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  • 08/21/12 - Poll ended; /cod/ split off as a new board from /pco/.

File 13942293607.png - (1.83MB , 1920x800 , rf birds everywhere.png )
224595 No. 224595
Just in case anyone cares.

Lewd material goes on /pco/, as always.
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>> No. 224596
File 139422962417.gif - (460.46KB , 500x249 , Did i just catch you having fun.gif )
>no lewd
You had one job Twister!

>> No. 224597
File 139422973871.png - (466.10KB , 1824x1785 , 1389386764078.png )
I'm just posting this because I still haven't done it.
>> No. 224598
Lewd thread here >>155768
>> No. 224600
File 139423131790.jpg - (762.11KB , 1082x1717 , 1394217844667.jpg )
>> No. 224601
File 139423138253.jpg - (563.79KB , 1086x1703 , 1394223561422.jpg )
>> No. 224603
Neat, happy to see someone was interested in my fusion idea.
>> No. 224605
File 139423299313.gif - (2.46MB , 320x348 , burd animation.gif )
With birds' different body structure, it's funny how people try to make them as human as possible and give them tits, instead of respecting what is already there for the sake of diversity.

Or maybe I'm just a ghey faget for not liking big tits on everything.

Who knows.
>> No. 224607
File 139423339415.png - (290.23KB , 601x443 , pic.png )
Dude, it's porn. Don't take it seriously.

Also, this might be more of your thing then?
>> No. 224608
¯\(o_°)/¯ I guess it's not too human, so it's fine.
>> No. 224609
File 139423534716.png - (1.01MB , 1920x800 , vlcsnap-2014-01-23-23h26m50s84.png )
Might as well post this
>> No. 224612
File 139423850834.jpg - (100.41KB , 720x480 , Contessa037.jpg )
Now its time to put together a bird list. I am starting by suggesting the Contessa from Animalympics.
>> No. 224635
File 139426632248.png - (89.87KB , 400x400 , gilda_by_clasherz-d772jbo.png )
Does Gilda and other griffons count as bird?
>> No. 224636
Sure they do.

But there is a thread for them already.
>> No. 224647
File 139429700154.png - (407.75KB , 800x600 , Stella_Balto3.png )
Is there going to be a birds list now?
>> No. 224648
File 139429722133.jpg - (31.33KB , 853x480 , Marina1.jpg )
This thread needs penguins like Marina from The Pebble and the Penguin.
>> No. 224649
File 13942973809.gif - (1.46MB , 298x225 , Goldie_Pheasant_Rockadoodle.gif )
>> No. 224650
File 139429750626.jpg - (57.53KB , 449x597 , Ugly_Duckling_and_Me.jpg )
This Danish shit is full of birdz
>> No. 224655
Can we just have a cartoon animals board or something?
>> No. 224658
Somebody call the listman. It's getting too hot in here.
>> No. 224664
File 139431436186.jpg - (371.99KB , 754x1280 , pavita_pechugona.jpg )
Gonna toss this one here since the thread on 4chan will either get autosaged or deleted soon anyway.
>> No. 224672
File 139432300217.png - (2.28MB , 1920x800 , vlcsnap-2014-01-23-00h56m53s81.png )
Right after we get separate boards for cartoons and comics.
>> No. 224674
I'd be fine with that. It's just we're getting so many active animal threads, and sense no one wants to make it a single general, it might make sense to make a board for it.
>> No. 224677
File 139432461929.png - (1.25MB , 1920x800 , vlcsnap-2014-01-23-23h12m41s16.png )
Well, you see... if you do that, you are implying certain things.

-Cartoon animal characters are somehow different from human ones, or their stories are fundamentally different.
-Cartoon animals and fluffy porn are inseparable. That is the only reason threads get deleted. Either R34 gets posted immediately, or the populous get scared that it will be soon.

Do you really want to divide the people over a minor issue?
>> No. 224678
How about this... if you're making a thread that's basically a thinly-veiled fetish fest, you just post in a thread for it on /pco/, so you can keep all your fap-fodder in the same place whether it's technically 'safe for work' or not. And that way the board for actual discussions has more space to actually discuss things.
>> No. 224679
And how do you make people do that? What do you do when people basically say "fuck you I do what I want"? Ban them? What to do when they evade the ban? Perma-ban? And if they evade that?

Don't get me wrong; I agree with you. But... how do you get a bunch of angry teenagers behave? m00t referred to most of 4chan's population as "angry 15 year old boys", so that was a reference.
>> No. 224680
File 139432522730.jpg - (595.47KB , 979x1276 , no_yiffing.jpg )

>-Cartoon animal characters are somehow different from human ones, or their stories are fundamentally different.
>-Cartoon animals and fluffy porn are inseparable. That is the only reason threads get deleted. Either R34 gets posted immediately, or the populous get scared that it will be soon.

Isn't this the entire reason why we have furries quartered off in their own terrible communities/chans?
>> No. 224682
Uh, yeah, banning is what you generally do when someone disregards mod orders. And unlike spambots, few humans are nearly as persistent. Also you're talking like removing the pretense of 'legitimacy' is at this point an unreasonable thing. We all know exactly why these 'animal' threads are made. It's all anthro fetish wank-fodder, and ultimately I think the participants of these threads would be happier if they didn't have to pretend it wasn't, because they're barely able to do that anyway.
>> No. 224683
>-Cartoon animal characters are somehow different from human ones, or their stories are fundamentally different.
No. That's what you're doing by creating separate threads for them.
>Cartoon animals and fluffy porn are inseparable. That is the only reason threads get deleted. Either R34 gets posted immediately, or the populous get scared that it will be soon.
Then make it a worksafe board like this one.

My only concern is there's so many of one kind of thread taking up the board. We did the same thing for Avatar, One Piece, MSPaint Adventures, and Pokemon. If it's really not that important, I don't see why you can't just keep it in one thread and avoid the clutter. I'm not against you guys or the threads, I just don't get why we need to keep having them for every separate species.
>> No. 224695
File 139433113595.png - (1.01MB , 735x571 , birds with guns.png )
God I'm such a dumbass! Why didn't I notice it sooner?

are just attempts to derail this thread.

If you are reading this, please, do NOT reply to accusatory posts. There is a thread for this kind of drama, and it is way over at /baw/. Please don't let this be like regular /co/.
>> No. 224696
File 139433235241.jpg - (234.13KB , 768x1024 , burd by Brian Reynolds.jpg )
Also, my apparent stupidity didn't let me realize that >>224655
meant making a new board on THIS site. That would actually be a very good idea! It would go terrible on regular /co/ (people would throw a fit and start lighting car fires over this) but here it just might might work!

Keeping regular /co/ in mind, all me previous points still stand though. Keep posting non-fap bird material here, and stay chill.
>> No. 224698
File 139433315567.jpg - (46.46KB , 555x757 , sailor_bird_comprimise.jpg )
For reference, I was only:
Forgive me if I caused any confusion. Have some Sailor Bird of the Moobeard pilot.
>> No. 224702
Sage because slightly off-topic.

You really need to listen to a bi-weekly podcast by her creator and his friend: Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons. It's kyleandluke.com
>> No. 224712
After reading the b& lizard thread and the drama here I have this to say: How about we go for a NON-MAMMAL thread instead and stop species-spamming the /co/?
>> No. 224713
How about you just make a general thread about Obscure and Foreign (non-american) cartoons and just post about the ones with animals in them.
>> No. 224716
what about people have a furry general and stop spreading their obvious lust for animals in a non porn board?
>> No. 224730
I think that's true.

>> No. 224735
1) No one was banned.
2) This thread was here before the lizard one and actually has activity, so there's no point in deleting it.

3) We were always free to.
4) Settle down.

The lizard thread was locked because the number of new threads about animals was approaching spam levels for our slow board. If we had the speed of 4chan's /co/, they would have just been ignored and fallen off page 10.
>> No. 224736
Agreed. Threads about properties will usually get more/better responses than about general stuff (this kind of thread is akin to making a thread for "American comics"--far too broad.)
>> No. 224740
1)I said "the thread" was b&. Sounds like the right word was "locked".
2)This is not activity here, it's grab-some-popcorn-and-watch.
3)Are there threads like this on 4chan?
>> No. 224746
Hey mister how about we have a thread about mice once in a while
They need love to
>> No. 224752
How about after this you guys create one general animal thread where people can post whatever sfw creatures they want?
I think that would make most people happy.
>> No. 224764
File 13944843642.jpg - (198.60KB , 700x533 , birds.jpg )
All this complaining, and no one is posting on-topic.

It's just like regular 4chun, amirite?
>> No. 224788
File 139450356262.png - (312.62KB , 431x649 , not final art they say.png )
Posting on-topic yet again:
>> No. 224875
File 13946949227.gif - (2.18MB , 310x233 , Donald-rip-off-her-clothes.gif )
>> No. 224885
Looks like the kind of thing that'd get censored after it's first airing.
>> No. 224888
The current Mickey & Donald cartoons are so terrible...
>> No. 224891
>> No. 224893
File 139472991199.png - (0.99MB , 847x460 , quackquackbickerbicker.png )
You, sir, are a Baboon.
>> No. 224900
File 139473661522.png - (43.42KB , 265x194 , 265px-I_Am_Weasel_intertitle.png )
>> No. 224934
HA! Took me a second.
>> No. 224994
File 139502169315.jpg - (2.19KB , 93x125 , 1394849411646s.jpg )
So apparently someone did it! But it was on /co/ and the thread's all gone.
Did someone happen to save the full version?
>> No. 225090
File 139520923437.png - (125.91KB , 640x1118 , List.png )
Alright, let's try this again.
>> No. 225097
File 139521903418.jpg - (342.73KB , 1600x1600 , daffy.jpg )
Your list lacks a lot of various famous characters like Daffy Duck. You also overlook the male characters that were in the same movies as the female characters. Leafie is /co/ because apparently on 4chan "Western" means "anything not made in grorious nippon"
>> No. 225101
>Missing The Penguin

Fie on you.
>> No. 225133
I don't understand why you guys keep making lists of every dog/cat/bird/whatever character in every cartoon that's ever existed. This isn't "derailing" or "complaining," I am seriously baffled by this behaviour. What is the point? Why did you start doing it and why do you continue? It can't possibly be a "list of my waifus" because it is a list of everything and you make more threads just for the purpose of making more of these lists and adding to them (or at least it seems like it's more for listmaking than porn, at least to guys like Twister and Lucedo). Why??? What is your rationale???
>> No. 225134
For the fun of it?
Jesus man, you need the chill the fuck out.
>> No. 225138
While he got a little riled up he's not alone in going "dude wtf"
>> No. 225141
Thirded. It's borderline autistic.
>> No. 225142
Not him, but I am still confused.
What exactly is fun about this and why is it done publicly in our forums?
>> No. 225143
Ok, can we stop talking about the list we hate so much and instead simply go back to bird discussion?

Thank you.
>> No. 225155
What discussion? Is there some secret message encoded in the images used to converse?
>> No. 225188
File 139536764829.gif - (0.97MB , 167x200 , nyra.gif )
Ok, then just post more pictures.
>> No. 225322
File 139564428089.gif - (2.05MB , 425x239 , Tina-towel-cc.gif )
>> No. 225323
File 139564438129.gif - (2.56MB , 444x249 , Tina-motorcycle.gif )
>> No. 225394
File 139580604972.gif - (2.88MB , 295x224 , Margot-Mallard-join-in.gif )
>> No. 225395
File 139580620469.gif - (2.42MB , 299x227 , Margot-walking-toward-you.gif )
>> No. 225396
File 139580638390.gif - (2.96MB , 325x246 , Margot-walking-toward-plucky.gif )
>> No. 225397
File 139580646581.gif - (2.90MB , 230x174 , Margot-and-plucky.gif )
>> No. 225398
File 139580655314.gif - (1.11MB , 325x246 , Danforth-and-Margot-kiss.gif )
>> No. 225493
File 139603765844.png - (345.09KB , 583x375 , 5423.png )
>> No. 225508
So, no one saved this?
>> No. 225510
File 13960625285.png - (261.82KB , 516x426 , Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11_08_22 PM.png )
>> No. 225536
File 139616259859.png - (712.19KB , 1280x1310 , tumblr_n36cwp1kPQ1s7e5seo5_1280.png )
Fresh from the oven.
>> No. 225544
No matter which form he takes, he is NOT allowed to have a shirt.
>> No. 225548
The Goodfeathers?
>> No. 225562
Who is she?
>> No. 225563
She's from a Cuban Cartoon
LA PAVITA PECHUGONA Cancion In…youtube thumb
>> No. 225567
...What IS it with Communist countries and blatantly sexified furries?
>> No. 225568
They like importing and copying north american cartoons for a taste of freedumz.
>> No. 225597
Or they aren't so full of themselves and try to protect the children from the dangers of the female body, like Americans.
>> No. 225614
The real truth is somewhere in-between and a lot less complicated.

In some countries films and shows are not treated srsly by censors, not like dangerous poison threatening our children. To put it even simpler, in some places censors just don't give a crap.
>> No. 225618
You realize this level of sexualization he's talking about is just about the same level as any cartoon hottie, right?
>> No. 225634
I don't remember seeing something like that in an AMERICAN cartoon. Even that one woman in Anastasia is tamer.
>> No. 225640
Julie Bruin was blatantly about the boobs, for one example.
>> No. 225644
Not to that extent m8, NOT TO THAT EXTENT...
>> No. 225646
File 139637525248.jpg - (16.74KB , 217x162 , Tiny Toons - How I Spent My Vacation.jpg )
It's a over-exaggeration meant to be more comedic than sexual. Not unlike how bodybuilder-types in cartoons are 80% torso with tiny legs.

While this is a extreme case; cartoons used to do this lot more often; before Americans became over-sensitive about animated contain.

>>sorry for the non-bird related pic.
>> No. 225648
With that pic there, it was done because she was fat and by default fat women are more unattractive than slim ones. So them being in such situations is allowed, Disney did an example of that in the movie Black Cauldron with the fat witch having that singer in between her obese boobs when he was turned into a frog. A more recent example of "getting away with sensual" stuff is the lewd dance that the fat chick from Steven Universe did because she is fat and gross so there's no taboo there. Only the fetishists like that, the average guy won't care for a fat female.

Plus you say Americans got sensitive? They never stopped. The only reason they used anthro females back then was because giving human females notably sexy designs was sexist/insensitive/objectifying women, etc crap.
>> No. 225650
"Lewd" dancing is a league away from cleavage gags.

Since you brought it up, how often do see a fat female anymore? Or with noticeable curves in general?
Nowadays, most female characters are designed to be skinny with barely enough accents to say they are girls. They weren't all like Red Hot Riding Hood; but they didn't all same shapeless body-types either.
And this goes towards animated projects, as even if it's for the same age group, live-action shows can get away with stuff like talk of bras or showing a woman in something low cut.
>> No. 225657
Modern cartoons now rely on a variant of the Genndy Tartakovsky art style for the most part. Who he fuck finds the females in Gravity Falls attractive as they are drawn in the show? Most cartoons now are stuck with ugly geometric/angular stylized art styles because it saves money. I know a lot of people say that stuff like the females in Danny Phantom or Kimpossible look hot, but they're desperate fucks. Those angular boobs and such are a major turn off.

I miss the days when cartoons had more substantial, fully realized, and rounded designs like the way women were drawn in Gargoyles for instance.
>> No. 225692
File 139648028588.png - (865.41KB , 1280x720 , Pacifica 3.png )
It's a limitation of the media. You need simplistic character designs in order for animation to be fluid on a TV budget. Cartoons in the 80s and 90s had detailed models and usually had horribly sloppy animation with tons of errors.

Also, I would hardly call the Gravity Falls characters "angular".
>> No. 225931
File 139708908857.jpg - (27.78KB , 285x400 , War_of_the_Birds_-_Fuglekrigen.jpg )
>> No. 225941
I would watch a fansub of that.
>> No. 225969

I had the pleasure of watching an official dub (in my birth language, not in english, though I'm pretty sure it's a dub based on the english one).

It's kind of a weird movie, where the raven/vulture/eagle/whatever is treated as a tyrant simply for being a predator, and everything else is basically a revolution story.
>> No. 225998
File 139720045855.png - (478.05KB , 297x411 , rio_2_-_provar_vingarna_i_amazonas_iid0_mid202_pos.png )
It's finally here.
>> No. 226021
Just saw it.

It was wonderful.
>> No. 226023
I think that is the first poster I've seen acknowledging his offspring. Liking the Distressed Dad thing he's got going.
>> No. 226083
Well he's realizing that his grandkids are going to be inbred as fuck.
>> No. 226085
"But I'm a bird this kinda thing won't be a problem, will it."

Horrifying realization it might just turn his family line into generic mindless birds he starts looking into compatible close species for his kids while he has to deal with freaky birdman wanting "Pure Blues"
>> No. 226086
Tiago and Bia would make a cute incest couple when they grow up
>> No. 226095
File 139743846443.png - (455.82KB , 898x438 , rf bird you serious.png )
You are a sick sick fook. And not in a cute way either.
>> No. 226170
File 139763419373.png - (463.38KB , 500x604 , tumblr_n1tnwjbURe1qebsv0o1_500.png )
Would you a Roberto?
>> No. 226267
File 139785315275.jpg - (154.56KB , 567x848 , tmnt__koya_by_mooncalfe-d6y00bq.jpg )
And here is one for all who hate illogical boobs.
Becouse that a woman.
(see http://mooncalfe.deviantart.com/art/TMNT-Koya-419904422 )
And what a woman!
>> No. 227346
HEY! Where did everyone go? Helllllo...
>> No. 227347
File 140125012262.png - (766.07KB , 1600x667 , Linda.png )
Everyone's dead.

Here, have a picture of Linda's bare feet.
>> No. 227349
Dude... the site is being remade. Go to the new version, link is upstairs.
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