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File 139977563493.png - (947.73KB , 800x600 , CartoonBlock.png )
227262 No. 227262
It's that time again. TONIGHT:

My Way or the Don Wei: eps 6-7
Tim Burton's "The Pun-isher": eps 7-9
National Lampoon's Digital Vacation: eps 27-28
SWAT Kats Season 2: This time it's Fursonal: eps 14-15

Okay fuck you guys, Beetlejuice is gonna be the new Medabots, right? Well then you only have 15 more votes in a row to win. GET STARTED. You'll have extra fun with that when SWAT Kats runs out and Rock n' Wrestlin is on the block. BUT I DIGRESS. Cartoons are afoot.

Don't forget to vote for the bonus episode, and submit those skub/anti-skub slogans, along with your Dr Hiss Says quotes.

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>> No. 227263
File 139977595890.png - (437.44KB , 787x540 , Swat Kats QUALITY.png )
Swat Kats
>> No. 227264
After many months of viewing I'm temporarily leaving due to the current line up being of no interest to me. I will return once the line up has been overhauled in the future.

Anyway, I'd like to thank Craig and everyone else for making my saturday nights so enjoyable.
>> No. 227265
File 139977619025.png - (512.79KB , 640x480 , vlc-01499.png )
>> No. 227266
File 13997762668.png - (23.22KB , 497x433 , Capture1.png )
>> No. 227267
File 139977635676.jpg - (107.90KB , 470x319 , beetlejuice.jpg )
>> No. 227268
Digimon. Because Digimon.
>> No. 227271
File 139977885915.png - (0.99MB , 1917x1080 , FatherOfTheYear.png )
throwing in a vote for Oban.
>> No. 227273

OK, in order to break the tie I'll change my vote from Swat Kats to Oban
>> No. 227274
Skub: Proud sponsor of /pol/ for the 4chan cup
Anti-skub: Skub has lobbied hard to legally require /co/ to be pronounced as see-oh. Skub is worse than double hitlers.

Hiss: Take care when you french kissss the girlssss that you don't get your tongue ssstuck in her mouth and watch out for sssharp bracesss.
>> No. 227275
>> No. 227277
Let's have more Oban, and less bad puns.
Voting for Podracers.
>> No. 227279
- Who needs self-esteem when you have Skub?

- Justin Beiber went on record to say "Skub is kinda cool." Do you want to agree with Justin Beiber?

Dr Hiss:
Alwaysss come to a complete ssstop at ssstop sssignsss. You don't want your insssurance to go up for any accidentsss you caussse. Plusss, ssstopping is for your own sssafety!

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