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File 135214935018.jpg - (549.17KB , 1659x921 , someonechangemypants.jpg )
165551 No. 165551
Fuck your waifu-adding mods, fuck your vampires, fuck your house-building-children-adopting bullshit.


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dr…youtube thumb
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>> No. 165553
I just want one plain vanilla Elder Scrolls game on Mac.

I don't care if it's the buggiest port of the oldest game in the series.
>> No. 165554
I expected December, but I was hoping for the 12th.
>> No. 165559

I'm going to hang out in all the Telvanni Towers, beat up a bunch of Ashlanders - BUT FOR YOU CLIFF RACERS, I PROMISE YOU PAINFUL EXTINCTION.
>> No. 165560
Jiub already killed all the cliffracers man.
>> No. 165561
>> No. 165562
So... are we talking an entirely new CONTINENT here to roll around in? As in ALL of Marrowind?
If so I am hyped as shit. Snowy mountains were getting a little boring.
>> No. 165563
Makes sense, my Dragonborn has basically conquered Skyrim, he's taken care of every major threat and become about as strong as he can possible be, he's become a hero with no evil left to fight and no adventure left to have.

A holiday to Morrowind sounds like just the thing to stave off the soul-crushing boredom, maybe I should bring the wife?
>> No. 165564
I thought it was just Solstheim
>> No. 165570
Dragons come back, Dovakin come back. It's only a matter of time until they come back now that there is no more Jiub to slay them.
>> No. 165575
My understanding of the lore is that most, if not all, of VVvardenfell was destroyed after the Oblivion Incident except for a bit the Telvani saved. I think Mainland Morrowind was also conquered by Skyrim and the Black Marsh?

So yes between that and the trailer, I'd say it's just Solstheim and maybe that little bit of Telvani territory.
>> No. 165580
The gates opened up all over. Nearly every city and town fell that wasn't the head city for a house or a faction. Save for the Redoran cities which actually put up a decent fight. Everyone still alive in the southern end of Vvardenfell fell back to Ghostgate in hopes that the combined forces of the Buoyant Armigers and the remaining forces they had could hold.

After this the Nords and Orcs attacked and Vivec disappeared. Vivec's absence caused the Ministry of Truth, a space rock the god previously stopped from crashing into the the planet, to once again begin its descent eventually crashing into the city and causing Red Mountain to explode. With the volcano awake again the Telvanni erected a giant magic bubble around their fifth of the landmass to preserve it from the destruction.

After that was all over the Argonians attacked with a massive force. The remaining native Dunmer were forced to scatter and give up their land, the largest grouping of them making home in Solstheim.
>> No. 165587
Argonians, however, weren't interested in holding the land if I heard it right.
>> No. 165593
I just checked the wiki, and apparently most of the non-Telvanni territory is under Argonian control and The Infernal City laid it out mostly as volcanic marshes. So, really, most Argonian gained territory are places where only an Argonian could thrive anyway.
>> No. 165594
Also, apparently SPEARS. SPEARS GUYS.
>> No. 165600
*goes off yell angry thing with tear filled eyes*
>> No. 165605
The cliffracers are the true threat of the DLC, THE FIRST DRAGONBORN Lich dude will only be a sublot.

Only one man can finally eradicate this menace,

The CliffRacer-Born!
>> No. 165625
>> No. 165630
File 135225664849.png - (325.59KB , 650x1468 , comic274.png )
She still draws Khajiit like dog people.
>> No. 165631
She can't draw shouts under a certain length. It makes her uncomfortable.
>> No. 165632
So only single word shouts, then?
>> No. 165633
Well. At least n is close to h.
>> No. 165648
As exited as I am the fact leveled enemy stats exists in the game is still a massive turnoff. Either break the game and make stupidly overpowered weapons or spend the next hour spamming the same attack over and over again.

Simply adding bits of Morrowind does not actually make it Morrowind

But it looks so cool...
>> No. 165667
How is this Morrowing time?
>> No. 165668
File 135233519287.jpg - (91.96KB , 640x448 , 1351281249126.jpg )
You see, Solstheim is like the Istanbul of Skyrim and Morrowind.
>> No. 165680
I want to go to Akavir already.

>> No. 165681
The last time Todd got crazy he turned jungle-Roman Cyrodils into generic fantasy Europe. Todd is not allowed to go crazy because he is shit and does retarded things. We need to get Michael Kirkbride and ply him with LSD and let him go crazy.
>> No. 165696
But we haven't even see the woodelves become flesh Voltron or slaughtered the High Elves pet monkeys yet.
>> No. 165697
File 135237486241.png - (513.32KB , 647x729 , Konahrik_Mask.png )
Is he?
>> No. 165699
It looks like a cute little elefant head.
>> No. 165702
Despite that being the last mask you need the others to unlock I don't really use it, I stuck with the one that gives you I think it was thirty% all elemental damage reduction, it was the main thing I was missing enchantment-wise
>> No. 165817
It annoys me you can't reverse-pickpocket armour onto people in this game and have them put it on, there's some people I'd feel more at ease with them better protected.
(Plus it would be pretty hilarious to see a bunch of farmers in daedric platemail)
>> No. 165829
Well I meant what if the Dragonborn is Konahrik.
>> No. 165944
Seems pretty possible, alot of people are speculating that.
>> No. 165952
File 13528355772.jpg - (222.42KB , 1305x900 , animu serana.jpg )
This isn't Dragonborn related but its still about DLC.

JESUS the Vampire Lord form is powerful, even without any of the perks I've decimated things just by spamming the lifedrain blast
>> No. 165957
If only they paid as much attention to the Werewolf tree...
>> No. 165981
I didn't like it at all. Werewolf felt a lot more powerful.
I do like that Harkon clearly has his Vampire Lore tree filled out though.
>> No. 165983
File 13528885777.jpg - (319.34KB , 1122x1566 , cheer up emo kid.jpg )
Same poster.

Serana has started following me about and I've noticed my lifedrain is doing pissall for damage, is it true that it gets nerfed while she is with you? Or have I just ran into stronger bandits and such so it seems so much weaker.
>> No. 166054
Any idea when we're going to get more info on dragonborn
>> No. 166061
Maybe in a month.
>> No. 166522
You know what I would like to see in one of the DLC new expansions? A way to redo your perks and other level choices.

It would be sort of like the face changer in Riften that lets you change your appearance,
maybe make it a quest you can undertake, the reward is it gives you a one-time chance to shuffle your points about.
>> No. 166731
File 13541388425.jpg - (281.12KB , 900x646 , e7bcd8dd3f062057817349deabe97914-d4h2bmq.jpg )
>> No. 166733
I took Arvak to the throat of the world.
Before I even visited the Greybeards for the first time.
Turns out, that quest glitches if you enter through the back door.
>> No. 166755
File 135418835182.jpg - (809.89KB , 900x2526 , skyrim_stereotypes_by_slayersyrena-d4xflkd.jpg )
Is it still a stereotype if its completely accurate?
>> No. 166779
File 13542149688.jpg - (47.11KB , 552x367 , 3oiz3b.jpg )
I think I've officially played too much Skyrim,

I've actually went and levelled my original save up to lvl 81.

There's just no sane reason to get to that level beyond being a completionist.
>> No. 166784
It's like I'm watching an episode of American Gypsies.
>> No. 166792
>> No. 166830
But you get the achievement for fighting a Legendary Dragon.
It's the only one I have left.
>> No. 166831
You don't need to be level 81 to fight a legendary Dragon, I did it alot earlier than that.
>> No. 167021
So soon...why can't it be the day after today...

I've heard there's meant to be a quest in Dragonborn that you can undertake once your character is at the highest level.
>> No. 167025
File 135456425063.jpg - (208.93KB , 629x733 , Solstheim_map_Bloodmoon.jpg )
>> No. 167031
File 135457965043.jpg - (40.85KB , 400x267 , dragonborn-new-dlc-character.jpg )
>> No. 167044
File 135460944198.png - (340.87KB , 730x487 , 7t7ey_medium_0_standard_730_0.png )
>We’re also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year

god damnit bethesda
>> No. 167048
File 135462518888.jpg?spoiler - (59.56KB , 500x750 , King of consoles.jpg?spoiler )
Hey bro I totally feel your pain

I mean, its already AFTER 12 O'CLOCK and it isn't available for download on Live yet, truly shocking...
>> No. 167049
File 135462643764.jpg - (20.77KB , 298x261 , SuperGuy.jpg )

Strictly Brutal - Halo Theme (…youtube thumb
>> No. 167050
I don't mind waiting a few months more to play it on PC, especially since it'll eventually end up dirt cheap on Steam.
If you're a PS3 player, I can only offer my condolences.
>> No. 167065
Dragonborn seems to be making my ecksbawks overheat and jam like a bitch
>> No. 167074
And the PC have mods.
So many you can make weekly review shows.
Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week …youtube thumb
Skyrim Mods - Week #1: Nude Fe…youtube thumb
>um... I pick that one because it was the first one, no really... Drat...
>> No. 167082
So with new DLC comes new lies.

>"you can fly a dragon!"
>it's a scripted cutscene where you ride a dragon

>"You can fight an epic and impossible world boss!"
>it's just a human with ugly armor and a stun ability
>> No. 167083
The Ebony Warrior looked awesome, I really wish we could have became friends instead...
>> No. 167084
... so it's not worth the time and/or money?
>> No. 167085

Dunno about that spoil sport anon, but I'm having a blast.
>> No. 167086
Its worth It so far, and I'm not near finished yet
>> No. 167137
File 135482442085.jpg?spoiler - (75.25KB , 364x603 , hermaeus_mora_s_turn_ons____by_alexmercer95-d5n7ip.jpg?spoiler )
[[Image is obviously spoilers for Dragonborn]]

I loathe the Daedric Lord's so much, and Mora has made it into my top three.

Goddammit they're about the only thing in the universe I'm not strong enough to stab and shout to death to boot!
>> No. 167185
Huh you end up with alot of new summon spells/powers in this dlc, Anyone else finding them useful? I've mainly just been sticking with Conjure Dremora Lord which has been my goto mook ever since I had enough magika to cast it.
>> No. 167220
I wonder, too.
I always forget about Call of Valor and Summon Dragon, but Durnehviir has his own summoning shout so summoning him is like summoning a small army.
It's fun.
>> No. 167282
You know if there was an expansion or whole new game based around taking things back to the Thalmor on their own turf it would be cool if it featured the Maormer.

The fluff about them sounds awesome, and they ARE eternal enemies of the Altmer
>> No. 167283
The Aldmeri Dominion has interesting politics. Sea serpent riding chameleon elves, necromantic Daedra-worshipping giant sea-slugs, and pretty much the entire continent of Tamriel as enemies. For allies they have the shapeshifting, cannibalistic wood elves and pet talking giant apes.

Really, the elder scrolls has interesting, if crazy, lore, and we're stuck with Cyrodil and Vikingland as games. It's like they're afraid to do anything we haven't seen in video games before.
>> No. 167285
File 135507395320.jpg - (44.68KB , 495x479 , Sload_big.jpg )
The Thalmor have alot of strange and impressive looking enemies in thier homelands, the race odd-looking sea elves and thier sea serpents of war, the slug-like Sload nation. They also have interesting allies, the ape-like Imga who venerate the Altmer and wear fancy cloaks to try and be more like them.

Sending the Dragonborn to launch a one-wo/man commando war to weaken the Thalmor or simply search thier nation for something of importance would be a great chance to finally show off all these intereasting cultures

Though if we're talking people who are awesome and need more screentime I say bring back EBONARM, The Black Knight, Man-God of War! Its impressive enough that he went from Nede Hero to War God, the fact he replaced an arm lost in battle with an ebony sword and rides around on a golden stallion named WAR MASTER is just icing in the cake
>> No. 167288
There's always The Elder Scrolls Online, though that's a ways off.
>> No. 167290
Fuck no, that looks awful. Plus its an MMORPG.
>> No. 167292
Really? What's wrong with it?
>> No. 167304
File 135510196050.png - (1.93MB , 1600x1536 , numidium.png )
>> No. 167310
File 135510878588.png - (855.23KB , 1008x566 , tumblr_m6a28pXux61roivzuo1_1280.png )
Durnehviir is awesome, I'm making heavy use of him in my second save where I basically do everything opposite of my first playthrough. Also make heavy use of the Soul Tear shout since I did the quest much earlier in the game its the most powerful, and only three word, shout I have at the moment.
>> No. 167317
File 135511706653.png - (1.73MB , 1020x1320 , metalhanzo_parody.png )
So how long until there's a Game of the Year All Years Complete Everything Ever is in This Edition edition? I still don't have it ;_;
>> No. 167319
File 135511800775.jpg - (894.89KB , 1800x1100 , minibigmaproadslore31gv.jpg )
Many places remain unexplored, what of mysterious Akavir for another?
>> No. 167328
Yeah, Soul Tear is really strong.
>> No. 168408
Ooh, I got a greatsword that shoots sword beams.
>Need to slash a beam horizontally into the wall
>Forget that I take a huge step when I do a sideways power attack
>Take a mighty swing into Kharjo
Fortunately, I suck with two handed weapons so he hardly felt it.
Aw, Chaos Damage is the only new enchantment. When I thought it, I got excited thinking there might be more enchantments.
>> No. 168410
God that sword IS freakin awesome...

I don't use two-handers either, and the beam itself isn't all THAT strong...but still, fuckin SWORD BEAMS! JUST LIKE IN MY JAPANESE ANIMES!
>> No. 168488
I imagine there'd be confusion as to what would happen during a dual wield power attack if it were one-handed.
>> No. 168492
>> No. 168529
>Fighting Miraak
When he's low on health, he becomes etheral, uses whirlwind sprint to escape and then absorbs the soul of a dragon to restore his health.
This is so cool.
>> No. 168538
Dragonborn is likely going to be the last official Skyrim expansion, right?

Its content sort of gives that feeling.
>> No. 168566
File 135804482370.gif - (2.10MB , 176x99 , Dragon Riding.gif )
Yeah, I don't know what tops that.
>> No. 168573
Going Rambo on the Thalmor on thier home turf
>> No. 168574
File 135805153476.jpg - (105.37KB , 900x480 , TV2013011300070100.jpg )
>Competitive with Dragon armor, but lighter and uses the Ebony perk
>> No. 168578
This is probably my absolute most-wanted plot for a future expansion.
>> No. 168591
File 135810551628.gif - (941.51KB , 246x139 , Dynamic Kill Unarmed.gif )
Man, 3 words and I only get the upper body of a dragon.
Why no Dragon Legs.
>> No. 168610
Oh man, I just had my first Dragon Riding Dragon Battle, that's so fun.
I was eager to try it out and Bended Will the first Dragon that got close.
My Frost Dragon fought bravely but died to the Revered Dragon.
Still got both souls though.
Good thing we landed before he died.
>> No. 168624
You assholes are all making me super jelly. This needs to hurry up and come out on PC already.
>> No. 168685
It's annoying that there's no dialogue option to be all Hey Devin, I met your brother Glover in Raven Rock, how about that?
Though you can let Sapphire know Glover is her father, so that's cool.
>> No. 168751
File 135845743951.jpg - (106.19KB , 529x657 , Im a real overachiever like that.jpg )
Still no Legendary Dragons to fight.
And I raised *all* of my mage skills to 100.
Stupid Restoration mission glitched me out of Guardian Circle, which is what I wanted anyways.
Who needs Bane of the Undead.
>> No. 168836
File 135864329418.jpg - (353.59KB , 600x800 , 32625727.jpg )
J'Zargo won't use staves.
They did this on purpose, they make the capless follower obsess about the weakest spell.
>> No. 168957
File 135888821914.jpg?spoiler - (103.61KB , 900x480 , TV2013012216483800.jpg?spoiler )
Woooooah you can sell your soul to respec
>> No. 168969
That's okay Now those dozens of dragon souls that don't matter anymore have uses.
>> No. 168971
Those poor dragons.
The Elder Scrolls Online - The…youtube thumb
And this here's a thing.
>> No. 169145
File 135912871521.png - (364.04KB , 650x1247 , comic285.png )
That was so my story.
Except I started a mage.
Though I stopped once I was high enough level to fight the Legendary Dragon. Now I've got ALL the achievements
>> No. 169150
There's also a bunch of mods that let you trade dragon souls for perk points and more.
>> No. 169478
File 135979327260.jpg - (90.45KB , 900x480 , TV2013012518010800.jpg )
Why am I wearing such a silly hat.
>> No. 169489
You are adorable wittle kitty

In your little hat and with your funny accent & speech pattern

I want to pet you
>> No. 169530
Hey I got a question about the Elder Scrolls universe, are the different player/civilized species capable of interbreeding? Do you ever see characters of such unions in any games?

I've only played Skyrim and heard vague things on the subject in general, so I'm confused on if that is a thing that happens or not.
>> No. 169542
File 135991524672.png - (326.36KB , 800x527 , the more you kosh2.png )

It's not wildly discussed in "polite society", which is the excuse the game producers give to avoid it altogether. But they have touched on it.



A few of the races, like Bretons, are suggestions to be mixes of Mer (which Orcs technically are) and Men. "Phylogeny" is still your best reference for this, as well as the Lore entry on Races in the UESP.
>> No. 169552
Actually, isn't there a in game book that goes over that very subject?
I'm sure I've run across one while playing.
>> No. 169553
Yes, that would be Notes of Racial Phylogeny.
Also Tiber Septim didn't want a long-living half-dark elf child to mess up his own childrens' right to inheritance so he had his child with Barenziah aborted.
>> No. 169584
The games seem to go out of their way to avoid showing alot of the 'interesting' things relating to the different species, like all the different varieties of Khajit, or some of the awesome races and cultures mentioned in the fluff but never having appeared onscreen.
>> No. 169600
Yeah, that's pretty much the Elder Scroll's lot - anything that really breaks out of the Tolkein-ized standard of medieval fantasy is relegated to fluff, never shown and rarely spoken of.
>> No. 169824
File 136036728753.jpg - (265.06KB , 800x563 , skyrim_by_adalheidis-d4hegor.jpg )
>> No. 169825
I think this is why Morrowind is so much better than Oblivion and Skyrim (although Skyrim is also good, just in different ways). Vvardenfell is so completely alien, and once you get over Morrowind's couple entry barriers (usually by modding them out, like dice roll melee combat), it's a blast.
>> No. 170017
You know what Skyrim needs next?
A quest to learn how to speak Giantish again.
Then you could make friends with the giants, or at least parlay in a non-lethal manner that you are not here to kill their mammoths and maybe we could trade junk for cheese?
Also it would lead to getting a unique giant as a follower! Haha!
>> No. 170019
5 years from now people will say Skyrim is shit while Oblivion was awesome. They'll say Elder Scrolls VI is the best in the series and then the cycle will continue.
>> No. 170020
...aren't there some people who say that NOW Pulitz?
I have no idea what suddenly brought this on and am left befuddled.
>> No. 170021
I was referencing /v/'s attitude towards almost everything Bethesda makes.

"This new game we thought was amazing a year ago sucks, the one before it we hated a year ago was far superior." It's a bullshit cycle.
>> No. 170058
that's /v/. It's not even that funny anymore. It's just sad.

At anyrate, what the fuck is with the price still being $59.99 on steam? I'd get Skyrim, I liked what I played at a friend's. At least, I'd play this more than Oblivion.

And everyone tells me I'd probably enjoy Khajiit.
>> No. 170144
They can see in the dark.
Well, see in low light conditions.
I think one of the caves in the Dawnguard plot is so dark Night Eye doesn't really do anything.
>> No. 170219
Their claws also give them a bonus to unarmed damage.

Does everyone... 'know' something about you? Something you might have not yet admitted to yourself?
>> No. 171199
File 136413635536.jpg - (58.40KB , 640x325 , skyrim-redguard-image.jpg )
Is there any truth to the rumours they are making a new expansion titled 'Redguard'?
I wouldn't mind more adventures in Tamriel, I don't think they would compare in scale to what went down with that first Dragonborn wanker but it would be great to visit a new land...

Heh, maybe we can learn the Pankratosword...
>> No. 171248
File 136423532828.jpg - (94.18KB , 640x997 , 01 (1).jpg )
>> No. 171299
That Khajiit is sampling something, man.
>> No. 171311
It's a Khajiit, that goes without saying. You know what those cats are like.
>> No. 171312
I just want a greater chance to stick it to the Thalmor. Even if it's not enough to crush their regime entirely, then at least seriously hurt their hold on the Empire.

Hell, I'd even settle for an entire expansion devoted to messing with the Thalmor in ways that doesn't actually hurt their holdings, but still pisses them off. Putting fire salts in their shorts, filling their scabbards with honey, smearing their armor with troll mating musk...
>> No. 171423
Bah, you know the next game is going to write the Dragonborn out in some lame fashion like all the rest and the Thalmor will still not get a kicking.

Its sort of annoying having all this power and not having anything to do with it, the only thing you run into is condescending Daedric Prince's.

It would be funny if there was a DLC set in the Summerset Isles.... and if you weren't a Thalmor or at least another kind of Elf that could pass as a Servant so you could subtly undermine the regime every town basically become a battlefield, every loyal soldier and supporter against you.
You'd be the walking apocalypse, Putting the fear of gods into them.
>> No. 171836
File 136494313581.jpg - (326.02KB , 439x666 , skyrim_screenshot_7_by_hanzojr-d6027g0.jpg )
The hero of Skyrim, The Last Weeabooborn!
>> No. 171904
Super Best Friends in Skyrim: …youtube thumb
>> No. 171936
File 136509655455.jpg - (294.55KB , 1000x600 , i can haz knowledge.jpg )
>> No. 173249
Is there another console game quite like Skyrim? (That isn't the previous Elder Scrolls games of course)

I really miss when I was deep into it, but now I've completely played it out, unless they release more content I've literally done everything.
>> No. 173557
File 136749016251.png?spoiler - (469.19KB , 600x786 , fcadfb4148059879ddf8b30cee483e83-d63l1k0.png?spoiler )
Would you?
>> No. 173569
So all the Expansions are wrapped up and the Legendary Edition is supposed to come out in June. http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2013/04/25/skyrim-legendary-edition-launches-june-4th/

All DLC new difficulty level and no level caps.
>> No. 173571
>> No. 173574
Uh, I've already maxxed out all of my learnable skills, how would I be meant to get any more levels beyond that?

Honestly I'm glad I played the game before I got the DLC, stuff like the vampires interfere with what you've got going on in the main plot, if you wait until you've completed the main game story it just seems to be a case of 'further adventures await'
>> No. 173582
>Uh, I've already maxxed out all of my learnable skills, how would I be meant to get any more levels beyond that?

The latest patch enables the player to make a skill 'legendary'. What that does is reset the skill to its default value, allowing the player to level it up all over again, and getting back all perk points spent on that skill tree. Sadly, making the skill legendary offers no benefit besides removing the level cap, and knocking certain skills down to starting level late in the game necessitates having other high-level skills to switch to. Destruction specialist? Better work on your conjuration so you can summon atronachs to keep the enemy busy while you're back to darting around casting flames.

Sure, if I had the body for it. Maybe ditch the hand-cups though.

(polite sage, edit)
>> No. 173589
Oh my... going through it with all the skills again... maxxing them all out again...

Is there, achievements for any of this?
>> No. 173590
At the moment, the only thing you get in recognition of making a skill legendary is a little Imperial dragon insignia near the skill, with a counter to keep track of each additional time you make it legendary.
>> No. 173665
It makes me sad there's no more content coming out for Skyrim...
>> No. 173683
>> No. 173684
and the steam workshop
>> No. 173688
Bah, mods. I wave dismissively at them.
>> No. 173691
like the one that added water current effects and the HD textures or the Space Core. Mods made by the Bethesda Team and Valve respectively.
>> No. 173692
Telling people to download mods means nothing if they play it on a console.
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