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File 139254325596.png - (153.93KB , 596x597 , Simon and the Eliacube.png )
223575 No. 223575
The Rise of Nations

The Return of Simon

The End of Love

Whoah, nelly. This is one long season.

Opening Topic:

With all the FP/CB madness that's been going on for the last few months and threads, how did you guys think Finn/Flame Princess was going to proceed? What do you believe would have happen if they had never broken up or had gotten together again?

What did you expect to happen?

What did you want to happen?
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>> No. 223576
CinnamonBun is dreck
>> No. 223583
This show is pretty awful now.

I dropped it awhile back and what I hear about how badly the characters have been done and their interactions just confirms that was a good idea.
>> No. 223601
Really, only the relationship episodes have shown to be dry and dull. The rest of them are still pretty entertaining.
I find it a bit of a stretch to say the whole show is awful, when at worse its boring.
>> No. 223602
Show started with simple charm and solid humor.
Then they lost a lot of the simple charm, but they lost it by replacing it with strong stories about characters' interactions. Humor remained strong for the most part.
Then one of the main relationships went to shit, and another one got a bit "meh". They lost the writer that was best at that kind of stuff. But they couldn't go back to the "simple charm" all the way.

The show's not terrible, but it evolved in a direction that was strong when they had Sugar around, and without her the show's a lot weaker.
>> No. 223610
No idea, though I haven't been in the majority with things, being that I thought things really weren't going that far into romance before Frost & Fire. Was expecting it to fade into the background/into unimportance (IK stuff notwithstanding), which I think it could actually be doing already. If they hadn't broken up, I expected FP to spend some time with Jake, wherein she would learn stuff that Finn would think is too serious/boring to talk about on a date. After that, I saw them maybe forming a Freudian mind trio in which Finn is the ego and FP and Jake take turns as the id, FP being aggressive and Jake lazy/goofy/prone to hypnosis/etc. Really too soon for them to have already made up, and I don't see it as easily working, but maybe they could team up a bit for practical reasons.

Was expecting Finn to act like he did when she first asked for help, but get over himself after CB showed him what he thought on the wolf ride. Think it turned out well enough anyway, but hopefully it'll get less emphasis. Though if those are upcoming episode titles up there like I think they are, I guess that'll happen soon and quickly. Seems to me they'd make better titles without the "the", though.

Also, I should probably write a complete fanfiction already.
>> No. 223956
File 139308554532.jpg - (62.05KB , 1280x720 , adventure time-hi betty.jpg )
>Anti-Magic Beast!
>The Fall of Wizard City!
>Hello Simon!
>Hello Betty!
>Goodbye Simon!

All this and why on earth would you ask for more during Adventure Time!
>> No. 223959
those episodes sound like they are all part of an arc, maybe it was the plot of the movie that was canned.
>> No. 223978
is this the new AT thread or something, because >>215851 is still way under bump limit?
>> No. 223990
I presume that my horrible wall of text killed the thread.
>> No. 224040
While I didn't dislike the episode, it did certainly go by way too fast. The whole thing was just so rushed that there wasn't enough time for any good character moments. It's such a shame they couldn't make it into a two-parter.
>> No. 224046

Who says they couldn't? They didn't, which doesn't mean they couldn't.

It was a pretty shitty episode, sorry. A whole bunch of shit that SHOULD have had huge emotional resonance, crammed into one quick ep.

Sugar crash: that feeling you get when you realize an episode's lack of quality is almost entirely due to Rebecca Sugar no longer being around.
>> No. 224052
Oh it wasn't that bad.

I kinda liked it. It didn't have the emotional impact Sugar can pull off, but I never got into AT for that anyway. And while I believe it could have benefited from more time and more and character reflection, what was done in 11 minutes hardly upset.
>> No. 224061
It really needed a full 22 minutes.

Set up the whole loss of Hambo for this over the 11 minutes, catch up with Simon, he gets to ask Marceline how she's been, and all, so when he says goodbye to Betty it feels like a last chance thing. Then when she jumps through the portal it's got more time to be the shock to the system it is, and so them going to stop Bellanochi is understood for what it actually is going to do. It's all good, but the problem is its all happening so fast it feels like an abridged version to a movie or something. So many cameos and important moments just go flying by, and it's all 'jesus do more half-hour specials guys'.
>> No. 224084
I swear all of these are the plot to the scrapped movie they were planning. Likely it was a bit less compressed in that form.
>> No. 224593
Well THAT got dark fast.
>> No. 224606
>Well THAT got dark fast.

You mean the newest LSP episode? I like it when AT goes a bit dark. I also like that PB was more morally positive/neutral and made a reasonably compassionate gesture towards the end, they were riding the "PB is evil" angle a bit too much lately.
>> No. 224623
I kinda liked the weird circle thing they were having us look through.

The cyanide gum thing had me cracking up too, overall a pretty good episode.
>> No. 224642
The one exception to the relationship rule is LSP.
>> No. 224783
I... don't know how to phrase my reaction to Lemonhope's two-parter. Definitely good I think, but... wow.
And the future Lemonhope is seen walking through is about as bleak as one could imagine. Dead Candy Kingdom, dead Ice Kingdom, dead who knows what and who else. Somehow the treehouse still growing doesn't offer any comfort, even though it's one of the few signs of life.
>> No. 224784
and /co/ is still butthurt over Betty, it seems.
>> No. 224787
What for, I thought it rather boss how she took command of the situation and is now out on a hint to heal Simon. Hell she was as be into this shit as Simon so her rolling with it is on par.
>> No. 224789
a lot of people didn't like the episode, thought the pacing was too fast. Betty's instant adaption to the new world before her was jarring to some.
Personally, I'm on the fence about the episode.

But really, people are thinking Lemonhope took the half-hour slot away from a potential Betty two-parter, and they're constantly the last couple of episodes.
>> No. 224794
The Lemonhope two parter was....depressing. Lemonhope got rid of Lemongrab (rebuilding him was a retarded decision). After tht Lemonhope traveled Ooo til he grew up old and all of Ooo is desolate and empty. Lemonhope goes to his old room PB left him and his kingdom is barren with no one around. So he spends his final moments while old content in his bed, but no doubt probably near death himself due to his age.

The episode felt bittersweet and morbid all in one.
>> No. 224804
Thought that it was an interesting take on the whole Chosen One cliche, only they took it in a different direction to the Lego Movie, for example.

Lemongrab making a propaganda film JUST to insult one person sounded very... him.
>> No. 224805
Is it certain that the abandoned city at the end was the Candy Kingdom? I only saw one building that kind of looked like a destroyed PB's palace, but I wasn't a 100% sure that it was it.

Besides, maybe PB and her peeps just moved somewhere else or started exploring other planets or something, and the rest of Ooo isn't desolate, Jake's and Finn's tree rose to World Tree like proportions and seemed in great shape, so maybe not all of Ooo is in bad shape?

With all that said, I loved the implication that Phlannel Boxingday. was PB in disguise. And that scene with Finn asking PB to sing her song was super cute, I don't mean that in a shippy way, I don't give a damn about shipping, I mean that in a "these characters are good friends and like each other well" way. It was nice to see a bit of the old Finn.
>> No. 224809
I enjoyed it.
Felt adventurous.
>> No. 224817
Yeah, ditto. Good episode in my book.
>> No. 224818
File 139457211869.png - (494.36KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-03-11-17h02m09s105.png )
And history repeats, such is the cycle of things, Embarrassed PB is adorable though.
>> No. 224820
File 139457506088.jpg - (772.21KB , 1280x886 , tumblr_mmfpe13lDv1r73bz3o1_1280.jpg )

time for grieving
>> No. 224828
>(rebuilding him was a retarded decision)
From the perspective of other characters in the show itself, this probably seemed like a massive 'why bother?' I'm sure. From the perspective of a viewer, I'm glad it happened though. Because few things give me the kinds of 'haha, oh wow, what the fuck?' laughs that Lemongrab does. Plus if it turns out some of his brother's pieces were used in the reconstruction then we might have unstable gestalt memories fueling his already disturbed behavior. Which sounds like a recipe for hilarity to me.
>> No. 224830
Pretty sure they were, and it amuses me that PB likely just presumed they were so identical that it wouldn't matter despite seeing evidence to the contrary.
Feels bad to see what's apparently the ruined Candy Kingdom, though, which I'm mostly convinced of thanks to the central castle, which I didn't even notice until I saw a screenshot.
>> No. 224857
So was he PB in disguise?
>> No. 224860
His initials where also PB, he spoke german, couldn't legally approach Lemongrab, knew science, knew about Lemonhope, is pink. I'm going to say probably yes.
>> No. 224861
Someone on the motherboard also pointed out that s/he had Davey's voice and mustache, though the mustache was a different color this time. So yeah, probably Bubblegum.

The castle was there, but there were also things like candycane rails and candy corn signs in the background.
>> No. 224863
Yeah, but candy stuff by itself could be imported, especially in a modern/cosmopolitan looking city. Plus, the rails didn't strike me as candy because they were bent, and candy cane is usually brittle. I've seen candy canes left in a drawer go soft, but I hadn't considered that.
>> No. 224874
The ending of Lemonhope depressed the person I was watching it with, and apparently all of you guys,

But from how I read it, this was a THOUSAND years later (or at least that what makes the most narrative/comedic sense). The entire word they live in grew out of a radioactive nightmare in the same amount of time. A thousand years is so damn long that I just walked away thinking it was kind of sweet.
>> No. 224881

That's the point though, PB's goal is to live indefinitely. To those of us who are fans of her and her science, we wanted her to succeed. The ending hinted that everything she worked for will eventually crubmle and this likely means she died.

She already lived 827 years, so I had hoped she'd handle another few thousands years, it's a bit silly that an Ayn Rand-esque Lemonhope outlives her, of all people.

I know it's meant to demonstrate that all societies crumble eventually, and while that's a fine message, in the AT setting PB is basically the personification of scientific progress, I consider scientific progress to be humanities only hope of surviving more than a few thousand years on this planet. So an ending saying "HA HA she failed, too" IS definitely a downer conclusion.

Though with all of that said, I thought the episode was really good and so was the ending. A sad ending can be very well crafted. too. I'm only explaining why it was a downer.
>> No. 224883
Just because they weren't there, doesn't mean that they (and by that I mean the immortal characters, like Marceline and Peebles) weren't stil knocking about.

For all we know they might have rediscovered spaceflight and took their show on a Martian tour or something.
>> No. 224884

A tumblr post that explains that view pretty well:


>Seeing the ruins of the Candy Kingdom really got to me, not just for obvious reasons but because poor Princess Bubblegum.

>800 years, her entire life (and who knows how many more years after that) was dedicated solely to the building of a utopian empire. I mean she sacrificed so much toward that end in the belief that she absolutely had to in order to realize her ambitions. It’s all going to be destroyed someday, in the same way as the world before hers, which she was determined to overcome and improve upon.

>As she is now I don’t think the Princess deserves that kind of dramatic irony. She’d have to go way off the deep end for that and I’m really not sure how far into dark territory the show would be willing to take her. I think some people get lost in all the darker layers revealed in her personality and the morally grey means by which she has justified so many of her ends. Yes she is different from who we thought she was in season 1. No she is not a figure of perfect benevolence nor is she a cookie-cut “good guy”. But she is constantly acting on the belief that everything she does is for the best not just for herself but for the greater good, and on the belief that she is always right.

>That is one of the most reassuring and also one of the most scary things about her character right there, and now we see what it can lead to.

>(Also all y’all who don’t get the whole Phlannel Boxingday thing please. There just aren’t any excuses)
>> No. 224894
Technically, PBot has at least most of those traits, but the reasons for her being Phlannel and serving PB's purposes so well would still be very contrived.

Maybe the tree goes up into space, and use a giant robo-squirrel to climb it and jump from there to Mars? Could even still be in the kingdom proper, with only the outer buildings abandoned after the tree dying convinced them they couldn't handle such dense infrastructure. The latter wouldn't explain the lack of Gumball Guardians, though.
>> No. 224947
Those nightmares were clearly taken from Terry Gilliam's head.
Which does some interesting things when you compare Lemonhope to Brazil.
>> No. 224982
Hey mates, I figured I'll ask this here, since this is the newest active AT thread.

I've been browsing old archived /co/ threads related to AT. And I came across a pic you drawn last year of Flame Princess as a beaker for an experiment Princess Bubblegum is working on.

It's titled "ATBeaker", here's a link to the archived post: http://archive.foolz.us/co/thread/53266754/#53316752

Sadly, while the thread is archived, the pic isn't, so I can only view the thumbnail. I've searched for the full sized version on paheal, hentai-foundry, tumblr and pixiv.net, but I didn't find it. So all that's left is to ask here.

Anyone have it? I quite love the concept, so I'd love to get my hands on the pic.

From what I can tell via the thumbnail it's not a lewd /pco/ level pic, so I figure it's ok to ask in this thread.
>> No. 224983
>pic you drawn

Pic one of you might have drawn.*
>> No. 224985

Original storyboard for the 2nd part of the Lemonhope episode. It confirms future abandoned city is the Candy Kingdom, but it also clearly states:

>"city is abandoned (not bombed out)."

That gives the notion of PB and her peeps having left and not having died, some strength.
>> No. 224988
moved to another location after her passing? Since its been stated she wanted to live forever but couldn't. He seems to be coming from another society with that body shield and the water pack.
>> No. 224989
>stated she wanted to live forever but couldn't.

Well yeah, but remember back then she meant she realized she could get killed, she mentioned her struggle with the Lich as the main reason for that conclusion and it's why she created Goliad.

Lifespan wise, I think she could handle another few thousand years, since her age depends on her biomass.
>> No. 224990
File 139500192012.jpg - (178.63KB , 438x620 , tumblr_n2jliry6s11t0t09yo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 224991
File 139500199915.jpg - (353.56KB , 1152x648 , tumblr_n2es3wjB8H1t0t09yo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 225037
File 139510892633.png?spoiler - (175.99KB , 1339x359 , 1395096232619.png?spoiler )
The next 8 episodes 'tv guide summaries'. Read at your own digression.

Color me hyped as fuck.
>> No. 225038
Wow, 4chan didn't even care enough to steal the last episode.
>> No. 225047
File 139511799147.png - (2.36MB , 1200x1600 , 1386048351019.png )
What do you mean by steal?
'cause if yur talkin' about a dl liink, I may or maynot be able to hook you up.
>> No. 225055
That'd be nice.
>> No. 225071
File 139519545721.jpg - (56.49KB , 936x540 , S5-155-Billys_Bucket_List_mp4_snapshot_00_24_[2014.jpg )
You're welcome.
>> No. 225105
Reddit? Seriously? Are you guys kidding? Just go to kickass torrents they always have like 4 well seeded torrents for each episode:


Here's two good torrents for Billy's Bucket List:

http://kickass.to/adventure-time-s05e49-e52-bad-timing-billys-bucket-list-720p-web-dl-x264-aac-t8893072.html (together with the LSP episode, with subs)

http://kickass.to/adventure-time-s05e52-billy-s-bucket-list-1280x720-phr0sty-mkv-t8890867.html (no subs, just the billy episode solo)
>> No. 225114
I didn't feel like going out of my way for it, at any rate thank you both.
>> No. 226199
File 139769364679.jpg - (538.76KB , 1152x648 , tumblr_n3p665a3Xd1t0t09yo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 226203
File 139769754287.png - (259.99KB , 625x875 , tumblr_n45gh5uEyH1t0t09yo1_1280.png )
>> No. 226292

Preparing myself with major hype, and awaiting the inevitable bullshit.
-his dad is missing both arms
-fins dad IS fin
-hes british
any of these will do
>> No. 226297

Considering the TNG folk they've gotten so far, it'd be fun if Finn's dad was played by Patrick Stewart.

Got a feeling that Finn's biodad might not be the nicest guy, considering where he's locked up...
>> No. 226298
I remember seeing a storyboard for a cut scene from "The Lich" where Billy explains that Finn's dad was pushed into the Citadel by mistake and he's been fighting bad dudes in there ever since.
>> No. 226404
So the new episode is tonight, I'm hoping the show can pick up pre-season 5 steam and that someone has broken Somvilay Xayaphone's hands and stitched his mouth shut.
>> No. 226411
what the fuck did I watch?
>> No. 226418
A significant jump in quality.
>> No. 226455
I think i need a vodk,a and sleep a while i didn't see that coming. Man that was just brutal ._.
>> No. 226456
That was really something. The story went so many ways I wasn't expecting it to go. My favorite twist was Finn's stub growing a flower instead of a full arm when exposed to the healing juice. Weird, and strangely beautiful. Why did that happen? What does it mean?

It felt like important things happened that spell big changes. A great two-parter.
>> No. 226459
I knew they were probably going to cover some heavy ground, but I was not prepared for how heavy. Hell, even the last bit with Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig was a bit of a downer in tone, lightened up only by the closer with Lich-baby at least temporarily saving their marriage. And on the topic of the Lich being a literal giant baby, it seems like an obvious bet that he'll be back by the end of the season, probably when some mishap kills his baby form and him being dead reverts him to the Lich.

Also looks like the next episode picks up the loose ends left over from "James".
>> No. 226460
Has CN renewed for a 7th season yet? Because if they haven't, things are pointing towards the series ending with this.
>> No. 226499
speaking of which
>> No. 226520
It does seem like all the arcs and stories are wrapping up.
>> No. 226538
File 139828081553.jpg - (322.37KB , 1152x649 , tumblr_n4f9i8TMmZ1t0t09yo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 226540
File 13982808658.jpg - (551.39KB , 1152x648 , tumblr_n4f9i8TMmZ1t0t09yo2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 226546
I could see it, depending on how long it takes to put martin in the hole.
>> No. 226551
I saw people getting pissed off at them getting rid of the Lich but to me Martin is a far more interesting antagonist for Finn and Jake because he's not actively evil, he's just a fucking dickhead.

He's almost like the avatar of why humanity wiped itself out in this world.
>> No. 226554
lich isn't going away forever and everyone with half a brain knows it.
>> No. 226556
obviously, but I'm more interested in Martin.
>> No. 226559
I'm truly interested to see what got him tossed in the prison is Eggman looking self. Oh please let him to have actually killed a Sanic.
>> No. 226560
Part of me thinks it's obvious that Martin will be back, but there was that bit when he asked about air before they apparently went through into the vacuum of space, and I don't know whether any of reality's worst prisoners would care enough to wrap a bubble around him so he didn't suffocate or worse. That just as easily writes him out in a tidy way, or makes a possible return later on at least somewhat less predictable.

I get the feeling we're going to get a Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig relationship episode that culminates in some accident that kills Lich-baby and turns him back into the Lich.
>> No. 226561

Knowing Treetrunks all too likely.
>> No. 226564
Gets high on crystals or drunk on fermented apples and:

>> No. 226568
Yea its gonna be balls horrible parenting from those two and the Lich will just end them. I've got no problem with that.
>> No. 226569
You guys have completely forgotten about how the Lich was created. A bomb exploded and created a pool of evil stuff that corrupts anything that falls into it. That baby isn't instinctively evil, it's just a baby. If it somehow fell into the pool of evil stuff, then it'd turn into the Lich proper. We've seen it happen twice before: first with Bubblegum, then with Jake in that alternate universe where the bomb didn't go off for 1000 years.
>> No. 226570
Martin had something to do with that I'd wager. Or has knowledge to recreate such nasty tech.
>> No. 226576
That was really really good. Martin, just being a shithead instead of this big dramatic villain or long lost loving father is great. And this whole episode while keeping the "maybe too dark" stuff that has been the hallmark of later adventure time it also really ramped up "Adventure" in a way they have not done for a while outside of genre-imitating character spotlights.

The whole bit with Prismo, the scene where the Lich talks to Finn it was all the best.
>> No. 226581
Ron Perlman was great in this episode, even if it seems he was just skatting for longer than he was talking.

"Blargh! Rrrraar! Gargh! Braarrrgh!"
>> No. 226582
That speech was killer though. Short but chilling.
>> No. 226659
I really hope he comes back somehow. He was such a entertaining asshole. Be a shame not to use him anymore.
>> No. 226664
Yes, we know how the Lich was made in the first place. It's just that following the logic that by being made alive again he ceases to be the Lich altogether, that if his living form dies he'll probably become the Lich again. It also makes sense from a plot point, as Lich-baby becomes a big Chekhov's gun to be used at a later date, almost certainly the season finale.
>> No. 226757
File 139870603126.jpg - (63.64KB , 600x808 , tumblr_n4r2a5mFi91t0t09yo1_1280.jpg )
Root Beer Guy is gonna be back again

Based crew.
>> No. 226785
Written Somvilay Xayaphone

The toxic creature threat is destroyed in two minutes and the final one in such a way that makes no sense.

Why has no one fired this piece of shit yet?
>> No. 226786
Not in the episode at all.

that picture is apparently supposed to be why.
>> No. 226788
File 139873521695.png - (492.27KB , 1280x720 , 1398727486413.png )
Funny episode
>> No. 226798
File 139875170789.jpg - (129.24KB , 500x375 , tumblr_n4s0e3wKdY1t0t09yo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 226803
I'll grant that the confrontation with the goo monsters was pretty anticlimactic with the gumball guardians just zapping them, and with zombie James feeling like wasted potential. As far as the James' method of neutralizing zombie James though, it doesn't strike me as any less weird or implausible than anything else we've already seen, so that bit in itself doesn't bother me.

Kinda hoping that if the series goes on long enough, that maybe James will be brought up again, his mutant-bodied self returning once more as either a zombified or otherwise fully-monstrous threat. Bubblegum's decisions/creations coming back to haunt her to various extents has been a recurring theme, and despite some of the places it's gone (see: Lemongrab and everything that spawned from that), I don't feel like it's ever been fully addressed with the depth certain other plot points have.

>> No. 226811
Citadel storyboard if anyone wants to thumb through it.
>> No. 226812
Well, James II felt like a waste of 11 minutes.
>> No. 226813
You have no sense of humor.
>> No. 226817
Drawn out 'they're just too stupid to get it' isn't really my kind of humor. Or rather, I've been exposed to it so much I just don't find it funny anymore.
Either way, didn't enjoy it.
>> No. 226818
As a background gag it could have worked but loaded in the foreground, yea kinda a mess.
>> No. 226819

>> No. 226905
File 139896634248.jpg - (224.05KB , 1152x648 , tumblr_n4wnlcYM0P1t0t09yo2_1280.jpg )
If they made more serious episodes would the fan base stop being butthurt?
>> No. 226907
File 139896641067.jpg - (438.96KB , 1152x648 , tumblr_n4wnlcYM0P1t0t09yo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 226908
They could stand to make less, their attempts to be serious usually fall flat on their face.
>> No. 226911
File 139897835290.jpg - (257.45KB , 582x709 , tumblr_n4wwsaVlhm1t0t09yo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 226913
File 139897841916.jpg - (267.83KB , 630x957 , KABOOM_AT_Banana_Guard_001_A1.jpg )
In other news, there's a new comic starting up soon.
>> No. 226914
File 139897846973.jpg - (402.30KB , 630x951 , KABOOM_AT_Banana_Guard_001_B1.jpg )
>> No. 226915
File 139897857572.jpg - (632.15KB , 1031x1566 , KABOOM_AT_Banana_Guard_001_C1.jpg )
>> No. 227077
That was easily one of the best episodes of Adventure time in a very long time.

It also had one of the sweetest things PB has ever done.
>> No. 227091
Finn's mind must be such an interesting place.
Just build a fucking tower into space, I don't give a shit fuck it
>> No. 227092
File 139933921150.png - (1.23MB , 3348x3128 , 1396381232667.png )
This episode's reception was a lot warmer than I expected, I didn't find it very funny except for the deer parts.

I suppose it's probably because I don't really care much for Finn as a character nor do I have that much interest in this show having long storylines.
>> No. 227097
>lose your arm due to your stupidity
>blame your dad

Nah, that's pretty normal teen logic.
>> No. 227107
I have no idea what you are talking about.
>> No. 227120
File 139940551136.png - (353.94KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-05-06-11h56m05s139.png )
How did PB know what Finns dad looked like so she could make the suit?
>> No. 227123
Finn or Jake might have told her earlier or maybe Starchie got a good look.
>> No. 227124
File 139940909545.gif - (760.60KB , 499x248 , tumblr_n54pobz62f1rd0rbzo2_500.gif )
You are precluding PB's vast age, I think it's most likely Martin was VERY problematic to the Kingdom before his imprisonment.
>> No. 227130
File 139941506731.png - (603.48KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-05-06-11h09m42s190.png )
Hmmm, guess the arm isn't gone.
>> No. 227131
File 139941521051.png - (861.70KB , 717x929 , tumblr_n568fowC2Z1rasuzlo1_1280.png )
Yeah, it's really the only applicable option short of full grass arm.
>> No. 227132
Since PB gave him some kinda donk Candy Arm. Come on Peeb just whip up another cyber jimmer limb
>> No. 227134
File 139941622619.gif - (948.30KB , 500x281 , tumblr_n565fyXXdT1tvs0bto1_500.gif )
I think the worst thing about that arm is that it's telling of how PB thinks of Finn, it couldn't be used for anything but combat.

So I think by the end of it she had a nice moment of realization when it came to helping him.

I think Finn is supposed to replace the Guardians, that shit is hyper regenerative so I would be surprised if we learned it's jacked the grass curse and was pushing Finn towards recapturing the criminals, his Dad chief among them since he's the leader, it also explain why his TK arm looked like Guardian Jelly.
>> No. 227157
>I think the worst thing about that arm is that it's telling of how PB thinks of Finn, it couldn't be used for anything but combat.
Well... it wasn't. It was fueled by his emotions, specifically his anger towards his dad and his desire to hurt him. Priority one was getting Finn to let go of that anger before he got hurt.
>> No. 227159
File 139943742810.png - (270.69KB , 1264x1152 , 1399418259742.png )
>> No. 227160
By "that arm", he meant the candy one that broke at the beginning of the episode.
>> No. 227161
I keep saying, yall need to look at the seasons of Adventure Time as a maturing boy's imagination as he grows up. Compare the tone and flavor of Season 1 with its arbitrary absurdity and the infinite possibility of imagination, to now.

As Finn has grown up, his adventures have lost the nonsensical bit of juvenile ambition they used to have, with clearer moral and absolutely lighter tones, and more static has crept in. More interest in girls. Less absolute morality, where everything is comfortably on an alignment compass.

By the time Finn hits 18-20, Ooo will probably receive very little in the way of new silliness like random magic rings and pixel people over the horizon, and just be a mapped out land with every mystery accounted for and all the misc. people given a place in a history or timeline.

The last episode will probably get the Snowglobe treatment.
>> No. 227164
Hope we get more Carol if just for the sake of her being a kinda caring grump.
>> No. 227165
It's PB's candy arm I'm talking about guy, I don't know how you could make that mistake.

Seriously, I really like Carol.

From the way I understood what she was saying I figured those girls were exactly what she was before evaporating.
>> No. 227174
I didn't even look at the post to which you were responding and assumed that you were talking about the arm in the image you attached to the post. Myyyyyy mistake.
>> No. 227175
It's funny. We always want to know more about the lore and history of a strange new land, but the more we get, the more the possibility of more strange newness shrinks. The magic of novelty is replaced.
>> No. 227176
Tis the way with Fantasy Settings.
>> No. 227185
Jake: Listen, man. One day, I'm probably gonna have half-rainbow pupsters. I gotta be able to share my babies' culture.
Finn: Huh. [goes under the table] Oh. [comes out from underneath it] Hey, this table is wobbly. We gotta take it to the Lost Tinker Goblin of Fog Mountain to fix it.
Jake: Dude, I would love to go on some crazy, made-up adventure with you, but I really gotta read this. So from here on out, I'm just gonna ignore you. [continues reading and mumbling]
Finn: I don't make up adventures! Jake, you know that! Jake! I don't make up adventures!
>> No. 227188
The older they get the less magical things become, maybe they are in one of those transition periods where magic begins to fade and Science starts a resurgent
>> No. 227202
File 13995217394.jpg - (438.62KB , 1152x648 , tumblr_n58kx18AWZ1t0t09yo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 227203
File 139952179126.jpg - (321.91KB , 1152x670 , tumblr_n58kx18AWZ1t0t09yo2_1280.jpg )
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