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File 135772881088.jpg - (63.00KB , 265x370 , zegana.jpg )
168370 No. 168370
Oh hey, it's Soul's Majesty on a big fucking stick.
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>> No. 168377
That's... man. Kind of boring.
Simic you had best step it up and at least have a few creatures that actually "evolve". Even if it's gaining an evergreen keyword when they have a certain number of +1/+1 counters on them.
I really want to like this set, but it's really not very interesting to me so far.
>> No. 168382
...I wonder how the triggers stack with Graft (the old Simic mechanic)? Let's say the largest power monster has graft a 6/6, when Zegana hits does it get 6 tokens from it's 1st ability, then you can add a token from the 6/6's graft ability, giving Zegana another token (and another card to draw with its second ability)?
>> No. 168383
That's exactly how it works.
Zegana's first ability is a replacement ability that modifies how it enters the battlefield, so it gets the counters before the Graft trigger happens. Once Zegana actually enters the battlefield, its card draw ability and the Graft ability trigger, and since you control them both you can choose their order on the stack.
>> No. 168434
File 135781289685.jpg - (70.66KB , 374x517 , 未命名.jpg )
Confirmed for best art in the set.
Also it has flash and evolve, for anyone interested.
>> No. 168540
File 135797346113.png - (596.57KB , 685x520 , datboros.png )
Boros is back bitches.
>> No. 168588
File 135808673372.jpg - (39.87KB , 265x370 , 1358050210429.jpg )
The answer is maybe
>> No. 168589

Man, these type of cards really mess with my head.

It's not what I'd call a really good card because a.) Enchantment, so it can't block/deal damage on its own b.) Five Mana, c.) needs to be out a long time to really start paying dividends on the mana spent, making it more susceptible to removal. Not to mention it's a rare, so you're only going to have at best one in your deck on prerelease day.

However, it's a guaranteed creature every turn at your upkeep, at no mana cost to you those later turns. So we have a downpayment that will promise to pay dividends. It's a threat level is medium because you don't have to get rid of it right away, but if you don't get rid of it eventually it will completely overwhelm you. Enchantment hate is sometimes a rarer form of removal during prereleases, it really depends on what the other cards in the set are. It's also really, really flavorful and I'm a sucker for that.

I'm just not sure about Boros. I love the guild and while their mechanic is kinda wonky, it reminds me a LOT of Banding which is an ability that has a near and dear place in my heart. Gruul and Simic right now have some really powerful common creatures that are very difficult to overlook. And Orzhov... Orzhov isn't even in the fucking game right now. Dimir has showcased a few cute repeatable and aggressive milling strategies to give them a niche appeal, particularly at the prerelease where decks are only 40 cards and more susceptible to the strategy, but Orzhov needs to display some SERIOUS defensive cards at the common level if it's going to hope to "bleed" the other guilds to death.
>> No. 168593
>needs to be out a long time to really start paying dividends on the mana spent
It seems like it would shine best in a proliferate deck. A Doubling Season would also make it go out of control in a hurry.
>> No. 168607
File 135814287719.jpg - (47.53KB , 265x370 , 1358139654321.jpg )
Aggro decks? Fuck aggro decks.
>> No. 168639
File 135823154538.jpg - (43.00KB , 265x370 , 1358229458455.jpg )
Hurm... Kinda lack luster. But dat flying hate.
>> No. 168676
>Only one really useful mode
Why wizards, why the hate boner? Gruul is cuul.
>> No. 168677
File 13583031674.jpg - (37.62KB , 265x370 , 1358283185275.jpg )
You want hate boner?
>> No. 168683
>hexproof hate
Wonderful, hexproof is a stupid mechanic anyway.
>> No. 168686
File 135833039936.jpg - (68.77KB , 312x445 , 251.jpg )
Why do people treat hexproof like some new problem mechanic when it has been around forever? It just got a keyword, nothing more.
>> No. 168689
WotC started to use it more when it got keyworded and they phased out shroud.

Hexproof is more problematic nowadays because WotC keeps making more powerful creatures with it.
>> No. 168690
File 135833737069.jpg - (61.38KB , 372x520 , GTCpre20130116_Aetherize_ja.jpg )
>Return all attacking creatures to their owner's hand.
UUGGHHH, at uncommon this is just so incredibly atrocious for limited. I mean, sure, it's finally a limited bomb that isn't Gruul, but goddamn this is just disgusting. Looking forward to that prerelease less and less. The format seems more bomb-dependent than any other before it.
>> No. 168714
Hexproof was already pretty good. Got a 2/2 hexproof bear or something? Just Voltron that shit and you're good. But 'pretty good' doesn't mean the mechanic is in and of itself a bad one, just a powerful ability that should be used cautiously. It's when WotC begin making great creatures and then stapling on hexproof as an after thought that people begin to complain.
>> No. 168726
File 135840542877.png - (284.50KB , 384x571 , MadolcheHootcake-LTGY-JP-OP.png )
>When this card in your possession is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by effect) and sent to your Graveyard: Shuffle this card into the Deck. You can target 1 monster in your Graveyard; banish that target, then Special Summon 1 "Madolche" monster from your Deck, except "Madolche Hootcake". You can only use this effect of "Madolche Hootcake" once per turn.

>> No. 168747
File 135844660882.png - (450.64KB , 400x580 , DarkDesertapirDREV-EN-R-1E.png )
I'm telling you, there's some sort of wombo combo shit to be had here.
I'll figure out what it is later.
>> No. 168748
File 135845628930.jpg - (86.65KB , 200x292 , JUMP-EN064.jpg )
So I guess they had a poll to decide the next promo card. I forget what I voted for, but this won.
>> No. 168750
>gimmicky-ass gimmick shit
>not Chicken
My fury.
Also I guess Dark Desertapir would miss the timing, and there's no wombo combo to be had. Dang.
>> No. 168767
File 135847771827.jpg - (95.79KB , 634x823 , vizkopa.jpg )
Weaponized health gain.

Anybody remember the Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood combo? Now you can pull it off in standard.
>> No. 168828
File 135862369856.jpg - (27.40KB , 265x370 , 1358300203904.jpg )
And the price of that card went up almost inmediatly
>> No. 168928
Who doesn't love an instant-win effect?
>> No. 168936
I'm really disappointed by Simic. I was expecting a gimmicky ass Clone Card for a gimmicky ass biovisionary deck.
>> No. 168938
I was expecting a lot more creativity with them than we ended up with. Gatecrash overall is pretty lack luster in my opinion. I might try and build a Simic deck with their old Graft mechanic thrown in but... man evolution sure as shit doesn't feel evolution-y enough and there aren't many cards that capitalize on it and with proliferate gone, it's not too fast unless you're using a lot of fog and counters to keep your weak critters around even though a strategy involving mana ramping into fatties would be twice as quick and effective.
Gruul and Boros manage to be a shimmering light though.
>> No. 168939
I was expecting a lot more creativity with them than we ended up with. Gatecrash overall is pretty lack luster in my opinion. I might try and build a Simic deck with their old Graft mechanic thrown in but... man evolution sure as shit doesn't feel evolution-y enough and there aren't many cards that capitalize on it and with proliferate gone, it's not too fast unless you're using a lot of fog and counters to keep your weak critters around even though a strategy involving mana ramping into fatties would be twice as quick and effective.
Gruul and Boros manage to be a shimmering light though.
>> No. 168943
Evolution seems really powerful to some extent. There are miracles that add counters cheaply and Simic cards that take advantage of this. In fact the three mana simic manipulator seems like a fun card to take advantage of this by using it to control other monsters. Especially when combined with Bioshift the one mana sorcery that moves counters from one monster to another. I think that evolution's saving grace is the fact that counters get added when there are other creatures with both higher toughness power. Meaning that things 0/4's and 3/1
s both boost and get boosted by similarly weaker monsters. That said, not sure it works competitively but it's very powerful in casual, drafts, EDH and possibly other formats.
>> No. 168948
I don't know, most things with Evolution start out extremely weak toughness-wise wich makes them extremely easy to get rid of. This combined with the fact that most of them aren't exactly cheap manawise and depend of other creatures with the same defects in order to improve... and are a "time" investment to boot to get them to a respectable level make me really cautious about the validity of the mechanic in any format save Casual, EDH, and maybe Modern.

Slightly unrelated, but one of my least favorite arguments for a lackluster mechanic is "it's good in limited". It's the equivalent of saying a card's good in EDH when it's horrible just about everywhere else.
>> No. 168949
I am already so pumped for the Prerelease. But I know that there will be 120 people attending. That just seems like way too many fucking people. Well, at least the prizes will be appropriately beefy, I guess. We were 83 people for RtR and I got 6 boosters just for placing 11th. Still. Way too many people. I can already feel the headache from the noise and bad air.
>> No. 168954
Make sure to sign up early! I'll be doing that today, we have a small shop but every prerelease is still pretty packed.

>> No. 168960
I signed up two weeks ago. That's how I know we'll be 120 people. Because the last seat has been taken about a week ago.
>> No. 168964
That list is about the gist of it. Boros interestingly enough has the most variety and use for its mechanic even if it is a variation on several other pre-existing ones, while the Gruul give green and red additional combat tricks at the cost of having an 'endgame'. The Simic take forever to wind up and pitch, the Dimir appear to have lost their teeth and seem to be generic black and blue now and the Orzhov... well WotC never really has been too kind to BW.
>> No. 168972
Usually the mechanic isn't what's lackluster it's the cards that have it. Fucking evoke is a great mechanic but if it didn't have good cards and everything was overpriced or completely niche it'd be considered lackluster.
>> No. 169023
Eh, true enough I guess. If Extort and Evolve had anything that played off the mechanics they'd be a lot more engaging. For example something that would trigger every time you paid to extort, or like one anon suggested, getting an evergreen keyword when a creature with Evolve has a certain number of +1/+1 counters on it.
>> No. 169025
Eh, true enough I guess. If Extort and Evolve had anything that played off the mechanics they'd be a lot more engaging. For example something that would trigger every time you paid to extort, or like one anon suggested, getting an evergreen keyword when a creature with Evolve has a certain number of +1/+1 counters on it.
>> No. 169026
Eh, true enough I guess. If Extort and Evolve had anything that played off the mechanics they'd be a lot more engaging. For example something that would trigger every time you paid to extort, or like one anon suggested, getting an evergreen keyword when a creature with Evolve has a certain number of +1/+1 counters on it.
>> No. 169064
evoke would have been better if Omnithopter and Memnite were in standard so you could set up extort and then just keep spending mana to just kill them directly.

Evolve needed better cards to take advantage of it's counters like the 2 drop elf. I can actually see the two drop elf being really really useful with counter miracles to be honest so on turn four you have a shit load of mana.
>> No. 169137
Goddamn I'm already hype as fuck. My sealed pool will probably be utter shit, like always, but at this point I have the skill to still make the most out of it. I'll beat those fuckers with a 4-color all-common deck if need be. I just wish the Orzhov promo could have been a little more powerful. It kinda stinks compared to the others.
>> No. 169143
before you start bitching, at least give it a look:
>> No. 169157

Always always always have your deck at 40 cards. Almost always have 17 lands and 23 cards. I like to run 15-17 creatures, but more people will disagree on that last point.
You want maybe 3 2 drop creatures, 4 3 drops, 5 4 drops, and 4 creatures of 5+ cost. This is a very rough curve, don't adhere too strictly to it.
In Sealed, removal and bombs are the more important than a strictly correct curve. You want to kill the other guy, and have a way to get yourself out of a mess.
When evaluating a card, instead of thinking how awesome it could be, consider how good it would be when you're losing the game, or a more average case, not the best possible scenario.

Keep in mind the guild mechanics, be careful when defending against a Gruul, Boros or Simic player with creatures you want to keep alive, all three can easily run Gruul cards and you don't want to get caught off-guard by Bloodrush. If you're playing against Dimir knock them out early, once they can get out their expensive cipher cards you're going to have a bad time. Against Orzhov don't expect them to lay around Extorting you all game, and be ready to take them out early.
>> No. 169180
Back from about 10 hours straight of Magic. Wizards did a piss-poor job at balancing the guilds. Among the Top 8 of 120 players all 8 players played Boros. It was a fucking joke.
>> No. 169232
I don't know why you should be surprised, Boros has been a power combination since the original Ravnica. Of course they're going to cater to those colors.
>> No. 169245
To be fair, it's REALLY hard to make RW suck and still have it be in flavor. The two colors just pair outstandingly well together.

And yes, Gatecrash was pretty lame by comparison when you stack it against RtR.
>> No. 169250

Yes this block is confirmed for having the best prerelease events in Magic history to date.
>> No. 169261
>Bloodbraid Elf and Seething Song banned in Modern
Lol. Knew that BBE was going to get it, though SS was a surprise.
>All these mad Jund players furious about their $1,000 deck being dismantled in a night
>> No. 169269

>Reprinting shocklands twice in one set

>> No. 169270
You'll not see me complaining. If it means anyone we'll be able to pick up a shockland for $3 or so once they rotate out, I'm all for it. Now they'll only need to do it with fetches, as well. Though, not directly in the next block. Poor Standard probably wouldn't be able to hold itself together...
>> No. 169287
Well, in fairness, Mark Rosewater openly admits that Gatecrash was designed for a totally different player demographic than RtR.
>> No. 169289
It's weird because my friend said half of the top players at his store and a store he plays at was simic. He said it's a bit hard to build the deck but if you have the cards Evolution is an insane mechanic in limited.
>> No. 172188
File 136544977473.jpg - (49.39KB , 649x638 , 1362970165741.jpg )
138 people registered on the first day of open registration for our next local Prerelease. Jesus Christ, this getting fucking ridiculous!!
>> No. 172189
File 136544996020.png - (160.33KB , 370x265 , feat242b_bc_rkazwpn53l.png )
Also, Fuse. Looks neat. I'm excited for it. Crime//Punishment is still one of my favorite cards.
>> No. 172194
>WotC fixing my biggest gripe with split cards
All is right in this world.
>> No. 172215
File 13654928154.jpg - (265.97KB , 265x370 , 0g0viseo9e_EN.jpg )
Guys, pls try populate in constructed. Pls. We worked hard on it.
>> No. 172222
Nah dude, nah...

If they just make a 3CMC or less instant that just reads "Populate" everything would be gravy
>> No. 172224
File 136551814392.jpg - (96.17KB , 312x445 , 123.jpg )
You do know that almost all populate spells are all already better than that, right?
>> No. 172225
I've never seen that card... weird. That seems pretty good. Maybe a 3CMC Instant with Populate Populate?
Hell just reprint something similar to Doubling Season, but only have it affect tokens or a card that lets you populate once for each creature token you control (although that last one would be unplayably expensive)
>> No. 172231
File 136552529556.jpg - (77.75KB , 312x445 , 136.jpg )
>or a card that lets you populate once for each creature token you control
>> No. 172240
Parallel Lives is the one that acts like a Doubling Season for tokens only.
>> No. 172242
Wizards has been pushing Modern hard and one of the ways to eliminate a barrier to entry would be reducing the price of the lands. Expect the fetchlands to be reprinted in the next year or so.
>> No. 172249
File 13655479229.jpg - (257.31KB , 265x370 , 7isqwv12oz_EN.jpg )
HA HA HA! This is sooo going ing my Kalia EDH.
>> No. 172285
File 136558746480.jpg - (254.37KB , 265x370 , inoog6pejv_EN.jpg )
Boooo-urns Wizard! Boooooooooooo-urns! This is shit!
Teysa is a crafty, conniving bitch and her old card managed to capture that perfectly. This is just another fucking bigdumb HEY GUIS COMMANDER AMIRITE COMMANDER GUYZE card. It would be fine as any card. BUT NOT FUCKING TEYSA! Such a letdown. I'm kinda mad now.
That said, I still want to pull her at the prerelease so badly. This is approaching Elesh Norn tier of limited bomb.
>> No. 172293

Who gets the 1/1 Spirit Creature?
>> No. 172294
Noticed that as well, does it allow for minor group hug shenanigans?
>> No. 172302
If it doesn't say who gets it, you get it. Always.
>> No. 172346
File 136566960644.jpg - (266.92KB , 265x370 , 4ztqmg72w0_EN.jpg )
I like this dude.
>> No. 172606
File 136600541392.png - (9.21KB , 614x157 , HURRRRRRRRRR.png )
Ohohohohohohohohohoho! Gadzooks Wizards!
Looks like I've been on the silly end of your clever ruse!
>> No. 172608
File 136601278024.jpg - (268.85KB , 265x370 , rtdk3u41zz_EN.jpg )
My favorite guild mythic so far.
>> No. 172663
>there will never be a card that rearranges the stack

So far Goblin Test Pilot is my favorite card in the set for some reason.
>> No. 173332
Went to the prerelease
went 3-0-2 with all of my victories being 2-0
Of course I didn't win any packs because the store I went to is shitty. (fuck Gainesville)

Managed to get a Rel which I'm going to either try and put in an Izzet deck or a "chaos" themed deck. Haven't decided, but I am bored as hell of the usual aggro/ control fare.

Also in the 2013 iPad MtG game the Bolas revenge mission is utterly bullshit on any difficulty setting.
>> No. 173333
I will make you one day, biovisonary deck.
>> No. 173345
after 30+ different tries nd Bolas's constant top decking 7 mana turn 3 always has the answer counterspells don't register bullshit I beat him using the shitty Mill deck I only had 2 cards unlocked for because fuck your constant card draw and tutoring asshat.

Now to order some old fashioned bulk rares and make some jank decks,
>> No. 173364
I did horribly. Chose Selesnya and ended up with Boros as secret ally, ended up splashing blue and black as well, which was surprisingly easy and consistent. Went 3-4. Most of my losses were due to bad mulligan decisions. Except the one where some insanely fast Boros/Rakdos deck just completely shat on me in the least amount of turns possible. No reason to complain, though. I pulled Reckoner and Teysa. It really was just down to me being a shitty player.
>> No. 173383
Happens to everyone.
Get any good pulls at least?
>> No. 173385
Reckoner, as said. That is all. I got Teysa, Trait Doctoring and Vorel of the Hull Clade x2 in my DGM packs and I got Mana Bloom in my Selesnya pack. So really, I payed for the Reckoner with all of the other packs.
>> No. 173387
>go 3-1
>hell yes reward time
>sorry anon your planeswalker points aren't aren't high enough for us to give you a prize despite qualifying for it as our store rules say, but here's a foil dated land for sticking around until 4 AM lol, thanks for the $35
I fucking hate this place
>> No. 173419
>sorry anon your planeswalker points aren't aren't high enough for us to give you a prize
The fuck? That seems like straight-up fraud. You were ripped off. You should report that shit to Wizards. Oh, and avoid that store forever and ever.
>> No. 173425
While that store is uber shit-tier, they did nothing wrong. The way Wizards officially handles prerelease events at retail locations is they allow 2 booster packs (outside the 6 you get to build with) per player. It's up to the store to decide how they want to distribute them.

In short; if you play and you don't get at least one booster if you win one round your store is horse shit.
>> No. 173458
I'd say they have to at least make something like that known beforehand.
>> No. 173474
Really? Ours cost $25 per person.
>> No. 173476
Mine was $30

Old shop was $25, usually had over 100 players per event, if you won at least a match you got a pack, and if you went to the midnight event you got a pre-re promo crd 100% of the time alone with a can of soda and a slice of pizza.
THAT'S how you do a prerelease.

And ya, I'm going to be making a 2 hour drive come the next set because I hate the raised prices and prize skimping here.
>> No. 173618
So a week ago I told /tg/ I was getting bored of always playing the same handfull of deck archtypes more or less (aggro, control, tribal) and I was getting sick of MtG....
So that night I shelled out $10 for 40 random bulk rares and got them in the mail:

Twist Allegiance
Risky Move
Rite of Ruin
Chancellor of the Forge
Dragon Mage

Nantuko Cultivator
Unyaro Bees
Phyrexian Hydra
Fresh Meat
Hidden Herd

Infernal Genesis
Gloom Surgeon
Fiend of the Shadows

Graven DominatorGlobal Ruin
March of Souls
Atalya, Samite Master

Rising Waters
Possessed Aven
Riptide Entrancer
Kederekt Leviathan
Ice Cave
Captain of the Mists
Sand Squid
Psionic Sliver

Sigil of Distinction
Knowledge Pool
Myr Welder
Jar of Eyeballs
Mimic Vat

Dread Slag
Clarion Ultimatum
Titanic Ultimatum
Tibor and Lumia
Yavimaya's Embrace
Reckless Assault

Am I immediately inspired? No, but there is some fun janky stuff here like I was hoping for that I can use in some DotP2013 style decks for casual play like I was hoping for.
>> No. 173705
Went to the shop and picked up 6 Dragon Maze boosters
Unloaded the following:

>Pack 1
Ruric Thar, the Unbowed

>Pack 2
Advent of the Wurm

>Pack 3
AEtherling and Maze's End

>Pack 4
Voice of Resurgence, Steam Vents, and Foil Legion's Initiative

>Pack 5
Trait Doctoring

>Pack 6
Emmara Tandris

>> No. 173753
The more I play MtG, the more and more I love jank shit. You can only play so many tourney-tier decks before you grow bored with the sheer efficiency of it all, jank is a good change of pace.
>> No. 173754
If you get enough friends together who have a reasonable Magic collection, I definitely recommend doing a crap rare draft. Nothing better than barrelling down on an opponent with a Denizen of the Deep enchanted with Glistening Oil and a Flying Carpet activation. It really makes for the greatest and strangest games.
>> No. 173802
File 136788080736.png - (295.52KB , 400x630 , 945906_10152787854690307_145743103_n.png )
>> No. 173804
File 136788260497.jpg - (113.40KB , 680x680 , vomit chan.jpg )
>> No. 173806
I think WotC has officially jumped the shark. This could very well be their ME3.
>> No. 173810
>Bring back classic creature archetype
>As colossal a fuck up as ME3
How so
>> No. 173812
Have you seen Slivers? Do you know how they're supposed to work?
Because WotC sure didn't.

>Bring back beloved property
>piss all over it
Seems like ME3 to me
>> No. 173813
Wake me when they bring back Homarids, Dwarfs, and Orcs
>> No. 173814
File 136789849435.jpg - (85.28KB , 640x482 , Watcher_Sliver_640.jpg )
Slivers look like this. They are kind of like giant blade headed snakes with one arm.

Try to figure out what might be the problem.
>> No. 173815
Does anyone in this thread play Netrunner? I've been playing both IRL and online and I like it a lot.
>> No. 173816

Oh and of course I forget to actually SAY what the game is. It's a two player game where one person plays a corporation and one person plays a hacker. Hacker builds rigs, Corps build servers. It's really fun!

Here's a video on it!

>> No. 173817
Don't forget the fact that they have sufficiently dumbed down the design so that there's no downside in a mirror match.

fucking hexproof vs shroud all over again.
>> No. 173818
And they're all so horribly overcosted thanks to the "you control" bit, that I wouldn't even consider putting any of the revealed new ones in sliver deck. I mean compare >>173802 to Muscle or Sinew Sliver, hell even Plated Sliver.
>> No. 173825
File 136792535631.jpg - (314.98KB , 1000x1050 , 1367923505404.jpg )
/tg/ is the best.
>> No. 173826
Wizards montra over the past few years seems to be "if it doesn't just tap sideways to win, we don't want it". They've been dumbing down the game for a LONG time now. Hell when was the last time we actually saw a true combo deck in standard?
>> No. 173827
>when was the last time we actually saw a true combo deck in standard?
You do play Standard, right?
>> No. 173835
>Update text as per various rule changes over the years
>Counts as Wizards attempt to "piss all over" a beloved archetype
Enough with the histrionics already!
>> No. 173836
Also, an interesting slivers related link:

It wasn't till I put the new art style together with the new style of effect that it was a "next stage evolution" till I starting kinda liking the change.
>> No. 173837
The text wasn't changed for "rules" and the big problem here isn't overcosted creatures with their main mechanic being restructured, it's with them not looking like they have been established to look since they first showed up.
By comparison, you might as well just take a human, give it some pointy ears and a fluffy tail and call them squirrels instead. That falls apart though because Wizards didn't invent squirrels and how they were supposed to look for over a decade.
>> No. 173840
File 136795196157.jpg - (65.27KB , 312x445 , 38.jpg )
Perfect design 10/10
>> No. 173844
So how long until they turn Wurms into bipedal humanoids too?

At least DotP2014 has Sealed Deck tournaments as part of its package...
>> No. 173851
Slivers are constantly evolving, thus a minor appearance update isn't out of the question. Furthermore there new design is an improvement over the old, at least this time they don't look like Zerg knockoffs.
>> No. 173853

Try again
And if you want to call something a Zerg rip off, you're looking at it right now.
Compare one of these designs next to Kerrigan.

Evolution is fine, but ropes stuffed into armor with dreadlocks and random spikes is not.
>> No. 173858
>First, the thinking in Creative was that the earlier sliver anatomical design was not really adaptable enough to meet the art needs of another batch of slivers. After Time Spiral block, the range of different body morphologies of the one-claw sliver was already in danger of being played out.
Understandable, the old body shape was detrimental to a new wave...

>It was felt that slivers’ appeal would be greater for a wider audience if they could be given more of a personality than the eyeless, beaked creatures could support. We wanted them to be able to look you in the eye like other fantasy races, to be capable of a greater range of body language and even, sometimes, to generate facial expressions.
And this is where I STRONGLY disagree. One of the main draws was their cold alien look and demeanor. Making them human completely strips that from them and makes them another generic humanoid monster that looks like it stepped out of the latest creatively bankrupt AAA shooter.

>The designers and developers felt it was important to have these slivers’ rules text work slightly differently than before, in that your slivers only “see” the slivers on your side of the board, and don’t grant abilities to your opponents’.
God forbid players actually have to make hard decisions in a mirror match or otherwise.

>I wish I could show you all the concept art and backstory writing we developed for them.
I would be surprised if it was something other than "Dave, Sue, and Richard watched Predators like 12 times and came up with these."

And before anyone gets their panties in a twist defending WotC; shock and awe. A player disagreeing with creative.
>> No. 173860
File 136796685686.jpg - (139.33KB , 1261x440 , 1367958992800.jpg )
>> No. 173864
How is throwing away almost all of the old design a "minor appearance update"?
>> No. 173865
Tyranid knockoff. You should've said "Tyranid knockoff."
>> No. 173869
File 136798745365.png - (1.40MB , 791x1107 , 1367942461957.png )
Whenever the Zerg are mentioned I don't think it's really necessary to say what everyone's thinking.

I will say the two are different enough now stylistically speaking to be considered two wholly unique identities though and in any case, (and more on point) it shows these "Sliver" designs are wholly uninspired.
>> No. 173889
File 13680091462.png - (298.05KB , 375x523 , 1368008668385.png )
Oh /tg/...
>> No. 173911
File 136803825635.jpg - (121.61KB , 816x612 , Img_2742.jpg )
I'd make newer custom token cards, but I don't have a colour printer any more.
The whole rub out the ink and then overlay transparencies for custom foils sounds like it'd be fun.
>> No. 173949
No, I know, I was teasing because someone pointed out that Slivers predated Zerg, so I went with something earlier that filled the same niche. I honestly don't give a shit about the Warhammer 40k vs. Starcraft argument. They're both fun.
>> No. 173988
Interesting read:
>> No. 173989
"These aren't Rathi slivers. They very well could've been split from the Rathi hive millennium ago, they've had time to develop along a very different path. Hell, they could've started out like this and when the hive split, conditions and genetic mutation by Volrath lead to slivers on Rath being what they are.

People need to consider that the sliver hive did not originate on Rath, that this flavor text is from Shandalar, not Rath. There really doesn't need to be intermediate forms because the lines likely have been separated for a very long time.

I'm not necessarily saying I'm liking the new art style, but it's not the all out assault on flavor everyone seems to think it is.

And the modified mechanic makes it so Slivers are actually draftable. You can hardly draft slivers if there's always the risk that you're superpowering the two or three that your opponent randomly picked up. Regardless the unique thing about slivers was never that they were global, it's that every ability they had was shared by every sliver.

A lot of lords have historically been global and they've slowly weened that out of the game because that doesn't work well mechanically. For the same reason islandhome isn't a thing anymore, neither are global lords. If the flavor of it is really that heinous to you, imagine you and your opponent each control warring sliver hives. Slivers only share abilities with their hive after all."
>> No. 173990
"I don't like the loss of the global effect though. I had always interpreted it as the Sliver's allegiance was always to their species first, even above that to their controller. Maybe after all these eons of evolution and time Volrath's attempts at their domestication is finally complete?"
>> No. 173993
I wish they would have just let slivers be dead forever. They were already getting kinda silly in Timespiral and I honestly thought they got as much use out of them as they possibly could without completely running them into the ground. And I was right. But they can't let that cash cow die yet. So instead they go for creative bankruptcy.
>> No. 173997
File 136814419229.jpg - (39.72KB , 223x310 , Image_ashx.jpg )

Eventually they will run out of ideas to exploit and have to come back to Homarids

I can wait, WotC. I can wait.
>> No. 174009
File 136816250542.jpg - (48.21KB , 300x433 , BlackRoseDragonCSOC-EN-UtR-UE.jpg )
I recently got back into Yugioh because I'm a faggot like that. Went shopping tonight and picked up the Onslaught of the Fire Kings deck and a banged up Crossroads of Chaos booster box I found on markdown.

The entire box was pretty much nothing but shit, and then I opened a pack and found this inside.
>> No. 174017
They'll do even more slivers before getting close to touching homarids. Or Kamigawa for that matter. It's all focus tests and maximizing profits.
>> No. 174034
>"With Innistrad and New Phyrexia, MTG is getting darker and edgier. Unless you were going for nostaliga fanservice, the slivers NEEDED an update, NEEDED to be creepier, darker, more intimidating."
So taking a faceless emotionless swarm of creatures dedicated and designed only to overrun all other life is less creepy and edgy than a humanoid with dreadlocks than can smile and have it's eyes gouged out?
>> No. 174035
File 136821544988.jpg - (721.08KB , 900x630 , 29656836.jpg )
>> No. 174255
File 136871724248.jpg - (84.92KB , 320x447 , ku-medium.jpg )
>> No. 174257
>> No. 174259
>Here’s the link, which should come with a kiss, since I fancy a kiss when I’m getting my doodle pulled.
That was a great read.
>> No. 174267
File 136872813455.gif - (410.49KB , 500x281 , Shock_kai.gif )
>A menacing Sliver planeswalker dropping one-liners on token-generation Sorceries?

>“You’re about to get a bad case of…the hives.”

I'm screaming
>> No. 174279
It burns... and then I have to admit way back when the Mending had just happened I made an OC neowalker that was a Sliver specialist... in that they planeswalked into the wrong fucking neighborhood and were overtaken by the hive and pretty much ended up as a flesh vessel for the slivers collective conscience.
>> No. 174321
Yeah, though I have to agree slivers are dead and it saddens me.
>> No. 174369
File 136882828143.png - (315.36KB , 334x489 , FireKingHighAvatarGarunix-SDOK-EN-UR-1E.png )
>High Avatar with Onslaught of the Fire Kings and Seal of Orichalos
Is this combo as broken as it feels? Because I tried it and that shit was pretty fucking broken.
>> No. 174370
Garunix is super, super duper annoying, but I wouldn't call him broken. There's plenty of ways to stop him, and even without those ways, he's still not as good as the top decks.
>> No. 174400
File 136885984357.jpg - (34.96KB , 580x325 , 1333177077368.jpg )
>Guy comes through my register with a MtG Dragon's Maze fat pack
>Ring it up not really thinking about it
>Comes up $3.98
>Take his cash, send him on his way
>Realize ten minutes later it's supposed to be $40
I don't think I'll be going for top decks or anything like that anytime soon. I've never been anything more than a crappy little casual player.
>> No. 174404
Bonscythe "Sliver" is a 2/2 for 3W that gives Double Strike.
Yes you can really tell it's a core set because of all the evergreen. No "slivers" to be seen in UB yet.

The set is giving actual slivers one good card though called Hive Stirrings which gives you two 1/1 colorless sliver tokens at sorcery speed for 2W. It's not great, but it gets more bodies on the field.
>> No. 174444
File 136893966436.png - (1.13MB , 1644x522 , inb4 muh original design.png )
>How dare they change Slivers! Slivers are KNOWN for their groundbreaking and completely original design!
The change is really just one tired design for another, instead of aping Aliens they're aping Predators.
>> No. 174446
Except, you know, they didn't completely change the design for either of those other things you listed to some predator-looking shit, because they knew the design was an important part of their identity. It's like we've really enjoyed pomegranates up until this point, but we get told we can only have bananas from now on, because bananas proved more popular in focus tests. And now some smarmy ass like you comes around and tells us we shouldn't get mad, because pomegranates kinda looked like apples anyway.
>> No. 174452
No one is complaining that the Slivers are losing an inspired, novel design. We ARE complaining because their original design had specific elements to them that were thematically linked to what kind of creatures slivers were - inhuman hunters, that start out basic but adapt as their hive grows larger.

The new slivers are all humanoid, and lack any real elements of a predatory animal (gorillas are not predatory and that's the closest analogue to any of these.) Slivers USED to be snakes with a bug leg hanging off them, or bizarre monstrous amalgamations of that idea when it came to the Legendary versions. They looks alien, like some kind of giant microorganisms.

NOW, they look like General Grievous. And we are told they are meant to be the same thing.
>> No. 174453
I don't blame you. I got into the competitive scene and now my more casual friends get mad at me when I try to explain to them that a 6 card combo just to summon one monster that dies to Bottomless Trap Hole is a horrible idea hahaha.
>> No. 174469
>NOW, they look like General Grievous

Actually, only one of them looks like him. The biggest problem is that I don't see a common design element between the various "humaniod" slivers. Predator Dreadlocks, maybe? But the one granting vigilance lacks them, so it can't be that. At this point they seem to have less common design elements than even Thrulls.
>> No. 174472
seems to be: "Wel shit, what do we do with all this leftover art?" to me.
>> No. 174507
File 136909426994.jpg - (87.47KB , 612x816 , Img_2775.jpg )
Well, I've got everything together to make my own custom foil token cards except a printer.
That might be an important part of the process.
>> No. 174512
File 136910942795.jpg - (87.59KB , 357x500 , liltusk.jpg )
What tokens you thinking of slamming out?
>> No. 174513
Were you the one who got fucked up on acetone fumes in DNG, or is that a generic photo?
>> No. 174520
File 136914875199.jpg - (31.43KB , 361x523 , Sheep Token.jpg )
I don't know. Maybe Sheep to start with.
Just for the fun.
>> No. 174527
File 136915410185.png - (729.62KB , 610x877 , MechaPhantomBeastToken-AT01-JP-C.png )
They really should have put stats on the token cards to begin with.
>> No. 174556
File 136916442237.jpg - (44.81KB , 562x678 , Img_2797.jpg )
The little holograms in the corner are the hardest part to exterminate.
>> No. 174661
Wow, this is fucking RETARDED!
>> No. 174663
Okay, I haven't played Magic in a few years for lack of people to play against; when did they start shiving all the flavour based mechanical elements of the game in the kidneys?

Because the Legend/Planeswalker rules were there for all kinds of thematic reasons, and the idea behind having a second one destroy the first one was to nullify any major advantage a player would get by playing the thing first.
>> No. 174665
Questionable, but not nearly as bad as the combat damage change. On one hand, hooray for Urborg no longer being dead if someone else plays it first. On the other hand, boo for Vesuva not being able to nuke bullshit lands anymore.

>the idea behind having a second one destroy the first one was to nullify any major advantage a player would get by playing the thing first

You might want to read the other article, because that's apparently not how it worked out for planeswalkers.

>when did they start shiving all the flavour based mechanical elements of the game in the kidneys?

When they changed the legend rule ~9 years ago. Not a good argument. Remember islandhome?
>> No. 174666
Nah, this is worse than the damage change. All that removed was unneccessary rules lawyering and catching new players off-guard like a little cunt. This removes all flavor aspects being legendary had left and simplifies board states by minimizing risks for all players involved, making it far more boring.
>> No. 174667
>All that removed was unneccessary rules lawyering and catching new players off-guard like a little cunt.

Wrong. It weakened several cards.

>This removes all flavor aspects being legendary had left

Irrelevant. As a matter of principle it's stupid to preserve mechanics for the sole sake of flavor.

>simplifies board states by minimizing risks for all players involved, making it far more boring

As opposed to turning an opponent's planeswalker into overcosted removal after getting an activation for yourself. Similar for any legendary permanent that benefits the player immediately.

The change eliminates the advantage of playing your planeswalker or legend that doesn't care about summoning sickness before your opponent does.

It's not that bad a change.
I don't think it was that necessary, but it will be interesting what they do with the design space they opened up with it.
>> No. 174671
>Legend Rule changes again
>My old Kokushko deck that loved played stops working just like my Psychatog deck when they raped mana pools and mana floating
Why Wizards... WHY

>Your opponent controls Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. You cast Progenitor Mimic, copying it. Both creatures may stay on the battlefield as long as they're controlled by different players.
>Same with Walkers
And then things got even MORE retarded.
>> No. 174672
File 13693154534.gif - (30.66KB , 288x213 , facepalm.gif )
>As a matter of principle it's stupid to preserve mechanics for the sole sake of flavor.

I wish people who make decisions for Magic at WotC would stop having that attitude. While the change to the Legendary Rule isn't anything big on its own from a rules perspective (It is another gut-punch to the flavor of the game, though, sorry Vorthos), it's coming on the heels of combat changes, Sliver changes, and other symptoms of a more general problem older players see: a dumbing down of the game in order to make it more "accessible." So basically with this decision you're pissing off people who care about the integrity of the game from a flavor AND a rules perspective.
>> No. 174673
On one hand it makes Commander/ EDH mirror matches far less intense and one-upsy. Unfortunately this is the only good thing it does.
It seems like WotC is trying it's hardest to make magic a game where all you ever do is tap to win. And nails that stick out or defy that pattern must be hammered down.
One of the things I liked most about Magic, hell the thing that got me playing it in the first place back in Invasion was the ability to have decks do almost anything you wanted. Near infinite strategy and build options with an intricate set of rules to learn, master, and build around. These days; I kind of feel like that spirit has since been lost.
>> No. 174680
Playing the card before your opponent can = maximum skill.

The issue is that they want constructed to be more like limited, i.e. decided by creature combat. That's why hexproof went evergreen. That's why they don't want playable counterspells to exist.

Yes, some people get mad because since one type of change is bad all types of change must be, but the opinion of people who want things to stay the same just because they were like that for a long time is worthless.

Did people get upset when the legend rule was changed the last time? I bet there were enough who went 'WotC RUINED legends, how does it make sense that you can summon this unique character that I already control? They just changed it for this dumb wapanese set for the anime kids!'

Seriously, WotC removed mana denial, removed counterspells, removed combos and nerfed lots of old creatures, but a change of the legend rule is the final straw? If we're talking flavor, what about reducing planeswalkers from godlike beings to random idiots you can summon? Was that more acceptable?

Now if they phased out playable Wrath effects, THAT would be serious trouble.

>These days; I kind of feel like that spirit has since been lost.
Welcome to several years ago.
>> No. 174682
And Progenitor Mimic just became stupidly OP.
>> No. 174683
+ Kamigawa Dragons

+ Zegana/ Psychic Spiral

+ Any legend that does something stupid good when it enters or leaves the battlefield.
>> No. 174686
File 136933012149.jpg - (112.20KB , 640x480 , bullshit.jpg )

>Yes, some people get mad because since one type of change is bad all types of change must be,

The flavor issue with the change is that why would two dueling planeswalkers each be able to summon the same unique person or place. The previous legends rule before the change had a "replacement" effect, so the uniqueness of a legendary permanent still existed even when it was changed to "mutual destruction." The mechanics issue is that it takes some strategy out of mirror or near-mirror matches. Brushing off the opinions of others like their they don't matter just because it is something you don't think is important makes you look like an ass.

>but the opinion of people who want things to stay the same just because they were like that for a long time is worthless.
>I bet there were enough who went 'WotC RUINED legends, how does it make sense that you can summon this unique character that I already control? They just changed it for this dumb wapanese set for the anime kids!'

Well, maybe you are just an ass.

Furthermore, no one has said it was the final straw. If you reread my post, my statement was that this is merely a continuance of a pattern of behavior a portion of players don't like.
>> No. 174688
Yeah, my final straw was already the slivers. This just gets a headshake from me.
>> No. 174694
>The flavor issue with the change is that why would two dueling planeswalkers each be able to summon the same unique person or place. The previous legends rule before the change had a "replacement" effect, so the uniqueness of a legendary permanent still existed even when it was changed to "mutual destruction."

>summon the same unique person or place
is not what happens at all. They already explained this sort of thing away with something like 'you're summoning a copy of whatever, not the real individual' when asked how nonlegendary summons work.

Second, does it really make that much sense that a specific summoning spell or a mana bond bound to a 'special' individual/place causes both to disappear instead of simply failing if already established (old version)?

Third, flavor is ultimately less important than the game being fun to play. Therefore rules changes need to be judged based on their mechanical impact. Flavor is a secondary concern here.

>The mechanics issue is that it takes some strategy out of mirror or near-mirror matches.

It does take away certain things (best example would be using Jace 1 to kill Jace TMS), but it also adds something: you'll need to find another way of dealing with legendary permanents because your legends no longer double as removal. It also changes how to best exploit legends with death triggers.

It also works the other way around: you're no longer down a card just because your opponent played their legend/planeswalker first.

It's a double-edged sword, not the easy 'WotC is one step closer to killing the game' issue that some people make it out to be.

>Brushing off the opinions of others like their they don't matter just because it is something you don't think is important makes you look like an ass.

My point is that they're both overreacting and focused on a secondary issue.

It also doesn't help that this sort of thing is something that seriously nostalgia-blinded people will use to defend their based-on-bullshit opinions, like "Back in my day, Magic was a better game, [before creatures were good]/[before the 6th edition rules change]/[before new card frames]/[before planeswalkers]/...", usually paired with some remark on how only kids and retards still play this "ruined" game and only they knew the "real" MtG.

Those people are the ones whose opinions don't matter. Those are the ones I'm brushing off.

This issue is EXACTLY what people like these use to attack others, with all the see-I'm-right-you're-dumb smugness that comes with it. Don't tell me to respect these people.
>> No. 174757
File 136944409427.jpg - (151.11KB , 604x837 , kokopuffs.jpg )
So with the new legend rules; My olf Mirrodin/ Kamigawa block Koko Puffs (BG Rock) deck lost a lot of its punch.
It was one of my favorite decks I've ever buil and played... and I'm thinking of dismantling it and my old Onslaught/ Odyssey Mono-B Suicide control deck since it can't keep up with the speed of most of the other decks in the area.

What do?

Also Voice of Resurgence hit $41 for a single copy. Holy balls.
>> No. 174769
Rite of Replication
If kicked it auto wins you the game and because you've already got some speed with BG rock, splashing a little blue shouldn't be too tough.
Although it will unfocus your deck a little.
>> No. 176060

What do you think about this?
>> No. 176061
Looks like every other grimderp fairy tale reimagining.
>> No. 176085
Also the art seems... stolen.
>> No. 176903
Cheap Damage: Booster Shot: Do…youtube thumb
Heh, Boar.
>> No. 176912
The combat damage change was a good one, in my opinion. Yeah a few things stopped worked but overall it gave the game more strategy because you could no longer attack and sack without a care in the world. This legend change just dumbs down the game and strategy. For the last few years in magic they seem to be trying the limit not only the type of competitive decks but also any indirect and clever plays.

Now, I love and play Aggro decks but that doesn't mean I think it should be the only playable deck.
>> No. 176914
>This legend change just dumbs down the game and strategy.

Again, playing the card before your opponent can = maximum skill, right?

>Now, I love and play Aggro decks but that doesn't mean I think it should be the only playable deck.

The legend rule change has little to do with that.
>> No. 176957
so how about that DotP 2014
>> No. 176965
There are a touch of good decks, but overall these are the worst garbage since the first iteration of the game. 2012 and 2013's decks were vastly better.
Sealed play is... okay I guess. I mean, good for people that really care about that, but I can't really be bothered to give a shit.

What the game does really well is string together a narrative. Honestly pretty well done overall, and I hope they keep this approach in the future. The music's also been overhauled with a great deal of success.
>> No. 178392
Pretty good read:

>> No. 179475
So Theros apparently has Legendary Enchantment Artifacts
I don't even
>> No. 179533
File 137755478035.jpg - (244.03KB , 700x1226 , 1250088337421.jpg )
>dig up one of my old DS Yu-Gi-Oh games
>Unlimited Honest
>Unlimited Goyo Guardian
>Unlimited Rescue Cat
>> No. 179548
And Aura Creatures.
>> No. 179551
They weren't called that, but those essentially already existed in the form of Licids. These are slightly different though--they don't seem to be able to become auras if they're cast as creatures, and they don't die if the creature they're enchanting dies.

Unless Bestow can be used after the creature is cast. In which case, they're just better Licids.
>> No. 179553
>Unless Bestow can be used after the creature is cast. In which case, they're just better Licids.

You can't cast something that's on the battlefield, so that's not how they work.
>> No. 179573
And if you could; then you'd just be equipping it.

Is it just me or are these keywords and cards... all kind of underwhelming? If they're scaling the power creep back and maybe even getting a little more control focused I can dig it though. Legendary subtheme with a strong enchantment core them might be interesting.
>> No. 179594
Bestow is pretty cool and potentially very powerful. But they might be too afraid of it and overcost the fuck out of it, like with Cipher.
>> No. 179595
Yeah, the one example we've seen is pretty damned expensive.

I guess I get it--you pay more than you would for an Enchantment because it doesn't die when the creature it's enchanting dies. But seven mana to give a creature +4/+4 Flying, First Strike seems a little much.

Look at something like Rancor--one green gives you +2/+0 and Trample, and it doesn't die when the creature dies, either. I could see making that 3 mana for a Bestow version, but seven mana is a lot to pay. If you were playing blue, you could use seven mana to turn every creature you currently own into a 5/5 flying dragon.
>> No. 179709
File 137792333550.jpg - (75.85KB , 312x445 , 13.jpg )
Just a reminder.
>> No. 179824
I know we're only 75 cards in, but this set is really underwhelming so far. Not to mention all the "gods" are jokes.
>> No. 179825
I know we're only 75 cards in, but this set is really underwhelming so far. Not to mention all the "gods" are jokes.
>> No. 179826
I know we're only 75 cards in, but this set is really underwhelming so far. Not to mention all the "gods" are jokes.
>> No. 179859
File 137821649697.jpg - (215.37KB , 265x370 , 6kdi5eUVwwI_EN_LR.jpg )
It's definitely a set that is appealing more for the flavor than for the strength of its cards. I mean, I personally enjoyed Kamigawa, but that's what this set feels like to me, another Kamigawa. Here are some thoughts I have on the previewed cards, though.

>Cavalry Pegasus
Oh lordy what a nasty, swingy card. This is a card designed to end creature locks in a hurry, for certain. Repeatable flying for your whole board at 2! Between this, Chained to the Rocks, and Akroan Crusader, I see a strong synergy between white and red in this set.

>Voyage's End
Hm. I wonder if Land bounce, disrupting the opponent's ability to ramp upwards for a turn, is worth inclusion at 2 for blue. In the long game it is very underwhelming, but in the short game it can stumble an aggressive player's plans for a turn.

>Read the Bones
This is probably the best spell draw card for Black I've seen (I'm not talking about enchantments, before you say anything).

>Akroan Crusasder
I was always big into White Weenie, so I'm surprised this is a red card. The fact that you have to CAST the card to get the effect makes it a bit harder to abuse, I think.

>Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
"Add mana equal to your devotion." Well, it's no Tolarian Academy but it's pretty close. I was going to say before this card that devotion didn't seem like a very relevant mechanic.

>Rescue from the Underworld and Curse of the Swine
oh my god the flavor of these cards are delicious
>> No. 179991
File 137839909291.png - (232.20KB , 344x493 , dude.png )
>> No. 180004
>> No. 180015
I like the cards but I hate the fucking look. The generic rome theme is annoying the fuck out of me.
>> No. 180018
With endless worlds of infinite possibility, it was bound to come up eventually.
>> No. 180026
>Greek themed set
>generic rome
Granted, Rome stole a lot of cultural concepts from the greeks and assimilated them, but seriously?
>> No. 180119
Sorry I really meant Greek but I was thinking of how awful the Rome two game looked so I thought of Rome. It's the same difference. I just dislike how over used it is.
>> No. 180540
Well the full set is revealed with the Pre-Re being this weekend and I am... underwhelmed.
>> No. 180543
Quite frankly, I'm happy. The formats need a shot to the knees lately anyways, and this is looking to be a slower paced one, which is important to rein in the quick formats before they ruin the game. It's better for the overall health of the game.
>> No. 180546
File 137937357353.jpg - (220.09KB , 265x370 , 07R2ZrhYeeq_EN_LR.jpg )
Theros actually has some pretty good commons and uncommons. But people never get hyped for those, because they're not that splashy.
>> No. 180548
I like that card when it costed "U" and didn't make me also lose life.

In any case the card that excites me the most is the legendary artifact enchantment green bow thing. All those options.
>> No. 180549
That card only draws you one card and is banned in Modern. I mean, seriously. Do you want them to just reprint Brainstorm or something?
>> No. 180728
Ghostride the Whip:

2 Obzedat, Ghost Council
3 Blood Baron of Vizkopa
3 Desecration Demon
3 Sin Collector
4 Alms Beast
3 Lifebane Zombie

3 Read the Bones
3 Thoughtseize
2 Whip of Erebos

4 Hero's Downfall
2 Doom Blade
2 Devour Flesh
1 Ultimate Price

2 Mutavault
4 Godless Shrine
4 Temple of Silence
9 Swamp
6 Plains

SB: 3 Glare of Heresy
SB: 3 Pithing Needle
SB: 1 Devour Flesh
SB: 1 Thoughtseize
SB: 2 High Priest of Penance
SB: 1 Sin Collector
SB: 1 Duress
SB: 2 Crypt Incursion
SB: 1 Lifebane Zombie

Pre-re tonight
>> No. 180729
I already playtested with the whip a bit on Cockatrice. It's really good, if your opponent doesn't play Scavenging Ooze. If he does, it's just a win more card. Dunno. I know you can just board it out, but with how prevalent Ooze is, I'd rather keep it in the sideboard in the first place.
>> No. 180731
I would they reprinted fucking thoughtseize.
>> No. 181859
So I just picked up Magic a couple of weeks ago with a friend of mine. Bought a starter pack and some intro packs.

... Yeah, that's about it.

Oh, and green is the best color. Every other color is improved by adding green to it.
>> No. 181860
That's great. I hope you're having fun with your friends. Intro decks are good for beginners, but I suggest not investing too much into them. The most sensible way of acquiring cards is either to buy singles or to draft. You don't need Constructed staple mythics to make your casual decks, so you'd be suprised how far 10 bucks gets you, when ordering singles from a place like TCGplayer.com.
Also, the guys from LoadingReadyRun do a pretty great podcast about casual Magic called TapTapConcede.
>> No. 181866
Honestly, if you are going serious. Just buy the cards. Best case for most of them would be eBay from what my friend who now owns a store used to do with cards. Because card prices are insane.

If you are going casual then yeah it doesn't really matter just draft and stuff. Personally drafting is my favorite method of learning the game. It takes the most skill.
>> No. 181999
File 138292837450.jpg - (33.00KB , 223x310 , Fishman and his Millions.jpg )
TapTapConcede is awesome, thanks for that recommendation.

I went to my first draft last night. Eight games. Eight losses.

But I did walk away with this guy, so I'm not complaining.
>> No. 182018
>I went to my first draft last night. Eight games. Eight losses.
Yeah, that's going to happen for now. It takes time to learn to draft and to learn the format you draft. I started drafting in Llorwyn and pretty much lost every game for several weeks straight, but I kept it up and managed to make it to the middle of the pack for a long while, with the occasional win. I didn't start placing first or second regularly until around Worldwake (so about two years).
>> No. 182025
I just got into the Hearthstone Beta.
>> No. 182107
The Magic Show #282 - Theros S…youtube thumb
>> No. 182143
Yeah. Honestly, I like drafting I'm normally not as good as I need to be. I can make some awesome decks and win. Other times I can just get beaten like nothing. Mostly the problem is flexibility. First pack you really need to just pick the best cards. Knowing what the best cards are though takes time.
>> No. 184320

4 Elite Arcanist
4 Elvish Mystic
4 Sylvan Caryatid
4 Zhur-Taa Druid
3 Forest
4 Breeding Pool
4 Steam Vents
4 Stomping Ground
4 Temple of Abandon
4 Temple of Mystery
3 Izzet Charm
4 Magma Jet
4 Simic Charm
4 Swan Song
4 Triton Tactics
2 Hammer of Purphoros

SB: 4 Burning-Tree Emissary
SB: 4 Izzet Staticaster
SB: 3 Naturalize
SB: 4 Divination
>> No. 184366
File 138802821912.jpg - (58.31KB , 265x370 , kj876db12s_feat279_card.jpg )
You want a Simic Planeswalker? Because, guess what?

Simic Planeswalker.
>> No. 184379
Me too.
It's pretty cool, but I kinda feel like it'll get boring soon unless I put some money into it to buy packs. Arena's always a boatload of fun, though.
>> No. 184387
Looked into getting Magic 2014 for my iPad and promptly stopped when I did some digging and learned that the Sealed Deck Building feature will cost you real money and also none of the decks are very inspired at all.
Also you'll still have to grind to unlock them. Just in case you didn't get your fill of mono-colored draw-swing decks in 2013. Not to mention the AI in the game (according to reviews) will always play out the same stuff every time meaning the only randomization is in your deck. What's the fucking point even?
Even for the sale price of $5 it's not worth it.
>> No. 184388
>There’s a sizable learning element to being defeated, as each opponent strikes with the same patterns and card machinations each time. This allows you to take a step back from agonizing victories, regroup, and come back with a new way to combat them. It’s a useful teaching tool in this way, going beyond the confines of normal play to ensure Magic enthusiasts are learning while they’re enjoying themselves– an idea I can definitely get behind. Luckily, you can get a feel for the opponents since their cards are always the same. Yours won’t be, ensuring the campaign retains some element of surprise for future plays.

>Replayability. In previous entries the majority of the decks you played against had a randomness to them that felt more like the card game. This time out a lot of the decks play a certain way with cards coming out at the exact same time, every time. This is a bit silly as it only allows certain decks to do well against those, while other decks (ones that lack removal) to fail over and over. The Sealed Mode should have solved some of these issues but if anything that mode can be frustrating for different reasons. You have a limited number of sealed decks you are allowed to make before the game starts to charge you money to make more.. This seems completely arbitrary as you are not even allowed to delete the ones you previously had.

Ya I'll just stick with 2013 because it's an actual product and not a half assed entry level player only cash grab.
>> No. 184393
I own Magic 2014 and, while I can't say it's a must-buy, I haven't noticed any pre-scripted AI decks. There have been times where I lose to the same AI deck five times in a row, only for them to get completely mana screwed on the sixth.

And the game is designed to be an entry-level product. It's not trying to sell itself to veteran players like yourself.
>> No. 184403
I understand it's for newer players so most of the decks will amount to draw, swing, go; but the scripted AI in campaign is a killer... and the Seal Deck issue is the nail in the coffin. I can not and will not support a game that pulls that kind of bullshit.
>> No. 184413
Ohhhhhh, we're talking about the campaign decks. Yeah, those are totally scripted until you get to the unlockable deck at the end of each stage. They totally slipped my mind because, after you finish the campaign, there's really no reason to play against anything but the unlockable decks from then on. They can be annoying at times, but they're such a minor part of the game in the long-run that I don't mind them so much.

I don't get your hatred of the sealed simulator. You get two sealed decks right off the bat. If you don't want to buy more, don't buy more. Complaining about the fact that the only way you can get extra spins in this completely secondary game mode is to pay for it just comes off as blind micro-transaction hate. And no, you can't delete or reset your sealed decks. It would completely defeat the purpose of the sealed format if someone could raise their hands and say "I don't like my packs, can I have some new ones?" Nobody would be able to play against other sealed decks because the only people who queue up are the people who re-rolled until they got the best card pool possible.
>> No. 184415
Not him, but I was considering buying... if I buy this game I get to make two sealed decks and play through the sealed campaign thing twice, but if I ever want to play again and make a brand new sealed deck I have to pay real money? And I can't delete the decks after I finish it?

I like the idea of building decks, but that seems pretty messed up especially since they took away Planechase apparently.
>> No. 184433
I have no idea what M2013's deck variety is like, but I can almost promise you you'll have more fun with them and with Planechase than only being able to play Sealed twice before having to buy another deck slot or the "slivers" they tried to pawn off on everyone.
>> No. 184603
File 138872295354.gif - (554.56KB , 270x208 , ohplease.gif )
>still whining about slivers
Get with the times old man. And please don't condemn a game you've never played and about which you, by your own admission, know very little. That's just bad form.
>> No. 184636
And I'll never know what M14 is like because I don't want to support it due to the massive cashgrab that sealed is.
I played the demo it's more or less the same as M13, but with a side feature you can only play twice before having to shell out more cash in a game you already bought.

In other news I got a ton of the M13 edition commander decks and I'm pretty damn eager to give them a whirl. ... once I actually find a playgroup.
>> No. 184689
File 138904543997.jpg - (52.46KB , 265x370 , 229fjk2sdalkfeatwk01_en_card_wastenot.jpg )
Oh hey M15 gets a new, extremely awful, card frame!
And yes that IS the official flavor text for that card. What the shit.
>> No. 184690
File 138904582957.jpg - (65.95KB , 265x370 , aiwesdfkw9242featwk01_en_card_walloffire.jpg )
The problem I have is the foil stamp thing on the bottom is stupid and also the textbox overlaps the background (biggest problem) and looks awkward and unpolished as hell.

It gives them a little more room with text I think, but I do not care for it at all. And yes I liked it when the old (current) frames where introduced since the old gen 1 ones where ass.

Also Garruk is the star of the set or whatever and it's 269 cards:
>> No. 184692
Yeah, time to jump ship.
>> No. 184693
But where is Want Not.
>> No. 184695
File 138905380851.jpg - (52.34KB , 320x240 , 1279083123352.jpg )
>> No. 184696
God damn. Given the cost, that card's pretty damned powerful.
>> No. 184697
Only in a discard deck who can keep their opponents hands full and even then your mana is better spent elsewhere.
>> No. 184698
Too bad the frame makes it look like it's straight out of a mobile f2p game.
>> No. 184699
So with the new terrible card frame how hard to you think WotC is going to keep pushing aggro with minimal removal, control, or combo?
My guess? Somehow even harder than before.
>> No. 184703
File 138906559464.jpg - (105.77KB , 554x439 , ohwell.jpg )
I think it looks fine. Some may complain for a time, but in the end you'll get used to it. That's how things like this always go down.
>> No. 184707
File 138907820772.jpg - (182.59KB , 620x368 , mm170_card09.jpg )
>Could have used this cardface since it actually looks good
>used this instead
>It's the same as the cardface introduced with Miroden block more or less, but the background is shored up unnecessarily and not even faded out or anything to make it look cleaner and more professional

the M15's fardface seriously look like the rough draft version of the current one.
>> No. 184717
I'm not a fan of the Future Sight frame. I like the idea of putting the mana costs on the side, but everything else looks too smooth and bright for Magic cards. They look more like Pokemon cards.
>> No. 184719
They look ok, but the designer in me has to make note of the annoyance than among all the lines and curves; none of them really line up or flow into each other. Even with this in mind, I still find it far more aesthetically pleasing than the frames we're about to get.
Also make note of how many "mana slots" there are (6) and that there are quite a few card in Magics history that exceed that so they wouldn't work in the long run because that would limit design space. Alternatively you could argue that you could make the slots smaller to fit more of them, however that would look pretty damn ugly.

I think with the new ones they maybe wanted to try and increase the text box without sacrificing art room? If so I can't really see much difference in that regard.
>> No. 184723
The text boxes ARE bigger.

Also I kind of like the new font.
>> No. 184770
Modern Event deck this may. Might be cool... provided it's as well built as they say it is and you can find one for under $40
>> No. 184789
.......the msrp is 75$
>> No. 184805
File 138946711298.jpg?spoiler - (746.34KB , 550x3628 , 1554491_759626787398154_122041912_n.jpg?spoiler )
Translated from Spanish by someone else.

Silent Sentinel | 5WW
Creature - Archon

When Silent Sentinel attacks, you may return target enchantment card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Mediator of Dreams | 4UU
Creaure - Sphinx

Inspiration - When Mediator of Dreams becomes untapped, reveal the first card of your library. If its an artifact, creature or land card, you may put that card onto the battlefield with a manifestation counter on it. That permanent is an enchantment in adition to its other types.

Devourer of Hope | 5BB
Creature - Demon

B, Sacrifice another creature: Regenerate Devourer of Hope.
2B, Sacrifice two other creatures: Destroy target creature.

Stockfire Dragon | 4RR
Creature - Dragon

1R: Stockfire Dragon deals 1 damage to target creature. This creature can't block this combat. Active this ability only if Stockfire Dragon is attacking.

Wild Nessian Devastator | 4GG
Creature - Hydra

Tribute 6 (As this creature enters the battlefield, the opponent of your choice may put six +1 / +1 counters on it.)

When Wild Nessian Devastator enters the battlefield, if no tribute was paid, you may have Wild Nessian Devastator fight another creature. (Each deals damage equal to its power to the other.)

>> No. 184806
Almost all of them seem pretty decent, at least for casual formats. Especially the blue one seems obviously good, though I'm more partial to the white one just for EDH disgusting shenanigans. The green one is hot garbage, though.
>> No. 184807
File 138947629811.jpg - (2.80MB , 2500x2500 , dragonsandshit.jpg )
>Been out of magic since Timespiral
>Had a fun deck that abused Bladewing the Risen for T2 and casual
>Legend rule changed
>Build a Kokushko, the Evening Star deck for competitive T2
>Love its power, speed, and utility
>Start considering getting back into magic at least casually
>Legend rule changed AGAIN
Godamnit WotC Let my black dragons abuse your stupid fucking rules!
>> No. 184808
>Legend rule changed AGAIN
What the heck does it do now? Every time I toy with the idea of getting back in the game, some aspect of it I thought was pretty stable has been changed, and I feel like I'd be completely lost trying to pick it up again.
>> No. 184809
It is only checked for each player individually now, plus the player gets to keep one copy of the permanent when the legend rule is applied.

Details here: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/feature/248e
>> No. 184817
So unless Hall of Mirrors is in play a each player can have a single copy of a legendary permanent in play and if a player casts another copy, one of those goes to the graveyard while the other remains in play right?
(IE: Each player can have an Akroma in play, but if I cast another I have to pick which one of mine dies)
>> No. 184819
Correct. Same thing for planeswalkers with the same subtype.
>> No. 184827
File 138959391077.jpg - (229.31KB , 265x370 , 1389591412065.jpg )
I want one for each of my EDH decks that runs blue.
>> No. 184828
Stacked up against Wonder, I'm not sure how I feel about it.
>> No. 184830
I'm unsure how to feel about that. It's not as bad as losing your own legend if someone else drops the same one, but still feels like a step-down from the original rule where the first one to get it into play gets a lock on it.

But I'm old retired crank and these crazy enchantment creatures and planeswalkers are beyond my ken.
>> No. 184831
That's a pretty convoluted way of saying "Creatures you control are unblockable". And a 3/2 for 6 without any means of protection or replacing itself is terrible no matter what its text says.
>> No. 184832
The original legend rule was awful. The opponent plays their legend first and now mine is a dead card? This is balanced because...?
In the end, bad gameplay cannot be justified with good flavor.
>> No. 184833
File 138961597097.jpg - (61.75KB , 312x445 , 12.jpg )
It led to what most consider the worst format there has a ever been, which was Masques Block. It was entirely luck of the draw.
>> No. 184840
File 138962678666.jpg - (246.39KB , 265x370 , BXfs2Ih8NH_EN.jpg )
This is the greatest and best mechanic in the world.

>> No. 184845
Thematically I see it as sort of like that old Kamigawa block mechanic "~ Offering" Which I'd really like to see come back.
>> No. 184899
So apparently this is going to be a thing...
>> No. 184900
I've got a feeling we're going to see Asylum level writing, acting, and effects...
>> No. 184903
Man, I hope. The asylum is so bad it's good.
>> No. 184912
File 138998701410.jpg - (43.43KB , 265x370 , archetypeofendurance.jpg )
So I heard you like hexproof, and also that you hate hexproof.
>> No. 184914
>> No. 184919

Yeah but anonymous we gotta make the game more simple to reach a wider demographic and market testing shows people get sad when they loose a creature to a spell hurp a durp battleship magic if you don't like it you're just a dumb nostalgic oldfag who will buy the cards anyways.
>> No. 184925
Unless they turn this shit ship around RtR was my last block. I miss combos, I miss voltrons, I miss control, I miss removal, and I miss creativity.

The current block is boring me to tears and I doubt Magic will ever return to a quality product. Luckily there's always casual formats.

And yes I'll be a grump about it. I've been playing this game for 15 years and its current state is just deplorable. The cards are a bit more complex sure, but they're doing nothing but forcing aggo and minimizing control and removal.
>> No. 184928
If you allow your opponent to get the eight mana it costs to cast that, it's your own fault. Anyway, if hexproof were that big a deal troll decks would be more common.
>> No. 184929
You do know that Legacy exists, right?
>> No. 184930
Who are you talking to, when you're making this point?
>> No. 184931
Everyone who is complaining about the current state of the game.
Sure, Standard and Modern are more aggro-focused these days (not that this stops superior control decks from emerging eventually almost every time), but combo and control still flourish in Legacy.
>> No. 184933
>revisit Yu-Gi-Oh after 3 years
>online match after building deck, ok, here we g-

Yeah, no thanks.
>> No. 184934
File 139009974268.jpg - (77.50KB , 400x580 , CyberSteinDB2-EN-R-UE.jpg )
Yu-Gi-Oh has always been completely busted and swingy as fuck. There has obviously never been any playtesting or balancing going on when they're making the cards. They're making the most broken and powerful cards they can think of and then they ban them after the fact, once a sufficient number of boosters has been sold.
>> No. 184938
You know what I especially hate? Those faggots on Dueling Network who discard their magic cards instead of activating them first, for "more speed".
>> No. 185287
So anybody have fun at the Born of the Gods prerelease last weekend? I managed to lose my second and third rounds despite getting the blue archetype, the white archetype, and Ephara, the blue/white god. Probably due to the fact that my mana curve didn't start until about turn 3.
>> No. 186962
Been trying out a bit of Hearthstone. It's ridiculously easy to go infinite in this game, if you just have a little bit of experience with card games and watch a few videos beforehand.
>> No. 186995
Went to the pre-re last night:
>> No. 187035
File 139874309124.gif - (2.91MB , 300x258 , 1372898490545.gif )
I'm soooo done with Theros. I just want Conspiracy to come out. Why did Pharika have to suck so badly?
>> No. 187037
I'm actually really looking forward to drafting full Theros block. I had a lot of fun at the prerelease.

And Pharika doesn't look terrible at all.
>> No. 187047
File 139882413622.jpg - (70.40KB , 312x445 , 154.jpg )
Ok. Please explain why she is not terrible.
>> No. 187048
Good for team games when you need to shore up the defenses of an ally, good for constellation decks or other decks that benefit from the number of enchantments on the battlefield (Serra's Sanctum comes to mind), no need to tap to use her ability, and two drops for a 1/1 deathtouch isn't bad. Plus she's really cheap
>> No. 187049
File 139883796530.jpg - (107.31KB , 640x480 , WTF_am_I_reading.jpg )
>3 mana
>grave control
>token production
>tokens have deathtouch, so not just chump blockers but removal too
>indestructible enchantment for most of the game, becomes an indestructible 5/5 creature with all the abilities still intact later

This is considered a bad card? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Is it bad because it takes mana to remove the cards out of the graveyard? Is this where we're at with MTG now? Hell, the token generation alone is worth its weight in gold, and I could see if it was saddled with being limited to your graveyard that it would be an "average" card, but you get to remove cards from your opponent's graveyard, that makes it extremely valuable. I mean, isn't grave reanimation still a major problem most decks have to face against nowadays? This is pure card advantage. You can even use the ability as an instant! Instant token creation is one of the top tier abilities of a card in MtG, and these tokens are crazy good!
>> No. 187050
File 139884155224.jpg - (42.98KB , 698x524 , 1358732807596.jpg )
Yes, yes. All of that is true. But there lies a problem. If you remove a creature card from an opponents graveyard, they get the token. As you pointed out, those sweet sweet 1/1 deathtouch snakes are awesome, and I honestly love 'em. But giving some to your opponent is probably a bad idea. And yes it is card advantage, but where I want Pharika to have shined the most is in EDH. Yes you can play politics, and yes she won't leave the battlefield after all the boardwipes that happens so often there, but as a commander she will hurt you the most if you want to utilize her optimally. In B/G you have the good graveyard recovery. With Pharika, you have to exile resources that could just be returned and used over and over as much as possible. And with her as a Commander means her and her ability will be the most consistent element of your EDH deck. Thus leading to what I probably should have stated from the beginning; she doesn't do what I want her to do. I wanted the 'Golgari' god to be a sac outlet, graveyard retrieval, drainer or constant removal. Not something that punishes me for optimally using her. The punchline is I'm not making a Pharika EDH anytime soon.
>> No. 187054
So in the one scenario where you hose your opponent's graveyard shenanigans, it isn't a 100% upside. Oh darn. I guess you have to use strategic thinking to figure out whether or not it's worth making them waste a reanimation spell if it gives them a 1/1 with deathtouch.

How I see a Pharika EDH deck working is basically a G/B control deck with lots of utility creatures with ETB effects for maximum value and either big flyers or some infinite combo for the win conditions. Pharika's ability allows you to completely lock up ground combat for everyone with the threat of instant-speed deathtouchers. Use that to your advantage and play to her strengths. Pharika doesn't win you games. She just makes it harder for you to lose them.
>> No. 187055

I'd argue more along the lines that she's a control and an anti-meta card. She is not for a green/black reanimator deck, she's for a green/black control deck. Would she be better if she only gave YOU tokens for removing cards from the graveyard? Yes. However, that ability would have to be weighed with a heavier mana cost, and heavier mana costs make cards completely unplayable in things outside of EDH. It is a tradeoff that is easy enough to build your deck around, and I think the ability from a control standpoint is good enough to warrant it.

I can see being disappointed if you wanted the card to work with the reanimator/graveyard g/w decks because this is not a support card for them.
>> No. 187274
So Conspiracy brings back World Enchants more or less with a pinch of Archenemy.


Interesting set, but I don't see its resell value being very high due to all of the chase cards being useless outside of multiplayer and most of the artifacts (a decent amount at rare) effecting drafting and that's it.

Basically it seems that if you buy packs and you're not drafting them you are wasting your money.
>> No. 187301
Played two drafts of Conspiracy last night and had an absolute blast. Also made out like a gangbuster:

Reflecting pool: $12
Sulfuric Votex: $1.50
Reya Dawnbringer: $2.50
Custodi SoulBinders: $1
Custodi SoulBinders: $1
Exploration: $20
Realm Seekers: $1.50
Muzzio, Visionary Architect: $9
Stifle: $23
Misdirection: $15
Magus of the Mirror: $0.50
Reign of the Pit: $1.50
Ill-Gotten Gains: $1.50
Total: $91.50
Drafts: $30
Net total gain: $61.50
>> No. 187356
M15 is easily one of the best core sets in a long long time. Sure most of the commons are shit as usual; but even (most of) the janky rares are pretty fun.
>> No. 187362
Was screwing around on my iPad last night and saw that m15 was out for it so I gave it a download.

The game has gone through a lot of changes. The opening cinematic is great. We see a new planeswalker hunt a deer with some kind of ghost arrow... then Garruk appears behind him like Jason Vorhese.

The interface is new and slick and pretty intuitive if not a little dull and uninspired. It looks good, but loses a lot of the flavor. As with other free versions of the game, you're promptly whisked away into the tutorial which you will have to sit through no matter what skill level you entered into the game at the start. The tutorial is simple enough, if not a bit long winded. They're trying, but it's still not nearly as good at teaching as the old 7th Edition CD was.

After the tutorial you're given an option to select your deck. You have 10 to pick from; one for each of the Ravnica guilds. Once you pick your deck, you're stuck with it so that "choose wisely" comment is to be taken seriously. I want ahead with the Golgari deck because BG is always a solid combo. Or so I thought.

The game promptly hurls you into your first game that you'll play from start to finish all on your own and immediately you'll notice the decks are terrible. The deck I chose said it was graveyard centric or something to that effect, and since you can't look at what cards it has; you have no idea what the real strategy is. The Golgari deck ended up having a grand total of 4 cards that dealt with the graveyard and less than 4 removal spells. The deck has no rares, but that still shouldn't be a problem to make a good deck that even novices can understand. I know. I've done it before.

After you win that game, you're rewarded with your decks rare card. Unfortunately you won't be getting much use out of many of them after having looked up the deck lists online.

You can now explore the story, which is honestly kind of neat. Garruk, still affected by the curse, is trolling around the multiverse killing planeswalkers like a serial killer and you're investigating.

The first deck you'll fight on Innistrad is a zombie deck that just keeps on throwing out vanilla 2/2, 3/2, and 3/3's at a constant rare. And since Wizards has such a massive problem with removal spells these days; you have to rely on combat to protect yourself leading to tedious stalled games or just being overrun (at least with the Golgari deck. Seriously it's fucking terrible).

The other games on that level are pretty easy to overcome even without any decent cards of your own and at the end of each match you get a little 3 card booster.

What separates this game is that you seem to be able to fully customize your deck now. No longer are you forced to utilize deck specific card pools, but instead you have access to a large arsenal of cards. That you naturally have to buy.

Yes DotP2015 has gone the freemium route. Hard. Each digital booster pack will run you $2. About half the cost of a real booster pack. You're spending real money to gamble on a random number generator for a prize you'll only be able to use in one place on one game that will get a new edition next year.

Back to the campaign however; once you beat Innistrad's blistering pinch of levels (less than 7) you're given your first real boosterpack and old that you unlocked the Theros level.

HAHA! Not really. See, you just unlocked the right to buy that level. For just $3! Fiure you'll just do multiplayer or Practice? NOPE!

If you want to unlock all the cards so you can make a deck that's actually moderately fun to use, or to play the game, it'll cost you $50 total. $30 if you just want to unlock all the levels in the game which is what I'd call buying the game; making it twice as expensive as DotP2013 when it was new.

It's a good game under all the bullshit I'm sure; and I was so very very excited to buy and enjoy it, but the nickel and diming along with the gut wrenchingly unplayable decks it forces you to use (BUY THE BOOSTERS) really turns me off of yet another edition of DotP.

Want MtG on the go, but don't want to deal with the bullshit and terribleness? Just buy DotP2013. Ya you have to build a deck from a predetermined pool of cards for it, yes you have to unlock its cards one at a time, and yes the decks are a little lack luster, but you're not being held prisoner by the freemium model, you get the whole game for less than $30, and the decks it gives you to work with are actually usable.
>> No. 187364
M15 prere stories... one guy on /tg/ ended up doing pretty well after making a monored mill deck:

"Ausfag here, Had awesome fun in the midnight one with a Mono-Red mill deck since I figured I might as well use the two Kuresh and two Grindclocks I ended up with. Had hot soup, a bunch of evasive creatures and two rogue's gauntlets for card advantage as well as a bunch of burn for removal. Played just like a control deck.

Diddn't do fantastically but the deck was so hillarious I diddn't care. As a side note, Grindclock looks amazing in foil.":
1 Siege Dragon
2 Kurkesh, Onakke Ancienct
2 Grindclock
1 Lightning strike
3 Blasfire bolt
1 Cone of flame
1 Heat Ray
1 Act on impulse
1 hot soup
2 Rogue's Gauntlets
2 Tyrant's Machine
1 phyrexian revoker
2 Krenko's Enforcer
1 Frenzied goblin
2 Scrapyard Mongrel
1 Gargoyle Sentinel
17 mountains
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