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File 139461960834.jpg - (144.57KB , 600x849 , 00001326.jpg )
224842 No. 224842
Someone's been jonesing for another cameo.
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>> No. 224844
Oh man, I was not expecting Jones to show up.
>> No. 224852
oh I hope him trying to get her to safety isn't what kills him
>> No. 224913
File 139478671988.jpg - (177.92KB , 600x849 , 00001327.jpg )
Technically it's still the nazis who killed him.
>> No. 224915
Dammit Jones, lemme guess he's telling this story to Annie and Kat as he nears the entrance into the ether and they'll be horrified and sad. Maybe Kat channels some of that god being connection she has and gives Jones a smack across the face that actually hurts.
>> No. 224916
Because Jones deserves a smack? She was a bajillion years old and was curious what those horrible bombs felt like. Can't be easy to stay entertained at that age, she meant no harm, and she told him he shouldn't be there.

She's not a robot, but she sucks balls at injecting emotions into her statements. "You shouldn't be here" is about as close as she gets to "kid, RUN!"
>> No. 224918
I still don't know which war we're even in here.
>> No. 224919
I can imagine Jones travelling to north Russia in 1961 just to be in the ground zero of a 50MT hydrogen bomb.
>> No. 224920
The only one where London was aerially bombed enough to export their children into the country, which is to say World War 2?
>> No. 224924
File 13948193401.jpg - (14.15KB , 600x400 , St Pauls.jpg )
They skipped over the Blitz in history class, I'm guessing?

Though I suppose it's different for us Brits, the period's permanently etched into our cultural memory.
>> No. 224925
Yea can't remember the last time they played Bedknobs and Broomsticks. One of the first times other than the Lion Witch and Wardrobe books I heard talk of the evacuation during the blitz.
>> No. 224936
Weren't the bombing raids in WW Part One very shitty and done with fucking Zeppelins?
>> No. 224938

Yes. There were a few air raids using Zeppelins on London during WWI, but they didn't do much damage. They freaked people out, so big psychological damage for sure, but not much actual property damage, and not the kind of sustained bombardment that they endured during the Blitz. No evacuation of children occurred during WWI.
>> No. 224941
I wonder what other things Jones tried to do for shits and giggles.
>> No. 224942
Napalm showers
>> No. 224943
Gauntlet of the Witch tortures, bet she's a real kinky undying engine of destruction.
>> No. 224944
You know, after bathing in lava and spending a few million years encased in rock, I wouldn't think stuff like this would interest her anymore.
>> No. 224946
its the experiences, she's never been thumped in the head by a bomb before. Picks fights with Annie and Kat once they reach their highest power level Annie going full elemental and Kat going all Guyver Mecha Bird Lady.
>> No. 224951
Spending millions of years encased in rock sounds incredibly boring, and reason enough to experience new things. Being so absurdly old means that there are few new things for you, so I think she appreciates humans creating new crap.

Plus, there is a "why the hell not" factor going on. If there is no risk involved for her, and she is not losing any time doing these stunts (literally having all the time in the world), then why not?
>> No. 224955
You're forgetting that this is Jones we're talking about here. She can't feel bored. Or excited. Or much of anything. I don't see why she would want to be standing directly underneath a bomb when it goes off. If she was curious about how powerful they are, she could just stand around and watch them explode.
>> No. 224959
> If she was curious about how powerful they are, she could just stand around and watch them explode.

Why would she do that, if standing right there in the ground zero would give her a better view and pose no risk to her?
>> No. 225002
File 139506175668.jpg - (107.42KB , 600x849 , 00001328.jpg )
I know it's not atomic, but god have mercy it's what this is making me think of.

Barefoot Gen, HIroshima Destroyedyoutube thumb
>> No. 225003
File 139506320844.jpg - (120.79KB , 679x936 , 0001.jpg )
Also, new Annie in the Forest everyone!
>> No. 225005
I laughed, I cried, it moved me.
>> No. 225016
So now that annie got her first hangover, when is she buying her first cigarettes?
>> No. 225017
Nah she's going with the herbs. Nice city them forest folk have. So was that end but showing Annie has some kind of TK?
>> No. 225018
Remember her aether lessons with Coyote. You can affect the material world with your spirit if you're skilled enough.
>> No. 225027
Exploded view diagram.
>> No. 225104
File 139522857077.jpg - (172.17KB , 600x849 , 00001329.jpg )
>> No. 225109
Man, they sure used to make clothes pretty damn durable back then.
>> No. 225199
File 139541129581.jpg - (163.00KB , 600x849 , 00001330.jpg )
Whoa there Jonesy, what are you planning to do?
>> No. 225203
I find the fact that he specifies that Mort has died early to be somewhat odd. Is there a way to determine the time of every person's death? Is that a prediction, or a plan? And how could Jones's actions not be factored into that determination?
>> No. 225204
She's not of this earth so maybe not of its "grand design" maybe?
>> No. 225206
An argument could be made that Jones is the most "of this this earth" being in existence.
>> No. 225210
Could just mean he died young. He's just a kid.
>> No. 225225
I was just thinking about that.
Is not necessarily some kind of foretold prophetic destiny thing.
>> No. 225327
File 139566040273.jpg - (170.02KB , 600x849 , 00001331.jpg )
I don't see how letting him haunt someplace is better than letting him pass on.
>> No. 225329
Now I dunno what to think of ROTD.

Maybe Jones has the same level of no-perception perception that Kat has?
>> No. 225331
File 139567356830.jpg - (645.41KB , 980x1531 , Flex Mentallo 3of4 - 09.jpg )
>> No. 225335
He hasn't even realized he's dead yet. I wouldn't really say he's ready to pass on.
>> No. 225342
Apparently a lot of people don't realize they've passed on. Recall that flashback chapter where Little Annie helped out that boy? That doesn't earn you a job as a ghost, it just means you might need some outside help.

Also, "unfair and unjust?" Jones, if you're going to take issue with every death you deem unfair and unjust, I'm afraid you're going to have your hands full. People die. Kids die. This happens often, and for every reason imaginable. The fact that Mort died trying to help someone (especially someone who needed no help) is tragic, but of little consequence in regard to what should happen to him.
>> No. 225345

She cares because Mort died because of her if it happened to be some other random woman, then she might not care but she unintentionally caused a misunderstanding that lead to somebody's death.
>> No. 225347
you can have compassion for particular cases near to you without being a stretched-thin saint, though
>> No. 225349
It makes sense that she feels responsible and is trying to do something, but she's acting like the fact that he died because of her is reason in and of itself to award him some kind of special provisions (and Dracula here seems to accept that reasoning). I know she tries to stay out of human events as much as possible, but she must know that she affects those around here. She's lived with humans for as long as there have been humans with which to live. This can't be the first time her presence has impacted someone else in a major way.

Everyone also seems to be making the assumption that being a ghost is better than the alternative. I mean, it's not like they're bringing him back to life, and it's not like there's much of a future in haunting one room for who knows how long. Nobody's even asking his opinion on the matter.
>> No. 225350
Dying while trying to save a normal person is one thing, dying to save Jones is something completely different.

She has obviously seen a lot of people die for probably every reason imaginable. The fact that she can still be upset about one boy's death and feels guilty about luring him into it says a lot about her character. Jones isn't nearly as emotionless as she believes herself to be, she does have a moral compass, and even after literal eons, witnessing senseless death still gets to her.
>> No. 225354
Am I the only person interested in exactly how the Court was assisting the war effort, as Jones pointed out?

>> No. 225361
Yeah, that also picked up my attention.
Maybe we can even get a glimpse of artilleryman's descendants!!
>> No. 225410
File 139584421295.jpg - (163.31KB , 600x849 , 00001332.jpg )
Is anyone else kind of bothered by how easily this is all going down? Mort learns that he's dead and just runs with it. I kind of doubt that'd be how your typical kid would react.
>> No. 225411
Gotta speed things along I guess. Get back to Annie and Kat leading him to the threshold of the afterlife
>> No. 225412
I can absolutely believe this because the ramifications wouldn't dawn on him, he's a kid in the blitz, they are used to not questioning orders and doing as instructed.

To me it seems like a kid whose thinking "My job is to be a ghost, cool!"
>> No. 225413
Wonder if we'll see a page of him going through the states when it dawns on him and that he's been waiting for a guide that never came.
>> No. 225458
I'd imagine it's something like dying in the Discworld books. You're no longer connected to an adrenal gland or tear ducts, so even if you're shocked and upset, it's muted.

Mind you, I'm trying to remember the kid that Anne helped to cross over...
>> No. 225473
File 139600743610.jpg - (162.21KB , 600x849 , 00001333.jpg )
Oh Mort.
>> No. 225474

I'm pretty sure he's understood that his guide did come for him, but Jones stepped in the way. I don't think he's mad though. He's tired of it, hence why he's asking Annie to guide him.
>> No. 225475
Fortunately we are not seeing all this heart-to-heart with Kat's POV, just picture that scene with all the silly cheap surroundings.
>> No. 225504

Methinks they are currently in the court, not in the RoTD.
>> No. 225506
Compare their present location to this page:


They're still in the ROTD.
>> No. 225569
File 139626251476.jpg - (168.75KB , 600x849 , 00001334.jpg )
Kat's powers of carnivalization apparently don't work on the Grim Reaper. I wonder if she's still in his jurisdiction, despite ascending to demigodhood. Or maybe we read too much into it and Kat doesn't have any powers at all and the RotD appears differently to everyone who enters it, depending on their personality and expectations.
>> No. 225575
This isn't the first time Kat has seen one of the guides. Judging by her reaction to seeing Muut, I'm guessing she saw him as we see him. Guides apparently don't work for the ROTD.

I like how Ankou just has fog billowing behind him wherever he goes.
>> No. 225592
Could Kat be seeing something a lot worse then they are maybe?

Also will Mort take off his "ghost" form when he gets to the gate or whatever at the end?
>> No. 225595
After an hour in Spooky Stanley's House of Horrors, seeing a genuine grim reaper would freak you out somewhat. I think her reaction is natural for anyone in her situation.
>> No. 225626
The guides most likely have no bullshit embellishment whatsoever, they are the WYSIWYG of the supernatural. Ankou IS a grimass reaper, Muut IS a huge native dude with owl head and feet, and so on. You can't see them as something different.

Make sense, since they have to be fully recognizable for the customers.
>> No. 225817
File 139685633617.jpg - (166.83KB , 600x849 , 00001337.jpg )
Maximum spooky vision is exclusive to Annie.
Girl, you're fucked up.
>> No. 225818
"but we'll need a temporary replacement"

BAM Temp Job Ghost Kat. Which means Kat just has to roam around in a sheet saying "boo" at things for a few hours a day.
>> No. 225820
I think it might be more akin to the fact that people's psyche shields them from the horror of what they see if they aren't prepared for it.
>> No. 225893
File 139702868079.jpg - (186.72KB , 600x849 , 00001338.jpg )
NOW YOU FUCKED UPyoutube thumb
>> No. 225895
Ankou knows what's up and he don't want ANY of it.
>> No. 225904
Don't let the Demigod hear this, might trigger her final transformation
>> No. 225906
He better have some really good explanation on the next page, or he's gonna get it.
>> No. 225913
Things you don't piss off: Fire
>> No. 226029
Aw man I was hoping the next page would involve carnage.
>> No. 226031
File 139726591288.jpg - (190.85KB , 600x849 , 00001339.jpg )
Nah though it looks like Kat may actually be seeing the true faces of everything. Which is kinda wild.
>> No. 226103
File 139746660522.jpg - (185.04KB , 600x849 , 1397458838695.jpg )
Yep the Demigod was seeing the real face behind the mask.
>> No. 226112
File 139748418769.jpg - (16.84KB , 381x235 , Realization.jpg )
>It was... a busy time
>> No. 226125
I'm still wondering if there's something specific spirits of the deceased can do that they had to be assigned "jobs" to keep them from doing it, apart from the usual spooky stuff.
>> No. 226140
Probably be addressed when they ask about their little problem in the ravine.
>> No. 226392
File 139809095567.jpg - (168.60KB , 600x849 , 00001341.jpg )
Did we all forget about this?
>> No. 226393
File 139809113761.jpg - (193.79KB , 600x849 , 00001342.jpg )
>> No. 226394
File 139809118860.jpg - (177.50KB , 600x849 , 00001343.jpg )
But anyways, let's get back in track.
>> No. 226406
It's an interesting chaptre but it has been impossible to discuss the webcomic online now that /co/ only post about Sal shitty fanfix, people spaming muscleshit porn, and that one autist that think putting GC faces into a shitty heroic fantasy fic deserve more attention than the update. So for hte moment I just gave up, I read it, I enjoy it, but alone.
>> No. 226407
Well, originally, plus4chan was mostly a back-up /co/ board in case of either 4chan going down or shit like what you mention.
So, feel free to join us.
>> No. 226408
And Kat would see that as it actually is with either a trap door dropping him out of sight or him just hiding behind a pillar as the creaky rubber bat toddles along on a line. So the Arrows purpose seems to be a lot more sinister than previously thought.
>> No. 226505
File 139827187069.jpg - (172.69KB , 600x849 , 00001344.jpg )
Sometimes you need to lie to your friends.
>> No. 226510
Annie is smilling, they should know by now that it's bad new.
>> No. 226632
File 139843148818.jpg - (194.39KB , 600x849 , 00001345.jpg )
Keep poking that nightmare in the eye, Kat.
>> No. 226648
So that is how they see the AV equipment
>> No. 226652
Kinda loving that its likely on a rickety AV kart which only Kat can see and everyone else sees she's shoving some Elder Critter around.
>> No. 226750
File 139868531464.jpg - (126.79KB , 600x849 , 00001346.jpg )
>> No. 226753
awww Kat getting all teary.
>> No. 227058
File 139928951444.jpg - (136.56KB , 600x849 , 00001349.jpg )
Been a while since Morty has had blood pumping through him. Seems to be making up for lost time.
>> No. 227060
Awww, how cute and touching, he is dying for real this time and his friends are helping it!

I seriously don't understand why would anyone want to voluntarily go to the aether. I mean, this a case where there actually is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the light literally IS the end of the tunnel, no more road ahead.
>> No. 227062
This feels like it's way more about Annie growing than Mort moving on.

It's kind of amazing how much character progression she's had along with straight up physical growth.
>> No. 227063
Also Tom's side profiles are still wonk but getting significantly better.
>> No. 227064
To be honest I'm not sure that angle can ever look good to begin with.
>> No. 227066
poor Kat getting the short end of the growth stick.
>> No. 227170
File 139946177321.jpg - (139.92KB , 600x849 , 00001350.jpg )
>> No. 227245
File 139962091736.jpg - (139.37KB , 600x849 , 00001351[1].jpg )
>Goodbye, Mort.
>> No. 227251
Awww Poor Kat, this is really hitting her.
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