there an actual audience for it out there?
>> No. 80701
Not really. Most RS Fanfiction is major depresso grim dark stuff
>> No. 80702
>Not really.

Not really an audience? Or "not really" regarding the WTF-ness? I mean, I know it's hard to try and incorporate sexuality into a cartoon but I was kind of drawn towards the challenge.

Anyway, I also really wanted to try and do something kind of "romantic" to try and balance out the weird rapey shit" that seems to plague this poor fandom, but I'm still torn.
>> No. 80709
File 132132588463.png - (308.20KB , 643x734 , Don't Ask.png )
Much like all fanfiction, it really depends on the writer. If you can create something romantic, as well as retain the feeling of the show, then I say more power to ya. It's a challenge, but damn it, it's a really fun challenge. I wrote Triangles, and that really smutty Skips/Benson fic in the last thread. Take it from this guy.

And so this thread doesn't become just talk only, I bring you some wonderfully smutty art from a brilliant artist (not me).
>> No. 80710
File 132132774844.png - (123.95KB , 932x726 , ehwot.png )
Weird shit would be weird shit whether it was art or written.

I actually like good fic better than art in most cases, you can convey a lot more. And I do think there's plenty audience that'd want that romantic side to it

so gopher it
>> No. 80711

I write fan fic, I find it really fun tbh. It's also gotten me really good fan art and feedback and inspired me to actually take some writing courses.

^this^ is from my fic.
>> No. 80741
>I wrote Triangles, and that really smutty Skips/Benson fic in the last thread.

To be honest, I have yet to read those, but I hear that they were really good.

Weird shit would be weird shit whether it was art or written.

You definitely have a point. I tried to write something but stopped half way through because of that.

>And I do think there's plenty audience that'd want that romantic side to it.

Really? That's it, I'm going to finish my story then. It's Benson and Mordecai and it's half way completed. I stopped because I got weirded out by myself, but whatever, I'm going to finish it and then post it when it's done.

>It's also gotten me really good fan art and feedback and inspired me to actually take some writing courses.

That's great to hear! If mine turns out well perhaps I will write some more.

Thanks for the encouragement guys! It's going to take awhile to finish but I'm gonna do it! I wish I had something to contribute, but sadly I'm all out of RS porn.
>> No. 80744
File 132143348445.png - (295.48KB , 599x722 , too cool.png )
I imagine they're resolving some sort of coolness dispute.
>> No. 81259
File 132211798982.png - (170.54KB , 493x422 , Picture 4.png )
>> No. 81462
File 132254979723.png - (76.87KB , 262x541 , 1322541832744.png )
>> No. 81544
This thread needs new content.
>> No. 81549
File 132285165899.png - (390.91KB , 549x557 , rigby x rigby.png )
>> No. 81567
File 132291259147.png - (63.34KB , 500x525 , Ohgodwtfwhy.png )
wats with the bandages over their dongs? did waifu get ahold of them?
>> No. 81893
Dead thread is dead
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