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/coq/ is a board for gay content relating to WESTERN fandoms.

Now, “western” is a difficult word to define when it comes to things like this, so basically, use your best judgment if you’re honest-to-god not sure if something is “Western” or not. I honestly don’t really care as long as people are having a good time in whatever thread they’re in.

So, here are some rules.
1.) Posts relating to anime, manga, J-RPGs, etc. are not allowed. Go to /y/ for that stuff.
2.) If you just want to know if content for something exists, or only have 1 or 2 images, use the /r/ thread.
3.) Shota, furry, and any other controversial fetish content should be NSFW’d and appropriately marked.
4.) If you don’t like a particular thread, hide it instead of causing unnecessary shit, or risk being banned.

(copypasta'd from old board because it was criminal not to have it on the new board, also can this maybe be sticky'd?)
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