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File 136012807878.png - (123.88KB , 700x583 , fite.png )
3784 No. 3784
Bigger than ever because the last one was autosaging

i don't have any real fat comic girl art so have this thing i pulled offa kimblog
Expand all images
>> No. 3788
File 136013311543.png - (1.94MB , 3369x1014 , kirika_the_business_model_by_kawaiidebu-d5twgi0.png )
>> No. 3791
File 136015026861.jpg - (137.33KB , 1053x814 , Kim_Pine__slob.jpg )
Here's the slobby, sweaty version of my recent Kim Pine pic.

Fixed up the face one more time; Wanted to add a little more expression to it.
>> No. 3811
>(also yo if you’re gonna get mad about homestuck rp tumblrs you go and find me all the scott pilgrim rp tumblrs who are also FAs, THEN WE TALK)

I kinda wanna do a tumblr of Scott as an FA now. I just don't know if I could pull it off.
>> No. 3812

If you do it, people will fap to it. Quality isn't an issue in this stuff, and you can only improve over time, anyway.
>> No. 3813

If you do it, people will fap to it. Quality isn't an issue in this stuff, and you can only improve over time, anyway.
>> No. 3815
eh, go for it! what's the worst that can happen?
>> No. 3816
It could be over-runned by Homestuck characters?

Also, Ankh, were you ever gonna continue that Violet WG fic?
>> No. 3817
File 136029467336.jpg - (283.18KB , 1024x1448 , new_year__s_in_ooo_by_axel_rosered-d5q26cs.jpg )
No offense guys, but try and include content with your posts. That way we have something to look at.
>> No. 3820
Awesome, it looks like Cube's Kim Pine tumblr is back on track.
>> No. 3822
File 136032869416.png - (284.73KB , 768x1024 , tumblr_mhucipkwb41qj4glgo1_1280.png )
A lot of people double-posting. What's up with that?
>> No. 3823

Ew. What's up with those pancakes?
>> No. 3824
If you get a 504 Bad Gateway: Simply press back. Reloading the page results in a double post.
>> No. 3827
File 136036944282.jpg - (317.02KB , 800x800 , girl from sonic anime posts on slash an slash.jpg )

It's on the fire, chief. People told me about Incredibles having a comic when I posted the first part, and it took me ages to track it down. I plan to read it and get started this weekend.


Fair enough. Posting this to ask for something. The guy that drew these also drew some Splashwoman and Samus stuff, but I've only been able to track down the Gardevoir pics. Anyone happen to have what I'm looking for, or a lead?
>> No. 3833
File 136041894921.jpg - (195.69KB , 800x800 , 122229731520.jpg )
Artist's name is Oniontrain. I think he's got an FA account, but last I checked it doesn't have most of his good stuff there.

I don't wanna flood the tread with a bunch of non-/co/ stuff, so here's a .zip of everything I got of his.

>> No. 3836
File 13604358325.jpg - (142.65KB , 679x700 , 1360295074473.jpg )
>> No. 3844
She's a monster so she eats gross monster things. It's a cartoon trope
>> No. 3846
File 136047427361.png - (397.57KB , 1160x1100 , 1357296135964.png )
I know I'm bringing up a somewhat random and a bit out of date issue but why is there so much damn fat art of the girls from the original Avatar but so few for Korra? I understand she's not very likable but who gives a shit? Props to our anon artist for doing this at least.
Hell I'd commission some but it seems like all the good artists even available for commission have either vanished or don't want anymore money.
>> No. 3847
File 136047546060.jpg - (1.48MB , 1614x1275 , 134568917353.jpg )
Here's one from seriojainc. I have to admit though, she kind of resembles a goron here. Idk, maybe it's just me
>> No. 3848
File 136047555435.png - (147.90KB , 834x864 , Goron_(Ocarina_of_Time).png )
Can't unsee
>> No. 3852
Depending on how prickish you wanted to be, Splashwoman could be considered /co/ related in the same sense Sonic characters are.
>> No. 3857
Hey man, some fat fuck on DA is stealing your morphs

>> No. 3861
File 136055190957.png - (53.67KB , 500x537 , tumblr_inline_mhzhcdCq251qz4rgp.png )
I expected as much since it's dA. Thanks for letting me know. Just report and move on though; not worth a bunch of drama.
>> No. 3869
File 13606291599.jpg - (469.80KB , 1280x1876 , tumblr_mi11yqEiwa1rt8x2co3_r1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 3872
File 136064623512.jpg - (548.82KB , 2087x1333 , Korrasketch full.jpg )
I prefer my Korra resemble an insatiable glutton buried in a mountain of her own engorged flesh.
>> No. 3874
File 136064702956.jpg - (234.67KB , 1280x692 , 1350571063419.jpg )
> unfettered gluttony goddess

Also, B-Mage, are you officially posting of your new stuff anywhere? 'Cause your tumblr and deviantART seem dead.
>> No. 3875
This was a trade, incentives make my pen talk
However given my current... bankruptcy, I've been considering finally accepting commissions.
I have become what I hate, I have no set posting routine.
I was enjoying anonymity on these chans but you guys keep sniffing me out!
>> No. 3876
File 136066129390.gif - (1.75MB , 358x202 , Reactionface127.gif )
Fucking glorious
>> No. 3877
Insatiable gluttons are the best gluttons.
>> No. 3883
you must have a gallery of your work

please sir
>> No. 3884

Don't make me trade you Asami writefag for Asami fatblob, you cocktease.

Because I will.
>> No. 3904

Provide an AIM or email and I'd be down with providing Asami-related blobbery for such an exchange
>> No. 3906
File 136077575438.png - (507.92KB , 1000x1000 , 136062976759.png )
Some Prequel stuff
>> No. 3907
File 136077579663.png - (524.16KB , 1000x1000 , 136074389440.png )
>> No. 3908
File 136077591094.png - (578.95KB , 1000x1000 , 136074391070.png )
>> No. 3909
File 136077596845.png - (277.37KB , 634x567 , 136074394655.png )
>> No. 3911
Oh golly, I love this forever!
>> No. 3913

>> No. 3915
File 136079320989.jpg - (155.68KB , 900x1257 , birdgirl_bbw_by_theamericandream-d5us3gj.jpg )
>> No. 3916
File 136079939456.jpg - (38.84KB , 500x375 , gangrel is pleased.jpg )
what the hey now
>> No. 3945
File 136091592990.png - (575.62KB , 1220x1509 , tumblr_mi6wh7RMCR1rzsin3o2_1280.png )
Can always count on Homestuck/tumblr for the occasional somethin'-somethin'.
>> No. 3958
File 136099240970.png - (783.71KB , 929x855 , tumblr_miasbmAaUk1r0uk07o1_1280.png )
>> No. 3959
So i found this gallery of B-mages stuff.

>> No. 3963
File 136103329042.jpg - (6.94KB , 251x234 , 1344544057783.jpg )
>most good fat artists have migrated to tumblr
>go to tumblr
>the search function is so goddamn ass backwards you can't easily find anything
>search results for anything fat related are whining feminists screeching about "fat-shaming"
>> No. 3964
Clearly, we need someone to compile a list of the best fat art Tumblrs, I would do it but I'm not going near that place with a ten foot pole.
>> No. 3966
yeah but that fionna pic is on her devfart too
>> No. 3971
Use this, http://tumview.com/

Put tumblr ID in the bar, get strictly pictures, no bullshit
>> No. 3972
Yeah but this doesn't actually help searching the whole site. This is only good if you find somebody's page.
>> No. 3975
B-Mage, I'm sooooo ready to commission you some immobile girls!
>> No. 3978
File 136113093639.png - (405.59KB , 696x900 , 246163__UNOPT__safe_humanized_princess-celestia_fa.png )
I'll just leave this here
>> No. 3980
File 136115003119.jpg - (612.49KB , 1200x838 , patulena_and_medusa_by_yer_keij_fer_cash-d4bnhg5.jpg )
Ah, fattened goddesses! One of my ridiculously specific subfetishes!
>> No. 3981
Man, there are days when I want to bang out a pretty extensive crop of weight gain fiction.

But then I take my hand off my dick and realize, holy shit, that would be a lot of time and effort.
>> No. 3984
Just made my first tumblr account, what tumblrs should i be following?
>> No. 3986
File 136122426066.png - (1.23MB , 1754x1240 , i_can_pinch_an_inch_anywhere_by_axel_rosered-d5utv.png )
>> No. 3988
File 136124166773.png - (362.11KB , 842x1089 , tumblr_mifwhffwms1qj4glgo1_1280.png )
Aw yeah, Strongfat Jasmine
>> No. 3989
The only drawn-fat tumblrs I really know about are

fatline (theamericandream
thekdubs (kawaiidebu)
deep-in-the-debu (debu rabu)
blockdevil (kaigetsudo)
grimdesignworks (grim-kun)

and also chubnbump :v
>> No. 3990
Oh HELL yeah. There isn't nearly enough awesome strongfat art out there.
>> No. 3991
File 136124464346.png - (128.18KB , 500x416 , tumblr_inline_mhg466YeLI1qhpuk5.png )

don't forget blubberdots
>> No. 3993
Cube IS Blubberdots.
>> No. 3994
Yeah, I knew that. Just saying don't forget about it.
>> No. 4004
File 136127086836.png - (448.65KB , 900x1413 , tumblr_migjffhC4b1r60kulo1_1280.png )
>> No. 4011
File 136333054712.jpg - (546.13KB , 1000x993 , tumblr_mjdig1zdAF1rzfgq6o1_1280.jpg )
And we're back.
>> No. 4012
File 136333095515.jpg - (1.11MB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mjijdsoGP51rzfgq6o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 4014
File 136335093133.jpg - (1.68MB , 2687x1920 , HRC2.jpg )
>> No. 4015
File 13633717584.png - (117.96KB , 552x373 , 5mTFdMS.png )
Holy shit finally. This place is becoming more unreliable by the day.
>> No. 4022
File 136337963210.png - (138.49KB , 631x553 , 1363151366520.png )
Glad this place is finally back up! Now that we're back, anyone have any pics planned for St. Patty's Day? Any ideas? Hint: We definitely need some more beer-bellied, drunken women
>> No. 4023
File 136337978984.png - (463.57KB , 714x600 , wendy_fat_1.png )
>> No. 4024
File 136337987488.png - (0.96MB , 952x768 , wendy_fat_2.png )
>> No. 4025
File 136338088347.png - (7.33KB , 397x201 , _blob_roxy.png )
>> No. 4026
File 136338090412.jpg - (301.05KB , 1318x1600 , ATFionaxl001.jpg )
>> No. 4027
File 136338098650.jpg - (206.54KB , 956x1200 , 135520195460.jpg )
>> No. 4028
File 136338100195.jpg - (622.18KB , 1600x3070 , quorra__s_weight_gain_by_satsurou-d3lc8lp.jpg )
>> No. 4029
File 136338103780.jpg - (348.63KB , 1126x1500 , fat_wonder_woman_by_satsurou-d3a5591.jpg )
>> No. 4030
File 136338111681.jpg - (55.15KB , 591x846 , SheRa[2].jpg )
>> No. 4038
File 136338706454.jpg - (173.44KB , 500x500 , tumblr_inline_mj5lkzTU0f1qhkpyx.jpg )
I got at least one idea! But that's about it vOv
>> No. 4039
File 136338850317.jpg - (235.14KB , 1000x997 , tumblr_mjborvjqaV1rzfgq6o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 4040
File 136338856668.png - (190.57KB , 781x1178 , tumblr_mimfaz15Pc1rzsin3o2_1280.png )
>> No. 4042
File 136339035695.png - (88.45KB , 633x705 , pacifica.png )
Bit hesitant to post this as I've definitely done better but content is content I suppose.
>> No. 4045
File 136340210877.png - (35.65KB , 372x437 , tumblr_inline_mjd1spXrVh1qhpuk5.png )
Would it happen to involve Kim by any chance? Because I'm perfectly fine with that
>> No. 4054
File 136341164075.jpg - (104.39KB , 715x1118 , asami_by_sonier103-d5nmou3.jpg )
>> No. 4055
File 136341186515.jpg - (211.92KB , 1418x1600 , newgiscolor.jpg )
>> No. 4065
File 136345223630.png - (208.87KB , 1139x1012 , 1363189025869.png )
>> No. 4111
File 136364464142.png - (272.07KB , 878x947 , Kim_Pine__Beer_Gut.png )
>> No. 4117
File 13637318852.png - (3.14MB , 2200x2000 , commission__batgirl_and_robin___pt_1_of_3_by_ray_n.png )
>> No. 4122
File 136374620112.png - (568.38KB , 534x936 , 1319844711883.png )
here we go again!
>> No. 4123
dat belly
>> No. 4124
File 13637496899.png - (299.49KB , 768x1024 , 128399905481.png )
>>4122 Wasn't there a third part with her basically on top of him?
>> No. 4125
File 136375227560.png - (209.33KB , 535x935 , damian_s_demise_by_kawaiidebu-d4g8tdy.png )
>>4122 Never mind, found it.
>> No. 4126
File 136375236727.png - (1.13MB , 1048x1397 , potp_01.png )
>> No. 4127
File 136375239852.png - (325.98KB , 721x875 , clover2_lsml.png )
>> No. 4128
File 136375251384.png - (232.87KB , 1014x1352 , 136067702548.png )
>> No. 4129
File 136375253679.jpg - (508.34KB , 768x1024 , pix copy.jpg )
>> No. 4132
File 136376330212.jpg - (402.16KB , 700x700 , StuffedMitzii.jpg )
>> No. 4134
So where have you been Dustin?
>> No. 4137
File 136386204820.png - (1.14MB , 1240x1161 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___prologue_by_axel_rosered-.png )
Still hell bent on fattening up the comic multiverse, Wanda continues her rotund rampage on heroes across the borders.

Carol is strangely unaffected by Wanda's pudge inducing powers.
>> No. 4138
File 136386228535.png - (2.37MB , 1361x1680 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_1___big_barda_by_axel_.png )
Barda likewise, is unchanged.
>> No. 4140
File 136386769933.jpg - (1.30MB , 2953x3307 , haunted_buffet_by_thepervertwithin-d5rq012.jpg )
So if Wanda wins (and we're all rooting for her, surely) is Axel gonna have to draw every woman from all comics ever as a fattie?
>> No. 4150
File 136390569538.png - (2.96MB , 1350x2100 , art_trade__super_sized_silk_spectre_ii_by_ray_norr.png )
Well hey, speaking of making all the comic wimmenz fat...
>> No. 4151
File 136392156898.gif - (39.82KB , 400x417 , kim_animation.gif )
>> No. 4153
File 136392670392.png - (623.21KB , 1500x1224 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_2___harley_and_ivy_by_.png )
Fatten ALL the comic book characters!
>> No. 4156
File 136399522079.jpg - (750.43KB , 1300x1175 , Natofox Nude.jpg )
Based B-Mage
>> No. 4158
hahaha what

is that from that north korean thing
>> No. 4160
I do believe it is.
>> No. 4161
File 136401502386.jpg - (264.55KB , 1500x685 , southern_hospitality_by_b_mage-d5yw26d.jpg )
Yup, Lt. Fox Vixen (I don't know if that's even her real name, but it's what /co/'s calling her.)

I really don't care for slob or immobile, but hey, good new b-mage art is good new b-mage art.
>> No. 4166
File 136404037171.jpg - (56.13KB , 536x600 , 135779047339.jpg )
Nice to see some more good Avatar WG for once.
>> No. 4169
File 136408392212.jpg - (475.82KB , 1158x1600 , meridia.jpg )

>morbidly obese Silk Spectre

10/10, would read and laugh at Alan Moore's Rage
>> No. 4170
I'm willing to bet his response would be
"Still better than Before Watchmen."
>> No. 4172
File 13641015321.jpg - (174.84KB , 535x694 , frankie_s_weakness_by_tastyc0l0rs-d5z1opu.jpg )
>> No. 4173
>The tongue on the smiley, as if to be licking up ketchup.
subtle humor is the best humor.
>> No. 4177
File 136416195331.jpg - (67.20KB , 1280x720 , 1364160385252.jpg )
So-this finally happened.

It's in the episode Fairly Odd Pet.
>> No. 4179
Bah, merely allergy-induced inflation rather than true weight gain.
>> No. 4182
File 136418719871.png - (520.55KB , 1240x1712 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep3___mrs__incredible_by_.png )
>> No. 4183
File 136418787329.png - (1.92MB , 1240x1449 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_4___black_cat_by_axel_.png )
I'm almost tempted to get involved in this but I really don't want to support Axel's transition to full jew.
>> No. 4184
Axel can convert to whatever faith he wants, just so long as he doesn't stop drawing.
>> No. 4201
yeah really, no way I'm shelling out cash for a fucking raffle
>> No. 4202
It would replace Saturday Morning Watchmen as his favorite adaptation.
>> No. 4203
...isn't that how raffles usually work?
>> No. 4204
I think he meant paying for a raffle instead of just paying for a commission
>> No. 4211
File 136428636717.png - (2.89MB , 2136x1584 , commission__batgirl_and_robin___part_2_of_3_by_ray.png )
>> No. 4219
File 136437538258.png - (131.42KB , 480x536 , honey_beer_binge.png )
not the best sketch; just more practicing

inspired by a thread on 4chan
>> No. 4221
File 136440607834.png - (837.21KB , 1350x1434 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_5___evil_lyn_and_teela.png )
>> No. 4222
File 136440611780.png - (525.06KB , 1240x1754 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_6___atom_eve_by_axel_r.png )
>> No. 4223
File 136440621487.png - (633.89KB , 1240x1754 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_7___vampirella_by_axel.png )
>> No. 4224
File 136440650039.png - (588.89KB , 1240x1754 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_8___psylocke_by_axel_r.png )
>> No. 4229
File 136442944244.jpg - (183.19KB , 1160x1600 , jrab004.jpg )
>> No. 4232
File 136446160495.png - (253.72KB , 768x858 , honey_beer_binge.png )
>> No. 4235

Another job well done. :)
>> No. 4239
There is not nearly enough He-Man fatties. Thank you.
>> No. 4243
File 136455887717.png - (799.78KB , 1950x1500 , 362035846.png )
>> No. 4250
File 136465694177.png - (525.58KB , 1240x1754 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_10___clobberella_by_ax.png )
>> No. 4251
File 136473878874.jpg - (46.60KB , 874x131 , 47773766.jpg )
Just a premise I liked someone brought up in a Korra thread.
>> No. 4256
File 136479687191.png - (338.20KB , 1024x1448 , commission___fat_uranus_by_axel_rosered-d5zgu2d.png )
I do love that Axel's gotten a lot better at drawing actual fat girls, as opposed to just inflated girls.
>> No. 4257
I brought that up. And I may get to it after I'm done with the Misato WG story I'm doing.
>> No. 4259
File 136480245780.png - (555.46KB , 720x2088 , disneys.png )
Haven't posted anything in a while, so have some Disneys
>> No. 4262
File 136480376086.png - (443.98KB , 1024x1651 , commission___150__belly_by_axel_rosered-d5z8cuj.png )
Donut, I wish you would post more often. Your stuff is great!

Also, that freckled tummy is glorious!
>> No. 4263
Great seeing you again Mr Donut
>> No. 4269
Donut why don't you have a deviantart or at least a tumblr >:(
>> No. 4270
File 136484181796.jpg - (31.52KB , 301x372 , Brave-Queen-Elinor.jpg )
Nice to see something from Brave, I hope you do her mom at some point.
>> No. 4273
"Dad, just because she was a bear doesn't mean she should now eat like one."
>> No. 4274
Agreed, but... not exactly /co/ related. I hope they aren't deleted.
>> No. 4276
File 136485761789.png - (2.96MB , 2193x1665 , merida__s_monarchical_mealtime_by_sneakylittlebast.png )
I certainly hope you do. Looking forward to it!

Well, there's this.
>> No. 4279
File 136486091527.jpg - (67.70KB , 378x543 , joy6a.jpg )

I hope I do her mom at some point, too.

*Ba dum, tish*
>> No. 4287
File 136494496252.png - (3.91MB , 1860x2360 , commission__batgirl_and_robin___part_3_of_3_by_ray.png )
>> No. 4289
What a great sequence.
>> No. 4290
So uh, I don't know the etiquette about this, but is anyone into RP around these parts?

It's close to impossible to find any partners who are into comics.
>> No. 4291
File 136496413768.jpg - (38.10KB , 510x283 , pema_by_hinata17kati-d4x2bvt.jpg )
Well, the Misato fic is done. Here it is if anyone's interested.


Now on to the Pema fic. Trying to decide how best to approach it...
>> No. 4294
File 136502797911.jpg - (2.43MB , 3902x2359 , not_so_skinny_dipping_by_tubbytoon-d60bmdl.jpg )
>> No. 4296
Man, what happened with TubbyToon? He used to be real good, but then fell into sameface/samebody.
>> No. 4297
File 136503151738.png - (546.11KB , 1240x1754 , no_more_skinny_girls___ep_11___gwen_by_axel_rosere.png )
>> No. 4299
File 13650350216.gif - (810.27KB , 500x280 , tumblr_mg7009tlcO1rbavngo1_500.gif )
>> No. 4300
File 136503816995.png - (774.28KB , 1704x1275 , no_more_skinny_girls___ep_13___april_o_niel_by_axe.png )
>> No. 4301
File 13650381932.png - (432.46KB , 1240x1504 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_14___kitty_pride_by_ax.png )
>> No. 4302
TubbyToon ships Gwen and that gooey thing from Secret of the Omnitrix in a feeder/gainer relationship.
>> No. 4303
It's an immobile Gwen Tennyson "soaking" in a tub of her blob-alien boyfriend. Duh.
>> No. 4304
Yeah sure, you got an email or something?
>> No. 4311
Actually, those pics are commissions, so the commissioner ships them.
>> No. 4312
Sure, hit me up whenever.
>> No. 4314
File 136511781091.png - (721.45KB , 1240x1754 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep16____she_hulk_by_axel_.png )
>> No. 4315
File 136511832352.png - (871.55KB , 1240x1650 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_18___power_girl_by_axe.png )
>> No. 4317
Man I have wanted an image like that of Repunzel forever.

Incidentally, I'm amazed there is no fatty art of Pam. She's basically perfect.
>> No. 4318
she's already perfect tho

also no one ever draws fatty art of already fat characters

therefore i will commission a thin of she
>> No. 4319
File 13651319754.png - (569.34KB , 1350x1374 , NMSG25.png )
>> No. 4320
File 136513200448.png - (0.98MB , 1240x1530 , NMSG26.png )
>> No. 4325
File 136514082874.png - (522.98KB , 1024x1303 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_17___felina_and_callie.png )
Crag, why are you still here? I thought you were tired of this stuff.
>> No. 4326
File 136514287964.png - (152.41KB , 792x646 , wendy.png )
Friend put me in a Mood
>> No. 4327
File 136514392510.png - (526.56KB , 1240x1754 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_15___pixie_by_axel_ros.png )
Wish I had more helpful commentary than "That was good, I really enjoyed it," but here we are.

Pema seems like it might be harder to write a story about since we don't know all that much about her and Tenzin's early family life, but then again that gives you more freedom to determine the details on your own, so I dunno.
>> No. 4329

Goblin, is that you? I haven't seen you in months man, I thought your internet just outright crapped itself.
>> No. 4331
im here to support the right every man has to fap to whatever he wants, be it placed upon the proper board

seriously don't post it on regular /co/ guys it just causes butt drama

>> No. 4333
File 136519886290.png - (103.63KB , 500x369 , tumblr_mkrb5n0ywq1rdwnlro5_500.png )
If you're gonna post, then would you mind trying to add content to the thread while you do so? I hardly ever see you post anything worthwhile and most of the time you just spam the threads.
>> No. 4334
File 13652047644.jpg - (305.22KB , 720x900 , Toph_2___Toph_Larger_by_Babylon_15dl.jpg )
I don't know if you've picked up on this, but Crag is a completely worthless shitposter. Always has been.
>> No. 4335
File 136520631443.png - (115.95KB , 737x752 , 1358653497094.png )
hey aren't you that spess station guy
>> No. 4340
Why in the fuck would anyone save this
>> No. 4341
Don't like your old work Baba?
it's ok, I can't stand looking at my old stuff either
>> No. 4342
File 136525629813.jpg - (2.38MB , 2100x1500 , Tetra+Charmed.jpg )

Don't be hard on yourself. I think that's a pretty good work.

Of course, when I saw it I got to thinking. . . everyone always depicts Fat Toph as raunchy and loving it, but I sort of like the idea she overeats, becomes obese and then is just sort of depressed about it. Like her normal ribald spirit is smothered under the fat and all that makes her happy is more eating.

But maybe I'm just a sadist.
>> No. 4343
File 136526028424.jpg - (286.98KB , 639x1152 , Toph_by_GAIN_OVER.jpg )
At the time, it was by far the best fat Toph picture on the internet. I still think it's better than you give it credit for.

I think it's more that she's all, "UGH, running a country is BORING! I just wanna have adventures and beat up bad guys!" (The throne makes me feel like she's in charge of some shit, I dunno, viewer interpretation.)
>> No. 4345
File 136529839739.png - (12.89KB , 500x500 , 129962385480.png )
Thank you for proving my point

In all seriousness though, please stop shitposting
>> No. 4350
File 136537163885.jpg - (607.92KB , 1257x808 , wga_lunch_line_by_gain_over-d60t6og.jpg )
what is up with this crazy school

do they even have regional accreditation
>> No. 4354
This picture actually reminds me, did anyone happen to save that image Dustin did of Tetra massively inflated and doing the superbad deed, he posted it on /co/ once long long ago and I never saved it
>> No. 4355
File 136539625268.jpg - (1.47MB , 2063x1240 , booby_trapped_by_axel_rosered-d57yt3b.jpg )
Unfortunately I had no idea he made one like that, but you can have this one instead
>> No. 4359
File 136543477164.png - (781.64KB , 1690x1312 , BootyShock - AndSomeTits.png )
I don't even like my "new" work and barely tolerate what I'm working on right now
Is this honestly what people called me, that's almost worse than "Baby Lon"

You've each got half of the answer; I was hoping to imply that she's morose over both her weight and the lack of adventure she experiences as a figure of importance.

Fucking hell though, the perspective in that picture makes me wish I could nuke other people's hard-drives
>> No. 4360
File 136543587234.png - (108.24KB , 606x505 , blimp.png )
Don't take it personally, I am incapable of formally addressing people and just cut their name down to 1-2 syllable nickname. You can still hate me for it, just don't take it personal
If thats a sample of recent work I can see what you mean about being unhappy with your current appearance from your art. But the picture doesn't look unprofessional, it appears more like you're trying to force something that's just not sticking right now. I get that way from time to time. I spend several weeks doing sketches that I can't seem to find my flow in. I start with a simple framework that looks awkward and crappy and I keep trying to add onto it hoping I'll fix the flaws as I go but it's just not happening. It's really a pain to have ideas and desire to draw but feeling like there is some disconnect between your imagination and your hand. Just don't sweat it, you'll find your artistic center again.
>> No. 4365
File 13654555899.png - (124.00KB , 480x615 , marie_sketch.png )
Saw a request for this over at inflatechan, so I thought I'd have a go at it. Any pointers?
>> No. 4369
File 136546300745.png - (1.70MB , 1536x2048 , Power Girl kara_2011_ver_by_kawaiidebu-d3l4735.png )
The best way to get people to stop posting an old picture you hate is to do a new, better version. Worked for kdubs!

(I realize that sounds like I'm fishing for free art, but I'm mostly just being cheeky.)
>> No. 4370
If you're trying to get back into the fatty fandom in one way or another, does this mean you can re-add me?
>> No. 4372
File 136546701372.png - (183.45KB , 698x1189 , sc.png )
Might as well post this just 'cause.
>> No. 4383
The irony here of course is that everyone still posts the old version of Powergirl. :/
>> No. 4385
File 136548145481.jpg - (172.04KB , 593x755 , Power Girl_Maou Alba 1.jpg )
Well, much like the Toph pic in question it was best-in-class for quite a well. Circulation was widespread enough that not everyone got the updated model.
>> No. 4387
File 136549353388.png - (618.57KB , 1397x980 , 135744965928.png )
>> No. 4389
File 136549868156.png - (139.13KB , 610x803 , marie_slob.png )
>> No. 4403

I like!
>> No. 4404
File 136562576625.png - (12.88KB , 406x352 , tumblr_lz5hn5OkyH1qftpeyo1_500.png )
I REALLY wish Squidbiscuit would draw more chubby women. She's got a great style, but about 99% of her gallery is male.
>> No. 4409
Hey, is Blubberdotstoo gone?
>> No. 4411
Moved back to the original address, apparently.
>> No. 4412
Yeah, it's back to the old name. Now it just needs more artwork
>> No. 4416
File 136565167346.jpg - (477.84KB , 1920x1080 , 0012.jpg )
Honestly, one thing I've learned in my writing of weight gain fanfiction, and of all fiction really, is that you need to show people the money fairly quickly. Whether it's the weight gain itself, or the gluttony, or even some non-fetish-specific good writing, people need to be entertained right from the get-go. Reading shouldn't be a chore.

So I might skip a decent chunk of time and just have a future in which Pema has five kids and is pretty fucking fat already. Maybe a look at her life as a glutton.

I'm also enamored with the idea of getting Korra involved- not as a gainer, but as a feeder. I like the idea of Korra making regular trips to Air Temple Island as a break from her Avatar duties, and when Tenzin isn't around she helps Pema stuff herself silly.
>> No. 4421
File 136565468131.png - (281.29KB , 750x712 , rammysbutt.png )
eh, didn't think anyone really noticed the new one to begin with! I'll try to do more pictures though, been busy with classes.

Here's Ramona's butt. Though it's kinda hard to tell it's her I guess.
>> No. 4424
File 136566424296.png - (576.62KB , 624x934 , velma_swimsuit.png )
If you're pretty busy or need a break, you can post these to the tumblr to tide people over if you like.

Also, new morph for you guys too.
>> No. 4429
More morphs!
>> No. 4430
Hey Cube, you might wanna fix the newest pic on your tumblr. It's not coming up
>> No. 4436
Well lookie here, it's the kind of asshole that she hates.
Aren't you special.
>> No. 4437
I really hope you feel terrible knowing you're part of the problem.
>> No. 4439
File 136575770420.png - (446.78KB , 1024x990 , commission___clean_plate_club_initiation_by_axel_r.png )
Whoa there, no need to be hostile. It was just a suggestion.

However, after reading the comment again I can understand why people are angry with it. I probably should've worded it better. Although I would like to see her draw females, no one's forcing her to do so. If she ever does, great; If not, no problem. She's still a talented artist.

Anyway, I apologize if the comment came off as rude.
>> No. 4441
Go back to tumblr.
>> No. 4442
File 136580254398.jpg - (69.02KB , 522x739 , 123496573570.jpg )
...gonna need the source to this one.
>> No. 4443
What problem? That some people certain content over another? There's nothing wrong with people wanting more stuff to appeal to them. Maybe you haven't considered that they like her style, but can't whack off to guys. Why don't you climb down from your ivory tower and focus on real "problems?"
Good. If she gets that bent out of shape out of people liking her fat girls over fat guys, I wouldn't want to be on good terms with her anyway.
>> No. 4449
File 136586522562.png - (15.98KB , 353x555 , lspwantsfoodfromyourparents.png )
cmon guys don't start a shitstorm
>> No. 4450
File 13658772943.png - (308.74KB , 414x940 , Roselinen overstuffed.png )
>I'm also enamored with the idea of getting Korra involved- not as a gainer, but as a feeder. I like the idea of Korra making regular trips to Air Temple Island as a break from her Avatar duties, and when Tenzin isn't around she helps Pema stuff herself silly.

Mite b cool. Young, muscled Korra could create a nice contrast with middle-aged, fat-as-hell Pema.

'Course I'm more of a "FUCK CONTRAST FATTEN ALL THE GIRLS" kinda guy, but that's just me.
>> No. 4452
I am definitely in favor of buff-chick/fat-chick hotness.
>> No. 4455
File 136590643721.jpg - (1.65MB , 1470x2096 , Alice Fatness Returns.jpg )
>> No. 4469
File 136595064077.png - (18.75KB , 668x552 , 1365048986980.png )

I'm also of the FATTEN EM, FATTEN 'EM ALL variety but there is something uniquely delicious about a young, horny buff girl like Korra feeding up a MILF till she's having trouble getting out of bed.

Besides, I can definitely see Korra being sort of a mischievous feeder, never really admitting what she's up to but getting more aggressive and excited with every flabby pound Pema packs on.
>> No. 4480

Say it ain't so!
>> No. 4482
File 136600005151.png - (218.89KB , 728x877 , tf2___princess_bubblegut_by_master_p_123-d4qrmlo.png )
I wouldn't worry too much, he may just need a break from it. No harm in that. I just hope he continues it though since it's very relevant to my "interests."
>> No. 4483
File 136600111267.jpg - (57.86KB , 570x541 , kim.jpg )
Worse comes to worse I do a different character for a while. Or just not do anything for like a few weeks
>> No. 4485

Is there some sort of ongoing controversy over this artist or something
Has she gotten harassed about not drawing chicks or something
>> No. 4489
Not that I know of. I just said that she has a great art style and I wish she would draw more women. Apparently, that struck a nerve with some of her fans and they've been upset over it.
>> No. 4491
Not sure either, but it might be because male wg stuff is rare. Imagine if every artist in this threadl did nothing but male wg, except for one. Then someone asks that one to do male wg. You'd be annoyed too.
>> No. 4497
File 136608235223.png - (167.46KB , 587x827 , 1331779088462.png )
Except the fact that there are plenty of male wg artists out there as well.
How do you feel about people bitching at female wg artists to do male wg? Cause that shit happens too
>> No. 4498
File 136608448167.png - (436.87KB , 855x969 , tumblr_mew2j0UQBh1rtvjudo1_1280.png )
>>Male fatties are rare.
Where exactly? FA and DA seem to have a large population that favor dudes over anything else if you actually look for them. I can understand sensitivity over the drama that can start over trying to get people to draw something the mob wants, but don't go spouting fallacies because you only look at a few select artists.
>> No. 4500
File 136608766316.jpg - (267.55KB , 1920x1080 , 0368.jpg )
Pema guy here- or presumptive Pema guy. Ha ha.

Apart from all the other projects I'm juggling, one of the things that's holding me back is that I really have no idea what Pema would be fattening up WITH. I've no idea the sort of food that would be on hand at Air Temple Island. Aang always mentioned the Air Nomads' famous fruit pies in ATLA, so that's definitely an option, but beyond that, I don't know what to do.

He did also say they were vegetarians. Is that something Tenzin would enforce? Probably, I guess. Which maybe means that Korra would sneak Pema meat and fried foods, which she would gobble up gluttonously.
>> No. 4501
FurAffinity is almost all dudes. Almost all of the decent artists that do both draw mostly guys/gay fat art. Sedit, HungryJackal, even Guyfuy are a lot more male wg-oriented now. I would be lying if I said I didn't want more art of fat girls over there, but I'm not going to call them straight-phobic misandrist bigots who need to cater to my tastes to those that feel otherwise. Nobody owes anything to anyone, not me, or the tumblr crybabies. At least you, me, or anyone else can appeal to the artists so they can appeal to any one of us. Hell, why not get exactly what you want and commission someone? Whatever, I guess our niche fat fetish privilege needs checking.
>> No. 4502
Maybe Tenzin does enforce it. But Pema hates vegetables. So she lives almost entirely off of carbs, dairy and sugar. Cutting out meat wildly worsens her diet.
>> No. 4505
Yeah, you've got to use your imagination a little. So the Air Nomads don't eat meat for spiritual reasons, apart from that they don't seem that hung up on dietary restrictions (their fondness for baking sweets, for example) and Air Temple Island is literally minutes away from the biggest, richest, and most culturally diverse city in their world, so I'm pretty sure Pema would have ready access to a positively orgiastic amount and variety of foods if she wanted to.

And say she does have trouble fulfilling her gluttonous desires among the usually ascetic Air Nomads, that just means she has to get creative. For instance, I'm betting that their little monastery has lots of noodles, butter, cheese and other dairy foods in their stores, and you know how fattening cream-based pasta dishes can be, hell even just a lot of buttered noodles would be a massive carb-and-fat bomb by itself.
>> No. 4506
I was actually discussing realistic ways for this to play out the other day with a friend, I'm not a big fan of fit chicks (all girls get fat type myself) and I was thinking something like this would be the playout:
-Pema has a history of being a bit bi, nothing wild but something she definitely had to give up in marrying Tenzin and living on an island with basically nothing but male monks
-Korra the first female to be living on the island, young, attractive, Pema finds a longing for a female connection again makes the first advancement on Korra
-The relationship is nothing majorly sexual, more emotional at first, perhaps Pema offers to give Korra some sensual massages to help relax her chi, intimate touching under the guise of helping her be a better bender
-The bond they develop is very special, Neither is suddenly a lesbian of course, they both still have the men in their lives for love.
-Korra needs to leave for several months on Avatar business, Pema is used to letting her desires cool for long periods but Korra quickly misses having an older female to bond with an during her time away seeks out a new (whatever she wants to call this relationship)
-Since no women in Book 1 seem to fit the bill and we don't know much about book 2 yet I'd just thinking this new woman is an OC
-Korra find a new woman close to Pema's age who is open to the relationship but she already has grandkids
-New fling is a different dynamic then what she had with Pema, where Pema was soft and nurturing this new woman is motherly, dotting, she is very over bearing and controls Korra to a degree while spoiling her with fresh baked sweets.
-Korra returns to air nomad island now chubby, nothing major maybe 200 or so pounds
-Pema quickly finds Korra's interest in their relationship has changed, after months being somewhat suppressed Korra is very aggressive and dominate, Also she has developed an interest in bringing large qaunities of sweets and junk food to the island to stuff Pema with
-Korra takes a liking to the control over the soft (and physically softening) and becomes more controlling, often ordering Pema around and making choices for her.
-Pema walks around the island pretending everything is normal while hiding the extra weight under her robes as well as the sexual clothing Korra has ordered her to wear.
-As Pema gets fatter and more submissive she too wants an outlet to be in control, Jinora and Ikki find their mother forcing more and more food on their plates, protests to the 3rd and 4th helpings are met with a stern "I'm you're mother and you will eat what I tell you"
>> No. 4508
I support this storyline idea.
>> No. 4511
I am definitely in favor of Jinora and Ikki getting in on this.

In fact, the initial buff-Korra-and-fat-Pema concept put the idea in my head that family meals would indeed get bigger and bigger, which Ikki would eagerly chow down on and begin to plump up herself, while Jinora would notice her mother and sister's expanding figures and resist, beginning an intense workout regimen to keep herself in shape...

Man, there's a whole bunch of paths this idea could take, isn't there?
>> No. 4515
Whoa, this is rapidly developing beyond the confines of a single story. We might even have to create some kind of story ring to contain all of this.

And I must say I'm kind of tickled by the thought of Korra NTRing Tenzin with his own obese wife. The girl's sexual appetites just cannot be satisfied.
>> No. 4516
File 136617346962.jpg - (135.46KB , 2048x1152 , The-Last-Airbender-The-Legend-of-Korra-the-last-ai.jpg )
"I want ALL the boyfriends! And your wife! And your daughters! And Asami!

And you gotta DEAL WITH IT!"
>> No. 4517
Welcome to what happened in the hypno threads with Mezmerella
>> No. 4518
File 136618447310.jpg - (167.41KB , 808x502 , tanuka 2.jpg )
Hey, fellas, its nice to think about fatty stories, but could you please post some pictures to go with your potential content?
>> No. 4519
File 136618737093.jpg - (64.63KB , 931x859 , commission___tastefully_peach_by_axel_rosered-d613.jpg )
>> No. 4521
File 136620004477.jpg - (231.23KB , 1228x2480 , katara_weight_experiment_by_berkhana-d4tsfii.jpg )
>Korra fattens up Pema
>Pema's daughters end up fat
>Much later, they have their own fat daughters
>Korra's horniness becomes directly responsible for establishing a cultural tradition of obesity in Airbender/Air Nomad women

And then Asami invents McDonalds and ALL TEH GIRLS ARE FATS OF SHE
>> No. 4524
File 136625191446.gif - (819.64KB , 400x315 , tumblr_mj8eh2yf061s6helgo1_400.gif )
Kind of wish we could have seen a "logical conclusion" to this.
>> No. 4526
Knowing Peter (if he has any sort of consistent characterization at this point) he'd take it much too far and Lois would wind up immobile.

Then he'd make Meg clean the shit out of her ass and wash her with a loofah.
>> No. 4527
File 136626157591.jpg - (53.45KB , 600x644 , Seen_my_hot_wife_anywhere__by_ChadRocco.jpg )
At least we have fan art to keep the memory alive
>> No. 4528
File 136626164867.jpg - (109.25KB , 800x475 , Marge_vs_Lois__Round_3_by_ChadRocco.jpg )
>> No. 4529
File 136626987566.png - (385.92KB , 511x480 , peg02.png )
Since I haven't drawn Peg yet, I thought I'd give her two more manips.
>> No. 4531
File 136627019756.png - (387.30KB , 511x480 , peg03.png )
And here's an alternate
>> No. 4532
To be honest, I'd actually would like to see that. Hell, we saw Peter immobile once in a pre-cancellation episode.
>> No. 4536
Don't forget this bit too
Family Guy - Peter Gabelstapleryoutube thumb
>> No. 4537
File 136633585299.png - (60.00KB , 299x235 , PG_preview.png )
Working on a new Powergirl pic. Should be done very soon.
>> No. 4545
File 136638304081.jpg - (40.62KB , 301x400 , 12.jpg )
>> No. 4546
File 13663832693.png - (216.85KB , 1280x1707 , tumblr_m989u8CAW91qj4glgo1_1280.png )
The fat train waddles on
>> No. 4547
the face looks kinda weird
>> No. 4550
Sorry dude, but I don't see it. Care to elaborate?
>> No. 4555
Not him but it just looks too tiny, or moreso her mouth and eyes seem too big.
>> No. 4558
File 136642751753.jpg - (130.38KB , 717x900 , sketch_commish__lois_griffin_by_royaljellysandwich.jpg )
You are entirely too deviant, /cod/. But if you insist...
>> No. 4563
File 136643931292.png - (253.74KB , 773x768 , starfire_stuffed.png )
Thanks for the tip, I think I can see what you guys mean. I'll try and improve it.
>> No. 4565
take a look at Axel's picture here >>4315 for a good example to follow
>> No. 4592
File 136663309882.jpg - (148.49KB , 638x500 , bem.jpg )
>> No. 4596
File 136667325921.png - (1.13MB , 1600x962 , battle_of_the_bulges___pink_ranger_vs__ryoko_by_ax.png )
unf, mah dick
>> No. 4600
File 136672074654.jpg - (356.93KB , 800x733 , 1364945519137.jpg )

>that Pink Ranger arm

My sides
>> No. 4617
Every once in a while I check in to see if melallensink started drawing fatties again.

One day I will learn my lesson.
>> No. 4633
File 136692413080.jpg - (74.39KB , 600x335 , watsdaword__To_the_Gills.jpg )
Quick question, does anyone happen to have any pics by an artist called Watsdaword? He use to do some pretty good stuff (pic related). One of his pics that I'm looking for is the fattened Pepper Potts (Iron Man) one he did
>> No. 4634
File 136692718287.jpg - (438.63KB , 1500x969 , 126492004747[1].jpg )
I loved that guy, but I mostly have his avatar stuff.
>> No. 4642
Anyone have his Wakfu drawings?
>> No. 4662
File 136702974932.png - (599.55KB , 768x994 , Power_Stuffed.png )
Cakes are overrated. Pancakes, however, are much more filling.
>> No. 4664

I have the picture you're talking about, but I'd have to look through around 7,000 images for it.

If I come across it though, I'll post it for ya.
>> No. 4665
Thanks dude, I appreciate that
>> No. 4666
Her head to neck ratio is not right, that neck needs to slim a bit and the top and back of her head needs to expand a little (the top of her skull feels small under the hair)
I also think you may have more luck with her expression of a burp if her gaze was more unfocused and eyebrows showing some complacency.
>> No. 4667
That's what I thought felt weird about her head earlier but didn't put it into words well.
>> No. 4669
File 136708395014.jpg - (3.80MB , 1250x1565 , fat daisy.jpg )
Look what I found in The Beano.
>> No. 4670
I'll probably go back and fix it later. It's not that big of a deal and I'm already working one another one right now.
>> No. 4671
sweet i look forward to more
>> No. 4725
File 136746658490.jpg - (3.60MB , 4254x2591 , avatar__shade_in_the_sun__warmth_in_the_cold_by_tu.jpg )
>> No. 4727
File 136754332377.png - (331.02KB , 1000x1109 , 136751460055.png )
New Fatia
>> No. 4729
I think Mai/Aang is everyone's secret crackship. Deep down, we'd all kind of love it if it happened.
>> No. 4731
As far as crackships go, I'm more of an Aang/Ty Lee guy. They're both just so happy and positive!

Hmm, TubbyToon's done an Aang/Azula and an Aang/Mai now. I wonder...
>> No. 4732
Tubbytoon's cool and everything, but the way he draws faces is kind of derpy.
>> No. 4735
That and those theories that Ty Lee's an Air Nomad descendant so she'd be ideal for repopulating the culture
>> No. 4736
File 136759295955.jpg - (297.96KB , 750x1099 , 1331328753340.jpg )
I think the majority of us are sane enough not to have secret ships or waste time shipping to begin with.
>> No. 4737
I'd like to think so too but I'm afraid the evidence is against me.
>> No. 4742
File 136764179954.png - (599.29KB , 768x994 , Power_Stuffed.png )
Fixed her head/neck a little bit
>> No. 4749
File 136768456239.jpg - (225.00KB , 565x352 , Red lines.jpg )
it's an improvement but I feel like the skull problems still trouble the picture
I hope this helps
>> No. 4751
File 136769594969.jpg - (34.64KB , 318x286 , axel_example.jpg )
Thanks for the advice, I see what you mean. I gave her a fatter face on purpose though considering how huge she is in the picture. Kind of like what Axel did in some of his newer Power Girl pics; pic related. I'll remember that for next time though, or if I go back and fix this one up again in the future. Seems like I've been doing more of the latter for a lot of my pics as of late.
>> No. 4752
File 136769757622.png - (51.59KB , 297x225 , cc_preview.png )
Anyway, here's a preview of my next pic. It's a tribute to a certain webcomic that people either loved, or loved to hate. Should have it done relatively soon.
>> No. 4753
It's not the face fat that is the issue, it's the fact her mouth is overlapping her chin, the lower jaw has no room there.
Seeing some of the same issue here, her lower lip is just a cm away from her chin curve
>> No. 4754
Going over your old stuff and finding things to improve as you get better over time is always rewarding and shows how far you're going.
>> No. 4755
File 136770324869.png - (45.56KB , 226x180 , face.png )
I see. Fixed the placement of the lower lip and mouth well as part of her face. Is this what you meant?

Very true. I usually keep the older ones to do a side-by-side comparison, and it really shows the improvements.
>> No. 4756
Yeah thats noticeably better
>> No. 4757
File 136771917448.png - (628.78KB , 791x1024 , Power_Stuffed__final.png )
Alright, final version. Sorry about the repeated posts; I've tried deleting the others, but it doesn't seem to work.
>> No. 4758
You're doing god's work, son.
>> No. 4759
Good stuff.
>> No. 4760
File 136772562782.png - (242.02KB , 317x360 , 1355968497674.png )
Just when I always think nothing more can be done with PG somebody proves me wrong. Kudos my good man.
>> No. 4761
File 136772575948.png - (1.13MB , 1600x962 , battle_of_the_bulges___katara_vs__impa_by_axel_ros.png )
Thanks for the critiques. I do appreciate them. I'll definitely remember this stuff for any future pics. Already went back to my next pic and fixed a few things.
>> No. 4762
File 136774699522.jpg - (284.28KB , 660x759 , 1356757516451.jpg )
can't wait to see it
also I'm hoping you do more Korra down the line, personally its my hands down favorite work you've done
>> No. 4763
File 136775189363.png - (712.17KB , 1024x1363 , no_more_skinny_girls_2___ep_18___power_girl_by_axe.png )
Sure, I'll see what I can come up with down the line. May take another break after these other pics though. I'm getting burned out again.
>> No. 4765
File 13678258844.jpg - (180.53KB , 700x700 , GhastlyRough.jpg )
Here's something I scribbled out, any input would be great!
>> No. 4766
Lookin' good! Hope you do some of those suggestions from that /co/ thread before it got deleted.
>> No. 4768
File 136783649223.png - (235.43KB , 845x760 , 135318730198.png )
Looks pretty good so far, although I have to ask, are those crumbs, freckles, or pimples on her face?

Also, I missed a good fatty thread on /co/. Shit...
>> No. 4769
That box art is genius. Always great having more stuff from you.
>> No. 4770
File 136783921711.png - (348.57KB , 792x1800 , Disneys2.png )
Wanted to get this latest batch of stuff up on the first of the month like that last bunch of pics, but ongoing computer problems put a stopper on that. Still, better late than never and all that.

Starting out with round two of Disneys
>> No. 4771
File 136783931019.png - (98.73KB , 648x504 , How to Stuff your Viking Girlfriend.png )
Throw in some Dreamworks for good measure.
>> No. 4775
File 136784010989.png - (116.65KB , 864x648 , FatCassie.png )
...Then moving on to some quasi-obscure children's programming.

In addition to the weight-gain episode, Bounty Hamster also featured some light stuffing when Cassie took on several ceiling-high piles of pancakes as the final trial in the cave of an ancient, all seeing chin. The resulting belly hardly reflected the actual stack of pancakes she had to eat though, so I was more than happy to remedy that.
>> No. 4776
File 136784022522.png - (576.76KB , 720x3024 , Flabatar.png )
Aaand let's wrap things up with this little Korra sequence, since someone noted earlier in this thread that there's never enough Korra expansion.

Might be setting up a tumblr soon, as fond as I've grown of my gimmick of only posting stuff on the chans. At the end of the day it's just a lot easier that way. 'Till I get that set up, anyone interested in pics can reach me at my new email, and I hope you guys enjoy this newest set of pics.
>> No. 4777

Damn dude, keep up the great work! Really hope you set up a tumblr in the future too. I always look forward to seeing your stuff!
>> No. 4778
File 136784253065.jpg - (1.05MB , 3310x742 , MarieSquenceWIP.jpg )
maybe posting the still someways off Marie sequence here which is insanely overdue for a friend who did something far cooler in return will motivate me to properly finish it


Damn dude you really gotta start up a gallery or something sometime.
>> No. 4779
File 136784293925.jpg - (548.24KB , 1500x1055 , evafat.jpg )
also this which I dunno whether I want to have all out blobs on my new da yet or not but it's the first remotely good fat pic I had on this comp I could think of

Snazzy as usual!
>> No. 4782
Just outa curiosity, is this guna be a slob TF?
>> No. 4783
If you don't mind me saying, you do some really awesome facial expressions, a lot of artists tend to not work too hard on the face but you fucking nail the perfect stuffed expression.
>> No. 4785
Were you the one who drew a similar pic of Chel like this?
>> No. 4786
Oh god
Need moar Eva and Cleo
>> No. 4787
File 136786511419.png - (141.50KB , 299x410 , 1366596551971.png )
>all this new content

My fetishes are exploding

>> No. 4788
File 136786651784.gif - (723.94KB , 267x150 , 1351463039348.gif )
>> No. 4789
Ye gods, you're good. All your stuff in one place will do wonders.

And all this other stuff! Productivity is wonderful!
>> No. 4790
File 136787960842.jpg - (452.13KB , 1500x700 , SusanMaryFatRough.jpg )
something I'm workin on!
>> No. 4792
Too bad that show isn't drawn in your style. It could at least be watched with the sound off that way.
>> No. 4794
Oh fuck, that lower lip bite and cellulite is driving me wild. 10/10 work right there. All this new content from some of the best artists on /cod/, it's a good day to be alive.
>> No. 4796
File 136788382062.png - (1.21MB , 1500x826 , Craving_Control__Super_Stuffed.png )
Finally got this done, hope you all like it! Just a nice little tribute to one of my favorite webcomics.

It's a good idea Donut. I admit that I may buckle down and open up a tumblr as well. I like the anonymity of posting on /cod/, but it would be nice to keep my stuff in one place too. Idk, I'm still thinking about it.

Anyway, still have some more sketches to finish up.
>> No. 4797
damn man how long did this take you?
>> No. 4798
Not entirely sure. About a week in a half I think.
>> No. 4799
damn man, good on ya. I gotta say that compared to even a few months ago you've improve significantly.
>> No. 4800
Well THIS has been quite the productive day
>> No. 4801
File 136788758331.jpg - (22.87KB , 640x480 , S03E02 Turtles on Trial_mp4_snapshot_03_45_[2013_0.jpg )
Th-there's too much going on in here in too short a span of time, I c-can't breathe.
>> No. 4802
More blobs please
>> No. 4803
File 136788884374.jpg - (744.24KB , 1710x1296 , betillainkpreview.jpg )
Sure, though I can't guarantee these old pics aren't shite
>> No. 4804
File 136788893072.jpg - (1.08MB , 3294x2142 , pauletnagotfat.jpg )
or unfinished
>> No. 4805
File 136788900827.jpg - (386.00KB , 793x933 , howsthatallvegandietworkingforyouposey.jpg )
>> No. 4806
File 136788907494.jpg - (56.65KB , 427x532 , cocolayoffthewumpafruitchrist.jpg )
or just hella obscure
>> No. 4807
GODDAMN, this is a good day for this thread!

Jane succumbing to her inner glutton as Lalia did? Excellent! Your stuff is fantastic.
>> No. 4808
File 136788944835.jpg - (634.11KB , 1500x1500 , vvriskablob.jpg )
Last of these thingos I'm willing to share, more out of self-consciousness over my ability than anything else, though some of you guys have improved HEAPS over such a short amount of time ;-;

also I should have been naming myself during this dump shouldn't of I :X

Insanely quiet personally as a ton of people can attest (partially internet, partially skype always seems to log on in the middle of work/school so I'm sort of *forced* to ignore people), but if anybody wants to try and talk anyway I'm rewiredreality on skype and my emails in the username!
>> No. 4809
I dig the way you draw those immensely fat faces.
>> No. 4810
File 136789080556.jpg - (126.76KB , 512x658 , Hayley color.jpg )
Hey I wanna jump in on this content orgasm too!
but this is all I've got to show lately
>> No. 4811
Don't feel bad. I'm self-conscious about a lot of my stuff as well, which is why I usually go back to some of my older pics and fix things that i missed (i.e. >>4757 ). If anything, it just shows that you're willing to improve on your artwork which is always good. I may not be into the really huge stuff, but your style is still looking very good.

At least you're one step ahead of me though; I really should choose a name.
>> No. 4812
How about some Violet WG with her remarking that she's gotten so good with using forcefields and constructs that she doesn't even need to put that much physical effort into crimefighting anymore?
>> No. 4813
Dude, your work is SUPERB. I like blobs with slobbiness kept to a minimum, which is something you're great at. I can't really find anything wrong with your work, but I figure you can see what's wrong and improve anyway!
>> No. 4814
Please do finish this, I love these kind of pics with several huge bodies smushed together
>> No. 4815
And it's great work as always.
>> No. 4816
By the way, what's the feelings around here about strong-fat gals? You know, gals with some muscle under their chunk? I wouldn't mind sharing some of my pieces here if that's alright.
>> No. 4817
Rewire where have you been all my life?
>> No. 4818
Go ahead
>> No. 4819
Can never have enough strongfat girls. Share away!
>> No. 4820
Rewire your blob art is AMAZING. I can't think of anyone who does immobiles I like more than yours.
>> No. 4821
Rewire is an awesome dude, his art is TONS OF FUN.

It's about time you started posting your stuff here!
>> No. 4822
File 136789695114.png - (328.02KB , 877x1240 , Werelight_Shine_Muskelfrau copy.png )
Alrighty. This is an anthro take on Twilight Sparkle from MLP:FiM, here in a fan-created form called Werelight Shine.
>> No. 4823
File 136789873432.png - (438.60KB , 1170x1115 , barbraslide1.png )
Rewire owns bones, let this be a fact

also coincidentally i've been playing a lot of the Wii U Challenge thing
>> No. 4824
File 136789905048.jpg - (339.26KB , 1141x689 , thefeetsoffuryfivesleepoverexperience.jpg )
Well, I guess in the spirit of the sudden boom of OC, I'll chip in with a few pics of wildly varying size, sketchiness and general hygiene (Read: I SURE HOPE YOU LIKE FARTS):
>> No. 4825
I have this as a TF2 spray now. I've one-shotted so many players that stop and stare at it.
>> No. 4827
File 136789908267.jpg - (153.88KB , 592x665 , completecelluliticsaturation.jpg )
>> No. 4828
File 136789910440.jpg - (203.02KB , 1000x721 , korraisprettygoddamnfat.jpg )
>> No. 4829
File 136789912572.jpg - (337.43KB , 1100x887 , anothercatpun.jpg )
>> No. 4830
File 136789914820.jpg - (268.96KB , 1248x758 , sunshinelollipopsandflatulence.jpg )
>> No. 4831
File 136789916752.jpg - (282.68KB , 844x675 , nemlicious.jpg )
>> No. 4832
File 136789918920.jpg - (580.43KB , 1562x619 , thefarfromlastsupper.jpg )
>> No. 4833
File 136789922563.jpg - (471.01KB , 715x1200 , alittlesoiree.jpg )
>> No. 4834
File 136790037628.jpg - (91.08KB , 450x709 , Tambry.jpg )
Content spam content spam
We've hit auto sage but still on front page thanks to the speed of this board
>> No. 4835
Dang. One of you guys put this content spam to use and start thread three!
>> No. 4837
Let's wait until the current thread gets off the front page first.

Btw Cube, I read your current journal on your dA, would you mind posting a link to your NSFW tumblr here? Or is it just the Chub 'n' Bump one you already have?
>> No. 4838
yeah, chubnbump.tumblr, only difference is it's attached to a different email
>> No. 4839
File 136790639769.png - (866.98KB , 1200x927 , tumblr_mmcsejoYEp1sq7mr4o1_1280.png )
Gotcha, thanks
>> No. 4840
File 136791180516.png?spoiler - (153.47KB , 828x768 , pepper_too_many_burritos.png?spoiler )
Might as well upload this too if anyone's interested. Did this a while back for shits and giggles in a Littlest Pet Shop thread. People definitely didn't care for it...it was pretty hilarious

Spoilered since it's furry and I'm not sure if people care for LPS. I honestly don't care for it myself, but someone also had mentioned a WG episode so I went for it.
>> No. 4841
I was actually thinking of drawing a fat Blythe.

But that's cute as always!
>> No. 4843

Thanks man. Btw, just a quick question for you and all the other artists. What programs do you guys use for sketching/inking/coloring? I mainly use photoshop for all of my needs, but I wanted to know how other programs such as Paint Tool SAI, manga studio, and Painter measure up.
>> No. 4844
File 136792538683.jpg - (128.61KB , 500x339 , 1358153094737.jpg )

Very acceptable. . .


Maybe change her expressions up a bit near the end? Other than that, this is golden.


I couldn't even recognize this as Korra at first.

I like that about it.


The natural conclusion of everyone's favorite gluttonous slut-hedonism comic. Nice coloring job too!


I really hate these characters. . . Which somehow makes seeing them obese even more enjoyable. Great line work. My only quibble would be, her feet seem to be a bit "floaty" or wandery while the rest of her has a very nice impression of pendulousness(sp?).

I would love to keep going with the constructive criticisms for all our great artists, but I think we need a new thread. . . is there any OC left to kick off a new one, or have we used it all up in a glorious flabby orgiastic blast of glory?
>> No. 4845
File 136792548350.png - (616.09KB , 720x405 , 1274325863829.png )
I don't know whether to be proud or mortified virgin eyeballs innocently wasting scouts in TF2 are being exposed to this.

Actually I burst out laughing instead, but good job!
>> No. 4846
Like I said earlier, let's wait until this thread gets bumped to the second page. That way, no one complains to the mods about two fatty threads. Thanks for the critiques too.
>> No. 4848
File 136792686989.jpg - (16.14KB , 327x317 , qra.jpg )

I remember that pic.

>Those infinitely fappable brown "flapjack cheeks"

Why didn't I ctrl+s the shit out of that .jpeg when I had it

My regret burns eternal. . .

Ah well. At least I managed to snag DWN's Quorra recently. Check out those overfed chins.
>> No. 4849
File 136792752029.jpg - (62.41KB , 650x841 , 13299854396.jpg )
I still maintain there needs to be more obese Greta Gravity art.

Like, NEEDS to be.
>> No. 4850
File 136792760161.jpg - (169.47KB , 825x638 , 1326252077286.jpg )
The jiggly, jiggly orgy train rolls on
>> No. 4855
DWN did that? I tought he went into another fit of suicidal depression and self loathing and ran off again?
>> No. 4858
File 136792900220.jpg - (69.63KB , 600x800 , grieve tan had too many krayt burger.jpg )

Even a nuclear meltdown has useful runoff.

That said, on reflection he might be bothered about people posting his stuff, so I'll stop.

Have some rule 63 anthro fat Grievous instead.
>> No. 4859
File 136792944319.png - (69.13KB , 305x505 , tumblr_m2ztrxd0ym1qftpeyo1_400.png )
I still wonder how no Hamsteak characters got fat on a three-year journey with nothing to do and infinite replicator/alchemy technology. . .
>> No. 4860
I think a lot of his issues stemmed from being plain guilty of his fetishes, he seemed kinda hateful about being so into slob and scat.
>> No. 4863
In no way am i complaining about this glorious new content but home come you guy don't post stuff on the slovenly works board?
>> No. 4866
Thanks! Yeah, weight gain feet are a big weakness of mine, I like the rest of it, but when it gets to the feet...

Any advice?
>> No. 4881
File 136795429733.png - (0.96MB , 2000x2000 , Nicole Ref sheet (2).png )
Anybody know anybody taking slob commissions?
>> No. 4883
Not sure, but you did remind me of something. How much are you guys into slob-related stuff? What I mean is would you guys like seeing more stuff like belching, farting, sweatiness (i.e. B.O., sweat stains, etc), and messy eating?

Only reason i ask is b/c I wasn't sure if people were into slob stuff like that. If you guys like that stuff, I may start drawing it a lot more.

Which board are you talking about?
>> No. 4889
File 136796126531.jpg - (457.49KB , 1000x813 , fatty_fatty_you_have_no_parents_by_yer_keij_fer_ca.jpg )
there's always been slob in here in various increments , hell look at this thread

belching and stuffing are my thing though
>> No. 4893
File 13679651509.png - (568.77KB , 1509x1226 , komcommishwippng.png )
I am. . . . My email is salvakniar@yahoo.com. . . . Pictured is a slob wip of Demona from Gargoyles, there's gonna be belching and farting/grease but that'll be added later.
>> No. 4894
File 136796608575.jpg - (460.63KB , 1284x1025 , chelhyoogface.jpg )

Hey guys, that Quorra was actually me and not DWN anyway - so yeah, post away! The Chelface was one of mine too if pic related is the one you're thinking of, so enjoy if it is.

For the record, also the same bloke behind posts >>4824 to >>4833

I, er, guess my style shifts a lot?
>> No. 4895
This has already made it to tumblr, along with a few other pictures from this thread, if you guys are sensitive about your stuff being posted without permission I'd say you should be aware:
>> No. 4898
One of the Old Gods has returned! Is there any place (besides your abandoned dA page) where we could see more/all of your art?

I missed your stuff...
>> No. 4899
Are you one of the people in this thread or is that your first post? I wanna see more examples of your work.
>> No. 4901
>> No. 4902
File 136797652029.jpg - (37.26KB , 338x280 , thatfeel.jpg )
>amazing artists appear out of nowhere after ages of silence
>a flood of new content enough to make Big Barda squirt galaxies
>all this happens while the thread is autosaging

There is no fucking justice in this world.
>> No. 4905
Don't worry, we can repost it in the new one. Speaking of which, someone already made the new one here: >>>/cod/4903
>> No. 4928
Would be neat seein' you do a Ruffnut pic.
>> No. 5086
Hey, whattaya know, brit comic strips are still shitty. Thank god for 2000 AD.
>> No. 5087
Hey, whattaya know, brit comic strips are still shitty. Thank god for 2000 AD and their comic books.
>> No. 6521
You there!

You (or the artist of that picture, if that isn't your drawing) wouldn't happen to have a tumblr or a deviantart I can follow, would you?

I've been looking for a good long while for the source of that picture you posted.
>> No. 9546
Awesome! Please more beer bellied drunks!
>> No. 9547
Awesome! Please more beer bellied drunks!
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