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File 13023462776.jpg - (295.46KB , 774x1152 , Kratt Porn - Brotherly love.jpg )
71328 No. 71328
I’ll start of by posting the Kratt brothers from their new show, a cartoon where they save animals from inept villains. But it counts! Back when I was younger they had a television show that I would watch everyday when I got off the bus.

They were what made me interested in helping animals today… I’m not so sure if porn of them is a good thing, but I have to admit that I had a crush on them ever since I was little.
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>> No. 71329
File 130234631488.jpg - (269.77KB , 1029x1181 , Kratt Porn - Chris and Martin - frott.jpg )
>> No. 71330
File 130234636399.jpg - (86.43KB , 765x634 , Kratt Porn - I don't care!.jpg )
Erm... I hope that this style is okay here. It is a rather funny picture.
>> No. 71332
File 130234638361.jpg - (79.71KB , 636x800 , Kratt Porn - Screw the kids!.jpg )
>> No. 71333
File 130234641282.jpg - (237.13KB , 1056x877 , Kratt Porn - Oh hey kids.jpg )
>> No. 71334
File 130234644144.jpg - (183.76KB , 600x900 , Kratt Porn - Jimmy.jpg )
>> No. 71335
File 130234650812.jpg - (246.90KB , 1289x1126 , Kratt Porn - Tazzy!Chris and Zack.jpg )
>> No. 71336
File 130234656829.jpg - (85.23KB , 901x792 , Kratt Porn - Chris and Martin - top.jpg )
>> No. 71337
File 130234659564.jpg - (96.10KB , 860x642 , Kratt Porn - Chris and Martin.jpg )
>> No. 71338
File 130234661794.jpg - (62.57KB , 700x525 , Kratt Porn - Sketch.jpg )
>> No. 71397
This should be a thread for those kids' shows aimed for the 6-8 and younger kind of demographic. You know, like Go Diego Go, Lazytown, and this show. Shows that older prepubescent kids say are too kiddy for them. Mostly because not many older types watch shows for kids that much younger than them and draw stuff for it.
>> No. 71399
File 130240683893.jpg - (31.26KB , 320x240 , zobooanimalkidsscreen2.jpg )
>> No. 71447

I... I even met them once. I shall never think of them the same way again.

they're actually really kind of hot together what
>> No. 71488

Well, when most of us were younger we watched shows like Hey Arnold!, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, those kind. Stuff like Go Diego Go! and Lazytown are not a part of our childhoods, we were older when that came out (and that's probably the reason why there's not much porn of them.)
>> No. 71499
Oh shit. My first ever crush was Chris Kratt, and now I'm looking at gay cartoon incest porn of him. My life has come full circle.
>> No. 71507
File 130252784163.jpg - (137.06KB , 643x437 , Magnus_Scheving_by_Shinjuchan.jpg )

I'm 20 now, but I still watched Lazy Town ;A; ...Icelanders are hot.

Obligatory Magnús Scheving (aka Sportacus) pic.
>> No. 71613
File 130263281013.jpg - (77.67KB , 482x834 , Kratt Porn - Agent Perry really needs to have a wo.jpg )
>> No. 71614
File 130263287496.jpg - (249.25KB , 866x1219 , Kratt Porn - Sweaty.jpg )
>> No. 71695
File 130277513922.jpg - (27.27KB , 400x300 , shirtlesskratt2.jpg )
Run Zoboomafoo! Get out of there! Before it's too late!
>> No. 71709
File 130279743046.jpg - (52.55KB , 224x165 , zoboomafoo.jpg )
>> No. 71710
too bad all the art is shit, except for these
>> No. 71728

>> No. 71763
File 130291865278.jpg - (2.32MB , 1663x2678 , IMG.jpg )
you're welcome....my friend was asking who they where when i was working on it and i really didnt want to tell her and ruin her child hood.....so i let her figure it out.
>> No. 71778
sorry huge file
>> No. 71779
File 130295791753.jpg - (127.44KB , 585x648 , Kratt porn - 3some.jpg )
Can we get some writefags in on this?
>> No. 71780
File 130295794148.jpg - (51.34KB , 429x701 , Kratt porn - Chris.jpg )
>> No. 71781
File 130295796742.jpg - (88.66KB , 632x747 , Kratt porn - Tazzy!Chris & Zack - I put my dic.jpg )
>> No. 71782
File 130295801723.jpg - (81.06KB , 549x690 , Kratt porn - Wild Kratt sandwich.jpg )
>> No. 71783
Does that mean I should stop posting them then if no one else wants to see them?
>> No. 71784
no keep posting please. i'd like to see more
>> No. 71785
File 130296713974.jpg - (126.56KB , 903x906 , IMG.jpg )
>> No. 71789
I would if I could but I think that the drafag who has drawn most of these images is growing uninspired and would like some writefaggotry to draw from.
>> No. 71795
How are they like in person? Stuck up at all or something?
>> No. 71845
File 130308069763.jpg - (152.13KB , 706x1033 , IMG_00021.jpg )
>> No. 71954
Aww yeah, we have a writefag.

But post more child damaging art, I didn't mean to keep posting the Kratt bro's but... well they're a big part of my childhood
>> No. 71982
Holy fuck. What episode is this from?

I use to watch Kratts' Creatures all the time (1995). Never got into Zoboomafoo though.
>> No. 72721
File 130450927656.jpg - (264.02KB , 1504x795 , Kratt Porn - Story.jpg )
>> No. 72722
File 130450931126.jpg - (71.33KB , 525x656 , Kratt Porn - Tazzy!Chris and Martin.jpg )

picture unrelated
>> No. 72723
File 130450934698.jpg - (470.21KB , 1366x1358 , Kratt Porn - Tazzy!Chris & Zack - footjob.jpg )
>> No. 72725
File 130450943512.jpg - (36.20KB , 405x452 , Kratt Porn - Martin blowjob.jpg )
>> No. 72726
File 130450983792.jpg - (159.61KB , 388x894 , Kratt Porn - Martin.jpg )
>> No. 72727
File 130451713346.jpg - (9.22KB , 209x292 , 1304201666310.jpg )
Woah ! Thank you very much OP , the wild kratt thread on /y/ is filled with hatred and trolls , but this one is lovely.

"Martin, let's call it a night. It's almost night time, and I'm tired.

Martin looked panic striken. "Come on, just one more hour! Please!"

"Dude, it will be nighttime by then!"
"But the flowers only bloom at night!" Martin protested.
Chris suddenly felt shocked. "What? Nu uh!" Chris always knew more than his brother. Always! Although his knowledge was pretty much strictly on animals, he had never heard of a flower blooming at night. That was just absurd! Flowers needed sun light, not darkness! No wonder Martin had insisted on searching late at night the past weeks.
"It's true!" Martin huffed. "Ask Koki! She's the one who told me. The flowers look like regular plants during the day but at night they bloom into blue flowers!"
"Even if that's true, we haven't even seen anything that rezimbles a flower since we've been walking!" Chris was starting to get really aggravated by this point; it was one thing to be dedicated to searching for something, but to have no leads or clear plan greatly annoyed him. He wasn't like his brother, who found being spontanious fun.

Martin start twiddling his thumbs. "Well, we can't be far! There is more moisture in the air, and that's what flowers need. Besides, the air smells faintly sweet, which could mean the flower is near by! Come on, you said one more day!"
" 'DAY'! " Chris practically shouted, " Not 'NIGHT'! "
Martin was taken aback by his brother's sudden outburst, but he held his ground. "You stay here then, I'm going!"
>> No. 72728
They both crossed their arms and turned their backs to one another. It was rare that they faught, but it did happen, and when it did, both brothers ended up being alone until they cooled off. Chris started to unload his pack underneith a tree, while Martin continued onward. "Stupid, iggnorant..." Chris thought bitterly, "He's not going to find that damn bat! He's just wasting his time!". Chris knew he would eventually have to follow his brother; he was always the first one to make up during a fight, no matter who's fault it was. However, he wasn't doing it right now. He was tired and sore, and he wanted nothing more then to rest for a few minutes. "Just a few minutes" he said with a yawn, "Then, I'll go after him and try to coax him back here. After he's cooled down, he should see that this trip is a bust."

Chris laid out under the tree. He wasn't sure what kind of tree it was; certainly nothing he had ever seen. It was small, no more than 15 feet tall, with long, slender branches. The branches hung low, as if they were trying to reach for the ground, and they had many odd shaped leaves. They looked like leaves that were dead and crumpled up, yet they were green with life. Chris found himself thumbing on of the leaves as he slowly started to drift into sleep. He tried to fight off the sleep, but found the cool, slightly perfumed air too relaxing. "I won't fall asleep..." he told himself in vain. The last thing he remembered seeing was the leaf in his hand slowly blooming into a bright, blue flower.
Martin stomped through the jungle, not even bothering to keep quiet, lest he disturb the bat he was trying to find. "Chris! He's so stubborn!" He snapped outloud. A near by monkey could be heard in the distance, as if agreeing with the older brother. "I mean, we are so close! I can feel it!" He sniffed the air and was possitve the air was getting more and more sweet as the day grew darker. By now it was almost pitch black, and he was struggling to see where he was going. He had been walking on his own for a good 45 minutes, and his younger brother had yet to chase after him. "Normally he would have apologized to me by now, and then I would have apologized, and everything would be fine!". This worried him slightly. He hoped he hadn't really pissed him off; he hated it whenever they fought. "Maybe I should apologize first, for once..." he said aloud, which earned him a frog croaking somewhere near by. "I mean... he's right. We're low on supplies and it has been two weeks since we started this." Martin slowed his pace down and looked around. "I should go back." He stopped in his tracks and quickly pulled out a flashlight. Once he turned it on, he gasped at what the light was showing him.
>> No. 72729
Everywhere he turned, bright, blue flowers greeted his vision. They were litterally everywhere;, left, right, above him and below him. No wonder the sweet scent he had smelled earlier was getting stronger; it was all around him! He grinned all the way to his ears and jumped for joy. "YEAH!" He shouted, causing a few near by animals to make scared noises. "I can't wait to show Chris! The bat will be somewhere near here, I know it!" Without further thinking, Martin sprinted off in the direction towards Chris.
-When Martin arrived at the camp spot, he was surpised to see that Chris was soundly asleep under a Nightshade plant. His surprised turned into horror when he saw that Chris had a flower in his hand, and the flowers were all over his body; Koki had warned him not to touch the plant, as every part of the plant is highly poisonious. "The Nightshade is a beautiful flower." Koki had told him, "It smells heavenly, and is said to have aphrodisiac properties, but don't let that fool you; it's very dangerous. The plant shouldn't be touched without gloves, and NEVER ingest it! Even a small amount can cause death!" Martin dropped the flash light and ran to his brother. "Don't be dead!" he thought frantically. He swatted the flower out of his hand and grabbed either side of his face.
"Chris! Chris! Wake up!" Martin pleaded. He noted that he was still breathing, which was a good sign. "Chris! This you shoudn't be so close to this plant! It's dangerous!" When Chris didn't respond, Martin wasted no time dragging his younger brother out from underneight the plant. "Chris, this isn't funny! Wake up!". Martin noticed Chris's skin felt hot. Although the jungle was naturally pretty warm, it wasn't hot enough to make Chris's flesh burn like it currently was. Martin chewed on his lip as he thought about what to do. He was never good at making desisions, that had always been Chris's job. But he knew if he didn't do something quick, Chris could end up in serious trouble. He quickly called Koki on his wrist watch.

"Koki!" Koki heard the urgency in Martin's voice and instantly started to worry. It wasn't right for the Kratt brothers to be scared. "What is it, Martin? Talk to me!"
"It's Chris!" He wailed, "I think he may be sick! He won't wake up and I found him under a Nightshade plant! He also had a plant in his hand! He's burning up!"
>> No. 72730
Chris felt strange. He felt like his vision and hearing was off, and his whole body felt on fire. He knew he heard his brother talking, but he didn't know what he was saying, and he sounded so far away. It felt like something heavy was on top of him. What was it? "Something warm..." he thought. It slowly occured to him that it was Martin, pinning him to the ground and saying incoherent things.
Martin stopped talking when he noticed his brother wasn't replying, or at the very least flailing at him to get off. He looked down and saw that Chris was simply staring up at him, his lips slightly parted. "Chris?". Martin saw in horror that his eyes were dialted, as if he were high on some kind of drug. "Chris! Can you hear me?" By now he was sitting on his brother's chest, his hands on either side of Chris's face. "C'mon, speak to me!".
Chris could understand what Martin was saying but didn't really care for it. The moon was full and shining brightly, eliminating Martin's features. Chris could make out Martin's worried stare, and he wondered why he was so upset. He tried to tell his older brother that he was fine; in fact, he felt great. His whole body felt relaxed and tingled with pleasure. The sweet smell all around him only intensified this effect. Suddenly, Martin's face was a mere inches from his own, and Chris noticed how blue his eyes were. "Just like the flowers that surround us..." he thought as he suddenly realized there were thousands of blue flowers behind his brother. He wondered why his brother looked so worried; weren't they looking for blue flowers? Since he couldn't find words to let his brother know he was fine, he decided to show him; he pulled his brother down and wrapped his arms around him.

Martin didn't know what was going on; first he was shouting for his brother to talk to him and getting no results (save for a dead eyed stare), and now he was suddenly benieth his brother's arms and laying flat on his chest. "C-Chris? Are you okay?". His only response was Chris tightening his grip.
>> No. 72731
"Good, that shut him up" Chris thought. He held his brother tightly and refused to loosen his grip. Although he had only meant to let him know that he was okay, he now didn't want to let him go. It felt...nice? "Nice?" Chris thought with a laugh that only he could hear. "What am I thinking?" He wasn't sure, and he didn't care, either. He never had time to hold anyone; his job and life style kept him far too busy. The only person he was constantly around was his brother. Not that he mind. His brother was his best friend, and he loved him dearly. Just thinking about it made him happier.

Martin was starting to feel awkward. His head was stuck sideways on Chris's chest, and it didn't seem like Chris was going to let him go anytime soon. Whenever he tried to move, Chris would tighten his grip. He was glad that Chris was conscious now, but worried that he wouldn't talk or move. He was starting to feel hot and dizzy. "Probably due to the damn flowers!" He thought with a groan. "Chris, we need to get away from these flowers!" He said, although his voice was muffled from Chris's arms. "They're toxic-" Before he had time to finish, he felt Chris's arms loosen. He felt relieved that his brother was letting go of him, but that feeling was quickly replaced with confusion when he found himself on his back. The first thing he saw was the full moon, which was soon replaced with brown eyes staring down on him. That's when he realized he was on the ground with Martin pinning his arms above his head. "C-Chris?"
God, Chris was SO sick of Martin talking. Why was he talking so much? Why did he look so worried? Chris hated that look. Even though he was the younger brother, he always felt like he had to look after Martin and make sure he was always happy. It upset him that he looked so sad. Chris's body felt on fire, and he needed...something. He wasn't sure; he just knew there was an itch, he just wasn't sure where to scratch. He currently had Martin pinned beneath his legs, and he had his arms pinned downed above his head. Chris's face was about a foot away from the older brother's, and he couldn't stop staring at his eyes. They were just so blue! God, they were beautiful. Chris let go of Martin's right hand, placed it above his right, then pinned them together, while his free hand cupped the right side of Martin's face. Martin gasped in surprised, and his cheeks turned a deep crimson. A sigh escaped Chris's lips; simply touching Martin made his skin burn and tingle in a way he had never experienced before, and he wanted more.
>> No. 72732
Martin didn't know what to do or how to react. Here he was, pinned beneath his brother, while said brother was caressing his face. He was painfully aware that the look in Chris's face was that of desire, and this scared Martin more than anything ever have, even more than almost being eaten by a tiger. Chris was his brother! Brothers weren't supposed to be doing this! He knew it would only get worse if they didn't get to some fresh air, and quick. Koki had said that smelling it wouldn't kill you, but he vaguely wondered if being surrounded by so many would prove her wrong. "C-Chris, please stop this...this is right!". He pleaded, but that seemed to only make him continue with his caressing. "Why?" Chris asked, startling Martin and causing him to shake beneath his younger brother. "I like this. It's nice." Martin was about to explain why this was ALL wrong, when he was suddenly cut off. He was vaguely aware that something was blocking his view, making everything dark, and cutting off oxygen. It wasn't until he felt hot, moist air on his lips did he realize Chris was kissing him.

Chris felt his older brother tense up and struggle against him. This only made him deepen the kiss. His lips felt fevered and tingled as he ran his tongue over his brother's lips. He couldn't help him self; he just wanted his brother to stop talking, and this was the easiest way to do so. Plus, it felt great. It seemed to be itching the scratch he felt, but it wasn't nearly enough, not at all. He wanted more, and he felt himself quickly needing release. His used his free hand to keep Martin's hand steady, who was still struggling in vain to get away.
Martin couldn't breathe and felt his mind going numb. His brother was kissing him! Try as he might, he couldn't get away, and he was painfully aware of the increasing hardness of his brother on his thigh. He tried to get his thigh away from his brother, but it only made things worse; Chris groaned into the kiss and gridded up against Martin, which earned him a moan in response. Chris started grinding rhythmically against the younger brother while his free hand wrapped around his slender throat. He stopped kissing Martin on the lips and instead starting licking his neck, causing Martin to cry out and arch his back at the sudden sensation. Martin felt himself getting hard, and he hated himself for it. His thoughts were starting to get cloudy and soon he found himself hoping his brother would continue to ravish him.

Chris had a vague sense that he would regret what he was doing in the morning but he would worry about that later. All he knew at this very moment was his brother was shivering in delight beneath him, and he fucking loved it. He could feel his brother getting harder as he went on, and he loved the sounds he was making. He continued to suck on his neck while thrusting against him. Martin moaned and arched into Chris, causing the younger brother to groan into the older's neck.

Well I'm done , just wanted to save this fic from the /y/ thread and share it with you guys.
>> No. 72733
File 13045178716.jpg - (332.03KB , 765x634 , Wk.jpg )
Also colered version.
and another fic ;
>> No. 72855
WE NEED MORE GOOD LORD this thread needs more!
>> No. 72883

I... have seen this pose somewhere before and its driving me crazy because I can't remember where! Aaaah!
>> No. 72951
File 13048950951.png - (73.98KB , 410x497 , mwah.png )
>> No. 72955
File 130489745067.png - (46.29KB , 535x505 , ass.png )
>> No. 73586
is there more?
>> No. 75534
>> No. 77464
File 131303949417.png - (358.21KB , 980x1111 , Untitled-1.png )
Had to draw this. Wild Kratts world needs more rapage. >D
>> No. 77524
File 131315588258.jpg - (67.29KB , 227x227 , profiles_jimmy.jpg )
Please stay forever, this is pretty good.
Also; no Jimmy porn!
>> No. 78056
gosh, is there more of that fanfic?
>> No. 78388
A story someone wrote for me for my Gormound/Chris pic! <3

Chris Kratt stared sullenly at the mug of tea clenched tightly in his shaking hands. Four pairs of eyes watched him in concern. Aviva brushed a hand over the bandage on his temple, causing him to flinch violently away from her touch, a flash of fear plainly in his eyes. Before Aviva or any of the others could say anything, Chris mumbled for the hundredth time, "I'm fine, guys, really."

Silence hung in the Tortuga HQ like a foul smell in the air. Chris tightened the blanket around his shoulders and shifted uncomfortably under everyone's gazes. Jimmy Z was twisting his hat nervously, Koki was chewing her lip in worry, Aviva's hands kept twitching in the green-clad man's direction, and Martin was trying to stare his brother down. Martin stood up and walked around the table to where Chris was hunched down in his chair. The blond laid a hand on Chris' shoulder, causing him to tense up. "Walk with me," he said quietly. The brunet looked at his older brother with a questioning frown. "Please," Martin whispered. With that, Chris rose, with some help from his elder brother.

The two brothers walked out of the HQ and into the nearby woods. They stopped in a quiet clearing to talk. Martin helped ease his injured brother into a sitting position against a tree, then plopped down right next to him.

"So," Martin said slowly. "What happened after Gourmond captured you?" Chris ducked his head down, his normally carefully gelled hair hanging limply in front of his eyes. "Nothing," he replied, voice wavering slightly. Martin gently draped his arm around Chris' shoulders and pulled him to his side. "C'mon Chris," he said softly. "You had to have gotten those injuries somewhere. You're also not acting like yourself. Don't lie to me, bro. It doesn't suit you."

Chris began to tremble in his older brother's grasp. A strangled sob escaped his bruised and cracked lips as he collapsed into the blond's caring embrace. He sobbed loudly into Martin's blue jacket. Martin wrapped his arms around the brunet and slowly ran his hand through his brother's hair, muttering soothing sounds into his scalp.

Soon, his heart-wrenching cries died down to quiet sniffs. "Look at me Chris," Martin whispered, gently lifting his chin up. Chris sighed shakily and looked his brother in the eye. Martin gave him a small smile and said, "Whenever you're ready, bro. I can wait as long as you like."

Chris wrapped his arms around his legs and rested his chin on his knees. "Ok," he croaked out. He cleared his throat and tried again. "H-here's the story…"


When he awoke, darkness was all he could see. Chris' eyes searched the seemingly endless dark, trying to find anything. Panic began to claw at his chest until his eyes finally adjusted. That was when he noticed the rope. Chris flexed his fingers experimentally and tried to tug his bound wrists apart. No such luck.

As Chris attempted to untie his wrists, his mind began to wander. /How exactly did I get into this mess, again? …Oh yeah, we were trying to save some flamingo eggs from becoming apart of a chef salad, when Gourmond snuck up behind me and knocked me in the head./ The brunet gingerly touched a large cut on his head with dried blood crusted down the side of his face. He winced and mumbled, "Note to self: rolling pins can really hurt."

"You don't know the meaning of hurt just yet, boy," a gruff voice said from the darkness. Chris jumped in surprise, blinking a couple of times as the lights suddenly came on. He looked around the room, trying to figure out where they were.

It looked like they were in a poorly furnished bedroom, with a plain full-sized bed and a small round table with two chairs. To anyone that looked in the room, they would have guessed that all the color had been drained from it. The walls, carpet, bed, table, and chairs were all in dreary shades of white and gray.

He looked at Gourmond to make a snappy remark about the interior decorating, but faltered as he caught his eyes. There was something…primal; almost possessive in the way he looked Chris over. The brunet suddenly felt uncomfortably exposed. Gourmond grinned a feral-like grin as Chris began to fidget.

The chef walked, no, stalked over to the younger Kratt and grabbed his chin roughly. He forced the young man's chin up to look him in the eye. Gourmond chuckled darkly and whispered, "You're mine now, boy."

Chris' eyes flew open in shock and disgust as Gourmond placed a bruising kiss upon his lips. He tensed even more as he felt the other man's tongue force its way into his mouth.

The Wild Kratt growled in anger and frustration as he tried, and failed, to push the larger man off of him. Gourmond ignored his struggled and moved to kissing his neck. Chris blushed fiercely and began to fight harder. /If this doesn't stop soon, he's gonna…!!!/ Chris thought frantically.

Suddenly the chef grabbed his bound wrists and held them still above his head with one hand. Chris gasped when he saw the other hand travel down his stomach and to his zipper. "G-Gourmond!" Chris stammered. "Please don't do this! Y-You can't—I mean…ah! You d-don't want-"


Chris gasped in pain and fear, spitting blood from a freshly cracked lip. Gourmond grabbed him by the throat and slammed his head against the wall, making Chris see stars. "You WON'T tell me what I do and don't want, understood, boy?" The large man growled into the smaller man's ear. Chris accidentally let a small whimper of fear escape his slightly constricted throat.

Gourmond released his neck and virtually ripped the brunet's shorts off, underclothes and all. He flushed bright red with shame at the exposure, longing to hide himself. The chef flipped him over and hoisted the Kratt's left knee onto a chair. Chris tensed as he heard the sound of pants unzipping. He began to tremble in fearful anticipation of what he dreaded was to come. He flinched when he felt Gourmond's hand brush lightly down his thigh and come to rest on his manhood.

Then a pain like no other shot through his backside, scorching him from the inside, out. Chris turned his head and scrunched his eyes shut against the unbearable pain pounding into him, hot tears pouring down his cheeks. A cry was tore from him as Gourmond pulled almost all of the way out then slammed into him even deeper, over and over again.

When it felt as if Chris could take no more, a grunt sounded from the chef and his seed filled him. Gourmond pulled out, redid his pants, roughly pulled Chris' shorts back on, took him outside and threw him into his van. He drove for about ten minutes and stopped. Then Gourmond threw him onto the ground and drove away.


"…and that was when you guys found me," Chris finished. By the end of his story, he was crying and almost
hyperventilating. Martin had angry tears in his eyes and was shaking his head. "I can't believe he…he did that to you!" Martin cried forlornly. "If only I'd been there! I could've stopped him! I could've—"

He was cut off by his little brother wrapping his arms around the blond's chest. Tears cascaded down Chris' face, as he whispered, "No more whatifs. All that matters no is that I need you. Ok?" Martin looked into his little brother's pain-filled eyes and choked out behind tears, "Ok, Chris. Ok."
>> No. 78786
Who wrote it on Y!gallery?
>> No. 79341
PLEASE continue
>> No. 79436
File 13188078905.jpg - (617.03KB , 2100x1500 , suckadiock.jpg )
>> No. 79440
File 131883508798.jpg - (422.90KB , 900x1000 , rimjob copy.jpg )
>> No. 79463
File 131894047713.jpg - (190.22KB , 600x704 , Dark Cosmo.jpg )
This is a Childhood General thread, right?

>> No. 79464
File 131894102474.png - (331.15KB , 500x718 , Waldo.png )
>> No. 79465
File 131894123514.jpg - (84.07KB , 500x523 , Sp66.jpg )
>> No. 79466
File 131894133333.png - (114.84KB , 400x500 , tumblr_l44oca2uU51qajazmo1_400.png )
>> No. 79468
File 131894161828.jpg - (119.51KB , 483x511 , Pokemon21.jpg )
I know Pokemon is originally Japanese, but I think it's appropriate for this thread.
>> No. 79469
File 131894171948.jpg - (57.83KB , 531x579 , Link4.jpg )
>> No. 79470
File 131894182991.jpg - (158.92KB , 397x500 , Tom and Jerry6.jpg )
Some Tom and Jerry
>> No. 79471
File 13189418729.jpg - (103.71KB , 382x230 , Tom and Jerry5.jpg )
>> No. 79472
File 131894189461.jpg - (92.22KB , 266x450 , Tom and Jerry4.jpg )
>> No. 79559
File 131897547462.jpg - (310.25KB , 1087x680 , the cats of disney.jpg )
>> No. 79674
Who is that artist
>> No. 79682
File 131923538642.png - (259.36KB , 945x841 , 1254494046848.png )
oh GOD!!!!!!!!!! MY eyes the BURN!
>> No. 79685
File 131924151041.jpg - (110.68KB , 900x1137 , 1246595264576.jpg )
Ditto to this.
While my childhood was mostly Hey Arnold, Pokemon, Arthur, and Fairly Odd Parents, my adulthood is shaping up to be a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets, and Wow Wow Wubbzy...
I'm just shy of 20 but I have a 3 year old sister sooo.... Lots of young kids shows.
On that note; any Fresh Beat Band?
>> No. 79686
File 131924162968.jpg - (10.35KB , 233x175 , 1246593534629.jpg )
Btw, props for all the Kratt slash. I always thought they were kinda sexy.
>> No. 79687
File 131924180444.jpg - (83.12KB , 500x495 , 1246934379601.jpg )
>> No. 79708
File 131930515890.png - (25.37KB , 500x500 , tumblr_ltdl6aA2yA1qkvbwso1_500.png )

just a while ago I was thinking about these two when I read this on tumblr
>> No. 79732
File 131941096335.jpg - (159.25KB , 1000x1000 , 1303411020_mutant-serpentina_slash_2.jpg )
>> No. 79733
File 131941100576.jpg - (116.53KB , 1280x523 , 1313341346_narse_bronto_thunder_sketch.jpg )
>> No. 79734
File 131941105932.jpg - (654.87KB , 1252x887 , 1305004784_gillpanda_r34.jpg )
>> No. 80127
File 132050083645.jpg - (43.83KB , 552x660 , 1320295361215.jpg )
[trying to save stuff from the magnificent /y/ thread]
It had been a really long, exhausting day for the Kratts. Martin found himself sprawled over his tiny RV bed wondering if the effort it took to get up and take a shower was worth the satisfaction of hygene. Outside, even as the sun neared the arid horizon, the air was still as hot and dry as it had been at midday. Thank God for air-conditioning and the wonders of their home on wheels. Still, as much as the RV was an oasis of comfort compared to the scorching savana outside, one could still find sand and dirt in the most remote places. Shifting uncomfortably, the blond decided that his own most remote places definetley needed a washing if he wanted to avoid chafing, so he slid off the bed and headed towards the shower at the back of the bus. He was just about to lift his shirt off when something made him freeze in place.
That something was nothing more than a bare, tanned back, still glistening from the beads of water that the towel hadn’t soaked up. It shouldn’t have been anything at all; that muscular lean back that dipped tauntingly into the towel that hung around those bony hips. His own brothers’ back meant nothing to Martin at all. In fact, he hadn’t even paused at the sight of it.
The towel slipped lower over those hips. Martin was floored. His younger bother Chris stood in the door-frame of the bathroom brushing his teeth furiously at the mirror. His calloused hand gripped the sink for support (his legs must feel as busted as Martins’ after that day), and he was oblivious of his sibling staring at him from his side. Chris’ dark wet hair sprinkled droplets over his back as his head moved to and fro with his toothbrush. Martin watched enthralled by the droplets as the rolled over strong shoulders and down into the towel precariously hanging from Chris’ hips.
>> No. 80128
File 132050092658.jpg - (53.96KB , 700x552 , 1320207753892.jpg )
That towel was not doing a very good job at keeping his brother covered, thought Martin. It just kept sliding downwards, as if to torture the elder Kratt. He should stop looking and tell Chris to be decent in their home, but for some reason he did not. He waited quietly as the towel revealed inch by inch of Chris’ delicious skin, finally dropping to the floor with a dull thud. Chris didn’t even seem to notice this; he was far too into his flossing. Martins mind went blank as he took in his brothers body. His tan somehow stayed even-toned all over, as if the sun decided that no piece of clothing was going to mar this man with a tan-line. Interestingly enough, the droplets that had crawled down Chris’ back earlier had once again not all been soaked up by the towel. Some remained perched on that smooth round ass, while others kept creeping lower still, disappearing into the cleavage-
“Hey Martin! Quit zoning out and get in the shower, if that’s what you’ve been waiting there for.” Chris called out to him good-humouredly. Martin smiled back at him a bit relieved that his previous train of thought had been derailed for the moment. What had gotten into him?
“As long as you stop admiring your reflection and give me enough space to do so bro’.” He replied easily, not getting an eyeful of his brothers’ naked glory at all as the later practically pranced out of the small bathroom sans towel. “And would you please put on something before prancing about like that?!” he added.
Chris just waggled his eyebrows and flexed like the manliest gods of mount Olympus might have done, grinning like a fool.
“My naked glory needs no cover for it is as free as it is awesome!” He declared in an attempted manly voice. The image he gave off was more that of a child running around uncensored by clothing and on a sugar-high than that of a manly god of Mount Olympus, but to Martin it was a tantalizing view nonetheless.
>> No. 80129
File 132050107798.jpg - (60.72KB , 618x860 , 1320376580347.jpg )
He ripped his blue eyes away from the sight, eager for some other, less dangerous thing to focus on. The bathroom door. One would think their bathroom had no door going by the amount of times the Kratts actually used it (bachelor pad, you know?). Sliding the thing shut, Martin was finally able to undress in private (not that he had anything to hide...) and finally relax his tense muscles under the shower.
What had just happened? Ever since he had gotten off his bed he had felt like he was trapped in survival-mode mindset, not stopping to think long enough about the whys’ and ifs’ , but just acting on instinct to get him away from danger. But now he was in the shower, his mind decided he was safe enough to be pitched into the shitstorm happening with his thoughts. There was something about Chris that had set him off completely. Martin could hardly grasp that thought alone; he and his brother had been raised together, they had survived high school together, and now they worked together! Not a single marriage had been had by either of them, and not a single partner lasted long enough or was serious enough to move in or get between the brothers. Chris was so embedded in his life that saying that he was causing Martin some sort of problem was like saying that oxygen was causing him some sort of trouble. It just didn’t happen. Not to say that they had no social life outside of each other, they had friends and family members and an amazing group of fans and followers. None of them could take their siblings’ place. Martin remembered the time their mother had tried to put Chris in a different room.
“Chris, Martin’s a big boy now and needs more place now to study.” She had explained when the ten year old Chris refused to leave his brothers side. “You’ll also have more room sweetie! All your toys can go next to the bookshelf and-“
“But mom! I need Martin to sleep in the lower bunk or I’ll be captain of a crew-less ship!” The boy pleaded. Martin smiled a bit at the memories of his younger brother jumping about in the top bunk pretending he was a pirate and Martin an injured shark he had to get to the vets or something. Chris’ stories were always a bit nonsensical. In the end they ended up sharing the room until they moved away to college and used the spare room as a veritable playground.
>> No. 80130
File 132050119549.jpg - (78.71KB , 700x900 , 1319412197578.jpg )
Sharing rooms wasn’t any trouble for the brothers. The inevitable spat would happen and suddenly all of Martins blankets would disappear, or Chris’ pillow might be wet for three days in a row, but nothing ever got as bad as to permanently damage their peaceful and enjoyable cohabitation.
Martin turned the water temperature up so that thick curls of vapour hung about the small bathroom. He realized that he hadn’t seen his brother in the buff since they were teens and walking around naked was the epitome of comfort. It was pretty weird that Martin hadn’t seen any of that for years and now all of a sudden Chris decides to bring back his nudist tendencies. Not that Martin had been looking for his brother to appear naked after a shower in their room or been hoping to catch him in the act if he did.
Martin towelled himself off lightly, and realizing he hadn't brought a change of clothes he begrudgingly covered himself with his towel. Chris was apparently waiting for him in the bus' walkway already in his pjs'(which consisted of just boxers). He smiled mischieviously, and Martin had to wonder what diety he had pissed-off to deserve this discomfort.
'Not precicely discomfort...' corrected Martins' inner-brutal-honesty-voice.
Point, thought Martin glumly, he wondered what diety he had pissed-off to deserve butterflies in his stomach whenever his brothers eyes met his, to blush everytime Chris teased him; Why did he feel atracted to his own brother of all people? It wasn't a new developpement in their relationship he could blame on a particularly crazy work situation either. He had always felt this deep emotional attraction (as well as sexual once puberty hit). Martin was not fond of unburrying these memories and feelings he had learned to shut away, but his brother was looking at him with his sharp brown eyes, teasing him... It all came back to him suddenly and with a force and understanding he hadn't ever felt before.
He was about 13 when puberty properly hit him, and it was a particularly physical wrestling match with Chris that had brought this about.
>> No. 80131
File 132050131898.jpg - (118.83KB , 1055x846 , 1320130794126.jpg )
They were both fighting to pin the other down on the carpeted floor of their play-room, grabbing onto the others shirt and kicking all the way. Martin had undergone a fantastic growth spurt and was using this as an advantage against his smaller brother. The blond managed to twist his brothers legs in such a way that before he could counter he found himself on his back. Grinning victoriously, Martin seized Chris' wrists and used all his weight to pin the abusive legs down. "Ha! I win again!" Martin taunted. Chris frowned and bit his lower lip angrily. "Get off me MARTY!" he said loudly before he started thrashing under Martin. "Don't.Call me. MARTY!" yelled the now agitated older boy. He shifted and pushed down on Chris' wriggling body to keep him put. Chris wasn't about to give in however and decided that his arms and legs where to weak to compete with his older brothers', and so began to jut his hips upwards. The rough collision of the boys hips certainly unbalanced Martin, who was randomly reminded of a cowboy rodeo-ing by the situation. He parted his legs so his knees where at his brothers sides to remain seated on him. The blond felt the urge to wave his arm around to imitate the cowboys, but this was war and he would not loose against Chris. The later hadn't given up on his thrusting technique (AN: couldn't help myself) yet. With his legs' new found mobility he could use them to drive his hips further than before, and that just what he did. At that moment Martins grinning face fell and was replaced by a shocked expression. Now it was Chris' turn to grinn, and he repeated the attack on his brother. Martin had kind of expected pain from the impact his brothers bony hips dealt his balls, but instead he got a completely different feeling. It was wierd, and with every one of Chris' thrusts the feeling grew and grew.
>> No. 80134
File 132050910890.jpg - (64.57KB , 700x552 , 3wwwwwwww.jpg )
>> No. 80135
File 132050941680.jpg - (81.47KB , 800x800 , toppin.jpg )
I know dat feel...
Fuck I forgot about the penisessss.
>> No. 80136
File 132050956415.jpg - (91.60KB , 800x700 , push1.jpg )
Dumpin whatever I have on the other thread
>> No. 80138
>> No. 80139
Well, Im currently 21 yr old poor college student that has basic cable, Wild Kratts is literally the ONLY thing I can watch... and fap to....
>> No. 80140
The hell? How da fuck does CatDog get it on.... masterbation?
>> No. 80141
File 132052564541.jpg - (34.59KB , 513x412 , Preview of “Wild Kratts 1x04 Flight of the Draco.jpg )
Yep, Martin is definitely straight
>> No. 80145
File 132052670262.jpg - (75.03KB , 578x1300 , tnti.jpg )
Wild Kratts... children's show
>> No. 80150
WHY these write fags no finish their stories! It frustrating.
>> No. 80174
You are now aware that the majority of ALL Wild Kartt fanfics are made just to NEVER be finnished. FUUUUUUUUUUUUU
>> No. 80183
>> No. 80273
Please, BUMP.
>> No. 80530
File 132095218572.jpg - (47.78KB , 600x670 , kratts.jpg )
You guys keep the spirit up!!! ( Seriously i thought this thread died a long time ago, its like the miracle of hanukkah, but er... / of COQ/
>> No. 80531
File 132095282622.jpg - (337.12KB , 859x648 , 368842 - Arnold_Shortman Gerald_Johanssen Hey_Arno.jpg )
We're fuckin up our childhood, right? Rule 34 is a GOLD MINE, give it a visit.
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