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File 139061396513.jpg - (44.79KB , 533x786 , turtles poster 2014.jpg )
222465 No. 222465
We are on the brink of massive news flood so get ready.
And I will keep posting that manga.
Expand all images
>> No. 222466
File 139061418631.jpg - (123.65KB , 500x500 , give me back my lime soda you bitch 12111407874_95.jpg )
Starting the flood with Lego and the one we want!
>Karai Bike Escape 79118
So bought, mostly because it looks cheap.
>> No. 222467
File 13906144763.jpg - (39.68KB , 475x323 , LEGO-Ninja-Turtles-2014-T-Rawket-Sky-Strike-79120.jpg )
Then we have the "start of season 2" T-Rawket Sky Strike 79120 set.
Still not a fan of it(the "rawket" not the set) but hey, Kraang UFO.
>> No. 222468
File 13906146332.jpg - (49.65KB , 475x409 , LEGO-TMNT-Mutation-Chamber-Unleashed-79119-Box.jpg )
And here is Raph: badass editon vs fugly fat guy in Mutation Chamber Unleashed 79119.
>> No. 222469
File 13906149752.jpg - (103.66KB , 680x516 , LEGO-TMNT-2014-Turtle-Sub-Undersea-Chase-Set-Box-e.jpg )
Lastly we have the "thing gets to be big in Lego" set Turtle Sub Undersea Chase 79121.
There are also some movie set for the late summer/fall.
>> No. 222473
File 139061718150.png - (473.23KB , 640x640 , 2dm7gh0.png )
Um, Yes..?
Also you all need to check this:
So much news stuff~
>> No. 222475
File 139061745650.jpg - (82.58KB , 600x1157 , tmp_1390428269615330939645.jpg )
Sorry pesky tablet that was just something Wyatt tweeted . But the Halloween stuff is accurate.
>> No. 222695
File 139097177631.jpg?spoiler - (44.16KB , 480x640 , donnynew.jpg?spoiler )
Probos real: https://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/notyetamovie/news/?a=93587
>> No. 222704
Better then the Transformers live action look atlest.
And they have had diffrent outfits before so no deal breaker.
But it will take more then a badass razor cape of me to want to go out(worst part of cinema) and see it.
>> No. 222715
And I hope you saved them all because they are gone...
>> No. 222716
File 139103440713.jpg?spoiler - (71.83KB , 540x720 , tmnt movie poster aka them lips 1798792_7243809842.jpg?spoiler )
So save any movie pic even if they have weird lips.
But thats cgi for yah.
>> No. 222717
Damn, Donnie's looking pretty dorktastic.
>> No. 222719
And now we wait for the halftime bowls of souper to see hpw they'll move.
>> No. 222728
File 139105615453.jpg - (882.86KB , 1988x3056 , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 030-000.jpg )
Also this issue kicked ass.
That last page, aw man!
>> No. 222747
File 139112046021.jpg - (181.47KB , 472x616 , tmnt-turtles-zip-line-advert.jpg )
Old new toynews.
Check your stores.
>> No. 222752
File 139112718526.jpg - (211.60KB , 1280x1416 , tumblr_n08fsi9v5E1r2nvplo1_1280.jpg )
Irma's coming soon onto the show.
>> No. 222756
Punk look, interesting.

Wonder who the VA will be.
>> No. 222809
File 139121242687.png - (1.14MB , 1916x1076 , vlcsnap-2014-01-31-18h11m17s14.png )
She's been here all along. Dun dun dun.
>> No. 222864
File 139134016331.jpg - (103.20KB , 960x720 , 2014-figures.jpg )
There is some junk in that trunk~
Also look at this, not bad looking but we just have to see of they make to the stores looking like this.
And I digg the pants.
>> No. 222865
Not bad, we'll get the trailer today during the superbowl, hope they look this good in motion. And sound like a turtle should.
>> No. 222874
The Sunglasses bother me super bad but Mike's sweater wrap is THE SINGLE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN

>> No. 222876
Well, looking at the kneepads underneath his tights, he probably skateboards. And if you're not doing ramps or tricks, its useful to have something like a jacket or a sweater tied around your waist to pad your ass if you fall.

Answer B to maintain the "hanging crotch armor/loincloth" the other 3 have while matching it with his clearly California based style.
>> No. 222878
But his ass is part of a thick, armoured shell that ostensibly would protect him from falls regardless.
>> No. 222880
Its to hide his massive anthropomorphic turtle wang, which will of course be mentioned in the film. I mean modern turtle film not talking about their massive members, please.
>> No. 222881
Well, it could be a zipper hoodie with extra space roughly sewn into the back. I do like the costumes. I have no idea if the movie itself will be any good, (I have my doubts of course, as the director only has 8 movies under his belt, and I have never hear anything good about Wrath of the Titans or Battle: Los Angeles) but I like the Costumes.
>> No. 222882
It's also written by five fucking people. The two leads seem to be the guys who wrote Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.
>> No. 222883
File 139137077857.png - (1.17MB , 1366x768 , 1391359228023.png )
And there she is from the front
>> No. 222884
File 139137111862.gif - (0.97MB , 500x280 , 1391365793276.gif )
Irma more attractive than April, what universe have we stepped into.
>> No. 222885
That might be your goth fetish kicking in.
>> No. 222886
>Implying you DON'T have a Goth fetish.
>> No. 222887
Nerdy Goth, been a long running one for me, damned NCIS, and Fillmore!,Extreme Ghostbusters, Bettlejuice.

Speaking of NCIS

>Irma can totally operate on Donny's level
>Treats him like a brother
>Donny writes books under a nom de plume to take the edge off.
>> No. 222906
So I guess super bowl has come and gone with a bad ass Transformers 4 trailer.
But no Turtles...
Or torrents of the new episode...
>> No. 223066
File 139175235116.jpg - (44.88KB , 640x361 , IWFWmO0l.jpg )
The Good the Bad and the Casey Jones.

I've been excited for this since the season began!

You know how the 2003 show basically adapted the comics straight for a lot of it's episodes. Well, this show has it's own very distinct style and thus, it can't actually do that. But it still tried with the first half of this episode. It just felt a little bland and flavorless to me, but then again, the average audience hasn't already seen or read five different origins for Casey Jones multiple times.

The second half of the episode was fantastic though. Loved the subway set-piece and the competition-fight.

This Casey just got rounded out to full Casey Jones including hero delusions and anger issues, however forced the anger issues seemed because they came from an entirely different kind of story. Plus he has my favorite Casey Jones backstory: No tragedy at all, just a guy who saw too many movies. I like this Casey.
>> No. 223067
File 139175306224.png - (776.13KB , 1280x718 , vlcsnap-2014-02-07-00h58m19s180.png )
Its not Turtles till Raph and Casey get the bromance started.His war journal is going to have little doodles of him and Raph, oh what will April think. Irma I like, wondering how long it will take for her to get involved.
>> No. 223081
I want to get into this new TMNT cartoon, but I'm almost ready to drop it after "New Girl In Town" what a horrible written episode. What a horrible ham handed way to write Raph giving up leadership ambitions. Please tell me it gets better from here cause sheesh, I mad.
>> No. 223083
It really doesn't, it's a show that's best hen picked.

For instance if it's a romance episode drop it, FAST.

I will say the new Casey Jones episode was pretty great, especially where he was drawing his ideal self and it's just his regular self.
>> No. 223089
>What a horrible ham handed way to write Raph giving up leadership ambitions.
I thought it was pretty good. What didn't you like about it?
>> No. 223302
So we are not going to talk about the clone genocide then?
>> No. 223303
Mikey's chucks getting all covered in "April Derp" I think all parties involved should be a little uneasy about how casually cut those things down.
>> No. 223324
I thought it was kind of obvious that the clones were at best mindless automations and at worst evil.
>> No. 223365
so is April the main character of the story or what?
>> No. 223371
Nah just the key
>> No. 223379
Well, they did display human level consciousness. Fear, sadness at being attacked, and what looked like pain.

It's something I doubt will get expanded on, because I don't think the writer will want to make the main characters murderers.
>> No. 223389
Dunno, could always see a renegade stable clone come of this, shared death memories and stuff. Sides with Karai and whatever third team she creates.
>> No. 223402
File 139232350813.jpg - (141.64KB , 1000x1440 , april derp tumblr_n0ne88IIlr1r2nvplo1_1280.jpg )
Maybe the made them out of the EVIL the Kraang has been putting in the mutagen.
Also, man the Kraang REALLY cant get their shit together if they has been on earth and still can even speak normally.
I feel this is why nick turtles will never dethrone 200X Turtles as my fav show.
Because as stupid and silly the bad guy where in that show they were never this dumb on a constant level.(Thank fuck Shredder dont fuck around, they are all fuck when he gets back)
And good to see more normal(for now) human fighting the Kraang.
But if the government is not on this ball or have a hand in the pie, this show will lose my respect.

Love the derp by the way.
Hope she can reform herself. Just throw some mutagen on the goo, she be just fine.
Maybe even bigger thank to the other clones adding mass.

Hmm... Well my line up for that would be:
April Derp
And new female mutant.
Whats yours?

Next up TOYFAIR 2014!
>> No. 223403
Stockman for Team Karai?
>> No. 223404
Not if its under her orders he get turned into the spoiler we all saw last year.(buzz buzz)
Then he goes solo like Rat King...
>> No. 223409
nah it'll likely he his attempt at a power grab that goes horribly wrong. But yea he'll likely be an independent operator.
>> No. 223459
File 139242505167.jpg - (5.99KB , 301x168 , mikey get zits baxer gets a sawbombneckles.jpg )
Yeah things can go wrong very quickly when they are a button push away.
"Some lowly bug" indeed~

Also its started:
Nickelodeon event at MTV: TMNT toysyoutube thumb
>> No. 223599
>> No. 223600
Wait still no movie images?
Dang it!
>> No. 223644
File 139264731654.jpg - (154.46KB , 960x720 , 1782105_816893255003543_296104559_n.jpg )
And remember to save any movie pic before they may get taken down.
>> No. 223647
Well atlest now we know they will have shit paint at the start.
>> No. 223713
>> No. 223726
My sides

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - Go Ninja, Goyoutube thumb
>> No. 223765
File 139284260846.png - (891.83KB , 823x1326 , 065.png )
Chapter 3 is up.
And man is it better then the movie!
But thats not hard.
We'll talk about the scareshroms later.
>> No. 223766
File 13928429662.png - (661.62KB , 838x1327 , 066.png )
>> No. 223767
File 139284309680.png - (450.81KB , 820x1325 , 067.png )
>> No. 223770
File 13928432211.png - (634.88KB , 836x1318 , 068.png )
>> No. 223771
File 139284331784.png - (521.73KB , 792x1320 , 069.png )
>> No. 223772
File 139284343844.png - (466.14KB , 813x1316 , 070.png )
>> No. 223773
File 139284357795.png - (666.92KB , 830x1321 , 071.png )
>> No. 223774
File 139284363131.png - (518.63KB , 827x1295 , 072.png )
>> No. 223775
File 139284369654.png - (436.74KB , 811x1318 , 073.png )
>> No. 223776
File 139284383441.png - (595.71KB , 828x1321 , 074.png )
>> No. 223777
File 139284389850.png - (526.79KB , 811x1320 , 075.png )
>> No. 223778
File 139284404380.png - (4.47MB , 2420x3991 , 076.png )
>> No. 223779
File 139284416664.png - (4.22MB , 2393x3851 , 077.png )
>> No. 223780
File 139284422244.png - (491.67KB , 820x1320 , 078.png )
>> No. 223782
File 139284432766.png - (508.65KB , 833x1320 , 079.png )
>> No. 223783
File 139284442230.png - (586.15KB , 822x1314 , 080.png )
>> No. 223786
File 139284452590.png - (563.89KB , 833x1315 , 081.png )
>> No. 223788
File 139284464997.png - (718.43KB , 826x1321 , 082.png )
>> No. 223789
File 139284482264.png - (525.24KB , 821x1320 , 083.png )
>> No. 223790
File 139284495922.png - (495.50KB , 810x1320 , 084.png )
>> No. 223792
File 139284515995.png - (661.74KB , 809x1320 , 085.png )
>> No. 223793
File 139284524669.png - (621.08KB , 832x1313 , 086.png )
>> No. 223796
File 139284533898.png - (508.91KB , 812x1320 , 087.png )
>> No. 223797
File 139284543833.png - (681.09KB , 821x1311 , 088.png )
>> No. 223801
File 139284702967.png - (668.25KB , 823x1319 , 089.png )
But ofcoure my laptops wireless had to shit it self...
And its past my bedtime so lets hurry this up!
>> No. 223802
File 139284713253.png - (502.32KB , 810x1320 , 090.png )
>> No. 223803
File 139284725550.png - (540.69KB , 836x1320 , 091.png )
>> No. 223804
File 139284738166.png - (468.05KB , 819x1318 , 092.png )
>> No. 223805
File 139284748685.png - (444.17KB , 811x1320 , 093.png )
And I just love jokes like this.
To bad it only works in cartoon media...
>> No. 223806
File 139284760291.png - (572.23KB , 824x1330 , 094.png )
Ah... so good.
>> No. 223807
File 139284773132.png - (589.60KB , 810x1320 , 095.png )
Um, dun dun dun?
>> No. 223808
File 13928478767.png - (164.64KB , 1000x1565 , tmnt3cbbch3credits.png )
And back to your normally scheduled TMNT thread.
>> No. 224027
File 139323921084.jpg?spoiler - (71.89KB , 1280x718 , Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_2012_S02E11_720p_WEB-.jpg?spoiler )

Metalhead continues being the best.
>> No. 224064
File 139336305987.jpg?spoiler - (58.80KB , 540x720 , 1922303_10152313361098013_2010186148_n.jpg?spoiler )
YES THEY (the movie lego) LEAKED!
So save save save!
>> No. 224108

damn that mutation was horrifying.
>> No. 224141
More leaks!
>> No. 224144
I trusted you.
>> No. 224146
File 139361970320.png?spoiler - (601.77KB , 775x802 , KGsqMnA.png?spoiler )
Fucking internet, okay lets try that again!
>> No. 224148
File 139364118520.png - (500.78KB , 700x800 , Mikey_and_ice_cream_kitty_by_yuki_orin-d6nhqcl.png )
Ice Cream Kitty gonna get all kinds of love.
>> No. 224156
Missed opportunity. Should have mutated into a catgirl (what? We need moar fap bait), but noooo just gross turtles being irresponsible as per usual shit.
>> No. 224164
File 139367839112.png - (3.94MB , 2040x5000 , tmnt_2012__with_a_cherry_on_top_by_lookiehippie-d7.png )
Nah then you need the '80s April VA and not Eastman, lets just let Eastman be a cat. Though with we get a secondary mutation into Ice Cream Catgirl then all bets are off for the direction of the show.
>> No. 224250
File 139378307053.gif - (2.80MB , 459x256 , 1393781309004.gif )
Welp, I'm done. I gotta take a break from this greatness.
>> No. 224257
File 139379078556.png - (331.24KB , 800x800 , alopex playing c16c92ed3e0f33fb88a5eaa51cf1234a.png )
Thats both awesome and about time!

We will never have an Alopex toy.

But man did the shippers(in me) go nuts after that sparing fight in issue #31.
>> No. 224320
And having watched the episode it feel like its going to take a brake as well.
Also thats was one hell of rollercoster!
As in it had highs and lows.

The biggest low being the hint that Karai may turn good and you know I dont want to see that.
Atlest not in a lame cliche way that looks to be happening...
Please twist it turn just a bit more~
>> No. 224336
File 139389935724.png - (97.52KB , 500x500 , Sphincter_Cell.png )
Too bad it wasn't a mobile phone. Otherwise, we could've called it a Splinter Cell.
>> No. 224339
have it be a tiny cheese wheel or wedge, still that whole scene was only missing the batman spin transition.
>> No. 224344
That leaked two parter was real good. A lot of characters got to shine and things got set right. Karai being Miwa being addressed actively (instead of the filler episodes), the reporter guy tracking the Krang being put to use, Shredder finally came back from his "vacation," more Splinter screen time after the recent aired episode, Donnie and Casey beginning to get along as well, etc.

And the way it ended with a nod to the CRAZY nature of the 80s TMNT cartoon was brilliant. To the 80s TMNT cartoon turtles fighting random dimension X type giant worms is very common.
>> No. 224350
Even if Ice Cream Kitty is kind of cute I'm still mad at Mikey for fucking up so bad. The cat deserves a better life than being stuffed into a dark freezer and being thrown at dangerous super villains. Mikey saved Don's life but that didn't redeem him for me. I dunno, I usually like the turtles being silly and failing and acting like real teenagers but this episode just made me dislike Mikey.
>> No. 224364
Michelangelo has always been hard to like. And In TMNT 2012 the turtles are too often the ones directly responsible for creating mutants, so if you dislike them its normal.
>> No. 224521
They wouldn't cancel it after the third season just because the movie's coming out like what happened to Avengers EMH and Transformers Animated, would they, /co/?
>> No. 224528
Nah the show was greenlit for three from the start, maybe it'll get an additional order this or next season. I don't see Nick taking this down a route like Transformers Animated since that was the Network being an ass about wanting a bigger cut and garbage.
>> No. 224530
Not unless the ratings/toysales/whatever drop precipitously. Nickelodeon actually owns the Ninja Turtles, so there isn't some kind of corporate malarkey that will get in the way, and the show seems to be doing well.
>> No. 224755
And yes I am bumping all my fav thread to debump the locked ones of the frontpage.
Because might as well.
>> No. 224832
File 139459824742.png - (195.45KB , 467x343 , Michelangelo.png )
H-hey guys, what if we, like, stopped making our own villains?
>> No. 224833
But that is the way of a true hero.
>> No. 224952
The Wormquake episode was awesome! Cheese phone and 80's turtles were hilarious. The Karai plot was finally brought up again and I like the new mutant. My favorite episode so far.
>> No. 224998
File 139505114193.png - (1.30MB , 1912x1072 , vlcsnap-2014-03-17-06h07m41s206.png )
Always like the seeds of doubt stuff. Though I see her going third faction since she still won't trust Splinter because he didn't do enough to save her mother.
>> No. 225378
This movie supposedly being released in August is some kind of prank, a Funny or Die sketch or something, right? They're not actually four months away from release without a single teaser, trailer or anything, right? Because who would do that.
>> No. 225379
Yea we've see set photos and toys, supposedly some have seen the trailer and reported on it.
>> No. 225437
they've got lips, ehuugh
>> No. 225439
There's been teases here and there. The Today show showed a bit of the full trailer: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES -…youtube thumb

Don't they always have lips, across every incarnation? Kind of hard to properly convey emotions without them.
>> No. 225444
>> No. 225445
Ehhh sorta but its usually more like a ridge like with the Henson suits, not actual human looking lips.
>> No. 225448
What teases?
>> No. 225455
File 139594649029.png - (636.05KB , 1280x720 , 1395945096277.png )
>> No. 225456
This is really upsetting.
And I don't even like the series.
>> No. 225465
File 139598288083.png - (200.31KB , 500x276 , mpKZg.png )
I was expecting everything about this movie to be garbage the moment I read that Michael Bay was involved, and even moreso when I saw they'd shoved Megan Fox into it, but holy shit. That's fucking terrible. Just the designs of the turtles looks fucking horrendous, nevermind everything else.

The similarity is stunning. Also I detect a splash of the aliens from Mars Needs Moms, which I can't help but feel may be a portent of the movie's full awfulness.
>> No. 225466
It was a boring typical modern movie trailer complete with trite voiceover.

But the turtles look cool, and Michelangelo's line at the end did make it feel like ninja turtles for a brief moment, so there's that. I'll wait for reviews and if they're bad I'll watch it on netflix in 2016.
>> No. 225469
>Implying this won't cause the end of the world
>> No. 225472
There is absolutely no reason to have any optimism for this movie whatsoever. Anyone who thinks this movie could be worth watching is a fool.


This guy was chosen to direct, even though he has a HORRIBLE track record of awful films. (Battle: LA) Because like Bay, his movies make a lot of money even though they objectively suck ass.
>> No. 225517
>> No. 225518
You think Tiger Claw had to relearn how to fight after his tail was cut off, balance issues and all that.
>> No. 225523
I liked Battle: LA.

Really, for what it was, I don't think the trailer was as bad as you guys make it out to be. The acting was fine, the action was fine; the only thing I can really understand someone complaining about is the 3D effects for the turtles, and you know what? I thought they looked alright in motion.

Don't get me wrong, the movie could still be incredibly stupid and not worth watching, but I'm not making any snap judgements.
>> No. 225528
File 13961094425.gif - (964.92KB , 250x104 , tmnt slam.gif )
>turtles using their shells offensively.

Neat. Also, this is a very Raph thing to do.
>> No. 225531
> I liked Battle: LA.

Same here. I went expecting to watch ID4 meets BlackHawk Down, and I got that.
>> No. 225533
File 139615291472.jpg - (59.15KB , 1109x460 , 1396145482679.jpg )
Pink hair and surrounded by foot, hello Karai. Also it sounds like there are more than one Shredder in this movie. General Shred fucks it up and then its time for Big Shred to take control of the situation.
>> No. 225557
I was super solid in an up and down season, yeah. And it was a small thing, but I got a super big smile on my face hearing the original voice cast from the 80's cartoon showing up.
>> No. 225565
File 139624849298.jpg - (424.30KB , 900x1344 , yellow jumpsuit.jpg )
This will never stop being my favorite Turtles thing.
>> No. 225620
File 139634295380.jpg - (67.31KB , 960x955 , 1396339212397.jpg )
>> No. 225621
File 139634299640.jpg - (77.11KB , 1224x1024 , 1396339236313.jpg )
>> No. 225624
Huh. #1 would have probably sold me.
>> No. 225628
I doubt it. I can't see a head that cartoony looking believable in motion.
>> No. 225629
The fingers still creep me out.
>> No. 225637
If the split the differences. Take #1, scale down the mouth, add nostrils and whatever extra flesh-like details.
>> No. 225683
Eh, I still dont care about the movie.
Have gotten hooked on the lego turtles, so I will get the movie sets of them atlest.

And now a word from Bob.
>> No. 225690
File 139647385023.jpg?spoiler - (138.21KB , 692x558 , LEGO-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Movie-Turtle-Van.jpg?spoiler )
So yeah this will get my money, in a roundabout cheapskate way sure but still.
Aw man the nick X movie road rash set up I going to make will be so sick!(I hope, it will have Dogpound in an icecream/pizza van so thats win)
Also HI love interest guy.
Hope you dont suck la biff or anything.
>> No. 225712
File 139655064652.jpg?spoiler - (76.96KB , 576x647 , Bj9l6_wCYAAEHzM.jpg?spoiler )
>reading the artical
Wait his name is Vern?
So less love interest and more comedy side kick that will be shat on from a great height.
Thats better..?

>> No. 225713
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! NOW APRIL AND KARAI. Just as I was done with collecting Import figures. These will be an exception.
>> No. 225721
Those... Look amazing
>> No. 225724
Revoltech Turtles!!! I've been Impressed they've actually been branching out into the more child based brands in the last couple of years like with the Disney brands. Bet we'll see some more Nick stuff and dare I hope some Avatar.
>> No. 225729
> Avatar getting good toys

Never. The shows have been cursed.
>> No. 225766
File 139674148033.jpg?spoiler - (498.59KB , 1500x1500 , 9UFZ0DI.jpg?spoiler )
And some HUGE lego movies imgs.
I like the look of the shredder's shoulder piece.
Very super~
>> No. 225767
File 139674160413.jpg - (214.00KB , 1500x1500 , YfJ5JlT.jpg )
And here is a REALLY close look off the movie Mikey lego minifig.
>> No. 225772
Oh dear.
>> No. 225774
God dammit Lego, I love you, but please stop whoring out to everyone! That only makes me love you less and less.
>> No. 225778
where the hell have you been, the tread on LEGO's pussy wore out years ago
>> No. 225784
File 139677329884.jpg - (128.69KB , 712x496 , LEGO-Ninja-Turtles-Movie-Big-Rig-Snow-Getaway-7911.jpg )
And with what?
(My guess is Crystal Skull.)
Because I dont mind the film based stuff.
Maybe because I played Star Wars with my Legos before they had official versions.
And I like the "boring" truck and van set.
They are more then meets the eye.
Like the Cobra van in Rise of Cobra.
Also Karai.
>> No. 225794
Even more pics was posted here:
>> No. 225801
The Best TMNT Character EVER! …youtube thumb
>> No. 225813
There is a subtle difference between making Star Wars sets and Michael Bay sets.
>> No. 225826
Yeah but it is where the movie stuff started if I remember right.
Then some Spiderman and Jurassic Park as part of the Lego Studio line.
Followed by Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the caribbean, Prince of Persia, Lone Ranger and lastly Bay Turtles if I'm not forgetting some.
And you can still rip them all apart and make whatever ypu want so I dont really care that what they whre made from sucks.
>> No. 225841
Bay is always a different kind of whoring your shit out. It's like... well, a whore agreeing to do something with a feather for a John, and agreeing to do something with a live chicken.
>> No. 225914
File 139707848026.jpg - (353.88KB , 1500x1500 , 1VufAHF.jpg )
But Lego got both at the same time with that deal (or so I bet).
And this does look hype.
Now with Syringe Attack Karai.

Also we need to give Lego money for Turtles intill we get the old stuff.
Or try atlest...
>> No. 225915
TMNT is not a franchise that desperately needs people buying shitty product just to survive.
>> No. 226014
File 139723549924.jpg - (45.86KB , 500x353 , lego-studios-jurassic-park-iii-raptor-rumble.jpg )
But I heard it was selling badly and I want it to last intill it gets a game atlest before going the way of Spongebob Lego...
(also avatar lego, did not even make it out of the states, the poor thing...)
And the Bay Turtles sets are not that shit.
Just look at this Jurassic Park 3 set:

AND THOSE RAPTORS LOOK AWFUL and I could rant for hours but wont.

This is Turtles thread damn it.
>> No. 226072
Yes, I was not the only one with this idea.
>> No. 226164
File 139760866957.gif?spoiler - (2.00MB , 500x206 , 2014 movie splinter sword spin.gif?spoiler )
Found this.
He's so tiny~
>> No. 226165
File 139760884496.gif?spoiler - (753.40KB , 500x206 , 2014 movie cheapskate.gif?spoiler )
Okay this got me to feel some hype...
>> No. 226166
File 139760902683.gif?spoiler - (1.80MB , 500x206 , 2014 movie RAPH SMASH.gif?spoiler )
But then this reminded me off the lameness.
>> No. 226167
Stop deluding yourself. This movie is, factually, going to suck. There is literally no hope.
>> No. 226171
I know(even if I did not communicate that), but the skateboard would make a cool toy.
Also first look at Spinter.
Thats a most post.
>> No. 226173
Oh god it's so weird how much larger they are than a standard human being when most times April is as tall or taller than they are.
>> No. 226175
Especially with the nick turtles being the smallest ones yet.
Atlest the toys with be to scale now...
>> No. 226180
That camera shake every time one of them lands. These aren't giant alien robots guys, they are supposed to be NINJA.
>> No. 226181
I know.
The Nick ones actually have the look of Teenagers.

Which is actually kind of a rarity for this franchise.
>> No. 226187
File 139768183194.jpg - (109.77KB , 582x607 , old mike vs 2014 movie hater.jpg )
And it makes the bad guy look more imposing.
Like IDW newcomer Koya:

Also I found this old thing in Mirage's Michelangelo: The Third Kind #4.
Hilarious in hindsight!
>> No. 226189
Also look, its the Channel 6 News Van.
Neat I guess...
>> No. 226260
File 139784362912.jpg - (702.31KB , 1600x1237 , TMNT-30th-Anniv-Special_Cover-RE-Heroes-Haven.jpg )
Well thats alot of awesome.
>> No. 226263
File 139784688821.jpg - (227.44KB , 1069x1580 , 82043.jpg )
>> No. 226271
It is incredibly strange to see Ace Duck on that cover, rather than a character who at some point did anything.
>> No. 226293
Well he wrestled Leaderhead in space...
Eh, its probably just the artist having a soft spot for the toy.
Also did you see whos on the Hot Topic cover?
>> No. 226723
File 139863036673.jpg - (92.83KB , 612x527 , rahzar daliy life.jpg )
New episodes!
>> No. 226761
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -…youtube thumb
>> No. 226764
File 139871116284.jpg - (1.37MB , 1988x3056 , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 025-013.jpg )

Also clever set up IDW.
>> No. 226768
Um wait...
Oh Cool.
>> No. 226769
Aww helpful freezer kitty
>> No. 226770
File 139871586263.jpg - (102.23KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_n4qcxeipSN1rnvlipo6_1280.jpg )
From the recent Love Live episode: If TMNT were an idol group.
>> No. 226771
Though I see them having a be more Flamenco Girls mentality. Though Diamond is more Raph than Leo.
>> No. 226791
File 139874368675.png - (1.54MB , 1916x1076 , vlcsnap-2014-04-28-23h52m08s197.png )
she had a bit of jiggle going on here
>> No. 226903
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles O…youtube thumb
>> No. 226910
File 139897808062.jpg?spoiler - (26.66KB , 470x414 , Nick Bebop_bio_pu1.jpg?spoiler )
Playmates leaked this.
>> No. 226912
File 139897838763.jpg?spoiler - (39.00KB , 470x414 , Nick Rocksteady_bio_pu1.jpg?spoiler )
Yeah, R looks better then B but he could grow on me.
Looks like they will have some weird superpowered thing.
>> No. 226919
As long as they're entertaining and have good fight scenes, I'm all for it.
>> No. 226930
But they could look worse.
>> No. 226931
Reminding me a bit of the Neutrinos
>> No. 226951
Next episode up is
>The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman
Gee, I wounder what happens!
>> No. 226953
Stockman creates a new mutation that sees it as his father, but he rejects it.
>> No. 227016
File 139922086759.jpg - (1.25MB , 1912x1072 , tmnt shibari.jpg )
Well dang.
>> No. 227018
its like she's wearing nothing at all.
>> No. 227051
It's episodes like these that make me really frustrated with this show.

It took one drop of anti mutagen to fix April's dad.

1 drop.

They could have avoided the whole problem if they had been at all intelligent, but no, he have to have half an hour of slapstick pass the torch.
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