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220761 No. 220761
So, any thoughts on Adult Swim's newest animated series?
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>> No. 220777
It has a little bit of something, just needs to be more its own thing with the references. Overall one of their stonger entries of late.
>> No. 220805
I quite liked it, although sometimes the divide between clever humor and toilet humor felt a bit abrupt.
>> No. 220806
I quite liked it, although sometimes the divide between clever humor and toilet humor felt a bit abrupt.
>> No. 220807
I'll give it some time to age and see what happens.
>> No. 220927
It seems to get better with every episode. I loved the monster designs they used for the various diseases.
>> No. 220928
its good that its not outright blocking of Morty getting game
>> No. 220951
the belching is gross to me.

everything else is prettygood.

also if morty gets more 'tang, that would be nice. /ss/ ship hooooooo!
>> No. 220984
The burping and stuttering really get on my nerves, but I otherwise like it.
>> No. 221962
File 138969032783.png - (121.79KB , 1578x385 , rick and morty shills.png )
Don't let the dogs get you down.
>> No. 222667

An episode so funny, action-packed, and heartbreaking, that it really should have been a season or series finale.
>> No. 222668
Wow. This show just keeps exceeding my expectations.
>> No. 222673
They have made something I hesitate to call anything besides art.
>> No. 222674
Is there a phrase for this kinda thing, Mystery Inc and now Rick and Morty pull a reset that isn't really a reset and leaves a distinct sensation of trauma.
>> No. 222677
For the first time Morty's probably scarred for life in a non-episodic way, and all I'm really worried about is his dumb dad's marriage. This show is teaching me my priorities.
But yeah. He'll be a changed man by the series finale. Barrels through red lights. Slaps snarling dogs. Eats the fish at weddings.
>> No. 222682
This week's episode was fucking DARK. I did not expect them to go that direction, but I am so glad they did.
>> No. 222684
This might be more interesting if it wasn't obvious nothing would be coming from it just like the others.
>> No. 224964
Bump to let you know the 109 clips from the Rick and Morty instagram were assembled into a full video and uploaded to YT: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ntJccAtB810. If you're one of the viewers who thought the ending to Rick Potion #9 would never be referenced again, well, watch this and see. And I hope you enjoy those kinda jokes where things are awkwardly drawn out and that's part of the humor. Because there's a bunch of them.
>> No. 224968
Damn son, right into the feels. Woo this show mang.
>> No. 224979
Wow, PG, the very next episode made this statement hilariously wrong.


Seriously this show is incredible.
>> No. 224993
Yeah, I didn't like most of the humor this episode.

I do love that they referenced Rick Potion #9 though, and the character development for the whole family was really good.
>> No. 224995
Rick and Morty Episode 8- Rixty Minutesyoutube thumb
When you can do an entertaining episode that doesn't involves going anywhere, then you're doing it right.
>> No. 224997
"Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody is gonna die."

I don't know how, but they made that the most comforting thing I've heard in a long time.
>> No. 225008
The Just Two Brothers skit made me literally pee myself. I'm not ashamed to admit this. I peed my pants laughing.
>> No. 225009
Not exactly the very next episode, but appreciated all the same I guess. Too bad it can't be consistently quality like that.
>> No. 225010
I think that's what Nihilism was supposed to be about instead of "nothing matters boo hoo".

But I'm talking out my ass so I'll stop.
>> No. 225020
File 139508394159.png - (97.33KB , 684x756 , 20140228.png )
>> No. 225021
Ah. Thank you.
>> No. 225023
This is the best explanation I've ever seen for Nihilism vs. Existentialism.
>> No. 225429
Something Ricked This Way comes was pretty fun but it couldn't top Rixty Minutes or other previous episodes. Not quite a stand-out episode, not the worst so far. The plot with Rick and Summer was far better than that with Morty and his father, further cementing to me that Rick carries the show. The final scenes set to DMX were hilarious.
>> No. 225440
File 139593750760.gif - (0.97MB , 500x255 , tumblr_n2zejk0yJf1qav0reo1_500.gif )
>> No. 225441
File 139593757585.gif - (932.14KB , 500x253 , tumblr_n2zejk0yJf1qav0reo2_500.gif )
>> No. 225442
File 139593766477.gif - (0.96MB , 500x255 , the sign changes to god hates you.gif )
>> No. 225443
File 139593769667.gif - (900.07KB , 500x254 , tumblr_n2zejk0yJf1qav0reo4_500.gif )
>> No. 225897
Most recent episode was fucking insanely good. And also just really insane in general.

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a cartoon this much.
>> No. 225898
>> No. 225909
So, seeing as how there seems to be some continuity in this show, do you think we'll ever see this Morty again? If so will they tell us why that Morty wants with our Rick? I think it's one of Rick's past possibly, first Mortys trying to get back at him for something but i might just be crazy.
>> No. 225910
Yeah, that Morty being a past Morty for our Rick seems like a popular theory. I think it's possible, but this show is so good at misdirection (I was so certain dumb Rick was gonna be the bad guy) that it's hard for me to be certain about anything.

By the way, when our Rick was having his memories shown on that screen it showed him playing with a baby Morty, but our current family (and the last one) had no contact with Rick until a year ago, though I guess it's possible he just visited them. HOWEVER, Rick also had memories of hooking up a Morty to jumper cables and shocking him. Rick lied to our Morty about this just being done on paper and our Morty believed him, which he obviously wouldn't if he was the one who had been shocked. So our Morty definitely isn't our Rick's first Morty.

I love how the end of Rick Potion #9 could have been a one time meta gag about continuity, but instead they're using it to do this crazy world building and make an actual plot.
>> No. 225919

Here's the music from the end of the episode, if anyone wants it.
>> No. 226035

Is it crazy that I think that Morty might have actually been a Rick? Like the inverse Morty who was really smart, and his Rick was really dumb? Or maybe a Rick whose body was beyond repair and figured out a way to jump into his Morty before dying.

Though I like the idea of it being a Morty who's revenge killing Ricks. I don't think that there have been past Mortys. I think that memory will be something else and just a red herring. Then again that last bit where Rick talks about a cocky Morty being a dangerous thing.... Maybe there is another Morty before Morty.
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