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File 136064793980.png - (423.79KB , 999x618 , wakfu_logo.png )
170002 No. 170002
So. This tactical MMORPG is surprisingly fresh and fun. Anyone else here played it?
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>> No. 170190
File 136084138239.png - (56.59KB , 140x260 , babe.png )
Yes, actually. Every time I play it, I think to myself, "Wow this is really nice, I really enjoy it", and yet every time I actually turn it off I have no plans to actually play it again, until one of my other friends that play urges me to.

It's really pretty and playable enough, and I love the show, but...eh. It just couldn't really hook me. MMOs were never my thing, really.
>> No. 170194
I've always loved MMOs, myself, as long as I play only with people I know to sort of create a low-scale version of the game, reducing interaction with others to a minimum. Sadly, only one of my friends liked this game. Guess tactics aren't their thing, they prefer more traditional MMOs.

That said, a duo of sacrier and enutrof works well enough, though the lack of a healer really hurts. At least I benefit from having low health.
>> No. 170195
If we could get the same people to make a single player RPG, I'd certainly be all over it. Plus any excuse to let the artist go crazy with new characters.
>> No. 170198
Perhaps. I really like how much emphasis it puts on forced movement compared to other tactical RPGs, but it doesn't have THAT much outstanding and unique qualities. I think the MMO format suits it well.
>> No. 171963
Yeah I play it, it's really my kind of game. The only issue is finding a group of people to play it with.
>> No. 171969
Yeah. The guy I played it with dropped it and I have an aversion to pubbies so I stopped playing too as it's not a solo game at all.
>> No. 172031

We should gather together and make our own guild.

With blackjack.

And hookers.
>> No. 172035
Totally. We actually had a "guild" of two, called The Little Girls in reference to /tg/.
>> No. 172040

Well, people on /co/ yesterday were talking about making a themed guild- something around one of the professions, like a bunch of Enutrofs being jewy miners and rakin' in the Kamas.

I also wouldn't mind being part of an outlaw gang. Not enough outlaws on any server, let alone Remington.
>> No. 172066
Man, I'd be all up for it, but I don't have enough time for MMOs right now. Working on a game and a small WoL application, as well as education, and they're taking all my free time.
>> No. 172439
Well, I've ended up making a guild anyway over on Remington; the Sneezy Bullseyes- current membership...2!

Feel free to join up we're always looking for arena buddies.
>> No. 177963
I really wish Cartoon Network would try to get this on their adult swim...
>> No. 178029
the grind really kills this game for me , i am a completionist so i want to do every dungeon , quest , etc . but sometimes conditions are too demanding for me , having a guild didnt help much , i like the turn based combat and artwork though.
>> No. 179004
Looking to get back in, the last time I played was in beta. Willing to spend some dosh on subscription too. Anyone have something going on and can guide a newbie?
>> No. 179082
Great combat system, great humour, interesting world, don't even mind the grind...

...But damn, I've other things to do! And the 'politics' is woefully underdeveloped.
>> No. 187391
File 140809764831.png?nsfw - (2.41MB , 1912x1054 , java 2014-08-04 06-54-50-38.png?nsfw )
After about a week or so on Noximilien, I have to say Wakfu is a very flawed game, but I'm having a lot of fun regardless, especially when we get a group to do fight encounters at the appropriate level and actually worry about losing fights.

I live for those fights. =3
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