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File 137815213685.jpg - (128.52KB , 864x802 , friendly_fire_by_neizu-d4w6q50.jpg )
179829 No. 179829
I finally bought Fallout 1/2 for real after having played them only through extra-legal means in my youth, so can can we have a thread on the series?

And specifically I would like to ask if there's any good mods for the first two games (and tactics) like there are for the first person ones?
Particularly I'm looking for stuff that expands on the followers, maybe smooths some of the rougher parts the older games had with them in terms of equipping and how they acted in combat, etc~
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>> No. 179833
File 137815560634.jpg - (123.73KB , 350x1428 , Fallout_1___Companions_by_Neizu.jpg )
>> No. 179836
I think at this point basically everyone plays Fallout 2 with the Restoration mod and the Skip Temple of Trials mod.
>> No. 179840
This seem like just the thing to make the F1 npc's more useful.

>> No. 179850
File 137820613623.jpg - (89.49KB , 643x507 , Ncr_ranger.jpg )
>>Did you know?

>>The fluff text for tycho's appearance was the direct inspiration for the NCR Veteran Ranger gear
>> No. 179856
Makes sense, Tycho's a desert ranger and the NCR rangers absorbed them.
>> No. 179904
File 137830892842.jpg - (187.03KB , 791x533 , f1__rescued_tandi_by_neizu-d5irnwg.jpg )
>> No. 179906
Heck, he may have been a founding member of the NCR rangers.
>> No. 179907
Heck, he may have been a founding member of the NCR rangers.
>> No. 179908
File 137831630438.png - (250.02KB , 255x250 , 1376976491326.png )
Hey, Rodyle, Fallout 3 was great fun, you're just being a nitpicky ninny~
>> No. 179910
It's a decent game by itself but it really shouldn't have been called Fallout considering that it's mostly terrible at everything that was good about the old games. The good parts are things that outright didn't exist in the old titles.

But we got New Vegas out of it so whatever. Shame Bethesda has said that FO4 is going to be made by them again.
>> No. 179911
File 137832340958.png - (453.30KB , 800x438 , 1287994944338.png )
>> No. 179912
What about a fallout game where you set up a hideout and form a mercanary crew? You can get a bunch of companions and mercs who will join up as you build rep, outfit them with better gear and training, and basically use them to back you up as you can undertake mssions or send them off on such things while you're doing something else.
Hell it could be a side thing in a normal game I guess, I'm sure I've seen mods along these lines, but still setting up your hideout and your own gang would still be pretty cool.
>> No. 179913
Sounds pretty close to Original Wasteland maybe mixed with a bit of the BoS game while taking from the new system they are implementing in Dragon Age like they at in AC2 games with missions being undertaken by others.

I could see it working especially if it uses the central US as a backdrop which if it follows lore has more civilized areas and also a bit more conflict.
>> No. 179977
File 13783640911.jpg - (17.58KB , 407x379 , 1376676178840.jpg )
>Shame Bethesda has said that FO4 is going to be made by them again.
Oh well.
>> No. 179979
As opposed to being made by Obsidian I mean.
>> No. 179990
Yeah, I got that. I'd like to see Obsidian get a chance to make another Fallout, personally.
>> No. 179994
Well, New Vegas was pretty damn successful, wasn't it? I'd say there's a good chance of them getting to make the New Vegas to Fallout 4.
>> No. 179995
ehhh Bethesda screwed them over on a bonus based on a metacritic score because it was one point off. Bethesda would have to give them some serious control for them to come back for development.
>> No. 179998

It was pretty successful...for Bethesda. Obsidian got screwed.

A large part of Obsidian's payment for the game was locked into a metacritic bonus - to be paid only if the game reaches a certain metacritic score. Let's stop and think for a moment about what a singularly terrible idea this is. Done? Okay, moving on. Their contract also stipulated that all QA work was to be done by Bethesda - this is the work of hunting down and fixing bugs. Obsidian makes the game, Bethesda patches it up. This is a pretty standard developer/publisher relationship, especially when the game is being made with the publisher's engine. Problem is, Bethesda underfunded the QA, and pushed the game out the door as a buggy mess. Then, when the game's metacritic score suffered because it was a buggy mess, Obsidian didn't get their bonus through no fault of their own.

Did Bethesda do that on purpose to avoid paying out the metacritic bonus? Maybe, maybe not. But either way, if I were Obsidian it would take one hell of a sweetheart contract to make me come work for Bethesda again.
>> No. 179999
Yeah the main thing that Obsidian got out of New Vegas was goodwill from RPG fans, which they already had by virtue of being Obsidian. I suppose the Black Isle survivors might have gotten a bit of closure from salvaging some Van Buren stuff and working with the universe again, which I imagine might mean SOMETHING to creative types.

But in the end they had to lay off a bunch of staff and the project just got them more LOL OBSIDIAN BUGS shittalking even though Bethesda had a hand in it too.

That said, I am a complete Obsidian apologist but even I have to admit that whilst they definitely get screwed over constantly by their partners, they definitely have a problem with bugs all their own.
>> No. 180008
And yet Avellone said this in some interview:
>All of the Fallout stuff is totally up to Bethesda. While we would love to do another Fallout game again, that is totally up to them.
It seems to me that a good deal of this perceived bad blood between the two companies is the internet blowing things out of proportion again. Everybody likes an underdog story.
>> No. 180033
That sounds borderline criminal.
>> No. 180041
Nothing about that statement says anything other than "Fallout is owned by Bethesda."

It's not like Chris can just publicly say "FUCK TODD HOWARD" or anything.
>> No. 180047
Not to say argue either way myself, but by that logic there's nothing in the statement toward supporting a grudge, either.
>> No. 180069
File 137859476196.png - (13.69KB , 240x240 , grrr.png )
Why do you people have to bring this crap into a perfectly nice thread? Seriously guys, don't do that.
>> No. 180070
Overall its just sadness that those best suited for making something steeped on Fallout Lore likely wont be able to.
>> No. 180073
Especially since Tim Cain joined Obsidian in October 11th.

>> No. 180080
File 13786251071.jpg - (43.22KB , 500x269 , tumblr_mpfkxuV3Jd1qhqrulo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 180081
File 137862562582.jpg - (175.25KB , 900x624 , fallout_3_mentats_and_fixer_by_dcriii-d4frq1o.jpg )
>> No. 180082
File 137862572991.jpg - (199.96KB , 900x1258 , nuka_cola_and_quantum_by_dcriii-d4g4htt.jpg )
>> No. 180108
Hey is that Fallout: Nuka Break still a thing?
>> No. 180361
File 137906245053.gif - (2.45MB , 265x235 , 137195948385.gif )
I already have to delete shit on my harddrive and here I am reinstalling New Vegas and probably FO3 eventually.

Damnit, Rodyle I hope you.. you.. stub your toe!
>> No. 180369
...I have both games from steam, and haven't touched them yet.
Wanted to start with 3, but since it supposedly doesn't works with Win7 (plus getting the mods for improvements), well, that put me down for doing it.
Should I start with New Vegas first?
>> No. 180370
Start with Fallout 1 and 2, then go to NV.

>> No. 180371
...I have both games from steam, and haven't touched them yet.
Wanted to start with 3, but since it supposedly doesn't works with Win7 (plus getting the mods for improvements), well, that put me down for doing it.
Should I start with New Vegas first?
>> No. 180389
File 137913084953.jpg - (175.74KB , 1024x1195 , the ultimate in safe sex.jpg )
>> No. 180390
Really needs to be some art of Veronica with Christine.
>> No. 182385
Study Hall: Fallout - What To …youtube thumb
>> No. 182386
I'd really like to see Fallout during the Brotherhood War before they nuked the gold reserve.
>> No. 182625
>> No. 182690
File 138464446946.jpg - (221.72KB , 1366x768 , 22370_screenshots_2013-11-17_00010.jpg )
So I finally got around to playing Fallout 3.

Currently 12 hours in and I'm at the get to Rivet City part of the main quest line. Gonna finish the sidequests I have before I do that, though.
>> No. 182692
Just in time for me to consider picking up New Vegas on Cyber Monday.
>> No. 182712
File 138471676419.png - (1.98MB , 1920x1080 , Fallout3 2013-09-28 13-02-39-21.png )
If this ends up as Fallout 4 and it's West Coast again, that'd be a bit shit. We could stand with some Midwest.

dat lunniy korabl.

In my dreams, the Soviets did make it to the moon and Armstrong got to brofist a Soviet Cosmonaut on the Lunar surface
>> No. 182713
Midwest has some crazy lore behind it if they actually get to use it.
>> No. 182719
File 138472859780.png - (1.67MB , 1920x1080 , Fallout3 2013-09-28 19-44-23-66.png )
Yeah, my point exactly. It could be pretty cool.
>> No. 182748

It happened.
>> No. 182794
>Bought Fallout 3
>Game gets stuck just after "War never changes" prologue
>Can't make the game to work
>> No. 182844
System specs and OS?
>> No. 182854
So, let's say theoretically I like all the RPG stuff about Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but the gameplay (vats, dodgy shooting mechanics etc) bother me. How many mods are out there to help me with this sort of thing? Basically, make the combat less like an RPG, because it's always felt sort of tedious and boring to me and I'd rather just get combat over with so I can get to talking and picking locks and stuff?
>> No. 182859
>but the gameplay (vats, dodgy shooting mechanics etc) bother me
I don't know, that seems like a tall order. How do you hope to change it?
>> No. 182932
That's a common problem. I encountered the same thing on Windows 7.

You can fix it by setting compatibility to XP Service Pack 3 and modifying some configuration files.

See: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2825612
>> No. 183343
File 138593094521.png - (19.37KB , 875x494 , 2299.png )

>> No. 183345
Roughly translates to:

Calling all Stations, Calling all Stations, Calling all Stations, Boston is Gone, repeat, Boston is Gone No hope. Frequency 3450 (Return?). Goodbye America.
>> No. 183349
So we heading back east or is this a call out to bases abroad?
>> No. 183351
I'm thinking it's Boston.
>> No. 183353
Apparently it's Boston and New York
>> No. 183371
That should make for an interesting world as long as they don't barracade all the neat places
>> No. 183469
So yeah, turns out it's been a fake this whole time.
>> No. 183474
Genuinely impressed.
>> No. 183475
I had an inkling it would turn out to be faked when the whole european vs american date issue came up, but that was still a great run.

Really, really impressed by whoever came up with it. Though now I feel bad for Bethesda if they try something similar. No one will believe them/the hype won't be as big
>> No. 183569
>In an AMA on Reddit, the hoaxer said he made the site because "some men just want to watch the world burn."
>> No. 183642
File 138686372274.jpg - (138.35KB , 707x705 , 1386858825292.jpg )
Go get those free Fallouts!
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