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File 128577124453.jpg - (67.71KB , 884x920 , 1285741375402.jpg )
32527 No. 32527

I have to get on my way to work, I should be there in 90 minutes or so. FWIW I've talked to Katawa Shoujo devs at length about what it takes to make an idea on 4chan actually turn into a real project and the obstacles they've faced along the way.

Be back soon.

Power set:

Personalities (civilian/powered):
Character flaws (think hard about this, it's arguably the most important part of a character):

Likely villains:
Origin story arc:
Expand all images
>> No. 32531
Let's keep this to /co/lette for now, instead of trying to handle 4chan house, /co/nrad, /co/nata et al.

This is an archive of today's 4chan thread:
Any other archives of text from /co/ would be appreciated.
>> No. 32533
Comic strip.
/co/nrad's wife /ck/ is secretly /co/lette by night.
Wacky shenanigans ensue.

So... whaddya think, /co/mrades?
>> No. 32534
Oh... sorry then :(

Well, maybe all that will be useful later or something.
>> No. 32535
The current set of proposed origins go as follows:

- Sent away for cheesy power gauntlets from old comic book ad.
- Abducted accidentally by UFO, almost killed by experience, aliens end up fixing her with alien tech which explains power, armor, etc.
- Lives in a world where there are real superheroes and once found the gloves, which once belonged to a forgotten superhero from the 40s.

Strong golden/silver age vibe on the last two, which is a definite plus.

I'd kinda like to see an explanation for the body changes, esp. the Cassandra Cain scars: perhaps the gauntlet carries a memory of the body (and damage sustained) in power form. If that's the case, a personality template would also cover any substantial personality differences and let her be shy or meek or whatever in her civilian identity and overconfident, badass, tactically brilliant in her powered form.

This explanation works pretty well with all three potential origins, but if you go with the first, the assumption here is that the thing she sent away for is not the thing that arrived in the mail.
>> No. 32536
>>32535 a personality template would also cover any substantial personality differences and let her be shy or meek or whatever in her civilian identity and overconfident, badass, tactically brilliant in her powered form

Now imagine a mishap where the gauntlet swaps the two and she has to face a crisis or supervillain with only her civilian personality/instincts, or worse, her super aggro mode is confronting the slice of life challenges of being unpopular.
>> No. 32537
Call me a nitpicker but I don't like the idea of an established world of superheros/villans. It creates a very small scope of freedom on the writer's part. Especially since this comes with far too many contradictions.

We would have to wonder why no one has wind of her having superpowers. Why was she chosen and so on.

The alien thing seems a bit like a cop out as well, it seems like a writer's backdoor approach to something that can have a little meat or creativity.

I do like the sent away for gauntlets, received said gauntlets because I suppose it makes sense in the /co/lette in my head.

I'm not too big on the personality change, I really hate it when people go from timid person that doesn't have any confidence to someone who is gun-ho and has all the confidence in the world. Don't get me wrong, it's been done spectacular before but I don't think this fits /co/lette's MO.

One more thing before I end up making an origin for a character I didn't create. I don't like the idea of /co/lette being anything less than mid-20s. For some people that may be a little old but I wouldn't entertain the idea her being young because then she wouldn't have an established life.

Comics are MUCH better when the person is just an average Jane with shitty problems and financial bullshit coming out the ass. I'm not talking Peter Parker I live with Aunt May sort of problems but starving artist I only got this job because I look good and my taste are obscure kinda poverty.

Sorry for being so wordy and not providing information, I just like to contribute my 2 cents to a project that I think will be fun. I'll come up with a character bio soon I suppose. Hopefully I would have written it well enough to garner some attention.

What do you think of my prognosis so far? Anything wrong? Something you like?
>> No. 32539
Earlier /co/lette thread here:


Search for /co/lette on deviantArt (pretty empty right now):

>> No. 32540
Oh shit, when did 4chanhouse get a shimmie?
>> No. 32541
> personality swap is cliche
I was thinking more along the lines of personality boost, like maybe the gauntlets bring some steroid punch to her.

> established world of heroes overdone
It isn't my personal favorite either but it makes it comparatively easy to set up an Empowered kind of dynamic where we see her in over her head compared to more established heroes. If she's a lone superhero, then it's going to necessary to define what kind of antagonists she's up against and how they're in her range at the same time (unless she's going to be pounding bank robbers and alley rapists indefinitely).

> I don't like the idea of /co/lette being anything less than mid-20s.
Can't agree enough here. Let's say 23; old enough to have left college but young enough to still be nostalgic for when everything was comparatively easier. If you've listened to the Avenue Q soundtrack, it sums up the dilemma of being on your own pretty well.

> The alien thing seems a bit like a cop out as well, it seems like a writer's backdoor approach to something that can have a little meat or creativity
(Disclaimer: I wrote a character with exactly this origin once although a different power set.) The argument in favor of "sent away for stuff" is that it references comic book culture, but iirc ads like those haven't been in comic books since the late 80s. OTOH it carries a guaranteed storyline about why she received a genuine powered gauntlet, where it came from, etc. I just cringe at the idea of it being some old dude who says "I KNEW SOMEONE WORTHY WOULD SEND AWAY FOR IT" and the whole thing turning into animu magical girl genre.
>> No. 32542
Since about the day it was up, which is to say for about 13 months.

Since the board-tan stuff might not necessarily be related to the /co/lette comic, I'd be cool with making you guys another shimmie. Or we could keep it all in the same place and just use the power of tags to separate everything.

Anonex might offer you a subdomain as well, see sticky. None of that "free invisionfree forums with ads" stuff when you can do better. He's a better webmaster than me, so there you go.
>> No. 32543
Personally I think a detective/superhero mystery series would be cool. Colette gets the gauntlets and 'hires' Conrad to help her track down the company. More thriller/adventure, less shipping bullshit.
>> No. 32544
File 128578123028.png - (32.39KB , 800x450 , 1285746041798.png )
Obviously, giant robot hands means she can deliver punches from the punch dimension.

The cass scars suggest she's got strength but not necessarily invulnerability: a bullet won't bounce off her but it won't penetrate muscle or bone, either. So her skin is tough enough to not bruise easily but a slashing or stabbing attack is still gonna make her bleed (and pissed).

For some reason the pics of her with a cape make me think it would be funny for her to have a cape but no flight ability, and a number of misunderstandings about this until she dumps the cape or people wise up.

Other ideas for powers? superspeed? instinctive defense heightened by the gauntlets?

I like to think the gauntlets morph into a pair of regular looking bracelets in her civilian form and are activated by banging them together like Mar-Vell.
>> No. 32545
File 128578184076.jpg - (75.09KB , 600x1059 , @$$ colette.jpg )
>>32542 free shimmie and/or board

Sure, I'll take it.
>> No. 32546

Nice. I've got some stuff burned to CD that I should upload. I think the currently archived /coc/ board had stuff that isn't on there, too.
>> No. 32547
File 128578321133.jpg - (485.69KB , 859x1100 , 1285762680458.jpg )
I don't know what to think
>> No. 32548
Yeah, there was a long thread about the justice /co/mrades which included, among other things, some villains.

If you want me to do it and not Anonex and his reliable, and, I presume, dedicated, serverse, I'll set up whatever software you want (that I can get without paying hundreds) by tomorrow. I'm thinking something like justice.4chanhouse.org
>> No. 32549
I think 4chanhouse can make its own memes and let us try to do something a little less retarded sounding.
>> No. 32550
Are we going with "/co/lette" as her superheroine identity and give her a regular civilian name?

Will there be jokes from other supers like "That isn't a superhero name, you need to be called Barefoot Punch Lass or something"?
>> No. 32552
Oh well. Sorry then :(

I guess I'll go try poking 4chanhouse with my retarded sounding memes
>> No. 32557
Colette let her body wake up first. Her mind wandered to the dream she had the previous night but nothing could be grasped properly; only tidbits of thoughts here and there nothing concrete. She dismissed the notion that the feat was possible and opened her eyes.

Her apartment was a mess; there wasn’t anything on the floor but just enough for her to complain about it. Her room had no windows only plants at each corner of the room. Dry spit lathered her moth and she reached on her desk tabletop for her glasses. Not her most favorite accessory but she looked better with them on than off, at least in her own opinion.

She moved her leg from under the covers and realized that she was wearing pants. She sighed remembering that she had spent all evening at work. Her dream was beginning to come back to her but at this time she wasn’t so bent on trying to piece it together. Now it was becoming more and more apparent that the less she wanted to remember the more it wanted to force itself back into her head.

She dreamed of the comic book character Invincible, everyone’s favorite murderer. He had killed a ton of people in front of her and she cowered in fear of the thought of him coming her way. That’s when he noticed her and attacked, for what felt like hours she was able to hold her own but a sudden pain in her stomach made her realized his almighty fist impaled her.

She shuddered and the thought and made her way to the kitchen. The kitchen was much cleaner than her room and her puppy scraped it’s little paws against the ground trying to get her attention. She lazily poured some food on the ground as soon as she could, her head was pounding.

>This is nothing but word vomit, I'm in a class right now and prof said create a character from scratch.
>> No. 32558
I like this, if only even for the puppy. Too many people have pet cats or a salamander to be "edgy." People often forget dogs are pets too.

I like the way you characterized her as well, even if it's a little hyper dramatic. I don't think we're looking for anything like that just yet.
>> No. 32566
File 128580604358.jpg - (265.99KB , 1136x960 , 1220543901554.jpg )
>> No. 32567
File 128580610837.png - (107.51KB , 1247x1823 , 1220591940346.png )
the concept for /co/lette is from 2008, by the way.
>> No. 32568
File 128580616025.jpg - (261.23KB , 1300x2000 , 1220592046136.jpg )
>> No. 32569
File 128580618068.jpg - (98.23KB , 550x900 , 1220592663855.jpg )
>> No. 32570
File 128580622523.png - (39.20KB , 638x793 , co.png )
>> No. 32575
This is probably going to be the biggest fight. Completely bonkers in-joke memefest, or attempt at serious/semi-serious tone (with the humor needed to balance it)?
>> No. 32582
thread's heading for pg15 since the drawfag went

not as big as last thread
>> No. 32584

Who said anything about sticking to one canon?
>> No. 32585

Ok in trying to keep everyone happy I've comprised something. Well in essence I'm trying to comprise something that's not Spinnerette.

Now I'm sorta digging the idea of the established super hero world. I didn't like it prior because the thought of her being plopped in there would take away from her and force us to establish the world.

Ok so we have this comic book geek girl, 23-24, who is lack luster. We can't make her unpopular though. If she's working in a comic bookstore and looks this good, we would be hard pressed to convince anyone that she is social introvert. She has her friends, she knows some people but she also has her quirks. She is far too into comicbooks and the characters established in them.

She's constantly shipping people which annoys the hell out of her friends but she also knows a shit-ton of useless trivia to back up these claims. Right down to issue number and who drew it. She probably went to college for some starving artist bullshit, maybe even dropped out because her parents thought it was a waste of money.

Unlike most social introverts though she's always going out to clubs and trying to meet new people. It's only after that she has established herself as a trivia knowledge know it all of comics that people tend to gravitate away from her. She is straight but her best friend is gay. Not in the HERE I AM SENSE but in a subtle way. Her friend is very socially open and /co/lette isn't her only friend. Said friend is /co/lette's window into the outside world because without her /co/lette's life would be mundane.

Work. Read Comics. Take care of puppy. Sleep. Maybe eat if it's not a Wednesday. She both pirates her comics and purchases them. Working at a comic book store and looking good allows her these perks. She has a sleuth of action figures that she crafted herself.

Obscure activity could be that she's a closet breakdancer and a HUGE advocate for classic rap not that new age bullshit with Lil' Wayne and Soljah boi. She picked it up initially because she thought such a range of motion and rapid reflex would prepare her for the purse snatcher she never encountered. Later on realized she has a real talent for it and kept on it allowing her to have the physique she has now.

She embarrased of her taste because no matter what she says her friend's opinions matter and they would kill her dead if they found out that she listened to "garbage."

The deal with the gauntlets I like is that they become braclets or something akin to that. It would suck if she didn't have them on her person at all times but bracelets seems a bit common. If someone can come up with an accessory that has a bit more of a /co/lette feel to it please be my guest. This is a group project and I don't want to become the person who has the only input.

I was also playing around with the idea that her gauntlets could construct things. Not unlike a lantern construct but also it has a physical appearance sort of like a hammer space gauntlet. This also with her ability to summon punches from the punch dimension.

Tell me what you think of her gauntlets eventually becoming full body armor. Too much? Just enough?

I don't think her superheroine name should be /co/lette, that just annoys me like how people call Marvel Girl, Jean. We should really brain storm on an appropriate name for our heroine.

I was also thinking of another acquaintance of hers who is more like an anti-thesis. (I know I'm piling on characters when this is supposed to be aboot /co/lette but what is a hero without their side kick?) He is a African American man who is a break dancer as well and someone she also confides in. He immediately knows her secret without even trying to figure it out because he knows her through and through. He doesn't hang with her unless she comes to him because he's wary aboot losing a friend if he ends up becoming too close to them.

The idea of her doing the whole prep time detective shtick fits I believe because she has a very amateur feel. Just getting int the hero game, established hero world, it can be stressful for a "D" level heroine. She tends to overestimate her moves along with her opponents and that causes her to win because she over thinks believing she is a legit superheroine fighting legit city threatening supervillans.

Once again I hate to cram all of this at once since it's a bit much but it's what I've come up with over night. With more time I can do better but that won't be necessary if people help/drawfag this. I tried to take all the input so far and implement it into the consensus. The more people contribute the more I can add. So PLEASE feel free to feedback/contribute to this.
>> No. 32586
> We should really brain storm on an appropriate name for our heroine.

> Tell me what you think of her gauntlets eventually becoming full body armor
Maybe a special occasion thing?

> a HUGE advocate for classic rap
Niiice. Like a sequence where she's alone in the shop arranging shit and belts out Rapper's Delight

> something that's not Spinnerette
You're doing fine.

I'll take another look at this when I get into work this morning, but I like what I see so far.
>> No. 32596
File 128587371994.jpg - (226.00KB , 570x940 , mam color.jpg )
>Likely villains:
>> No. 32600
If you need some villians, you can check this thread out: https://plus4chan.org/boards/coc/res/12109.html
>> No. 32601
File 12858868771.png - (1.00MB , 1200x1680 , 1285835257104.png )
I liked this.
>> No. 32609

Same. Dat toothy grin... who drew this?
>> No. 32611
File 128590403646.png - (268.37KB , 1000x1000 , 1285748858295.png )
I believe it was a rare drawfag named Meep. She does cute stuff.
>> No. 32620
File 128591980362.jpg - (105.02KB , 1153x1059 , 2010sep30_colette_nemisis.jpg )
First attempt, please disregard the girl on the right. Was drawing from impression mainly, so not very on model in terms of commonly accepted design elements, will work on that.
>> No. 32653
Question: any other villains besides Ma'am Ares, or is that up to us to just make up?
>> No. 32657
/d/ is pretty much a villain. Kind of.

She probably wanders the streets at night tentacle raping people and laying eggs in them. Only /co/'s mightiest heroes can stop her and her fiendish ways.
>> No. 32659
This is me I just decided to change my trip. I've been thinking a while and it would also be cool if /co/lette was also the kind of girl who just didn't take shit from anyone either. There are far too many submissive female heroines and they just bow down to the first person who come's by.

She should be timid and what not but in her superheroine persona she becomes more aggressive. Too much at first even going so far as too hospitalizing someone but she picks it up after a a time.

She is like a cop. A cop knows that they cannot be a friend to the people even though they don't want to come off as a dick. She does the same thing. But as a Super powered person.
>> No. 32665
File 128606127251.jpg - (88.37KB , 1126x458 , Sexy and Beautiful Woman.jpg )
Some ideas I had for /s/.
>> No. 32668
Pretty sure it's up to us to make it up.
>> No. 32753

I've developed a rough draft for a storyline and cast of characters. It won't be to everyone's taste - if you have a boner for board-tan shipping I would probably not enjoy this story. If you want total closure and random happenstance labelled as 'fun', or mindless nihilism with hyper-realistic gore and censored obscenities, you would probably not enjoy this story. It's more a mixture of the mundane and the supernatural, setting up a much bigger story to follow through.

I'm just making this post to say, I'm not the only one thinking up material for this concept, right? Are there other people working on comics or stories or such, and if so, how are you getting on? I'm curious.
>> No. 32779

What would be her weaknesses?
>> No. 32814
If you don't look directly at her, she has little to no power, perhaps?
I.e just run in her general direction and sock her in the nose and she's pretty much out.

Eh. I like how it's our own little "continuity". /co/nrade and the like fit. If we make this too serious then it's just a giant mess.
>> No. 32821
File 128664651042.jpg - (802.93KB , 1778x2300 , 128650721317.jpg )

Any ideas on how she'll look? This is just a reference picture or inspiration for her design.
>> No. 32822
>Eh. I like how it's our own little "continuity". /co/nrade and the like fit. If we make this too serious then it's just a giant mess.

True. I'll write this off as an Elseworld. It'll be fun to see the differences in the end!
>> No. 32825
If there's any physical change: 3 civilian, 4 hero.
Otherwise just 4. Muscular enough, but easy to hide (so she doesn't have to freak out because "Hey there's a girl who looks kind of like you but is muscular and oh hey you're pretty buff."
>> No. 32976
As OP I don't really have a lot of influence other than trying to put out some guidelines for creating a structure a decent story would fit into.

IMO in the long term /co/lette as just another board-tan in a board-tan fanwank is a letdown, but that's just my two cents. I don't have pretensions that we're making Vertigo or Icon's next title.

My pitiful vote:
Civilian: Body of 12, boobs of 10 or 15.
Superhero: 8, only a smidge longer in the torso (to appear older) and a semblance of muscle in arms and abs.
Dem thighs a must, and this is coming from a confirmed breast man.
>> No. 33857
Hey, so would someone be able to explain gravitational potential energy to me visavis Colette's power gauntlets? All I'm getting out of it so far is (1) freezing an object mid-fall/movement and (2) using the force of the energy you absorbed from the potential movement and... using it on other things somehow. Like, how would that work? Shockwaves? Additional strength? Faster movement? Decreased/increased gravity? Etc?
>> No. 33859
File 129220475514.jpg - (166.17KB , 822x889 , 120698470770.jpg )
>> No. 33860
File 129220479267.jpg - (186.94KB , 677x608 , 1260605108767.jpg )
>> No. 33862
File 129220547459.jpg - (83.68KB , 300x371 , 1252142496556.jpg )
actually do remember talk of Banedere. she was the child of Bane who inherited the Venom into her bloodstream, able to access it naturally and beef up. however, it mostly happened in reflex when she was scared, something i imagined a lot like a blowfish. more than a real villain, recall she was friends with Ma'am

plus recall an adorable commission that never got done by flipflopping drawfags about Ma'am Ares, /co/lette, Banedere, and Cynthia Von Doom watching scary movies together...
>> No. 33888
File 129228891615.jpg - (26.27KB , 640x480 , SOGEPOWERSSS.jpg )

Have you ever read/watched One Piece?

>The Impact Dial (衝撃貝 (インパクトダイアル), Inpakuto Daiaru?, Impact Shell) may be hit by anything blunt, or that does not slice (although it was shown absorbing axe and sword strikes in the filler G8 arc), and will absorb the kinetic energy. Once the apex of the Dial is pressed, the stored energy is released, usually causing internal injuries to a living body, while not leaving any visible external damage. This blunt force is even enough to wound Luffy, who is usually immune to blunt forces. In Chapter 466, it was revealed that the Impact Dial can also absorb the impact of explosions.

>The Impact Dial, while not as dangerous as the Reject Dial, can still hurt the user through a backlash when a large amount of energy is released, as shown with the most frequent user, Usopp, and also Nami in her fight against Kotori. However, many Sky Warriors have been shown to be highly resistant to this recoil. It's unknown if there is a limit of energy it can absorb, but so far these Dials have been able to absorb all the impact energy used against them.

Basically it soaks up kinetic energy and stores it all, and can somehow release all that energy in a massive blast out one end of the object. I guess /Co/lettes gauntlets would have some kind of high tech recoil dampeners so as to not shatter the users bones when releasing massive amounts of force.
>> No. 33901
>> No. 36072
File 129884093863.jpg - (372.93KB , 876x861 , 1298620699146.jpg )
>> No. 36073
File 129884095318.jpg - (186.83KB , 509x661 , 1298620795618.jpg )
>> No. 36250
File 129903791072.jpg - (104.69KB , 500x500 , 1296122206073.jpg )
>> No. 39696
File 130852018553.jpg - (164.33KB , 670x800 , 1308500939869.jpg )
bumpin with more ma'am ares!
>> No. 39718
File 130864680846.jpg - (100.52KB , 550x900 , collette.jpg )
oh come on, you know you want to post the original
>> No. 39723
That's Jubilee, not Ma'ma Ares
>> No. 39817

That's not the original, though.

Anyway, I don't really like the idea of building more characters out of board-tans for /co/lette.

They should be more in line with Ma'am Ares.

Keep the board-tans in that project.
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