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File 131102123642.jpg - (27.64KB , 328x414 , old_queen.jpg )
40221 No. 40221
>Wait, you translated a European comic?
Nnnnnnnnot exactly, see, I downloaded a translated copy of a Dylan Dog album, but the guy who translated it used Comic Sans as the font. Sorry, guy who originally translated it, but Comic Sans?
>So, you just retyped it?
Nnnnnnnnot exactly. I'm one of those guys who, when he gets something to type up, tries to fix things up a little here and there if he can. I rewrote some of the dialogue, just for my own sake. Again, sorry to the guy who originally translated this, but that's just me, I'm afraid. I also deleted a few pages.
>You deleted a few what
Pages. Only two, and that was because they didn't work for me - again, me being a pedantic little turd. one was the very last page, which didn't "fit" (I was finishing my work at quarter past midnight, so it's equally possible that I was being lazy) and the other was of one of the murders that takes place in the story. I just... I wasn't expecting something like that. For some reason it just pressed a button I never want pressed again. I didn't want to do any work on that page, and luckily for me it was easily removed without damaging the overall narrative.
>Okay, so where is this carefully edited masterpiece?
>Hey, this was translated by Dark Horse over a decade ago! And some of the pages look really weird...
Yeah, I didn't figure that out until after I uploaded the damn thing. Still, here it is. Oh, and the weirdness of the pages can be attributed to the scanner. Whilst it was nice of them to scan their copy, it would've been nicer to have a copy that didn't look as though somebody'd wiped their arse with it.
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>> No. 40222
The whole point of that blather was that I've got the translating bug, and I need to scratch it! I've got a whole list of albums or BDz or whatever the fuck you want to call them... the point is, I've got them right here:

* The first two Clifton books (stiff upper-lipped gent gets involved in espionage milarkey in Jolly Old England)
* A few of the "Detektive, Gauner und Agenten" albums (more spy adventure stuff, but a bit more serious. Amusingly, one of the characters is called Tony Stark, which may explain why this hasn't been officially translated)
* The first Professor Palmboom album (ligne claire stuff about a professor and his assistant having cool adventures)
* Michel Vaillant v.1-66 (From what I've gleaned, it's like if Speed Racer and Initial D had a baby, and that baby was French. And yes, I know it says on Wikipedia that three volumes have been translated into English already, but you tell me where you can buy them)
* All the La Scrameustache albums except for the two most recent (sci-fi adventure with some cute cat alien... thing. It's written and drawn by one of Peyo's students)
* Topolino - Wizards of Mickey, Books 2 & 3 (Mickey, Donald & Goofy having awesome adventures AS WIZARDS) and Dr. Mouse (it's exactly what you think it is)

I've also got some more... grown-up stuff:
* Felice di Drachen (bunch of short fantasy stories. Pretty good, but there's nipples and stuff)
* The first book of Die Perle des Ewigen Lebens (some Asian babe having sexy (?) adventures in Venice)
* All 10 books of Im Schatten des Neumonds (It's kinda sci-fi, it started being published in 1988 and there are nipples everywhere. I think we all know what that means)
* All 8 Groucho specials (that guy in Dylan Dog gets into fucked up yet wacky hijinks)
>> No. 40223
Okay, now that we've got the blather and the huge list out of the way, here's the plan; you guys have until... let's say 10pm GMT (which I think is about 1pm in Alaska and... 5pm EST?) to tell me which one of these albums/series you want me to start on first, and I'll have a go with that. Most votes win.

To be honest, I want to leave Dylan Dog - and mature titles in general - on the back burner for the moment, but if you guys desperately want to see English text next to your lady-nipples, then I guess I can't really say no. Either that or I'll do it after whichever all-ages title got the most votes.
>> No. 40225
Before I turn in tonight, I guess it'd be pretty shitty of me not to give the maddest of props to the people who inspired me to undertake something this stupidly huge:

Cinebook are the people who rekindled my interest in European comics. Words cannot express my gratitude to them, but here are three that should work: buy their stuff.I mean that; online piracy is neat and all, but if you buy stuff like this, you prove that there is a real demand for what they're doing, which keeps them doing it in the first place.

These guys were translating cool Disney Italia stories long before I decided to maybe give it a try. Big thumbs up to T4 for pointing these guys out to me.

There's also another guy who's been translating a bunch of European comics, mostly from titles that Cinebook haven't got around to yet, even though they have the licenses (Yoko Tsuno, Clifton, Spirou & Fantasio), but I'm kind of afraid that if I put the link to his mediafire account that he'll get insta-party v&. Suffice to say that, if your are reading this, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.
>> No. 40277
In response to your overwhelming suggestiosn, I've decided to start on the first album about Michel Vaillant, aka that guy from Heroes for Hot Wheels
>> No. 40561
Little update: Got about the first 25 pages or so translated, just gotta put them all on the pages.
>> No. 40562
I'll be honest, that retype you did is pretty terrible
>> No. 40573
For the most part, I disagree with you... then again, I would.

I'll admit, there were one or two things about it that I wasn't that happy about... what was it that irked you? I'm more than happy to learn from my mistakes.
>> No. 40665
Whilst Anon is thinking about why I suck, I've gotten page 30 translated!
>> No. 41814
File 132069031520.gif - (220.73KB , 500x375 , tumblr_ldox1mFBJw1qbhvcd.gif )
>mfw the guy who originally translated the Dylan Dog volume I "improved" just came out with a translation of another Dylan Dog book
>and he's still using Comic Sans
>> No. 42604
I've finally managed to get the translation up to page 35, and will have page 40 translated hopefully by this weekend!
>> No. 42624
Looking forward to it, thanks man!
>> No. 42743
File 132542879728.jpg - (77.95KB , 300x400 , michel.jpg )


Overall, I'm... satisfied. I know I did a pretty good job with the translating, and I managed to get to grips with Paint.net fairly well (reading through, you can literally see where I managed to figure out certain functions of the program as the story progresses) buuuuut... looking through this thread, I can see how long I've been working on this one album.

Nearly 5 months. That's far too long, in my opinion. I was hoping to finish it before midnight last night but... well, there was a Morecambe & Wise Night on BBC2. It's a British thing, I don't expect you to understand.

Basically, this whole album's been one big learning curve, and I hope my next project will be a comparatively smaller learning curve, which brings me onto my next two requests:

1) What do you guys want me to translate next? I want to do something different to Michel Vaillant, something more light-hearted... I'm torn between the first La Scrameustache album, the first Clifton album, or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ast%C3%A9rix_et_ses_Amis . Suggestions will be appreciated!

2) Michel, like Dylan, will be put on the back burner. However, if anybody wants to suggest any favourite albums about "Team Vaillant" - I'm definitely going to do the Julie Wood albums at some point - again, I'd appreciate it.
>> No. 42799

Schatten des Neumondes was called "The Waters of DeadMoon" in the Heavy Metal Magazin.


It has a good list of everything published in Heavy Metal too:

>> No. 42862
Just a quick update: I'm working on a few Topolino stories, including Dr. Mouse.

Well, that's the first five already completed...
>> No. 42939
Quick update on the Topolino stories: I've gotten ¼ done on Dr. Mouse, which I've put on hiatus to do another story arc, which luckily for you guys I'm ⅔ of the way through, and hopefully should have finished and uploaded before next Monday.

After those're done, I was thinking maybe either doing either an early Clifton or maybe one of the Groucho spin-off books. Your thoughts?
>> No. 42948
That Steve Warson sure did look like a jerk in bis big ass Emsel. Thanks a bunch for you work, i am reading Michel Valliant right now and enjoy it a great deal. Keep up your great work.
>> No. 42958
Warson is that most wonderful of characters in bande dessinée; that asshole who's always getting into trouble, and is sometimes more interesting than the main character. It dates all the way back to Tintin, with Snowy and Haddock.

Great set-up, especially with a comic like Michel Vaillant - Michel gets to be the good Catholic role model to all the little Catholic boys reading the comic, and Steve gets to be the guy that has fun and creates interesting subplots, and he doubles up as the focus for French snobbery towards foreigners (one fansite I went on described him as "the typical American"). It's a win-win!

But seriously, thanks for letting me know I did good. Makes it worthwhile.
>> No. 42973
Do you have Corto Maltese, or has that been translated officially already?
>> No. 42976
No, and I believe there are a few official translations (most are stupidly expensive, but there will be one out around March) and I'm fairly sure Ballad of the Salt Sea is on /rs/ in English. Probably.
>> No. 43042
Am now ⅚ through other Topolino story arc, will be finished before Monday, knock on wood.
>> No. 43087
File 132715290154.jpg - (69.63KB , 410x312 , mo5c.jpg )

This was considerably easier for me; partly because I'm used to the software by now, partly because I'm familiar with most of the main characters, and partly because there was a lot less text per page for me to translate.

On a related note, here's a wonderful treasure trove of people doing similar work to me: http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=3870846
>> No. 43108
Turns out I screwed up one page; here's an updated version:

>> No. 43294
Probably relevant to your "Three co's" threads:



Some sort of italian western comic.
>> No. 43342
Ah yes... I remember somebody once asked me to storytime this, but sadly I couldn't find any English versions at the time.

Glad to have it now, though. Thanks!
>> No. 43416
not "sort". Tex is THE Italian Western Comic Book, running uninterrupted since 1948.

Just note how the main character is RANGER of ARIZONA: a small sin of ignorance(back in '48 not many Italian did know USA had a place called Texas in first place).
>> No. 43470
So which comic are you translating next?
>> No. 43510
I'm still on part 3 of Dr. Mouse, a parody of House, M.D. by Disney Italia, written by one of the guys who co-wrote the Double Duck saga that BOOM! Kids translated a year ago.

If you want me to have a go at something else when I'm done, just have a look at >>40222 and let me know if anything catches your fancy!
>> No. 43536
Why don't you come to Kaskus and post your stuff there? I think it has a much larger audience than this place.
>> No. 43538
File 132896115681.jpg - (55.92KB , 456x530 , exploitable.jpg )
Cowboy, I...


>Just note how the main character is RANGER of ARIZONA: a small sin of ignorance(back in '48 not many Italian did know USA had a place called Texas in first place).

That's not worse than the gigantic rocky desert in the middle of Germany in some recent Superhero comic.
>> No. 43573
I just might at that... I have wanted to chew the fat with my fellow scanlators
>the gigantic rocky desert in the middle of Germany
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't immensely amused by that.
>> No. 43622
What do you think about this Dylan Dog 01 translation:

>> No. 43793
File 132969819494.jpg - (77.79KB , 410x312 , drmouse.jpg )

I finally finished this, but only just - I was still translating it whilst I was storytiming it on regular /co/! I definitely had a lot of fun with this one...
Christ, another one? That album's getting to be the Blade Runner of European comics - different versions all over the shop!
>> No. 43795
Dylan Dog is a long running Italian horror series. About 300 volumes have been published so far. The above volume is just the first to be scanlated. Jack the Ripper is no. 2 and someone scanlated it years ago. Volume 3 is on it's way.
>> No. 43798
I've started translating Asterix Et Ses Amis - I've almost got the first 8 pages of story done.
Oh, really? My mistake...
>> No. 43800
Somebody should really translate Chronicles of Wake.
>> No. 43801
Somebody should really translate Chronicles of Wake.
>> No. 44014
I've got about 40 pages of the Asterix album done so far... should have it done about a week from now.

Also, I guess I should clarify this: when I ask for albums recommended for scanlation, I mean from the list given in >>40222. I am aware that there are a load of great stories out there that deserve an English translation, that's why I do what I do. But I need to set myself boundaries, otherwise I'll be all over the damn place. Also, I know you don't mean to offend, but it can be rather offputting when, after I've said "I have a, b, c, d, e, f, g and h. Which one should I do first?", for everyone to go "Have you considered doing n? How about t? Now z, z was pretty good..."

Also, if anyone who knows more about these comics than me could let me know which albums and series to [b]avoid[b], that's be a huge help.
>> No. 44023
I've got 19 pages of story left to translate on the Asterix album. I also intend to do clean-up, and translate the forewords and afterwords for good measure.

Also, I want to apologise if I came across all passive-aggressive in my last post. I've given myself this huge workload - I intend to get through as much of >>40222 as I can (actually, it needs updating a bit...) - and, however well-intentioned other suggestions are, it kind of comes across as "Hey, you know that giant load you've given yourself? Let me add to that!"

Not saying that's what's happening, just saying it's how I sometimes perceive it.
>> No. 44033
Yeah, I know what you mean. When I started translating, the same thing happened. I had to force myself to be firm and choose only the most interesting comics to translate.
>> No. 44036
I was talking about my scanlating work on regular /co/, and I've got a couple of changes, one of which is an Anon very kindly agreed to do proofread my latest effort (Got 14 pages to go now, and that's not counting the text articles). The other is me deleting every La Scarmeustache album I have, as frankly they're all pretty boring.
Exactly! You don't want to offend or dampen anyone's enthusiasm, but at the same time you just really want to do what you want to do...
>> No. 44106
I am extremely proud to say that I have completed every story in the Asterix album, and am currently working on the first forewords. Haven't heard anything from the guy who volunteered his services as a proofreader, but I remain optimistic.
>> No. 44190
Minifig, I'm the guy who's been proofreading other translated European comics. I assume the Asterix album you've been scanlating is the tribute done by multiple European artists, as opposed to the regular Asterix albums? If so, I'd be happy to help. There was another Asterix parody album titled "Uderzo" - any chance of doing that as well?
>> No. 44206
File 133091683921.png - (19.42KB , 600x463 , this is disturbingly accurate.png )
Yeah, the birthday present they did back in '07. I'd be more than happy to let somebody who knows what they're doing be in charge for a change - give me your e-mail and I'll send you the original album and my translation (. I should warn you, I'm very much a "spirit of the text" kinda guy when it comes to this stuff; I subscribe to the philosophy held by Bell & Hockridge - if the joke only works in French, then replace it with a joke that only works in English. That being said, if there is dialogue that can be properly translated, please help me translate it. Your help will be appreciated, have no doubt of that.

As for "Uderzo", I honestly had no idea it existed until you just mentioned it. If you can link me to a cbr, I'll at least give it a go.
>> No. 44207
As much as I would like to help, I'm a little hesitant leaving my email here where anybody could spam it. Is there a safer location where we could exchange contact? For the record, on the Kaskus board, I'm the guy who made the UNESCO comic available.

Oh, and I the only copy of Uderzo I could find was in Spanish. If possible, I'll see if my library has a copy, and scan that if this isn't satisfactory enough.
>> No. 44215
Perfectly understandable. I've just registered on kaskus - first time I've actually registered for a forum for many a year... - and I've left a post in the scanlation thread for you and everyone else there to have a look at.

And don't worry about it being Spanish; as long as it's a fairly clean scan, I don't mind.
>> No. 44219
>I remember somebody once asked me to storytime this

Heh, that was me. Thanks for your awesome translations Minifig!
>> No. 44221
Okay, had a glance at Uderzo, and I must say I like what I see... although I may have to edit out some more giant tits.

... Look, I want to be able to show this to my second cousins, okay?

Awww, thanks! Glad you've finally found what you were looking for!
>> No. 44255
For anybody wondering about me and the dude volunteering to be my proofreader, he's had a look at my stuff on the Asterix album; I just need to make a few little changes here and there, then I should be good.
>> No. 44300
Have finished corrections for majority of album, now about to attempt translation of afterword - ironically enough, whilst watching Depardieu talk about his urinary aviation escapades.
>> No. 44355
Got everything translated, almost everything proofread and corrected, just need to have the afterword from Children's Ombudsman look at by my proofreader.

Speaking of the guy, here's something he wrote on his blog about what he does for poor shmucks like me:

>> No. 44570
File 133211820984.jpg - (1.77MB , 1500x2015 , Asterix Et Ses Amis - (2007) (French) (SnipeIt-DCP.jpg )

Finally managed to iron out every wrinkle in it. As a special treat to you guys, here's the one story I couldn't put in the cbr file, for reasons that will become very obvious.
>> No. 44571
File 133211832981.jpg - (1.82MB , 1500x1920 , Asterix Et Ses Amis - (2007) (French) (SnipeIt-DCP.jpg )
>> No. 44579
It's a dedication album, due to the 25 year(perhaps 20) anniversary of Asterix & Obelix. So fellow comic artists made their own stuff. This is collectors stuff, not really for kids.
>> No. 44582
I get what you're saying, but at the same time, when I think "Asterix", I think "suitable for all-ages". I don't pretend it isn't anything more than me being bull-headed, but there we are.
>> No. 44609
So, what are you going to do next?
>> No. 44635
Glad you asked! My proofreader recommended Uderzo, a parody album created a few years before the tribute album. I'm currently about 45% done with that, and when I'm completely finished I intend to poll you guys - and kaskus - with some all-ages titles I want to get my teeth into.
>> No. 44679
Okay, I've got about half of Uderzo translated and proofread, with a few more stories translated but not yet proofread (I'm about ⅖ of the way through).

Also, re: my last post - I'm going to be giving you guys a list of the all-ages comics I want to translate. The list will not be >>40222 as that is quite out-of-date now.
>> No. 44707
Minifig is a faggot.

Carry on.

>> No. 44710
Have finished rough draft of last 9 pages of Uderzo and e-mailed them to proofreader, will post promised list when final corrections have been implemented.
>> No. 44711

>> No. 44712
The problem with asking is that you will be overwhelmed with requests.
>> No. 44725
File 133452954837.jpg - (1.11MB , 1255x1707 , 10.jpg )

Once again, I found myself with a story that doesn't exactly scream "all-ages". But you guys can see, as I like you.
>> No. 44726
File 13345297034.jpg - (1.10MB , 1252x1686 , 11.jpg )
>> No. 44728
Thomas Allen sings "I've got a…youtube thumb

Here's all the all-ages stuff I promised, with a few "older readers" stuff thrown in.

Baker Street 1-4 (humourous Sherlock Holmes pastiches. Nothing to do with that weird punk comic published by Caliber Comics)
Clifton 01-03 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clifton_%28comics%29)
Johann & Peewee 01-03 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johan_and_Peewit)
Nero Wolfe: The Red Box (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nero_Wolfe)
Professor Palmboom 1 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professor_Palmboom)
Ric Hochet 01-03 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ric_Hochet)

As I've been doing a lot of Asterix, I'll give you all until Albert Uderzo's birthday - the 25th of April - for you guys to let me know which story/series I should do next.
>> No. 44730
I know, but I'm trying to be smart about this. That's why I'm narrowing it down to this list. And so far, I'm hardly swarming with requests right now; one private message on kaskus from somebody calling themselves "onlyorm".

btw, thanks for your PM; I know of Cinebook's efforts (I bought all five books!) and really only want to translate the really early pre-de Groot stuff, the stuff Cinebook never got round to doing.

By the same token, I'm definitely not going to scanlate the Johann & Peewit book about the magic flute that introduced The Smurfs, as Papercutz came out with an official translation back in '10. Then again, if they decide to do more books about that duo, I won't complain!
>> No. 44855
Okay, the votes are in, and Ric Hochet won by a landslide... in fact, the number of votes for M. Hochet was so strong, I started translating a few pages on Tuesday. I'm about a tenth of the way through so far!
>> No. 44874
Am now ⅕ through the first Ric Hochet book.
>> No. 44895
Nobody cares, Minifig.

You lonely pedo.

>> No. 44900
Am now ⅖ through the Ric Hochet book
>> No. 44943
I'm about halfway through Ric Hochet... and my mediafire account has been locked. Fortunately, I had most of my translations on my laptop, and managed to upload most of my translations to rapidshare (My Dylan Dog retype is gone forever. I honestly don't know how to feel about that.)

>> No. 45398
File 134236556815.jpg - (22.54KB , 700x325 , RicHochetPorsche.jpg )
https://rapidshare.com/files/880284699/Rick O_Shay 01.cbr

Sorry for the crappy link; rapidshare's decided that making links that will work on this site is for pussies. Also, have the rest of my stuff (I'm a tightwad, so rapidshare deletes anything I upload if it's isn't downloaded for 30 days):

https://rapidshare.com/files/1830269074/Asterix & His Friends (2007).rar
https://rapidshare.com/files/587725203/Asterix Extras.rar
https://rapidshare.com/files/3402379000/Dr Mouse.cbr
https://rapidshare.com/files/2839615544/Early Oompah-pah.rar
https://rapidshare.com/files/2026788897/Michel Vaillant 01 - The Great Challenge.cbr
https://rapidshare.com/files/3177222772/The Master of 5 Circles.cbr
>> No. 45447
I'm halfway through my next project; the first ever Johan & Peewit album (it's so early, Peewit doesn't show up at all!). It's definitely the easiest book I've done to date; Peyo often let the art speak for itself, and only rarely inserted the X-GROSSE BOÎTE word balloons that were used all too often in those days (looking at you, Edgar P. Jacobs...).

I'd probably be further along, but I can't resist the urge to touch up any little blemishes I find...
>> No. 45498
I'm now ⅔ through the Johan book, so I'm going to take a break during the Olympics to have a go at the London 2012 stories running in Topolino. Should be fun!
>> No. 45597
File 13446983591.png - (302.63KB , 674x891 , Topolino_2951 (Page 3).png )
The Olympics is almost over, but you can still read the stories Disney Italia made to celebrate the occasion!

>> No. 45598
File 134470015017.png - (1.09MB , 764x1026 , 100a.png )
Here's the other London 2012 tie-in story from Disney Italia!


Out of curiosity, has any other Olympics had more than one Disney story?
>> No. 45679
I've finished the Johan story, now I just need to get it proofread and touch up any more blemishes.
>> No. 45763
File 13472015399.jpg - (487.84KB , 2048x1416 , 00-CouvInt.jpg )

Warning: Actual story contains no actual Peewit.
>> No. 45764
File 134720168393.png - (682.11KB , 515x722 , 0000.png )

These latest uploads were kinda weird when I put them on rapidshare, so let me know if they're not done properly.
>> No. 45778
Well, I've started work on the second ever Michel Vaillant album. I'm confident I'll get through it a lot quicker than I did with the first album. If all goes well, it should be over by Christmas...
>> No. 45804
Work on Michel Vaillant goes fairly well - I've already got 2 pages translated! Trust me, that's a lot.

Also, I hate to be a pest, but could somebody download The Master of 5 Circles for me? Rapidshare keeps threatening to delete it if it "stays an inactive file", and I don't particularly want that...
>> No. 45805
Got it, where do you want it uploaded?
>> No. 45806
And since it seems you speak Italian, and you are a Dylan Dong fan, why arent you start translating some Dylan Dong or Martin Mystere comics?
>> No. 45811
Nowhere, at the moment
Other people on kaskus are dealing with Dylan and Martin, last time I checked. I do plan on translating the Groucho specials at some point.
>> No. 45957
Sorry it's been so long, I've got several things up in the air right now. But I've got the first 8 pages of the story translated.

As for mirror downloads, I've decided that if people care enough to that kind of thing, it's okay to post them in this thread. Also, I am planning on starting a translation of the Dylan Dog Presents: Groucho specials at some point in 2013, just so you know.
>> No. 46117
I'm about halfway done with Michel Vaillant.
>> No. 46173
I've finished the initial translation of Michel Vaillant. Now I just need to send the last few pages along to my proofreader, implement his changes, and then I'm done.
>> No. 46218
Good work on completing Michel Vaillant. One piece of suggestion though. Could you please put it on any file hosting website except RS? The free account has only 1gb limit, which makes it impossible for most of your fans to download it. I think Mediafire, FileFactory, Depositfiles etc. are all good alternatives. They definitely don't impose restrictions on the uploader.
>> No. 46267
File 13574994415.jpg - (104.77KB , 1270x820 , Chevrolet Cruze Super 2000 2012 (Vaillant) Rear Si.jpg )
I would gladly use mediafire... but they locked my account back in the summer of 2012. As for the other file uploaders, it's merely my paranoia that they will be party v& by the FBI, like demonoid and megaupload. Rapidshare has many negative qualities
>> No. 46281
Ever thought of doing a Melusine book?
>> No. 46305
If you are worried about security, what about using a multi-upload website? It allows you to upload files via multiple hosts and your security isn't compromised. Plenty of people still use these things.
>> No. 46329
I needed something simple, after the immensity of Michel... and I found it in Veys' and Barral's Baker Street. I started it on New Year's Day, and I'm about ⅔ of the way through it.
Isn't Cinebook translating those books?
Is it rude of me to say that I don't particularly want to? Because I really don't.
>> No. 46332
File 135803443011.jpg - (539.17KB , 1012x1339 , 04.jpg )
Minifig, would you happen to have your sights set on translating a French comic called Violine? It's about a girl who can read minds, and she sets out on an adventure to find her father. Her mother happens to be the only person she can't mind read, and her mother also has inhibitions about discussing the whereabouts of the father.

A while ago, someone on 7chan who went by Jan Panda began translating it, but he only got as far as translating volume 2 before disappearing years ago.
>> No. 46344
>Isn't Cinebook translating those books?
Either they aren't doing it fast enough, or there haven't even been scans uploaded.

....Nope, I haven't found any scans, actually so I guess its that.
>> No. 46389
Can anyone re-upload Waters of Deadmoon?
>> No. 46467
File 135930549165.jpg - (450.02KB , 2560x1778 , BakerStreet T1 - page00b - bidou.jpg )

Remember that list of BDs I posted back in April '12? Well, I'm still working on it! I'll be working on the Nero Wolfe book soon enough - really looking forward to that (simply because I assume it's going to be very easy).
>> No. 46477
BTW, your RS is set to "private" automatically. Can you "share" the folder with the rest of us, pls? You just have to right click on the folder and share. Otherwise, no-one can download your comics. Thanks.
>> No. 46867
I'm about halfway done on the Nero Wolfe book - I was kind of hoping to be done
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I'd actually fixed this a while ago, but forgot to let you guys know because of all that bullshit with this site that happened. Anywho, here you go:

>> No. 47029
I'm about ⅘ through the translation... which is weird, because it's barely ¾ through the actual story as Rex Stout wrote it.

Also, did the link I gave in the last post work okay?
>> No. 47163
File 136676096623.jpg - (46.22KB , 500x389 , Why-Wolfe-Likes-Orchids-Illus.jpg )

I've started on the Professor Palmboom story - I'm 8½ pages in already.
>> No. 47233
cuould you translate Bram Topker's Dracula?

it has awesome art(and mouse tits)
>> No. 47473
I'm really sorry guys, real life kept metaphorically crapping in my ear. I'm a little over ¼ through the Palmboom book, so that's something.
I actually have an external hard drive crammed with Topolino issues ready for me to translate... unfortunately, the stupid thing doesn't want to connect to my laptop.

As to the link you gave me... I don't mean to be rude, but the fact that I need to agree to the site's terms & services just to download the files is odd, to say the least.
>> No. 47479
Don't bother translating Italian Disney comics. Quite a few have been translated and released by Disney. Just check the latest posts on Kaskus Scanlations.
>> No. 47497
I'm now ⅓ through the book, which is nice
Ah, I'm indebted to you for the advice. I'll have a look at kaskus (but I think my ISP is blocking the site) to see what I should avoid. I had designs on translating the first ever Paperinik story, only to find that the good folks at the Duck Avenger blog had gotten there before me.
>> No. 47501
seems Cinebook's translations are barely even fuckin' there.
You're busy, I'm very sure.
But mate, it'd be grand of you if you could lend a hand...
>> No. 47547
If you have issues accessing Kaskus, try to use the proxy site vtunnel. This can help bypass blocked sites.
>> No. 47625
I'm ⅔ of the way through Palmboom now...
I'll see what I can do.
I have Hotspot Shield, which seems to work. However, if that proves insufficient, I'll try vtunnel.
>> No. 47737
¾ through Palmboom. Sorry it's taking so long - irl commitments keep cropping up, and I'm using a german scan, so there's umlauts everywhere.
>> No. 47781
File 137408265228.jpg - (128.91KB , 700x449 , 816.jpg )

Sorry it's taken so long!
>> No. 47782
File 137408471133.gif - (21.87KB , 400x399 , Mickey rage.gif )
>I feel like scanlating a few Topolino stories, shouldn't be too hard...
>... except that the guy who used to upload new issues has apparently been party v&...
>... and ITA Village don't upload scans of recent issues...
>... and the only way to get the issues I want (everything from the last 6 months or so) is from the Topolino app on iTunes...
>... and you can only get that app if you're from Italy in the first place
>my gosh-darn, mousekadoodling face when
>> No. 47787
Its anyone trying to scanlate "Lord of Burger" or " End: Elisabeth"?

Been looking for those for a while, but nothing, no scans, or anything

Guess they might not be that interesting despite having art from Barbucci and Canepa respectively
>> No. 48189
re-uploaded Bram Topker's Dracula to a friendlier service
>> No. 48190
>>47473 re-uploaded Bram Topker's Dracula to a friendlier service http://rapidshare.com/share/26B8C25B69FFAD793D1335B520FE916B
>> No. 48191
>>47473 re-uploaded Bram Topker's Dracula to a friendlier service http://rapidshare.com/share/26B8C25B69FFAD793D1335B520FE916B
>> No. 48193
re-uploaded Bram Topker's Dracula to a friendlier service
>> No. 48427
File 138377256864.jpg - (24.88KB , 400x488 , 1150303_731112156918240_791080388_n.jpg )

And, as is my now-annual tradition, I'm working on another Michel Vaillant album. I've already finished 10 pages!
>> No. 48449
I'm now a quarter of the way through Michel Vaillant... I don't usually like to toot my own horn, but I'm really steaming through it!
>> No. 48508
I'm almost a third through Michel Vaillant... and I just dropped my laptop, pretty much destroying the USB stick that had all of my eurocomics on it. I'm taking it to a local computer store, but I'm not expecting a miracle - I've got backups for my translations on rapidshare, and the Michel Vaillant book I'm currently translating is on my laptop, so it's not all bad.

Still, I'm a fucking idiot.
>> No. 48678
File 138628643494.jpg - (31.24KB , 400x400 , The_Third_Doctor.jpg )
>mfw I realise a bunch of old Topolino stories that I'd already scanlated are stuck on an external hard drive that I can't open for some reason

To add insult to injury, I can't find the original TNTVillage thread where I originally got them, and the only torrent I could find that has the comics died at 78.7%.

I posted a few of them on regular /co/ in a few threads in January this year: "Zio Paperone e i Due Nemici", "Compare Orso E La Festa Movimentata" and "I Bassotti In Vacanza Dalla Zia". Foolz archived all these threads, but I can't open the images without getting the usual "4chan Leech" image.

Oh, and I'm about ⅖ through Michel Vaillant. I'm less confident that I'll finish it this year than I was a month ago, but it'll be done when it's done.
>> No. 48792
Those two thumbnails you posted of Asterix and Oblix as children, where did it come from?
>> No. 48824
I'm about ¾ Michel Vaillant - I'm hoping to finish it around the 6th of January. I'd have loved to have it done by now, but I really underestimated how busy Christmas would be.
>> No. 48945
File 138899258325.jpg - (169.18KB , 594x396 , Stevenin.jpg )
Well, it's taken a little longer than I hoped for, but it's done!


I think I'll try something a little simpler - maybe a Topolino story...
>> No. 49058
Well, I'm ⅓ done with the Topolino story arc it's only a 3-part story arc so I should be done well before Chinese New Year begins!

I might do another Topolino story arc before Chinese New year ends
>> No. 49064
please reup asterix et ses amis. thx :)
>> No. 49065
please repost asterix and ses amis. thx :)
>> No. 49066
>> No. 49067
File 138986099190.jpg - (251.91KB , 1280x1741 , 00.jpg )
found the workin link in all your posts. thx for your work, will sure read you again :)
>> No. 49209
Well, I'm ⅔ through the Topolino story - there's a good chance I can finish it by the end of the month, but don't quote me on that.

Turns out the other Topolino story I was going to translate has already been done - it's available on Disney's ComiXology page.
Yes, my links aren't terribly well-organised, are they? Here, this should be easier: http://rapidshare.com/share/F42A6EE1498938F69E0DF7D7F02D32B6

You could also check out magazine3k.com - it has mirrors of some of my stuff.
>> No. 49233
File 13910379542.jpg - (107.54KB , 600x600 , fumetto-disney-topolino-2758-walt-disney-italia-20.jpg )
I've done it, and with a few days to spare!


Here's the other Disney Italia story I was going to translate: http://www.comixology.com/The-Travels-of-Marco-Polo-or-the-Milione/comics-series/13064

I'll be starting another story soon enough; I want to average out at about 1 story per month this year. And if THAT doesn't bite me in the arse, then I don't know what will.
>> No. 49250
I've started work on a Clifton album. Now, I know what you're going to say: "But Minifig, you adorable little goof, Cinebook already translated Clifton stories!". True, but they didn't translate all of them - in fact, they barely translated a quarter of Clifton's illustrious career!


I'll be tackling the first Macherot story, hopefully finishing all three of his Clifton stories by the end of the year. Would you guys prefer that I release each story individually, or slap it all together into one big file like I did with those Waters of Dead Moon stories?
>> No. 49340
I'm ¼ through Clifton - I hope to have it done by the end of the month.
>> No. 49409
File 13927315866.gif - (397.50KB , 245x138 , 1383509761257.gif )
I'm now ⅔ through Clifton

>mfw one line of dialogue, put through Google Translate, translates directly to "You ugly bugger!"
>> No. 49513
I've finished Clifton, but I've decided I'll upload all three Macherot stories in one big cbz file. I'll finish off the month by making a start on Topolino № 3000 - should be a nice little palate cleanser. When March comes around, I'll make a start on the second Johan book.
>> No. 50132
I'm now halfway through Johan - with luck, I'll be finished by the 22nd or the 23rd.
>> No. 50156
File 13953362025.jpg - (714.74KB , 958x1250 , Peyo-2-Ill-Johan.jpg )

Yes, I finished early! I'll do some more Topolino, and come April I'll go back to Ric Hochet!
>> No. 50791
I've finally finished Ric Hochet 02... unfortunately, Rapidshare have decided to become greedy assholes and are now demanding £50 or something equally ridiculous for the basic package. If anybody could recommend a decent alternative, I'd be very grateful.
>> No. 50813
Try FileFactory or Mediafire. They still have free packages. Also, MF gives you discount (according to their website) or ask me for a discount voucher for FF.
>> No. 50814
Try FileFactory or Mediafire. They still have free packages. Also, MF gives you discount (according to their website) or ask me for a discount voucher for FF.
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