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File 138692792854.png - (342.62KB , 758x973 , tumblr_msvlh2XSZj1rbjc4oo1_1280.png )
183778 No. 183778
Where we talk about development of the game and hopefully not that other thing.
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>> No. 183779
And I mean, really. Honor system. Let this be the one place on the internet where people can get away from that horror.
>> No. 183780
I love that guys design because he looks so beastly but if you extinguish him he's basically a skeleton.
>> No. 183783
File 138694358411.gif - (875.38KB , 300x300 , mighty heavy dina.gif )
>> No. 183785
The only good thing to come out of this situation.
>> No. 183786
The hell is this even supposed to mean?
>> No. 183787
Great that the honor system worked for one fucking post.
>> No. 183788
The girl bot is the redesign the girl drew and represents her.
The army is the "white knights" defending her.

I'm almost impressed with how heavily people are taking this tiny tiny issue.
>> No. 183789
File 138694709935.jpg - (165.31KB , 620x349 , 267414-0hd.jpg )
You know I tend to forget about them from the Z series.

Also Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z will have Mighty Number 9 DLC
>> No. 183790
Sure, let's ignore the huge glaring issue that's the only thing worth talking about at this point.
>> No. 183791
>the only thing worth talking about at this point.

Right, because whenever anyone talked about MM, they don't focus on things like gameplay.

Let this be the end of this discussion. Retards are just coming in here, attempting to bait, and reignite a stupid discussion. No more responding.

Also, bold prediction: The guy who keeps trying to shitpost and bait is going to respond to me and try to goad me into responding again and again. Don't let it happen to you.
>> No. 183792
File 138694947038.jpg - (619.03KB , 1280x720 , 5970c3b02efe9c693fe0a7dde52e6e71.jpg )
First Zombies and Big Chested Scientists and Later, robots.
>> No. 183793
>> No. 183794
>huge glaring issue
It's not. I've explained why its not at least 3 times here without a response.
If you want to dwell on this like you where some obsessive idiot that's fine but please leave us out of it. Especially if you refuse to respond to base explanation.
>> No. 183795
File 138694986270.jpg - (249.27KB , 1200x849 , Ah9fgQw.jpg )
So who's it down to anyway?
>> No. 183796
last I heard E, F and one I can't remember, Es my favorite.
>> No. 183797
Yea E looks good glad its not B or C since they look a bit too busy.
>> No. 183800
E is basically Panty in a stewardess outfit, out of the ones they picked it's definitely my favorite.
>> No. 183801
I can't say E especially appealed to me, but it does seem to have struck a nerve with fans. I'm reasonably sure F will walk it, since it was one of the earlier designs and already acquired a popularity base before any of the others. Of the three remaining, F would probably get my vote (H was the other winner, according to a quick google).

I actually rather liked A, weirdly enough. Shame it didn't make the final 3. Also, this (>>183792) is adorable :3
>> No. 183802
Yea I like A a bit more now since it reminds me a lot of Connie from Steven Universe.
>> No. 183803
I've always been rooting for A, but I've long since resigned myself to the fact that the community will always pick not!Roll over 'nerdy little black girl: the robot'.
>> No. 183805
Personally, I just really don't care for those huge tanks on her head.
>> No. 183806
I always kept wondering what they were. Tanks, thrusters, connecting ports of some kind.
>> No. 183807
File 13869583366.jpg - (200.53KB , 554x698 , moefist.jpg )

>I've always been rooting for A
Finally a man of taste

I also have a strong dislike for E because side-tails are pig disgusting
>> No. 183808
Dina disaster.

Should be fired for being completely incompetent at her job.

She still hasn't responded to any concerns.

All it would have taken was "You're right, but I strive to be more knowledgeable about the series you all know and loved."

Hell she coulda marathon streamed it for publicity.

But nope, she can't admit she's a moron.
>> No. 183809
I guess I'm the only one that prefers H.
>> No. 183810

There is a person in the forums named Heavy01 that uses the avatar of the person that comes smashing onto the scene.

Heavy01 has been wrecking the fuck out of all the whiteknights and Dina herself on the MN9 forums.
>> No. 183812

plus4chan is a fucking hugbox that absolutely refuses to acknowledge criticism of any kind and generally eats anything up.

Don't bother. They have been ignoring everything to suit their own ideology.
>> No. 183814
>They have been ignoring everything to suit their own ideology.
Yes. You have obviously been listening to the other side of the argument this entire time and kept an open mind about it...
Jesus fuck. This thread is doomed. Just nuke it.
>> No. 183815
File 138696021932.jpg - (285.68KB , 1900x608 , 1386957427196.jpg )
You guys never respond to the well written posts detailing everything that has happened or just yell misogyny so whats the point?
>> No. 183816
Can you stop responding like I asked above? I told you he would do whatever he can to goad a response out of you all because he's a trolling dipshit.
>> No. 183817
File 138696078434.jpg - (165.18KB , 800x1200 , plus4chanwhiteknights.jpg )

>criticize someone for unrelated things to her being a women
>cue the forum sliding
>> No. 183818
File 138696085921.jpg - (98.90KB , 820x531 , forumsliding.jpg )

SJW are innocent guys.
>> No. 183819
File 138696098593.jpg - (335.67KB , 988x1500 , mn9boring.jpg )
Making someone the community manager that finds the game boring sure is a good decision.
>> No. 183820
Making only one comment here: 4chan complaining about invasions is funny.
>> No. 183821
>You guys never respond to the well written posts detailing everything that has happened
I did. Several times in fact, but I was ignored each time so I just assumed you wanted to throw a one sided tantrum for no reason. I'm just going to let you guys cry this one out.
>> No. 183822
Man, that face does not fit the previewed art style at all. Would fit great in Braid, though.
>> No. 183823

I actually liked C, personally, but I'm good with any of them, so long as it's not B.

I don't have much to say about this until the game is done, but I want to weigh in on the issue of this:


She's working on Community stuff, and not the game itself, chill out. Her asking about making playable female characters/making the lead a female, literally has nothing to do with her not being a Megaman fan (apparently). Like, it seems super weird, to me, that she's involved at all, but then again, I'm guessing she was hired due to her experience as a community manager, or for whatever reason, the people in charge of hiring her thought she was best for the job. Since she has no actual say in the game itself (As evidenced by how she worded her plea to make Call playable/Beck a female, way back before the game was actually funded), and Inafune and his team are the ones actually designing and making the game; I find it hard to understand why anyone gives a damn.

It seems to me like it's internet drama for the sake of internet drama. Personally, I'm just glad that we're getting another Megaman game (spiritually, at least) from Inafune & co. since Capcom seems to be completely uninterested in continuing the franchise in a meaningful way.

Also, having a girl lead for a Megaman style game? I'm gonna go ahead and say it would literally have no impact on the gameplay. In fact, thanks to >>183783 's gif, I remembered that it already happened and, indeed, it really didn't matter whether you played a guy or gal in the ZX series as it played the same either way.

That's all I have to say on that subject.


I dunno, there's something about the Flame Body I'm not digging. I like No. 8 a lot though. I really dig the satellite sombrero.
>> No. 183824
So much for the honor system. Oh well, I'm back in because this video is perfect.

Video Game Therapistyoutube thumb
>> No. 183825

This is wonderful.
>> No. 183827
>> No. 183828
You know thinking about this I'm a little shocked by this undercurrent of people who see this game as simply Megaman, like not just a spiritual successor but straight up just Megaman.
>> No. 183829
Pretty much sums the whole thing up.
>> No. 183830
Yeah, and it's a serious problem, too. This is a new IP, and we're stuck with Megaman fans (who are horrible, like most fans of any property, but seem to be taking it to a new level lately) trying to fight anything about the game that distinguishes it from its predecessor.

Megaman fans are a much bigger threat to Mighty No. 9 than any OTHER non-issue that those fans might want to whine about.
>> No. 183831
can someone give me the link code to this?
cant view it on my phone.
>> No. 183832
I mean it kinda popped up with the Capcom hypothetical but holy shit laced with this "no girls allowed" playground mentality it is beyond toxic.
>> No. 183833

It's not like it's the entire fanbase that's like it, just a vocal, and immature, minority.
>> No. 183834

There. Maybe now we can all shut the fuck up about incendiary issues which will have no impact on M#9 and go back to talking about the actual goddamn game.
>> No. 183835
I chortled, as that is how I'm seeing the situation.

Which is part of the problem, but that's also how hype was built up for the Kickstarter. The whole project was pitched as "Megaman without Megaman", even giving the main character a very similar look. "Capcom hates Megaman, Inafune is going give us not-Megaman!" (Put another way: "Megaman is dead, long live Megaman!") By tying everything in so tightly, especially when the Megaman community had been horribly burned recently (MML3 etc.), they gave a beacon of hope that almost all fans latched onto like a single twig sticking out of the cliffside to keep from falling.

We'd see a similar backlash if it was, say, the Double Fine Kickstarter and they hired a community manager who said they never played Psychonauts and was bored by the project video, but the voracity of the backlash would be magnitudes smaller.
>> No. 183837
These people might be over reacting asshats, but the fact that she herself is a woman has little to do with their arguments. Stupid though they may be.
>> No. 183838
We wish.

On a different note, what is it about companies all trying to roll their own forum? It's useful if the forum is going to interact with other products in a major way (i.e. Steam threads/groups), but if it's purely for discussion it makes far more sense to buy a vBulletin license or something, use the mods you like, and call it a day. (Looks like a current license is $399 for the full suite, then $200/yr for "premium" support, which is a far sight cheaper than hiring even one developer to re-invent the wheel.)

Yes, you open yourself up to mass attacks when security holes are found in off-the-shelf software, but you also have far more holes when making your own versus software that has been around for a decade or more.

Is it the threading? Because from those images, that's a horrible threading style, and I'm sure there's a mod for vBulletin (if not a baked-in feature) that will do that.
>> No. 183839

She still hasn't responded to the community herself. Being a CM it means she is shit at her job and should be fired.
>> No. 183840

The forum is there because every backer over 5 dollars gets a say in the development through polling and discussion.
>> No. 183841
Except she has tried to on several occasions. All of which have been met with people just looking for excuses to hate her or denounce any of her answers with aimless conjecture.

She doesn't need to be fired just because a few people on the forums are acting like little brats.
>> No. 183842

why are you still responding

real talk


just let him be

And you know what? Regardless of anyone's view on the issue, this thread was made so that people could talk about THE GAME instead of the drama.
>> No. 183843

I just tend to think Japanese internet really prefers the way things looked in the 90s.
>> No. 183844
File 138696972173.jpg - (370.50KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mx1rhsCUMv1rcs9gvo1_1280.jpg )
Kinda like the final form here
>> No. 183847
Because I am utterly fascinated by the mindset that these people have to just ignore all base logic, reason, and fact to pursue something so incredibly menial.
Its like pure spite at this point.
>> No. 183848

Fuck yeah, Mighty Knight S.
>> No. 183849
Look, I'll lay it out in simple terms so we get at the real truth of the matter:

1. Some dude called Heavy wanted a job
2. Other people applied to that job
3. A lady got it
4. He got his friends to start harassing her on the assumption that it must be someone else's fault that he didn't get the job.
5. They stalked and harassed her until they found some stuff that let them get the ASJW's on the case, then got THEM to start stalking and harassing her.
6. Now they intend to continue doing this until she quits because Heavy thinks he'll get the job if she's gone, because he lacks the self-awareness to realize that he has completely invalidated the idea of himself as a person anyone would ever want to work with.

He has used politics to make teenaged Tumblr users who once had a fight with other teenaged Tumblr users into his personal army, and somehow these people have pride in the fact that they're being used by this guy.
>> No. 183851
File 138697324111.png - (138.49KB , 843x715 , quality.png )
>>Hides the fact she has never played a Megaman game before M#09 was announced
>>Constantly lies to the community
>>Has no industry experience
>>Got her job sucking a dev's dick
>>States in pic related that she's going to promote people who have "contributed" to the community
>>In said pic she deems anyone who gives her blind support as a contribution to the community
>>In the next pic I will post the mods make it clear the CM (Dinasaur) and themselves don't care about the dialogue between us and the devs but are just there to maintain status quo
>> No. 183852
File 13869732983.png - (386.52KB , 1004x3889 , modsrshit.png )
>> No. 183853

And let's let that be the end of it. Or this.

What's your guys's favorite Mighty Robot that's been revealed so far? Mine's still No. 8.
>> No. 183854
To the "[plus4chan] doesn't want actual discussion" people:

There is no discussion to be had because this is about politics. Either side will always accuse the other of being ideologically charged (and thus inherently wrong).

>"unfair" and other similar nonsense

Do the following terms mean anything to you: behavioral patterns, collective guilt, context, statistics, formal logic, universal statement, implication, precedent

If you believe yourself to be "rational" you really ought to think for once.
>> No. 183855
Still think F and E are my favorites, though G and I are warming up to me now. I'm not quite sold on A even with the retooling.
>> No. 183856
Number 3 because that one has some crazy motifs going on with the Lightbulb Corset and Poncho
>> No. 183857
I think D will likely be one of the evil ones with that Wiley hair. Be called Echo or something.
>> No. 183858
>>183808 >>183810 >>183812 >>183815 >>183817 >>183818
>>183819 >>183839 >>183840 >>183851 >>183852
You are the only person continually bringing this up, and the only one that seems outraged about it. Everyone else talking about it is responding to you. Stop shitting up the thread.

(That goes for you, too, >>183847)
>> No. 183859
File 138697735131.gif - (1.43MB , 320x232 , 1337285484597.gif )
>> No. 183860
Ill stop then.
>> No. 183861
Anyone else see the trophy clip through the hammer? Horrible programming.
>> No. 183862
File 138697781411.jpg - (166.53KB , 461x720 , Elsa.jpg )
>trophy clips through the hammer a bit
omg worst animation evar whoever was involved in the making of this should be shot and strung up by their entrails
>> No. 183863
That looks like a cell layering error; man I wish I had a gif of the Incredible Shrinking Toph to go with it.
>> No. 183864

>baaaw stop criticizing things

>> No. 183867
say what you will about old 4chan

But I really miss that reigning mentality that consisted of "Don't take things seriously."
>> No. 183869
>I really miss that reigning mentality that consisted of "Don't take things seriously."
>> No. 183870
File 138700427932.png - (467.72KB , 746x591 , 1384544356326.png )
>come here after being fed up with /v/
>vidya discussion
>Mods actually silencing shitposters
Welp, I know where I'm stayin'
>> No. 183873
Welcome to the ongoing circlejerk. Adopt a trip to truly enjoy the experience.
>> No. 183875
Make sure its a good one!
>> No. 183880
Considering the crapstorm she got handed I'd say Dina's handling it pretty well. I haven't read a single thing she's said (after she got the job) that would justify the heavy Glenn Becking that's going on, and she doesn't even come across as stressed by it. Quite the trial by fire, but she might actually turn out to be right for the job after all.
>> No. 183881
Even when she does respond she's immediately closing the threads.
Also, this is only tangentially related to whether she'll turn out to not be a bad CM, but she literally called a Kotaku writer a fine journalist.
>> No. 183882

1. I thought this was over because everything was already said and done.
2. Didn't a mod *just* tell you people to drop the issue?

Just...move on. Fuck. Stop turning into /v/, where the drama trumps actual video game discussion. Especially when said drama was...fucking nothing.
>> No. 183883

I think as long as I maintain my smug detachment I should be in the clear.
>> No. 183884
>you people
It's just one fucking guy. And he keeps getting responses, so of course he keeps going.
>> No. 183885
Really? I thought the flame body was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen from a boss.
>> No. 183887
I'd like to see his story as to why hew has that spooky flame body. Part of me thinks he looks like one of the Hawaiian flame dancers so it would be neat if something like that is part of his origin.
>> No. 183888

According to a post in the GAF thread linked earlier (http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=93541267&postcount=7903), the final vote on Call's design between the three finalists (E, F and H), will run from 19 December to 29 December. Backers only, unfortunately, but it'd be interesting if the final three have been tweaked to match MNo9's house style.
>> No. 183890
well they will be eventually, didn't Inafune draw number C.
>> No. 183894
... Okay, call me "stupid" but who's this Dina and why should I give a fuck?
>> No. 183895
You're stupid. Google it, if you want to know so badly.
>> No. 183896
File 13870544242.jpg - (61.11KB , 700x536 , 8ca054d06f8bdb3c68cd1b1a73d39bf3_large.jpg )
>> No. 183897
He told a person to knock it off, because that was the only person who kept bringing it up when others were trying to ignore the situation. If people (more than 1) actually want to talk about it, and can do so maturely, then there's nothing wrong with that. Trying to shut down the entire topic would just cause further problems.

See the last half of the previous MN9 thread (>>179891) for a poor recap on the whole thing. Actually, those that really do want to talk about it might use that thread (which is auto-saging) to do so freely so this thread can be used to talk about the game itself. It seems some people are already doing this.
>> No. 183898
Well, two posts were linked to when he said to knock it off, so that's what I meant and thought, even though one person was doing 95% of it.

For me it was less about trying to stop the topic and more about trying to stop a silly argument that's going to a) go nowhere, and b) just flood the thread.

Whatever. That's all I have to say on the matter.
>> No. 183905

k, seeya later mav
>> No. 183908
What makes me sad is that some people are claiming they're asking for refunds. Somehow they believe it's better to defund the game.
>> No. 183909

All a big bluff.
>> No. 183911
I don't really care that much. All I really gather was that some lady, with some ugly rule 63 fanart, makes a comment of wanting Beck to be girl; and suddenly everyone is acting like she killed Keiji.
It's all so sad, I regret even asking.
>> No. 183981
Dude, that's the worst part. That's not even fucking what she said. She said it'd be cool if Call could be playable or Beck was a girl. Someone went "Hey, I like male Beck" and she said she just meant it's be a cool optional feature, not that she wanted male Beck gone.

From day one this has been people raging at a steaming hot soup of Fucking Nothing.
>> No. 183982
Are there any numbers for how many idiots have asked for refunds over this? They're trying to claim it's 100K, but somehow even now I think higher of them to believe that.
>> No. 183983
There are no numbers, but someone posted a poll on the forums... and on /v/. Got something like 2000 signatures, and there's just no damn way they were all backers. 2,000 people angry, 67,226 backers. About 3%. And there's just no way they all pulled their money out. Just no fucking way.
There's probably a dent in the funding, but it was inevitable that SOMETHING would set off the sort of people that'd pull out over this drama creampuff.
>> No. 183984
>And there's just no way they all pulled their money out.
Not to mention a lot of them probably didn't back it in the first place.
>> No. 183985
I think you had to back it to be on the forums at least.
>> No. 183986
Let's assume all 2000 are backers (haha).
Kickstarter: $3,845,170
Paypal: $186,380
Total: $4,031,550

Backers: 67,226 (does not include individuals from PayPal total)
Avg. Per Backer: ~$58 (~$60 if you include PayPal)
Total threatened to be pulled: $116,000

So not even the amount they made in PayPal alone. However, I would bet (>$60) that most of those signing (again, assuming they're legit backers) are in the lowest three backing groups (by $), because those who spend the least seem to complain the most (at least, to me.) The average for those three were $33, giving a withdrawal of $66,000, or 1.6% of total funding. With an original $900,000 goal, it means they might have to drop a stretch goal, and that's it.

If someone is claiming 100K backers are threatening to pull out, they are lying. As you can see, there aren't even that many backers. (Assuming that everyone had to use the same tiers to do PayPal backing, and that everyone that did so did the $5 tier, that puts total backers at 104K, but I don't think that's realistic at all.)

You do, but if the poll was posted on /v/ then it was done using one of the many online poll websites, so anyone could sign it.
>> No. 183989
File 138725330513.jpg - (140.57KB , 942x420 , yikes.jpg )
>Can't pin stickies
>Can't merge threads
>Can't PM
>Can't search for a specific user's post history
>Can't search for keywords
>Can't find out who made the most recent post without opening the thread
>The forum overlaps with its own mirror so people have to sign in on two different pages or many features won't work

>> No. 183991
>There are no numbers, but someone posted a poll on the forums... and on /v/. Got something like 2000 signatures, and there's just no damn way they were all backers. 2,000 people angry, 67,226 backers. About 3%. And there's just no way they all pulled their money out. Just no fucking way.
Which is why no one with any understanding of the internet has ever taken an online poll or an online petition as serious evidence of anything.
>> No. 183992
Huh. So along with doing something in the forums, and doing the translation, 8-4 are also in charge of PR. And their main dude keeps looking in the forums.

So... the way things are being handled looks like it has the approval of the guys in PR.
>> No. 183993
There not there to make a forum.

But a decent one would be nice.
>> No. 183994
Bu that's what I was saying earlier: It's a waste of time and money to roll your own forum unless it's heavily integrated with the product, and there's no indication this is. They should have just bought a copy of vBulletin, customized it, and called it a day. 400% of the functionality, 10% of the time and cost.
>> No. 183995
I suspect they decided to make their own forums when they were all "WE CAN DO IT!"

Hopefully now that they've had a while to take things in, from now on they'll be going "WE NEED TO HAVE A REASONABLE GRASP OF OUR LIMITATIONS!"
>> No. 183998
I have no idea how one would fix that forum besides just letting it all burn to the ground.
>> No. 184000
>There not there to make a forum.
Well they've got one anyway and it's such a disaster it's hurting them.
>> No. 184001
In a miniscule way I suppose.
It's not like its directly detracting from development. Just the community. The terrible terrible community.

Fuck. Do GOOD fan comunities even exist without barely existing?
>> No. 184002
In a miniscule way I suppose.
It's not like its directly detracting from development. Just the community. The terrible terrible community.

Fuck. Do GOOD fan comunities even exist without barely existing?
>> No. 184003
The "Boycott L4D2" steam group has more members owning L4D2 than the official L4D1 group, and this is no different. There's no proof that Comcept has lost even one dollar to this. It's all a stupid bluff.

And yeah that forum is atrocious, but par for the course in terms of Japanese forum technology.

...Why DOES every Japanese website look like it's hosted on Geocities? Do they just like it that way? Do they all still use really old cell phones?
>> No. 184004
Actually, yeah. They use tech until it falls apart. Oh a few companies will make bleeding edge shit, but one of the biggest culture shock things people have going there is the way the Japanese are so stubbornly resistant to actually letting go of obsolete tech. Fax machines; fax machines everywhere.

>> No. 184006
That's putting it kindly. To give an idea how ridiculously hard it is to find posts, a couple of people in the thread devoted to criticism of the board found the phone number of Ben Judd of comcept and are congratulating themselves on now being able to tell someone at comcept about the horrible things going on that comcept clearly has no idea about. Ben posted in the thread three pages prior saying he was supporting Dina. They're trying to call a guy and tell him what's happening in the boards, when he posted in that very thread. But the layout is so counter-intuitive people just skip right past half the things people saw answering questions people are asking.
>> No. 184009
>Do GOOD fan comunities even exist without barely existing?
Every community has a comparatively minor contingent of idiots. The bigger a community, the more idiots there are. In a relatively small community idiots can be easier to keep in check, because there aren't enough other idiots to back them up. Once you reach a critical mass of idiots, they will always drown out the silent, well-adjusted majority with their noise.
>> No. 184010
File 138728157839.png - (692.61KB , 1800x998 , sM7OQAB.png )
A thought occurs. What kind of bandwidth do you think this forum of theirs consumes? Someone could just make their own damn forum with earth technology, have people confirm their backer status (or not) and leave that horrible pit.

I'm not suggesting WE do that of course, but like, MMNetwork or something? They should get on that.
>> No. 184013
File 138730863151.jpg - (55.83KB , 307x1024 , Call_D_Villain.jpg )
I think the plan at the moment is to throw enough spanners into the funding for Inafune and Comcept to notice their concerns and...do...something. I'm seeing a lot of "the mountains are high and the emperor is far away" thinking in the threads about this kerfuffle (insofar as I could read them without gouging my eyes out), as if Inafune is going to see one of his employees being harassed by a bevy of troglodytes and take their side for some reason. They're right now attempting to learn enough Japanese to sick 2ch on Comcept, god help us all...

In a vain attempt to move beyond this forsaken clusterfuck, what does everyone think of the other, 10,000% more adorable fan campaign to make Call's D design a major villain?

>> No. 184014
I could see her going the tragic route, she felt rejected by the creation of newer models.
>> No. 184015
File 138731747225.jpg - (33.32KB , 274x262 , free_shrugs.jpg )
Y'all are making it sound way worse than it is.

Here's how it breaks down: There's 4 main boards.
Official Announcements (with one thread for everyone to post their intro in)
Mighty No. 9 discussion
Other Video Game Discussion
Other Topics

All threads complaining about the Community Manager are moved to Other Topics. In the Other Topics board there's a thread for questions for the Community Manager, and a thread for complaints about the Community Manager. All other threads about that stuff get locked, with a message to participate in one of the existing threads instead.

Meanwhile the board about Mighty 9, the game? Running smooth as silk.

The board where people can bitch about how she's doing a horrible job is a mess. The board where people actually talk about the game is fine. And now that they're finding out about the limits of the board technology they can try to get things fixed before the contests and polls happen.
>> No. 184107
Some people dislike Dina because of her artwork
Some people dislike DIna because of her comment abot "Make Beck a female", which completely misses the point of what the fans wish from the game
Some people dislike Dina because she said she wasn't a Megaman Fan, and arguably the position of community manager should be in the hands of somebody who is part of the Megaman community
Some people dislike Dina because it seems she got into the position because she had friends in Comcept
Some people dislike her because the whole ensuing shitstorm was handled by ignoring/locking anybody who voiced a complain
Some people dislike Dina because of her feminist views, yes
And yes, unfortunately some people dislike her because she is a woman

Some of those arguments are stupid and downright wrong, but some are valid. The situation isn't as simple as saying that the mean internet people dislike her because she's got the cooties.
>> No. 184109
>The situation isn't as simple as saying that the mean internet people dislike her because she's got the cooties.
Which almost nobody here said anyway. Most arguments that were made in the other thread simply stated that this is just a handful of paranoid, loud-mouthed morons with too much time on their hands making a massive shitstorm over fucking nothing. We know it's not some MRA propaganda movement (though those fucks were also more than happy to join in). But that doesn't stop it from being an embarassing maelstrom of fear-mongering idiocy.
>> No. 184111
> But that doesn't stop it from being an embarassing maelstrom of fear-mongering idiocy.

I am a backer, and I did complain. Not out of "fear mongering idiocy" but because I don't think a person who does not know the Megaman games should be in charge of handling the community, and that nepotism is not an acceptable thing. Yes, things went wildly out of control and I am not even sure why or how, but my point remains, not everybody involved in the controversy is an idiot.
>> No. 184112
Your argument of nepotism is total croc.
Connections are how you get anywhere in any industry. She was hires as a designer because of her connections and her skill. She was hired as a CM probably because of her attitude at work and her apparent bilingual skill. As CM, all she really has to do is bridge allowed information between the forums and developers. Actual knowledge and history about the series inspiration has little to do with it when you're basically just a tool for the actual developers. Its been said time and time again that she is in no position to usurp or sabotage the actual devs intentions.
The fact that some people seriously overreacted isn't her fault.
>> No. 184114
I'm still of the opinion that it really doesn't matter what you feel about Dina because she doesn't actually impact the game in any meaningful way. She's in charge of showing community content to the creators, most of which they're probably not putting in the game. This doesn't feel like a game that's going to live or die by what the community puts into it (aside from crowd sourcing).

I also don't think it's necessary that she be a Megaman fan from way back to get the position she's in, mainly because her job doesn't actually involve Megaman trivia and in-depth knowledge the History of Megaman. Yes, the game is a spiritual successor to Megaman, but it also needs to be it's own game, hence why Inafune & Co. at Comcept have talked about how it was going to be different. It's not like she was picked for the job by some random, faceless, bureaucrat, she was picked by some familiar faces at Comcept. Whether or not her candidacy was brought about through Nepotism doesn't matter, since the team at Concept had to approve her hiring.

And the last thing that really bugs me about this is that no one who gave money to this did so on the strength of the Community Manager, but on the strength of Keiji Inafune and his team of game industry veterans being the ones behind this project. That's who you're supporting, and that's who you trusted enough on this to fork over however much money you gave them. Whether it's a dollar or five thousand dollars. Everything that doesn't directly impact gameplay is such a none-issue. Especially the forum and who runs it.

Yes, I know she's also in charge of handling news the Team wants to give out to the fans, and handling feedback and content from fans to the creators, but, as I said before, this game doesn't look like it is going to be driven by the content we provide it.

Okay, for serious this time, that's the end of me saying anything about it, because I would rather not see the thread devolve into a stupid argument over what I feel is essentially nothing.
>> No. 184117
>all she really has to do is bridge allowed information between the forums and developers.
And what that means is mostly she's mostly passing information from the developers to the community. While she's also collecting feedback from the community, to think that she's somehow able to manipulate this information in any way is tinfoil hat amounts of delusioned. The devs are very much checking the forums. They're not going through every single post like she will have to, but they will immediately notice if the picture she's painting is completely different from the general community opinions going around.
Not to mention this whole fucking retarded "she never played Megaman before!!!" thing. Please keep in mind that she's the community manager of THE COMPANY, not the game. That she's now catching up with these titles, that are not even part of the company's catalogue, is way, way more than 95% of community managers do. You think Namco's community managers all played through Dark Souls? The fact that people keep thinking that she'll have any influence on the game or, hell, even the community is downright ridiculous. She'll tweet a lot about how excited they are about the game, maybe some photos of the devs hard at work, organize some facebook contests and stuff and for the largest part manage stuff like accounts and billing. It seems a lot of those passionate fans who applied for the job and are now angry, screaming nepotism, don't even fucking know what a community manager actually does.
>> No. 184126
The billing company for Comcept is currently stalling refunds while asking the donators to give Dina 30 days to prove herself. This time frame would also allow the period to actually get a refund to pass.
>> No. 184134
That might give them time to cool their heads. But it will also make them angry, bitter, and even more paranoid. Especially when you refuse to give people their money back.
>> No. 184136
Well since the earlier arguments about influencing development, not being a "true fan" and the nepotism nonsense have transpired to be bullshit, they've shifted to "she's a terrible CM!" Their argument for this being her "evasiveness" and her frequent use of the banhammer. The thing is, we haven't a damned clue how good a CM Dina might be because she was being hounded out of her job literally hours after getting it. This nonsense only erupted a week ago, 90% of her role so far has involved clearing up the detritus that erupted after her appointment. She answered most people's concerns in a matter of days, but because many of her critics live 24/7 on the internet their perception of time is completely lopsided, as if a full bells-and-whistles press conference should've appeared once they'd posted their whinge and pressed F5.

I think matters are turning a corner now. I saw a thread on /v/ where 50% of the posts amounted to "stop being retarded", when it was an echo-chamber only two days ago, and for a brief beautiful moment memes and fanart outnumbered 'controversy' posts on Mighty No. 9's tumblr tag last night. Most of the bitter-einders have already been banned, and once the bannings return to their usual even keel the meme that Dina is Basically Stalin should eventually die from lack of evidence. More importantly, this brouhaha seems to have passed under the radar of the big-hitter SJWs, and the gotterdammerung many of the critics are hankering for just isn't materialising: you can only lunge at thin air for so long before your arms get tired.

So in the interests of moving on, with the vote on Call's design coming up, I was wondering if anyone preferred H? I can't remember anyone bringing her up, but she must have had some groundswell if she made it into the top 3.
>> No. 184137
All this talk of women and robots and robot women and puns and not Mega Man has got me in the mood for some…beats:

STARBOMB: Mega Marital Problems (Drum Cover)youtube thumb
>> No. 184139
>> No. 184146

Seeing as /v/ has ALREADY forgotten about it, I think they made the right choice.
>> No. 184150
>her frequent use of the banhammer.

A few people painstakingly combed through the site looking for answers to people's questions that had been asked, and putting them in one thread for easy access. While they were at it, they counted the bans.

There's no way it was even 10. And those were people that had apparently forgotten they weren't on /v/.

Oh and apparently the Call vote's about to happen. Hey remember there's a video game involved in all this? CRAZY!
>> No. 184151
File 138750161828.jpg - (135.98KB , 700x508 , 730c7906-8a19-45a2-9cfb-851b5a36c639.jpg )
>> No. 184152
File 138750171051.jpg - (147.85KB , 700x495 , a57efd98-edba-4d1c-9a82-79ee968e14d4.jpg )
>> No. 184153
>> No. 184154
File 138750184264.jpg - (134.23KB , 701x545 , 9e06c9e9-0d1a-4f05-b41a-3dc21ca96a58.jpg )
>> No. 184155
Whoa, Penny from inspector Gadget what's up?
>> No. 184156
I still wish Call-A and Call-B got a little more love, but these look absolutely lovely as well.
>> No. 184157
File 138750312367.png - (336.43KB , 460x750 , tumblr_mu9o60wWp81sho4xgo1_500.png )
Team E all the way.
>> No. 184158
So how do we vote on this anyway?
>> No. 184159
It's backer vote now right?
I assume it would be through the forums if so.
>> No. 184162
I like her emotive bow.
>> No. 184163
Yup, still prefer H.

I would be surprised if their forums could handle polls.
>> No. 184164
Agreed. The world needs more cute robot girls with glasses.

...Darn you. Now I have see Beck in trench coat and head.
>> No. 184165
>backless dress

She's pulling out the big guns now I see
>> No. 184167
muscles rippling
>> No. 184173
File 13875097536.jpg - (113.39KB , 600x1033 , We GONNA WiN.jpg )
I promise once we've won we won't look down on the rest of you.

Just pity.
>> No. 184175
E would be the correct choice, but again, it's going to be F, because F is just Roll.

Well I didn't have cash to back it so I've no right to complain anyway.
>> No. 184177
File 138751430624.jpg - (90.20KB , 425x326 , I_DARE_you_to_make_less_sense.jpg )
>has a sidetail
>has a tiny hat
>looks like an airplane stewardess

How can one man be so wrong?
>> No. 184178
Not a huge fan of it, something about it seems a bit overly simplistic.
>> No. 184179
Wait. Do you hate it or what?
>> No. 184180

That would be the correct interpretation of the greentext, sarcastic comment, and accompanying insulting image macro, Nøpe.
>> No. 184182
Then I'm afraid I'll have to laugh condescendingly at your personal views and tastes.
>> No. 184185
>> No. 184189
I don't care if Call F is not-Roll, she's a qt3.14

That said, >>184157 is starting to persuade me that Call E has it in her to be a badass
>> No. 184205
can't tell if that is a bad ass pose with a pocket pistol or beam saber. Personally I like the idea of her carrying a massive OP pistol that just tears through shit.
>> No. 184245
File 138764809519.jpg - (134.87KB , 969x766 , image.jpg )
Lady is nuts.
>> No. 184248
At that point both Mark MacDonald from 8-4 and Ben Judd from comcept had weighed in saying people at comcept were aware and that they had faith in her ability. Kilim saw their replies and asked for more confirmation anyway. That's nuts.
>> No. 184249
File 138765063787.jpg - (733.85KB , 1280x738 , The_Call_War.jpg )






There's only one fandom conflict I'm interested in, and in this one the ladies get all the votes!

Also, vote F, if you know what's good for you.
>> No. 184250
Fuck you I'm going for the fashionable stewardess.
>> No. 184251
>> No. 184253
File 138765460752.png - (841.94KB , 2048x2048 , c6086c74d9958d2bbd07d3ebe061fce67e1d6f84.png )
Hoping someone would, I kinda like her final form.
>> No. 184255
Your daily reminder that a vote for anything other than Call E is a vote for terrorism. Especially Roll 2.0.

You motherfuckers better vote for th damn qt3.14 stewardess.
>> No. 184257
>I don't want a PseudoRoll to go with PseudoRock, PseudoLight, andPseudoWily!

You may be missing the point of the game.
>> No. 184260
File 138765908877.jpg - (192.69KB , 786x1017 , megaman_tribute_tryout_by_eisu-d3ej1qy.jpg )
Well some are just more fans of the supports from X. Delicious brown top Layer
>> No. 184261
It is DANGEROUS THINKING to think of this game as just Megaman 11 with a skin pack. The designs they showed during the Kickstarter convinced me they were trying to do something NEW. Yes, Megaman is clearly an ancestor of this game, but this game is more than just a Megaman reskin. Attempting to make it MORE like Megaman are attempts to hold back its growth.

Admittedly, the design chosen for Call won't have a lot to do with that in and of itself. But the desire to make Mighty No. 9 into Megaman 11 is a self-sabotaging one.
>> No. 184264
File 13876615742.jpg - (17.55KB , 260x190 , s-TINY-HATS-large.jpg )

I don't care if Design F looks similar to Roll, it is the design that best compliments Beck. It actually looks like it belongs in the same game as Beck, whereas Design E is just pandering to tiny hat fetishists, who are the most despicable human beings (if we can indeed even call them human) on the planet.
>> No. 184265
>Surprised at how things have calmed down
>"Must be the Call vote"
>Check to see if there's any word on when we'll get results
>MaverickIndigo has pulled open the sutures and restarted the arguments

...I just want a fucking game.
>> No. 184268
But everyone already IS "alt-universe" versions of the Mega Man characters. You put in an alt-universe Roll because that's what fits visually and thematically.

And there's NO danger of this being MM in a new hat, we've got Xels, a dystopia, gladiator bots and politics in the background.

I remain baffled at people that give a shit about the CM. If any of y'all are reading this... look, it's simple. What are the two worst cast scenarios?
1. She tries to con her bosses into thinking we want something we don't want. What's she going to try to force in the game, huh? And how would she avoid getting caught when other people from comcept also look at the boards, just not as often?
2. She fails to pass on what we want. Oh fucking well, we get a game ONLY designed by a first rate team of designers. Aw shucks, what a tragedy, better try to financially hurt the game to prevent THAT horrible future.
>> No. 184269
File 138766915199.jpg - (142.11KB , 900x1056 , hats.jpg )
How dare you mock my family and our love of hats.
>> No. 184275
I like Support E's personality best from what we see, but F is alright. Voting for it just because Mega Man had the same seems like a poor motivation though.
>> No. 184276

Call F is clearly the better design, what the hell is wrong with you people?
>> No. 184283
File 138771046158.jpg - (30.85KB , 300x445 , tumblr_mxstfkmjkX1sjb5deo1_400.jpg )
>Roll 2.0
>Better than sassy stewardess in a pillbox hat
It's not your fault you have bad taste.
>> No. 184285
I'm kind of surprised no one's come up with "a vote for F is a vote for FASCISM!" yet. Which is pucker for me cuz I want F to win, so nyaah.

Anyone cheerleading for H? I don't see her come up all that often in discussions, even though she made the top 3.
>> No. 184292
File 13877329077.jpg - (1.02MB , 1306x1500 , 3e0.jpg )
Seeing them like this yea I want E but F is a decent compromise between classic and a modern type roll. I like H but she's a bit too on the nose as a Roll.
>> No. 184316
Maybe she's more popular with Japan.
>> No. 184318
I'm not cheerleading her, but I like H out of the three options; I thought F was the more Roll-like one.
>> No. 184322
Who's the one above F? She's pretty cute, would have probably picked her if she was available unless she's actually D but heavily revamped to not look like a crappy Sanic OC.
>> No. 184324
She was one of the original Call designs that inexplicably wasn't included in the first round vote. Which is a damn crying shame because she's easily my favourite of the four there.
>> No. 184328
File 138785140963.jpg - (44.05KB , 700x405 , Original Call designs.jpg )
For the time "Aero-Call" was as popular, if not more so, than Call-F. Iirc, the official contest allowed only one design per artist, so he original artist decided to use current Roll-Call in place of Aero-Call.
>> No. 184338
Why is one of them Penny from Inspector Gadget?
>> No. 184385
File 138811455839.jpg - (1.87MB , 2000x2800 , Call-E costumes.jpg )
I voted for H. But after seeing this made me change my mind. Vote E, and we might get a customizable Call like costumed-wearing Roll from Powered Up.
>> No. 184386
Holy crap, West Coast's outfit is one of the character choices from the MML3 poll. I wish I could vote for E twice.
>> No. 184441
In 3rd place...
Call H! (15.47% of the vote)

In 2nd place...
Call E! (41.14% of the vote)

In 1st place...
Call F, by Inti Creates’ Yuuji Natsume! (43.39% of the vote)
>> No. 184444
Surprising no one but no less disappointing.
>> No. 184446
>In 2nd place... Call E! (41.14% of the vote)
Dreams are dead.
>> No. 184447
File 138833518458.png - (912.79KB , 1280x720 , b92.png )

Does it hurt? Does it feel bad? Please, let me listen to some more of your sweet screams of agony.
>> No. 184448
>Call H! (15.47% of the vote)
>Call E! (41.14% of the vote)
See this is why you never vote 3rd party people!
>> No. 184450
Not really.
I'd prefer the good looking one, but if people are okay with bland generic moe girl designs, more power to them.

But really, I'm sure the game itself will be fine regardless.
>> No. 184451
File 138834019731.jpg - (344.13KB , 600x752 , tumblr_mw9f7wOLyQ1sp81vlo4_1280.jpg )
Woe onto all from the highest hill!

>> No. 184452

Ah, such sweet butthurt! It's like music to my ears.
>> No. 184453
>means nothing and we get another design entirely at the end.

but also goes to show don't be a doof and vote to "Protest" since that wastes your vote which can count.
>> No. 184456
>means nothing and we get another design entirely at the end.
Where did you get that idea?
>> No. 184457
Just a thought really. Final design will likely be adjusted for whatever the final style is so maybe not 100% what it looks like now.
>> No. 184476
Man, the Nate Silver in me wishes they'd held an Instant Runoff vote, I'd have loved to know who the Call H voters' "second preference" would've been.
>> No. 184502
Perhaps 50/50?

Nah but seriously, H was a cute girly design. Who do you THINK they'd go for?
>> No. 184508
Well, I voted H only because I could no longer vote for the real best design (which was B, for the record, but I also would have liked G if she had less generic waldos), and H was the only one left over I didn't think was awful.
So my second choice was basically "neither."
>> No. 184516
Not Roll gets to be in Not Megaman.
A perfect match really.
>> No. 184524
This. I don't get what everyone's problem is.
>> No. 184525
Technically speaking, she was still always going to be "not-Roll" as a character regardless of what she LOOKS like. But the fact that there's been three different "Roll" characters in the Mega Man franchise itself, all with very different character designs, makes the concept of "she has to look like Classic Roll" a bit silly.

Not to mention that wanting a game to be a spiritual successor, and wanting a game to be a carbon copy in every way are two very different things.
>> No. 184536
Beside the obvious that some likes one of the other designs more; it wasn't very fair.
As a placeholder, NotRoll had a over a month to build a fan following while the others didn't even have color.
It's like if have a survey of "Which of these superhero you like most?" and Superman's on the list next to the likes of Booster Gold and Static Shock.
Most of us are pretty indifferent. But it still makes contest feel completely pointless.
>> No. 184537
People want Mega Man, and this looks like the only way we're going to get it. The entire concept and style SCREAMS MM Classic, so having classic Roll makes sense. The fact that "Roll" had different designs in the different sub-genres of Mega Man means nothing, because those sub-genres didn't resemble MM Classic anymore. Yes, the poll wasn't exactly fair and it was obvious from the beginning who would be chosen, but it's clear from the fact that she WAS chosen means that people don't want a spiritual successor, they want god damn Mega Man. Since it's obvious he's never coming back.

I mean let's be honest. If Beck's design was only a placeholder and there was a redesign poll, and one of the redesigns greatly resembled the blue bomber, what do you think people would choose?
>> No. 184538
Yeah, it's obvious in that situation that everyone would choose Booster Gold.
>> No. 184540
I blame first-past-the post voting.
>> No. 184541
Pfft people never pick green lantern
>> No. 184543
Which proves the point that this was contest was a fruitless endeavor. That is unless they put the E, H, or any of the other designs into game somehow.
>> No. 184554
File 138860277846.png - (485.63KB , 800x541 , NewYear1.png )
>> No. 184559
That message at the bottom sure didn't work out.
>> No. 184560
>> No. 184564
This game is more or less an Asylum movie of video games. You know what exactly what it's trying to be/ do and it doesn't even care.

Of CORSE they want things that look like old things almost to the point of an infringement lawsuit. New things are super scary.
>> No. 184565
File 138861548466.png - (581.51KB , 800x551 , New Year2.png )
>> No. 184609
File 138874171521.jpg - (182.51KB , 700x797 , wolf lancer.jpg )
So apparently the support animal belongs to Call, turns into a motorbike, and is named Wolf Lancer. Which raises one key question: can she take the knot?
>> No. 184610
Traditional Water Bot Greeting
>> No. 184617
Oh hey Not Megaman's sidekick Not Roll has Not Rush for a pet.
and yes; frequently and with gusto
>> No. 184635
File 138881491169.png - (53.61KB , 255x291 , link uh huh.png )
Christ, man.
>> No. 184884
>Wolf Lancer

Is this awesome or retarded? I can never tell the difference.
>> No. 184886
File 138983583081.jpg - (509.78KB , 1200x675 , 38130354.jpg )
>Wolf Lancer
>> No. 185080
File 139078080477.jpg - (73.42KB , 640x360 , ku-xlarge.jpg )
>> No. 185081
File 139078085553.jpg - (95.01KB , 640x360 , ku-xlarge2.jpg )
Behold your new alpha.
>> No. 185131
>There was a Q&A with the director
>I missed it

Sonnova... /cog/ you've gotta keep me better informed.

And I've gotta use the mighty boards more often.
>> No. 185133
>3D models instead of sprites
what the fuck is this shit
>> No. 185135
File 13909740574.png - (31.86KB , 276x282 , slow it up.png )
>> No. 185611
File 139269768992.jpg - (443.93KB , 2746x1550 , CutShadowZeroProto Man La Kill.jpg )
Mighty No. 9 - Inafune playing the α2ROMyoutube thumb

So these happened.
>> No. 186011

contest tiem
>> No. 186013
I really hope comcept has the common sense to pick a few lines THEY like and then have fans vote on them. Because right now the most popular suggestion in the thread is "Let's Rock!" and that's just taking things a little too far IMHO.
>> No. 186027
You're right, a better play on words for Beck and Call would be something like "I heed, and so shall you!"
>> No. 186031
With the Call design that was picked, it's very clear they want this to be nothing more than a reskined Megaman.
>> No. 186032
To be fair, the other (better) design was way closer than it had any right to be given the Roll-clone had been shown off as the official design long before the poll even started. F only barely won.
>> No. 186666
File 139713321677.jpg - (59.49KB , 500x375 , thousands_of_tears_later.jpg )

Wow, I can't believe I almost missed how salty PG got about his favorite design loosing the poll. Thank you, spambot.
>> No. 186670

Normally I'd delete and fix the typo, but for some reason that doesn't seem to be working...
>> No. 187302
I'm generally one to believe creators should be given free rein and fans should trust the people in charge know what they're doing... but I'm still surprised the forums aren't more active. They're active, but still, there's a member of the development team answering everyone's questions (sometimes evasively, but answering them), and we know they keep a record of suggestions and have implemented a few favorites.

Odd that there's not a LOT more people taking advantage
>> No. 187304
A lot of the active posters were driven off by the moderation team, and those sucking up to the moderation team, and so made their own forums.
Most of the Kickstarter backers simply don't care about the forums and just want the game when it comes out.
>> No. 187306
>A lot of the active posters were driven off by the moderation team, and those sucking up to the moderation team

They were butthurt about nothing important.

>and so made their own forums.

So you can go to the official boards and ask questions to staff and get your suggestions heard, or go to the fanmade boards to bitch about... I don't even fucking care what.

Tough Call.
>> No. 187307
The Q&A is a new thing, many backers may be unaware. There was talk about Q&A/AMA threads early on, and we know Comcept staff was lurking, but some of the posters scared them off for a while. I don't get the appeal of the rival board though. Just a Take That, I guess.
>> No. 187309
So you don't care what people have to say, but at the same time want to them to say things where you'll see them instead of where you won't?
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